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Boardwalks Prep for the Fourth of July; Waiting for the Royal Baby; From the Altar -- to Parenthood; It's Not How You Start, It's How You Finish

Aired July 4, 2013 - 08:30   ET


MICHAELA PERIERA, CNN ANCHOR: Let's go live to Cairo now where Karl Penhaul is standing by. Karl.

KARL PENHAUL, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Michaela, we're overlooking Tahrir Square. Last night this was really the scene of jubilant celebrations after the military ousted President Morsy. By some accounts, up to a million people packed into this square celebrating the event with fireworks. And this morning even we saw military jets overflying the square and setting off smoke plumes, the colors of the Egyptian flag, to try to convince the people the military is really on the people's side.

As you might see now, only a few stragglers left in the square. Crowds have basically gone home. There are a number of events happening there on the sidelines. We saw the swearing-in ceremony of Adly Mansour, the country's top judge, he is now the interim president. He hasn't given us so far any timelines when fresh elections could be held, Michaela.

PERIERA: Coming days will be very telling, Karl Penhaul there reporting for us.

Evidence appears to be piling up against former patriot Aaron Hernandez. Police searched an apartment that he apparently rented, found there bullets from the same caliber gun used to kill his one- time friend Odin Lloyd. Authorities also found a hooded sweatshirt that seem to match one Hernandez was wearing the night Lloyd died. Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to murder charges.

The federal cuts known as the sequester are extinguishing fireworks displays and activities at a number of military bases this holiday, including Camp Lejune and Fort Bragg in North Carolina, and bases in New Jersey, Georgia, South Carolina, and Hawaii. The money crunch is a big hit to morale especially to service members with children.

All right, now it is time for "Five Things To Know" for your NEW DAY.

Prosecutors expected to rest their case against George Zimmerman today -- or Friday, rather. Court is dark today in honor of the Fourth of July holiday.

Opponents of NSA's Prism surveillance program are taking to the streets in protest on this Independence Day; Restore the Fourth demonstrations happening across the nation. President Obama will spend the Fourth of July celebrating with military heroes. They are having a barbecue at the White House. That includes a concert and some fireworks.

Chowing down on Coney Island. Joey Chestnut goes for a record seventh straight victory in the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. Last year, oh this gives me indigestion, he ate 68 hot dogs and buns in ten minutes.

And at number five, Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey performs the national anthem at tonight's Washington Nationals game. If that's not patriotic enough, Neil Diamond debuting his new tune, "Freedom Song" at the game. That will be great. We are always updating the five things you need to know, so be sure to go to for the very latest.

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN CNAHOR: Fabulous, fabulous.

For many on the east coast the Fourth of July will be a little different this year. Superstorm Sandy did serious damage, as you well know, to many of the top summer vacation spots on the east coast. Many still struggling to get back this holiday. CNN's Jason Carroll is in Coney Island, New York with more on that. They may be struggling but they are fighting to get back. Right, Jason?

JASON CARROLL, CNN CORRESPONDENT: They are trying but they are definitely struggling out here today. Here's the reason why. Behind me is the Astro Tower. That's the problem out here. It's been closed since 2010, but earlier this week folks out here noticed it was swaying in both directions about 18 inches so they had to shut down a safety zone around the park. That means a lot of these vendors may not be open in time for the holiday. Big disappointment to the vendors who have been trying to get back on their feet ever since Hurricane Sandy.


CARROLL: Coney Island, a sight of contrast. Then, and now. Here's what it looked like after Superstorm Sandy flooded it with ten feet of water last October. Bumper cars buried in sand, arcade games underwater. And the nearly century-old Wonder Wheel in jeopardy. Was there at any point a fear that you might lose the wonder wheel?

DENNIS VOURDERIS, WONDER WHEEL OWNER: It did scare us a little bit. I got to be honest.

CARROLL: Dennis Vourderis, who owns the wheel, and other rides, and he took us on a ride on the wheel now refurbished.

VOURDERIS: The salt got into all the electrical relays, switches, circuit breakers. They all went in the garbage.

CARROLL: As we get up here, I don't know how comfortable I am talking about all the things you had to fix.

Coney island's business owners feel they can laugh a little more now because, some say, business is back.

MATT MARKOWITZ, LOCAL BUSINESS OWNER: I think not only -- it's like a mini-miracle in our time.

CARROLL: You think people will get the message to come out here on the 4th?

MARKOWITZ: They're already coming out here.

CARROLL: But drive down shore to Seaside Heights, New Jersey, signs of destruction very apparent. Still a work in progress. Is that what you would call it?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Absolutely correct.

CARROLL: Seaside's mayor says work is still underway on the boardwalk's total $9 million renovation. The roller coaster long gone but the boardwalk is open for business. The biggest challenge --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Getting the message out to people.

CARROLL: New Jersey's governor getting the word out.

GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE, NEW JERSEY: Get down here over the Fourth of July weekend to be able o support the businesses.

CARROLL: Welcome news to Steve Waylan who owns Lucky Leo's Arcade.

STEVE WAYLAN, LOCAL BUSINESS OWNER: We're open, we're back, we're ready for you.


CARROLL: So the businesses are ready. The question is will the Astro Tower be ready in time for things like the Wonder Wheel to open. At this point it is shut down. Also, you know this famous ride here, the world famous Cyclone. For now, Kate, that is shut down, as well, as a safety precaution. As you've been teasing all morning long, the hot dog eating contest is still on. Beaches are open. The beaches on the south shore are open as well. These businesses look forward to Fourth of July like Christmas in terms of business for them, so they are encouraging everyone still to come out and enjoy the day.

BOLDUAN: Fabulous, Jason, go take your chances at Lucky Leo's Arcade and bring me back something.


BOLDUAN: Have a good fourth! We'll see you later. Thanks so much.

Coming up next on NEW DAY, first dame love, then came marriage. That's how it goes. Right? Now the world is waiting to see what is in the royal baby carriage. We rhyme on NEW DAY, yes, we do. The latest on Will and Kate's baby press.

Also coming up, It took us nearly three weeks, but finally an Ann Murray sighting here on NEW DAY. It's a very special Independence Day edition of John Berman, NEW DAY word of the day award.


CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: Welcome back, everybody, to NEW DAY. happy Fourth of July. Can't say it enough.

Royal baby watch is in full swing. The Duchess of Cambridge could give birth at any moment.

BOLDUAN: Any moment.

CUOMO: Okay, she didn't right now, so we're okay. Media and well- wishers already camped outside the hospital where she'll be giving birth. CNN's Max Foster is live in London with the latest. What do we know, Max?

MAX FOSTER, CNN ROYAL CORRESPONDENT: It's all starting to happen. Royal mint has just told me that they are going to issue commemorative coins, special silver pennies for all the babies that are born on the same day as the royal baby. We are really getting a sense now of what it is going to be like and everyone wants to be part of it.


FOSTER: With the royal baby possibly due any day, and the spotlight of the world's media fixed firmly on this hospital, final preparations are taking place both inside and out. Everything is set. This is where William needs to park where the duchess goes into labor. Parking for non-residents has been banned outside the entrance for the whole of the month to avoid any delays. And opposite -- camera positions. More than 150 from around the world so far. A patchwork of tape and ladders.

The sex of the baby, though, will be announced here at Buckingham Palace. A piece of paper, a notification will be placed on an easel in the middle of the court there and it will be the official notification to the world that a new prince or princess has indeed been born.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: People want to see a beautiful, happy couple have a beautiful baby.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's going to be the next ruler of a major power in the world.

FOSTER: What we still don't know is whether it will be a king or a queen one day. Max Foster, CNN, London.


FOSTER: Also lots of guesswork about the actual due date. People speculating it may be before mid-July which is the only thing we've been told on record. That really goes back to a conversation that Kate's gynecologist had over the weekend saying he'd given up drinking in preparation for the birth. Also people looking back to how Diana handled this. She always kept people guessing, never gave an official date. Everyone is ready just in case, Chris and Kate.

BOLDUAN: Everyone is ready. You had the entire floor crew going Kate's going to -- I'm going, no, guys, this is the duchess. Thanks for the clarification, Max Foster in London watching and waiting for the royal baby's arrival.

We are now all waiting in anticipation for the royal baby and the royal birth, of course. But it wasn't too long ago when we were looking forward to the fairytale wedding of the duke and now duchess. I actually traveled around the UK recently for a new CNN documentary to reflect on the royal couple's journey from the altar to their coming parenthood. Here is a sneak peek.


BOLDUAN: It was the moment the world had been waiting for. The most talked about courtship of the century. After a decade-long romance, Kate Middleton and Prince William finally tied the knot in a fairytale wedding. Thousands watched outside the church. Middleton family friend John Haley was sitting in the front row.

JOHN HALEY, MIDDLETON FAMILY FRIEND: I was four foot away from everybody from the queen, Prince Phillip, Charles, all the royal family and it was just amazing.

BOLDUAN: Kind after pinch-yourself moment?

HALEY: It was. I was standing there. Couldn't believe it.

You knew they were coming because the roar came through the Abby. You could hear it from outside. And then when Kate and her dad come in, wow. That was just -- sent tingles all through your body.

LADY ELIZABETH ANSON, QUEEN ELIZABETH'S COUSIN: It felt like a wonderful country wedding.

BOLDUAN: : Lady Elizabeth Anson was sitting just rows behind her cousin, Queen Elizabeth.

ANSON: Huge amount of atmosphere in the church and a huge amount of love in the church which actually just happened to be a royal wedding.

BOLDUAN: A royal wedding that would mark a new era for the British monarchy and a new way of doing things with William and Kate breaking tradition almost every step of the way.

ANSON: They did everything themselves. I mean, whichever canape they wanted, whatever flower the wanted, all of that was personally chosen by them. I think that was the first time that's ever happened in the royal family.

BOLDUAN: Westminster Abbey is where it all officially began for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Billions watched as William and Kate married here back in April 2011. And almost immediately after the couple said "I do," the speculation began -- when would the next royal baby arrive. (END VIDEOTAPE))

BOLDUAN: People can stop asking that question soon. They say it is mid-July but we're always guessing they gave kind of the outward date. Unlike a wedding, you cannot plan, as we well know, when a baby comes but for the documentary we went to where Kate grew up in Bucklebury, in the English countryside. Then we went to where they met at school in Scotland, where they are now in Wales. We were all over the place.


BOLDUAN: Yeah, quite a trip.

CUOMO: Well worth it, though, because when the baby comes everybody will have all these questions, you'll have the answers.

BOLDUAN: It was great look at their journey to where they are now.

PEREIRA: Often first babies are early, are they not?

BOLDUAN: I've always heard that they're late.

PEREIRA: Oh they're late ok.

BOLDUAN: I -- but like I know.

CUOMO: Well both are true of course.

BOLDUAN: One of them is true. Let's go with that.

PEREIRA: We will find out.

BOLDUAN: Exactly we will find out. Good luck to them. Of course I don't want to talk about it too soon because you just want the baby to be healthy and happy.

CUOMO: Sure. That's right. No jinx here. All the best to them --

Well from the good news that we're waiting for to the good stuff that we have already, today's edition. It's not how you start it's how you finish. 19-year-old Johnny Agar, is an avid racer, a self-proclaimed sports nut, he also happens to have cerebral palsy.

Over the past 19 years Johnny and his dad Jeff have competed in countless marathons and races, thousands of miles, each time Jeff pushing Johnny. But not this time.


JOHNNY AGAR, HAS CEREBRAL PALSY: Dad's done so much for me, I thought I should give him a break.


CUOMO: During a recent race half-way through the 5k, Johnny ditched his wheelchair and started walking under his own power toward the finish line for the first time. That's a mile and a half. Every step of which was a struggle for this man. The pain clearly visible on his face.

Johnny told his mother he had a bigger reason than himself for wanting to finish the race. And as he neared the finish, the growing crowd behind him made that reason very clear.


BECKI AGAR, JOHNNY'S MOTHER: Before he ran the race, he said you know mom I just want to do this so I can inspire at least one person. And to see all those people behind him was really, really amazing.

J. AGAR: It was really quite touching for me, too, to see everybody behind me and the whole place was behind me. It was awesome.


CUOMO: It was awesome. He made it. Changed his life and so many others along the way. Look at him a true champion. It doesn't get any more than that, where it is about sports, it's about life -- beautiful.

PEREIRA: Accomplishment.

CUOMO: Right?

BOLDUAN: What a rock star.

CUOMO: Right?

BOLDUAN: That's awesome.

CUOMO: Just great.

BOLDUAN: We love you.

CUOMO: Thank you for doing that, thank you for giving us some of that good stuff. We want to hear about it more. Please give us --


BOLDUAN: We need a little good stuff, I say that every morning but I feel like every morning I need a little bit of it.

CUOMO: And good you're going to get it every day we're going to give it to you here on NEW DAY, with your help. So please go to Facebook, use the hashtag New Day, go to and give us the stories that are going on like Johnny's in your life.

BOLDUAN: Tell us your stories.

All right, coming up still -- on this NEW DAY, find out why this epic firework fail is finally getting the attention it deserves. John Berman is here to explain.


BOLDUAN: Favorite fireworks. Of course, this is yours.

PEREIRA: You know, I like to just see them from afar. I don't really have a favorite. I do like --

BOLDUAN: This doesn't happen.


BOLDUAN: There is the theme music. And you know what that means -- it is the time of the morning John Berman is here to give us his NEW DAY award of the day award.

JOHN BERMAN, CNN ANCHOR: And you know it is a special day. It is a holiday. So today we're going to acknowledge the countries with the top national celebrations in the month of July.

So in third place, we're going to start with France. They have Bastille Day. July 14th.

BOLDUAN: I love it.

BERMAN: You know this is a good one. Basically it celebrates a jail break there is a big military parade. So I say way to go, France. Third place.


BERMAN: In second place -- Canada Day. Now we may have missed this, this was July 1st.

PEREIRA: It is. We missed it.

BERMAN: And as far as I can tell, there are -- there are no really traditional ways to celebrate.

PEREIRA: It is about community and celebration and fireworks.

BOLDUAN: Do you do anything in particular.

PEREIRA: Oh yes we eat and get with friends.

BERMAN: We eat interesting because I searched online, I couldn't find much information about it.

PEREIRA: We hang out at public places.

BERMAN: But I still put it in second place because I find the mystery surrounding Canada Day rather alluring. And also, I like Anne Murray.

PEREIRA: We know you love Anne Murray.

BERMAN: So it got second place there. Way to go Anne Murray.

PEREIRA: Yes how about that? BERMAN: But in first place, July 4th, Independence Day -- look, we have the best fireworks.


BERMAN: This was San Diego. That was New York actually. Despite the fact that I say it was San Diego.

PEREIRA: Very San Diego.

BERMAN: This was San Diego last year.

PEREIRA: Has not failed.

BERMAN: Well it was either the best or worst fireworks ever depending on how you look at it there right. It's a pretty big bang, as you like to say.

BOLDUAN: Didn't they all go off in like two seconds?

BERMAN: Besides the fireworks, you know we have the most patriotic dogs. Let me show you this, this is from Bugsy.

PEREIRA: You know that was the category.

BERMAN: We have a collection of patriotic dogs here. Michaela have you ever seen a dog with a maple leaf? I do not think so.

PEREIRA: I have not. I have not.

BERMAN: We have these dogs.

PEREIRA: I can play stuff.

BERMAN: Finally, we have the best picnics. I have to show you this check out this tortoise eating its traditional Fourth of July watermelon. Happy Fourth of July, everyone. So America, you win. Congratulations. The best Fourth of July award Award. You know and we're the only country that's got a real life statue of liberty I think. You know you've been seeing it all day.


BERMAN: It was dressed up like the Statue of Liberty.

PEREIRA: We have the best ones.

BERMAN: You don't have like anyone dressed up as the Siene (ph) tower like the space needle thing you have in Toronto, do you?

PEREIRA: No, I don't believe people walk around dressed as a space needle in Canada.

BOLDUAN: No all right well John Berman.

PEREIRA: I will take the second place. BOLDUAN: You take second place? Or do I get first, well done Berman.

So what's the Fourth of July without a little barbecue action? And you know that is where Chris Cuomo will be. We're firing up the grill. The NEW DAY grill and getting some tips on how to make the best Independence Day burger from Jackson Hole Restaurant Chef Jack Ramiro.

Hi Chris.

CUOMO: Hey how are you?


CUOMO: Man of the people intimidation. Hey, everybody. Welcome back to NEW DAY, Fourth of July special guest for you, Mr. Adam Sandler -- w good friend of mine here. What are you doing here today?

ADAM SANDLER, ACTOR: I just got back -- I just got back from Africa. First stop was to see you. Seriously a 20-hour flight or something -- I just got here.

CUOMO: You got your beautiful kids with you.

SANDLER: Yes, yes happy Fourth of July baby.

CUOMO: You're coming by, you smelled the burgers. You drag the kids over.

SANDLER: Yes exactly, we saw -- we just saw a man with big handsome shoulders and we said we need to see that up close.

CUOMO: You got a movie coming out? You might as well give it a plug?

SANDLER: Grown Ups 2 -- yes, yes, that's happening we don't have to talk about it, we're going to talk America today.

CUOMO: Please.

SANDLER: America, a good place, happy birthday.

CUOMO: You're a great example of a great American. Thank you for being here. Adam is on his way to the gym to play basketball, one of the best basketball players standing next to me right now, everybody. Adam Sandler. Now God bless thank you very much. Good luck with the movie. Ladies, take care.

Everybody gather down here because it is the Fourth of July. Adam and his kids are taking off. We have the hamburgers and hot dogs going on. One of the best places in New York to get them, Jackson Hole.

Michael, it's great to have you here. He gives me the fist because he's got the glove on. Everybody feeling all right? You been staring at burgers here? We won't let you eat them yet. It's getting very close. Lady Liberty took a hot dog. We had a little bit of a tussle but she put it back. She's back in character. You realize when you speak it throws off the entire thing for like generations of people.

Anyway, that's what's going on down here. You've got to come down. This is the place to be.

BOLDUAN: We're waiting to get done with the show so we can come down and make us a burger.

CUOMO: I will.

BOLDUAN: So we're going to be down there in a little bit. Tell Lady Liberty to hang out.

PEREIRA: She's amazing.

CUOMO: How cool was that. Adam Sandler just showing up.

BOLDUAN: I know.

CUOMO: It's Adam Sandler. It is the NEW DAY effect. He hears NEW DAY they just come. Lady Liberty comes, Adam Sandler.

BOLDUAN: NEW DAY, infective.

PEREIRA: Save a burger for us. We'll show you.

CUOMO: We will. We will.

BOLDUAN: That sounds fabulous. Happy Fourth of July, everyone.

PEREIRA: Happy Fourth of July.

BOLDUAN: We'll see you guys tomorrow. That's it for NEW DAY.

Carol Costello takes it over with "CNN NEWSROOM".

CAROL COSTELLO, CNN ANCHOR: I cannot believe she holds her arm up for that long.

PEREIRA: I know.

BOLDUAN: Amazing.

COSTELLO: That becomes painful.

CUOMO: How long do you have your arm up? You did great.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Thanks very much. Thank you for having me.

I only wish that Adam Sandler had sung the Hanukkah song but we can't have everything.

BOLDUAN: Wrong holiday, Carol.

COSTELLO: I know. I know. But I love that song.

Thanks to all of you, have a great fourth of July. BOLDUAN: You too, Carol.

COSTELLO: Happening now in the "NEWSROOM", Happy birthday, America and what a gift to the country -- the Statue of Liberty. The real Statue of Liberty back open this morning after being closed since Sandy.

Plus, sinkhole survival. A 60-year-old woman being rescued from a 20- foot-deep sinkhole that opened up and swallowed her entire car -- with her in it.

Also, in what could arguably be the symbol of the George Zimmerman trial -- Trayvon Martin's hoodie, front and center in the Sanford courtroom.

And chaos in Cairo from half a world away to the front steps of the White House, amid protests and power grabs, the U.S. Ambassador to Egypt becoming the symbol of what critics say is Obama's failed Egypt policy.

"NEWSROOM" starts now.

Good morning. Thank you so much for being with me. I'm Carol Costello. I'm giddy over the Fourth of July. I'm Carol Costello. Happy Fourth to you. What a better way to celebrate Independence Day than starting this hour with an amazing picture. Lady Liberty -- she's back open this morning after being closed eight months.