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Zimmerman Murder Trial; Sex Abuse Lawsuits Against Kevin Clash Thrown Out; Jay-Z`s New Album; Mariah Carey Lip Synced Scandal; New Hollywood "It" Couple: Kaley Couco and the Man of Steel

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GEORGE ZIMMERMAN, KILLED TRAYVON MARTIN: (Bleep) they will always get away.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is that something you would use in reference to somebody that you`re going to invite over to dinner? Would you call them a piece of (bleep)?


A.J. HAMMER, HLN HOST, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT: Tonight on the showbiz countdown, today`s top three showbiz justice game changers, including George Zimmerman`s own explosive words about Trayvon Martin. Are they going to sink Zimmerman`s defense?

Plus, showbiz royal baby bonanza. Just revealed duchess Katherine`s delivery plans if she gives birth before her due date. "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" is live in London on royal baby watch with CNN international`s Max Foster.

"SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" starts right now.

Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer. Thank you for watching.

Tonight, showbiz justice game changer. So, we are counting down today`s top three biggest bombshells in the legal world and we kick things off with number three. It`s George Zimmerman in his own words. George Zimmerman is accused of second degree murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. And today, the jury got to hear more of Zimmerman`s self- defense story straight from the defendant.

Today, prosecutors asked the lead police investigator in the case about colorful words that Zimmerman used as he called the cops on that tragic night.


ZIMMERMAN: (bleep) they always get away.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is that something you would use in reference to somebody that you`re going to invite over for dinner? Would you call them a piece of (bleep)?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, sir, I would not.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Does that seem like to you like a friendly comment about somebody else?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, sir, it`s not.


HAMMER: OK. So, do Zimmerman`s own words that night prove in any way that he murdered Trayvon Martin?

Joining me right now from Hollywood, criminal defense attorney Darren Kavinoky. He is the host of "Deadly Sins" on Investigation Discovery, also from Hollywood tonight, defense attorney, Anahita Sedaghatfar.

So guys, all day today, you`re watching it on HLN`s live coverage of the Zimmerman trial. We heard the prosecutors just hammering home Zimmerman`s words, the very words that he used that night as he called the cops. She said f`ing punks and a-holes while he followed Trayvon Martin.

Darren, let me start with you on this. What exactly is the point prosecutors are trying to make? Is it all about showing Zimmerman`s potential bias here? Is there more to it than that?

DARREN KAVINOKY, CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER: Yes. This is a trial chuck full of spicy adult language, you know. It is time for the ear muffs, kids. And today, of course, we saw a lot more of that today. And yes, it`s exactly that.

What the prosecution is trying to show here is that Zimmerman was profiling Trayvon Martin, that Zimmerman had an agenda, that this is something Zimmerman was out to do, and the prosecution is trying to lengthen the time period that we`re focusing on here to not make it just about that incident where they`re tussling, but to get into Zimmerman`s mind to show that hatred for him.

HAMMER: OK. But still, at the end of the stay, it in itself doesn`t prove anything, Anahita. So, how much does the language Zimmerman used that night matter in this case do you think?

ANAHITA SEDAGHATFAR, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Absolutely, I agree with what Darren was saying. But the fact of the matter is that George Zimmerman was talking about this a-hole that had previously tried to break in. There were previous break-ins. They did get away. That statement is corroborated by the fact that Zimmerman made numerous 911 calls and other witnesses said there were break-ins in that neighborhood. So, to the extent the prosecution wants to use these words against Zimmerman to show that he actually profiled Trayvon Martin, or went after him because he`s black, I think that argument failed.

And we saw that with the FBI. They conducted an independent investigation, A.J., and found that Zimmerman acted with no racial motive here. And we also saw yesterday with two of the state`s witnesses which in my opinion again turned into defense witnesses, the police investigators who said race played no role in Zimmerman`s actions that night. So, it`s an argument the prosecution is making, but it fails.

HAMMER: It`s an argument that is at the heart of what has drawn so many people in to watching this live coverage here on HLN. And some other testimony that could or could not play into it all, we heard from a witness today who said Zimmerman is his best friend. We heard him testifying about what Zimmerman told him about the shooting. So when he was on the stand, Mark Osterman made a shocking claim. He said that Zimmerman said that Trayvon reached for Zimmerman`s gun during their struggle.


MARK O`MARA, ZIMMERMAN DEFENSE LAWYER: Tell me what he did say about having to grab his gun.

MARK OSTERMAN, ZIMMERMAN`S FRIEND: He said that Trayvon had reached down and grabbed for the gun. Whether it was on the leather holster or on the actual metal part itself, at the time I didn`t see a difference, I just thought that the intent was clear, and that`s when he had to -- he freed one of his hands and went and got the gun. He either broke contact or knocked somebody else`s hand away or Trayvon`s hand away from him reaching for the gun or grabbing the gun and then he drew it.


HAMMER: OK. So, Darren, right there, you have another version of another story from that fateful night. I`m putting you in the jury box for just a moment. You`re sitting there. You are listening to this guy who says he`s one of Zimmerman`s best friends testifying. Does it change anything in your mind what he said?

KAVINOKY: Well, yes, with friends like that, A.J., you don`t need enemies. And by the way, one of the big headlines from Osterman was how he showed up on the witness stand. Did anybody notice the flop sweat that was going on there? And frankly, for good reason because what he was saying was bad, bad, bad for his friend Zimmerman. This was an inconsistent statement. This is entirely different than every other interview that Zimmerman gave police. And those are the little facts that can help turn cases around. If the jury doesn`t believe Zimmerman, then they may not buy his position about self-defense. So this isn`t good for him.

HAMMER: Yes, it doesn`t seem like it is. Although, you know, pretty warm in that courtroom there, Darren, and we keep your studio pretty cool and that`s why we`re not seeing you sweating there, I`m just saying.

SEDAGHATFAR: Thank goodness.

HAMMER: What we`re hearing a lot from George Zimmerman`s police calls, police interviews, what he told friends.

Anahita, do you think we`re getting to the point where it is going to make a whole lot of sense where Zimmerman himself to actually take the stand and just speak?

SEDAGHATFAR: Well, you know A.J., as defense attorneys, we never want to put our criminal defendants on the stand, unless we absolutely have to. And I think what we saw yesterday where the prosecution played the audio tapes and videotapes of George Zimmerman`s interview with the police. That was essentially Zimmerman testifying. And the prosecution didn`t have the benefit of cross-examining him. So, I think that helped the defense.

And the way the case has gone so far, I think the defense has poked hole after hole after hole into the prosecution`s case. But quite frankly, they don`t need to put Zimmerman on the stand. I don`t think they will and I don`t think they should.

HAMMER: How about you, Darren?

KAVINOKY: Well, look, it`s a decision that`s not usually made until much later in the case. And I absolutely agree that here we are, in the prosecution`s case, things seem to be going pretty well for the defense, and they`ve certainly gotten their narrative out through those videotapes and other interviews. All of that said, a defendant has an absolute right to testify. So it may not be until this entire thing unfolds before George Zimmerman finally makes that decision. But I agree, unless you`ve got to put your client on, never good idea. It`s a high-risk move.

HAMMER: Yes. I don`t know a whole lot, but I`ve watched enough coverage here on HLN to know. Yes, probably not a good thing to do.

All right. So while Zimmerman is having his day in court, it actually looks like now another possible defendant may avoid court altogether.

Number two in our showbiz justice countdown, sex abuse lawsuits against the man who played Elmo on Sesame Street, are no more. So, there were three suits alleging sex abuse by Kevin Clash that had been thrown out by a Manhattan court. The judge ruled that the statute of limitations had run out. And that leaves only one pending lawsuit against Clash. Clash`s lawyers say they are moving to have that suit thrown out as well.

Let me ask you, Darren, again, our countdown question, with most of the lawsuits now dismissed, do you see any way clash will ever be able to return to Sesame Street? A lot of damage done here.

KAVINOKY: Yes, there has been a lot of reputation al damage. And I will say this, that a lawsuit being dismissed for statute of limitations reasons, which is fancy legalese for saying to the plaintiffs, you didn`t sue him quickly enough. It`s hardly a ringing endorsement, or a total exoneration. But certainly Elmo is a beloved character. This is a man who has won a massive number of awards, including a recent Emmy award. You know, as much as we love to see people fall, we love to see them come back. So this may be just another comeback story.

HAMMER: Yes. I mean, potentially, really sad, sad situation right here. Regardless of the legal reason it was thrown out. It was thrown out. And as you said, Darren, the guy gets a lot of respect for his work on "Sesame Street." He won that Emmy just last month for playing Elmo. Even though his sex scandal was known by the time the voting process was under way.

Anahita, I`m curious to get your take on that. The lawsuits, let`s say they`re all dismissed, the final pending one, do you think Kevin Clash could ever return to "Sesame Street" at this point or is it something that people just won`t want regardless because of the damage that`s been done?

SEDAGHATFAR: Yes. I mean, I think what Darren said is also very true. That the court dismissed these three lawsuits based on a technicality. Basically, the statute of limitations only means that the plaintiffs didn`t file their case in time. The judge made absolutely no ruling on the merits of the case, A.J., and there is still one other pending case. So it is a semi victory for this guy. But you know, whether or not he should make any career moves or career decisions yet, I just think it`s best to wait. And we don`t even know if "Sesame Street" wants him back. He probably should just stay away.

HAMMER: Yes. And let me just remind everybody --

KAVINOKY: Private employers have a lot of discretion in this space. It bears mentioning, if they don`t take him back, they`re well within their rights for a variety of reasons.

HAMMER: Yes, and to be clear, but innocent until proven guilty.

Darren, Anahita, I want you to stay right there. We have the big reveal coming up. The question now, why is Paula Deen number one in our showbiz justice countdown tonight? That is coming up in just a moment.

But now, I have to move on to what could very well be a game changer from Mariah Carey`s reputation tonight.


HAMMER: Did Mariah just get caught lip syncing again? Did she make a bad move? Tonight, the madness over Mariah.

Plus, it is the showbiz baby newsmaker`s countdown you cannot miss. Kanye West just stepped into the spotlight for the first time since little North West was born. So tonight, I`m revealing papa Kanye`s brand-new daddy swag. Will it top our showbiz countdown tonight?


HAMMER: Welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT."

We are about to reveal which legal shocker is number one in today`s showbiz justice countdown. Let me run back with what we had so far.

Number three, we are hearing more of George Zimmerman`s own words today as he stands trial for murder in the death of Trayvon Martin.

Number two, a sunny day for Kevin Clash, the man who was the voice of Elmo on "Sesame Street," three lawsuits against him alleging sex abuse have now been thrown out. A fourth lawsuit remains for the time being.

And number one on our showbiz justice countdown, Paula Deen legal shocker.

So Deen, also looking to have her lawsuit thrown out and she is now using a surprising new argument. "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" learned today that Deen`s attorneys are saying because the woman`s suing Deen for discriminating against African-Americans is white, she doesn`t have legal standing in and the case should be tossed out.

I`m going to toss it back out to Darren Kavinoky.

Now Darren, we don`t hear about this fact in the case quite a bit. The woman behind this damaging lawsuit against Deen is in fact white. Is Deen making a good argument saying, this woman, because of the color of her skin, has no right to sue?

KAVINOKY: Right. And actually, let me give you the best lawyer answer that there is, A.J. maybe. So look, this whole bit about standing basically says that in order to bring a lawsuit, you have got to be the person that actually suffers the harm. And in this particular case, the question is, is a white woman a person who`s going to be suffering harm as a result of Deen`s racist remarks? And this is going to be an interesting question for the courts to weigh in on. If she`s found not to have standing, that lawsuit goes bye-bye. Although, it may be a day late and a dollar short as far as Deen is doing in the court of public opinion.

HAMMER: Yes, I mean, that`s the biggest point. And I do love the lawyer answer "maybe." I mean, you really can`t go wrong with that.

Defense attorney Anahita Sedaghatfar is also here tonight. Paula is already, as Darren pointed out, suffered quite a bit. She lost her Food Network shows. She has lost so many endorsements. At this point, would it even matter for Paula`s brand if the lawsuit is thrown out? Is it early enough that it can make a big difference?

SEDAGHATFAR: That`s a great question, A.J. And you know what, I don`t really think it has so much to do with the lawsuit at this point. But it has more to do with her use of the "n" word. I mean, that`s not OK. We should all be offended that she used that word. But we have to remember, A.J., we are a forgiving public. The public has a very short-term memory when it comes to celebrity scandals. We`re forgiving. I mean, we have seen this over and over with other celebrities. We saw it with Tiger Woods. We saw him make a rebound. We saw it with Martha Stewart. We saw it with Michael Vick. I mean, many said Michael Vick would never step foot on a football field ever again, and about a year ago he signed a $100 million NFL contract.

So, I think she can redeem herself. I think she needs to be genuinely apologetic. Not like the apologies we saw on You Tube and even her "Today" show appearance. I think if she takes ownership of what she did, she shows genuine remorse and take steps to perhaps show the public she`s sorry, maybe she can do a PSA announcement, or you know, put her money where her mouth is, you know, donate some money to some anti-discrimination causes. I think she does have a chance to redeem herself.

HAMMER: Yes. I mean, I think, Darren, Anahita makes a terrific point there. At least as far as -- you know, the lawsuit can go away. What she said is what she said. But go ahead. What`s the missing ingredient here?

KAVINOKY: Well, yes. No, the missing ingredient, to borrow a page from Paula Deen`s cookbook, it is authenticity. I don`t think anybody is being convinced by what we have seen from her so far. And if she is going to have her turn-around, and I speak to audiences all over the world about turning around themselves, and organizations and the fundamental requirement here is Paula Deen first needs to be authentic about exactly where she`s been inauthentic in the past. It is completely missing.

SEDAGHATFAR: She hasn`t done that so far.

KAVINOKY: She`s not getting anywhere.

HAMMER: Yes. Well, I got to say the clock is definitely ticking with that meeting to happen.

Darren, Anahita, great to have you both here. Thank you.


HAMMER: All right, you got to get ready for another fantastic showbiz showdown you won`t be able to turn away from this, showbiz baby newsmakers.

So, what happens if Duchess Katherine has her baby early? The details are actual pretty surprising, but are they outrageous enough to top the showbiz countdown tonight?

HAMMER: Plus, grief on the go?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We found something different.

JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: The option of having the deceased in a casket used by mourners, driving by.


HAMMER: Too busy to stop and pay tribute to your loved ones? Don`t worry, now you can say good-bye from the comfort of your car.


It is time now for the showbiz buzz list. Here is what the "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" staff is buzzing about this holiday week.

Saddle up, Kemosabe, the Lone Ranger hits theaters tomorrow. We cannot wait to see Johnny Depp playing Tonto.

We are grooving to Eddie Murphy`s new track. That`s right. Eddie is back at the mic with the brand new reggae song with none other than Snoop Lion. It is summertime bliss, I tell you.

I love Venus Williams` documentary about her battle to get women tennis players` equal pay. It is called "Venus Versus." It is running on ESPN. You definitely should look for it and check it out.

If you are looking for love online this summer, well, you can do it on your smart phone, with the tinder dating app. Summer loving in its purest form.

And we got plans every Sunday night this summer. We are watching the incredible Ray Donovan on Showtime.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The only guys coming after you is the guys you ripped off. That`s the only address I`m going to give them.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How are those grandkids of mine?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you go near them, I`ll kill you.



HAMMER: We`ve all been to drive-in restaurants, ride? But this has taken into a whole new level. Did you see this? For grief on the go, experience the drive-through funeral. Could the fast funeral become the new fast food?

CNN`s Jeanne Moos reports on the kind of story that maybe some of you saying good grief, or is it bad grief.


MOOS (voice-over): We like our drive-through fries. We like our drive- through lattes. But will we rest in peace at a drive-through funeral?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: With this offer, the family something different and so they have options.

MOOS: The option of having the deceased in a casket viewed by mourners, driving by. As one online poster put it, for one you don`t care enough to get out of a car.

But Carl Eggleston doesn`t see that way.

CARL EGGLESTON, PRESIDENT, OLIVER & EGGLESTON FUNERAL: It`s designed for people who have disabilities, or in inclement weather.

MOOS: When Eggleston renovated his funeral home in Farmville, Virginia, he added big windows, low to the ground, and now if you pay for a traditional funeral, he will throw in the drive-by option.

You would let me have a viewing during the day and then at night I could be laid out for the drive-through?

EGGLESTON: It is at no additional cost.

MOOS: The last time we heard the words funeral and drive-through together, is when a funeral procession went for a Burger King drive to honor the deceased.

A Pennsylvania man who loved fast food so much, that his family paid tribute by stopping off for whopper juniors on the way to the cemetery.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is different.

MOOS: Even the deceased got a burger, which was placed on his casket and buried with him. But last we bury our leaf, back at Eggleston`s, no one has yet opted for the drive-through visitation.

This isn`t the first funeral home to offer drive-through services. The most famous one has operated for 40 years out in car culture of Southern California. The Adams funeral home in Campton is what inspired Carl Eggleston, "Los Angeles Times" profiled its drive-through visitation.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, yes. Look how he`s dressed.

MOOS: Funeral home says it`s especially convenient when the deceased is well known and there are lots of mourners.

One little editing tip, when somebody`s laid out in a drive-through funeral, lay off the horn. Where there`s fast food or a last look --


HAMMER: That was CNN`s Jeanne Moos for "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT."

All right, switching gears now to a big Hollywood mystery tonight. Who is the man of steel`s brand-new squeeze? Henry Cavill was Hollywood`s most eligible bachelor, so which big TV star just became his romantic kryptonite?

Plus, I`m firing up a must-see showbiz countdown, it is showbiz baby newsmaker.


NICOLE SNOOKI POLLIZI, REALITY STAR: I gained like 45 pounds when I was pregnant. And it was probably like 15 pounds overweight to begin with. So, I shed it all off.


HAMMER: Snooki, telling "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" the secrets behind her amazing post-baby body.

But, will her incredible revelation top the showbiz countdown?



HAMMER: Right now, the showbiz countdown, showbiz baby newsmakers.

Tonight, royal baby watch. So, what happens if Duchess Katherine goes into labor early?

Kanye`s first father`s day gift revealed. What did Kim Kardashian give him?

Which showbiz baby newsmaker will top the showbiz countdown tonight?

Plus, Mariah`s lip sync scandal. Did she really just get caught lip syncing? Tonight, the Mariah madness is heating up.

"SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" continues right now.

Welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT."

Thank you so much for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

And tonight, on the showbiz countdown, showbiz baby newsmakers. So, as Duchess Katherine enters the final days of her pregnancy, showbiz royal baby watch is certainly going into overdrive. Tonight, there`s big news about what happens if Katherine gives birth before her projected July 11th due date.

"SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" in London and correspondent Max Foster has new details about the high-flying delivery plan fit for a future king or queen.

But first, another royal baby mystery. How will we be introduced to the world`s newest royal? Well, tonight "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" is going back in time, 31 years. We`re going to show you the very first pictures of William Arthur Phillip Louis, that`s Prince William (INAUDIBLE). We are revealing the man behind the death-defying shot that made history.

Here is CNN`s Max Foster for "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" kicking things off with our number three showbiz baby newsmaker.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She carried him out and she was very careful, both of them were, that we couldn`t see his face. And I got a photographer to stand on some scaffolding there. And I got the photographer to go as high as he could on the scaffold. And with the longest possible lens he had, and I said to him just concentrate on the baby`s face. The picture we got was the only picture of his face. It was just a great moment. It happened all very quickly. They came out, they posed. They did that. And they got in the car. And off they went.

MAX FOSTER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: Obviously you`ve been on the same job ever since. You got to know William well over the years. You also know Kate very well. I have seen our relationship with here. Will Kate bring her child up differently in the way Diana did?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Diana was very much her own person to get around. For instance, this picture was taken in Australia. And it was very unusual for a child to accompany their parents on an overseas tour. But Diana said, if William doesn`t go, I don`t go. I mean, they were focusing that child and Diana. They were just holding hands all the time, very tactile, and of course, their young son. When they got to New Zealand, they did this amazing photo where we saw William crawl for the first time. It was sensational. That it was Diana insisted doing it her way. And I think Kate will be similar. I think she`ll do it her way.


HAMMER: So great seeing those old pictures.

Well, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" is heading to London right now to catch up with CNN international anchor Max Foster who is on all things royal baby, all the time.

And Max, I know the planned due date is July 11th. But you know, we know that babies kind have their own schedules. So, tell us what happens if Duchess Katherine ends up giving birth early?

FOSTER: Well, she`s only said it`s mid-July. So, that`s all we`ve got to go on. They`re not giving any specifics. The issue is, of course, these things aren`t predictable, particularly your first baby. And she splits her time between angles see where William works in Wales, also with London, and her mother`s house in Berkshire. So, there is a plan in place if it happens outside London. Although, if things do go as planned, it will be in London. She`ll have the same hospital as William was born in. You`re going to see the same appearance on the same steps that Diana had with William. But if it does happen outside London, I don`t think it`s going to be Wales. There is no indication that a Wales hospital is being lined up. There is a possibility there may be a hospital in Berkshire that her parents own. But that`s not the plan. But the hospital is braced to step in if it`s required.

HAMMER: I mean, imagine the fever that`s going on over there about this right now. And the photographer that you spoke with talked about climbing that sky-high scaffolding to get that iconic first picture of Prince William. So I`m wondering, you know, with this heightened level of interest in getting this first picture of the new royal baby, do you think we`re going to be hearing a similar story of some kind of craziness going on to get that shot?

FOSTER: You know, Arthur was there when William was born and he`s also going to be there when William`s baby is going to be born. He is going to be in the same position. And what he talked about is how there are a handful of photographers really around then. And I was there outside the hospital this morning, A.J. and if you consider this, is two weeks before even the due date of this baby, and there are three press pens there. And that are all full already with security guards and cameramen in place. More than 100 positions taken up and this before even or the foreign media has even come in. So, it`s on a completely different level now, a lot more pressure.

HAMMER: It is so nutty.

CNN international`s Max Foster.

Thanks so much, Max. Great see you.

OK. So, as Prince William waits patiently to become a dad, papa Kanye West is out and about. He made his first public appearance since becoming a dad at a BET awards after party over the weekend. And now, he`s revealing what he got for his very first father`s day.

He got two little white mice. That brings us to number two in the showbiz baby newsmaker`s countdown. So, Kim Kardashian and Kanye`s bundle of joy arrived today before father`s day, of course. And instead of cigars, Kanye got mice.

Now, look at this. These are actually Apple computer mice autographed by Apple founder, Steve Wozniak and the Steve Jobs. I mean, that is actually a pretty cool and an incredible gift if you are into these kinds of things. Kanye recently compared his brand of genius to that of the late Steve Jobs.

With me now from Atlanta is "Entertainment" correspondent and radio personality, Kendra G.

Are you ready to get into this, Kendra? And call me crazy, but shouldn`t a father`s day gift, especially a first father`s day gift, I don`t know, maybe something to do with being a dad? Not just being the self-proclaimed greatest gift to pop culture as Kanye claims?

KENDRA G., ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: A.J., no. I love this gift. You`ve got to think, Kanye West has everything in the world. So you can only give him things that mean a lot. And s we all know, he thinks he`s Steve Jobs. So, what better way to get him autographed mouse signed by Steve Jobs himself. I think it`s absolutely wonderful and it shows how much Kim Kardashian really knows her man.

HAMMER: It is very thoughtful, I give her that. We always sit around thinking what would be the perfect gift for the person who has everything and I supposed this is one of them. And there has to have been a really cool story how Kim was able to pull this off because it`s so unique.

That said, can you begin to imagine what kind of gift Kanye is giving Kim these days? I`m actually picturing her on her own North West jet. What do you think about that?

G.: Oh, my God. You know what, he can afford to do that. I think that would be fitting for Miss Kim Kardashian. But you know, to me Kim Kardashian is easy to please. I think, you know, we know she likes material things. She likes to dress nice. I think if you bought her a nice pair of shoots or outfit, she would be happy. But I like this here because last time I talked to you, A.J., I said, forgive me one day, but I think I`m changing my mind on that one.

HAMMER: I think you can probably give Kim a couple of pictures of herself or put her on camera and she would be pleased as punch.

And here, by the way is a little Kanye shocker for your Tuesday night here. It`s been 17 days since baby North West was born. We still haven`t seen a picture as we know. But TMZ is reporting mama Kim and baby North will not be revealed on grandma, Kris Jenner`s brand new talk show which a lot of people were speculating, but instead on the cover of a magazine for $2 million with the plan to give the money to charity.

Now, I`m happy to hear about that charity piece of it. But a magazine cover, Kendra, that seems a little too ordinary for Kimye. Do you think we are going to get a bigger twist on that?

G.: Well, you know, I thought the Kris Jenner talk show was actually the best twist. But if that`s not going to happen, why not do the ordinary and do the magazine. But $2 million, they are selling this baby so low. They could get at least $10 million for North West.

HAMMER: I don`t know. Give it to charity.

All right, Kendra, thank you very much. Great seeing you.

G.: Thank you.

HAMMER: And the world, of course, is not only waiting to see North, we`re also waiting to see Kim K.`s inevitably beautiful post-baby curves, right? I mean, come on. Well, she might want to follow mama Snooki`s example. Yes, it is Snooki.

Tonight, the Snooks is number one on the showbiz countdown of showbiz baby newsmakers. Snooki`s stunning transformation.

So, the former queen of "Jersey Shore" gave birth to baby Lorenzo ten months ago. And since then, she has put down the shots and picked up the dumbbells. She`s lost 50 pounds. So, now, Nicole Snooki Polizzi is revealing her weight loss secrets. She tells HLN`s Carlos Diaz, it`s all about the evolution in all areas of her life.


POLIZZI: I gained like 45 pounds when I was pregnant. It was probably like 15 pounds overweight to begin with. So, I shed it all off.

CARLOS DIAZ, TV HOST: Baby Lorenzo`s only 10-months-old, and not only that lost all the weight, you`ve dropped even more. How did you do it?

POLIZZI: Well, I basically started working out when I could, six weeks after you give birth. And I`ve been doing that ever since. I started Halloween. But I have to say, it did take a long time to see, you know, the results. It probably took about four months. So, I kept going to the gym and like, what the hell is going on, to my trainer? I`m like I`m not losing any weight. I feel like I`m gaining more weight. What`s going on? And then, all of the sudden, probably about like the fifth month, everything just came off. And then, I got these muscles, and I`m like, OK, I guess it does work, you just need to, you know, let it take time.

DIAZ: Well, what`s the one thing you can share? Because everybody has -- everyone says drink a lot of water. What`s your big great weight loss secret?

POLIZZI: I drink a lot, a lot of water. A lot of water helps because it flushes you out. You`re hydrated. A lot of water, and eating good, I mean, your diet can change your whole body. So, definitely eating good. And don`t drink as much. I don`t drink anymore. This is probably why I look like this.

DIAZ: There you go, water instead of vodka. Very good.


DIAZ: By the way, Lorenzo is ten months. Is he speaking yet? Is he saying anything yet?

POLIZZI: He`s saying da-da, but right now, he is starting to walk, almost. And he likes to pull my hair and bit me up and bite me. So, he likes to attack me for some reason. I don`t know why, but it`s cute.


HAMMER: There are a lot of other big stories breaking in Hollywood tonight, including Mariah Carey`s brand-new lip sync controversy. What happened there? Is it deja vu for Mariah caught lip syncing at the BET awards again? The new accusation that Mariah`s voice was just too perfect.

Plus Jay-Z`s emotional revelation about fatherhood. The fearless king of hip-hop opens up about why he`s terrified.

And wait until you see what we name tonight as our moment of showbiz awesomeness.




Get ready for showbiz quick hits. This is, of course, where we take on the day`s buzziest stories at lightning fast speed. And tonight, we kick things off with Mariah`s lip sync scandal. So, did Mariah Carey just lip sync hey through her much anticipated performance at the BET awards. Well some fans are in a frenzy over, convinced that yes, she absolutely did. Watch closely and see if you agree.


HAMMER: OK. Mariah, you know I love you. We go way back. I think you got busted. No disputing, an incredible voice. That performance, however, has everybody asking tonight did she or didn`t she. And so far, Mariah`s keeping quiet on this.

So, joining me now tonight keep quiet, from Hollywood, David Begnaud, who is the host of Newsbreaker on Ora TV, and from Atlanta, Kendra G., and "Entertainment" correspondent and radio personality for Atlanta`s great V103 radio.

So, a lot of people were really eager about this looking forward to seeing Mariah performing again onstage at the BET awards, especially after she had been accused of lip syncing in her last performance which was on that "American Idol" finale which she denied.

David, I`m taking this to you first. We`re talking about Mariah Carey here. Should anyone truly care if she did or did not sing live at the BET awards? Thirty seconds.

DAVID BEGNAUD, HOST, NEWSBREAKER: Yes. A.J., I`m so over this, yes, but she`s a God, she`s beautiful, she`s got a great family. I don`t care. Stop going on live TV shows and lip syncing. This is so obvious. I was watching the "American Idol" finale and it was obvious too.

Stop doing this. I want to hear the woman`s voice. It`s obvious she wasn`t singing live. And it stings like bees, that I think make people like me not like stars like her.

HAMMER: OK. Well, let me get Kendra`s take on this. Because I know you`ve been playing Mariah, recorded Mariah for years now. Lip sync or not, and David doesn`t accept this as an excuse. But she is a proven super star vocalist. I mean, come on, does she deserve any backlash at all? Thirty seconds.

G.: Yes, she does. We need to hear Mariah Carey sing live because I`m not even convinced that she could still hit those high notes.


G.: And I was watching the BET awards and my heart is breaking that she was probably lip syncing and because she looks fabulous, but no. I want to hear Mariah hit those notes. Can she still do it? I want to know. So, it`s important to me.

BEGNAUD: Thank you.

HAMMER: All right. I`m staying out of this.

G.: Look good.

HAMMER: I don`t need anybody kicking my butt.

All right, I will move on because it`s quick hits. Here is our next one. It is the power of baby blue Ivy. So, it is just 1-year-old. She`s done something that few people in the world could possibly pull off. She got her hard-core rapper daddy Jay-Z all choked up. You got to watch this. Jay-Z, breaking down the challenge of being a great ad in an all new ad promoting his new album.


JAY-Z, SINGER: My pop left when I was young, so he didn`t teach me how to be a man, you know, how to raise a child. We all treat a woman, right? So, of course, two things I need, I don`t have, right, you know? And I have a daughter.

It`s the paranoia of not being a great dad.


HAMMER: I mean, it is amazing to see Jay-Z so raw and real. Let`s not forget, he is selling an album with this.

David, what do you think? Any problem with him using his emotional confession about his child to sell his new tunes? Thirty seconds.

BEGNAUD: Absolutely not. Let me tell you something, I`m not the biggest Jay-Z fan, but I would listen to a record like this, because of what he`s doing. You know, Maya Angelou said when you know better, you do better. His father didn`t know better perhaps, but he does. And he is doing better. Mad props to this guy, I respect him for what he`s doing, pouring his heart out. And I`ll listen to the music.

HAMMER: I`m right there with you.

All right, David, Kendra, got to get your take on another big stunner. Everybody`s buzzing about this tonight.

Eddie Murphy making a comeback, not with a new comedy, oh, no, he`s making music again. Oh, let`s flash back. Do you remember this?


HAMMER: We`ve all been partying ever since, haven`t we? He`s got a new tune and a new video. The question is, with those things can Eddie Murphy possibly reignite his short-lived music career?

So, David, Kendra, I need you to stay right where you are because I know you can`t wait to get in on this one.

And now, you`ve got to get ready to hit the ground running. Look at this. This might be the fastest guy in the NFL. He clocked 25 miles an hour on that treadmill. I`ve got to show you the superhuman footwork. It is tonight`s moment on showbiz awesomeness.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Look up in the sky. It`s a bird! It`s a plane! I forget the rest. (LAUGHTER)

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: All right, let`s get this thing over with.


HAMMER: Tonight, in showbiz quick hits, is Penny dating superman? Well, big bang fans are buzzing about what some are calling the ultimate matchup. Kaley Couco and Henry Cavill reportedly Hollywood`s newest hit couple. Is this a match made in nerdy heaven?

Welcome back. You are right smack in the middle of tonight`s big supersized showbiz quick hits. We are going to get to the superstar superman hookup in just a minute.

But first, Eddie Murphy trying to make a comeback to music, not comedy. He just released a new reggae single "red light" featuring Snoop Lion. I want you to see if you love it or you hate it. And I have to tell you, our "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" producers who are just geniuses when they come to their musical tastes, they`re split right down the middle on this one. Let`s watch it.


HAMMER: All right. Back with me from Atlanta, Kendra G. is "Entertainment" correspondent and radio personality for Atlanta`s V103.

Kendra, are you feeling this musical comeback from Eddie Murphy or should he perhaps stick to comedy? Thirty seconds.

G.: OK. If I didn`t know it was Eddie Murphy, I would probably love this song. But because I know it`s Eddie Murphy, it`s hard to accept it because I look at it as a joke because that`s what he does, he makes me laugh. But the song actually is not bad. He can`t sing. I don`t think he needs the money. I think he is just having fun with this. But it`s hard to accept because I know Eddie Murphy as a comedian. I`m not really thinking about him as a reggae artist. Snoop dog is a reggae artist.

HAMMER: Well, yes. That`s how a lot of people are seeing it which is why we are talking about it, in Hollywood as well.

David Begnaud, the host of "Newsbreaker" on Ora TV is with us.

So Eddie Murphy, Snoop Lion, you`ve got reggae love and some beats there.

David, what do you think? Do you want more naughty professor or more reggae from Eddie?

BEGNAUD: I want more reggae. And look, he is not even smoking a blunt like Snoop Lion appears to be doing. I actually like it. The last time he tried to sing it was a joke. I listened to this before coming on the air with you. I think I downloaded it. I dig it.

HAMMER: But it party all the time was a serious attempt at a musical career for him. That wasn`t a joke. But that`s the thing. We thought it was a joke because he`s a comedian. We all thought it was a joke.

BEGNAUD: Some of the singing he`s done in the past has been terrible, OK. It`s been bad. This, I kind of dig. I like.

HAMMER: But the thing is, for me on this song, I`ll say it quickly, it`s an impersonation of reggae because he is not a Rastafarian. He is not Jamaican. All right.

G.: Good point, A.J.

BEGNAUD: I like it.

HAMMER: Superman has found his Louise Lane. New reports today, the big bang theory start Kaley Couco and the man of steel, Henry Cavill, Hollywood`s newest "it" couple.

Penny and Superman. Kendra, I am thinking nerds everywhere are rejoicing every day. Can you imagine how this will play out in a sitcom? Thirty on the clock.

G.: I mean, this is an upgrade for him because she is just so hot. He looks good, too. But she upgrades. So, I`m all for it this, A.J. I don`t even need 30 seconds. I say go for it. But again, this relationship might be over in 30 seconds, because you know how Hollywood relationships last. They don`t last long all the time.

HAMMER: Yes. Well, we wish them the best because I think they`re two very well loved stars in Hollywood. Nice to see some happiness potentials we are going on.

All right, Kendra G., David Begnaud, great to have you here.

I`ve got another story that is tearing across the internet in a flash tonight. This NFL rookie has just become a major You Tube star. Look at him running on a treadmill. It looks like he`s out of a cartoon, right? I`m revealing the pro football player with the superhuman speed in your moments of showbiz awesomeness.



HAMMER: It is time for showbiz awesomeness when I revealed the most awesome story of the day. And tonight, I got a real-life NFL superman. I mean, look at this guy. He is faster than a speeding bullet or at least it looks that way. He is Arizona Cardinals` Robert Gill. He is already training for the upcoming season. And of course, s a wide receiver, he is used to sprinting. But there`s running fast, and then there`s this insanity. Watch Robert gill hit 25 miles an hour on the treadmill.


HAMMER: That was insane. Kind of looks like he was levitating. By the way, he`s 29. He`s never played football. He got this college field with the Arizona Cardinals, all because of those awesomely fast feet.

Thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. If you want "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" all this week, it is special time, midnight eastern, 9:00 p.m. Pacific.

HLN continues right now.