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Airtran Flight Diverted; Homes Southeast Flood Threat; U.S. Freezes Some Egypt Aid; Bomb Suspects Injuries Detailed; Beau Biden in Hospital; Van Dyke Pulled from Burning Car; 'N Sync to Perform At MTV VMAs; "Sunny" at The White House; Apple Readying New iPhone; A-Rod Versus the MLB

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CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: Breaking overnight, a plane diverted after a passenger tries to open the exit doors. We're live with the latest, including who was on board that was able to stop it.

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: Fire and rain. A ferocious wildfire tearing through Idaho. Thousands evacuated. Famous Sun Valley now in its crosshairs while in the southeast. fLooding is out of control.

MICHAELA PEREIRA, CNN ANCHOR: Breaking puppy news. The Obama's have a baby sister for their dog, Bo. Meet Sunny, the newest member of the First Family. We have the pictures.

CUOMO: Your NEW DAY starts right now.

ANNOUNCER: This is NEW DAY with Chris Cuomo, Kate Bolduan, and Michaela Pereira.


CUOMO: Good morning, everybody. Welcome to NEW DAY. It's Tuesday, August 20th, 6:00 in the East. I'm Chris Cuomo.

BOLDUAN: I'm Kate Bolduan. We're here with news anchor, Michaela Pereira.

PEREIRA: Good morning.

BOLDUAN: Coming up in the show, the Obama's new dog isn't the only story coming out of Washington today. Senator Ted Cruz, one of the more conservative members of Congress, he released his birth certificate to the media to prove he's an American citizen. Turns out he's also Canadian. So, what's he doing? What is the birther? What are these birther claims doing to our political process, I would ask you? We're going to get into that coming up.

CUOMO: Plus, we have a murder in Oklahoma that's causing an international uproar. An Australian college baseball player allegedly murdered by three American teens in Oklahoma. It is front-page news in Australia and should paid attention to here as well because the most shocking part is why these teens say they did it. We'll have a lot more on this.

PEREIRA: And then, yesterday, our Max Foster had a huge one-on-one With Prince William that had the world talking. Today, he will bring us this, the new photos of the royal baby and the big surprise was who took those photos.

BOLDUAN: Exactly.

All right. But up first, we have some breaking news overnight, an AirTran flight from Baltimore heading to Austin, Texas, forced to make an unscheduled landing in Memphis last night after a passenger tried to open an emergency exit midair. Christine Romans is tracking the latest development. This is one of those stories that goes under the category of everyone's worst nightmare when you're on a place. What are we learning?

CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: A really frightening moment for 120 passengers and five crew members about this Airtran Flight diverted to Memphis because the passenger tried to open the emergency exit. The plane is on its way as you said from Baltimore to Austin. Southwest Airlines spokesman said that it looked like this Airtran Flight 265 diverted because of an unruly passenger.

Other passengers on this plane saying it was members of the military who happened to be riding on this flight who subdued the man and held him until help could come in Memphis last night. Of course, it's impossible to open the door of a plane while it is midair, but it is incredibly frightening for all those involved.

Some of the passengers said it didn't appear he was drunk. Some said it didn't appear this passenger was unruly. One passenger telling one of our affiliates the person said he didn't want to live anymore. Unclear what the motive was but the flight was safely delivered to Austin and those passengers deplaned. No one was hurt.

BOLDUAN: After a very scary delay, clearly a lot of questions with this passenger now. We just don't know where things -- we'll find out. Thanks so much, Christine. We'll watch that.

CUOMO: Good news for a random situation handled very well by those on board. That's always the key there.

All right, so let's move to other big headlines, listen to this one. Eleven western states are on fire. Take a look at the map from Washington to Arizona, 49 wildfires are burning out of control right now. Idaho's Beaver Creek blaze has already scorched over 160 square miles threatening hundreds of homes in the resort city of Sun Valley.

Dan Simon is live from Haley, Idaho, this morning. Good morning, Dan. How is the battle going?

DAN SIMON, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hi, Chris. You know, I have to tell you, crews seem to be cautiously optimistic that they're making some progress, that having all of these resources in place is really making a huge difference, as a first step hundreds of residents were let back into their homes. That said, there are still plenty of areas left to burn.


SIMON (voice-over): Fire continuing to ravage one of the country's most scenic spots. Drive through the mountains and you can understand why many celebrities like Tom Hanks, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis choose this area to build multimillion-dollar vacation homes and why some insurance companies called in their own firefighters to help prevent a calamity. But as a Red Cross official told me --

NICOLE IRWIN, AMERICAN RED CROSS: Many people think this is an affluent area and it is, but there are many people who are affected by this that are from different socioeconomic backgrounds.

SIMON: Staying in a shelter like this high school where we met Orlanda Cabrito.

ORLANDA CABRITO, FIRE EVACUEE: I think just not knowing, I think the outcome if we're going to be able to go home, to have a home, I think that's the most nerve-racking.

SIMON: The Beaver Creek fire is a true beast spreading across an area larger than the city of Denver, surrounded by bone dry trees and brush, it's clear this fire could keep burning for a very long time. The key is to keep the flames away from homes, but the wind has a way of pushing the fire in different directions.

BETH LUND, FIRE INDICENT COMMANDER: We have plenty of resources right now, and it's just a matter of having people in the right place at the right time, which I believe we do at this point in time. It's just a lot of work to go ahead and get this thing contained.


SIMON: Well, there is rain in the forecast, and that could come as early as this evening. That could be a mixed blessing because with thunderstorms there could be more lightning and that could produce more fires but the bottom line is you should expect to see that containment number rise maybe just a few points today -- Kate.

BOLDUAN: I guess we'll take anything you can get at this point. Thanks so much, Dan, for tracking that for us.

While the wildfires burn out west across the country rain is causing problems in the southeast. Stalled front brings wet weather and the risk of flooding through the Florida panhandle and others. CNN's Meteorologist Indra Petersons has been tracking this situation. It seems to not go away -- Indra.

INDRA PETERSONS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: No, I mean, unfortunately, we're still talking about this stationary front that will not move. We're talking about this stationary front that is staying in place day after day. Let's talk about where we stand right now. This is the surplus since just June, 10 to 15 inches over where we should be, 20 to 30 inches of rain have fallen into the region. That is just into June. This is what we saw yesterday no difference, still talking about rain cruising through the area. That was yesterday's picture and unfortunately today, it we'll look very similar. So let's talk about the pattern. Here's Tuesday, we're going to talk about why we call it a stationary front. Notice, it is still hanging out in the southeast, meaning producing showers along with the tropical moisture right along that frontal zone.

We're going to move into Wednesday. We'll see some changes. We start to see a front move to the lake even some severe weather kind of breaking out, but notice in the southeast same picture, still talking about more rain, one to two inches of rain, even two to four inches of rain will be possible from the heavier thunderstorms.

Now we move on, here we go, now in Thursday, notice barely moving that stationary front so even more rain in the forecast, flooding concerns all the way up into the Carolinas. Meanwhile the change will be cooler temperatures from the great lakes. Let's talk about the big temperature change, talking about heat advisories, 80s will turn to 70s into the Midwest by a couple of days. There's a peek of good news somewhere, but unfortunately the southeast no changes.

BOLDUAN: The temperatures have been fluctuating.


BOLDUAN: All right, Indra, thanks so much.

CUOMO: All right, now to developments in Egypt. Egypt's security forces have arrested Mohammed Badia, the Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader for allegedly inciting violence. We're learning more about what the U.S. response will be. The Obama's administration has decided to freeze some military aid to the country as its continuing to figure out the best approach to this situation overall. Foreign affairs correspondent Jill Dougherty is following it all for us. Good morning, Jill.

JILL DOUGHERTY, CNN FOREIGN AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT: Good morning, Chris. You know, the administration is carrying out a major review of its aid and you can see their dilemma, do you continue the aid, which they think is important at the same time that you have Egyptian troops mowing down people on the streets of Cairo.

So according to a U.S. official and to a spokesperson for Senator Patrick Leahy, what they are doing is temporarily reprogramming that aid. Now it is not a decision to turn it off or to do really anything, but they are reprogramming and that averts what President Obama doesn't want to have to do, which is to define it, is it a coup or isn't it a coup because if it is they'd have to cut off the aid.

So they will be consulting with Congress about this and it's a lot of money $1.5 billion is the total the taxpayers give to Egypt.

BOLDUAN: All right, Jill, thanks so much for tracking it, from the State Department for us. We'll talk to you soon.

There is a lot of news developing at this hour so let's get straight to Michaela.

PEREIRA: Good morning, guys. Good morning to you at home. New this morning, just released court documents detailing the injuries suffered by Boston marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev before his capture. A trauma surgeon testifying at a court proceeding said Tsarnaev had multiple gunshot wounds including through his mouth and a skull fracture. He has pleaded not guilty in the Boston marathon bombings, which killed three people and wounded 260.

Investigators say the limousine fire on the Bay Bridge in Northern California that killed a bride and four members of her bachelorette party was a tragic accident and that no criminal charges will be filed. That fire was caused by a catastrophic failure of the vehicle's suspension system. The problem created friction between the driveshaft and the limo's rear floor board sparking that deadly fire on the bridge above the San Francisco Bay.

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden going through medical testing in Houston after feeling weak and disoriented during a family vacation. He already sought treatment for his symptoms at hospitals in Chicago and Philadelphia last week. You might recall the younger Biden suffered a mild stroke back in 2010, but the 44-year-old's current condition is unclear.

Dick Van Dyke doing fine after his car burst into flames on a Los Angeles freeway. Witnesses say the 87-year-old actor was rescued from the vehicle by a Good Samaritan before first responders arrived. Look at the car, Van Dyke's wife, Arlene, was also in the vehicle. She posted video of the scene online. You can see the actor's car was reduced to a burned out frame.

The last time we heard them sing "Bye, Bye, Bye" was more than a decade ago, but now the "New York Post" reporting beloved '90s boy band 'N Sync will indeed reunite at the MTV Video Music Awards this weekend. JT will reportedly take the stage with his former band mates at Sunday show where the pop star is up for six new men, Justin Timberlake and N' Sync back together again. I might have to tune in, love me some boy bands.

BOLDUAN: You did, truth to power. That's all that matters.

CUOMO: One of the first stories I ever did was about the man putting the boy band about it, the investigation about it and N Sync was one of them. Justin Timberlake is like the big man now.

PEREIRA: That's why they thought it was rare they'd ever get back together.

BOLDUAN: Michaela, thanks so much. There is a lot of controversy in a Washington, as we know there is no controversy about this. The first family has an adorable new addition, the Obamas announcing they have a new pup, puppy named Sunny. Just listen to the music accompanying this, a Portuguese water dog just like Bo who is now a big brother.

CNN'S Athena Jones is live at the White House for us with more details on this breaking news. Good morning, Athena.

ATHENA JONES, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Good morning, Kate. Awhile back the first lady said she hosted a doggy play date for first dog Bo because he wasn't getting enough dog interaction. With the addition of the second dog to the White House family that's about to change.


JONES (voice-over): If you want a friend in Washington get a dog, as the saying goes. President Barack Obama and the first family did just that, again. Meet Sunny, the 1-year-old Portuguese water dog from Michigan who now calls 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home. Sunny is the same breed as her big brother, Bo. Bo joined the family soon after the Obamas first arrived at the White House in 2009.

BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Sasha and Malia, I love you both more than you can imagine and you have earned the new puppy that's coming with us to the White House.

JONES: Just last week the White House tweeted a picture of Bo in the oval office in a reference to the movie "Mean Girls" that was retweeted over 20,000 times. This is just the most recent image of Bo at White House events like the Easter Egg Roll or guarding the Christmas decorations. Presidential pooches have a long story, some simply inseparable, Bush 43 and Barney, Clinton and Buddy, Bush 41 had Millie.

GARRETT GRAFF, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, "WASHINGTONIAN" MAGAZINE: The presidency is a very lonely undertaking. I think there are very many moments in the White House where what you want to do is take your pet for a walk.

JONES: But it doesn't always go well. Lyndon Johnson picked his animal up by the ears. Some former presidents like Teddy Roosevelt turned the White House into a zoo with a wider range of animals and Wilson used sheep to trim the White House lawn during World War I.


JONES: In honor of the new pooch, the White House says the Obamas have made a donation to the Washington Humane Society -- Chris, Kate.

BOLDUAN: All right, Athena, thanks so much. Zebras at the White House, that's what's next.

CUOMO: I like the sheep, that's back in vogue.

BOLDUAN: What's old is always new again.

CUOMO: You covered D.C. and know all the people, there's all this support stuff going on and you're talking about dogs?

BOLDUAN: Why not?

CUOMO: We love our dogs! I love that Bo, that's the pc culture. Bo wasn't getting enough dog interaction. PEREIRA: They're sad when they don't have a pal.

BOLDUAN: The one question that gets the most when you come across the kid at the White House is have you met Bo? I've come across Bo. Bo has a handler.

PEREIRA: Of course, he does.

BOLDUAN: You don't handle Bo until you're invited.

CUOMO: Who strangely doesn't count as interaction? He has a handler but it's not enough. Good luck to them, two dogs tough to take care of.

Coming up on NEW DAY, A-Rod and the New York Yankees, what a soap opera this has become. Right now down and dirty accusing his own team of trying to sabotage his comeback and wait until you hear what else his attorney says.

Plus coming up, Senator Ted Cruz insisting he has nothing against Canada so why is he vowing to renounce his citizenship to the country where he was born if he even has any citizenship there. What? John King has your political gut check.


BOLDUAN: Welcome back to NEW DAY, everyone. It is time for money time. Christine Romans is here with all the business news you need to know.

CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: A little less money time because we're on deck for the fifth day lower for the Dow. It's the longest losing streak -- I'll do it with a smile on my face -- the longest losing streak since December. The dow down four consecutive trading days, 440 points over four days. Investors struggling with the idea of higher interest rates. They are already here

Apple, meanwhile, already working with manufacturers to get new iPhones shipped by September. "The Wall Street Journal" reporting Apple will introduce both the new high-end and a low-end iPhone. The cheaper iPhone could be a big hit in places like China where Apple struggles. How about a gold iPhone? Apple reportedly working on a gold toned iPhone; gold by the way good luck in China.

August 29th is now the day fast food workers say they will hold a national strike. Fast food and retail workers in eight cities planning to walk out. The workers, who have staged a handful of one- day walkouts in the past few months, they say they want to earn $15 an hour and the right to form a union. They say they can't live on the wages that they earn making the fast food that America's addicted to.

BOLDUAN: Well, that's the thing. That's what America's addicted to and they need employees to run those restaurants.

ROMANS: Yes, lots of part-time jobs. We're growing a lot of part- time jobs and those part-time workers are saying, hey, wait a minute, we can't live on this.

CUOMO: So they can't live on the wage; we can't live on the food. Where is the balance in this situation?

BOLDUAN: Where is the solution? We don't have one.

ROMANS: I could live on fast food if you force me too.

BOLDUAN: Because Christine has a metabolism is not human. All right, Christine, thanks so much.

CUOMO: I saw a documentary by a man named Morgan Spurlock that got me totally --

BOLDUAN: Rethinking it.

CUOMO: No, I was fine but Christine is now better off taking the kids to, like, prison or a casino.

ROMANS: Apples and kale at the Cuomo house. Boring.

CUOMO: All right, next story. The war of words is heating up between A-Rod and Major League Baseball. Officials challenged the Yankees slugger to waive confidentiality and allow drug evidence to go public. Think about that. This has never happened before.

Rodriguez, you'll remember, faces a possible 211-game suspension for alleged use of performance-enhancing drugs. Now he is firing back at both MLB and his own team.

CNN's Jason Carroll sat down with Rodriguez' attorney Monday. Jason, great to have you on the show. I have never seen a situation like this in sports or anywhere else.

JASON CARROLL, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It just keeps going back and forth, back and forth. There's no love between any of these guys. Major League Baseball says let it all come out. The Rodriguez camp says it is letting it out, at least part of it and they're taking aim at the Yankees and Major League Baseball.


CARROLL (voice-over): The drama playing out on the field no match for the battle raging off the field.

JOE TACOPINA, RODRIGUEZ ATTORNEY: Both the Yankees and MLB never want Alex Rodriguez on the baseball field again.

CARROLL: Joe Tacopina, Alex Rodriguez ' attorney says Major League Baseball and the Yankees have been trying to sabotage Rodriguez. He points to this MRI and a written diagnosis provided to CNN from October of last year which he says points to a tear in Rodriguez' left hip. Despite that tear, he says Rodriguez was cleared to play.

TACOPINA: Now, the amazing part of that is that was never shared with Alex Rodriguez at the time. CARROLL: Major League Baseball responded by saying, Mr. Tacopina continues to avoid the only relevant question, "Did Rodriguez use performance-enhancing drugs? The rest of what is says is to distract people from the real issues."

(on camera): Why is the Rodriguez team not being as strong in coming out and saying look, he did not use performance-enhancing drugs?

TACOPINA: You understand where some of these lawyers are. We're in the midst of some of the best lawyers in New York City.

CARROLL: As an attorney, you know it's a very simple statement. My client did not use performance-enhancing drugs.

TACOPINA: Because there is a confidentiality clause.

CARROLL (voice-over): There is confidentiality agreement in place while Rodriguez appeals his 211-game suspension. In a letter to Tacopina, Major League Baseball says they're willing to, quote, "waive those provisions" of the confidentiality clause, saying Tacopina is free speak about information regarding Rodriguez' alleged PED use. MLB says it has evidence Rodriguez used PEDs allegedly provided by the former anti-aging clinic Biogenesis.

(on camera): What can you tell us what relationship, if any, that Rodriguez had with Biogenesis?

TACOPINA: Clearly there was a relationship.

CARROLL: What kind of relationship?

TACOPINA: A consulting relationship.


CARROLL: And for now Tacopina says he's unable to go beyond what a consulting relationship means exactly. As for that confidentiality agreement, he says the letter MLB sent is just posturing. He says in order for it to be binding, MLB would have to send that letter to the Players' Association for approval, which -- we should also note that repeated requests from the Yankees to give us some sort of a comment about all of this continuously went unanswered.

CUOMO: Boy oh boy, but I tell you what, you're asking the right questions.

CARROLL: Just not getting the right answers at this point.

BOLDUAN: They're not getting any answers.

CUOMO: And it's whose answer do you want? Do you want the Yankees, do you want MLB, do you want A-Rod, because everybody's got competing interests. That's the problem.

CARROLL: Right, and you know what this really basically comes down to, when we talk about this waiver, not a waiver. What it really comes down to two points. It comes down to did A-Rod use performance- enhancing drugs? And the second point is, was Major League Baseball and the Yankees so upset that they were paying him so much money and he wasn't playing well, they were trying to do anything to get him off the field.

BOLDUAN: I think this whole back and forth does not sit well with fans and it shouldn't. Get back to the game, and get it right and do it right.

CARROLL: Good point. Good point.

CUOMO: Thank you very much, Jason. Important interview. We're going to be on this one for a while.

BOLDUAN: Thank you so much, Jason.

CUOMO: All right, we're going to take a break here on NEW DAY. When we come back a more cut and dried situation, disturbing accusations against two daycare workers. They've been fired for allegedly ridiculing children in their own care online. We're going to talk to a mom whose toddler was targeted.

BOLDUAN: Also ahead, let the oohing and aahing commence. Kensington Palace finally releasing the first official royal family photos of Baby George. Why these photos are causing such a stir? Just look at that face.