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Filner Wants Taxpayers to Cover Legal Fees; Mick the Dog, Overcoming the Odds; Impact Your World: Malaria No More; Budget Bridesmaid; Grumpy Cat's Grumpaccino

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CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: That's Ozzy Osbourne right there. Welcome back to NEW DAY, everybody. It is Tuesday, July 30thd. I'm Chris Cuomo.

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: Good morning, everybody. I'm Kate Bolduan. We're here with news anchor Michaela Pereira.

Coming up in this half hour, the pressure's growing on San Diego mayor Bob Filner to resign. Seven women, you'll remember, accused him of sexual harassment. Not only is he refusing to step down, we're going to tell you what he is now asking from the people of San Diego.

CUOMO: And prepare yourselves emotionally, my friends. This video will melt your heart. A puppy born with a terrible deformity gets through it thanks to some dedicated volunteers and the power of the good stuff. It's a story you just have to see for all the right reasons.

But first, Michaela for the five things you need to know for your NEW DAY.

MICHAELA PEREIRA, CNN ANCHOR: Sell it. All right, here we go, at the number one, the fire chief now saying that massive fire at the Blue Rhino propane tank in Tavares, Florida, may have been the result of equipment failure and human error. Thankfully, no one was killed. Eight workers were injured.

Day two of renewed Mid-East peace talks getting under way. The White House tempering expectations. Secretary of State John Kerry's goal is to reach "reasonable compromises".

A verdict in the court martial of former Army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning will be announced at 1:00 p.m. Eastern. Manning is charged with aiding the enemy for the largest leak of classified information in U.S. history.

After day one -- one day lunch with President Obama, Hillary Clinton having breakfast with VP Biden. All of these meals and meetings sparking some talk that Hillary may be considering a presidential bid.

"Real Housewives of New Jersey" Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe due in federal court this morning. That's number five. They are accused of falsifying information on their 2009 bankruptcy filing and other important paperwork.

We always update the five things to know, so be sure to go to for the latest. Guys?

BOLDUAN: Michaela, thank you.

San Diego's embattled mayor refusing to step down. Seven women accused Bob Filner of sexual harassment. Even though he's facing a recall, Filner's now asking San Diego taxpayers to foot the bill for his legal battle against one of his accusers.

Tory Dunnan is joining us live with the latest on this. Good morning, Tory.

TORY DUNNAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Good morning, Kate. Well, there's going to be a closed-door meeting about that very topic at 5:30 this evening, but I have to tell you, this has turned into even more of a mess here and the people of San Diego just want it to be over.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have to rid our city of this man.

DUNNAN (voice-over): Not one, but two dueling recall efforts are under way to oust embattled San Diego mayor Bob Filner.

STAMPP CORBIN, PUBLISHER SAN DIEGO LGBT WEEKLY: Let's get the process started. Let's let the citizens of San Diego speak and whatever they decide, they decide.

DUNNAN: Suffice to say, emotions are running high.

MICHAEL MANLEY, SAN DIEGO RESIDENT: I'm ashamed and embarrassed. I'm hoping that the city can move on from this sooner than later.

RICK COPPOLA, SAN DIEGO RESIDENT: Does he deserve a second chance? I don't know. It's up to the people, I guess.

DUNNAN: Managing rival recall campaigns aren't the only challenges. The city council also has its hands full, holding a closed-door meeting tonight to decide who pays for Filner's legal fees. His lawyer is asking that the city not only defend Filner, but have taxpayers pick up the tab.

In the past few weeks, seven women have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment against the mayor. Filner has apologized, but has not resigned. He vows to continue the city's best while undergoing therapy to address his behavior.

MAYOR BOB FILNER, SAN DIEOG: I will be at the clinic full time, though every morning and evening, I will be briefed on city activities.

DUNNAN: While Filner fights on, his foes remain adamant.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Grabbing women in your office is not OK, and you need to go.


DUNNAN (on camera): So Chris and Kate, one thing that you can feel here in San Diego is really just the anger. As I mentioned before, people want this to be over.

Now, Mayor Filner is going to be going into therapy in less than a week's time and one thing is for sure, people will be gathering signatures to try to get the process moving forward while he's undergoing that counseling.

BOLDUAN: All right, Tory, thank you very much.

CUOMO: All right, let's go from that stuff to the good stuff. Now often I tell you stories about people helping people, but rules are made to be broken, as will your heart when you meet Mick the dog.

The baby Boston Terrier was born with swimmer puppy syndrome. It means Mick's legs were splayed out to all sides, couldn't walk, stand, or even lift his head. Dogs like this often die from pressure on their chest. Worse yet, they're often euthanized because people don't know what to do with them.

But not the volunteers at the Mia Foundation. They put little Mick through weeks of intensive therapy, sessions in the tub to strengthen his little paws and legs, hang him in a harness multiple times a day, even taping his legs and feet together to coax them into the right position.

Finally, after all that time and dedication, something amazing happened. Here it is. Look at him. On different surfaces, he's getting better, little Mick, all the time. Get it, Mick, Rocky theme, he's overcoming, it all works. He's not 100 percent yet but he's getting better every day, and when he's ready, he'll be adopted and he'll have a normal life.

The people who helped Mick are sharing their story to show what's possible with a little time and effort. Remember, friends, there are no lost causes unless hope is lost. Look at him go.

BOLDUAN: That is the cutest little face. Oh, my goodness.

CUOMO: Oh boy, oh boy.

BOLDUAN: I know. I'm going to be getting e-mails from friends. "I'll adopt, I'll adopt."

CUOMO: Good, and they should. That's the way to go.

PEREIRA: You watch how dogs and pets can adapt, you know, you see three-legged pets, they kind of get around like they had four legs. This one will probably learn to adapt, as well.

CUOMO: With a little bit of help, you'll be amazed at what anybody can do. So remember, the good stuff, you can see all our offerings on our Web site, And we want to hear about all the good stuff going on in your life and your community, so send it by way of tweeting or posting on Facebook with the hash tag #NEWDAY.

BOLDUAN: So from the good stuff to making a difference. Actress and singer Katharine McPhee is on a mission to stop a deadliest diseases in Africa from claiming more lives. She explains it in this week's Impact Your World.


KATHARINE MCPHEE, ACTRESS AND SINGER: Hi, I'm Katharine McPhee and we can make an impact on malaria. Through a personal connection to West Africa, I've had the opportunity to build a preschool. The school master, a wonderful woman there, she came down with malaria. I had gotten together with Malaria No More saying I would love to get to Africa and see what we can do for her and all the people that she works so hard to help.

Every minute a child dies from malaria. It's something that doesn't need to happen, something that's curable, preventable. It's nothing we would ever have in the United States, but it's something that really is devastating to their lives and there's so much to be done that you can feel overwhelmed with like, "What can I actually do?"

The truth of it is a $10 net can save lives. That's why we're working so hard with Malaria No More to end malaria deaths by 2015. Join the movement, impact your world.


CUOMO: All right. Take the instruction, go to the Web site and figure out how you can figure out how to impact your world.

We're going to take a quick break here so you can soak in all the goodness we gave you.

When we come back, are you always a bridesmaid, never a bride? Here's advice, avoid going broke. Millions of you have clicked on an article by one of our CNN colleagues about being a bridesmaid without breaking the bank.

BOLDUAN: And who knew being grumpy could pay off? This kitty proves --

PEREIRA: What are you looking at?

BOLDUAN: I can't even read the rest of it, it's too cute.

CUOMO: Come on, say it.

BOLDUAN: It isn't catastrophic.

CUOMO: Very good.

PEREIRA: Who do you call on our staff Grumpy Cat?

CUOMO: No one.


PEREIRA: It is a nice day. All right, welcome back to NEW DAY, friends.

When it comes to being a bridesmaid, our CNN colleague Stephanie Gallman is a seasoned pro. Not just during the ceremony, but also in the lead up to it. She wrote a piece for about how to be a budget bridesmaid that really hit a big nerve during wedding season. Here's her story.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What the hell is that?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What was the theme, humiliation?

PEREIRA (voice-over): Like Katherine Heigl in the movie "27 Dresses" Stephanie Gallman has said, "I do, I do, I do to being a real life bridesmaid a total of 12 times." Gallman is a CNN national desk assignment editor and it seems when she's not working, she's at a wedding. Total attended, she stopped counting at 74.

All that celebration has taken a toll on her vacation days and her wallet.

Her blog post on "I Now Pronounce Me Broke" has garnered more than three million views.

STEPHANIE GALLMAN, CNN.COM: You know, it never has occurred to me to ever say no. Between going to 75 weddings and being in 12, I've probably spent at least $10,000.

PEREIRA: Luckily, Gallman loves being by her friends' sides on the biggest day of their lives.

GALLMAN: I consider it completely to be an honor to be invited to a wedding. All the girls whose weddings I've been in have been very close friends of mine. I really would not trade it, you know, for -- for the world.

PEREIRA: She's offering advice for future bridesmaids to help cut costs.

GALLMAN: Booking travel early or you know booking alerts to get those updates. Being honest with yourself and being honest with the bride is the most important thing in terms of not breaking the bank.

PEREIRA: But as for those dreaded bridesmaids dresses.

GALLMAN: They -- they are pretty honest about the fact but you won't ever wear this again, let's be honest. Just you know appease me for this one day. PEREIRA: This always a bridesmaid, never a bride, has thought out how to repay her friends when it's her big day.

GALLMAN: I've got big plans for them. They don't know what's coming yet, so we'll see.


PEREIRA: I love the tip she gave. I have to say, I've never been a bridesmaid. She has a lot of friends. That's pretty impressive.

We should also let you know, I got the phone with her, Stephanie has got a few more weddings in her future just this year, she's got two more this year. Luckily she's a plus one for both of them so she doesn't have to buy a at least you know a bridesmaids dress and you heard her say that she does have a boyfriend, no immediate plans.

CUOMO: Really.

PEREIRA: So who knows what will happen down the line, but she says she'll get a little payback from all those friends.

BOLDUAN: Stephanie is very good and clearly such a good friend.

PEREIRA: A really good sport.

BOLDUAN: Because to not only be invited to take part in so many weddings, but to step up and do it.

PEREIRA: Somebody should plan a really good like Tahiti destination wedding that would be fun.

CUOMO: Destination. What happens with you guys?

BOLDUAN: Well there's that.

CUOMO: What happens with you guys, whey you decided to get married and all fashion sense goes out the window and you get like these ridiculous bridesmaids dresses.

PEREIRA: Were your wedding is ridiculous?

BOLDUAN: No my sisters have actually -- my sisters were my bridesmaids and they've worn those dresses again.

PEREIRA: Well done. So that's --

CUOMO: That's what they tell you. Did you see pictures of it? I don't remember what ours were. The whole thing was just like a blur.

BOLDUAN: A blur.

PEREIRA: There's a lot of ruffles in this area right.

CUOMO: It gives me a cold sweat every time I think about it.

BOLDUAN: Yes, yes.

CUOMO: Twelve years and counting, I'm still good. I'm still good.

PEREIRA: Steph thanks for sharing your story.

CUOMO: That was great three million views.

PEREIRA: Yes I know.

CUOMO: That's how -- that's how relevant it is.

PEREIRA: Check out her blog on for sure maybe a book in the future I don't know. Don't you think?

CUOMO: Sure "Budget Bridesmaid", I like the title. Catchy.

Coming up on NEW DAY, playing grumpy to purr-fection and sell it. This cat is such a huge celebrity she even has her own coffee drink.

PEREIRA: She does not.

CUOMO: Will anything turn her frown upside down?


PEREIRA: What's a morning suit, anyway?

CUOMO: A morning suit is where you look like a butler, you've got gray pants on and tail.

PEREIRA: Look down there. John Berman looks great.


CUOMO: The man with his own music is here. It's that time of the morning, John Berman to give us his NEW DAY "Award of the Day Award."

JOHN BERMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Today, guys, we're going to delve into the world of politics. I want you to meet the newest candidate for Congress from Illinois. This man is name is Mike Boss. He's in the state assembly in Illinois there and he's become something of a YouTube sensation. Why?

Well you know, he has some outbursts there. He's got some anger issues and he likes shouting.

BOLDUAN: Volleyball spike his papers?

CUOMO: You want to catch it.

BERMAN: You're a pro there at the volleyball thing. He was (inaudible) volleyball, he's got a lot of issues and a lot of anger a lot of outbursts. He's facing criticism from across the aisle there. But you know, maybe he's on to something. Maybe this anger is a good thing.

CUOMO: That's it.

BERMAN: It turns out grumpy sells. Now, how do I know this? Because of this guy, you know him -- I guess it's a her. She is the grumpy cat.

CUOMO: Oh definitely a her.

BERMAN: Maybe the most famous cat in the world right now, Tardar Sauce is her full name. And this grumpy cat, as we all know well, has become an Internet meme herself. She's starred in a frisky video, she's landed a movie deal. She is way famous and now in the ultimate display of success, she has landed a new coffee drink. That's right, a new coffee drink named after her called Grumpaccino. This was her nickname at one point right.

CUOMO: Yes grumpaccino it was an Italian aspersion.

PEREIRA: Watch out David Hasselhoff.

BERMAN: It comes in three flavors -- coffee, vanilla, chocolate.

BOLDUAN: I thought it was extra grumpy, or something.

BERMAN: An extra grumpy in fact.

PEREIRA: Small, medium, extra grumpy.

BERMAN: But you know Grumpy is a clearly a huge hit for cats. And maybe this Mike Boss guy can learn something and maybe it will work in Congress, also. You could see more faces like this in Congress. So our award today goes to the grumpy cat. It's a political award and it is the "I might be mad, but at least I'm not sexting award." Right, I mean, it's something to think about in politics.

CUOMO: That's terrible.

BERMAN: Now just put on a grumpy face instead of sending that text.

BOLDUAN: That was too easy.

BERMAN: On a side note, I should say this, this cat's got coffee, a movie deal and videos. I need to call my agent. What's going wrong with me? This guy's a grumpy cat and he's getting this stuff. I have a show at 5:00 a.m.

CUOMO: I'm damn grumpy. Let me see the grumpy face. You smile too much. Can you get a grumpy face?

BOLDUAN: Wait you do your grumpy into the camera.

PEREIRA: Oh that's pretty good.

BERMAN: I'm too happy to be here with you.

CUOMO: That looks sad. That was like sad, it's not grumpy. That's angry. He's got issues. BERMAN: Angry cat.

BOLDUAN: We're going to practice our grumpies.

CUOMO: That's homicidal. Move away from him. Dangerous little man.

PEREIRA: Help me, help me. Oh my goodness.


CUOMO: That's it for NEW DAY. Now for the one person who makes grumpy cat smile, Carol Costello of CNN NEWSROOM.

CAROL COSTELLO, CNN ANCHOR: Thank you. That's a tall order. Thanks for that.

Have a great day. "NEWSROOM" starts now.