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Paparazzo Sues Kanye West; Dr. Phil Under Fire; PSA Reenacts Trayvon Martin Shooting; Stars` Arrests Caught on Tape; Video of Pitcher Flipping Goes Viral; Confessions of a Real Housewife; Former Executioner Tells All; Real-Life Suspects Channel `Breaking Bad`; The Biebs, Ready for Marriage?; App Lets Jealous Girlfriends Track Beaus

Aired August 22, 2013 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight on the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," today`s "Top Outrage."


GLORIA ALLRED, ATTORNEY: Then without warning or provocation, Mr. West suddenly attacked Danny, punching him and attempting to wrestle Danny`s camera from his hands.


HAMMER: Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred takes aim at Kanye West. She`s launching a brand-new battle. But is it the story that sparked the most outrage today?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m going to tell you the truth now. Are you ready?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, yes, I am, but I didn`t need it...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You know what? I have to say something about your manners.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Now is not the time.


HAMMER: Confessions of a "Real Housewife." So what`s really going on behind the scenes of reality TV`s biggest series? Former "Real Housewives of New York" co-star Alex McCord is right here to tell all.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT starts right now.

Hello and thank you so much for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer with my guest co-host tonight, Natasha Curry, the anchor of HLN`s "WEEKEND EXPRESS." And this, Natasha, was truly a day of outrage.

NATASHA CURRY, CO-HOST: Yes, you`re telling me, A.J. Tonight in the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," we`re counting down today`s top three stories that ignited some major outrage.

HAMMER: Let`s get right to it, kicking it off with No. 3 on the countdown tonight, taking on Kanye West. Well, he may be off the hook with the cops for smacking around a paparazzo at Los Angeles International Airport last month, but now that photographer, Danny Ramos, has just sued Kanye. His attorney, Gloria Allred.


ALLRED: We are speaking out today for two reasons. First, it has been more than a month since the attack and Mr. West has still not apologized to Danny. Second, other celebrities have been speaking out in support of Mr. West`s attack on Danny, and we are concerned that celebrity support for an attack on photographers will increase the risk of harm to them.


We got Gloria Allred, taking on Kanye West. So we`ve got to bring in our big legal guns tonight to take it on. Attorney Areva Martin is in Hollywood. Attorney Darren Kavinoky is also with us tonight. Darren is the host of "Deadly Sins" on Investigation Discovery.

Darren, let me begin with you. Are you buying the paparazzo`s outrage here?

DARREN KAVINOKY, ATTORNEY: Yes, I don`t know that it`s now going to be open season on paparazzi, and I think the most interesting thing about the passage of time, that it`s now been a month since this attack, that it`s now been a little bit of time since Gloria`s been able to grab some big headlines.

I don`t know, you got to find the right tool for the right job. Because you know when Gloria Allred shows up and is making these kind of noises, frankly, it makes me a little skeptical about the extent of his injuries, shall we say. But I`m sure he`ll be in for a big payday, thanks to her.

HAMMER: Here`s the thing, as you know, if Gloria Allred is in the middle of a case like this, it definitely means that we can brace ourselves for even more outrage, even more drama, because Gloria really brought all of the drama at her news conference today with Danny. Let`s watch.


ALLRED: Then without warning or provocation, Mr. West suddenly attacked Danny, punching him and attempting to wrestle Danny`s camera from his hands. Danny held onto his camera and fell down onto his knees, onto the paved sidewalk, with enough force that he sustained injuries to his right hip, was in great pain, and had to be transported in an ambulance to the emergency room.

As a result, today we have filed a lawsuit against Kanye West in L.A. County Superior Court, alleging assault, battery, negligence, and interference with Danny`s civil rights.


HAMMER: Serious allegations there, Areva. Darren Kavinoky sees a payday coming. Do you think that this is what it`s all about? Just getting paid?

AREVA MARTIN, ATTORNEY: You know, Gloria Allred doesn`t need to file false lawsuits to get attention. She`s in the news all the time. She`s in the news right now with the San Diego mayor.

So I don`t think Gloria is just filing this to get attention. There are some real issues with paparazzi and actors and celebrities, and something has to give on this.

We were just here not too long ago talking about how they, you know, stalk little kids and how they take pictures and the rage that`s being caused. So I think there`s got to be some, you know, compromise. Paparazzi has to respect celebrities, and celebrities can`t go around punching paparazzi.


KAVINOKY: Areva, there are legitimate issues, but really, did he have to go by way of ambulance to the hospital? Did he really have to? I`m just doubtful, looking at the video, whether he really had to. That`s all I`m saying.

COOPER: Expect a call from Gloria Allred. That`s coming.

Natasha Curry, I`ve been covering the battle and the relationship between the paparazzo and the celebrities for a long time. Very often, it is a no- win situation.

CURRY: It really is. And I mean, celebrities -- and some of them, like, I can`t believe they`re trying to be protective parents. Maybe Kanye was trying to protect baby North, but you`ve got to watch it. If you get your hands even close to somebody, you know, the law could get -- possibly involved.

Now to our No. 2 controversy on our "SHOWBIZ Countdown."

There`s some serious outrage tonight. Dr. Phil refusing to apologize for a super blunt question that he asked about whether it`s OK to have sex with a woman when she`s drunk. Now, he just taped the show that that tweet was based on, and the outrage only got bigger today. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner now on the push for Dr. Phil to say he`s sorry.


PHIL MCGRAW: TALK SHOW HOST: You contribute, you pitch in...


MCGRAW: No, you don`t!

NISCHELLE TURNER, HLN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): He`s the tough-talking TV doc who thrives on delving into the personal drama of others. Now Dr. Phil McGraw is dealing with some unwanted controversy of his own.

On Tuesday, a tweet posted on Dr. Phil`s official Twitter account saying, "If a girl is drunk, is it OK to have sex with her? Reply yes or no to @drphil." The question, posed to provoke discussion for an upcoming episode of his show, sparked heated backlash online.

"So Dr. Phil wonders when it`s OK for a girl to be raped?" read one tweet. Another wrote, "Dr. Oz was saving lives today and Dr. Phil is trying to hook up with drunk girls. Where is Oprah? She needs to have an emergency team meeting."

Dr. Phil deleted the tweet as soon as he saw it, but not before a user captured it and started a petition, asking Dr. Phil to apologize.

CARMEN RIOS, STARTED CHANGE.COM PETITION: So the idea of sort of like collecting people`s opinions on whether or not something is rape is a super invalidating way to talk about the problem of date rape and acquaintance rape and substance-assisted rape.

TURNER: In a statement to CNN, a rep for the "Dr. Phil" show said the tweet was an, quote, "ill-advised poll question," not written by the TV psychologist. The statement added, "Dr. Phil believes that the position of those incapacitated in any fashion -- be it drugs, alcohol, age or mental illness -- cannot and do not have the capacity to give their consent to anything, especially sex."


CURRY: So maybe you`re wondering, what should Dr. Phil do next? Well, we asked that in our next countdown question. Does Dr. Phil have any choice but to pull this show and apologize for that tweet, whether or not he wrote it? Areva, I want to know what you think.

MARTIN: And I think anyone that`s watched the "Dr. Phil" show knows that Dr. Phil is a huge advocate for women that have been abused in any form or fashion. And I don`t think there was any intention on his part to, you know, incite or suggest that women should be raped or in any way abused if they`re under the influence of alcohol. I think he`s going to apologize. I think when we see the show that the text relates to, we`ll see Dr. Phil advocating for women and definitely against any type of sexual abuse for, you know, anyone that`s in any kind of incapacitated form.

So this is just Twitter gone wild, I think, in some ways.

HAMMER: But you always have to think of the implications before you tweet, especially when you`re as big as a guy like Dr. Phil.

All right, the big reveal right now, it`s today`s No. 1 outrage on the "SHOWBIZ Countdown." It`s a shocking PSA that reenacts the Trayvon Martin shooting.

Now, this was created by a group called the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. It really sends a chilling message against the stand-your-ground laws that a lot of people think made George Zimmerman feel like he was justified in shooting Trayvon.

Now, this is a dramatization, of course, but it includes some of the real 911 calls from the night Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Which entrance is that that he`s headed towards?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you following him?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK, we don`t need you to do that.

OK. All right, sir, what is your name?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think they`re yelling "help," but I don`t know. Just send someone quick.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Does he look hurt?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I can`t see him and I don`t want to go out there. I don`t know what`s going on.


HAMMER: Just watching that really gives me chills. And you know it`s got to be really hard for a lot of people to watch. So here`s what we`re asking in our No. 1 countdown question, is this Trayvon Martin PSA just too disturbing? Darren, what do you think?

KAVINOKY: I don`t think it is. It`s a beautifully produced piece. I mean, just amazing to watch. Ultimately, at the end of the day, on the stand-your-ground issue, though, we all have to be guided by notions of reasonableness.

People need to be able to use reasonable force when they are reasonably threatened. And we`ve got to be able to have a real conversation about this, stripping away whatever kinds of sociopolitical, racial views that get triggered by both the Zimmerman trial, the Trayvon Martin case, and this kind of advertising.

HAMMER: Yes. Really well said. Absolutely powerful. Look, it will make people pay attention, regardless of what they may think.

Darren, Areva, thank you both so much for being with us tonight.

And we move on now to "SHOWBIZ True Confessions."


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It was you, not me.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It was you, not me, Sonia.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Have a good night. Gave a good night.


HAMMER: This is going to be so great. Confessions of a Real Housewife. So how does the drama that we see on the Real Housewives shows really compare to all those fireworks that may or may not be happening off-camera? Well, former "Real Housewives of New York" co-star Alex McCord is right here and she is going to tell all.

"SHOWBIZ Hot Flash." We`ve got a flipping picture. Look at that. It`s a talented young star taking an opening pitch to brand-new heights. The story behind the showstopper is coming up. You do not want to miss it.



COOPER: Let`s take a look at David Cassidy`s brand-new mug. Yes, there`s the former "Partridge Family" star. He just added this new mug shot to his rap sheet after getting arrested just yesterday on drunk driving charges. Cassidy was released on $2,500 bail. He`s going to have to face a judge next month.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. And tonight it is "SHOWBIZ Caught on Tape." Sadly, this isn`t the first time David Cassidy has gotten himself into hot water with the police. And he`s one of a whole lot of stars whose past legal run-ins will live on forever, thanks to the wonders of police dash cam videos.

People saw a brand-new side of Reese Witherspoon after her less-than-sober arrest. And from Reese mouthing off at the cops to Josh Brolin getting frisky with a fellow actor in the back of a police car, you will not believe the things that stars say in the moments before they get locked up.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You have the right to remain silent.

HAMMER (voice-over): If there is one things stars behind bars tend to have in common, they all seem to wonder whether their arrest is one big joke.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you kidding me?


HAMMER: Turns out the cops often aren`t kidding. With more and more police cars equipped with dashboard-mounted cameras, chances are that when a star gets busted, we get to see how it all went down, how stars go from in their cars...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ma`am, don`t get out.

HAMMER: ... to behind bars.

WITHERSPOON: I`m now being arrested and handcuffed?

HAMMER: When Reese Witherspoon got busted for mouthing off at a police officer, police video caught everything, from the mouthing off that got Reese arrested...

WITHERSPOON: I`m a U.S. citizen. I`m allowed to stand on American ground.

HAMMER: ... to her ill-advised "Do you know who I am" moment.

WITHERSPOON: Do you know my name, sir?

HAMMER: We even got to hear her awkward conversation with her ticked-off husband, Jim Toth, as they sat in the back of the police car.

JIM TOTH, REESE`S HUSBAND: You kept getting out of the car. And now you`ve turned it into national news.

HAMMER: And we even hear their ride to the police station, where Reese is eager to answer the call of nature.

WITHERSPOON: It just comes on you like a ton of bricks and you just have to go to the restroom.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And I`ll tell you what I can do for you right now to help you.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`ll try to miss every bump I can, OK?


HAMMER: While Reese was cranky during her arrest, Josh Brolin was absolutely giddy during his.

JOSH BROLIN, ACTOR: It`s all good.

HAMMER: As he and fellow actor Jeffrey Wright sat in the back of a police officer after being busted at a Shreveport, Louisiana, bar in 2008, we see Wright`s irate.

JEFFREY WRIGHT, ACTOR: You`ve got to be (EXPLETIVE DELETED) kidding me, man.

HAMMER: But Brolin was feeling affectionate.

BROLIN: Want a kissy?

HAMMER: He even joked about how his then-wife, actress Diane Lane, would react to his arrest.

BROLIN: My wife is going to be so happy.

HAMMER: Unfortunately, country singer Randy Travis is also familiar with the back of a police car. He`s racked up a number of arrests in recent years, including this one for public intoxication in February of 2012. The cops found him in a parked car near a church in the middle of the night.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re going to go to jail for public intoxication.


HAMMER: Despite his arrest experience, he`s having a hard time processing what`s happening to him.

TRAVIS: Are you kidding me?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, sir, I`m not going to kid you.

TRAVIS: You`re kidding me?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No. I`m going to be completely honest with you.

TRAVIS: Are you kidding me?

HAMMER: It`s always a shame when a star who`s been out of headlines for a while is back in the news with a police video.

DAVID CASSIDY, ACTOR/SINGER: I do, however, I had a wandering eye as a child.

HAMMER: In this video of David Cassidy`s 2010 DUI arrest in Florida, he appeared to blame eye troubles for the difficulty he was having with a field sobriety test.

CASSIDY: I had deformed muscles, which is associated with farsightedness.

HAMMER: And while Eric Carmen was a pop music staple in the `70s and `80s, his only mention on TMZ is for this caught-on-video DUI arrest, when the hammered singer also had trouble with the field sobriety test.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Wait, wait, wait.

HAMMER: And he had some harsh words for the cops in the back of a police car.

ERIC CARMEN, SINGER: You`re ruining my life. Thank you.

HAMMER: And that`s the sad thing, when a star behind bars gets caught on camera. While we get to see their highest moments, we get to see their lowest, as well.

WITHERSPOON: OK. You`re about to find out who I am.


HAMMER: Great quote. It`s just time for everybody to realize that, you know, the cameras are almost always rolling, especially if you`re getting into trouble with the police.

All right. Here`s the sad reality tonight: Cameras sometimes inspire people to break the law.


BRYAN CRANSTON, ACTOR: I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think bad of me. Now, I am the one who knocks.


HAMMER: Tonight, it`s a SHOWBIZ special report. The real-life "Breaking Bad." Is the hit show really inspiring some people to commit crimes? Whatever happened to the warning, don`t try this at home?

"SHOWBIZ Hot Flash." The Boyfriend Tracker. An app that can keep track of your loved one. Who`s downloading this controversial app? Are they in for big disappointments?



HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer with Natasha Curry.

It is time now for "SHOWBIZ Hot Flashes." This is where we take on the day`s hottest stories.

And first off, it`s Lebron`s flagrant foul. Listen to this. NBA star Lebron James got a controversial escort to a big concert.


LEBRON JAMES, NBA STAR: Light police escort on the wrong side of the street, headed to the big concert, JT. Holla.


HAMMER: All right. Yes, holla, Lebron. He stepped into it big-time after he posted this. It`s a video of him getting a police escort in Miami, and apparently on the wrong side of the road, to a Jay-Z/Justin Timberlake concert. I am sure the cops didn`t appreciate that, beause now they`re under investigation.

I want to bring in Mark Long in Hollywood. He`s a former reality TV star and one of the founders of Pocket Protein.

And Mark, I`ve got to tell you, I`m watching this and I`m having a hard time deciding if it`s more outrageous that Lebron got that police escort or that he posted the video and bragged about it.

MARK LONG, FORMER REALITY TV STAR: Well, celebrities seem to like to do this all the time. I like to call it peacocking. It`s when they show off their wealth feathers, and it makes the common people like myself feel less of a man.

And if you look, the traffic`s not even that bad. And it`s a concert. He`s not going to be late. Show up four hours early, LeBron. And I`ll tell you what. The only escort LeBron needed was an escort out of Cleveland when he left that city in the dust to Miami.

HAMMER: But it`s a total "look at me" thing. I think he should definitely step up and apologize for getting the cops in trouble, not that they should have done it.

LONG: Yes, absolutely. I mean, the cops have better things to do than escort a superstar to a Jay-Z/Justin Timberlake concert. Maybe he should tweet out or put a video out of him apologizing. I think it would set the record straight and next time just show up to the concert early. You`ll be fine, LeBron. Trust me. I`ve done it.

HAMMER: Natasha, are the cops offering you an escort to HLN world headquarters where you work there? You`re turning that down, right?

CURRY: Hey, man, I`m taking it. I can speed a little bit for once without getting in trouble. I know, right. Keeping their mouths shut.

And people are flipping out over something else, too. Our next SHOWBIZ Hot Flash. It`s a flipping pitcher. This young woman, Tammy, look at this. She`s an actress and a tae kwon do expert. Well, this video of her adding a flip before throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game in South Korea has gone crazy viral. And last time I checked this afternoon, it had more than 2 million views.

What is she wearing, by the way? Is she wearing underwear? Anyway, Mark, I played a little softball back in the day. I know you`re an athlete, as well. How do you rate her pitch here? She`s got some skills, huh?

LONG: This is actually a very rare pitch. I`ve seen this before. It`s called the crouching tiger, hidden fastball. You rarely see it. I actually saw Tim Wakefield, my buddy, throw this during a Red Sox game, and he failed miserably.

But I love the hot pants, I love the pause windup, and she looks good doing it. I think she actually throws a strike.

CURRY: I think she does. She`s looking good.

Well, Mark Long, thank you so much for joining us.

LONG: Thank you.

HAMMER: I could do that.

Well, we move now from real athletes to "Real Housewives." Wait until you see this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It was you, not me.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It was you, not me, Sonia.



HAMMER: Tonight, confessions of a "Real Housewife." What`s really happening when the cameras aren`t rolling? Former "Real Housewives of New York" star Alex McCord is here to tell all.

"SHOWBIZ Hot Flash." Is Justin Bieber ready to start a family at 19? Bieber`s brand-new confession sparking big buzz tonight.




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It was you, not me.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It was you, not me, Sonia.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Good night. Good night. Have a good night.


HAMMER: Right now, "SHOWBIZ True Confessions." Tonight, we are getting the low-down, dirty True Confessions about what really goes on behind the scenes of TV`s hottest reality franchise. "It`s the True Confessions of the Real Housewives."

Former Real Housewives of New York city co-star Alex McCord right here in the SHOWBIZ confession booth tonight. We`re talking sex, money, men. Nothing is off-limits.


CRANSTON: I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think bad of me. Now, I am the one who knocks.


HAMMER: Real-life "Breaking Bad." We`re revealing the shocking real crimes that seem to be inspired by "Breaking Bad." It`s a SHOWBIZ special report, "Cooking Up Trouble."

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer, back with my guest co-host tonight, Natasha Curry, who of course co-hosts HLN "WEEKEND EXPRESS" every Saturday and Sunday morning.

CURRY: I have a little confession.


CURRY: I am just dying to see what happens in the "SHOWBIZ Confession Booth" tonight. What you got, A.J.?

HAMMER: Wait until you see this, because of course, it has been a week full of SHOWBIZ confessions.

And next to go into our "Confession Booth," we have a former "Real Housewife" bringing you the lowdown on the dirty details of being a housewife, as in the "Real Housewives." Money, sex, drinking. I`ve got to know, what`s the real deal?

So here tonight to brave the hot seat, Alex McCord. She, of course, is a former cast member of the "Real Housewives of New York." It`s great to see you, Alex.

ALEX MCCORD, REALITY TV STAR: Hey, A.J., how you doing?

HAMMER: Please know right off the top, I`m not going easy on you in the "Confession Booth."

MCCORD: Bring it on.

HAMMER: Here we go. And thanks for being here.

Now, the first confession that we`ve got to hear from you tonight is this. Everybody wants to know: How much does a "Real Housewife" really make? Tell all.

MCCORD: Very little. They justify paying so little by telling you you can start your own brand. You know, the first season, I think we started out at about $7,500.

I did end up starting a brand. I`ve got a kitchen line now, but while you`re working on the show, it`s hard not to go into the red, because it`s so little, and they expect you to spend so much to have this lavish lifestyle.

HAMMER: So wait a second. You`re talking $7,500 an episode?

MCCORD: Oh, no.

HAMMER: For the season?

MCCORD: The season.

HAMMER: Are you kidding me?


HAMMER: And you have to go out and buy those fancy shoes that cost half that?

MCCORD: Well, if you`re smart, you don`t do that, but then again, you don`t stay on the show along. I mean, it`s tough.

HAMMER: You know how you guarantee you stay on the show long, is if you participate in what have really become some of the most memorable "Housewives" moments from coast to coast. That, of course, happens when cocktails are involved.

Shall we revisit one right now? It is a fantastic fight, one of the many that we see on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." This particular fight went down in a restaurant and yes, of course, people coming in were stopping and staring.

MCCORD: Uh-oh.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How dare you sit here and...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How dare you look at me...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Because if you just want to sit here and concoct your (EXPLETIVE DELETED) bull (EXPLETIVE DELETED). Both my kids (EXPLETIVE DELETED), you`re a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) liar. You`re a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) hire.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t know why Sheree`s (ph) behaving in many manner. I don`t know what her motives are.


HAMMER: OK. Now Alex, I know you hear this all the time. People wonder what is real and what is not real? I`ve always contended that y`all do really get drunk during the tapings, don`t you?

MCCORD: I think those girls were all hammered down in Atlanta. I tell you what, there is booze available at just about every scene. I`ll never forget, the season two reunion, I walked into my dressing room at 7 a.m. And there was an open bottle of champagne waiting for me.

HAMMER: So perhaps they are encouraging you to drink, is that what you`re suggesting here?

MCCORD: You know, I think they don`t push it, because that would be wrong, but they offer it.

HAMMER: Hey, good morning, everybody, shots all around! Line them up!

MCCORD: Totally.

HAMMER: Now, I found this particularly interesting. "The Huffington Post" did a little bit of research and discovered what I thought was a staggering statistic, the fact that one out of four of "The Real Housewives" have ended their marriage during or after their show was on the air. So let`s talk about your marriage. How did being a "Housewife" affect it?

MCCORD: The smartest thing we did, no joke, A.J., is to go to couples therapy after doing "Housewives." It`s rough. I mean, one of the things that was lucky for us is that we chose each other. There were so many times where people wanted me to choose one of the other cast members over my husband. And I always said, "No, Simon`s the one I go home to." And that`s not the same for all the other housewives. We`re lucky we`re together.

HAMMER: How smart are you? I mean, that is so terrific to hear that`s what you did.

All right. I`ve been easy on you so far, genuinely, but I`m going to turn up the heat just a couple of notches for this next "Real Housewives True Confession." I hope you`re ready. Here it comes. How did being a "housewife" affect your sex life?



MCCORD: That`s a very easy question to answer. If you`re coming off well on the show, you get more. I guarantee you, every night after those "Housewives" episodes air, if any couple came across badly, they are not having sex that night.

HAMMER: OK. So it was while the show was actually airing, that determined how the sex was going to go.


HAMMER: All right. Listen, you were on the "Real Housewives of New York" for four seasons. Obviously, you saw a lot; you went through a lot; you know the realities of reality TV, of which there are few. So tell us, what was the biggest sham or lie that might surprise people?

MCCORD: You mean I have to pick one? Wow. I`m going to say, for New York, it was billed as a show about socialites. And anyone who actually goes out in New York City knows that those cast members really are not socialites, or on the very fringe.

HAMMER: Very good. All right, bravo, and I`m not saying that as a pun. You survived, Alex. Thank you for braving our "SHOWBIZ Confession Booth" tonight, and good luck with your amazing cookware collection.

MCCORD: Thank you.

HAMMER: Absolutely. All right. Let me go to Natasha Curry. See, I knew they were really drinking, Natasha.

CURRY: I know, right? I mean, you hear some talk shows sometimes, they`ll give people in the audience sugar to get them, you know, up and roaring and clapping and caffeinated. So I guess why not? Anything goes.

And then right now, too, "True Confessions." We have this of a former executioner. Oh, yes, all this week, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is teaming up with HLN`s "Now in America," seen weekdays at 4 p.m. Eastern, to bring you truly remarkable tell-alls.

Tonight, a man who made a career out of putting criminals to death makes chilling confessions about the past that still haunts him to this day. And these are confessions of Dr. Allen Ault, a former executioner.


DR. ALLEN AULT, FORMER EXECUTIONER: Will I be judged because I committed these executions? I think I already have. I mean, on occasion I live in hell right here on earth.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Dr. Allen Ault oversaw five executions as the commissioner of the Georgia Department of Corrections from 1992 to 1995.

AULT: With the first executions I did were in the `90s.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: His first two executions were in 1993. Thomas Dean Stevens and Christopher Berker (ph) were to be executed within months of each other for the same crime committed 17 years earlier. While teenagers, the two robbed and sodomized a cab driver before locking him in the trunk of his car and driving it into a pond.

AULT: I had met with these inmates previous to this time, and so I got to know them fairly well. They weren`t monsters or, you know, a lot of people think everybody on Death Row are monsters who commit egregious crimes without a conscience.

They didn`t even have good frontal lobe development where they could make good decisions. And here they are, both of them, were mature men of 34 who clearly had lots of regret about what they had done.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But regret would not be enough to stop their executions.

AULT: The institutional electrician was there. And he never looked at the condemned. And he treated it, for his own sanity, as if it was some electrical exercise.

And I gave him the word to throw the switch. You could observe the jolt of electricity going through his body. And he slumped in the chair. And I still see their faces. I don`t -- I don`t remember their names, but I still see their faces. And I still, on occasion, have nightmares about them. It`s a difficult thing to deal with for people of conscience.


CURRY: What a fascinating story. And tomorrow, you`re going to want to see the confessions of a Mormon on HLN`s "Now in America" at 4 p.m. Eastern. So really going in depth.

If I was an executioner, I don`t know how I would be able to go to sleep at night. But what a grave kind of a job.

HAMMER: Yes. I mean, it takes somebody, obviously, with a very certain quality to be able to do a job like that.

CURRY: Right.

HAMMER: And to be able to live with themselves, and actually hearing this guy, it`s the first time I`ve ever heard anything like that. You`re right. Absolutely fascinating.

All right, we move on now to the real-life "Breaking Bad." This is actually pretty crazy. People are committing real crimes that seem to be inspired by the hit AMC series.


CRANSTON: I`m not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think bad of me. Now, I am the one who knocks.


HAMMER: You have got to see this SHOWBIZ TONIGHT special report.

Plus, Justin Bieber, family man? Could it be? Well, the 19-year-old just revealed that he can`t wait for a wife and kids. I`m serious. It`s the sound of millions of tween hearts breaking at once that I think we`re hearing collectively.

And wait until you see what we named as our "Moment of SHOWBIZ Awesomeness."




CRANSTON: Maybe your best course would be to tread lightly.


HAMMER: That`s right, Hank.

No one on TV makes a threat like Walter White from "Breaking Bad." now and now in a "SHOWBIZ Special Report," we can reveal that there are "Breaking Bad" wannabes in real life.

I`m back with my guest co-host tonight, Natasha Curry, the anchor of HLN`s "WEEKEND EXPRESS." Natasha, this is truly an amazing story of life imitating art in a very "Breaking Bad" kind of way.

CURRY: It sure is, A.J. And when I first heard about all these people thinking that they were Walter White, I couldn`t believe some of the stories.

HAMMER: Yes. Just incredible. And tonight on our "SHOWBIZ Special Report," we investigate "Breaking Bad" crimes. Coincidence or copycats?


CRANSTON: You know the business, and I know the chemistry.

HAMMER (voice-over): As crazy as a TV show about a high school chemistry teacher...

CRANSTON: Chemistry is the study of change.

HAMMER: ... turned hard-core meth dealer...

CRANSTON: I am the danger.

HAMMER: ... can be, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you something crazier.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You want to cook crystal meth?

HAMMER: That there are a ton of real-life cases, suspects, and drugs that resemble some of the things you see on the hit AMC show, "Breaking Bad."

DARREN KAVINOKY, HOST, INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY`S "DEADLY SINS": I love to use the phrase "two scoops of crazy" to describe people, but this is like two full powder kegs of crazy, and what people are seeing on TV seems to be lighting the fuse.

HAMMER: Now SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is looking at the wildest "Breaking Bad" crimes.

For one, there`s William Duncan of Texas, arrested last year for allegedly cooking and selling meth. Get this: he`s a chemistry teacher, just like "Breaking Bad`s" Walter White.

CRANSTON: Chemistry is growth.

HAMMER: But unlike Walt, William was accused of selling his products on school grounds, thankfully not to kids.

KAVINOKY: This is a line that even Walter White in "Breaking Bad" would not cross over.

HAMMER: And like TV`s Walter White, who started making meth after he was diagnosed with cancer...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Lung cancer, inoperable.

HAMMER: ... Steven Dorn (ph) of Massachusetts, accused of trafficking meth, pleaded for mercy in court because...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is a man who`s being treated for stage three cancer.

HAMMER: But there`s no one more like Walter White than Walter White, a real-life 50-something convicted meth cook in Alabama and has the same name as the 50-something meth cook on "Breaking Bad," Walter White.

Unfortunately, "Breaking Bad" crimes go beyond wild coincidences.

KAVINOKY: It`s eerie, the parallels between what`s happening in these real-life cases and what we see depicted on television.

HAMMER: In 2010, a couple of years after "Breaking Bad`s" debut, blue- colored meth started turning up in Kansas City. The cops suspect it might have been inspired by the blue-colored crystal that`s Walter White`s trademark.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It may be blue, but it`s the bomb.

HAMMER: And this summer, there`s an even more disturbing case linked to the show.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That there was some effort being made to either dispose of the body or conceal the evidence.

HAMMER: Jason Hart (ph) of Washington state is accused of murdering his girlfriend this past June and trying to dispose of the body by dissolving it in acid.

CRANSTON: Our best course of action would be chemical disincorporation.

HAMMER: That`s exactly the way Walt White and his accomplices dispose of their victims on the show. In fact, cops say a "Breaking Bad" episode where the characters did just that was found in Jason Hart`s (ph) DVD player. Hart`s roommate says "Breaking Bad" was one of Hart`s favorite shows.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He told me. I think he used it as an instruction.

HAMMER: Even before that case, "Breaking Bad`s" creator seemed disturbed by some of the real-life parallels with his show. "Breaking Bad" creator Vince Gilligan told "New York" magazine, "Hopefully, it doesn`t need to be said that you don`t want to inspire evil and madness and hatred in any way, shape, or form. It`s not going to stop me from writing. It`s not going to paralyze me, but those moments give you pause."

He stressed that his show, while sometimes graphic, doesn`t glorify violence.

CRANSTON: I`m so sorry.

HAMMER: Darren Kavinoky tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, to say "Breaking Bad" encourages crime is a stretch.

KAVINOKY: The idea that somebody is going to kill somebody else because they`ve seen killing on a TV show is so unlikely.

HAMMER: Maybe. But that doesn`t make it less weird when stuff we see on "Breaking Bad"...

CRANSTON: I am the danger.

HAMMER: ... turns into real-life "Breaking Bad" crimes.


HAMMER: It is just crazy to me to see how many coincidences there are. And I`ll tell anybody who asks, "Breaking Bad," one of my favorite shows ever, Natasha. And I have to say, I was not surprised at all to learn that there were these apparent copycats cooking blue crystal meth just like Walt White does on the show.

CURRY: Yes, it`s just wild to watch. And I know you said you`re a huge fan. And part of me -- part of my major was in chemistry; really intrigued by all of this. There`s something sick, but very interesting. Don`t you find?

HAMMER: Well, I do. I find it more interesting that you know your chemistry and perhaps have a future doing something else.

CURRY: No, no!

HAMMER: But I want to talk about that -- Let me talk about some fans who might think this is criminal behavior tonight. Justin Bieber talking about settling down. The 19-year-old has just revealed that he can`t wait to have a wife and kids.

Do you think that being a family man could snap Justin out of his wild behavior?


HAMMER: Welcome back. I`m A.J. Hammer with Natasha Curry.

It is time now for "SHOWBIZ Hot Flashes," where we take on the day`s hottest stories.

And first up, Bieber, ready for marriage? Could it be?

Justin Bieber breaking some news today, telling "In Touch Weekly" this: "I can`t wait to have a beautiful wife and little kids running around." Let`s not forget, the guy is just 19.

I want to bring in our good friend, Mark Long, former reality star and co- founder of Pocket Protein.

Maybe he`s eating a little too much of the Pocket Protein now. I mean, think about it, Mark. He`s 19 years old, and he`s a global star. Are you with me thinking, "Justin, slow down, pal. You`ve got time"?

LONG: He`s way too young. And recently we`ve seen him, you know, getting in fights with paparazzi and speeding down neighborhoods. And he just needs to grow up a little. I mean, right now he`s on a path. If he keeps going, he`s going to make a hard right on Amanda Bynes Boulevard and be in trouble himself. So he needs to watch it.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Now you mentioned...

LONG: Way too young, way too young.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: You mentioned some of that bad behavior, you know, getting involved with perhaps some high-speed car rides and some videos that maybe we shouldn`t have seen, but maybe it shows that he`s saying something like this: either that he is growing up and calming down or perhaps that he`s trying to send us that message.

LONG: Well, obviously, he always says the right things in interviews. I just think, you know, he`s a 19-year-old kid at the end of the day, and he does have a lot of growing up to do. And would I love to see him as a father with little Biebers running around? Of course. I mean, he could make a little boy band himself with four or five kids.

HAMMER: Natasha, what do you think? I`d love to see him calm down, just not settle down at 19.

CURRY: I know! He`s so young; he`s got all the time in the world, right? I mean, first, he`s got to learn to pull his pants up. You know, because half your job is pulling up your kids` pants. So I think he needs to master that one first, A.J.

All right. Our next "Hot Flash" is for all the jealous hearts out there. It is the Boyfriend Tracker app. And yes, there is an app to track your boyfriend, and it`s apparently a huge hit in Brazil, where tens of thousands of people downloaded it.

Unfortunately, though, those people are out of luck, since the app`s been pulled because of, you know, complaints about abuses of privacy and stalking.

So Mark, I want to know: If you find out that your girlfriend has this app, tracking your every move, is that a deal breaker?

LONG: It is an absolutely invasion of privacy. If I found out my girlfriend did this, I would threaten her with a purse- or shoe-buying app that alerts me every time she wants to buy shoes or purses.

But just what -- this app -- this app actually has the ability to call your phone, and your own phone answers and they can hear what they`re doing while you`re away. It`s really creepy. And if you think government has the finger on America, this app absolutely does. I`m afraid of it.

CURRY: Yes. And maybe you wouldn`t want your girlfriend to have that app. It`s kind of the sneaky side, and you think, dang it, I wish I would have thought of that idea.

LONG: If you need to have an app to track your boyfriend, just break up, because the trust is over. Listen, I`m not Dr. Drew, but I`ll tell you what: the relationship is going down a bad path. And you know, I don`t do the checking the text messages either. I don`t do any of that. I trust my girl.

CURRY: Aww, Mark Long, you`re a sweet guy.

A.J., I just want to know: Is there one for all the, you know, the hoochy- mama cheating girlfriends out there, to track them? I don`t know.

HAMMER: Well, John Legend`s music might work to help smooth things over if you happen to get busted by the boyfriend app. But did you ever wonder how John makes his music so great? He gets naked. Tonight, he`s showing off his creative process. "SHOWBIZ Awesomeness" is next.


HAMMER: Time for "SHOWBIZ Awesomeness," when we reveal the most awesome story of the day. And tonight we`re right at home with the awesome, and apparently very comfortable, John Legend.

CURRY: Apparently so, A.J. You know, usually, you see him hiding behind a piano, wondering what`s going on back there. But, oh, no, he`s stripping down to his birthday suit, teaming up with Funny or Die, giving us all an intimate look at his creative process. Drumroll, please!


JOHN LEGEND, SINGER/SONGWRITER: Check it out. This is where I work. Writing songs, working out different ideas.

I`m having a hard time with this one, but I think I know what the problem is. I usually get lost in my work for a few hours, man. Time passes, and I don`t even know how long I`ve been playing.

After a few hours of work, I like to unwind. Watch an episode of "Walking Dead."

Everybody knows I make a mean mac and cheese. So now it`s ready to go in the oven. I`ve been preheating the oven to about 375.


CURRY: Got to watch out for the oven, A.J.! That`ll get you every time! And then, you know, frying anything on the stove, as well.

HAMMER: I can get playing the piano naked, but cooking naked, not maybe such a good idea. However, apparently, nakedness does inspire, as we`ve seen with John Legend, it does inspire the creative process.

CURRY: I`m feeling inspired, I`ll tell you.

HAMMER: Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. You can watch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT every Monday through Thursday. We`re on at 11 p.m. Eastern and Pacific.

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