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Obama to Give Rare Press Conference; CBS & Time Warner Cable Resume Talks; Brian Banks Fulfills NFL Dream

Aired August 9, 2013 - 06:30   ET



CHRIS CUOMO, CNN HOST: "Angel of Harlem", U2. I think it's a crime to interrupt them, isn't it? It's a crime in seven states.

Welcome back to NEW DAY, everybody. It's Friday, August 9th. I'm Chris Cuomo.

BOLDUAN: I'm Kate Bolduan. Happy Friday, everybody. We're here with news anchor Michaela Pereira.

PEREIRA: And Ireland.


CUOMO: She's a big fan.

BOLDUAN: Whoa, whoa.

A lot of news coming up, including, could there be an end in sight for the battle between CBS and Time Warner Cable. They are going back tot the bargaining table a week after Time Warner Cable pulled the plug on CBS stations.

CUOMO: Now, interestingly, the one thing the two parties agree on at this point is that you should watch as much CNN as much as possible until the dispute is settled. That's just out there. You take the information as you want.

We also have a must-see moment. Can a dog really do yoga? I know you ask yourself this all the time. Downward dog.

BOLDUAN: Yes, downward facing dog. Upward facing dog. That's actually amazing. Don't give it all away.

CUOMO: Cleansing the soul which is important.

A lot of news as well, so let's head to Michaela Pereira.

MICHAELA PEREIRA, CNN NEWS ANCHOR: All right. So, let's take a look at the headlines right now. Parts of Missouri dealing with flooding, deadly flooding, more rain is in the forecast, at least two people have died as heavy rains forced creeks out of their banks and swept away their vehicles. Crews have gone on about 25 rescue missions as well. And in Tennessee, Nashville's mayor says more than 200 people had to be rescued from floodwaters, no serious injuries reported there.

Further concerning developments in the nationwide manhunt for a suspected killer and kidnaper. San Diego police saying James DiMaggio might be carrying homemade explosives. They're also warning anyone who finds his Nissan Versa that it could be rigged to detonate. DiMaggio is believed to have kidnapped one, maybe two children after he allegedly killed their mother.

Two friends of Boston marathon bombing suspect Tsarnaev charged with conspiracy and obstructing justice by a federal grand jury. The 19 years old Kazakh nationals went to college with Tsarnaev and are accused of taking items from his dorm room after the terror attack to hide them from investigators. They now face more than 20 years behind bars if convicted.

Oprah Winfrey and former President Bill Clinton leading a class of 16 who will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom this year. It is the nation's highest civilian honor. In a statement, President Obama praised the honorees for sharing their various talents with the world.

And here you go, Kate, I know you like this as much as I do. Baby tigers in Washington, the national zoo celebrating the birth of two endangered Sumatran tiger cubs. This is the live tiger cam. This is the only way you'll see the baby tigers. You won't be able to see them in person until the fall.

But, thankfully, they're providing this internet feed so you can watch them. It's kind of adorable.

BOLDUAN: I'm doing research on this.

PEREIRA: All right. Talk to me.

BOLDUAN: This is actually a color camera but it is dark inside their enclosure, so it's safe and quiet and nice.

Sometimes we will see them probably in a few months. And it will be awesome.

CUOMO: Are they not black and white, are they orange or something like that, the color of the tigers?

BOLDUAN: My research continues.

CUOMO: Skipped over that part, did you?

PEREIRA: Always knowing there's more we can learn in life, right in.


CUOMO: I'm happy I know that.

BOLDUAN: They're orangey. All right. Now to things I actually know something about, our political gut check, everyone -- all of the stories coming out of Washington and around the country.

First up, President Obama will hold a press conference this afternoon before he heads out on vacation. So what answers are we likely to get? What questions is he likely to take on?

CNN's chief political correspondent Candy Crowley joining us to break it all down.

So, Candy, the first press conference since April, a whole lot of questions he's going to be getting, leaves some people wondering why now? He's about to leave for vacation, other than the obvious, why not because reporters have a lot to ask him.

CANDY CROWLEY, CNN CHIEF POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT: Right. I think you've said it there, which is he's about to leave on vacation, and since we last heard from him, there has been the worldwide terror alert, the closing of the embassies. He has talked about Washington being involved in investigating phony scandals, the economy has moved but not that well.

Edward Snowden has put a big gap between the U.S. and Russia, which was already a fairly big gap so there's a lot of material out there, and before he goes off on vacation -- remember this has been a week of really high tension in the Middle East and still a lot of back and forth about what the U.S. knows, what it doesn't know, and now, we see what's going on in Pakistan as well with the terror alert there at one of the missions.

So, there's I think if the president went off on vacation without addressing some of these things, it would be seen as a mistake, and I think he wants to set the table for the big fights in the fall and he's been doing that out on the road and here is a chance for him to do it in the White House briefing room.

BOLDUAN: That's an excellent way of putting it. Also, when the president goes into these press conferences, you know, we all know he goes in with a message. He has a point that he wants to make. He makes a statement off a topic, he can get asked anything but he always has a message.

What do you think the message is going in? Because as you said there are so many questions out there right now.

CROWLEY: You know, I'm a little torn here. I think he really does want to talk about the economy.

But the most immediate topic I think on his plate has got to be what's going on in terms of terrorism and the closing of the embassies. I think there has to be some settling words there -- you know, letting the American people know I'm on top of this, I will continue to do it, whatever he has to say. It seems to me that safety of your citizens is probably the first thing a politician wants to assure them of. So that would be my guess. But, again, the White House is itching for this fight over the economy.

BOLDUAN: Also on Russia -- don't you think it's a tenuous situation with Russia, it's a tense relationship but does he also have to be careful to not further damage the relationship with Russia, just after announcing they're not going to do the one on one, but also being strong and answering to the kind of criticisms that he hasn't stood up enough to Russia from here at home?

CROWLEY: Sure. I mean, diplomacy with any country and in particular with Russia is always that delicate balance between following through. And remember, there's weeks that Snowden spent in the airport in Russia. The U.S. just was warning after warning, there were calls to the very top of the Russian hierarchy saying send him back. But there were previous problems.

I think the president's also a tiny bit trapped by his own rhetoric. In the first campaign, he and Hillary Clinton clashed over how one approached one's enemies which at this moment, yes, Russia still is, but it's someone that we need alliances with, particularly when it comes to things like Syria, not to mention nuclear weapons that have already been deployed. So, he said at that time, you know, to say that not talking to your enemies is punishment is ridiculous. It's not.

So, I think the not talking is something that this president doesn't like. So, it will be interesting to see, because -- listen, one of his legacies or one of his legacies that he would like would be to bring down those nuclear arsenals. You can't do that unless the other person's at the table and that's Russia.

BOLDUAN: Exactly. All right, Candy, have a great weekend.

CROWLEY: Thanks, Kate.

BOLDUAN: You can, of course, catch Candy Crowley, "STATE OF THE UNION", every Sunday, right here on CNN.

And that's the problem with the situation with Russia is the not talking. You want to prove your point but Russia is so critical to some of the issues that the president wants to accomplish before he leaves office.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: Right. Also, as Fareed was saying to us yesterday, Zakaria, it's complicated. Snowden is not the only thing. There's a lot on the table and you do have to approach it the right way. There's a big thing to pound your fist and say, we're America but it's not the way the world works.

BOLDUAN; Especially when you're talking to all the White House press corps, American journalists speaking to the people but this is broadcast all over the world.

CUOMO: That's right. You got Fareed telling you that. You got Candy Crowley telling you that and you're telling me that so that's it. The case is over. All my doubt is over. In fact, this part of the show should be over. Let's go to break.

BOLDUAN: We're done.

CUOMO: Coming up on NEW DAY: Time Warner Cable and CBS still feuding. Millions of viewers outraged they cannot watch their favorite shows. Could the impasse be over this weekend?

BOLDUAN: And, oh baby! How mom is doing after delivering this 13 pound 11 ounce bundle of joy.

CUOMO: Kid came out saying, where are my pants? Stood up, stretched.


CUOMO: Welcome back to NEW DAY. It is "Money Time".

CBS and Time Warner Cable are still locked in a bitter dispute over fees, but both sides are finally getting back to the negotiating table. That's good. A week ago, the cable channel pulled CBS and Showtime from the line-up of several U.S. cities.

So, let's talk about it. Let's bring in Brian Stelter of "The New York Times", very solid reporter, also going to be anchoring "RELIABLE SOURCES". But we'll tell you more about that in a second.

Let's deal with the news at hand. We have two things that advance the story, Brian. One is about a poll, and one's about what the parties are up to. Tell us about him.

BRIAN STELTER, THE NEW YORK TIMES: That's right. They are negotiating again. This reminds me some high school relationship where the girl and the boy stop talking for a few days and you wonder what's wrong with them. Now, they're talking about again. At least they're talk so long maybe they'll get back together.

You know, I got to wonder, in a few days, maybe there will be a new deal now that they're negotiating again. But in the meantime, the reputations of both of these companies, as expected, are declining.

Poll came out yesterday that showed that Time Warner Cable has been hit a lot harder than CBS among the public, but CBS has taken a beating, too. You know, viewers come away just liking both sides of these fights.

BOLDUAN: Who is in a better position? Fortunately for us, unfortunately probably for them, their positions are pretty well-known because they're fighting this out so publicly. Who is in a better position, because how is this going to end?

STELTER: Generally, speaking content. In this case, CBS has the winning hand because Time Warner Cable is the one that gets the angry viewer calls, the phone lines light up, it's time Warner Cable people blame.

Imagine if CNN was out for a whole week.

CUOMO: Heaven forbid, Brian. Let's not get crazy.

STELTER: That's right. That's where we are now. It's been almost a week, and this almost never last week.

So, I think the longer it goes, the more people complain to Time Warner Cable.

PEREIRA: Speaking of that angry phone call, how much can the people at home that have the remote control in their hands, how much can their patients be tested? We have football season around the corner. People are going to vote with their remotes.

STELTER: Right. Even this weekend, big golf tournament on CBS, and viewers in New York and L.A. won't be able to watch until this resolved. We can vote with our remotes and also pressure Congress and the legislatures to do something about this, because although right now in Congress, there's not a lot of interest in fixing these laws that govern how this happens. Maybe in the future, these laws will be reformed. Not going to affect this fight but it may affect fights down the road.

BOLDUAN: And again these fights are not new between content, providers and the people who are distributing it. What is -- remind viewers what is at the core of this fight.

STELTER: At the core of it, there's more TV and better TV than ever, and they need money to make that TV.

So, CBS thinks they deserve a lot more money. They probably do because they're so high rated, highly rated. But at the same time, Time Warner Cable doesn't want to charge more for cable. And that's where we're stuck.

CUOMO: So, it's about money.

STELTER: About money.

CUOMO: So, the segment began with "Money Time" jingle at the beginning. It's always about the question how much could they make money a function of what the rest of us have to deal with.

All right. Let's get to the juicy tidbit, you are going to be the anchor of "RELIABLE SOURCES", the host. You're going to be there.

Are you there, Brian Stelter --

BOLDUAN: He looks ready.

CUOMO: -- for the media scrutiny, for everybody having a platform online, for negativity as a proxy for insight into your performance? Are you ready?

STELTER: People are so kind to me on Twitter. Are you right?


CUOMO: People are hot with outrage just with that question.

BOLDUAN: What are the big topics this weekend?

STELTER: Well, I'm filling in this weekend. We're going to talk about Jon Stewart versus John Oliver. Who is the better "Daily Show" host? Couple of months now and I've heard people say he's better than Jon Stewart. But that's blasphemy. So, we're going to talk about that.

Do you al have any opinions on that?

MICHAELA PEREIRA, CNN ANCHOR: I love them both. John Oliver is funny. And that British charm, come on.

CUOMO: It's hard to look at them because Jon Stewart attacks CNN all the time, but Oliver has attacked NEW DAY directly.


BOLDUAN: I'm going to be split on this because I think --

CUOMO: You win them over with sugar, so I love you both! All right.

STELTER: Maybe they should co-anchor. This is working pretty well.

CUOMO: Strong.

BOLDUAN: Ahh, see? Stelter, not just a reporter but a thinker.


CUOMO: As if there were a distinction. Ooh.

All right. Anyway, you can see Brian guest hosting "RELIABLE SOURCES" on CNN this Sunday at 11:00 a.m. eastern. I will repeat to for his family 11:00 a.m. Eastern, Sunday.

BOLDUAN: Set your DVRs, mom and pop.

PEREIRA: Good to see you, Brian.

STELTER: Thank you.

BOLDUAN: All right. Let's go around the world now, starting in Lebanon, where two Turkish airline pilots are now being held by armed captors.

Mohammed Jamjoom has more from Beirut.


MOHAMMED JAMJOOM, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Heightened tensions in Lebanon today after the abduction of two Turkish citizens in Beirut earlier this morning. Lebanon's interior minister announced that a Turkish Airways bus was leaving Beirut airport when it was intercepted by gunmen who boarded that bus and kidnapped a Turkish Airways pilot and co-pilot.

The interior minister here says that an investigation has been launched and many here believe that this abduction is related in some ways to the case of Lebanese Shiite pilgrims who were kidnapped last year.

Back to you, Kate.


BOLDUAN: All right. Mohammed, thank you so much.

And to London, a construction project for London's future is revealing the city's morbid past. Here's CNN's Dan Rivers.


DAN RIVERS, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Behind me is the biggest engineering project in Europe, Crossrail, 30 miles of new tunnels under London. And what they're finding while they're digging the tunnels is staggering. They've discovered a cemetery with 4,000 bodies in it, dating from the 16th century, the Bethlehem mental asylum, lots of patients were buried there. It gave rise to the English word bedlam. They also found a Venetian gold coin and an intact Roman road from 2,000 years ago.

Back to you, Kate.


BOLDUAN: Wow, Dan, thank you so much.

And to Spain where the stork has dropped a record-breaking package. CNN's Al Goodman in Madrid.


AL GOODMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: In Spain, it's a baby moi grande. Doctors say it's the biggest baby ever born naturally in Spain. The baby girl weighed at 13 pounds and 11 ounces. The mother is British and the father is from Colombia.

Reporters quoted mom as saying she knew the baby would be big but not that big. There was no Cesarean Section, it was a natural birth at a hospital on Spain's Mediterranean coast. The mother is 40 and baby grande named Maria is her fourth child.

Back to you, Kate.


BOLDUAN: Wow! I think there a lot of ladies crossing their legs this morning.

CUOMO: I'm crossing my legs.

BOLDUAN: That's one big baby, fortunately adorable.

CUOMO: Thank God baby is healthy, mom is healthy, and dad is happy. Great.

Let's take a break. Coming up on NEW DAY, a dozen states affected by flash flooding. It has turned deadly. We're showing you the picture now. And guess what, they're not out of the woods. We're going to be live in Missouri, the state hardest hit by severe weather. We'll take you there.

PEREIRA: And to start your Friday just right, we have our must see moment this morning. This dog has got moves like Yoga. He's got downward facing dog down. More when we come back.


CUOMO: For my birthday, I had my kids names and wife tattooed cross my chest.


BOLDUAN: Please don't show us.

CUOMO: It hurts.


PEREIRA: So, you know, apparently, our must see moment today is inspiring our crew. They are not dogs. They are gentlemen.


PEREIRA: The reason they're showing this to you because our must see moment today, a ridiculously adorable Chihuahua hanging out with his Italian owner, and of course, doing yoga or doga has some like to call it.


CUOMO: We need Bruce Almighty.

PEREIRA: (INAUDIBLE) to find a dog just playing better form and execution and this four-legged guy watching expertly, mimic his owner's poses, following his commands, watching his breath as you do in doga. It makes sense, right, as dog doing downward facing dog. He can even salute the sun, sun salutations.

CUOMO: Is he moving his ears? I think this is working because that's a very calm chee-hoo-a-hoo-a (ph) right here.

PEREIRA: Chee-hoo-a-hoo-a (ph)?

CUOMO: Yes. The Chihuahua. That's how I learned how to spell it.

BOLDUAN: I'm sorry. I wasn't listening. I'm feeling so --


PEREIRA: A chee-hoo-a-hoo-a (ph).


CUOMO: Good dog.

PEREIRA: Hooked on phonics.

CUOMO: Chihuahua.


BOLDUAN: He did it on porpoise.

CUOMO: That's strong. Watch the Twitter followers like pop out after that like magic.

BOLDUAN: The barometer of my success.

PEREIRA: We didn't give the yoga --

CUOMO: Very well done, fellas.


CUOMO: Well done.

BOLDUAN: They can't bow. They're about to faint and one of them pulled a muscle.


BOLDUAN: Happy Friday, boys.

CUOMO: -- the tiger on the guy's sleeve on his arm, by the way, and the Celtic theme band. Maybe that's John Berman. Andy has a huge tiger on his left arm.

PEREIRA: Looks like his biceps.

CUOMO: Could be him.

Coming up on NEW DAY, disturbing new details in the case of a Florida teenager who was chased down by police, tasered, then died. His parents want answers.

BOLDUAN: Plus, the man accused of kidnapping a teenaged girl may be armed with explosives, we're learning this morning. We're going to talk to the girl's father who says he considered the suspect family. We're also going to talk to her grandparents. They're speaking to CNN exclusively.


(BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) JIMMY KIMMEL, HOST, "JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE": Ladies and gentlemen, it's my duty as a broadcaster to inform you in case you have not heard the news that Beyonce got a haircut.


KIMMEL: That's right, that's Beyonce's new haircut.


KIMMEL: Wow! She posted this on Instagram. It's called the pixie cut. And just like that, Beyonce put the weave industry out of business.


JIMMY FALLON, HOST, "LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON": I think she looks beautiful, she always does. But her fans are divided over this. Yes. Some say it's weird and unflattering while others have lives.



CUOMO: Ha, ha! That was good. He wins.

PEREIRA: Yes. Fallon wins on that one.

BOLDUAN: -- great kind of slam at some of us.

PEREIRA: Generally.

BOLDUAN: We talked a lot about that yesterday and you know what? Point taken. Thank you very much.

CUOMO: Thanks very much.

Moving on then --


CUOMO: -- great comeback story this morning. Just one year after being cleared of a rape charge that cost him a decade of his life, Brian Banks made his NFL debut, which part of the "Bleacher Report" this morning. Let's bring in Andy Scholes. Tell us about it, Andy. Good morning.

ANDY SCHOLES, BLEACHER REPORT: Yes. Good morning, guys. This is a great story. Last night's game has been a long time coming for Brian Banks. He was once one of the biggest high school football stars in the country, but in 2002, he was falsely convicted of rape and he spent more than five years in prison. Now, Banks accuser finally came forward last year and admitted that Banks didn't rape her.

He was exonerated and ever since he's been trying to resurrect his football career. He signed with the Falcons in the off season, and last night, he made his NFL debut recording a tackle in the fourth quarter. Before the game, Banks tweeted "Game day. Never thought this day would come, and if it all ended here tonight, mom, I did it."

All right. Tiger Woods hopes to end his major drought this weekend at PGA Championship. He has plenty of work to do. Tiger digging himself a bit of a hole yesterday shooting one over his six shots back of the lead. Phil Mickelson, meanwhile, is looking to win back to back majors for the first time in his career. He also had a rough day. His six shots back as well. Adam Scott and Jim Furyk have a share of the lead heading into today's second round.

On the line-up section on today, you'll see that Lebron James is just like the rest of us when it comes to being summoned for jury duty. Lebron Instagramed a pic of himself getting ready to go to the Akron courthouse yesterday. He showed up to fulfill his civic duty but he was not selected for the jury. Guys, it has to be the first time in Lebron's life that he was not picked to be a part of the team.


CUOMO: That's good one, Andy.

BOLDUAN: Good one, actually.

CUOMO: Good one.

BOLDUAN: Good one, Andy.

CUOMO: Have a good weekend, pal.

SCHOLES: You, too.

BOLDUAN: To kick off your Friday or continuing kicking off your Friday, that means it's the "Rock Block" when you hear that music, a quick roundup of stories you'll be talking about today. First up, Michaela.

PEREIRA: A great song for Friday.


PEREIRA: All right. Let's look in the papers. From the "New York Times," the power of like. Researchers finding Facebook users are more likely to approve of an article if someone else has already liked it. That seems to hold true even if the reporting and writing are weak.

In "New York Post," jetpacks the latest thing in water sports, but they are raising concerns about safety and the impacts on marine life. Fishermen and scientists are worried about fish and corals.

And, in "The Detroit Free Press" Kid Rock shaking up the music industry with low prices on his latest concert tour. Plans are apparently flocking to the shows and enjoying the affordable night out. Check it out, tickets 20 bucks, beer $4. How about that? Way to go, Kid Rock.

Time now for your business news with Alison Kosik.

ALISON KOSIK, CNN CORRESPONDENT: And good morning to you, Michaela. What a difference a week make. Last Friday, record highs on Wall Street. Now, we are expecting a loss for the week. But look, the market's been up the past six weeks, the longest winning streak in a year.

President Obama set to sign a law today that will lower student loan rates for seven million borrowers. Rates on federally subsidized loans will be cut in half to 3.86 percent. Rates are going to fluctuate over the coming years.

And, prisoners calling home could get cheaper. A 15-minute out of state call costs $17, and the SEC is going to vote today on a rate cap. Studies show talking with family helps prisoners from becoming repeat offenders.

Indra Petersons, how is that weather looking?

INDRA PETERSONS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: Yes. Wish it was better, Alison. We're still talking about flooding across a huge chunk of the country, all thanks to a stationary front. What does that mean for us? In the northeast, it's not stationary so it's going to move quickly.

So, by Saturday/Sunday you ought to have beautiful weather, but heavy rain causing some urban flooding today is in the forecast. southeast not a big deal for you today, finally, but unfortunately, that front still remains bringing heavy rain anywhere from Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, even spreading in through Tennessee and Kentucky. So, tough for them.

BOLDUAN: All right. We'll check back with you in just a minute.