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A Royal Celebration; What Will His Name Be?; LaGuardia Has Reopened, Delays Remain; Boston Bombing Suspect Photos

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CUOMO: All right. They're calling this baby chopper. That's what Kate Bolduan tells us. We're looking down at the changing of the guard. Big deal in London.

Welcome back to NEW DAY, everybody, here in New York. I'm Chris Cuomo. There's my girl, Kate, over there in front of Buckingham Palace looking right at home.

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: Thank you. We're all starting to give everyone a little inkling to the conversations we get to have. You're supposed to call me royal. I'm just kidding.

Obviously, I'm Kate Bolduan. You're looking at live aerials of Buckingham Palace where a changing of the guard is happening and they're playing doing a very special changing of the guard today, playing a special tune in honor of the newest royal. And clearly, celebrations have taken over this city since yesterday.

Everyone is excited about the royal newborn and we're hoping to hopefully catch a glimpse of his cute little face today possibly, possibly. We'll be watching for it, Chris.

CUOMO: All right, Kate.

Back here, we're following some other big stories, including a disciplinary hearing for the Massachusetts police sergeant who released photos of the Boston bombing suspect before his arrest without permission. The question there will be: is his job in danger?

But, Kate, back to you first.

BOLDUAN: Thank you.

But, first, the new prince is here and the British are celebrating the arrival with all the pomp and pageantry that you would expect that no other country can do. Military gun salutes to the new third in line to the British throne are planned for today, 9:00 East Coast time. We'll be waiting for that.

And we're also hoping to get our first look at the new baby when hopefully Kate and William will be leaving the hospital for the first time. That will be a very poignant moment that could be the very same exit that you saw his mother and his father do some 30 years ago.

But, first, to talk about all of this, CNN's Erin McLaughlin is joining me here at Buckingham Palace. A long night for you and a long night for a lot of people celebrating.

ERIN MCLAUGHLIN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It was, Kate. As can you see, thousands of people here for the changing of the guard, special edition. They'll be playing "Congratulations," as well as the royal salute. Last night, Buckingham Palace was the place to be. There was singing, there was dancing, and there was a toast to the future king.


CROWD: Hip, hip! Hooray! Hip, hip! Hooray!

MCLAUGHLIN (voice-over): Hip, hip, hooray for the future king of England. The crowd of well-wishers celebrated outside the gates of Buckingham Palace, welcoming Will and Kate's new son. Next, cameras at the ready to see a piece of history.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I remember seeing Charles and Diana getting married as a teen-ager. And now, to see her son have a baby, it's magical.

MCLAUGHLIN: And people seem equally pleased that the baby is a boy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Girls are too much drama. Boys are great.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm really happy it's a boy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I can tell. We love boys.

MCLAUGHLIN: All part of an impromptu birthday party outside the palace.

And they're popping champagne at the old booth pub in Bucklebury, the village where Kate's parents live.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Kate and William, great, fabulous news. Everyone here is so happy, in Bucklebury and (INAUDIBLE). And good luck to you and have fun.

MCLAUGHLIN: London's landmarks glowing blue, paying tribute to the little prince.

This as the great guessing game over the baby's name intensifies.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Now, we're speculating boy's name, say, maybe a James, or an Alfred.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Because a of Harry, we could have a Henry.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What about like Ethan? Like something completely different.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There's not going to be an Ethan. It's going to be a royal traditionalist name.

MCLAUGHLIN: And night fell, full moon look over the city, celebrating the birth of a brand new baby boy.


MCLAUGHLIN: And, Kate, the party continues as you know here in London. Lots to look forward to. There's the photo-op and the great baby name debate. Will it be George, will it be James? People have really strong opinions on this. We'll have to wait.

BOLDUAN: On the short time that I've been on the ground here, that's been the big topic of conversation. The names, how many names will this poor boy have and how long will it take him to memorize them? Well, that is a whole another story.

All right. Erin, we'll talk to you in a bit. Thank you so much. Get some rest. It was a big, fun night.

Let's talk more about this name and all things royal right now with CNN's royal commentator, Victoria Arbiter, from New York.

Hello, Victoria. I'm sorry I'm here and you're not able to join me.


BOLDUAN: You're there, that's where you always are. So, let's talk about this name. Big debate over what his name should be, the significance of the name, whatever they pick. What is your guess? What do you think they are considering when they're choosing this name?

ARBITER: Well, I definitely think they're going to stay doing what royals do, which is choosing a dynastic name, one with a sense of history and continuity. All the titled current members of the royal family that were born into the royal family have such a name, Ann, Edward, Andrew, Margaret, who is the queen sister. You really see the traditional names come to the forefront.

But there are a lot of kings and princes. There are a plethora of names they could choose. So, of course, George is the favorite. George pays tribute to the queen's father and her beloved grandfather. Phillip is a firm favorite, especially since we don't have a girl to honor Elizabeth. I think we'll definitely get them in mention of Phillip.

What's going to be interesting to see is Frances, spelled E-S at the end, was Diana's middle name. Francis spelled I-S at the end is Michael Middleton's middle name. So, it will be interesting to see if they throw Frances which will honor both families.

My guess is the long shot would be Arthur. It's kind of trendy and cool again, but it is still very royal.

BOLDUAN: What do you think about the possibility of Spencer, Diana's maiden name? I've heard some talk of that. ARBITER: Yes, I think it's unlikely. No offense to Diana's family, but we're talking about Windsors here and they tend to honor the royals first, especially when naming an heir. Spencer may crop up on a second or third child but I think at the moment, we're really going to look at Windsor names.

PEREIRA: You know, back here in the studio with Victoria, we were talking about the fact that there a lot of ex-Patriots from Britain here stateside, and the excitement building. And I was curious, a lot of the people there at Buckingham Palace where Kate is and St. Mary's, there seem to be a lot of tourists from the commonwealth.

The regular Britain, how excited are they about the birth of this royal?

ARBITER: I think the regular Briton is very happy. It's an excuse to excuse to pop to the pub and toss this new heir that we have. But I think really, what's interesting is seeing the global interesting and the global excitement.

As you mentioned, the commonwealth rounds, they are the people sort of jumping on board. Of course, it's a lovely time to be in England, it's high (INAUDIBLE) season, the weather is wonderful. And so, this baby is really the button on what has been an amazing couple of years from the wedding, Olympics, diamond jubilee, coronation festival and now, we have a new baby.

I think people are sort of celebrating the whole thing.

PEREIRA: The new birth, everybody gets excited a new baby.

CUOMO: I like it. Although I must say, online, I keep saying that online Jeremiah and Dino are outside names.

BOLDUAN: You're never going to get Jeremiah.

CUOMO: Social media is never wrong, KB. They are never wrong.

All right. Victoria --

BOLDUAN: No, never.

CUOMO: We're going to come back to this in a little bit, but we want to get to some of the other news going on today.

Michaela, what do you have?

PEREIRA: Let's take a look at the headlines right now.

The scary landing of Southwest Flight 345 caught on camera. It's a grainy footage showing the plane's nose gear collapse, making the bellies sparked as the plane landed at New York's LaGuardia Airport. At least 10 people suffered minor injuries.

The airport has reopened but arriving flights will experience two-hour delays. Be sure to call if you're heading in or out of there. There may be more victims. Cleveland's police chief talking about a potential serial killer, saying he spoke to women who say they had been to Michael Madison's house and managed to get away. Madison is suspected of killing three women whose bodies were found in plastic bags. He was formally charged Monday with three counts of aggravated murder and three counts of kidnapping. The medical examiner is asking for the public's help now to identify those victims.

A popular character actor Dennis Farina is being mourned this morning.


DENNIS FARINA, ACTOR: Hey, don't be a smart guy. You know how easy it is to get violated and sent back to the nearby hotel, do you?


PEREIRA: Farina actually started out as a Chicago police officer before changing careers, playing both cops and criminals on camera. He joined the cast of "Law & Order" as detective Joe Fontana in 2004. He had many roles in many, many hit movies, including "Saving Private Ryan," "Thief", "Midnight Run" and "Get Shorty." He died Monday at a hospital in Scottsdale, Arizona, suffering from a blood clot in his lung.

San Diego's embattled mayor is vowing to fight a sexual harassment lawsuits filed by his former communications director. Irene McCormack Jackson claims Mayor Bob Filner's sexual advances made her feel ashamed, frightened and violated. She's demanding he resigns. Six of San Diego's nine city council members have called on Mayor Filner to step down.

All right. Here is a story of man's best friend living up to that title. Hi there, fella, that's Spud. He used his dog to propose to his girl friend, tying a box with the ring to the dog's collar, told his girlfriend to call the police. He did give Spud a little warning before sending him on his way, don't eat the box, please.

The video has gotten viral, and, of course, the best part is, of course, she said yes. How do you turn down a wet-nosed puppy saying, will you marry us?

CUOMO: That is quality marital shock right there going on.

PEREIRA: It's fantastic. Get the dog involved, you know?

CUOMO: That was very good. Put a lot of pressure on poor Spud.

PEREIRA: He could have run outside or decided to have a nap.

CUOMO: No, good luck to them. That's great. Great use of the dog. We like it.

Let's take a little break here on NEW DAY. When we come back, we're following the story of the Massachusetts cop who released photos of a bloody Boston marathon terror suspect. Here's why -- he's facing a hearing that will go to his feat during the pendency of this investigation. Does he keep working or something less? We're going to tell you about it.

PEREIRA: Lots of celebrations going around the world about our new prince, the new prince in Britain. But look at this, Niagara Falls, as you've likely not seen it before, in Canada, they're celebrating by lighting it up in royal blue to welcome the new prince.

CUOMO: Why blue?

PEREIRA: Because it's a boy.

CUOMO: Oh, right.


CUOMO: Welcome back to NEW DAY, everybody. Take a look at these gritty images of surviving Boston bombing suspect. You remember this? It could cost a Massachusetts police officer his job. Sergeant Sean Murphy released the photos without permission in response to that controversial "Rolling Stone" cover. You remember, this was started all this. Well, today, a hearing could decide his status as an officer.

Pamela Brown is here trying to figure out what will happen with today's hearing. What is this about? This is a status hearing, right, pending the investigation?

PAMELA BROWN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: That's right, Chris, as the status hearing. Sergeant Sean Murphy will be facing three commissioned officers in today's hearing, and there are several possible outcomes, so here they are. He could remain on full duty, he could be put on restricted duty, could be suspended with pay or suspended without pay pending the investigation.

So, again, depending on what outcome these officers choose today, this will be his status through the course of the investigation. Of course, that could change depending on what they find.

CUOMO: Now, we understand that he did this without permission, especially in the police force, that's a big deal, but it also seems like many people feel he did the right thing and he seems to be getting a lot of support. What's the status on pushback?

BROWN: You know, the story has really struck a core with a lot of people, Chris. There's been an outpouring of positive support for Sergeant Murphy. In fact, I just looked at his Facebook page, "Save Sergeant Murphy" Facebook page. I should mention this was created by someone else and then already has more than 56,000 likes on that page.

And there have been so many comments. One of the comments from Richard C. Martin says "If the powers at be do the right thing, they'll give Sergeant Murphy, a medal, a long weekend off with pay, a new camera and an apology." That garnered 355 likes.

Also the family of Sean Collier, of course, the MIT police officer, who was allegedly killed by Tsarnaev and his brother released a statement in support of Sgt. Murphy saying "We believe that Sergeant Murphy's motives were selfless when he released the photos taken the night after our son and brother was murdered and the terrorist was apprehended. In our opinion, he has been sufficiently punished.

CUOMO: He released them, he didn't sell them.

BROWN: That's right. He released them to "Boston" magazine, but you know --

CUOMO: But it was wrong. It was supposed to --


BROWN: -- as you said. And so, that could ultimately depend his fate, but you know, influence this outcome today in the hearing.

CUOMO: We'll see what happens. This is about what they decide is the right thing. Pamela Brown, thank you very much for breaking it down for us. Appreciate it.

Take a break here on NEW DAY. When we come back, the frightening moments for passengers on board a Southwest Airline's flight. It lost its landing gear when it touched down. We're going to be live at the airport.

Kate is over in London. What do you have for us, my friend?

BOLDUAN: Thank, Chris. We're going to be comparing Catherine to Diana. We're going to take look at these two royal mothers and why both are so loved the world over. We'll be right back.


BOLDUAN: Welcome back to NEW DAY, everyone.

You're taking a look live at the changing of the guard outside Buckingham Palace. Special music is being played to honor the arrival of the future king of England. You also might notice that the heaven's opened up just moments ago, but not stopping anybody. Everyone very prepared for London weather. Popped-out their umbrellas and they're still here to celebrate the arrival of the new future king of England.

I did want to share with you, guys, some special fun. On these special days, it's always to look at some of the headlines and we pulled out some of the good ones that were some of our favorites. From "The Daily Mail," "oh, boy, one, Charles, once a grandpa." I thought that one was cute. It even gets better. "The Daily Telegraph," "It's a boy!" Isn't that cute? Simple and sweet. I like that one as well.

PEREIRA: Nice --

BOLDUAN: Then, "The Times," this is even cuter. It says, "Welcome to the world." And our personal favorite, last but not least "The Son." Get it? The son.

CUOMO: That's my favorite.

PEREIRA: They changed themselves for the baby.

BOLDUAN: They changed themselves for the baby, and we must talk about the special coin. Simon, could you zoom in, please. This is a special coin that they minted, 2,013 of this because it's estimated about 2,000 babies are born every day here in the U.K. And if you are born on the same day as the prince, you can apply on Facebook to get one of these special coins.

It's about one penny but I can promise you, its value much, much more, especially as they get their hands on this and they try to sell them on eBay which we would not promote. But, another little special bit of history --


CUOMO: Pence over there. Whose head is on the coin? Do you know?

BOLDUAN: What did you say?

CUOMO: Whose head is on the coin?

PEREIRA: Amateur.

BOLDUAN: Let me look. It's the queen, silly.

CUOMO: I couldn't tell.

BOLDUAN: What do you expect? It's always the queen.

PEREIRA: All right.

CUOMO: Anyway --

PEREIRA: It's always the queen.

BOLDUAN: We'll talk more about this in the break. We'll talk more about this on the break.

Coming up next on NEW DAY, we will have much more here from London. We could be getting our very first look at the newborn prince at any moment. We're watching it, watching it, watching it.

And, passengers on board a Southwest Airline flight talking about those terrifying moments skidding nose first on the runway at New York's LaGuardia Airport. A live report on that just ahead.