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Lindsay Lohan Reveals Secrets to Oprah Winfrey; Prince William Weighs in on Media Frenzy over Baby George; Director, Cast Share Behind- the-Scenes Secrets on `Lee Daniels` The Butler`; Top 5 Celebrity Feuds

Aired August 19, 2013 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight on the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," Lindsay Lohan`s true drug confessions.


OPRAH WINFREY, MEDIA MOGUL: Then I read that you said that you really hadn`t done cocaine but three or four times.

LINDSAY LOHAN, ACTRESS: I really hadn`t done it. I really haven`t done it more than 10, 15 times.


HAMMER: Lindsay talks about cocaine, chaos, and coming clean in her explosive Oprah Winfrey interview. Tonight it`s the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "Lindsay`s True Confessions." What will be No. 1?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT starts right now.

Hello and thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

Welcome to "SHOWBIZ Confession Week." All this week we are bringing you big confessions from a "Real Housewives" star, telling all about what really goes on behind the scenes to a woman confessing how she turned her virginity into a hit show.

And we are kicking off "SHOWBIZ Confession Week" tonight with a "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of Lindsay Lohan`s top three confessions to Oprah. Were they true confessions or true lies? Well, that`s exactly what everybody was debating today after Lindsay`s tell-all to Oprah.

So let`s begin the countdown with No. 3, Lindsay`s stunning confession, finally admitting that she is an addict.


WINFREY: Are you an addict?


WINFREY: And what is it you are addicted to? What is your drug of choice or drugs of choice?

LOHAN: Alcohol.

WINFREY: Alcohol?

LOHAN: Alcohol, yes, because that`s -- and that in the past was a gateway to other things for me.

WINFREY: Then I read you said you said that you really hadn`t done cocaine but three or four times.

LOHAN: I really hadn`t done it -- I really haven`t done it more than 10 to 15 times. Of course I said three or four. I was terrified of judging -- being judged.

WINFREY: So what is the truth?

LOHAN: I`ve done it like 10 to 15 times.


HAMMER: I can tell you, after covering her drama so many years, I just found it fascinating to watch Lindsay there, not only because of what she was saying but her body language and what that was like when she was speaking.

Patti Ann Wood with us tonight. She`s a body language expert, also the author of this terrific book, "Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language and Charisma."

So Patti, you were right there, watching it along with everybody else. I`ve got to know what you were thinking. What did Lindsay`s body language say to you there at that pretty uncomfortable moment in the interview?

PATTI ANN WOOD, BODY LANGUAGE EXPERT: Well, she claimed some responsibility for addiction in this interview, but she didn`t claim it fully, starting with when she was asked about her drug of choice, and she said alcohol but her voice got very soft and she looked down instead of at Oprah. And then saying, "I only did cocaine 10 or 15 times," and she repeated that, and even made emphasis that it was in the past.

And that was so bizarre because she`s not looking at Oprah during any of this admission of drug use. Very, very interesting. Telling that she really hasn`t faced her addiction fully.

HAMMER: What an interesting perspective, because I was getting such a different impression as I`m watching it there, not with my trained eye like you were. And it seemed to me like she was taking so much ownership of so much of what`s going on in her life. But I want to...

WOOD: More than before but still not fully. That`s really key.

HAMMER: OK. So at least maybe there`s progress.

WOOD: Right.

HAMMER: Jane Velez-Mitchell, also with us tonight and has been following Lindsay for years. Jane, of course, hosts the "JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL SHOW" weeknights, 7 p.m. Eastern right here on HLN.

This week, her fascinating new book is out. It is "Exposed: The Secret Life of Jodi Arias."

All right, Jane, look, we talked about this for years. You`ve always been very candid about having been there yourself. And I`m watching Lindsay thinking she seems honest; she seems candid. She actually seemed evolved to me. But to you, from your perspective, finally confessing that she is an addict, I mean, that is a huge breakthrough, no?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: She seems different to me, A.J. I have watched her for years. And this time maybe she`s put on five pounds, but she seems sober to me.

Now, does she seem completely honest? No, but she`s four days out of rehab No. 6 when she does this interview.

WOOD: Right, right.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: When I got sober for the first couple of months, I was getting, like, henna serenity tattoos and braiding my hair and staring at sunsets. I wasn`t in any condition to do an interview, much less with Oprah Winfrey. She`s putting a lot of pressure on herself very early in her sobriety, and I think that`s dangerous.

HAMMER: And I think it`s so interesting that you mentioned that she looks like she gained five pounds. I didn`t notice that at all. First of all, I think she looked terrific. It was -- I was happy to see that she at least looks healthy.

Let me go to my co-host, Nischelle Turner, is with us tonight.

Nischelle, you`ve been on the Lindsay beat for years, just like me. So I`ve got to know what you were thinking, watching this.

NISCHELLE TURNER, CO-HOST: Well, I think that we would all be naive if we just blindly believed everything she said, considering her history, A.J.

I think this is the time that Lindsay really needs to show and prove. And she said it herself. She says, "I`ve got to gain a lot of people`s trust back, and I`ve got to do this work myself."

I think there are still a lot of people that are pulling for her. Hollywood is a forgiving place. And maybe the sixth time will be the charm for Lindsay.

Yes. Well, you know, her next confession is No. 2 on our "SHOWBIZ Countdown." This one, yes, is shocking. She`s telling Oprah about a conversation with her attorney, Shawn Holley, while fighting one of the many charges against her, claiming that she actually wanted to go to jail. Watch this.


LOHAN: I was sitting with Shawn, and we were talking about are we going to fight this? Are we going to take it to trial? Are we going to -- and part of my decision was at that point I, strangely, you know, being in my addiction and everything and having all the chaos around me that I was so comfortable with, I somewhere inside knew and kind of wanted to go to jail.


TURNER: I think she said she wanted to go to jail because she wanted to get peace of mind. That`s a lie to me, but given how much time and money she spent through the years trying to avoid jail time, Jane, are you buying this line here?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I`m sorry. It has me laughing because we all watched her cry: "I was working, trying to help children." I mean, now she`s saying she wanted to go to jail?

Listen, she`s newly sober, we hope. All right? She was four days out of rehab when she did this interview. Old habits like embellishing and spinning because it sounds interesting, which is what we addicts do, die hard. And she can`t be expected to be the poster child for sobriety right out of rehab. She`s a baby, as they say.

TURNER: You know, and it`s funny, Jane, because people are still asking that question. Was she just saying what everybody wanted to hear?

So Patti, I want to ask you, look at the body language here. Do you think that she really meant what she said when she said that?

WOOD: I think that she`s still searching, and she obfuscates, she evades. But the statement that was most interesting is when she said she just wanted to find some peace, and actually, she`d been throughout the interview taking in breaths, stressing, trying to hold information in. There she exhales fully.

I believe she actually did find some peace through what happened with being in jail. That`s interesting.

HAMMER: And how great that she has Shawn by her side, though. I was really happy to learn more about that relationship.

But this all takes us to the big reveal: tonight`s No. 1 in our "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of "Lindsay`s True Confessions." Did Lindsay feel exploited by her parents? That`s something Oprah grilled her about.


WINFREY: So you never felt that your mother exploited you or used you or...

LOHAN: I don`t think anything was intentionally done in that way. I think it was just, you know -- and I hate what a bad rap people give my parents because they`re just parents, really, at the end of the day. And trying to stand up for their daughter, themself.

WINFREY: So you do not feel at any time that your parents have sold you out?

LOHAN: No, I don`t think so.


HAMMER: All right. Now that surprised me, Patti. I think she was just giving her parents a pass. But what did the body language in that answer tell you?

WOOD: Yes. Actually, of all of the interview, here`s where she shows the most maturity, the most self-realization, and really does feel that she was responsible for a lot of what has happened in her life. I loved this part of the interview.

HAMMER: Really fascinating to hear, especially given all of the drama that has surrounded her parents over the years.

All right. Jane, Patti, Nischelle, thank you all.

You definitely don`t want to miss "SHOWBIZ Confession Week" tomorrow. We`ve got a woman confessing how she turned her virginity into a hit show.

Then Thursday, a former "Real Housewives"star confessing to us the secrets behind the show.

Well, they say the old mama bear instinct kicks in with motherhood. Right? Maybe that`s why Kim Kardashian just kicked up a hornet`s nest in defense of her baby. It`s Kim`s feud with Katie Couric over a baby gift. And there is big news breaking tonight in Kim and Katie`s very public tiff.

Also, from reality royalty to Prince William embracing fatherhood.


PRINCE WILLIAM, UNITED KINGDOM: Well, I can be. I`m as independent as I want to be, same as Catherine and Harry. I think driving your son and your wife away from the hospital was really important to me, and I don`t like fuss. So it`s much easier to do it yourself.


HAMMER: And that was a cool moment. Tonight, Prince William in an intimate and exclusive new interview about his 21st Century royal family.



HAMMER: It was such an iconic moment when Prince William put his brand-new baby son George into his royal SUV, and he drove his entire family home by himself. William is definitely a new kind of hands-on royal, fit for the 21st Century.

Well, tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is bringing you a worldwide exclusive: the incredible and truly revealing interview with Prince William. Now, this is the prince`s first interview on U.S. TV since the epic birth of his son, George.

I know you`re dying to find out all about the secrets of George`s iconic introduction to the world, that already legendary moment we all just saw.

CNN`s Max Foster spoke with Prince William. He is here for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Max, tell us everything.

MAX FOSTER, CNN ROYAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, I think it was really fascinating, that moment when he came out of the hospital, partly, A.J., because I had been there for two weeks, waiting for him to come out with the baby. And I wanted to ask him initially about that, you know, what was it like for him walking in front of that enormous pack of media in London.


PRINCE WILLIAM, DUKE OF CAMBRIDGE: I think more shock and dauntingness is more the feeling I felt. But it was -- the thing is, it`s -- I think I was on such a high anyway, and so was Catherine, about George, that really we were happy to show him off to whoever wanted to see him, as any new parent knows. You`re only too happy to show off your new child, and you know, pretend that he`s the best-looking or the best anything.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There`s the baby, the new royal heir in the United Kingdom.

FOSTER: You were comfortable there?

PRINCE WILLIAM: Yes. Again, it`s not somewhere I enjoy being, but I know, in the position I`m in, it`s what`s required of me to do. And I think just, you know, it`s one of those things that I -- you know, it`s nice that people wanted to see George. So, you know, I`m just glad he wasn`t screaming his head off the whole way.

FOSTER: That moment that you came out with the car seat, I mean, we had some warning that you might be doing that. Fathers around the planet will be cursing you for doing it so easily.

PRINCE WILLIAM: Believe me, it wasn`t my first time. And I know there`s been speculation about that. I had to practice. I really did. I was terrified that I was going to be some -- you know, it was going to fall off. So I had actually practiced.

FOSTER: And your decision to drive off. I remember that moment, as well. That was the most nerve-wracking thing for me, having my family in the car. But that was something that you were clearly determined to do.

PRINCE WILLIAM: Well, I can be. I`m as independent as I want to do. And same as Catherine and Harry. We`ve all grown up, you know, differently to other generations. And I very much feel if I can do it myself, I want to do it myself.

And there are times when you can`t do it yourself and the system takes over, or it`s appropriate to do things differently. But I think driving your son and your wife away from hospital, it was really important for me. And I don`t like fuss, so it`s much easier to do it yourself.

FOSTER: And you didn`t stall.

PRINCE WILLIAM: I didn`t -- well, it`s an automatic, so it`s all right.


HAMMER: Thank goodness for that.

So Max, obviously Prince William is just over the moon about being a new dad. Now, even though he is a royal, I got the impression, you know, he`s just like any other proud parent who`s showing off his kid. When you spoke with him, did you feel that way during your exclusive interview?

FOSTER: Yes. I mean, what really struck me was how he was being hands on. He`s the one getting up at nights, along with Kate and they do the nappies. They drove the car; he put the car seat in.

The point is that they are doing it like any ordinary family would. They don`t have to. He does have a choice of this enormous staff to do it for him. The staff would probably prefer to do it for him, but he`s chosen to do it the traditional way of most parents. And that`s given him an insight into what it`s like to be ordinary. I think that`s what`s allowed viewers of this interview to really connect with him. And it`s the first time I think that he`s really opened up; we`ve really got a sense of what he`s really like.

HAMMER: Yes, it`s so cool. Really brings him down to earth.

Well, Max, we are just getting started with your incredible one on one with Prince William. So please stay right there. Because I know you are dying to show us how Prince William and Duchess Catherine are doing, now that they have a brand-new baby boy at home. Everybody wants to know if they`re getting any sleep at all.

So Max, stay there, so you can reveal all in just a little bit.

And you be sure to check out your total royal fix. It`s the CNN documentary, "PRINCE WILLIAM`S PASSION: NEW FATHER, NEW HOPE." It`s airing on Sunday, September 15. It`s going to be outstanding. You don`t want to miss it.

We move on now to Lady Gaga`s amazing feud with Perez Hilton. So Gaga`s calling Perez a stalker. Perez is getting death threats from Gaga`s fans. I mean, is this star war really getting violent?

How does that stack up again A-Rod versus, well, everyone? Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez is hit by a pitch just as he`s taken constant blows over alleged drug use.

Today`s amazing feuds. But which will top the "SHOWBIZ Countdown"?




FOREST WHITAKER, ACTOR: Get the hell out of my house! Get on out!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m sorry, Mr. Butler, I didn`t mean to make fun of your hero.


HAMMER: What a great performance. Oprah Winfrey in "Lee Daniels` The Butler." It topped the weekend box office, taking in $25 million.

The movie is based on the true story about White House butler Eugene Allen.

I`d like to bring back Nischelle Turner, who sat down with director Lee Daniels and some stars of the movie. And that`s how she got the big behind-the-scenes secrets.

TURNER: Indeed, A.J. There`s so much that goes on behind the scenes on movie sets that we don`t see. And it`s very rare for the stars of the movie themselves to spill those secrets.


WHITAKER: I`m Cecil Gaines. I`m the new butler.

TURNER (voice-over): What`s in a name? That`s what director Lee Daniels asked the Motion Picture Association of America when they told him his movie title was taken and he`d have to find something other than "The Butler."

LEE DANIELS, DIRECTOR: We`ll try to figure out something so that says "Lee Daniels` The Butler." And I went, "Eww." You know?

TURNER (on camera): You don`t like that? Or you`re not sure?

DANIELS: Ask me next week but right now, I don`t.

TURNER (voice-over): That`s secret No. 1. The director hates the title, even though his name is written all over it.

DANIELS: I do my work for kids that are impoverished, that come from where I come from, which is the projects. And I don`t want them to feel that your name is more important than your work. So it`s about the work ethic.

TURNER: What Lee did feel comfortable with at the end of the day was the cast, but it didn`t start out that way. Secret No. 2, Terence Howard`s dental dilemma.

TERENCE HOWARD, ACTOR: He`s like, "I`m having trouble. I`ve got to figure out this thing. I want to do this movie back in L.A. I can`t now. I`ve got just one character left, and he`s -- you know, you`re too pretty for it. And he`s like, what can we do, cut your hair off or something?"

And I was like, "You know what. I got a crown on this front tooth. You can take that out."

"Don`t you do it, T.C. Don`t you do it, T.C." I set up a dentist appointment right away.

TURNER: It was this honesty and realness that endeared Howard and the rest of the cast to the project. The same honest and realness that made shooting the film at times almost unbearable.

WINFREY: Everybody just...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m sorry, Mr. Butler, I didn`t mean to make fun of your hero.

WINFREY: Everything you are, everything you have is because of that butler.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There are a lot of scenes that I really loved. I think one of the ones that was -- that kind of stands out is the most difficult one. And it was the sit in.

TURNER: Secret No. 3, Yaya`s real breakdown.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Wasn`t fun, wasn`t -- didn`t feel good to do, but it was powerful, and it definitely had an impact on me as an actor to do that.

TURNER (on camera): You really got spit on?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes. That was real.

TURNER: How was that?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It was awful. It was degrading. It stunk. I wanted to vomit. You know, I got really -- things that happen in your body when something happens like that in real life happened onset. You know, you`re acting, it`s make believe, but the lines get blurry in scenes like, especially when you`re using something like real saliva. It`s not fun.

TURNER (voice-over): No doubt emotion overran the set on many days, but there was a family feeling, too, that began from day one. Secret No. 4. Cuba`s good time.

DANIELS: It was a good time.

TURNER (on camera): Please talk about...

DANIELS: It was a good time. Cuba -- on our opening party, on our opening -- opening party for the cast, Oprah was there and everybody was there, and Cuba decided to jump into the pool naked. Let`s just say that was the beginning of "The Butler."

TURNER (voice-over): Secrets revealed.


HAMMER: All right. Well, one of the stars of "Duck Dynasty" is revealing a stunning secret about getting the boot from a New York City hotel because of the way he looks.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, the first thing that happened to me at the hotel, is I got escorted out.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think it was a facial profiling deal.


HAMMER: Duck Dynasty versus a swanky New York hotel. You`ve got to hear this.

Plus, it`s another reality war, Kim Kardashian versus Katie Couric. The new mom smacks down the talk show host over a baby gift. "SHOWBIZ Countdown," today`s amazing feuds. Which will be No. 1?



HAMMER: Right now on the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," today`s top five amazing feuds, including the reality titan versus the talk show titan. It`s the epic smack-down between Kim Kardashian and Katie Couric that`s all over a baby gift.

Plus, A-Rod`s epic feud with the whole world. Yankees star Alex Rodriguez gets plunked at bat while he continues to get plunked by, well, everyone else for his doping scandal.

Lady Gaga calls out Perez Hilton. Is Perez really stalking Gaga, following her to New York? Which feud will tops the "SHOWBIZ Countdown" tonight?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

And tonight on the SHOWBIZ countdown, we`ve got the amazing feuds that just exploded today. That`s right. We`re playing the feud on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, counting down the top five celebrity feuds that have us asking, which side are you on? Want to kick it off with No. 5. Kim Kardashian versus Katie Couric. Never saw this coming, but now we have Katie apologizing to Kim today after Kim became, well, perhaps the most ungrateful baby gift recipient ever. Nischelle Turner, has there ever been a bigger public feud over a baby gift, I ask you?

TURNER: I don`t think so, and there are also some etiquette issues here, I think, AJ. All of this started off with Kim Kardashian sharing this Instagram of a baby gift that Katie sent to her for her little girl. But listen to what Kim tweeted with this photo. She said, @Ihatefakemediafriends. And @mayIhumblysuggestyounotsendgiftsthentalkstuff. But of course, she didn`t write stuff, it was another s word. Kim was ticked off, because Katie had just told "InTouch" magazine this about the Kardashians. She said quote, "I don`t understand why they`re so famous, and I think it is mostly teenage girls that are interested." Sounds true to me. I don`t want Kim to get mad at me, but whatever. Inside Edition`s Megan Alexander is with us tonight. Megan, your opinion, did Kim have every right to slam Katie?

MEGAN ALEXANDER, IN TOUCH MAGAZINE: She did, and Nischelle, I got to tell you, I think Katie Couric actually dated herself with this argument. Listen, what you said, the majority of Kim`s fan base is teenage girls, but look, we get it, Katie. There are a lot of intelligent people that don`t know why the Kardashians are so famous, but you know what, they are famous, they`re here to say, and they have parlayed their fame into some pretty serious business ventures. So I think this is an old argument. And what`s ironic, is Katie obviously felt she needed to apologize, so she releases this statement and apologizes to Kim.

So at the end of the day, she thinks she`s famous perhaps for a reason and she shouldn`t get on her bad side.

TURNER: Yes, you know, AJ, I don`t know if I can remember anybody slamming Katie Couric like that since Sarah Palin.

HAMMER: Yes, Katie of course never apologized to Palin, but she is apologizing to Kim, and here is what Katie is telling SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. "I`ve met Kim before, and I think she`s a really sweet person. I was responding to a reporter`s question and explaining how I am intrigued by the public`s fascination with her family. I did not mean to hurt her feelings. The gift is genuine, and I am happy for Kim and Kanye."

Out to Hollywood now. Gerrick Kennedy is an entertainment journalist with "The LA Times." Gerrick, whose side are you on in this big feud?

GERRICK KENNEDY, LA TIMES: I think I have to be on Kim`s side, actually. I think Kanye might be rubbing off on her. And again, you can understand how she could be confused by this but also a little bit upset, because you have somebody who said some not nice things, granted, something that we all have probably said at one time or another, but then to send a really expensive gift I think maybe sends the wrong message to Kim, who is feeling a little bold these days. So it was a really interesting response to get from Kim.

HAMMER: I think, look, I don`t think Katie intended to hurt anybody`s feelings here, but I don`t know, Nischelle, I think Kim needs to relax a little, don`t you?

TURNER: Yes, I am sure she probably does, but I think that the whole gift and the whole apology is because Katie wants that first interview and to see the baby first as well.


TURNER: Exactly. So let`s talk about our next feud breaking today, and it involves two musical superstars, one has had the No. 1 song in the land all summer long, and the other is a legend who is no longer with us. Yes, No. 4 in our SHOWBIZ countdown, Robin Thicke versus Marvin Gaye and a court battle over the song that we just cannot get out of our heads this summer.


TURNER: Is it the hottest hit of the summer too similar to this Motown hit of 1977? Robin Thicke and his producers are going to court, preemptively filing a lawsuit against Marvin Gaye`s family and the copyright owner of his work. At issue, complaints about similarities in the compositions between Thicke`s "Blurred Lines" and at least two other songs, including Gaye`s hit, "Gotta Give it Up," performed here on "Soul Train" among them. The suit claims that Gaye`s family alleges the songs feel or sound the same. Thicke argues that "Blurred Lines" was to invoke an era and reminiscent of a sound, but that`s not copyright infringement. Or is it?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Typically unless you find a melodic progression that sounds exactly like the songs people are alleging to be stealing from, you usually get away with it.

TURNER: The suit alleges that the Gaye defendants are claiming ownership of an entire genre, as opposed to a specific work. And then a second allegation, the head of Bridgeport Music, Armen Boladian, pictured here with Funkadelic in 1969, also claimed Thicke and producers extracted samplings of the Funkadelic`s "Sexy Ways." But George Clinton himself, a former member of the group, disagrees, tweeting last week "no sample of Funkadelic`s `Sexy Ways` in Robin Thicke`s `Blurred Lines,` yet Armen Boladian thinks so? We support Robin Thicke and Pharrell."

Now it is up to a court to determine whether Thicke`s "Blurred Lines" crossed the line.


TURNER: So Marvin Gaye`s family and Bridgeport Music both say they are ready to go to court if Robin Thicke doesn`t pay up in a settlement. So, Megan, I want to ask you, we all love Robin Thicke. Yes, we love the song, but suing the family of the man who gave us "Let`s Get it On," come on, a little extreme?

ALEXANDER: I think so. He was preemptive, wasn`t he, in filing this lawsuit first. YouTube has a great mashup of both songs. Listen, I think the beat is similar, some of the percussion sounds are similar, but the melody of both of the songs is different. So I am not sure that I would go so far as to say these songs are similar. I think it is interesting that Robin threw the first punch, however, though. His song is No. 1, he wants to protect it.

TURNER: Maybe he`s just protecting himself there. What do you think, Gerrick, just protection by Robin Thicke?

KENNEDY: It`s absolute protection. I mean, you even look back at some of the interviews he`s done to promote the record, and he said he really did want to throw people back to that particular song, and it is one of his favorite songs of all time, he has gone on record saying. So I think that has kind of put him as a target a bit, because it is a huge song, and it`s -- the song is going great for him, it is one of his biggest records. But yes, sonically, they do feel the same. They don`t sound the same, however, which are two different things.

TURNER: I want to go to the court of A.J. Hammer.

HAMMER: Oh, yes.


HAMMER: We`re in session.

TURNER: So what if you had gotten this case, Judge Hammer, would you rule that "Blurred Lines" sounds the same as "Gotta Give it Up."

HAMMER: All I know is the first time I heard "Blurred Lines" come on the radio, I immediately said, "Gotta Give it Up," Marvin Gaye. Now, how the court rules, look, you know, it`s all based on a formula, but all pop music is essentially derivative these days, well, so much of it is. I love the song, it is making my summer happy.

Let`s move on to No. 3. It`s our number three amazing feud in our SHOWBIZ countdown tonight. Well, "Duck Dynasty`s" Jase Robertson may not have been so happy, and he is taking on Donald Trump, the very week that Jase`s show "Duck Dynasty" set brand new ratings records. Everybody is watching this thing. But he found himself in the middle of an embarrassing situation at one of Trump`s New York City hotels. Listen to this. He says he was briefly kicked out of the hotel where he was staying by a staffer, who apparently thought he was homeless. Jase told the story on "Live with Kelly and Michael" this morning.


JASE ROBERTSON, DUCK DYNASTY: The first thing that happened to me at the hotel is I got escorted out.


ROBERTSON: I think it was a facial profiling deal.


ROBERTSON: I asked where the bathroom --


ROBERTSON: Yeah. I asked where the bathroom was, and he said right this way, sir, he was very nice.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And he walked right out of the hotel?

ROBERTSON: He walked outside. He pointed down the road, and said good luck. Have a good day.

I circled back around. My wife said what happened? I said I just got kicked out.


HAMMER: OK. I love it. Facial profiling, that`s all funny, but all I could think of when I heard the story, is shame on the guy who kicked him out. This is New York City, the guy in the ripped shorts next to you on the subway could be worth a billion bucks.

ALEXANDER: It`s so true, listen, don`t judge a book by its cover, obviously. Love the "Duck Dynasty" boys. I think they took this, AJ, you know, perfectly well, he smiled, he laughed about it. I am just waiting for the Trump press conference. Right? You know that was coming with Donald.

HAMMER: Yes, and of course, they`re going to have us right there, talking to Donald to let him say, well, Jase is now a friend of mine.

Nischelle, I have to say, I would have loved to have been there when the hotel employee who kicked Jase out actually found out who he was. Can you imagine that moment?

TURNER: I would have loved to have been there, too. By the way, AJ, it will be a very good friend of Donald Trump`s now.

HAMMER: That`s right. He is a good friend of mine, and we`re very good buddies. He is going to do a new reality show for me.

We are now down to the last two amazing feuds tonight on our SHOWBIZ countdown. You know I love you, Donald. But the final faceoff is coming up in just a moment as we move from "Duck Dynasty" to the royal dynasty. We have a blockbuster, must-see royal exclusive tonight. It is Prince William`s very first interview on U.S. TV since he introduced Baby George to the world.


PRINCE WILLIAM: He does like to keep having his nappy changed. And--

FOSTER: You did the first nappy.

PRINCE WILLIAM: I did the first nappy, yes.


HAMMER: Yes, the first nappy. The prince was the first person to change his son`s diaper. That`s what that means. Tonight, the secrets of Prince William the dad.

Plus, baby George revealed. I will show you the first official pictures of George, and of course, he is adorable. You got to see these SHOWBIZ royal firsts. This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: Welcome back to tonight`s SHOWBIZ countdown of today`s top 5 amazing star feuds. The No. 2 spot is next. And here you go. Alex Rodriguez versus the entire world. Well, that may be a slight exaggeration to say that A-Rod`s at war with the entire planet, but it really does kind of seem that way, as baseball`s highest paid player ever continues to fight with fans, baseball officials, and even his own team over claims that he used performance enhancing drugs and tried to cover it up.

So last night, a Boston Red Sox pitcher hit A-Rod with a pitch that some say intentionally hit him. This in the home stadium of the Yankees` most bitter rival. Let`s go to the instant replay.

Ow. I mean, that`s just no good. Megan Alexander from "Inside Edition" is with us tonight, and Megan, perhaps you know, is there one person out there who is not feuding with A-Rod these days?

ALEXANDER: Exactly. AJ, looking at this, professional sports, somebody like A-Rod, this is big money, tempers, egos involved. I really think that all these players that are involved in this investigation, they should be benched, they should not be playing, this should play out in the courts, not on the baseball diamond. This is dangerous.

HAMMER: Do you think he was beaned intentionally?


HAMMER: I never want to believe that.


HAMMER: I am very naive about this, but if you think the pitch that hit A- Rod was a painful surprise, you now have to see what A-Rod`s lawyer got this morning. This was on the "Today Show," and he mistakenly tried to avoid answering Matt Lauer`s very specific questions about A-Rod and his battle with baseball. You got to see this unexpected response.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If the vice president of Major League Baseball would be good enough to waive the confidentiality clause, I would love nothing more than to talk about Alex Rodriguez`s testing history and various things, I would love nothing more.

MATT LAUER, NBC: Joe (ph), that office sent us a letter overnight saying they`re willing to do exactly that. They sent me a letter saying that if you`ll sign this letter, they`re willing to waive the confidentiality clause.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have been asking for that for, I don`t know, three, four weeks. They would love nothing more than for us to be able to not hide behind this anonymous source doctrine, which they have been doing.


HAMMER: A-Rod`s attorney didn`t seem ready for that. Not surprisingly, the lawyer didn`t answer any specific questions about A-Rod`s charges. What do you think? Was that too big of a gotcha moment with A-Rod`s attorney from Matt Lauer there? I thought Matt was spot on.

ALEXANDER: Absolutely. I think he said, look, here you go, here is the document right in front of you, and they are hemming and hawing. AJ, again, I just think there`s so much involved here in terms of time, money, energy, temper, egos. I really do think that all of those players should not be playing. And some of the other players were saying they felt the same way. It is just getting too dangerous, getting too nasty.

HAMMER: Nischelle, are we ever going to see A-Rod answering specific questions about what he did or didn`t do?

TURNER: Short answer, no.

HAMMER: Not for a while, unless it`s in court, I`m betting?

TURNER: No. Exactly. AJ, you know, what I want to do, though, is time for the big reveal. Getting down to the No. 1 countdown of our amazing feuds today, because this is the clash of the Twitter titans. Yes, indeed, Lady Gaga versus celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. The two former BFFs spent all weekend sniping back and forth on Twitter. Then, Gaga simply unloaded on Perez on Twitter after she heard that he showed up at her New York City apartment building. Here is what she tweeted. She says, "Stay away from me and my family, you are sick, trying to rent an apartment in my building to stalk me. Leave me alone."

Here is what Perez wrote on his website today. "After a day of innocent house hunting, I am devastated and my heart hurts that my former very good friend, a person I used to call my wifey and travel the world with, is making very public and very untrue allegations about me on Twitter." Gerrick Kennedy from the LA Times, is it me or is this just kind of petty and childish sounding?

KENNEDY: It`s -- I think it is a little of both. It is extremely childish, you have these two huge stars going back and forth. What`s interesting is that neither has really discussed why they fell out in the first place, which I think might help a little bit -- help the rest of us understand what`s going on here.

I will agree with Perez when it comes to her fans are little monsters, I have incurred the wrath of them, and I understand. If you say something against Gaga that they don`t like, you will get death threats, you will get a witch hunt. I do understand where he is coming from with that, but I do think it is getting a little bit blown out of proportion, and like he has said, I think the focus really should pretty much be on the single, which he does not like, by the way.

TURNER: And it is interesting, because I saw Perez today, and I spoke with him about it. And he did look sad, and he did say he was a little afraid, because he had been getting a lot of death threats from Gaga fans, the little monsters on Twitter. So we`ll have to see what happens with this. What do you think, AJ?

HAMMER: Oh, I am with Gerrick, I want to know what the real story is, because you know there`s something behind all of what`s going on here that we may never know about.

All right, guys, Megan, Gerrick, thank you both for being here tonight. And coming up next, I can`t wait to show you this, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with Prince William`s very first American TV interview since he became the world`s most famous dad. This is an incredible royal exclusive, and we`re revealing the very first official picture of baby George in just moments on our big night of SHOWBIZ royal firsts. Wait until you see what we have named as our moment of SHOWBIZ awesomeness. This is SBT. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: Tonight, a royal exclusive that you`re just going to love. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is bringing you Prince William`s very first TV interview in the U.S. since he became a dad. And we`re answering all of the questions you`ve been dying to ask yourself, like how is Kate doing, is William getting any sleep? CNN`s Max Foster spoke with the prince and just got all of the answers, he is right here for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT right now. Max, what can you tell us?

FOSTER: Well, there are lots of things I wanted to ask William, and I had a limited amount of time. But one of them I wanted to ask, was you know, is this a new type of monarchy, because so many people said that about the moment they came out of the hospital, and how it is different from previous royal generations. It is interesting when you ask William questions like that, because basically he is just being himself.


WILLIAM: I`m just doing it the way I know. And, you know, if it`s the right way, then brilliant. If it`s not wrong -- if it`s the wrong way, then I`ll try to do it better.

But, you know, I`m just -- I`m quite -- I`m reasonably headstrong about what I believe in and what I go for. And I`ve got fantastic people around me who give me great support and advice.

FOSTER: The prince says baby George is already quite a character.

WILLIAM: Well, yeah, he`s a little bit of a rascal. We`ll put it that way. So he either reminds me of my brother or me when I was younger. I`m not sure.

But he`s doing very well at the moment. He does like to keep having his nappy changed and --

FOSTER: You did the first nappy?

WILLIAM: I did the first nappy, yeah.

FOSTER: It was actually a badge of honor.

WILLIAM: Was a badge of honor, actually. I wasn`t allowed to get away with it. I had every (ph) midwife (ph) staring at me, going, you do it, you do it.

He`s a little -- he`s growing quite quickly, actually. But he`s a little fighter. He kind of -- he wriggles around quite a lot, and he doesn`t want to get in his seat that much, which is a little bit of a problem.

But he`s...

FOSTER: So you`re up a lot at night?

WILLIAM: A little bit.

FOSTER: Pretty tired?

WILLIAM: Not as much as Catherine, but you know, she`s doing a fantastic job.

FOSTER: How is she? OK?

WILLIAM: Yes, very well. For me, Catherine and our little George are my priorities, and Lupo, so...

FOSTER: I was going to ask you about Lupo. How`s Lupo coping?

WILLIAM: He`s coping all right, actually. As a lot of people know who have got dogs and bring a newborn back, they take a little bit of time to adapt, but, no he`s been all right so far. He`s been slobbering sort of around the house a bit, so he`s perfectly happy.

FOSTER: And how are you about going back to work?

WILLIAM: Well, as a few fathers might know, I`m actually quite looking forward to going back to work.

FOSTER: Get some sleep.

WILLIAM: Get some sleep. Exactly, yeah. So I`m just hoping the first few shifts I go back, I don`t have any night jobs.


HAMMER: He just can`t wait to get back to that job. All right, so, Max, what else did Prince William tell you about how Catherine is adjusting to being a new mom?

FOSTER: Well, he didn`t want to talk much about her. And this is when you start to see the protective side of William. He said she was doing fine, but he really wants to protect her privacy. Those photos you have been showing as well of the family in the back garden of the Middletons family home, they are the first official pictures of George and of Kate since the baby was born, and they were taken by Kate`s dad. Some people criticized the photography. But what you have got there is absolute privacy. Their private garden, no one is allowed in, and her dad taking the pictures. And this is the story here. He wants to give a bit of George away, because a future monarch of so many countries, but also wants to protect this little boy as well.

HAMMER: And the picture was just released today. Were you surprised it took so long?

FOSTER: No. I knew the palace had the pictures, and they have had them for a while, and they were deciding when to release them. They didn`t want to release everything at once, but it made sense to release them at a similar time to the interview, because they`re personal, intimate, much like the interview.

HAMMER: Right. Well, really an amazing royal exclusive. Max, thanks so much for bringing it to us. Appreciate it.

FOSTER: Thanks, AJ.

HAMMER: And you don`t want to miss that incredible documentary, "Prince William`s Passion, New Father, New Hope." It is on CNN on Sunday, September 15th. You definitely want to check it out.

Well, from the frenzy over the new royal baby to a frenzy over an iconic music superstar`s brand new video.


HAMMER: Gaga drops her first video since her massive hip surgery. Did she lose a single step? We are going to show you in tonight`s SHOWBIZ awesomeness. This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: Time for SHOWBIZ awesomeness, when we reveal the most awesome story of the day.

TURNER: Yes, tonight superstar icon Lady Gaga is back in action for the first time since her major hip surgery. Now, she just dropped her brand new video "Applause" today. This is the first single from her upcoming album "Art Pop," which is due out in November. And you know what? I don`t think she has lost a single step. So here`s your moment of total Gaga awesomeness.


TURNER: You know what? I have got to give her some applause, I mean, come on, you know? That`s great. That`s dope. I love it.

HAMMER: I can`t wait to see her perform that live. She`s going to do it this Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards. It will be a lot of applause for Gaga.

TURNER: I`ll be there.

HAMMER: Thank you for watching. I am AJ Hammer in New York. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is on Monday through Thursday at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific. HLN continues right now.