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Plane Crash Investigation; Palin Considering Senate Run; Randy Travis Still Critical; Toddler Buys Car; All Athletes Associated with Biogenesis Clinic to be Suspended

Aired July 10, 2013 - 05:30   ET


JOHN BERMAN, CNN ANCHOR: South Korea is now ordering sweeping inspections on airlines in that country, also reviewing training practices there. It will be months before U.S. investigators determine an exact cause for the crash. But right now, the NTSB is zeroing in on the actions of the crew on board Asiana Airlines flight 214. The plane came in too low and too slow, and crashed on landing in San Francisco, killing two passengers.

Not only was a pilot in training trying to land a Boeing 777 for the first time at San Francisco International Airport, the pilot actually training him, was serving as an instructor for the very first time. Also, the NTSB chief says when the plane hit a sea wall and the tail came off, two flight attendants were sucked out of the plane and on to the runway. They amazingly survived, and they are in serious condition right now.

The question is, what is it like to land at San Francisco International Airport? Is it hard? Paul Vercammen took a trip with a professional pilot to see what those at the controls might have seen Saturday when Asiana flight 214 was set to touch down.


VOICE OF PAUL VERCAMMEN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I'm here with Kushal Singh. The instructor is taking the exact same path that the 777 took into SFO on a parallel runway. What's going to your mind right now on as you approach?

VOICE OF KUSHAL SINGH, FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR, BEL AIR INTERNATIONAL: Right now, what I'm doing is I'm making sure my air speed is sufficient. I'm not making side (ph). I don't go below my approach speed, which I am currently way above that right now. Right now, I look at the glide path, making sure that my visual glide path, and that I'm going to make sure I run, go pass the runway.

(INAUDIBLE) My air speed right now, I have an outside visual, making sure that I'm not coming short. You can see coming in right there, the seabed, we are about 200 feet below before the runway where actually the seabed is.

VERCAMMEN: Anything unusual about landing at this airport?

SINGH: You can see right over here, the runway is really close. They are probably between 750 feet. So, if the other one wasn't in use, we would make sure we look to the left. Also, you have to make sure that there's traffic holding, waiting to take off. As soon as we touch down, we have a 747 here waiting to take off just like it was on Saturday morning.

VERCAMMEN: When you hit 400 feet, what goes through your mind?

SINGH: At about 400 feet, now I make sure I'm stabilized which I am. And then (INAUDIBLE). So, right now I'm about 200 feet and I'll be coming (ph) the seabed right about 200 feet -- off to the left is the area, up over the runway, making sure I come in. I'm making sure I have enough space. So, this is where most aircraft would land. And this is where you can see all the black stop and most tires will touch down.

VERCAMMEN: As we passed the 777 well short of that 1,000-foot marker.

(on-camera) So, by at least 1,000 feet flight 214 missed its mark. And now the question hanging over this airport is why.

Paul Vercammen, CNN, San Francisco.


CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN ANCHOR: It's so interesting to see the very path there.

All right. The death toll in the Canadian train crash and explosion that nearly wiped out an entire town.


ROMANS (voice-over): the death toll now stands at 15. Thirty-five people still missing. And authorities investigating this crash now think it may not have been an accident saying they found evidence of a criminal act leading to the crash, but they are not sure in details what exactly it is.

BERMAN (voice-over): Breaking news this morning from China. The Sichuan Province where state media says upwards of 40 people have been buried in a landslide. Rescue crews are trying to get to them right now. That region in Southwest China has inundated with rain for days. Some parts received more than 21 inches of rain in just 12 hours. So, amazing pictures here. Many people, hundreds have been evacuated from their home.

ROMANS: In the meantime, in Northern China, that's a car we're going to show you trapped in a sinkhole. That region also hit by heavy rain the last few days and that, apparently, weakened the road surface. You can't see it here, but witnesses say that pit was full of water. The driver was submerged up to his neck, but a Good Samaritan helped to get him out, and the driver is now said to be OK.

BERMAN: Still developing this morning, 21 people reportedly hurt after a deck collapsed at a rental home in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. That's just north of Myrtle Beach. Authorities tell WWAY- TV about 25 people were standing on the deck when it came down causing cuts and bruises and possibly a spinal injury. But amazingly, the injuries at this point not said to be life threatening.

ROMANS: All right. Fire crews in Southern California making slow but steady progress against a wild fire in San Diego County. Officials say the fire has burned more than 7,000 acres, destroyed 120 structures. Right now, it's 40 percent contained. Officials expect to have it under control -- fully under control by Sunday.


BERMAN (on-camera): Will the weather help them at all fighting those fires? Chad Myers here with the forecast.

ROMANS (on-camera): I hope so.

CHAD MYERS, CNN METEOROLOGIST: I never get to say yes to that answer, but today, I do.

BERMAN: Oh good.

MYERS: Because we have above-normal precip expected for the next six to ten days across Southern California, across Arizona, and into New Mexico. All of the moisture here that comes across the Gulf of Mexico through Texas had of landing here, we call it the monsoon. So, rain is coming. Across the southeast, rain is coming above normal, but why?

Because Chantal is coming. Not a big hurricane here, but Chantal just south of the Dominican Republic now, had to make its way over Cuba, turns to the right and eventually possibly over Florida. Obviously, you still have the cone, left side of the cone, right center of the cone, but it's right over the southeast right where that above normal precip was, and that's where we're expecting it all the way through this weekend.

In place of that have had so much rain the past couple of weeks. We'll see some showers across New York, across parts of Pennsylvania and Ohio as well. Temperatures will be warm today but not as warm as they've been. Here's the last five days. Here's where all of that rainfall has been. It's just soggy here, muggy here, very hot.

Heat index will be high across the southeast. Today, pretty normal. The New York City, this is the nicest day we've had since I've been here, ten days now across the southeast at least today, but look at Memphis, the height (ph) of it, 99.

ROMANS: Ooh! Hot.

MYERS: That's my heat index. That's just temp.

ROMANS: Same hot. Thanks, Chad.


ROMANS: All right. How does Senator Sarah Palin sound?

(BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) ROMANS (voice-over): The former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate says, you know, she's thinking about running for Senate in 2014. That's when Democrat, Mark Begich, is up for re- election. She tells conservative radio host, Sean Hannity, people have been pushing her to think about it. She's then decided and will wait to see who else might get into the race.

BERMAN (voice-over): The Texas House is set to give final approval today to a series of abortion restrictions considered among the toughest in the nation. Lawmakers gave the bill a tentative yes on Tuesday. It would ban most abortions after 20 weeks and require that the procedure take place in surgical centers which effectively shuts down dozens of clinics.

The Texas Senate may vote as soon as Thursday, and unlike last month when a filibuster blocked the bill, it is expected to pass in the Senate there this time.

ROMANS: This just might be the opposite of road rage for you this morning. Please check out this YouTube video. A motorcyclist spotting a coffee cup on the back bumper of that SUV. He swoops in to retrieve it and then speeds up to return it to the driver. The woman appears to blame her daughter for leaving the cup there, then she dumps what's left the cup. Yes. Interesting. I hope she said thank you.

BERMAN: A superhero motorcycle guy who rides on the roads and looking for wayward coffee cups. That's crazy.

ROMANS: I like it.

BERMAN: Doesn't seem very safe.

ROMANS: I know but if it's your purse on top -- now, you're saving the world.

BERMAN: Right.


BERMAN (on-camera): Coming up here, check out this tiny little toddler. How she managed to buy her first car all by herself?

ROMANS (on-camera): She can't drive it for 14 more years.

BERMAN: And it's an import.



ROMANS: Welcome back. Country star, Randy Travis, still in critical condition at a Texas hospital.

(BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) ROMANS (voice-over): He's apparently recovering from a procedure to help his heart as he battles an infection. His rep says the 54-year- old singer had a ventricular assist device implanted. It's a kind of implanted pump that helps the weakened heart move blood through the body.

BERMAN (voice-over): (INAUDIBLE).


BERMAN: So, some good news, America. We are no longer number one at being the most obese nation in the world.

ROMANS: You like me to check those numbers, actually.


BERMAN: That is according to U.N. agency it now belongs to Mexico. About 70 percent of adults there are now considered overweight. About a third are obese. And nearly one in six Mexicans now suffers from weight-related diabetes. But Americans, do not rejoice yet. The U.S. number -- The U.S. is still number two on the list with nearly 32 percent obesity rate.

ROMANS: Wow. All right. Here's a warning to parents. You may want to lock your smartphone before letting your kids play with it. Fourteen-month-old Sorella Stoute (ph), she's from Portland, Oregon. She was clicking around on her dad's phone last month, closing and opening apps, isn't it cute when they do that, oh, yes, except when they accidentally click buy it.


PAUL STOUTE, FATHER: She decided, I think, to open up the eBay app and started clicking around and one thing led to another and we own a car. I'm just glad she didn't like buy the $38,000 Porsche I was also looking at.


ROMANS: No. It wasn't the $38,000 Porsche. The 1962 Austin-Healey Sprite she bought, you know, at $225 bucks. That's a little less worse for the wear.

BERMAN: That's the car right there.

ROMANS: That's the car.

BERMAN: A lot less for the wear.

ROMANS: Yes. Dad says he wants to fix that maybe in time for her 16th birthday.

BERMAN: It's going to take that long to fix it up.

(END VIDEOTAPE) ROMANS (on-camera): What's so interesting is that he actually has done body work before, you know? So, you know, he's qualified to try to fix it up for her, but lock the smartphone.

BERMAN (on-camera): That is amazing.

ROMANS: Let's take a look at what's coming up on "NEW DAY" this morning.

BERMAN: Chris Cuomo and Kate Bolduan join us now. What's up, guys?

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: We're having a very serious debate about that clip. I thought it was adorable. And Chris is --


BOLDUAN: -- talk about the legal --



CUOMO: And I just said the kid's not of legal age to make a contract. So, they wouldn't have to keep that car. You got to be 18 --

BOLDUAN: It is the parents' fear --


ROMANS: They said, she did buy it. It was the right thing to do, so they bought it.


CUOMO: Whatever. It's nice to have you back, Christine.

ROMANS: Thank you.

BOLDUAN: It's nice to see you, Christine.

CUOMO: It's been unbearable with just John here.


CUOMO: Got a lot of news for you this morning, just as you guys following on what we know about flight 214, startling revelations about the pilot. The instructor's experience and we have a "NEW DAY" exclusive. Yesterday, we heard from three young siblings, remember how eloquent they were in talking about how they survived the crash. Today, we have them with their father who just got out of the hospital. The story gets even more amazing.

BOLDUAN: Yes. Their mother is still in the hospital. We're going to talk to them about their experience through this really crazy ordeal.

Also, another "NEW DAY" exclusive that we have today. We sat down with Amanda Berry's grandmother. You're seeing Amanda Berry right there. And we're talking to her grandmother as she watched this new video that was released of her very brave, brave granddaughter thanking supporters for the very first time.

The very first time we're seeing Amanda Berry and the two other women who were kidnapped and kept in that house in Cleveland for more than a decade. And some circumstances, we're going to hear from the grandmother and talk more about how fabulous they looked when we saw them in this video.

CUOMO: That will be great. Also, we have some weird video for you this morning. Take a look at this. Did you ever hear of super-agent Drew Rosenhaus?


CUOMO: He's known as a shark, right. He takes you on in the contract negotiation and gets you. What's this about? He posted this. It is him wrestling a shark.

BOLDUAN: A shark taking on a shark.

CUOMO: What is this guy doing? Why is he doing it? He had to come on "New Day" and explain himself, and he does.

BOLDUAN: Keep him honest.

CUOMO: Keep him anything if he's wrestling a shark. I got nothing for him.

BOLDUAN: Arm wrestling?

CUOMO: I don't think I can. I can only arm wrestle people I can beat.


BERMAN: Credo to live by.


ROMANS: Thanks, guys.

CUOMO: Berman, want to arm wrestle?


BOLDUAN: Notice he did not challenge Christine, though.


CUOMO: No. No. I know better.

ROMANS: All right, guys. We'll see you again soon.

Coming up, is baseball ready to suspend some big name players? New reports the fans asking when. The "Bleacher Report" is next.


BERMAN: ESPN this morning is saying that major league baseball is preparing to suspend as many as 20 players, 20, for the use of performance-enhancing drugs. Andy Scholes joins us now with more on this morning's "Bleacher Report." Hey, Andy.

ANDY SCHOLES, BLEACHER REPORT: Hey, good morning, guys. The league suspension stemmed from major league baseball's investigation into Tony Bosch and the biogenesis clinic in Miami. According to ESPN, all the players connected to the clinic including Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez will be suspended following the all-star break.

Now, Braun who has repeatedly denied using performance-enhancing drugs reportedly interviewed with major league baseball on June 29th during that interview, he refused to answer questions about his connection to the biogenesis clinic. A-Rod, meanwhile, continues to rehab in Florida from his surgery, and he is reportedly scheduled to meet with officials on Friday, but that's news to him.


ALEX RODRIGUEZ, YANKEE'S 3RD BASEMAN: Not that I know of. And if I knew it, I couldn't share it with you guys. We've been fully instructed not to comment on that.


SCHOLES: According to the report, both Braun and A-Rod are expected to be suspended 100 games. Fifty games for using PEDs, 50 for lying about it.

All right. Dodgers (INAUDIBLE) back last night in Phoenix, bases loaded for the Dodgers. Adrian Gonzalez is going to launch this ball at center field, Adam Eaton gets under it, but oh, he tumbled, the ball drops. Two runs going to come in for the Dodgers, then Yasiel Puig going to try to score from first, but he's thrown out. Look at it. Miguel Montero gets in the old. Dikembe Mutombo (ph) finger wag. Dodgers, though, get the last laugh. They win the game, 6-1.

U.S.A. men soccer team taking on Belize last night in the opening round of the Gold Cup. Chris Wondolowski at in some flat (ph) matching the right place at the right time. Here, it gives the U.S. a 1-0 lead. But check it out, guys, Wondolowski's name is misspelled on the back of his jersey. There's an extra "W" in there. And he might want to keep wearing that misspelled jersey. He ended up with a (INAUDIBLE) in the first half as the U.S. cut the lead 6-1.

ESPN's latest edition of their annual "The Body Issue" is set to hit the newsstands on Friday. One of the models this year, guys, is 77- year-old golf legend, Gary Player. Now, Mr. Fitness as he was called on the PGA Tour still does 1,200 crunches every morning, and he still squats 250 pounds. Guys, when I'm 77 years old, I'm hoping I can just get out of bed.

BERMAN: Yes. That's pretty amazing. Also, completely naked in those photos, by the way.


BERMAN: I couldn't help but notice there, Andy. Thank you for that. That's a wake-up call here in the morning.


ROMANS: Surprise!

Coming up, Amanda Bynes turns her court date into a fashion show. The latest drama for a troubled actress.


ROMANS: All right. Welcome back. Almost 55 minutes after the hour. Taking a look now at the top CNN trends on the web this morning. Amanda Bynes made quite an impression at a New York court arriving in a turquoise wig and a tank top for hearing over charges she threw a bong out her apartment window.

The hearing lasted only a few minutes, and she did not speak in the court or outside. The actress due back in court in September.

BERMAN: Interesting.

All right. This may not be the most practical way to feed a dog, but Jeanne Moos tells us it sure is fun to watch.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Get the ball, get it! Dunk the ball, sink it! You're looking at a video called Dog Goldberg. You know, like Rube Goldberg, the cartoonist famous for sketches of chain-reaction gizmos that make a simple task complicated. Like a door bell that makes a dog named Peanut run in place which in turn causes a Frisbee to be flung.

IAN SCHAFER, FOUNDER AND CEO, DEEP FOCUS: That's an award worthy performance right there. He caught it every time.

MOOS: Ian Schafer is the founder of Deep Focus, the agency that created dog Goldberg as a web ad for the dog food, Beneful.

SCHAFER: It was one full take literally from beginning to end with all the dogs. I mean, it wasn't -- this wasn't multiple shots stitched together.

MOOS: Ian figures it took 40 to 50 tries to get that one good take. He says they were partly inspired by Peewee's big adventure. Peewee Herman's breakfast machine also feeds his dog. And Peewee must have liked the doggy homage because he tweeted it out. Other famous Rube Goldberg machines range from the one in the group OK goes music video that took 60 takes.

For a much admired ad called "Cog," that featured car parts interacting in a commercial for the Honda Accord.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Isn't it nice when things just work?

MOOS: But dogs aren't car parts. Ian says the golden retriever puppies in the wagon were especially tricky.

(on-camera) Didn't they have to just sit there?

SCHAFER: They -- you know, puppies don't like to just sit there.

MOOS: The actors didn't have to do much boning up. They were all trained, showbiz-type dogs.

(voice-over) Ian says the only action manipulated in postproduction was the ball that magically rolled straight towards the dominos to knock them down.


MOOS: Kids like to try making dog feeding machines at home. In real life, the machine freaked out the dog. When the professionals do it, the dogs so happy its tail wags the machine.

Jeanne Moos, CNN, New York.


ROMANS: You never want to follow kids and dogs so we should just get out of here.

BERMAN: Exactly. It's over for us. Let's bring in Chris Cuomo, Kate Bolduan, follow that, guys.


BOLDUAN: Yes. No, we can't.


BOLDUAN: We can't. What can we say. But I do love that scene in Peewee Herman. That's one of my favorites.

CUOMO: I do. I'm not a huge Peewee Herman watcher, but I do love those mouse trap contraptions. I love them. My boys like, can I do that? The answer is always, no.



BOLDUAN: But we can always try.

CUOMO: Right.

BOLDUAN: Thanks, guys. CUOMO: I'll tell you what I can do. I can tell you the news, and it is the top of the hour, and that means you're on "NEW DAY," time for the top news.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Accidents don't happen from a single cause. It's a link of events chained together.

CUOMO: New details on Asiana flight 214. The pilot in training, his instructor, teaching for the first time, and key equipment may have malfunctioned.

BOLDUAN: Was it foul play? The fiery train explosion that leveled part of a Canadian town may have been caused by a criminal act. Dozens may be dead.

MICHAELA PEREIRA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Blockbuster revelations in the case against Patriots player, Aaron Hernandez. An alleged accomplice pointing the finger at the former NFL star. We have the latest.

CUOMO: Your "NEW DAY" starts right now.

ANNOUNCER: This is "NEW DAY" with Chris Cuomo, Kate Bolduan, and Michaela Pereira.


CUOMO: Good morning and welcome. Happy Hump Day, everybody. This is "New Day." It's Wednesday, July 10th, six o'clock in the east. I'm Chris Cuomo.

BOLDUAN: Good morning, everybody. I'm Kate Bolduan. We're joined by news anchor, Michaela Pereira, and we have a lot going on this morning, including a "New Day" exclusive. The first time anyone who was seriously injured in the crash of flight 214 will be speaking out. A father just released from the hospital joining us live with his kids who also, of course, survived. Their mother is still in the hospital. Their story, heart stopping.

CUOMO: And lawyers fought late into the night because George Zimmerman wants to show Trayvon Martin's text messages in court, and, an animated recreation of what happened that night. What will the judge do? Also, a key experts says the evidence supports Zimmerman's story. Is he right? We have Vinnie Politan, Danny Cevallos, and Tom Mesereau breaking it down for us.

PEREIRA: And another "NEW DAY" exclusive. We all saw that amazing video message from the three kidnapped Cleveland women. Now, we hear from their family for the first time. That's coming up. The story behind that video.

CUOMO: But we begin this morning with new developments about the men at the controls of flight 214. The pilot was still in training on the Boeing 777, had only logged about 35 hours in a plane. His instructor, a pilot on his first flight in that role. CNN's Miguel Marquez live at San Francisco International Airport. Good morning, Miguel.

MIGUEL MARQUEZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Good morning, Chris. We have a much better idea of how this investigation is going and what caused this crash. Now, the bulk of the investigation being done here on the ground. Investigators saying that it was the landing gear that hit that seawall first, essentially, a few feet higher, and they may have stuck that landing a few feet lower and this would have been a much more tragic story.