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Battle For Power In Egypt; Getting Back On The Bike; Parasailing Accident Caught On Tape; Bully Pulpit; RPatz Saying "Love Me Tender"; Monkeying Around

Aired July 3, 2013 - 07:30   ET


KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: Thanks so much, Chris.

Coming up next on NEWS DAY, a horrific parasailing accident is caught on camera in Florida. You're seeing video right here seriously injuring two teenage girls. The question, is this water sport safe?

Also coming up a frustrated Oklahoma pastor absolutely humiliates his own parishioners. We'll figure out what spirit is moving him. You've got to see this video.


CUOMO: Every day is a beautiful day. Welcome back to NEW DAY. It's Wednesday, July 3rd. I'm Chris Cuomo.

BOLDUAN: Good morning, everybody. I'm Kate Bolduan. Let's get straight to Michaela for the top news happening now.

MICHAELA PEREIRA, CNN ANCHOR: All right, good morning, everyone. In the headlines, the world is watching Egypt where a few hours from now there could be a bloody battle for power. Overnight violent clashes at Cairo University left 23 dead. Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy is vowing to stay in office despite millions of anti-government protesters calling for him to step aside. The Egyptian army says if he does not leave by 11:00 Eastern Time they will remove him.

Disgraced Tour De France champion, Lance Armstrong, is getting back on his bike for the first time since admitting that he was guilty of doping. He'll make a public cycling appearance at a week-long event in Iowa this month. He is expected to ride in at least part of the 400-mile trek. Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour De France titles.

A dangerous drug trend, a study by the Centers for Disease Control reveals a dramatic increase in the number of prescription pain killer deaths among women over the last decade. They are up shockingly 400 percent. The CDC study says men are still more likely to die from pain killer overdoses, but that gender gap is closing fast.

We want to introduce to you a French bulldog named Lentil, 90,000 friends on Facebook. He's being called the perfect "ambassadog" for kids with cleft palate. Lentil was born with a cleft lip and palate and had to be fed through a tube every couple of hours. That is until a plastic surgeon at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia fixed his palate. So Lentil now can eat and drink on his own.

He's now inspiring hundreds of patients at the hospital. They always say that these pets and dogs are great ambassadors and have healing abilities with the kids in sort of a more emotional way and it's amazing he'll do that.

CUOMO: And draws attention to the cause.

BOLDUAN: Thanks, Chris. Terrifying moments caught on cell phone camera. Two teens are in critical condition this morning after a horrific parasailing accident in Florida, onlookers watched really helplessly as a tow line seemed to snap leaving the two girls to the whims of a gathering storm. It sounds like a freak accident, but in an industry that is largely unregulated, it happens all too often. CNN's Alina Machado has more.


ALINA MACHADO, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): This cell phone video shows a parasailing adventure gone horribly wrong. Look at how two teens slam into side of a building and hit the top of another building before they come crashing down on the other side, stunned witnesses called for help.

UNIDENTIFIED CALLER: A parasail just smashed into the top of it at the commodore.

UNIDENTIFIED CALLER: They actually hit power lines in the front of the building.

MACHADO: Chase Ponder shot the horrific scene Monday afternoon. Sidney Good and Alexis Fairchild are hospitalized with critical injuries. The teens were parasailing over the Gulf of Mexico when the winds kicked up from an approaching storm and their tow line snapped, sending them spiralling out of control.

CHASE PONDER, WITNESS (via telephone): They were kicking their feet and they had their feet out. They had their hands out looking like they were bracing to are impact, but there was nothing going to stop them from hitting that building.

MACHADO: In the past 15 years at least 33 people have been hurt in parasailing incidents in Florida, six others have died including a 28- year-old woman who was involved in a parasailing accident in Pompano Beach last August. Dozens of parasailing companies operate with little to no government oversight in Florida. A bill seeking to change that recently failed in the state senate.


MACHADO: The families of the girls said in a statement they are grateful for the love and the support they've received. We reached out to the parasailing company involved in this latest incident and they declined to comment. Alina Machado, CNN, Atlanta.

BOLDUAN: All right, Alina, thank you so much. Let's bring in Mark McCullon, he is the founder of a non-profit organization, the Parasailing Safety Council, which tries to prevent accidents like this most recent one.

Mr. McCullon, thank you so much for coming in. I'm sorry that it's under these circumstances after you see this really horrific video. It seems that I'm sure you've seen this video. It seems that the rope just snaps and you see those dark clouds kind of gathering behind them in some of the pictures. What do you think happened here?

MARK MCCULLON, PARASAILING SAFETY COUNCIL: I don't want to speculate, but I can tell you by looking at the video, they obviously were flying at high altitudes and they were very close to the shoreline. Had they been away from the shoreline, the girls would have landed in the water. So yes, the video was horrible, really appalling.

BOLDUAN: It goes without saying there's nothing those girls could do in the circumstance to try to save themselves.

MCCULLON: No, when you're strapped into the body harness, there's nothing you can do in a line separation and so they were completely helpless at that point.

BOLDUAN: This isn't the first tragedy like this. It is the most recent one and it is horrific and they're still in serious condition. What is often the cause? What is often going on that causes these accidents to happen?

MCCULLON: I've been involved with, as an expert witness in parasail fatalities since the beginning of this industry and 95 percent of the accidents are accidents that result in fatalities are in line separations and high winds in bad weather. So this is the -- this is unusual they were close to shore. Usually the fatalities are mostly drowning, the line separates and the passenger isn't able to escape or evacuate.

BOLDUAN: So this does beg the question, of course, as Alina Machado said in her piece this industry is largely unregulated. In Florida, there was a bill that was brought up to regulate this industry. It did not pass this year. It was struck down. What should be done, what can be done?

MCCULLON: Well, what's interesting is that especially what really caught my attention with this particular incident is just weeks ago the Department of Justice and the Coast Guard just criminalized parasailing when it results in fatalities and that message was heard loud and clear, reverberated throughout the country with all parasail operators, they were very concerned about this and despite that, that situation with the two of the owner of the company and the captain being charged with criminal felonies, that seemed not to -- that just fell on deaf ears.

BOLDUAN: Well, I guess the question now is, could some regulation on the front end prevent or at least help prevent accidents like this from happening, because it seems criminal charges on the back end is not good enough. Mark McCullon of the Parasailing Safety Council, thank you so much for coming in and giving us some of your insight on this -- Chris.

CUOMO: All right, thank you, Kate.

Coming up next on NEW DAY, an ungodly tirade, wait until you hear this frustrated Oklahoma pastor. He loses it on members of his own flock, the shocking things he called them. He does not back away from, when we come back.

Also remember Justin Bieber's former pet, the monkey? Was he really being held hostage in Germany? We'll let you in on a new conspiracy theory involving that little primate.


CUOMO: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to NEW DAY. It is money time. Poppy Harlow is here who flagrantly disregarded my instruction for good news yesterday, tanking the markets.

POPPY HARLOW, CNN CORRESPONDENT: And it's worse today, folks. Stock futures are lower this morning. Markets taking a hit from all sides mainly the unrest in Egypt unnerving investors pushing oil prices higher over $100 a barrel right now. Also weakness, political concerns in Europe hurting European stocks weighing on us ahead of the market open.

Yesterday on Wall Street, the Dow, NASDAQ, S&P 500 all closed in the red and investors are a little wary ahead of the all important jobs report. That comes on Friday morning when the market reopens after the holiday. Economists polled by CNN Money think that we will see about 155,000 jobs added in June.

The unemployment rate is expected to tick down slightly to 7.5 percent, but either a big move to the upside or downside will certainly impact stocks and 7.5 percent unemployment is still stubbornly high and not enough jobs added, 155,000, nowhere near to be to see a big turnaround.

CUOMO: Not even the real number -- 15 percent, 16 percent of this country are in jobs that aren't as good as they used to be, underemployed. It's still a big problem.

HARLOW: Some people have given up looking and they're not counted in the number which is nuts.

BOLDUAN: Why some economists don't believe it. Still an important number, thank you so much, Poppy.

HARLOW: You got it.

BOLDUAN: All right, here is some video to you see to believe. The pastor at an Oklahoma church laying into his congregation during Sunday's service, in the videotaped rant he calls out churchgoers by name, insults them and brings up some personal problems with them in front of everyone. CNN's John Berman was sitting in the congregation at the time -- I'm kidding. JOHN BERMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: We've all been watching the video because it is remarkable. You call it full contact preaching, full contact. This happened at the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Oklahoma. The question we're all asking is, is this just fire and brimstone or is it too far?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There's no one responsible for you but you.

BERMAN (voice-over): Jim Standridge has been the pastor at the Emmanuel Baptist Church for 24 years and is known for his impassioned preaching style. But when a member of the church fell asleep during a recent sermon, the Sunday service turned Sunday surly.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Don't you lay your head back. I'm important.

BERMAN: The whole incident was posted on YouTube as the preacher came down from the pulpit and proceeded to berate his churchgoers, first a couple who had considered getting married there.

JIM STANDRIDGE, PREACHER, EMMANUEL BAPTIST CHURCH: What makes you think I'd marry you? You're one of the sorriest church members I have. You're not worth 15 cents.

BERMAN: He then apologized.

STANDRIDGE: Stand up, big boy. Do you know I love you? All right, give me a little love.

BERMAN: The big boy was Ryan Underwood, who has since stopped attending church there. On Facebook Underwood wrote "I was shocked and hurt to say the least. Like he told me, if I don't like it, I can leave. So I peacefully left and left it at that." But the sermon from Standridge continued as he reminded one church member of family problems.

STANDRIDGE: You remember when I came here Kelly where your wife was, where your sisters were?

BERMAN: And he even insulted the person videotaping the service.

STANDRIDGE: You'd know what my heart is and my message is and you wouldn't go about establishing your own kingdom in the video room.

BERMAN: Pastor Standridge has since spoken out saying he loves all of his parishioners, but he's not afraid to hold them accountable.

STANDRIDGE: Most preachers would never do that but I'm not most preachers. I do that a lot. If you were a member here, I might call your name out sometime.


BERMAN: Stay awake in that church. The YouTube video has more than 200,000 views. We did reach out to the pastor who told us he stands by what he says and has no further comment. He also says you cannot judge a man by just one message.

BOLDUAN: But that message was heard loud and clear, no sleeping. That was always, I mean, I always remember my mother whopping me on the back of my head falling asleep in church not that ever did, but that is impassionate preaching.

CUOMO: But that's what you said and don't dry to get out of it. It went beyond sleeping. JB, thank you very much for bringing that to us. Appreciate it.

Coming up on NEW DAY, when it come to their new baby, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, this story is going to surprise you. It's about them turning down money. We'll tell you why.


BOLDUAN: Crazy. Welcome back, everybody. It's a new day. It's time for the pop four with our Nischelle Turner.

NISCHELL TURNER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: You know, guys, usually when we do the entertainment stories, it's for the ladies a lot of times. Chris feels a little weird, but starting it off for the fellows this morning. Yes, I am. Normally we don't look at Jay-Z as an insecure, but apparently he has some issues.

Number four story popping this morning, it's a new promo for his video album and gets surprisingly personal because his father left him when he was a kid, he's paranoid about not being a good dad to his daughter, Blue Ivy with Beyonce. He calls Beyonce a marvel, yes, she is. One thing he says, I thought this was really interesting.

His dad never taught him to be a man and never taught him how to raise a child and never taught him how to treat a women and he says two of those things, because he has a daughter now, he really needs and that is knowing how to raise a child and know how to treat a woman. But it's also interesting that Jay-Z we think of this tough guy opens up there.

CUOMO: Everybody is the same becoming a parent.

TURNER: All right, let's move on to the number three story this morning. There is a new person for all those twi-hards to hate, guys. Robert Pattinson apparently has moved on from Kristen Stewart with actress, Riley Keo. Now Riley starred alongside him in the 2010 movie "The Run Aways" and also the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley, the oldest granddaughter of Elvis and the stepdaughter to the late Michael Jackson. I also saw a report that said they're not dating, but that Pattinson is open to dating her.

CUOMO: Stay on it.

TURNER: Exactly. The number two story this morning, Kimye turned down $3 million for pictures of baby North. This is according to "US Weekly." Now the media savvy couple was approached by an Australian magazine, but they turned them down. Little Miss North West was born June 15th. CUOMO: That's the hate.

TURNER: They could do like Jay-Z and Beyonce and just release them on their own.

If you believe this new promo, then, OK. No, don't believe the hype. This was all a hoax. It's our number one story, a TV spot from A PR stunt for a fake reality show and it will air on Germany's Comedy Central this summer and be on the phone in three, two and one.

BOLDUAN: He has a lot of press.

TURNER: That monkey, he's a phenomenon. Remember that monkey that ran around Ikea with a coat on.

BOLDUAN: This monkey will be better dressed.

CUOMO: We'll take a break. When we come back on NEW DAY, how do you make your car disappear? Park near a sinkhole. Wait until you see what happens to that car.

BOLDUAN: You might be pleasantly surprised when you fill up for this holiday's road trip. Prices falling but of course it depends on where you live.


CUOMO: Chaos in Cairo. More than a dozen killed. Is Egypt on the brink of a military coup? This key U.S. ally is in trouble. We'll tell you what that means for you.

BOLDUAN: Flooding on the fourth, a massive series of storms dumping rain up and down the east coast. Areas flooded and fear of more as the holiday approaches.

PEREIRA: Soul sole survivor. The lone Hotshot not killed along with his entire firefighting unit, his story ahead.

CUOMO: Your NEW DAY continues right now.