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The George Zimmerman Trial Day Eight; Egypt Under Military Control; Baseball Steroid Scandal; Bill Protecting Transgender Kids Passes; Woman Falls Onto Tracks Survives; Barbie's "Real" Makeover; Incriminating Evidence Found; Toledo Sinkhole Swallows Car; Star's Super Secret Wedding; The Situation's Situation; Baldwin To Quit Acting?; June Jobs Jump

Aired July 4, 2013 - 07:30   ET


CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: Quick answer on that?

DANNY CEVALLOS, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Well, it's a different relevance standard, right? I mean, candidly, there's a strong argument that Zimmerman's school records were never relevant because even if you tend to believe that it gives you an idea about his state of mind that night, we have a rule called 403 or whatever the applicable state rule is, that even if you believe that that goes to his state of mind that night, the potential for prejudice from showing that evidence is so high that it should be excluded.

O'Mara has made that argument. However, some observers say in high profile trials there's a tendency to err on the side of letting evidence in. However, there's a strong argument to be made maybe this is improper character evidence. I mean, O'Mara has maintained and probably true, the only thing that really matters is what was in this man's mind the minutes, maybe half hour before this incident.

Let's be candid. If I were held to be aware of everything I was taught in class, I would be the biggest liar on the planet because I don't know that I remember anything from school.

CUOMO: Right. That's because you got out of school a long time ago and this guy didn't, right? He was still studying.

CEVALLOS: A long time ago --

CUOMO: I get your point, Danny. Appreciate it you're being here. Danny Cevallos, you're a better lawyer, you're better looking, but I have flags on my tie and it's the Fourth of July, I give it to me because of that, Danny. Thank you very much. You enjoy the day.

Now what do you think about this? Please remember to tweet us, be on Facebook, use the #new day, what do you think? After you heard everything that happened there, the ups and downs, you know, once again because everybody is saying that the prosecution had a big day, trials go back and forth. We don't know what the jury is believing and that means you have to believe this could go either way.

This trial still isn't over even if the prosecution's case is about to end. There's no testimony today. When they start again tomorrow, the fact Zimmerman's gun was loaded, had a bullet in the chamber, the prosecution will play to that and Trayvon Martin's mother will be coming up on the stand soon and bring home and remind everybody this is about a young man losing his life who didn't have a gun on him that night, George Zimmerman did. All right, Kate.

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: Thanks so much, Chris. Coming up next on NEW DAY, stunning evidence in the murder case involving of former NFL star Aaron Hernandez, we will tell you about the secret apartment police have uncovered and what they found inside.

There is unbelievable video to see. A woman falls on the tracks a split second before the train arrives and incredibly, she's survived without a scratch. How did that happen?


BOLDUAN: You're asking for it! You got it.

CUOMO: Bruce can sing it, but this woman can bring it. Welcome back to NEW DAY.

BOLDUAN: That is a good line.

CUOMO: It's Thursday, the Fourth of July. I'm Chris Cuomo.

BOLDUAN: I'm Kate Bolduan. Might as well just stare, Lady Liberty, joining us today and as always joining us news anchor Michaela Pereira. We're doing it. What else do you want to do on NEW DAY? What other statutes do you want to bring in? Lots going today, let's get straight to a potentially damning evidence against former NFL star Aaron Hernandez. What police are saying now that they found in his secret apartment that will not help his murder case.

CUOMO: Plus a video you must see, a car plummets into a sinkhole, the driver is able to climb out and all caught on tape. An incredible rescue coming up, but first, let's get to Michaela for the top news.

MICHAELA PEREIRA, CNN ANCHOR: All right, let's do that. Good morning, everyone. A new interim president has been sworn in, in Egypt, as Egypt remains under military control. Ousted President Mohamed Morsy and his senior advisors are now under house arrest. Thirty two people were killed in violence across Egypt Wednesday. There are growing concerns about a backlash from supporters of former President Morsy and the Muslim Brotherhood.

A man named Porter Fisher could send shock waves through Major League Baseball. The "Miami Herald" is reporting Commissioner Bud Selig's office is close to a deal with Fisher who worked at Biogenesis, the clinic at the center of the later drug probe. His past records allegedly named Major Leaguers including Alex Rodriguez and Rick Braun who have been using steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. The players denied taking enhanced substances.

In California, a new law aimed at protecting transgender children heads to the governor's desk. This bill would allow students as young as kindergarten to decide whether to play on boys or girls sports teams as well as choose which bathroom to use at school. Supporters say the idea is to protect children from bullying, but opponents believed it would make other children uncomfortable.

Talk about beating the odds, a woman falling off a subway platform on the tracks just as a train enters the station and it rolls over her. Somehow she managed to survive. Police say she fell into a deep groove between the subway rails avoiding the impact of the rushing train. If that's not enough, the woman actually walked away unscathed telling people she just felt tired.

All right, women have wanted this I think for some time, Barbie getting a real girl makeover, check it out. The left one is classic Barbie, 36-18-33, measurements unattainable and on the right, what Barbie would look like for the CDC average measurements for a healthy 19-year-old American woman, 32 inch bust, 31 inch waist, 33 inch hips. Critics have long complained the original Barbie is an unrealistic image women cannot keep up with.

CUOMO: I give it the clap, but I'd like that they don't have to measure it at all. You know, what I mean. They just leave the numbers alone.

PEREIRA: Well, let's just make the world perfect overnight.

BOLDUAN: Are you working on it?


BOLDUAN: Amazing how different what is real and what Barbie has looked like for a long time, how different that is.

PEREIRA: How long her limbs are.

BOLDUAN: Her legs.

PEREIRA: Legs going forever. They do.

BOLDUAN: Another story we're watching very closely, the case against former NFL player, Aaron Hernandez, getting more complicated now. He remains behind bars charged with murdering a one time friend. But we've now learned the police have uncovered potentially incriminating evidence. This, John Berman, is a twist no one really anticipated it.

JOHN BERMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Interesting twist. Remember how many times we saw police searching through that really big house of Aaron Hernandez. Well, it seems that was not his only place. What they found in his other home, another apartment, might connect him even further to this case.


BERMAN (voice-over): A 37-page search warrant released Wednesday might be piling on the evidence against former New England Patriots star, Aaron Hernandez. Evidence not found in his multi-million estate, but in a two-bedroom apartment in Franklin, Massachusetts, 19 miles from his home, only discovered after interviewing an associate of Hernandez, Carlos Ortiz.

The documents reveal they found two items of clothing. A white hooded sweatshirt, matching the one Hernandez was wearing in this photo obtained by Boston TV station WHDH and in surveillance video the night of the homicide. And a blue and cranberry colored baseball cap matching the one Hernandez was reportedly wearing outside a nightclub.

The documents also say three different calibers of ammunition were found in a bedroom night stand. Ortiz told police on the night after the incident, he and Hernandez stopped by this apartment location.


BERMAN: But despite all this, Hernandez still has some supporters, including some women who are speaking out on Twitter with tweets like, Aaron Hernandez is too sexy to be in jail for life. And I don't care what Aaron Hernandez did, he is still sexy.

GAIL SALTZ, M.D., PSYCHOLOGIST: The reason women may be tweeting that he is sexy, is many of them are attracted to the bad boy image. This somehow makes him more macho, so women fantasize that he isn't capable of a murder, for example, because he's so handsome. Unfortunately, looks are deceiving.


BERMAN: Let's leave that aside. I'm not sure about that. Let's talk about the evidence here. Also found in the apartment, a valet ticket from a hotel, which was just walking distance from the club where Hernandez was reportedly seen the Friday before the incident.

Also, a black Hummer was parked outside the apartment complex and a set of keys to the vehicle were found inside. In this, several t- shirts with the number 81 on them, the same number Hernandez wore for the New England Patriots. I should say we have reached out to his attorney for comment.

BOLDUAN: Now it seems the trouble keeps piling on.

BERMAN: A lot more evidence from the second residence, interesting.

BOLDUAN: John Berman, thanks so much. Good to see you.

CUOMO: We are going to take a quick break here on NEW DAY. When we come back, unbelievable video, car trapped in a sinkhole, driver OK, but a great rescue you're going to want to see.

BOLDUAN: And how you can miss this, our very own personal Statue of Liberty at least the next couple of hours as NEW DAY celebrates the Fourth of July with you, live in technicolor.


CUOMO: Welcome back to NEW DAY, everybody. Holy Toledo, it's a whole new meaning when you see this video. Toledo, Ohio, a sinkhole swallowing a car, the driver inside. How did it happen? Let's get to Zain Asher for the latest on this. It could have been terrible.

ZAIN ASHER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Unbelievable. Can you imagine? Police actually had to use a crane and a ladder to rescue 60-year-old Pamela Knox while her car was trapped inside that sinkhole. She came out OK, but others have not been so lucky.


ASHER (voice-over): It was a terrifying scene, a sinkhole suddenly opening up in the middle of a busy street in Toledo. This Chevy Malibu swallowed whole plummeting at least 10 feet into the earth. The driver, 60-year-old Pamela Knox trapped beneath the concrete. Rescue crews jumped into action lowering this ladder down into the pit.

Slowly, she was able to work her way out to safety. Surprisingly Knox was not hurt during the accident, but was taken to the hospital as a precaution. What caused the sudden sinkhole? Authorities suspect a water break below. It's just the latest in a string of recent sinkhole accidents.

Over the past few months there have been several cases of sinkholes opening causing considerable damage. One in Orange County, Florida, that sucked a bedroom from a home killing a man asleep in his bed. His brother tearfully remembered trying to save him.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Couldn't get him out. I tried so hard and tried everything I could.

ASHER: And last week, near Jackson, Mississippi, a 6-year-old boy had to be rescued after he rode his bike into a giant sinkhole.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The child probably thought it was water and on his bike and going to splash through it. It was a gaping hole and the bike fell down and the bike is gone.


ASHER: And repairs to that road are expected to take days. Despite the horror stories, sinkholes are still relatively rare, only about 20 percent of the U.S. are in sinkhole prone areas so places like Texas and of course, we all know about Florida as well.

BOLDUAN: Can you imagine what that woman was thinking climbing out of -- that ladder, coming out of the road.

ASHER: It took her four hours to be rescued.

BOLDUAN: Really?

CUOMO: At least she was. That's why people get upset because it's one thing when a water main breaks. Are you building something unsafe? Should we do better and know more about it?

BOLDUAN: Middle of downtown Toledo. Zain, thank you so much. Coming up next on NEW DAY, the fast food wars heating up, a look at some of the new belly busting items that make you hungry in the morning? Including this, pretzels, bacon, burgers, there is nothing wrong with that.

Plus we're grilling up some good news for Fourth of July and we're going to bring it to you live, of course.


PEREIRA: All right, Alec Baldwin on what the greatest thing in life would be for him, that revelation coming up.


BOLDUAN: I have been waiting all day -- for what? Nischelle Turner, welcome back to NEW DAY.

NISCHELLE TURNER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: It's my first Fourth of July in New York City. Happy 4th, guys. Our number four story on the 4th, congrats goes to my girl, Kerry Washington got married to another celebrity without anyone even knowing. In fact, nobody even knew they were dating. She married San Francisco 49ers corner back, Nnamdi Asomugha. They kept the whole thing under wraps. I love it. Congratulations, guys. At the White House Correspondents Dinner, they were both there, but you didn't see them together.

OK, our number three story this morning, Martha Stewart just gave Martha Stewart a pay cut. She's now only going to pocket $108 million, a year from her own company, something tells me she's going to doing just fine.

All right, let's get to our number two story, the situation needs a hug. Anybody want to give him a hug? Maybe somebody can just give him a shirt. The "Jersey Shore" star lost his lawsuit against Abercrombie & Fitch. He filed this suit after A and F offered to pay him $10,000 if he would stop wearing their clothes on the reality show. Then the company came out with this t-shirt that said "the fit-uation." You know it is bad when somebody wants to pay you not to wear them.

Let's get to our number one story this morning. This is going to be popping at your holiday barbecue, believe me. Alec Baldwin has quit Twitter, everybody.


TURNER: But he could also quit acting. That's the question. Will he do that? Remember his Twitter outburst after his wife was accused of tweeting during James Gandolfini's funeral? Well, he deleted his Twitter account after that, but now the actor says he'd like his soon- to-be born child to have no idea that he's even had a public life. That he's a public figure at all and "quitting acting" would be the greatest thing in the world.

CUOMO: No. He doesn't mean that. He is very a talented actor. Sometimes his emotions get the best of him and he says things he shouldn't have said and he usually knows it, but he's a talented guy.

TURNER: But don't we all have those days every once in a while?

BOLDUAN: I never say that.

TURNER: When I find out me and Ted Turner have a family history? I'm quitting.

CUOMO: Nischelle Turner, thank you very much. Always great to have you. Coming up on NEW DAY, winds of change blowing through Egypt, one president steps down, another already in power. What we know about the new president.

BOLDUAN: And, the fast food wars get hard core. The three of us literally took a bite on a brand-new burger for your lunch money. It has bacon, which already is a plus.

CUOMO: The pretzel bun? No joke. No joke.

BOLDUAN: Hungry, anyone?

CUOMO: Lady Liberty.


BOLDUAN: Here's the music for you. Good morning, everybody. That music means it is time for "The Rock Block," a quick round-up of the stories you will be talking about today.

PEREIRA: Let's rock it. First off in blogs and newspapers today, "Business Insider Oregon" looking at plan that doesn't require students to pay for college up front. Instead they'd pay 3 percent of their salary for 24 years after they graduate.

In "USA Today," a new study publish in the Journal Neurology says that any age reading, writing or other brain stimulating activities help you hang on to your memories.

In the "Chicago Tribune," actor Vince Vaughn wants to be your landlord. He's looking for a townhouse in Chicago. Guess what the rent is, $9,500.

CUOMO: That's a lot of money. Zain Asher here with the business news you need to know.

ASHER: Investors anxiously waiting for tomorrow's big June jobs report, one of the best predictors says 188,000 jobs were created last month, that's on the high end of expectations.

Also fireworks sales are expected to be brisk and if anything like last year, that's a lot of bang for the buck, $320 million was spent for displays, $645 million was spent by consumers.

And expect to shell out $60 for your July 4th picnic. The Farm Bureau says the cost of hotdogs, chips, and potato salad would come to about $57.20 this year for a party of 10. CUOMO: Sixty bucks that's insane.