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Congress: Obama Must Ask Us First; Obama Walks in Steps fro Dr. King Today; iPhone Buy-Backs; Inspirational Upset At U.S. Open; Holiday Travel

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ANNOUNCER: This is NEW DAY with Chris Cuomo, Kate Bolduan and Michaela Pereira.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: Welcome back to NEW DAY. It's Wednesday, August 28th.

Coming up, another Zimmerman due in court face charges today. This time, it's George's wife. We're going to give you the details.

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: Plus, a high speed chase. More than 100 miles an hour on a busy interstate. We're going to show how state troopers use their cruisers to bring this to a very dramatic end.

CUOMO: We are following a lot of major stories for you this morning. Let's get to Michaela.

First up is Syria.

MICHAELA PEREIRA, CNN ANCHOR: Yes, we'll bring you up-to-date on that, with developments, major developments, in fact, concerning Syria. U.N. inspectors out once again, searching for evidence of a chemical weapons attack in a Damascus suburb, as President Obama, along with Britain's prime minister David Cameron lay out the grand work for a possible military strikes. Vice President Joe Biden says there's no doubt Syria unleashed the chemical attack on its own people and must pay a price.

To California, the giant Rim Fire pushing deeper into the Yosemite National Park. Member of the U.S. Forest Service says the fire has a flat, clear path into the park and fire crews have fewer options to control it now. The 184,000 acre fire is burning dangerously close to a reservoir that supplies water to 2.6 million people in the San Francisco Bay Area. So far, no change in the water quality.

Three million dollars bail for a second teen charged with killing a World War II veteran in Washington state. Eighty-eight-year-old Delbert Benton was beaten to death last week in Spokane. Prosecutors say the suspects claim he was killed because he shorted them on a sale of crack cocaine. The two 16-year-olds face adult charges of first- degree murder and robbery and a possible life sentence.

What has been killing off dolphins along the East Coast? Well, scientists are blaming a virus related to the measles. More than 350 bottle-nosed dolphins washed ashore since the beginning of July. Scientists say there was a similar outbreak some 25 years ago. They don't think, though, that the virus poses any threat to humans.

Miley Cyrus causing a stir at the VMAs with her controversial performance. She may have also help get one of her famous dances into the dictionary. The folks at the Oxford English Dictionary say all of this twerking merits its own entry and they've added it to the online version of their dictionary. It reads, "Twerk, verb, dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting, hip movements and low squatting stance." Yes, that about sums it up.

We should also mention -- "selfie" was also added, which seems more of a culturally profound word we'll go with.

BOLDUAN: Sorry, you had to read that definition.

PEREIRA: The fact is it's not very clear that these words will actually go into the pages of the actual oxford dictionary, but they are on the online version for now.

CUOMO: I'm in deep with a lot of real twerkers and I do not believe that they would like the idea that Miley Cyrus was the father or mother of this particular persuasion.

PEREIRA: Oh, she's not the father or the mother.

CUOMO: I'm just saying.

PEREIRA: She is certainly, God love her --

CUOMO: She is not what twerking is represented by the twerk community if I may speak for them.


PEREIRA: I think you should actually should speak for that community.

BOLDUAN: OK. Thank you, Michaela.

PEREIRA: You're welcome.

BOLDUAN: Let's move now to our political gut check -- all the stories you need to know coming straight out of Washington.

Nearly 40 members of Congress now from both parties, they are calling on President Obama to consult Congress before ordering a possible military action against Syria.

CNN's chief national correspondent John King is here to break this down.

I know you've been doing a lot of reporting on this, John, and it's clearly a developing situation. But you're hearing growing calls from members of Congress, some saying consult us before you take action. Others going further saying seek authorization from Congress before you take action.

What do you expect will be happening?

JOHN KING, CNN CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, the consultations have begun and some in Congress say belatedly, Kate. But there are no conversations at the high level from the White House and National Security Council, up to key members of Congress.

But you touched on the key debate here. Senator Barack Obama will probably be arguing the United States of the states if that president were Republican should seek congressional authorization. This is what happens when you become president, you've got Senator Barack Obama is now the president, Senator John Kerry is now the secretary of state, Senator Chuck Hagel, who is a Republican, is now the defense secretary. The executive branch takes a different view, saying the president has the authority to do this.

But this is part of the debate and it's a key part of the debate. Right now on that letter, which it's mostly Republicans signing it because Democrats are being loyal to their president. If you reach out, especially to the president's liberal base, there are a lot of opposition to any strikes but they're muting it, though, out of loyalty to the president and a lot of questions about can you do this in a limited way as the president tries to build his case to the American people and to the world because of the skepticism of bringing Congress in and trying to mute the opposition and the questions in Congress is going to be very important to this president over the next 24 to 72 hours.

BOLDUAN: And when you say as the president makes his case to the American people, that's also something that we're hearing a lot of talk of. The top officials that we're hearing from making that case for him, Secretary Kerry, Secretary Hagel, the vice president, but we have not -- the country has not yet heard from the president himself in making that case.

Does that need to happen before the U.S. proceeds?

KING: Well, certainly, it will happen when the U.S. proceeds. We also heard from the commander-in-chief normally, right after the first wave of cruise missile strikes in something like this, sometimes you also get a warning, saying we will act soon if you don't do this. That is a debate within the administration, Kate, and it's closely timed to the president -- the big decision the president has to make next, which is now that he's decided to move forward, he has to decide on the timing.

And 24 hours ago, the indications were this would happen by the end of the week. Late yesterday and into the morning, we're getting some indications that not just because of opposition, skepticism in the world that the U.N. special envoy to Syria just moments ago said, where is this evidence? No one has given this evidence to the United Nations about this chemical attack.

So, as the president builds this case, there are some people saying that this could slip into next week because he has skepticism in Congress, certainly opposition in deep skepticism with the American world.

And a lot of questions being asked around the world, it is going to take the president of the United States to answer some of those questions. And it's a perfect example of what a president has to juggle, as he's dealing with this major priority of how to intervene in Syria, if the U.S. should.

There's also a very big moment, an important day for the nation happening in Washington today, the 50th anniversary of the march on Washington, and the president will be making remarks, kind of concluding the events at the National Mall.

What do you expect to hear from the president and what do you think the kind of -- the fine, I don't know if it's a fine line but the balance the president is seeking to strike in his remarks? Because everyone will listen closely to his words.

KING: It's a fascinating day because you'll have the nation's first African-American president standing there on that sacred spot 50 years after the march on Washington. So, living, breathing proof of some significant progress since Dr. King laid out his dream. The president will talk a bit personally about that, about how he is an example I am told. But then he'll move on to other big challenges and sort of the next chapter, if you will, in the civil rights movement.

We know the administration has been aggressive in recent days and weeks about voting rights, the Supreme Court throwing out some key provision of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, the president will stress in the speech today that he will continue to press on that front. It will be interesting to see how much of this is personal.

We know there will be some observations, but how much of it will be personal? I was talking to somebody yesterday who has been skeptical about the president sometimes wishing he would get on the African- American street more, if you will, to deal with economic and education issues, wondering if he'll not invoke his example, but talk about his daughters and how important they are in the next chapter in the movement.

So, it's a sober time in Washington because of the ramp up to Syria. But there's time to look at our president in an interesting moment from a personal and political standpoint

BOLDUAN: As always you put it absolutely perfectly. Thank you so much, John. We'll talk to you soon.

KING: Thank you.


CUOMO: When John comes back with Fran Townsend in the next hour, we'll talk what the president has to do before he takes a step in Syria, the lessons of the Iraq war. There are constitutional provisions about what Congress has to be consulted about. Many feel it wasn't done with the Iraq War. So, we'll talk about that. We're going to take a break now on NEW DAY, how about this? Are you burdened with the antiquated, old iPhone 4? Well, Apple is said to be launching an in-store iPhone trade-in program to entice more people to buy the newest model. We'll take a closer look at the strategy.

BOLDUAN: Oh la la, and no oh la la on this. Plus, actor Alec Baldwin at it again, getting into a street fight with a photographer and much more on -- whoa, that's a fight -- coming up.

But, first "CROSSFIRE" is a few short weeks from its return on September 16th. Time to open up the "CROSSFIRE" vault once again with a look back at another classic.


STEPHANIE CUTTER, HOST, CNN'S "CROSSFIRE": "CROSSFIRE" doesn't shy away from controversial guests and those guests don't get a free ride either. In 1984, Tom Braden and Pat Buchanan confronted activist and communist party candidate Angela Davis.

ANGELA DAVIS, ACTIVIST: Of course I'm a member of the communist party of the United States of America. There is, of course, a relationship between all communist parties throughout the world, including the communist party of the Soviet Union. But, of course, I think the effort to portray the Soviet Union as a country where repression reigns as an effort to divert people's attention away from the real accomplishments of the Soviet Union. Not to say --


TOM BRADEN: -- you would agree that repression reigns in the Soviet Union?

DAVIS: I certainly would agree that repression reigns in the United States of America.



BOLDUAN: Welcome back to NEW DAY.

Let's go around the world now starting in Brazil, where the deadly collapse of a two-story building under construction is being investigated. Here is Shasta Darlington in Sao Paulo.


SHASTA DARLINGTON, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: At least six people were killed and another 24 injured, when a building collapsed right here in Brazil's financial capital. Now, the two-story department store was under construction and the workers were on the site when it literally crumbled to the ground.

Firefighters and rescue workers dug through the rubble all day using dogs to help locate victims. In fact, the fire chief said one man trapped under a concrete slab used his own cell phone to help the workers find him. Now, it's not clear whether there are more people trapped in the rubble. Authorities say they're also investigating the cause of the accident.

Back to you, Kate.


BOLDUAN: All right. Shasta, thank you so much.

Let's go to Spain now, you say tomato and I say tomato. When we're tosses them around it doesn't matter at all. Here's Al Goodman.


AL GOODMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: For the first time in the great tomato fight in the Spanish village of Bunol, local officials are limiting the number of participants to 20,000 for security reasons. Last year, they had twice that many. Also for the first time, out-of-towners have to pay to throw the tomato, tickets $13 apiece. Locals still go for free.

One thing that hasn't changed and I've been there, you won't find any clean shirts like this.

Back to you, Kate.


BOLDUAN: I don't think there's enough Tide in the world to fix it after that food fight. Thanks so much, Al.

CUOMO: All right. So, let's get to the core of the Apple story. We're told the announcement of a new generation iPhone is expected next month. That's good.


CUOMO: Until you think about the potential cost, that's bad. But what makes it better is this other rumor that's getting a lot of buzz -- an iPhone trade-in program at Apple stores. What could this mean?

Christine Romans please tell us.

CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: It would be like I would take this iPhone to an apple store and give me 250 bucks toward the purchase of the new. It would be like you go with your old car to buy a new car. Americans do this all the time, right? We'll take the old car in, we trade up for the new car. There are other places that have done this.

But, Apple, if Apple can get in the game, it could get their hands on those old phones they could repurpose them for the emerging markets, certified pre-own Apple iPhone perhaps and then they have you, the customer, right there in the store ready to do a trade-up.

BOLDUAN: Why would Apple start this service? I feel like they offered some sort of service similar to this in the past.

ROMANS: They have a mail-in recycling service.

BOLDUAN: That clearly got problems. You go without a phone for a long time.

ROMANS: Absolutely. But, look, Tim Cook, the CEO of this company, you know, told reporters recently, look, there are third party channels that are already doing this. Other people are making money on Apple products. Apple is letting their products out of their own hands and the emerging market, you know, where people want lower cost, maybe used iPhones, used Apple products, if Apple can get a piece of that revenue, that would be a way --

CUOMO: What about us? You have people like Mick already has the iPhone but she's moving away. She's got the Samsung devices.

PEREIRA: I diversify.

CUOMO: Diversify portfolio, I like it. Is it worth it?

ROMANS: You're not a great Apple aficionado. You really aren't.

PEREIRA: I dabble in all worlds. Let me ask -- what about things like this, the iPad? Is it just the iPhone then?

ROMANS: At this point, we're only hearing this looks it's iPhone. Now, again, we have called Apple. Apple doesn't call back.


ROMANS: This is one of those things, how the Apple dance goes. September 10th, there's going to be this new iPhone out. There's all these rumors and all these speculation on the Mac and the Apple watching website, a lot of times those turn out to be true. They're very good about building the drama and playing the game --

CUOMO: We have to know about the value. It's going to be worth the money to trade up to this 5S, I guess, they're going to call.

ROMANS: And some of these trade-in sites, quite frankly, have better value than what we're hearing will probably be the trade-in value for the Apple.

BOLDUAN: There's a convenience factor.

ROMANS: Absolutely.

BOLDUAN: I mean, that's why I get sucked into it.


ROMANS: You know, you look like Gazelle, Glide, NextWorth which is partnered actually with Target on trade-in. Best Side does trade-in. At&T, Verizon, so the places that already are doing business with, you can do trade-ins with them. There are other websites and there are private contractors out there that you can do trade-ins --

CUOMO: Can't be liquid damage, though.

ROMANS: No. And that's the key here. Look, you got -- not liquid damage, that's very important.


ROMANS: Bring it to the Apple store, employee is going to evaluate it, and they'll (ph) tell you what you're going to be worth.


ROMANS: You don't believe in certified pre-owned?

CUOMO: I don't believe in anything.


BERMAN: The truth comes out!

PEREIRA: Finally.

BOLDUAN: Christine, thank you so much.

ROMANS: Except twerking.


BOLDUAN: Oh my gosh.

CUOMO: I just know those who twerk, deep in it.


BOLDUAN: Can I move on? Would you like to stay here?

CUOMO: Go ahead.

BOLDUAN: OK. Coming up next on NEW DAY, George Zimmerman's wife accused of lying under oath about their finances. Her day in court coming today. We have the details.

PEREIRA: And, we got our must-see moment. Since we're going to dance today, we're just going to go all out. This is a wedding that ends in remake of " Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo Begins." I can't wait to show this --

CUOMO: Electric Boogaloo, that's a Beach Street (ph) guy, but I'm deep in with these guys, by the way.


PEREIRA: All right. Today's must-see moment is not -- I was going to show you one of our guys hand standing. He's not going to --


PEREIRA: Here it comes.

CUOMO: Here it is.

BOLDUAN: Tuck your shirt in.

PEREIRA: There he is.

CUOMO: There he is.

PEREIRA: That's not our must-see moment, even though we think Eric is pretty amazing.

CUOMO: Flex the abs.

BOLDUAN: And then he breaks something.

PEREIRA: And then he breaks something. All right. Here's a wedding. Everybody's seen this happen at a wedding except not quite like this in Russia. You know the relative you've got who's got a secret move? I don't think you were expecting this, though. Look at this, these guys actually got some moves. They cleared the dance floor, put on quote a show and even some break dancing.

BOLDUAN: What? That wasn't like whole breakdancing thing. That is real breakdancing.

PEREIRA: It could have been a break to the facing, but it didn't happen. Love it.

CUOMO: See that is the power of marriage.

PEREIRA: Is that what it is?

CUOMO: That's what it can do to someone.


BOLDUAN: That might be part at play here.


BOLDUAN: I love this.

PEREIRA: Thanks, Eric. Hope you didn't hurt anything.

CUOMO: That was good stuff. Good stuff. What a way to start up the marriage. Good stuff.


CUOMO: Coming up on NEW DAY, an amazing dream come true on the courts of the U.S. Open for one teenager, Victoria Duval's amazing upset. Wait until you see this. She's also got a great back story, but it's definitely worth watching. BOLDUAN: Plus, the possible showdown with Syria, strong words from Damascus to Tehran to Washington. All the latest developments you need to know at the top of the hour.


CUOMO: All right. Put the toothbrush down for a second, because this is one you want to hear. Seventeen-year-old American Victoria Duval pulled off a shocking upset yesterday in the first round of the U.S. Open, winning her first ever grand slam match, awesome enough just by that. But wait until you hear, this is not the first challenge she's faced by far. Andy Scholes will explain in this morning's "Bleacher Report." Andy, pick up the story for us.

ANDY SCHOLES, BLEACHER REPORT: Yes. She's got a great story, guys. Victoria Duval, she's been through quite a bit to get to where she is now. While growing up in Haiti, she was held at gunpoint for hours in an armed robbery, and then, just three years ago, her father was killed in the terrible earthquake that rocked Haiti.

Last night, all smiles for Duval as she outlasted former U.S. Open champion, Sam Stosur, in three sets to get her first big win of her career. It was truly awesome moment for her and her family.

In the line-up section on, today, you can check out one of the most impressive runs you'll ever see on a football field. Jabrill Peppers breaks out of Paramus High School in New Jersey, he's going to break nine tackles on his way to scoring a touchdown on this play, guys. Looks like something out of a video game.

Peppers admitted to play college ball at Michigan as a quarterback, but guys, I think, after they miss (ph), they might want to give him a shot at running back once he gets up there at Ann Harbor (ph).

BOLDUAN: That's one good way to prove your worth, just do it.


CUOMO: I would have knees and ankles left all over the field --


BOLDUAN: You'd still get to the end zone, though.

CUOMO: Yes, I get there. That little car they take you off the field with.


BOLDUAN: The golf cart. All right. Thanks so much, Andy.


BOLDUAN: You hear the music, that means it is time for the "Rock Block," a quick roundup of the stories you'll be talking about today. First up, Michaela. PEREIRA: All right. Kate, let's look in the papers. From "The Washington Post," if you plan on hitting the road for the Labor Day weekend, you are certainly not alone. AAA says 34 million people will travel more than 50 miles away from home this weekend. That's up four percent from last year.

In "New York Times," Merrill Lynch settling a race discrimination lawsuit with African-American brokers for $160 million. The lead plaintiff filed that suit some eight years ago.

In "The Wall Street Journal," an Oklahoma sculptor hoping to erect a Native-American statue in his state called the American that would tower over the lady in New York Harbor which is the country's tallest statue.

Time now for business news and Christine Romans.

ROMANS: All right. Futures are higher this morning, I'm glad to report, after Wall Street had its worst day in two months after tensions in Syria escalated. The Dow and S&P closed down about one percent.

Gold prices are higher, oil prices are higher as well. That'll mean higher gas prices down the road most likely.

Facebook big wigs continue to sell shares. The disclosure comes as Facebook stock topped 40 bucks a share. COO, Sheryl Sandberg, sold 176,000 shares recently. Chief financial officer, David Ebersman, sold 200,000 shares.

Tiffany profits are gleaming in investors' eyes. Earnings for the world's second largest jeweler were much better than almost (ph) expected. The bright spot, sales in China.

Finally, let's get to Indra Petersons for the weather.

INDRA PETERSONS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: Yes. Hard to believe. We're actually going into September here and we have not had a hurricane in the Atlantic just yet. The only thing we have to speak of today is this little wave around Florida, about a 10 percent chance to develop. But what it really means is just some heavier showers into Florida today and maybe the next several days.

Into the northeast, also speaking of rain, nothing heavy, some scattered showers to the northeast and the mid-Atlantic today. The big story again remains to be the heat, this huge dome of high pressure bringing temperatures well above normal. We're talking about 19, 20 degrees above normal.

Look at Des Moines today, 98 degrees on a jump you all the way in through Friday. We're going to be seeing the temperatures actually rise. So, what's going to feel like 100 without adding in the humidity is actually going to feel like 105, even 110 degrees. So, no relief in sight just yet.

BOLDUAN: All right. Indra, thank you so much. We are now near the top of the hour which means it's time for the top news.