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Is Impeachment Chatter Serious?; Pope Francis Calls Parishioner; MTV Video Awards; Tiger Comes Up Short at the Barclays; Preventing Teen Smoking

Aired August 26, 2013 - 06:30   ET


JOHN KING, CNN CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Right. Somebody always emerges. That's why some candidates who say they are going to skip it, you heard Mitt Romney's people saying heading into the last round, maybe we won't spend much time in Iowa. Maybe we won't compete. And then, late, they went in. And they always won the state. Remember, Rick Santorum just barely Mitt Romney, because why? You don't want to give somebody a slingshot out of there.

I mean, the classic story is Jimmy Carter, was Jimmy who until he won the Iowa caucuses back in 1976 and on he went. So, you have process. You have Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and then it gets bigger.

Another big criticism, Kate, is you know, it's a pretty lily white state, so is New Hampshire. And some people say, you know, that's not America. Nothing against Iowa, nothing against New Hampshire, but that's not the whole country writ large. But every four years we go through this. Some candidates make the calculation it is not good for me. It is political quick sand if I start to lose. But others will say, that's the place I get a rocket, and that's the place I get a big fundraising network.

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: And for Iowa purposes, they want to stay relevant because that brings in a lot of attention and a lot of money for the state, whenever this happens, for every four years. So, there is also talk now, again, of possible impeachment.

This is not a lot of people, a few, but few, but still loud voices. Three Republicans in Congress this month during town halls have floated the idea of impeachment for one reason or another. Senator Tom Coburn included.

What is going on here?

KING: Well, Coburn is the interesting one because he is a conservative from Oklahoma, but he's also someone who has said he was going to sit down with the president on this tax and spend issues for example. He has been open to negotiating, so he's the interesting one. The other two voices are very conservative House Republicans from very safe districts.

And Republican leaders, this is where they get flat foreheads from banging their heads off the wall, because, you know, they have enough issues politically right now. And what is the crime? What is the crime? The Republicans have a long list of legitimate complaints against the president. They don't like his health care plan. They think the State Department and others missed all the signs about the security situation in Benghazi. We can go on and on about certain things Republicans don't like, but what is the crime?

The Reagan administration had warnings about Lebanon. Nobody impeached Ronald Reagan after the barracks blew up there. The Bush administration didn't connect the dots pre-9/11. Nobody impeached President Bush. So, Democrats say, what are you talking about this. This is part of the polarization and the Republican leadership thinks it hurts them because you have guys out there talking impeachment which I think most Americans think why.

BOLDUAN: Yes. Well, new big name Republicans also quickly trying to tamp it down, like Governor Bobby Jindal. He said let's stop being the stupid party and he's also saying this is not the kind of talk we need to be having. It's kind of falls into the category of this is a distraction.

KING: It can be a distraction. Look, I would say this, you know, not taking sides here. But if you look at the last two national elections, President Obama won and won pretty big. So, that would lead you to believe that even some of his own voters are disappointed at him for whatever reason, they're not sitting at home saying let's impeach the president. They might be mad about the president for something, but impeachment is sort of the ultimate. You know, it's the death penalty of politics, if you will.

So, when the Republican Party is trying to get its act together, find its position on issues like immigration, find its core, find its leader, find some juice if you will in the midterm election next year, heading into 2016, most, an overwhelming number of its leaders, whether they're governors or senior members of Congress say talking impeachment is pure foolishness.

BOLDUAN: And one of the risks that comes with those town hall meetings every August. That's for sure.

All right. John, great to see you.

KING: Free speech.

BOLDUAN: There you go. There you go. Thanks. Great to see you.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: All right. So the phone rings the other day and it was the pope again.

BOLDUAN: Oh, why?

CUOMO: And I'm like ciao, pronto, papa, you know? No.

Obviously, it didn't happen, but you know what? It could have happened. Coming up on NEW DAY, we are going to tell you how Pope Francis is reaching out to the faithful.

BOLDUAN: This is not related to the pope if I need to make that transition.


BOLDUAN: If you missed the video music awards and the big 'N Sync reunion, hello, music to my ears. We got it covered for you and all of the night's highlights coming up.

And also, you know, "CROSSFIRE" is just weeks from its debut. Time to hit the vault once again and take a look back at some of the show's finest moments.


S.E. CUPP, "CROSSFIRE" HOST: "CROSSFIRE" has played host to a number of gun control debates over the years. And what's astonishing to me is how little has changed since then.

Check out this clip. It's NRA's Wayne LaPierre depending gun owners' rights after a 1993 shooting in New York.

WAYNE LAPIERRE, NRA: That's all you guys can think of is more regulations on honest people that a million times a year honest people use a gun in this country to defend themselves from criminals, the system will not control. There is absolutely no gun control law that would have stopped this guy in New York City. He went through --


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We had a ban on this type of weapon.

LAPIERRE: You're saying you are going to ban all guns. A million people a year won't be able --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ban the guns and allow this guy to walk through and shoot one after another 22 people in a few seconds.



BOLDUAN: Let's go around the world now, starting with two regimes on trial in Egypt.

CNN's Karl Penhaul has our update from Cairo.


KARL PENHAUL, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Deposed Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak was back in court over the weekend for his retrial on charges of conspiracy to kill protesters during the 2011 revolution that toppled him from power. He was enclosed in a metal cage wearing his trademark aviator sunglasses. But he appeared relax after last week's court decision to free him from prison and send him to house arrest.

Elsewhere, across Cairo, the army relaxed its nighttime curfew, perhaps a sign that the protest against last month's military coup are now under control.

Back to you, Kate.


BOLDUAN: All right. Karl, thank you so much.

Now, if you write a note to Pope Francis, you might want to be ready for him to call you back. The pontiff is working the phones.

CNN's Erin McLaughlin has more.


ERIN MCLAUGHLIN, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Kate, when 19-year- old Stephano Cabiza (ph) wrote a letter to Pope Francis discussing his studies and his hopes to find a job, he never expected what would come next -- a personal phone call from the pope himself. It lasted around eight minutes before the pope offered his blessing and asked for his prayers.

And this isn't the first surprise phone call from the leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics. In June, he dialed up an Italian man who just lost his brother to offer his sympathies.

Kate, back to you.


BOLDUAN: Thanks so much, Erin.

Wow, to New Zealand where a dog became a dying cat's best friend.

Here's Pauline Chiou.


PAULINE CHIOU, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: A cat in New Zealand has a pair of unlikely saviors, a vet and a dog. Here's Rory, his owner says he ate some rat poison and was on the verge of death. She rushed into the local vets office, but he needed a blood transfusion and there was no time for lab tests. Even a small amount of the wrong type could be fatal.

The vet urged her to take a long shot and try an extremely rare emergency transfusion with her friend's dog Macy. Amazingly, Rory lives and the cat and the dog are fully recovered and his owner says Rory hasn't started barking or fetching the newspaper yet.

Back to you, Kate.


BOLDUAN: All right. Pauline, thanks so much.

CUOMO: Talk about entertaining. It was a night of unforgettable performances during last night's MTV Video Music Awards, or Music Video Awards, whatever you want to call it.

Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga getting plenty abuzz in social media for their outfits, dancing. But the night's big winner was the man cool enough to be known just by his initial, JT, Justin Timberlake.

Nischelle Turner is here to tell us all about it.

What's your take Nischelle?



BOLDUAN: A late night for you.

TURNER: Excuse the voice, a little blurry eyed but I'm here. And you know, I know that someone declared NEW DAY a work free zone -- I don't remember who, but I know someone did. I just want you guys to know --

BOLDUAN: It was declared.

TURNER: I'm breaking the rules.

BOLDUAN: Oh, no.

TURNER: And it's not my fault. I'm putting this all on Miley Cyrus, because the MTV VMA's motto is "expect the unexpected." I thought I'd prepped myself for whatever. But it seems like none of us are ready for Hannah Montana to die and Miley Cyrus to twerk her way right into my Twitter timeline, #wow.


TURNER (voice-over): A beloved boy band got a good welcome back.

The hotly rumored 'N Sync reunion became reality, finally, at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards.

(on camera): You might be a little excited about 'N Sync?


TURNER (voice-over): It was a night full of memorable moments for Justin Timberlake. The singer kicked off a near 20-minute medley of his hits by receiving the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award from his pal, Jimmy Fallon.

The show famous for surprises had a few more to offer. Lady Gaga returning to live performing after hip surgery in April opened the broadcast with four costume changes while after performing.

And somehow it seemed tame compared to Miley Cyrus. While singing "Blurred Lines" with Robin Thicke, a stripped down Cyrus got R-rated with a foam finger. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were the night's top winners taking home best hip hop video for "Can't Hold Us" and best video with the social media message for "Same Love", a marriage equality anthem.

(on camera): And not only were you making fun music, you were kind of making socially conscious music, too, you know?

MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS: Right. At the same damn time.

TURNER (voice-over): Taylor Swift lit up twitter after appearing to utter an expletive when One Direction and rumored former love interest Harry Styles appeared on stage.

The more than two hour show wrapped with a live Katy Perry concert under the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.


TURNER: I'm still (INAUDIBLE) my head. OK, here is my take this morning. Gaga definitely deserves applause after that performance just back from hip surgery. Miley probably needs hip surgery this morning.


TURNER: Not enough 'N Sync for me last night. It was over way too quick. And I think that I became an even bigger Macklemore & Ryan Lewis fan after their "Same Love" performance. I thought it was great.

Jennifer Hudson joined them on stage last night and that was really a moment.

BOLDUAN: That Miley moment.

TURNER: Chris Cuomo as a dad is here like I need to lock her in the room.


CUOMO: The question is always, whether it's just for shock effect or somehow fits into it. I think what sits Gaga apart is that there's more to it than just the shock effect.

BOLDUAN: Yes, this is way too much --

TURNER: Fair or unfairly, we see her as Hannah Montana. She is grown. Miley is grown. She is an adult.

BOLDUAN: We get it. Come on.


BOLDUAN: I just don't need to see anyone's tongue out that much in one performance.


CUOMO: The tongue quotient.

My favorite line is the same damn time, making socially relevant music. It's a big reason people love Macklemore by the way.

TURNER: Yes, that is true.

CUOMO: He is bringing rap and hip hop back to the roots of purpose.

TURNER: Exactly. And he is making music with a message and we love that and he is doing it from Seattle. And Seattle hasn't --


TURNER: I'll be back with more guys.

BOLDUAN: You'll take a nap.

TURNER: I get a little tea, drink a little --

CUOMO: Espresso.

TURNER: For 20 minute, yes, I'll be back.

BOLDUAN: All right. Coming up next on NEW DAY: an Amish girl, she's fighting leukemia, the fight of her life. Well, now, she is also fighting the hospital to stop her chemotherapy treatments. We're going to be talking to the chief medical officer who says that she will likely die without the treatment and what is behind this fight. We're going to have more on that.

PEREIRA: Take a little creative license with our must-see moment today. It's a must-hear moment. A voice teacher finally gets her chance on the big stage. We'll tell you this great story when we come back.


PEREIRA: Monday.

CUOMO: Hannah and her Montana.

BOLDUAN: Hannahing her Montana. Who knew --



PEREIRA: Talk about a glorious moment. Welcome back to NEW DAY. Today's must-see moment really a must-hear moment. Actress and singer, Kristin Chenoweth, made fan's dream come true and they made some pretty amazing music when she invited this fan onstage at a concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles Friday night. It turns out the fan happened to be a voice teacher. Kristin Chenoweth, did not know that. They brought the house down with this rendition of the song "For Good" from the Wicked Musical. Take a listen for yourselves.




PEREIRA: I don't think Kristin Chenoweth was expecting that to come out of that woman's mouth. The fan is Southern California resident there. A (INAUDIBLE) apparently teaches voice at a local university at a theater (ph) company. She apparently had been counting down the month. She's a huge, huge fan of Kristin, a huge fan of this song in particular, knew all the lyrics.

But what's amazing is she moved seats three or four times because she and her friends had some sort of ticket confusion so it really almost did not happen that she was clock (ph) from the state. So, this was really one of those golden moments. And I think she's never forget about --


PEREIRA: And apparently, she was wearing all green and had dark hair and glasses, kind of like --


PEREIRA: -- so it's kind of perfect.

BOLDUAN: That's great. Wow! That voice.

CUOMO: I love that Chenoweth let her keep going, too. Big kudos for her for giving that woman a moment.

BOLDUAN: Share -- big voice and a little body that Kristin Chenoweth.


CUOMO: She's the best but even better now because she allowed this woman to have the stage. Thank you to you. Thank you to, Mick.

PEREIRA: My pleasure.

CUOMO: Thanks to you as well.


CUOMO: Coming up on NEW DAY, the battle is on at California's Yosemite National Park. You're looking at it. 3,400 firefighters versus a wildfire that is consumed enough acres to fit the entire area of Chicago. We're live near the fire with the latest.

BOLDUAN: Also ahead, U.N. weapons inspectors are working at the site of the suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria as the U.S. plans its response to the Syrian government. Details at the top of the hour.


CUOMO: All right. Tiger Woods gave the world with quite a show yesterday at the Barclays, I got to tell you, despite crumbling in pain at one point from back spasms. He actually gutted it out all day and almost forced a playoff. It's true. You know who told me? Andy Scholes joining us now with a "Bleacher Report." Happy Monday, my friend. What do we know?

ANDY SCHOLES, BLEACHER REPORT: Hey, good morning, guys. Tiger, he was fighting through back spasms while trying to chase down Adam Scott at the battle round of the Barclays Tournament yesterday. Tiger was in bad shape on hole number 13. Right after his second shot, he drops to his knees in pain.

Ball going the water for a bogey. Tiger, though, would rally. He's birdied 16 and 17, then on 18 he needed this putt to go in to force a playoff, but it comes up just short. Tiger finishes tied for second. Scott wins the tournament.

All right. Turning right now on "Bleacher Report," a freshman at Colorado State had three chances to make a half-court shot to win a year of free tuition, but, guys, he only needed one. Andrew Schneeweis (INAUDIBLE). The crowd goes nuts. He hits the first shot. He was selected in a random drawing at the school's freshman rally to take the shot. His tuition is now going to be paid for by a group of Colorado State head coaches. Congratulations to him.

All right. Milwaukee Bucks center, Larry Sanders, got himself a couple of sweet new tattoos that he proudly posted pictures of on Instagram over the weekend. Let's check them out, guys. See any problems with this one? Receive --



CUOMO: I before E except after C?


SCHOLES: Learned that one on grade school, guys. Luckily for Larry Sanders, he just got a brand new $44 million contract so he can afford to have it redone, but I'm guessing that's going to hurt.

BOLDUAN: That is going to hurt in more ways than one, including, first off, his pride.


BOLDUAN: Thanks so much, Andy. That kid making the half-court shot was the best story.

CUOMO: That was awesome.

BOLDUAN: The only person cheering louder than him, his parents.

CUOMO: I know.


BOLDUAN: All right. you hear the music? A little tribute to N'Sync. It's time for the "Rock Block," everyone, a quick round-up of the stories you'll be talking about today. First up, Michaela.

PEREIRA: All right. Let's check the papers. Begin with "USA Today," convincing kids and teens to stay away from smoking may come down to their doctor. New recommendations in two journals suggest they were less likely to smoke if they receive counseling from a doc.

In "The Washington Post," a story about state legislators and how much money they're paid. Most earn well below living wage for their public service. That work second jobs.

In "The New York Daily News," hit making producer, Dr. Luke, will join Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez as judges on the 13th season of "American Idol." Dr. Luke has seen success with artists like Katie Perry and Kelly Clarkson.

All right. Time for Christine Romans and the business news.

CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: Good morning. Futures are down this morning after the Dow Industrial saw three now, country them three straight weeks of declines because of late summer swoon. When you add it all up, the Dow was down 647 points or four percent over three weeks. But not all is loss, the Dow is still up 14.6 percent for the year. That's a very good return.

A $10 billion deal this morning aimed at beating cancer. Amgen, the world's biggest biotech company, is buying Onyx Pharmaceuticals. It gives Amgen a leg-up in one of the biggest and fastest growing market cancer drug.

And we already, we already know who is going to the Super Bowl this year. GM. After sitting out last year, General Motor says it's back in the game for 2014. The main reason it's buying ads this year, it has 12 new products coming out by the end of next year.

Now, let's get to Jennifer Delgado for the weather -- Jennifer.

JENNIFER DELGADO, AMS METEOROLOGIST: Good morning, everyone. Get ready for a heat wave. Temperatures are going to be soaring once again today across parts of the upper Midwest as well as into the plains. Look at the numbers, though. We're talking about -- we're going to feel temperatures like 110 degrees and that's for areas including Des Moines, St. Louis, even into Chicago.

Through the digits, you see a lot of 90s out there. Certainly, not expected for this late in the summer. Now, while it's going to be warm in the Midwest, we want to point out to you, we will see a few more clouds in the northeast and some showers there and more storms for parts of the desert southwest. We could even see some flooding there. Chris, Kate, back to you.

BOLDUAN: All right. Jennifer, thank you so much. We're now at the top of the hour which means time for the top news.