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Will the U.S. Hit a New Debt Ceiling?; Israeli Forces Fire on Palestinian Camp; Kid-Free Zones on Planes; Lamar Odom Missing?; Progress In Curbing Tobacco Sales To Minors

Aired August 27, 2013 - 06:30   ET


JOHN KING, CNN CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, you're going to have a large international gathering with a number of nations who will support the president, even if we're -- let's say, in the early days, or with the military action under way or just completed, and you'll have some huge objections at the G-20. We assume Russia among them, the key benefactor of Syria in the region.

So, the president would like to have clarity of mission here for that big international meeting and also clarity of mission for the American people. Remember, this is something this president has been very, very, very -- I could keep going on the verys -- hesitant to do. He knows public opinion here in the United States.

Twenty-five percent of Americans support military action, 46 percent oppose it. One recent poll, this president came to national prominence in politics by saying I'm going to get out of the Middle East. Make me your president, I'll end Iraq, I'll end Afghanistan, I get the military out. But they have decided, Kate, that they're past the point of no return here.

And among the things, look for the president and others in the administration to do over the next several days is release to the public more intelligence, including satellite images and "The New York Times" says some signal intelligence, radio or telephone conversations that the administration says you heard Secretary Kerry say, "Without a doubt, without a doubt", proves the regime was behind this attack.

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: When you take into account the poll numbers, the country is war weary, there is no question about that. And you also look back home to what Congress and Washington was traditionally going to be dealing with when they come back from the August recess.

Do you think any military action or especially an extended engagement would completely overshadow some of the battles that we were expecting, more of the political battles we were expecting come September like the debt ceiling fight?

KING: Yes and no. No in the sense that conservatives are still going to dig in saying this president spends too much, they don't want to raise the debt limit again, that they don't want to raise unless they get significant concessions.

Republicans are digging in. They haven't passed a budget for next year but will they have a fight over another sequester or more forced budget cuts, or give it some other name, but spending limits. Will we have a continued fight over funding the president's health care plan? Yes, no question about that.

One of the side things that tends to happen is if you are in the middle or right around a significant military action overseas, there tends to be a rally around the president. I'm not trying to connect the two at all. If the president makes this tough decision, we've seen in the past any president regardless of party tends to get a bit of a rally around the commander in chief moment at least in the early days of such an episode.

BOLDUAN: And when you look at the debt ceiling fight, we've just gotten yesterday that the treasury secretary sending a letter to Congress saying, oh, guess what, you're actually going to need to raise the debt ceiling earlier than expected, they'll come up upon their borrowing limit mid-October.

How is that going to play?

KING: It adds urgency to it. Congress will be back. There have been a lot of the lawmakers have been home in August, checking in with their constituents. Everything that happens is a brick, if you will, in the foundation of the 2014 midterm elections and, you know, the president's allies are going to come back saying, let's not be silly here.

Let's prove we can keep the government running. Let's just get this over with. Conservatives are going to say we want more concessions.

And so, deja vu all over again. We're going to go through a fight we've seen many times before. One thing you don't hear as much as did you in the past go-arounds is the idea of shutting down the government or this major fight. But let's see. Let's see when they come back. Sometimes we get surprised when Congress comes back.

BOLDUAN: Thank you so much, John. We'll talk to you soon. Thanks.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: All right. Coming up on NEW DAY, here's a provocative question, where is Lamar Odom? We know who he is, basketball star, husband of reality figure Khloe Kardashian. He's been reported missing but then his agent says he knows where he is. A lot of people are concerned.

We're going to take you through what we know?

BOLDUAN: Plus, do you have a wish your air travel came with a little less kicking and screaming from someone else's child? Well, one budget carrier may have an upgrade that you just can't refuse. We'll have those details ahead.

And before we go, time for another "CROSSFIRE" classic look-back.


VAN JONES, HOST: Well, the country is about to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech. At this point, it's almost impossible to imagine that it was ever controversial to want to honor Dr. King. But in 1983, it certainly was to Jerry Falwell when he came on "CROSSFIRE."


JERRY FALWELL: I don't think we need anymore holidays.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why not a Martin Luther King Day?

FALWELL: I just feel that there are other black Americans and the corporate body of black Americans who are due honor more than one recent individual about whom there is a great question mark even to this moment.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What is the question mark?

FALWELL: The question mark is that so far all the records are sealed. And neither you, Tom nor I really know what they'll say.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You're talking about his personal character, his personal morality and his personal life as well as any connection --

FALWELL: He may be as clean as Billy Graham, but we don't know that because the records are sealed.



BOLDUAN: Welcome back to NEW DAY.

Let's go around the world now, starting in the West Bank, where Israeli forces opened fire on a Palestinian refugee camp. Jim Clancy has more from Israel.


JIM CLANCY, CNN INTERNATIONAL ANCHOR/CORRESPONDENT: Israeli troops killed three Palestinians and wounded 15 more in a refugee camp on the West Bank near Jerusalem. Israel insists a mob attacked the soldiers with rocks and building materials. Prominent Palestinians contend some of those victims were shot inside their homes. The violence was the worst since the resumption of peace talks and while it may not stall the process, clearly, it isn't going to help.

Kate, back to you.


BOLDUAN: All right. Jim, thank you so much.

Deadly mudslides are wreaking havoc in Mexico and the worst may not be over. Nick Parker has that from Mexico City.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) NICK PARKER, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: State media reporting at least 13 people have been killed in the eastern state of Veracruz after tropical depression Fernand made landfall. It brought heavy rains, triggering a series of mudslides in several places, burying homes. The storm has not weakened but it's still expected to dump something like eight inches of rain over several Mexican states. Forecasters are warning of further mudslides -- Kate.


BOLDUAN: Nick, thank you so much.

And in Switzerland, they've put -- I guess you could call -- a new twist on what some would say is the world's oldest position.

Erin McLaughlin explains.


ERIN MCLAUGHLIN, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Kate, Zurich opened up its first sex drive-through. The largest city in Switzerland now home to nine garage-style structures equipped with alarm buttons and security personnel. The so-called sex boxes will be open from 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., and can only be accessed by vehicle, part of a program designed to increase safety for sex workers as well as cut back on open street prostitution and it's all perfectly legal in Switzerland.

Back to you, Kate.


BOLDUAN: All right, Erin, thank you so much. Sex boxes.

CUOMO: Moving on, now to the latest trend in flying -- would you pay extra for a specially designated no kid zone? Be honest.

A low cost Asian airline is giving passengers the option to do that, carving out a space where children under 12 aren't allowed. Other airlines are following suit, it sounds like heaven to some but the pressing question, is it fair?

CNN's Christine Romans is here.

CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: Who cares if it's fair? I need to get a quiet bit of work on an airplane. I know. This is my kid we're talking about, too, so I come to this with a little bit of prejudice.

Would you pay, Chris Cuomo, $15 to fly on a flight and not listen to this?


BOLDUAN: That will wake you up. ROMANS: Adorable, adorable, but for $15 you don't have to listen to toddlers or screaming kids. No one is going to be kicking the back of your seat unless it's a grown adult. It's this under 12, kid free zone.

The CEO saying no offense, we love your children, but we're going to put them someplace else in the airplane, the seats are $15 extra, more leg room and the young children are somewhere else on the flight.

MICHAELA PEREIRA, CNN ANCHOR: Mom, I have a question. Logistically, where is this voices travel. You can put the child in the back, and I still can hear them. They have lungs on them.

CUOMO: The proximity has power.

BOLDUAN: Is there demand for this or just another way for airlines to make money?

ROMANS: Both. There's demand for it and another way for them to make money. We've seen a couple of Asian carriers. Malaysian Airlines has already done this. They have also a long haul flight, jumbo jet about a child-free zone in coach class, and the first seven rows of coach in Air Asia X are quiet zone, no one under 12 and Malaysia Airlines banned infants from first class in some of their flights.

You know, a baby going up and down, when the ears start to pop it's difficult.


CUOMO: Whatever, it's mixing business and vacation. The business people are there for business, professional travelers, they got work to do and having kids -- look, I got three of them. Christine and I were --

PEREIRA: You want to see that.

CUOMO: I pay extra to put my own kids in a different area.

ROMANS: How can I hire a nanny? Can someone please for $15 take my child to the back of the plane while I sit in the front of the plane?

BOLDUAN: There's no one with this would fly in the U.S.?

CUOMO: Why not?

ROMANS: I don't think so. I don't think they're going to do it in the U.S. You haven't seen a move to do it in the U.S., because there's a sensitivity to discriminating against families who are traveling and that is a big part, but will you see --

CUOMO: Families may want it. I would like to be around all other people who are all in the same suck, you know what I mean, not putting it on somebody else.


CUOMO: There is no joy.

ROMANS: It's painful for me to watch my children kicking someone else's seat. We try figure that out.

BOLDUAN: What happens when that section completely fills up, though?

ROMANS: The way they're making money in this country is charging you for everything else. The list of things I have --

CUOMO: Your bag is like $500.

ROMANS: Change fees have gone up. This year, they've gone up to $200 from $150 on the major carriers.


ROMANS: They've gone up. So, you -- if you want to change your flight, 200 bucks like now talk about families, if you're a family traveling, you want to change a flight, because you've missed it, you're talking about another 1,500 bucks because it's 200 bucks a ticket. That's where they're making them -- $6 billion in fees last year.

That's why I think things like paying extra to not sit next to kids is something that at least the airlines might consider in this country but I don't think it will fly.

BOLDUAN: I'm wondering if that's a business expense.

CUOMO: I say it's easier for the families to be around each other, some of the worst spousal flights happen. People giving you looks, your kids act out because they know they have power because they know you can't do what you'll normally do because of these other people around.

ROMANS: It's like putting a tornado in a bottle on an airplane, a tornado in a bottle next to you.

BOLDUAN: And right when they land they go to sleep. Bill Cosby skit is the best.

ROMANS: Jeffrey, Jeffrey. I pay 15 bucks but who is going to take care of my kids?

BOLDUAN: I will any day says the woman with no children.

All right. Thanks.

Coming up next on NEW DAY: a bombshell report was the famous battle of the sexes, tennis match rigged? We won't believe who was allegedly behind it.

PEREIRA: And then we got some fishermen that got a whole lot more than they bargained for. Their catch of the day is our must see moment.



PEREIRA: We got wild one, all right. We got live one, too. Welcome back to NEW DAY. Today's must-see moment comes from a boat off the coast of the Dominican Republic. I doubt fishing. Take a look at this incredible video.



PEREIRA (voice-over): That, my friends, is --


PEREIRA: That's a really, really close call. Fisherman aboard the Marlin Darlin (ph) hooked a fish and were reeling it in when suddenly a 350-pound blue marlin unexpectedly leaps into the boat and nearly spears one of the crew members. They struggle for several minutes before getting it under control.

Now, we should point out this crew usually releases all the fish they catch back into the ocean, all the marlin back in the ocean, but this one apparently died of self-sustained injuries and they ended up giving it to local fishermen.

CUOMO (voice-over): Also known as for trying to kill us.

BOLDUAN (voice-over): We will kill you.


PEREIRA (on-camera): I cannot comment on that, but the fish did not live to tell the story.

CUOMO (on-camera): I'll tell you what, sport fishing is amazing. That was a really big marlin, by the way. But can you imagine being that guy, how lucky he was?

BOLDUAN (on-camera): And it really shows.

PEREIRA: Just by seconds.

BOLDUAN: Just the sheer strength of these fish.

CUOMO: It could have killed him very easily.


BOLDUAN: And I love that it was all caught on tape.


CUOMO: Yes. The captain, I guess, was shooting it, right? The captain's above them on the fly bridge.

BOLDUAN: I bet it was jumping around all over the place before he's like this is going to be a good one. You know what I mean?

CUOMO: Yes. Although that guy right there is probably -- freaking out. Once he stopped freaking out, it was him who took him a few minutes to calm down, not the fish.


BOLDUAN: That's a good point.


BOLDUAN: Are you kidding me? I'd jump in the water.


CUOMO: Anyway, that's a good one and nobody was hurt which makes it even better.

Coming up on NEW DAY, the Obama administration says it believes the Syrian government poisoned its own people. Question, what happens now? We'll tell you.

BOLDUAN: And firefighters making some progress against that wildfire threatening Yosemite National Park, but the inferno is still spreading. Where does that fire fight stand? We'll have that at the top of the hour. But first, time for about last night.


JAY LENO, HOST, "THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO": Miley Cyrus getting a lot of criticism today for what many people are calling her raunchy performance last night at the awards show. Remember the good old days when the most embarrassing thing a member of the Cyrus family would shake was their mullet.


DAVID LETTERMAN, HOST, "LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN": Today, they're advertising for people to get help if you suffer from this -- it's not funny.


LETTERMAN: Nothing funny about it, this little known affliction here. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Every day is a struggle. Every day you wait for things to get easier, but now, there's help. If you're one of the millions of Americans who suffer from restless tongue syndrome, there's a wide range of treatments that might be right for you. Consult your physicians today so we never have to see this. (LAUGHTER)

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Again, a message from the restless tongue syndrome.




CUOMO: Did you know that college football players aren't supposed to get paid for signing autographs?

BOLDUAN: What? No way.

CUOMO: Allegedly, neither did Heisman trophy winner, Johnny "Football" Manziel. The NCAA investigation is heating up on the Aggie's quarterback. He could soon be disciplined for signing these autographs for money. How do I know, as all things sports, Andy Scholes told me here now with more on the "Bleacher Report." Was that right, Andy, did I get it right?

ANDY SCHOLES, BLEACHER REPORT: You got it right, Chris. You know, the entire college football world is waiting to see what's going to happen with Johnny Football down in college station. According to ESPN, officials from the NCAA questioned Manziel for about six hours on Sunday about his involvement with various autograph brokers.

And if the NCAA determines Manziel accepted money to sign autographs, he could be ruled ineligible for the entire season.

All right. A day after a report surfaced that Lamar Odom had disappeared after an apparent fight with his wife, Khloe Kardashian. His agent says Khloe knows exactly where Odom is, and he is not missing. Radar Online is reporting that Odom is going to release a statement admitting that he's addicted to prescription drugs, although, they didn't say the free agent for it still plans on playing in the NBA this season.

Trending right now on and the first round of the U.S. Open, Serena Williams was dominating her opponent, Francesca Schiavone. Serena won the first set, 6-0 and was cruising in the second set. Poor Schiavone was so demoralized by what was going on. Check it out, guys. She goes over to the ball boy to get a hug. That's mid match. She said after the match it was just a really, really tough day.

BOLDUAN: That's actually really sweet, and that ball boy has no idea what to do.

CUOMO: He's like, yes --

SCHOLES: Want a ball? Want a ball? Oh.

BOLDUAN: he's like -- (CROSSTALK)

BOLDUAN: Hugs were not included in my contract, very awkward. All right. Thanks, Andy. I'd hug you, but you're on a TV screen.

OK. That music means it's time for the "Rock Block," a quick roundup of the stories you'll be talking about today. First up, Michaela.

PEREIRA: Can you get rain checks for hugs? I don't know about that.

First up in the papers, "Detroit News," driving blind. "Consumer Reports" found many of the 2014 vehicles, cars, trucks and SUVs have bigger blind spots and are harder to see out of.

In "USA Today," efforts to reduce tobacco sales to minors appears to be working. A study says over the past two years, all 50 states and Washington, D.C., met an overall goal of cutting illegal sales to minors.

In "The Arizona Republic," so when does a baby start learning how to talk? A new study from Finland claims babies can remember words they hear frequently while inside their mother's womb. How about that?

Time now for business news and Christine Romans.

CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: Debt ceiling drama on the way, Michaela. Treasury secretary, Jack Lew, says the U.S. will reach its borrowing limit by mid-October. Republicans have said, hey, there is no way that debt ceiling deal will be done without more spending cuts.

401(k) balances are up more than 10 percent in the second quarter. Fidelity investments average 401(k) balance came in at $80,600. Have you been employed for 10 years in your plan, consistently saving, your average is more like $211,800. That's up nearly 19 percent from a year ago.

And drum roll, please, Facebook's total market value now stands at $100 billion of stocks. Facebook stock up nearly two percent yesterday, closing at $41.34 a share. Facebook now up 55 percent this year compared with a 16 percent gain for the S&P. So, Facebook a year after the IPO, Facebook finally paying for investors.

Finally, let's get to Indra Petersons for the weather.

INDRA PETERSONS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: Yes. Maybe I should have invested, right?


PETERSONS: Yes. We did have (ph) a lot of weather going on out there. We're talking about heat in the Midwest, extreme heat, that is. Some showers off to the northeast and into the southwest. We're talking about again the threat for flooding. We'll take you one by one, temperatures 20 degrees above normal, making it very tough even almost to breathe in the Midwest, 103 expected in Des Moines today. Taking a little bit farther to the east and severe weather right around the Great Lakes but also some spotty showers into the northeast, and then back out west, tropical moisture still in the picture. But little hint of good news that could mean some showers right around Yosemite where they need it. But what they are concerned was, of course, in burn areas is too much rain at once. Actually have flash flood warnings in the area today.

BOLDUAN: Just getting hit twice. All right. Indra, thank you.

We're now at the top of the hour, which means it's time for the top news.


JOHN KERRY, SECRETARY OF STATE: Make no mistake, President Obama believes there must be accountability for those who would use the world's most heinous weapons.

CUOMO: Target Syria. The U.S. taking aim at a possible military strike in Syria. We're the only network live inside.

BOLDUAN: Yosemite on fire. A wildfire taking aim at the park's most treasured sites. Firefighters now gaining the upper hand as wild weather sweeps across the nation. Just look at this giant dust storm.

PEREIRA: Rigged? a bombshell new report on the epic battle of the sexes. Billie Jean King versus Bobby Riggs. Did he throw the match as part of a deal with the mob?

CUOMO: Your NEW DAY starts right now.

ANNOUNCER: What you need to know.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We don't dismiss because kids are hot. We dismiss because learning suffers.

ANNOUNCER: What you just have to see.

This is NEW DAY with Chris Cuomo, Kate Bolduan, and Michaela Pereira.


CUOMO: Good morning. Welcome back to NEW DAY. It's Tuesday, August 27th, seven o'clock in the east.

Coming up this hour, former students of Donald Trump's "university," in quotes, are coming forward slamming the program. We're going to hear from one man who says the program is a fraud and that Donald Trump needs to do the right thing by those he duped. The Donald is facing a $40 million lawsuit over this. He denies the accusations, but the alleged proof could be fairly significant. We'll show it to you.