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Flooding Threatens Parts of U.S.; Violence Continues in Egypt; Controversy Continues to Surround A-Rod; Lindsay Lohan's Road to Recovery; Bear Attacks on the Rise

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SEN. JOHN MCCAIN (R), ARIZONA: When we threaten something as we did, that cut (inaudible) and then not do it, then you lose your credibility.

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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is like Christmas morning when you're a little kid, like, I was like oh my goodness.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They looked like my kind of folks.

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CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: Good morning. Welcome back to NEW DAY. Yes, it's Monday, I have to tell you that. It's August 19, 7:00 in the East. I'm Chris Cuomo.

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: Good morning, everyone, I'm Kate Bolduan. We're here with news anchor Michaela Pereira.


BOLDUAN: Coming up this hour, the Blade Runner indicted for premeditated murder. Oscar Pistorius with tears in the courtroom this morning when receiving his formal charges. He stands accused of his killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine's Day this year. We're live in South Africa with he new details.

CUOMO: Then Alex Rodriguez, a.k.a. A-Rod, proving he's truly lightning rod on and off the field, taking a lot of hits. Literally. Last night, he got beaned during a game against his biggest rivals, the Red Sox, known for beaning Yankees. But wait until you hear what his boss is saying about him. It has nothing to do with what happened last night.

PEREIRA: And it is a global event. For the first time since becoming a new problem Prince William talking about fatherhood, speaking to only CNN's Max Foster. We're counting down to the interview. It is airing in just about one hour's time. What it is like being the father to the most famous baby in the world.

CUOMO: That will be some fun stuff. But first we begin with this. There is no relief in sight for the already soaked southeast. A stalled front sitting over an area from the gulf to the Carolinas will bring more rain this week. That means flash flooding and dangerous conditions. CNN Meteorologist Indra Petersons has more on that.

INDRA PETERSONS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: Good morning. This seems like a familiar story. There is a reason for that. We have been talking about heavy rain since June. We set records in July. Now it is August and we are still talking about record breaking rain. Literally there is nowhere left for this water to go.


PETERSONS: Heavy rains and high winds battered much of the southeast this weekend. Check out what members of one church in Gulfport saw after their Sunday service, waist-deep water covering their car doors. A foot of rain fell in less than an hour, and business owners along Highway 49 found water rushing into their stores.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It didn't get that heavy during Katrina.

PETERSONS: These stranded motorists in Biloxi, Mississippi were caught off-guard by the rising waters. The fire department rushed in to help dozens of stalled cars. A large swath of tropical moisture has drenched much of the region from the Gulf Coast to the Carolinas. In Miami Beach an elderly couple was killed while swimming on Sunday.

CAPT. ADONIS GARCIA, MIAMI BEACH FIRE RESCUE: They were in cardiac arrest when fire rescue arrived.

PETERSONS: And they weren't alone. Miami Beach ocean rescue came to the aid of at least 50 swimmers caught in the rough surf.


PETERSONS: Here is the water vapor loop from this weekend. You can literally see the stream of moisture that was right around the Yucatan Peninsula fuelling and feeding all of that moisture all the way into the southeast. So we are seeing this day after day. It is still in the forecast thanks to a stationary front still in place, tropical moisture still in place. But more rain and up to five inches of rain into the forecast.

I want to talk about how much we have seen already. This is since June. We're talking about a rainy season. We are about 15 inches above average. Since June 20 to 30 inches of rain has fallen in the area from just last weekend. A lot of places saw as much as ten inches of rain in the last three days. You can imagine the problem here. The flooding threat is high. We are talking about one to three inches of additional rain, 20 to 30 inches of rain. I am not complaining anymore. That is unbelievable.

BOLDUAN: Unbelievable. As you said, the ground is completely saturated, it can't take anymore.


BOLDUAN: All right, Indra, thanks so much.

Let's head overseas now to Egypt, the scene of more deadly violence overnight as 25 soldiers reportedly killed in an ambush in the northern Sinai Peninsula. At least 900 people have died since the government crackdown last week on supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsy, and it has both the U.S. and Europe reevaluating the billions of dollars it gives Egypt every year. CNN's Reza Sayah is live in Cairo this morning. Good morning, Reza.

REZA SAYAH, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Good morning, Kate. No widespread street demonstrations or widespread violence over the past 48 hours, but we have still seen some ugly incidents and bloodshed in other forms. Yesterday at least 38 detainees, all of them members of the Muslim Brotherhood, were killed while being transported to a prison in northern Cairo. Security forces reportedly fired tear gas into the police van. It is not clear why they did that. Hours later a deadly attack on Egyptian soldiers.


SAYAH: This morning at least 24 Egyptian soldiers were killed when their vehicle was attacked by armed militants in Egypt's northern Sinai Peninsula, a region long plagued by militancy. It is just the latest round of violence in the country's bloody turmoil. Egypt's top military chief has strongly urged supporters of the ousted president Mohamed Morsy to give up the fight against the new government, but the violence continues to rage. Roughly 900 already killed since Wednesday.

Meanwhile back in the U.S. President Obama returns from his vacation facing renewed calls for him to act and pull the more than $1 billion in aid the U.S. gives Egypt every year, the call coming from some Republicans.

SEN. JOHN MCCAIN, (R) ARIZONA: We have no credibility. We have influence. But when you don't use that influence then you do not have that influence.

SAYAH: And a handful of Democrats, including congress's only Muslim member.

REP. KEITH ELLISON, (D) MINNESOTA: I would cut off aid. I would, however, engage in intense diplomacy to try to say we will restore aid when you stop the bloodshed in the street and set up a path towards democracy that you were on before.


SAYAH: There is certainly sharper rhetoric coming from Washington, but the aid and the money is still flowing and that is perhaps why Washington is having very little impact seemingly on the conflict. In the meantime the government is sending signals that it wants to wipe out the Brotherhood as a political movement. The most alarming aspect is the staggering loss of life. The most of the people being killed unarmed protesters.

CUOMO: And clearly not over. Reza Sayah, thank you for the reporting this morning.

Tears we've heard about from the blade runner as he heard murder charges against him today in a South African courtroom. Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius now charged with premeditated murder in the shooting death of his girlfriend. Today would have been Reeva Steenkamp's 30th birthday. Let's go to Robyn Curnow in Pretoria. Good morning, Robyn.

ROBYN CURNOW, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Good morning. And the judge handed Oscar Pistorius that indictment just a few hours ago here. Pistorius says this is the first time he really had the charges in front of him, and those charges the most severe the state can bring against him, that of planned and premeditated murder for the death of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, on Valentine's Day.

And also I think it is important to note in this indictment that the state has listed 107 witnesses that they want to bring to the stand. So this is going to be a very long trial if you include all of the witnesses and all the postponements we are going to see over potentially the next few years.

CUOMO: It's interesting, Robyn, that you point out how many witnesses because often the more the prosecutor called the more it is an indication they are trying to put together a mindset. What are you hearing about the ability to prove not that he killed his girlfriend, that's obvious, but that there was a plan, it was premeditated?

CURNOW: You know, I think that is the key. What is really going to define this case is that there is going to be a lot of circumstantial evidence trying to portray Oscar Pistorius as violent, as trigger happy. His character, of course, is going to be assessed.

What is also interesting is that his legal team is going to say he is a double amputee, and many people in South Africa will understand there is a paranoia and fear of a burglar coming into your house. But there will be the jostle as to whether or not there was a spur of the moment rage against Reeva or whether this was a genuine mistake. Can a spur of the moment fight be justified as premeditated and planned? The judge is going to have to decide that. And the legal analysts I have spoken said that that is a tenuous link.

CUOMO: It is going to make for a very interesting trial. Robyn Curnow, thank you very much.

BOLDUAN: Back here at home the hits just keep coming for Alex Rodriguez on and off the field. Last night against the Boston Red Sox A-Rod got hit by a pitch, nearly setting off a bench clearing brawl. Then he delivered a key hit himself, a homerun that helped the Bronx bombers win a very big game, all of that after taking a hit from his own boss. Andy Scholes is live from the CNN Center. Andy, what went down in Boston last night? ANDY SCHOLES, CNN SPORTS CORRESPONDENT: A-Rod definitely keeps it interesting. The latest development in A-Rod's saga is he is accusing the Yankees of mismanaging his medical care. General Manager Brian Cashman fired back at A-Rod this weekend, calling him a liar. Cashman also said A-Rod has created an environment unlike anything he has ever seen. Despite all the traction A-Rod continues to play, and he is actually playing pretty well.


SCHOLES: Alex Rodriguez stepped up to the plate last night and took another direct hit igniting an explosive exchange between Yanks' manager Joe Girardi and the umpire. The red sox fans, not surprisingly, loved it. As the animosity surrounding the slugger gets even more heated, A-Rod has a new lawyer and a new line of attack, accusing the Yankees of withholding medical information on him leading him to play injured when he shouldn't have. The Yankees deny it, with team president telling him to, quote, "put up or shut-up" if he has evidence.

At stake, around $100 million left on his contract. Over the weekend another hit, a "60 Minutes" news report claiming members of the inner circle named names during the investigation into A-Rod. He says those claims are not true.

In the meantime, four innings later in last night's game A-Rod crushed his 649th career homer, setting off an angrier scene in the Fenway stands.


SCHOLES: Last night was the second time A-Rod has been hit in a game this season. Multiple players have gone on records saying they are not happy A-Rod is playing right now, so this may continue throughout the season, A-Rod getting hit by pitches.

BOLDUAN: Not good.

CUOMO: Not good at all. Not what the game is about.

A lot of news developing this hour, and that's what the show is about, so let's get to Michaela.

MICHAELA PEREIRA, CNN ANCHOR: Making headlines at this hour, more than 1,000 fire personnel in around-the-clock battle to keep an Idaho wildfire from spreading. The Beaver Creek fire has burned through more than 100,000 acres and forced the evacuation of 2,300 homes in the area of Sun Valley, Idaho. It is just at eight percent containment.

A tragic deadly end to a bachelor party in Colorado. Police say 29- year-old Dirk Anderson died when he fell from a hotel's 11th floor window. Local stations report the window screen gave way as Anderson sat on a ledge. He landed on the roof of a parking garage five levels bellows. There was alcohol at the party but police say the fall appears to be an accident. A JetBlue flight forced to make an emergency landing after the crew reported smelling smoke in the cabin. Flight 827 from Boston to Baltimore diverted to Philadelphia in an abundance of caution. The FAA is now investigating.

A volcanic eruption in southwestern Japan has left a nearby city covered in ash. The volcano erupted Sunday afternoon with a plume of smoke three miles high, sending out hot lava for more than a half mile. People who live in the city about six miles away wore masks and rain coats to protect themselves from falling ash.

And finally, the bride wore camo and walked down the aisle to the sounds of duck calls. This Pennsylvania couple wasn't prepared, though, for what came next after they exchanged vows. Guess who popped by? Their idol Willy Robertson, star of the hit reality show "Duck Dynasty." Robertson congratulated the super fans and then put the icing on their wedding cake by saying "They look like my kind of folks." Apparently, the mother-in-law had the idea to do the wedding at the store. And so in the end some of the store personnel tried to convince him to come down and surprise them, and I think it's one of those memories that will last a lifetime, I think.

BOLDUAN: So cool they had to wear shades indoors.

CUOMO: A little jealous?

BOLDUAN: I could not convince my husband.

CUOMO: Your husband is a smart man. Your duck boy came by.

BOLDUAN: I'm offended by the title duck boy.

CUOMO: You are a big fan.

BOLDUAN: I am a very big fan. He can stop by anytime. I just laughed in a very strange way.

What else are people talking about this morning? What is next for Lindsay Lohan after her sixth stint in rehab? The troubled actress sat down for a revealing one-on-one interview with Oprah Winfrey. What did we learn? Nischelle Turner is here with that, many saying this is the most truthful she's been laying it out here.

NISCHELLE TURNER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: We learned a lot. This interview was taped four days after Lindsay left rehab. Oprah was asked if she thought Lindsay was ready and would succeed this time after the interview. She says she believes Lindsay thinks she is ready but admits this is a story we have heard from her before. Last night we did see a Lindsay Lohan poised, thoughtful, and very candid.


OPRAH WINFREY, TV SHOW HOST: Are you an addict?


WINFREY: What is it you're addicted to? What is your drug of choice?

LOHAN: Alcohol. Yes. Because and that in the past was a gate way to other things for me. I never abused. I tried cocaine.

WINFREY: That is when you were arrest td the first time?

TURNER: It is the troubled actress's first interview since completing three months of court ordered treatment for substance, the 27-year- old's sixth trip to rehab. Lohan told Winfrey that her troubled past is behind her, hoping to restore her reputation and restart her acting career.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What's going to be different this time?

LOHAN: Not taking Adderall.

TURNER: She acknowledged she has a battle with addiction.

WINFREY: You were addicted to Adderall?

LOHAN: Yes, because that is all I knew. I was convinced that it did ground me.

TURNER: Confessed to using cocaine at least ten to 15 times.

WINFREY: Snort it, inject it?

LOHAN: I snorted it. I never injected anything other than getting shots.

TURNER: And revealed her jail sentence in 2010 was necessary for her road to recovery.

LOHAN: Somewhere inside knew and kind of wanted to go to jail.

WINFREY: Was it a cry for help?

LOHAN: I think it was just to find some peace.

WINFREY: How much money were you making?

LOHAN: Too much.

TURNER: With rehab behind her, Lindsay admits that launching a career comeback won't be easy. First step?

LOHAN: Prove myself in the way that I did in the past and that I lost. I have to regain the trust in people in my career that have their doubts.


TURNER (on camera): And Oprah's helping. Oprah and Lindsay Lohan are working on an eight part documentary series in which Lindsay will chronicle her efforts in recovery. It will air on OWN in 2014. She's also been cast in her first post-rehab role in HBO's "Eastbound & Down," a very funny show.

And at the interview, guys, Oprah and Lindsay talked about a trip to Europe that Lindsay was going to take. And Oprah said, "You know what, maybe you shouldn't do that. Let's rethink that because Europe's a haven for indulgence," said Lindsay said that she would think about taking Oprah's advice. She has since canceled that trip.

BOLDUAN: She's since canceled the trip.

TURNER: She's not going.

BOLDUAN: I mean, Lindsay says she needs to prove herself. But I think people give a lot of leeway to celebrities in terms of rehabilitating themselves and their reputations. And that's why you see first, second, third, fourth time in rehab.

TURNER: She's been in rehab six times. But some addicts will say rehab is actually a measure where you have to keep going because it's a continuous battle to recovery. So it's sometimes it's kind of like a preventative measure for them to keep going back.

PEREIRA: The one thing I wonder about is so they're doing this documentary about her time in rehab.

TURNER: It's like a reality show. I mean, if you want to be real about it, it's a docu-series but it's a reality show. That's what she's doing.

BOLDUAN: And what effect that will have on her.

CUOMO: I get that. I get why you're being -

PEREIRA: I'm hesitant, you know?

CUOMO: I get that, Mick, but I have to tell you, I think this is the right way for Lindsay Lohan to do this. I followed the story from the beginning. I give kudos to Oprah because I think that this is the way to show how difficult it is to beat the drugs even when you have everything in the world going for you. And maybe this particular person, with her understanding of attention, maybe it will help her.

PEREIRA: Right, Oprah's connected her.

TURNER: Oprah said, listen, I have an addiction, too. My addiction is to food. I get it. It's a different type of addiction but I'm an addict, as well. So it was an interesting conversation.

BOLDUAN: Thanks, Nischelle.

CUOMO: Going to take a break here on NEW DAY. We come back, what's going on with bears? Why are they being so mean? In Michigan, a bear mauled a 12 year old. Thank god she's recovering. But in Florida, there's another bear hanging out on a porch. You say, well, that's not mean, but what would happen if the family walked in there? We're going to try and figure out why now, why all these bears? BOLDUAN: Plus, Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" is the song of the summer. But does the anthem knock off some music legends from the 70s? We'll tell you what the singer's doing about the allegations coming up.


CUOMO: Welcome back to NEW DAY, everybody. A 12-year-old girl is recovering this morning from a terrifying bear attack in Michigan. She escaped with relatively minor injuries. But others haven't been so lucky. It turns out, across the country, bears and humans keep bumping into each other. The question is why.

CNN's Zoraida Sambolin joins us with the latest on that. Zoraida?

ZORAIDA SAMBOLIN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, just this past week alone, there have been five bear attacks throughout the country. Actually, seven bear attacks throughout the country, leaving many to wonder what is causing this?


VOICE OF ELIZABETH WETHERELL, MOTHER OF BEAR ATTACK VICTIM: A bear just kind of came out of nowhere, knocked her to the ground. She went to get up to try to get away and the bear came back at her again.

SAMBOLIN (voice-over): A mother's chilling attack of how a black bear mauled her 12-year-old daughter, Abigail Wetherell, leaving deep gashes on her thigh. To survive, she relied on instinct.

WETHERELL: She decided that the best was to just lay there and play dead.

SAMBOLIN: This attack is the latest in a string of bear maulings across the country. At least five attacks in the past week.

TOM STALF, PRESIDENT & CEO OF COLUMBUS ZOO: The reason we are having bear attacks now is because we have vacationers out in the area where bears live. They're out foraging and looking for food.

SAMBOLIN: Last week, a brown bear mauled a hunter in the northern Alaskan wilderness. He survived a harrowing 36 hours until the Air National Guard spotted him using night vision goggles and air lifting him to safety.

From the back woods to the back patio, bear encounters causing people's jaws to drop.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: SO we're all just freaking out.

SAMBOLIN: A black bear tore through the McDonough (ph) family screen door in Naples, Florida, taking an hour long nap on their veranda.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He look tired because was sleeping.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is the closest I have come to a bear, let alone a 7 to 8 foot bear sitting on my back porch.

SAMBOLIN: A similar scene in Colorado last month where a bear roamed into a bar filled with customers.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I tried to holler "Bear!" so people could hear me.


SAMBOLIN (on camera): And this morning wildlife officials in Michigan are running tests on a bear that they killed to see if it's the same one that mauled Abby Wetherell on Thursday evening. The bear was killed about 2 miles from the area Wetherell was attacked according to Michigan's Department of Natural Resources. Her family says, however, that they think that's the wrong bear they killed because that was a big bear, and the bear that attacked her was a smaller bear.

So I've been doing a lot of research on bears this morning, trying to figure out what is the best thing to do to defend yourself in the event that you run into a bear. So on one of the web sites of one of the parks, it says if you run into a grizzly bear, the best thing to do is play dead. But if you run into a black bear, the best thing to do is to fight back.

BOLDUAN: And you have to remember all that -

PEREIRA: Right, if you're confronted by a bear.

BOLDUAN: But good to know nonetheless. All right, Zoraida. Thank you.

Coming up next on NEW DAY, 16 years after Princess Diana's death, Scotland Yard's opening up a new inquiry. Was Princess Diana murdered by members of the British military? That is the conspiracy theory. We're going to look into it.

CUOMO: And there's only one place this summer where there are no "Blurred Lines" -- copyright laws. Well, that's not true. All the law's confusing. But the man behind the hit, Robin Thicke, is taking no chances, suing the family of Marvin Gaye. Why would he be suing them? We'll tell you.