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Huma Abedin: Standing by Her Man; Royal Baby on the Move; Snowden Can Leave Moscow Airport; Pope Francis In Brazil

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HUMA ABEDIN, ANTHONY WEINER'S WIFE: I love him. I have forgiven him. I believe in him. We are moving forward.


CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: What a political moment, Anthony Weiner's wife, Huma, coming to his defense after he admits sexting another woman. Questions, why did she do it? Will her forgiveness be enough for the voters? We get into the debate.

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: The royal baby. We're live in London with new details on the young prince's first day home. Why no name yet? And when will Harry and Pippa meet their nephew?

MICHAELA PEREIRA, CNN ANCHOR: What went wrong? Dramatic new video from inside the cabin as a Southwest jet made a hard landing. Details on the landing gear that collapsed.

CUOMO: Your NEW DAY continues, right now.


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This is NEW DAY with Chris Cuomo, Kate Bolduan and Michaela Pereira.


CUOMO: All right. You see that football catch? All CGI, it never happened.

Good morning and welcome back to NEW DAY. It is Wednesday, July 24th, 8:00 in the East. I'm Chris Cuomo.

BOLDUAN: Good morning, everyone. Live from London for you in front of Buckingham palace where the queen has return, it appears, after visiting her great grandson for the first time. We now know that Prince Harry has also seen the royal baby. We learned that Kate and William have left Kensington Palace this morning. We're not sure where the prince is with them and where they're headed.

We'll be checking in with all of our correspondents about this, Chris.

CUOMO: Good stuff, good stuff.

Back here, news anchor Michaela Pereira and I are following other big stories -- including breaking news out of Moscow. Have they given NSA's leaker Edward Snowden permission to leave the airport? He's been there for weeks. Does this mean they're going to give him asylum? We're going to try and get to Russia and get some answers.

PEREIRA: And where does he go from here?

CUOMO: That's right.

PEREIRA: Also, the pope visiting a sacred shrine in Brazil this morning. But after Monday's chaos around his car and police finding that pipe bomb at the shrine earlier this week, here are questions about what is being done to keep him safe. We'll be live in Rio.

All right. Now, we do have this big political story that's bubbling up here, specifically in New York City, remarkable political development: Anthony Weiner and his new sexting scandal. Weiner is rejecting calls to drop out of the New York City mayoral race. But that's not what is really remarkable to this story -- at least not to me -- it is the show of support from his wife, Huma Abedin, that has really turned so many and stunned them.

Pamela Brown is following the developments for us this morning -- Pamela.

PAMELA BROWN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, is seen as one of his biggest assets. And in an unprecedented move, the longtime Hillary Clinton aide walked up to the podium at yesterday's press conference and said she forgives her husband.

That's a powerful assist but is it enough to save his campaign?


ABEDIN: Anthony's made some horrible mistakes both before he resigned from Congress and after, but I do very strongly believe that that is between us and our marriage.

BROWN (voice-over): Anthony Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, asked New Yorkers to forgive her husband like she has in a dramatic news conference Tuesday.

ABEDIN: It took a lot of work and a whole lot of therapy.

BROWN: The disgraced congressman once again guilty of the same behavior that publicly humiliated his wife in 2011 while she was pregnant. Huma Abedin addressed the newly surfaced allegations this time in a very public way.

ABEDIN: I love him. I have forgiven him. I believe in him and as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward.

BROWN: Weiner admitting to online sex chats with women after resigning from Congress and undergoing therapy.

ANTHONY WEINER (D), NEW YORK MAYORAL CANDIDATE: I have said that other texts and photos were likely come out and today they have. While some of the things that have been posted today are true and some are not, there is no question that what I did was wrong.

BROWN: Weiner's latest apology came after new pictures and text messages with a 22-year-old woman surfaced on the gossip web site, Weiner reportedly used a screen name Carlos Danger to carry on his sexually tinged relationship last summer.

WEINER: While some of the things that have been posted today are true and some are not, there is no question that what I did was wrong.

BROWN: Back in April, when Weiner announced candidacy for New York mayor he said more allegations could emerge.

WEINER: If reporters want to try to find more, I can't say that they're not going to be able to find another picture.

BROWN: With the continued possibility of more texts, there's no telling if Abedin's defense of her husband will help resurrect his political career.


BROWN: And under mounting pressure to withdraw from his opponents and "The New York Times" as well as the "New York Daily News", Anthony Weiner is making it clear he plans on staying in the race. Based on the polls he's a top contender in the New York mayoral race, but it's unclear how these latest developments will impact voters -- Chris.

CUOMO: All right. Pamela, thank you very much.

Let's figure it all out. Joining me now is Republican consultant Margaret Hoover, and senior political columnist for "The Daily Beast", John Avlon. Both are CNN contributors, we're proud to say.

It's great to have you. It's very nice to have you here.

So, let's deal with the essential question.

Do you believe, Ms. Hoover, that Anthony Weiner stays in the race?

MARGARET HOOVER, REPUBLICAN CONSULTANT: I believe he stays in the race and I believe, to quote a joke somebody said to me last night, Huma-nizes him. His wife has Huma-nized him.

CUOMO: You think that was enough?

HOOVER: Look, really, actually, I think she saved his campaign.

And remember, in this race, all he needs to do is be in the top two of the Democratic primary to make the runoff and then he could still be mayor. This may still blow over. And to the extent it does, it is because of his wife who saved his campaign.

CUOMO: Now, are you saying that because you want him to win the ticket because it's going to make it easier for another party?

HOOVER: It actually may make it easier for one of the Republican candidates frankly to run against Anthony Weiner, although there are vulnerable Democrats that are also in the top two. So, I'm not just saying it because I hope the most vulnerable Democrat wins, because I do think there are a couple of Republicans that would make great mayors.

I actually think that these -- New Yorkers are tough people. You forgive people and you kind of let things sweep under the carpet. This may have --

CUOMO: They're low expectations for politicians.

Now, Mr. Avlon, I understand, Avlon, that you benefit from a loving and generous wife in your own life. But you do not believe Huma was enough.

JOHN AVLON, CNN POLITICAL ANALYST: No. No, I don't. I mean, look, this really cuts to the core of the argument he's been making about his candidacy, give me a second chance. Now he's saying I want a third chance, maybe a fourth, fifth, sixth chance. This is pathological behavior. He lied to his wife, after all that public contrition.

She may stand by him today but at the same point, she's got to be thinking, what's next? What are the other shoes to drop? At the end of the day, the only person who can take him out this race are the New York City Democratic primary voters. He is such a narcissist if he's going to stay in.

CUOMO: OK. So, on that point, why isn't this a situation where it's all about us, all about the media and the blood lost and this being easier to cover than the actual issues in the campaign?


CUOMO: We know he had a high negative already, about 37 percent in the last poll. So, people were unfavorable but had allowed him in the race and his numbers were moving.

Huma said the magic words, I love, I forgive, I believe.

Could this just be important to us because it's easy to cover but the voters say, let's get on with it, what about me?

AVLON: Look, I think you raise a great point about media always focusing on sex. It's easier to cover a sex scandal than a financial scandal, for example. The fact that Anthony Weiner is surrounded by press wherever he goes, when other mayoral candidates have been diligently doing their homework can't get arrested, so to speak, is a real issue.

But I think this could be a bridge too far even for the most cynical street wise New York voter.

HOOVER: I mean, it's so clear how much he loves the media attention. Yesterday, he had so many opportunities to say but this shouldn't be about me, this is about the mother in Queens, the family in the Bronx. He could have pivoted, used the spotlight to make it more about New Yorkers and the better New York he wants to lead -- and he didn't.

AVLON: And just to point --

CUOMO: Please?

AVLON: Think about the name he chose, Carlos Danger. It's hilarious. It's also a serious tell.

CUOMO: You cannot --

AVLON: Because it's actually a serious psychological tell. He knows -- it's an indecorous impulse. He knows he's flirting with disaster. He's also so self-aggrandizing and he's mocking the contrition he gave the public and his wife with that choice -- the choice of the name and the choice of action.

CUOMO: I'm looking in your little CV here, I don't see psychologist.

HOOVER: I'm happy that my husband is not jumping on defending --

CUOMO: He's your husband, what? That's not fair.

HOOVER: As a columnist, we all get to be pop psychologists.

CUOMO: Listen, we're going to wrap up this segment now, get out to Kate in London. But I want to say we're talking about the royal baby. First, I want to talk about your baby.

HOOVER: Here we go.

CUOMO: God bless going forward. Great to have you both on the show. Hope this didn't stress you out too much.

HOOVER: No, no, no. The baby loves it.

CUOMO: All right. We're going to get over in London there.

Kate, you got baby over there. We've got baby coming over here. We're babefied. It's a word. Look it up.

BOLDUAN: The word of the day, we are absolutely baby crazy. That's for sure. Thanks so much, Chris.

It's been a busy first day home for the new prince. We've just learned that Baby Cambridge is on the move this morning. The new royal has left Kensington Palace with his parent, Duchess Catherine and Prince William.

Let's get more from our royal correspondent Max Foster who is outside Kensington Palace for us today.

Hi, Max. What's the latest?

MAX FOSTER, CNN ROYAL CORRESPONDENT: Babefied. Totally babefied. I love that.

The latest is that Prince Harry who obviously lives in Kensington Palace as well has met the baby. And the duke and duchess have just left Kensington Palace with the baby. William wasn't driving this time, Kate. He was in the front seat. Mother and baby were in the back seat.

We're assuming that they're going back to Bucklebury. We're not getting any guide what's on there. They're going to go out and relax I'm sure in the countryside somewhere, away from London, away from this hubbub.

A bit frustrating, though, Kate, we didn't get the name -- no guidance on names. We were hoping we'd get that after the queen visited earlier.

BOLDUAN: And also, remind viewers who are up on all the locations that we've been talking about so much surrounding the royal baby. Bucklebury is where Kate grew up, where Kate's parents live and it's very important place for both she and William.

FOSTER: Yes, exactly. So the Middletons live in Bucklebury. It's been an hour and a half from London. It's a very secluded home in the countryside, absolutely private. The paparazzi can't get anywhere near it. And they did spend a lot of time there during the pregnancy.

It was a way of getting away from everyone. It was important that Kate could relax and do that there. She's very close to her mom. We saw her mom arriving yesterday at the hospital as well with a big beaming smile on the way out. So, I think they're going to go back there and spend some time getting to know the baby a bit more.

Then in about a week and a half, William has to go back to work. So, will they go back to Anglesey as a family, in West Wales, a long way away from Carol, a long way away from William's family? We'll have to see.

They certainly want to stay together I think. So, we'll see. Maybe Carol will go to Anglesey with them.

BOLDUAN: Anglesey is a beautiful that you can be sure. It is different. It is far away from their families, in a different pace of life than what they have to get used to living in London.

Now, we have to, of course, talk about the big visit that the royal baby had this morning, his great grandmother. FOSTER: Absolutely. It's very symbolic visit. It was interesting. We weren't told officially about it, but we sort of learned that it was going to happen.

The queen is head of state in this country and this little baby will one day follow in his footsteps to be head of state, too. William and the queen, very close indeed. So, I think that would have been a remarkable meeting to have seen. The queen meeting a future king for the first time. Also seeing her beloved grandson as a parent for the first time. She's a great grandparent already but this would have been special for her as well.

So it would have been lovely to be a fly on the wall in there. But it really cleared the way for William and Kate to leave London, now that the queen and Harry in particular, because they're so close, have met the baby.

BOLDUAN: I think that's an excellent point, a special moment for all of them. There's a lot going on in this first full day for this cute little baby.

All right. Max, we'll be back with you. We're going to have much more on the royal baby at the bottom of the hour, including a look at his very famous aunt and uncle and the role they'll play in his life.

But, first, let's get back to Chris in New York.

CUOMO: All right. Thanks, Kate.

We do have some breaking news about the NSA leaker, Edward Snowden, given documents that will allow him to leave the airport in Russia. He's been holed up there you'll remember for close to a month.

Phil Black is on the phone from Moscow, tracking these new developments for us.

Phil, can you hear me?

PHIL BLACK, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT (via telephone): Yes, Chris, I've got you. It looks very much like Edward Snowden, the NSA leaker, is going to be walking or leaving Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport today. You may remember, one week ago, he officially applied for temporary asylum in Russia.

As part of that process we have expected for some weeks now, he would at some point receive paperwork that would allow him to leave the airport while that official application for asylum is processed. While the application for asylum could take some months, it was always expected that he would receive a document that would officially allow him to enter the country and wait somewhere in Russia while the application is being considered.

We've now been told that he's received those documents, that paperwork that will finally allow him, after more than a month, to leave the transit area here at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport and into Russia. It's expected that will happen sometime today. We do not know how, we do not know if we will get to see him. But he has received the paperwork, he will finally be able to leave this airport.

Back to you, Chris.

CUOMO: All right. Phil, let me ask you a follow-up on this. Just to be clear, documents to leave the airport. Does that mean the same thing as temporary asylum in Moscow? Could it mean something else? That he's headed somewhere else?

BLACK: No, this is an interim measure. This is some short-term official status that will allow him to enter the country officially because he doesn't have a passport, he doesn't have any travel documents. He's effectively stateless at the moment.

But these documents that he received today will allow him to enter Russia for the duration it takes to properly assess his formal asylum application. That could take up to three months. This is the documentation that will allow him to enter the country while that formal application for temporary asylum in this country is officially considered.

CUOMO: OK. Phil Black, thank you very much. This is still a step you have to look at as the Russians doing something that's not necessarily in U.S. interest in terms of what they want. I appreciate the reporting. Get back to us if you hear anymore. That's it for now on that story.

We also want to take you to another part of the world, to Brazil, Pope Francis heading to one of Brazil's most revered shrines amid increased security concerns. The shrine is the same place where they found the bomb Sunday. That's why there's a concern.

It follows this chaotic drive to Rio streets with the pope in that little hatchback and people swarming him.

CNN's Miguel Marquez is live in Rio de Janeiro with that. Good morning, Miguel.


I can tell you that little drive happened again today in that same little hatchback, and it went flawlessly from the residence where the pope is staying to the airport here. But we also know that federal authorities here in Brazil are stepping up and taking a bigger hand in his security.


MARQUEZ (voice-over): This morning, Pope Francis on the move. He's a man taking little down time, even on what was supposed to be his day off.


MARQUEZ: A special moment at the residence where he's staying in Rio where a private mass given by the pontiff, himself. This, as questions, about how the pope's car ended up in the wrong lane, exposing him to hundreds of adoring followers but also possible harm. The pope, himself, calm throughout the incident at one point, even kissing a baby.

Here at Rio's operation center, officials say there are typically three routes for getting the point from point "A" to "B," but that can be changed in an instant. Some officials have blamed miscommunication between federal and local officials. Others have suggested a lone public servant failed to properly direct the pope's motorcade. Officially, no answers for now.

CARLOS OSORIO, TRANSPORT SECRETARY, RIO DE JANEIRO (through translator): We will not talk about the past, he says, we will only talk about the days ahead.

MARQUEZ: This, as World Youth Day finally gets started. Also security concern, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims.

(on-camera) This is the opening ceremony and the opening mass of World Youth Day. And despite a miserable evening here in Rio, tens of thousands have showed up at the main stage. It's about a half mile from where I'm standing.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Emotional. I want to cry.

MARQUEZ (voice-over): The crowds will only grow by week's end. Millions of pilgrims looking to Pope Francis for leadership.


MARQUEZ (on-camera): And now, things are building. The pope is expected to land there shortly. I saw pictures a short time ago of the pope mobile being prepared there to get him from the landing place where he's coming into there, to the church, the basilica where he will be at this mass today. Tens of thousands of people out there. We will watch security there and see how it goes, but things really starting to kick up here in Rio. Back to you -- Chris, Michaela.

CUOMO: All right. Miguel, we look forward to the next part of the trip. Thanks for the reporting, my friend.

Lot of other news as well. What do you have for us, Michaela?

PEREIRA: Well, we've got some dramatic new video, Chris, inside the cabin of that Southwest Jet, coming in for that hard landing Monday at New York's LaGuardia Airport. Passenger, Brian Foster, had his camera out when the nose gear failed on that Boeing 737.

NTSB now investigating trying to figure out what caused that front landing gear to collapse on impact, sending the jet skidding across the runway.

U.S. coast guard confirming that an explosion late last night at a natural gas platform in the Gulf of Mexico. The platform is burning about 60 miles southwest of Grand Isle, Louisiana. Federal officials say natural gas is leaking. No oil, though, is being spilled into the gulf. No one was aboard the rig at the time of the explosion. Forty- four workers have been evacuated from the platform earlier in the day.

Republican congressman, Steve King of Iowa, defending his comments surrounding illegal immigration and the Dream Act. A video surfaced Tuesday in which he said many young illegal immigrants are drug mules. His comments caused a major backlash during a House immigration hearing.

But in response, King said, quote, "I have a few critics out there, but those who have been advocating for the Dream Act have been trying to make it about valedictorians. I don't disagree that there are dreamers that are valedictorians, but it also would legalize those that are smuggling drugs in the United States."

Actress, Amanda Bynes, being detained in Los Angeles this morning. The troubled star placed on a 72 psychiatric hold for mental evaluation after allegedly starting a fire in the driveway of a home in Thousand Oaks, California. Police say she also set fire to her pants in the process. A witness called 911 after spotting Bynes with a gas can. The actress could be detained for another two weeks if she's judged to be a danger to herself or others.

President in a slightly different way, former President Bill Clinton seeing one of the big songs of the summer, he gets the lip dub treatment in this viral version of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines." Are you ready, Christopher?

CUOMO: I am.


(SINGING) If you can't hear what I'm trying to say if you can't read from the same page, baby I'm going deaf. Maybe I'm going blind. Maybe I'm out of my mind.


PEREIRA: With a little Obama thrown in there or president providing the, you know, undertone. Those are funny to me. I find them a little entertaining.

CUOMO: Of course, you do. They're hilarious.

PEREIRA: They are. OK. Good. I thought you were going to --

CUOMO: Time well spent. A lot of time, I would imagine.

PEREIRA: I would imagine it takes a great deal of time.

CUOMO: It is. I'm doing the Kate Bolduan paper --


CUOMO: It's time to move on, so we'll go to Indra Petersons in the weather center.

PEREIRA: For the weather. INDRA PETERSONS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: We're going to show you outside again what it looked like over Hutchison, Kansas yesterday. If you were out there, this is what you saw yesterday evening, a huge wall cloud pushing the area in a large super cell (ph), and what that wall cloud is, that's the kind of the updraft area of the cloud.

What came out of that, huge hail. We are talking about baseball-sized hail, unbelievable. Now, we're still watching again today where that cold front kicking a little bit farther south. This is actually what it looked like on the radar and as that super cell moves through, you can actually see the reports of hail as it kicked through. So, definitely severe day for them.

Otherwise today, we still have the cold front not looking for severe risk out of this, but either way, rain still in the forecast for yet again the southeast. One to two inches of rain still out in the forecast for them. Otherwise, we're going to be talking about as you go to the northeast is a lovely temperature change.

Remember how hot it was last week? Kind of hard to forget. We were talking about 105-degree heat index out there, and today, it feels so much better. In fact, we're looking at temperatures going down to the 70s and 80s. Loving that. The one thing that is making headlines today, though, is tropical depression four, could be Dorian and expected to develop, but keep in mind, even if it does develop, a lot of dry air ahead of that. And that's good news.

Of course, that means we're not expecting that really to be anything big as it continues to push farther west. But I keep mentioning, I mean, this is very early for us. It seems kind of calm.

PEREIRA: Remember the August, right?

PETERSONS: Yes. Late august. Yes.

CUOMO: That huge hail or crystal ball, I see you and me at some hurricane zone in the not too distant future.


PETERSONS: Get your gear ready.


CUOMO: How fast is the wind now? You with one of those things.



PETERSONS: It's coming.

CUOMO: Yes. I can't wait for that.

All right. Coming up here on NEW DAY, new allegations against the mayor of San Diego, a second woman coming forward to accuse him of sexual harassment. We're going to have a live report from San Diego, just ahead. Kate, over to you.

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: We'll also have much more from London, the little guy doesn't even know it yet, but the prince has some pretty cool royal relatives and Pippa, Uncle Harry, how much fun will they be? We'll have more on those two and their new nephew, coming up.


CUOMO: OK, everybody. First, it was his community director, now, another former employee is accusing San Diego mayor, Bob Filner, of sexual harassment. This latest accusation comes as calls for Filner to step down real louder. Tory Dunnan is live in our Los Angeles bureau with the details. Good morning, Tory.

TORY DUNNAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Good morning, Chris. One of the biggest complaints from some city council members is that this scandal is making it nearly impossible to get anything done. So, today, calls for the mayor to resign seem to be growing stronger, but it appears he's digging in for a fight, even as another woman speaks out.


LAURA FINK, FORMER FILNER STAFFER: I think at the time I didn't go public with it, because I was building a career in politics.

DUNNAN (voice-over): A second woman is now coming forward, accusing San Diego's mayor of inappropriate sexual behavior. Laura Fink now runs a political consulting firm, but from 2004 to 2006, she says she worked for then Congressman Bob Filner, serving as his deputy campaign manager. In an interview with KPBS, she described an encounter at a fundraiser some eight years ago.

FINK: One of the attendees at the party was giving me credit and saying I had done a wonderful job and that I had worked my tush off for him. I was standing next to him. And, he turned to me and he said, "turn around." And so, I turned around. And he proceeded to take his hand and pat me on my posterior and laugh and say, "no, it's still there."

DUNNAN: It comes on the heels of a lawsuit filed against Filner and the city by his former communications director, Irene McCormick Jackson.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He had asked me to work without my underwear on.

DUNNAN: These revelations surfaced nearly two weeks ago when a former city council woman held a news conference claiming there was proof the Democratic mayor had acted in a lewd manner towards some women. Since then, Filner has not admitted to harassment but acknowledged he needs help.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I must and will change my behavior.

DUNNAN: Even within his own party, calls are growing louder for Filner to step down. TODD GLORIA, SAN DIEGO CITY COUNCIL PRESIDENT: It's very clear that he's incapable of leading this city under these cloud of allegations. It would be in the best interest of our citizens for him to go.


DUNNAN (on-camera): As this all remains in limbo, the city attorney is actually putting new rules in place. The mayor is not allowed to be alone with women at any of the city's facilities and we're told that security will be enforcing this rule. In the meantime, though, we have reached out to the mayor for a new statement, and Chris and Michaela, so far, no response.

CUOMO: All right. Thank you, Tori.

Well, no response from that politician in trouble, but a huge response from Anthony Weiner on his situation. Coming up on NEW DAY, i submit this to you, Michaela.

PEREIRA: All right.

CUOMO: That while what Anthony Weiner had to say was interesting, what his wife had to say and why she said it much more interesting and we're going to take a closer look at who Huma Abedin is and what her motivation is.

PEREIRA: Is there significance in her taking his -- standing by his side during that conference yesterday?

Also, Prince Harry, he's got a new title, he's now Uncle Harry. What kind of role model will the so-called party prince be do you think?

CUOMO: oh, he's much more than that. Military man as well.

PEREIRA: That's true.

CUOMO: Good uncle.

PEREIRA: That's a good point --