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Duchess of Cambridge in Labor; Grisly Discovery in Ohio; River Dancing World Record; Phil Mickelson Wins British Open; Wall Street's Best Month Since January; Northeast Finally Cooling Down

Aired July 22, 2013 - 06:30   ET



CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: Crowds outside Buckingham Palace. You know why they're there. They want to watch that guard change. No. They're there because the princess is in the hospital. We are told that labor is progressing normally.

We are on baby watch. That's why they're there. That's why we're here as we welcome you back to NEW DAY on this Monday, July 22nd. I'm Chris Cuomo.

Is this the day the baby will be born?

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: I hope so. For Kate's sake, I hope it is a short labor.

CUOMO: You mean this Kate.

BOLDUAN: I'm talking the other Kate. She's the real Kate. I am Kate Bolduan as you well know. We're going to say Kate as many times as possible. Joined by news anchor Michaela Pereira as always. Lots to talk about today.

CUOMO: We have breaking news out of London this morning. We are officially now, official news term, baby watch.

Right now, the Duchess of Cambridge is in labor as I told you. This is a live look at St. Mary's Hospital in London. That's where the duchess has been admitted.

That's where CNN's Max Foster is standing by. Max, I've never seen you look better. Do we have Max in the shot? There you are.

You turned into a young woman, Max. But you're back.


MAX FOSTER, CNN ROYAL CORREPONDENT: Yes. She arrived just a few hours ago. It was dawn here in London. They came in a couple of cars out the back. There wasn't a big song and dance.

Then, the announcement was made she was in the early stages of labor so she wasn't induced, because that would have happened in the hospital. I've just been told as well that she is progressing normally with her pregnancy and her labor. That's good news.

Also, in terms of what happens from here, some clarity. You'll know that when the baby's born, a notice will be taken from here to Buckingham palace, placed on an easel. We're trying to get the full information about what we're going to get on that. We're going to get the sex and weight on that but we're not going to get the name. We're not going to get the name probably for a few days, but possibly when the couple leave the hospital.

So every bit of information is being fed on here. That's the latest bit of information. But a huge media presence as you can imagine.

CUOMO: All right. Max, thank you very much.

I find it hard to believe that word will hold until you get the frame and easel.

BOLDUAN: If anyone can do it, the palace can.

CUOMO: Really?

BOLDUAN: Yes. They're very good at controlling the communication.

You hear that, like, buzzing going on behind Max Foster? All the people -- it's very different. We've been talking to him for weeks on end at this point. All is happening now.

So, while, of course, we don't know much about what's going on with the duchess's delivery as we probably should not, the poor thing needs some privacy. We do know there are major differences between how babies are born between the United States and United Kingdom.

Let's bring in CNN's senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen with more on this. Hi, Elizabeth.

ELIZABETH COHEN, CNN SENIOR MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT: Hi, Kate. I was in London a couple of weeks ago. It was really fascinating to see that when it comes to childbirth, things are just a little bit different on the other side of the pond.


COHEN (voice-over): Outside St. Mary's hospital in London, the crowds have been swarming. Everyone waiting with bated breath.

But inside, a team of doctors is working. And the first question on everyone's minds?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Will she be (INAUDIBLE)? Is it going to be a cesarean section or is it going to be a natural birth? She wants to be the people's princess. She wants to be normal.

COHEN: But reporter normal in England may be a little more painful than normal in the United States. In other words, Kate's royal birth may be a royal pain. In England, only three out of 10 women have epidurals, compared to six out of 10 in the United States. The delivery rooms at Homerton Hospital in London are actually designed to avoid epidurals. They can have aquadurals.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The water may be all she needs.

COHEN: If Kate wanted a tub, William could be right there with her. There's also a birthing chair. If Kate wanted one of these contractions, she'd sit in front and William behind her.

(on camera): So, this is kind of instead of an epidural?


COHEN: Grabs on to this and feels better.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Also probably helps in pinching their husbands.

COHEN: One pain drug is quite common here. I'm here in the delivery room with April. She's about to have a baby. She's doing something that's almost unheard of in the United States. She's taking laughing gas, for pain.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It doesn't make you laugh, though, even though it's called laughing gas.

COHEN: Nothing's funny right now?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No. Nothing is funny.


COHEN: Now, here's another difference between giving birth in the United States and the United Kingdom. When I was in that hospital in London the post-partum room, the room after they give birth, there was at least 20 women all in one room. Very different from the United States.

But I imagine that Kate, she has her own room. She'll be recovering, I assume, alone with perhaps some champagne.

BOLDUAN: It will be a well deserved glass of champagne. That is for sure.

All right. Elizabeth, stick with us. We also want to bring in Victoria Arbiter to talk more about this aspect of it.

As Elizabeth kind of is laying out, there are differences between birth and labor, between the United States and the united kingdom. But there's also -- there's a lot of tradition, there has been, breaking of tradition, when it comes to royal births, where babies are born.

VICTORIA ARBITER, CNN ROYAL COMMENTATOR: Well, the queen is actually the only monarch to have the distinction of being born in a house with a number on the door. She was born at the home of her maternal grandparents. Of course, when she was born, she wasn't expected to be the queen. William, of course, was the first heir to be born in a hospital. There have subsequently been nine babies delivered at St. Mary's all within the royal family. We're following in a little bit of tradition here. I think it's nice for Kate to be able to be in a hospital and not worry about breaking protocols.

Of course, William and Kate are going to be keen to leave hospital as quickly as possible. Really just to get back to normal, to calm things down in the hospital, even though she's in a private room, it's very disruptive having the police and, of course, the media presence that's outside. There's a lot going on.

I think they'll retreat quickly home to Kensington Palace. Hoping everything goes smoothly today.

I think like Diana we can expect to see Kate leave the hospital tomorrow.

CUOMO: William and Harry were both born in the same place where the princess is now, right?

ARBITER: Yes, absolutely right.

CUOMO: We were talking about birth drugs. We have tons of detail that we can give you about this drug, which is great.


CUOMO: The culture of drugs in birthing in the U.K., partly from royal extraction, right? Queen Victoria, right?

ARBITER: Queen Victoria, I think it was on one of -- she had nine babies. It was towards the end of her babies that she actually had chloroform at Prince Albert's direction. He thought it would be a good idea. She said it was wonderful. It helped dramatically.

CUOMO: But it started a culture shift, right?

ARBITER: It really did. She sort of credited with starting that. She was the one that got married in white and introduced white wedding dresses. Queen Victoria is credited with a lot of our traditions and cultures today.

PEREIRA: So many influences, the royal family has, on the subjects there. Even we're hearing reports that people are waiting to name their babies that were just recently born because they want to see what this baby is named.

ARBITER: That's right. This is where William gets quite stubborn. It took him three weeks to announce the name of his dog. Because he knew that everybody would want to name their dog Lupo. I think he's going to struggle with this a little bit. We've seen the Kate effect with her fashion.

Now, it's going to be what stroller is she pushing? Does she use a baby Bjorn? What type of bottles is she using? Everything you can possibly imagine. Baby companies are chomping at the bit.


KATE: Yes, no kidding.

I want to talk about the Kate effect a little later. Let's bring Elizabeth back in for one more moment. Elizabeth, you went through kind of the motions of all the options that are over there. Is there any indication of what direction Kate will be going in terms of her labor?

COHEN: Right. There is one indication. She has obstetricians. She does not have midwives. Now, most women in the United Kingdom are delivered by a midwife. But she has an obstetrician.

Obstetricians I think are going to be less likely to use the tub, less likely to use that sort of birthing chair with the fabric that you grab. So, sort of less likely to use those things.

BOLDUAN: Whichever works, as long as baby's healthy. That's all that matters, right?

COHEN: Right, exactly.

CUOMO: I like the curtain. If we had had that I may still have full movement of my right arm. My wife almost tore it right off my body. I like that curtain. We should have that here.

PEREIRA: Not once. Not twice. Three times.

CUOMO: What I learned after that first time.

PEREIRA: Stand back.

CUOMO: Keep that safe distance.

All right. We'll be talking about the baby on baby watch all morning. A lot of other news developing. So, Michaela is going to give us that.

PEREIRA: There is certainly Chris, Kate, Victoria. Good morning to all of you at home.

Monsoon rains lead to dramatic flood rescues in and around Phoenix. At least nine people were rescued, some plucked by helicopters from their vehicles. Two men were trapped in a car, scrambled up a tree and were air-lifted out. Several other people were rescued from their homes surrounded by water. Sadly, there's still a slight chance, 20 percent chance of rain in the forecast for that area today.

Six Flags over Texas vowing to find out why a woman was thrown off the 14-story Texas giant roller coaster. We've also learned the German company that renovated that coaster in 2011 is also investigating the incident. No state or federal agencies are investigating Rosy Esparza's death. It was her first trip to Six Flags. A weekend of violence in Chicago. At least four people were killed in a series of shootings that left more than a dozen others wounded. Detectives are now searching for the suspect who shot a 6-year-old girl. Little Quianna Tompkins is in critical condition after being shot in the chest. She was with her family Friday night at a barbecue when those bullets started flying.

U.S. Navy considering salvaging four unarmed bombs dropped by U.S. fighter jets into Australia's Great Barrier Reef during a training exercise gone wrong. This happened last week during joint exercises with the Australian military. Two fighter jets each dropping a concrete filled practice bomb and an unarmed laser-guided explosive bomb. The ordinances reportedly pose a low risk to the protected marine zone.

And check out a new video that's going viral on YouTube. Bonnie Anniker (ph) did some tumbling for a dolphin at an aquarium and made herself a new fan. Apparently in the video the dolphin is heard responding to her antics. It sounds an awful lot like he's laughing. Get a bit of a show.

But apparently the girl belongs to some sort of performance or acrobatic or circus troupe. See him -- him or her -- the dolphin really enjoying the show.

BOLDUAN: The dolphins like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Normally people are looking at them.

He's very much enjoying it. I'll take a break. You perform for once.

Thanks so much, Michaela.

CUOMO: That's good. You perform for once.

All right. Thirty-eight minutes past the hour. We're going to take a break here on NEW DAY.

When we come back we'll take you to the scene of the shocking crime in a Cleveland suburb. A neighborhood where police found the bodies of three women wrapped in plastic garbage bags. Could there be more victims? They're on the hunt there in Cleveland. We'll take you to it.

And then this -- 1,700 people kick their way to a Guinness World Record. It's a must-see moment today. Stay with us.


CUOMO: Welcome back to NEW DAY, everybody. A series of gruesome discoveries outside Cleveland this weekend. The bodies of three women found wrapped in plastic. Police say a suspect is now in custody and is expected to be charged today.

CNN's Anna Coren is in Cleveland with the very latest. Good morning, Anna. ANNA COREN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hi, Chris. As you can imagine, the small community of East Cleveland is very much in shock following the gruesome discovery of those three bodies of young African-American women. Now, we don't know their identities. Police are not giving us those details at this stage. But I can confirm that one of the bodies was found in the basement of one of the abandoned homes behind me.

Now, this police search is going to continue today. They are using cadaver dogs. There is a genuine fear, Chris, that they could find more bodies.


COREN (voice-over): Police and cadaver dogs scour a chilling scene -- an area in East Cleveland, Ohio, where three bodies were found, all wrapped in layers of plastic and taped up. Neighbors are in disbelief.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It was very, very upsetting.

COREN: And now, mounting evidence that there could be more women, more bodies, more tragedy.

GARY NORTON, EAST CLEVELAND MAYOR: I hope and pray that we do not find more bodies. However, we are dealing with a sick individual, and we have reason to believe that there might be more victims.

COREN: Sean Childs (ph) knew the foul stench coming from the garage wasn't just a blocked up sewer.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I couldn't put up with the smell. I didn't know if I wanted to throw up, you know? But it was that bad. It was a smell that no one want to smell, something rotten like that.

COREN: Customers of his cable business had complained. And when he opened the door to search for a dead animal, there were indications of something far more sinister.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That was my fear, because the smell was that bad. And I know an animal don't last that long when it's rotten.

COREN: Police were called to the scene and made the grisly discovery. A young woman's body wrapped in plastic garbage bags. Another body was found in an open field. The third in a basement of a nearby abandoned building.

Police arrested 35-year-old Michael Madison, a registered sex offender and owner of the garage. The father of two is well known in the community.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's scary. It's heartbreaking. You know, to know someone that you think that's close to you or your friend could turn out to do something like this.

COREN: Madison told police he was inspired by serial killer Anthony Sowell who was convicted in 2011 of killing 11 women in Cleveland and is now on death row.

The case was known as the "house of horrors".


COREN: Certainly a heinous crime that has rocked this community. Chris, as I mentioned, you know, we don't know the identities of the victims at this stage. But, you know, there are missing women in this community, women who've gone missing in the last couple of weeks. Concerned residents, they raised this to our attention yesterday as we were standing outside the site where police were searching. And they are just now waiting to find out if their loved ones are among the dead. Chris and Kate.

CUOMO: That community has had a lot to deal with lately. Anna, thank you very much for the reporting.

Here about 45 minutes past the hour. We're going to take a break on NEW DAY. When we come back, several people rescued after heavy rains lead to dangerous flooding, and they're all caught on camera so we'll show them to you. The latest at the top of the hour.

PEREIRA: You might call it step dancing on steroids. The biggest river dance ever. It is our must-see moment. That's coming up next.

CUOMO: And of course, all eyes on London. Kate can't get enough of it this morning, Kate Bolduan, that is.

BOLDUAN: And Kate Middleton. She can get enough of it. She's done. The duchess is reportedly in labor. We're monitoring all the breaking news from across the pond.

CUOMO: With the river dancing music underneath.


PEREIRA: And welcome back to NEW DAY. This is the edition that you actually can dance along if you'd like. Can you do it, though, and break a world record while you're at it? These guys did in today's must-see moment all the way from Dublin, Ireland, where nearly 1,700 people high-stepped their way to a Guinness world record. You are looking at the world's longest river dance line, trampling the old record by over 1,000.

CUOMO: By my eye, there's 1, 693 people there.

PEREIRA: Thank you. The dance kicked off at the Samuel Beckett Bridge on Sunday. Gets a little loosey goosey toward the end of the line but everyone's still doing it.

BOLDUAN: Everyone's like, am I on the right foot or the left foot?

CUOMO: You've got to loosen the standard when you have 1,700 people.


PEREIRA: No, at the very end, I don't know if we show it but at the very end, yes, here we go. Guy with a horse head on. You know.

BOLDUAN: Why not?

PEREIRA: Why not?

CUOMO: Wait for it.

PEREIRA: There's two.

BOLDUAN: He definitely is not trained.


BOLDUAN: You know what he's doing? Prancersize.

CUOMO: Very nice.

BOLDUAN: All right, lots coming up including coming up next on NEW DAY, we're going to stay on top of breaking news this morning. The Duchess of Cambridge in labor right now. The poor thing, we're wishing you well, and the royal baby due any moment. We are live in London, folks.

CUOMO: Should be the best day of her life.

And then a day of fun at Six Flags over Texas turns tragic when a mother falls to her death while riding on a roller coaster. The new details we're learning this morning as well as the investigation into why at the top of the hour.


CUOMO: Phil Mickelson, the big lefty, came from behind to win his first British Open, carrying (ph) the final round. Played one of the best rounds of his life. Let's bring in Joe Carter. He's got more for us with the Bleacher Report this morning.

Hey Joe, how you doing? What a round he played, huh?

JOE CARTER, "BLEACHER REPORT: Absolutely. You watched the coverage yesterday, guys, and it was like all these other golfers, they were popping up. And then little by little Phil started chipping his way back in. He started the day yesterday five shots back. But when those other golfers, the Adam Scotts, the Tiger Woods, the Lee Westwoods started crumbling, Phil put his foot on the gas.

And you think just a few weeks ago he was gutted emotionally, beaten down after he finished again in second place at the U.S. Open. So to go from that moment to this moment yesterday was incredible. And to see him embrace his wife and his kids at the age of 43, finally getting that golf monkey off his back and winning the British Open for the first time ever. Incredible.

Now, the man with 14 major championships, well, remains stuck on number 14. Tiger Woods started yesterday's final round only two shots behind the leader. But whether they were short putts or they were long putts, he missed several and quickly fell out of contention. He finished tied for sixth yesterday which means he's now played in 17 majors without a win. The last major win, of course, came back in 2008 at the U.S. Open.

And finally, Yankee fans are going to have to wait a little bit longer for the 2013 big league debut of Alex Rodriguez. He was scheduled to rejoin his team tonight but he strained his quadricep muscle during the minor league game and now he's going to have to sit out at least seven to ten more games. Rodriguez turns 38 years old this week and he had just finished rehabbing from hip surgery. So instead of Texas, he heads back to Tampa, guys, where he's going to rest, relax, get healthy. Obviously he can watch for that baby to finally make its way to earth.

CUOMO: To earth.

BOLDUAN: I love to earth. It's an alien baby, is that what you're saying? I love that even Joe can make a turn to the royal baby. That was a very special edition of the Bleacher Report.

CUOMO: Thanks, Joe. Appreciate it. Very nice.

BOLDUAN: You hear the music. You know what it means. It's time for the Rock Block, a quick round up of the stories you'll be talking about today.

First up, Michaela?

PEREIRA: Let's take a look what's in the papers. From "The L.A. Times", the Pentagon spending big money housing top military brass. It'll cost more than $560,000 this year to rent and renovate a home in Miami for the head of U.S. Southern command.

On, a lawsuit against the tiny village of New Miami, Ohio, complains its six speed enforcement cameras violate residents' constitutional rights and should be shut down.

And from "The New York Times," the Charles W. Morgan believed to be the last surviving wooden whaling vessel back at sea. Thousands cheered the ship in Mystic, Connecticut, following a five-year $7 million restoration project.

Time now for your business news. Here's Christine Romans.

CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: And thank you. Wall Street having its best month since January. The markets are up nearly 19 percent, 19 percent this year. Last week's $20 billion poured into stock mutual funds, the biggest weekly inflow since 2008.

One stock to watch today, Netflix. It's the best performing stock in the S&P 500 this year. It is the second most expensive, and the company behind the Emmy-nominated "House of Cards" releases its earnings this afternoon.

It's a season of expensive movie flops. So why not combine Batman and Superman into one blockbuster? This logo was unveiled at the Comic- Con convention. Warner Brothers and D.C. Comics are units of CNN's parent.

Now let's get to Indra Petersons for the weather.

INDRA PETERSONS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: Oh yes, it looks like we're seeing relief from the heat from the east to the west. Monsoonal thunderstorms still in the forecast today but sometimes it means too much rain. We're looking at the threat of flash flooding.

But it is good news anywhere from the Ohio Valley stretching, yes, all the way to the northeast where finally thunderstorms in the forecast mean the most important thing of all, temperatures going down. It was a tough week out there. But today we're finally looking at normal temperatures from pretty much anywhere from the Midwest straight to the northeast and just the way we like it.

BOLDUAN: We'll take normal. Means it's warm in the summer but not like it was last week. All right, Indra, we'll talk to you in a bit. Thank you.

You know, it is just about the top of the hour, which means it's time for the top news.