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Possible Showdown With Syria; Rim Fire Burning In Yosemite; Stop That Car!; Shocking Alec Baldwin Photos; Zimmerman's Wife Faces Perjury; Buble's Baby; President Obama Gives "The Butler" High Praise; "I Am A Mom Of Two Boys"

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CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: And Morrison James, Earl Jones, doesn't get much better than that. Welcome back to NEW DAY. It's Wednesday, August 28th. Coming up in the show, George Zimmerman's wife facing a perjury charge stemming from the early stages of her husband's trial. Meanwhile, George is trying to recoup the costs of his legal defense, all the details ahead.

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: That and this. Alec Baldwin, an actor and a fighter, a confrontation with a photographer outside his home in New York City, got a little physical. We'll bring you that.

CUOMO: Following a lot of big news for you, we've been tracking what's developing in Syria so let's get right to Michaela.

MICHAELA PEREIRA, CNN ANCHOR: All right, let's look at the headlines. U.N. inspectors checking areas outside Damascus that might have been attacked with chemical weapons. The White House drawing up plans for a possible military strike on the Assad regime and the British National Security Council is meeting at this hour to discuss a possible course of action. Iran is also weighing leaders warning of a disaster if the U.S. intervenes.

The giant rim fire cutting deeper into Yosemite National Park in California and threatening to close a key route into the park ahead of the Labor Day holiday weekend. The 184,000 acre fire has also reached the shores of a reservoir that supplies water to 2.6 million in the San Francisco Bay area. So far there has been no change to water quality there.

High-speed chases don't get much faster or scarier than this. More than 100 miles per hour down a busy Georgia Interstate.


PEREIRA (voice-over): Speeding down this Georgia highway, dangerously weaving through traffic. What began as a speeding stop, morphed into a three-county chase across South Georgia at over 100 miles per hour. Watch as the police car gets alongside the stolen vehicle and he narrowly misses another car as he tried to get away.

Behind the wheel is 22-year-old Maurice Sanders and his passenger 20- year-old Alandrey Brown. Watch as detectives try an unsuccessful pit maneuver. They run him off the road, but somehow he springs back. Finally they were able to box him in.

Deputies recovered a revolver, semiautomatic handgun and body armor from that stolen car. Investigators say they don't know much about the suspects at this point, but are continuing to search for any ties to robberies, drugs or gangs.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I hope nobody has been hurt from these two guys, but hopefully we can solve some crimes and keep these guys from getting back out in the road and hurting somebody.


PEREIRA: Police also say they found duct tape and gloves in that stolen vehicle.

All right, are you too lazy to mow the lawn? One guy found a way to avoid the job. He is sharing the secret on YouTube. First he tied his lawnmower to the post and uses another to the throttle and then lets it go. It slowly goes around in the circle with the rope shortening with each pass. His wife is just shaking her head. I feel like my father would have invented this if he had the opportunity and access to YouTube. This is genius I have to say.

BOLDUAN: Genius or crazy?

PEREIRA: I'm going to go with genius on this one.

BOLDUAN: Me, too.

CUOMO: It's a no brainer. Let's just watch it.

PEREIRA: I think it should be a bigger hole so the loops are smaller.

CUOMO: Screen saver.

BOLDUAN: All right, Michaela, thank you.

Let's move on to some pretty shocking photos of Alec Baldwin, the A- list actor appears to be pinning down a photographer to the hood of a car on a New York City street. This incident is the latest run-in with the paparazzi for the actor. So what is behind the pictures? Has he gone too far? CNN's Nischelle Turner is here with more. Hi, Nischelle.

NISCHELLE TURNER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: That's a good question and those are questions that people are asking. You know, we have all seen Alec Baldwin have repeated run-ins with the paparazzi and others for that matter. Some of these situations have gotten pretty ugly and while some are asking has Alec gone too far he's been saying for years it's the paparazzi that's crossed the line.


TURNER (voice-over): An alleged hostile scuffle caught on camera as Alec Baldwin well-known for his distaste of the paparazzi propels a photographer on top of a parked car. Just days earlier, the "30 Rock" star was snapped arriving at his New York apartment with wife, Aloria, carrying his newborn baby girl. These new photos appear to show the angry actor pinning a photographer's arms behind his back.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You look fabulous.

TURNER: Both Baldwin and the photog called 911. The star stated he was walking with his wife when the paparazzo got too close. Both parties aren't pressing charges.

JOE CONCHA, MEDIAITE COLUMNIST: You could probably blame the paparazzi. They usually get too close, but the problem is we've seen this time and again with Alec Baldwin.

TURNER: Back in February according to "The New York Post," a reporter was trying to get a comment on a lawsuit involving wife, Elaria. Baldwin became aggressive, grabbing the reporter by the arm allegedly calling him a crack head and racially derogatory word. This photo published in "The Daily News" was taken when Baldwin went to apply for his marriage license last June. He accused the photographer of bumping him with his lens. In a red carpet he addressed the paparazzi.

ALEC BALDWIN, ADDRESSING PAPARAZZI WOES IN JUNE: Most of the paparazzi have their foot out to trip you. They want to get the shot.


TURNER: Now a couple things here. Alec does say the paparazzi gets too close. That's something we've heard other celebrities complain about recently Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner testifying in front of the California assembly to get stricter laws protecting their children from photographers. Also Alec does seem to get a little bit of a pass in these situations when we'd be maybe more critical of other celebrities. Remember when Justin Bieber had a run-in with the paparazzi not too long ago. The question seemed to be look at Bieber's temper not what the photographers are doing -- Chris.

CUOMO: All right, Nischelle, that said, I feel like I've heard that anger issues followed, you know, Alec Baldwin around almost every week it seems. Let's bring HLN's Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of "Dr. Drew On Call." First of all, thanks for joining us on NEW DAY. It's great to have you.

Let's start with the basic premise. Why are you here, Dr. Drew? Is this an issue for you or is this just a man who gets into a situation where two men are in personal space, words exchanged, a little bit of violence, let the law handle it, but it's not a psychological issue?

DR. DREW PINSKY, HOST, HLN'S "DR. DREW ON CALL": Well, I think the answer is there's two issues, one is that we should never be taking the law into our own hands, that assault is never a solution to a problem, that being said, the flipside of that is there is not a problem other than the fact that Alec is well-known to have anger issues and to become aggressive, rather easily provoked. Paparazzi should be aware of that. His personal space is relatively broad and he feels threatened and I've got to say from a personal standpoint, I said this in my HLN program last night, it's an embarrassing reality but assault never OK, don't take law in your own hands, that being said, Alec, a slow clap for you my friend, well done.

You've got to have felt the same way around paparazzi. You have to kind of keep it together, but imagine you have a small child and your wife there, imagine you've warned them 50 times every day and eventually again he is prone to this, they know that, eventually you may get a little bit hands involved.

CUOMO: We don't get the benefit of what some of the paparazzi say to incite these guys.

PINSKY: Absolutely. Listen, Los Angeles, it's a big issue, concerns about individual safety, concern about public safety and I -- listen, I believe that individual rights have been perhaps overstated these days, the community rights.

CUOMO: The PC police.

PINSKY: The individual -- the community rights need to prevail but how many pictures do you need of Alec Baldwin? These guys are there to make money. Like you said, trying to get you to gaffe and get a picture of it and he wants to live his life.

CUOMO: When does an angry response become an issue as opposed to just an aspect of your personality when messed with?

PINSKY: As a consequence you're right. I've known all the Baldwins for a long, long time. They're great guys but they're big, aggressive guys. You can feel it when you're around them. How about we pay attention and don't provoke the guys. Have you had this problem, been with paparazzi where they make you feel uncomfortable?

CUOMO: No, because I am not famous.

PINSKY: It will be happening soon.

CUOMO: Only because there is no interest.

PINSKY: That's -- I wish you better times ahead.

CUOMO: The answer to your question is I don't see myself handling it much differently. If you mess with my wife or my kids and it's man to man I think you might have a problem.

PINSKY: Exactly right, why I'm embarrassed to say I think I have a sort of embarrassing sense of gratitude for Alec Baldwin even though it wasn't a good move on his part, never OK to do that but thank you, Alec, on one hand, for people trying to get through their life and not be invaded by other people who really don't have a right to do so.

CUOMO: A dynamic that we probably wouldn't question at any other context if we did a story about a man with a photographer coming up and getting in somebody's face and taking pictures their kids.

PINSKY: This is issues of when somebody feels threatened and to what length can you go reasonably, healthily, legally to protect yourself.

CUOMO: Thank you for the perspective. It makes me feel better.

PINSKY: There's tough times ahead for you.

CUOMO: That was a tough handshake, coming at you. Make sure to tune in to "Dr. Drew On Call" 9:00 p.m. Eastern on HLN. Kate, over to you.

BOLDUAN: Thanks, Chris. Coming up next on NEW DAY, money at the center of the latest Zimmerman legal drama, George Zimmerman's wife in court today. We'll tell you why she could go on trial.

Also coming up, a CNN exclusive, the sister of the suspected murderer and abductor James DiMaggio is speaking out for the first time, what she says about her brother's relationship with Hannah Anderson and her family.


BOLDUAN: Welcome back to NEW DAY. In new legal drama for the Zimmerman family, a hearing for George Zimmerman's wife today as she faces perjury charges at the very same time George Zimmerman's lawyers are asking Florida to cover some of his legal bills. CNN's Pamela Brown is joining us with much more on this. Good morning, Pamela.

PAMELA BROWN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Good morning to you, Kate. George Zimmerman's wife, Shellie, is scheduled to appear in court today to address perjury charges while George's attorney is seeking at least $200,000 to pay for court costs.


BROWN (voice-over): Shelly Zimmerman supported her husband, George, as he faced murder charges in the death of Trayvon Martin. Today her attorneys will be in a Sanford, Florida, courtroom, for a conference in her own upcoming trial. She faces perjury trials for allegedly lying in court about the couple's finances during a bond hearing last year. According to the prosecution phone conversations between the two reveal how they were able to conceal thousands of dollars.

GEORGE ZIMMERMAN: In my account, do I have at least $100?

SHELLIE ZIMMERMAN: In his account do you have at least $100?

GEORGE ZIMMERMAN: How, how close am I?

SHELLIE ZIMMERMAN: There's like $8, $8.60 or something.

BROWN: The small amounts of money Shellie spoke of prosecutors say were much larger sums. Just days after the bond hearing, she transferred $74,000 into her account. Zimmerman's defense team estimate the price tag for George's acquittal is in the millions and they're asking the state of Florida to reimburse $200,000 of his court expenses including transcript fees and experts who appeared in court.

MARK O'MARA, ATTORNEY FOR GEORGE ZIMMERMAN: I just think it's absurd that he had to spend it. We had to spend it. The donors had to spend it and somebody should pay that back.

DANNY CEVALLOS, CNN LEGAL ANALYST: The Florida statute clearly authorizes the repayment of costs for a defendant who has been found not guilty.

BROWN: Since being found not guilty, Zimmerman continues to make headlines. Last week, he was spotted reportedly gun shopping at the Caltech gun assembly plant in Florida.


BROWN: And if the state of Florida does agree to reimburse Mr. Zimmerman taxpayers will likely be picking up the tab or at least a portion of it. It's still unclear whether the hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars donated to Zimmerman from supporters during the trial will factor in. Some say it should.

BOLDUAN: It's an interesting conversation, if and when and how and under what circumstances should the state be reimbursing someone on trial.

BROWN: Whether or not you like it, this is the law.

BOLDUAN: Exactly, excellent point. Thanks so much, Pamela -- Chris.

CUOMO: All right, Kate, coming up on NEW DAY, the first lady's healthy school lunch program is proving too hard to swallow for many schools. Some even say they have to drop out. Why? We'll tell you.

And an amazing upset on the courts of the U.S. Open by a teen with an even more amazing back story.


BOLDUAN: It sure is. Welcome back to NEW DAY, everyone. It's time for the Pop Four with our Nischelle Turner.

TURNER: It is a beautiful day. Let me give you some beautiful information in the Pop Four. Our number four is singer, Michael Buble's number one for sure. The chart topping announced the birth of his first child with his wife over Instagram.

BOLDUAN: How beautiful she looks.

TURNER: I was going to say, she just gave birth and she looks that darn pretty. There ought to be a law.

All right, who needs an Oscar when you got an Obama? That's the number three story, President Obama's words of praise for "The Butler," who admitted the movie made him tear up when he was laughing at Cuba Gooding Jr.'s jokes. Number two hot on the heels of her much discussed VMA's performance, Miley Cyrus' father, Billy Ray is telling "Entertainment Tonight" she is still my little girl and I'm her dad regardless how this circus we call showbiz business plays out. Please, keep telling her that. You're still her little girl.

Number one, while most actresses jump at the chance to portray Princess Diana. Two big reasons for training the people's princess she turned down the role twice admitting I do care deeply about how the princess feel, I am the mom of two boys. We saw all the stills of it and we saw a trailer with her voice attached and interesting to see how people respond to this.

BOLDUAN: She is the mom of two boys and she can feel she wants the go ahead from them.

TURNER: She connects to a lot of her roles that way. When I talk to her about "The Impossible" that was tough for her to do because it was for a mother and her kids and survival and she thought about her boys at home.

CUOMO: Good stuff.

Coming up after the break here on NEW DAY, a Texas mega church linked to a measles outbreak. Why here, why now? Dr. Sanjay Gupta has the disturbing answer.

BOLDUAN: The White House is laying the groundwork for a possible attack on Syria over the use of chemical weapons. Iran is now warning the U.S. not to do it.


BOLDUAN: That music means it's time for the rock block, everyone, a quick round up of the stories you'll be talking about today. First up, Michaela.

PEREIRA: All right, take a peek in the papers from the "Chicago Tribune." Nissan says it plans to have self-driving vehicles on the market by the year 2020.

In the "New York Daily News," Scientology making new effort to expand from its Hollywood stronghold into urban areas. The new multimillion dollar Church of Scientology and Community Center of Harlem will open soon in New York City.

In "USA Today," "Girls Gone Wild," creator Joe Francis going to jail for 270 days for assaulting a woman and in order to complete psychological counseling and an anger management course. Time now for business news and Christine Romans.

CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: Stocks futures are mixed after that big selloff on Wall Street. Stocks had their worse day in two months yesterday. The Dow and the S&P closed down more than 1 percent on tension that a U.S. military strike on Syria could be imminent. Oil and gold spiked. Also spiking, Wall Street bonuses, they are expected to top 2009. "Fortune" magazine says "Wall Street banks" are expected to pay out $23 billion in bonuses that will top the $22.5 billion they earned in 2009.

Wal-Mart will offer health insurance benefits to same-sex partners. The nation's largest retailer said domestic partners of its U.S. employees will be eligible starting January 1st. Let's get to our Indra Petersons for the weather.

INDRA PETERSONS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: It looks like we're going in through September and we have yet to have a hurricane in Atlantic season. We are watching today only 10 percent chance for a tropical wave development here south of Florida. Either way, showers into Florida today and looks like over the next couple of days here. Into the north east and Mid-Atlantic, same thing, we're still talking about some pop-up showers throughout the day and nothing major. Otherwise, the big story remains to beat the heat. Huge blocking high bringing temperatures a good 20 degrees above normal as we take you through Friday. We're talking about temperatures warming up instead of going down so going the wrong direction.

BOLDUAN: All right, Indra, thanks so much. We're now at the top of the hour, which means it's time for the top news.


JAY CARNEY, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: I want to make clear that the options we are considering are not about regime change.


CUOMO: Pressure building. The U.S. now ready to strike at Syria. The action could come at any moment. Is a cyber attack crashing a "New York Times" web site a message to the U.S. We're the only network live inside Syria.

BOLDUAN: Outbreak. Nearly two dozens of measles hit a Texas church. Many had refused to be vaccinated for the deadly disease. Now, others are at risk. Our Dr. Sanjay Gupta is live with the latest.

PEREIRA: CNN exclusive, the sister of Jim DiMaggio, the man who kidnapped Hannah Anderson and killed her family is speaking out saying her brother is innocent and Hannah is to blame. But, is there any proof?

CUOMO: Your NEW DAY continues right now.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Fifty years ago, there was so much fear. The fear is gone. Our country is better and we are better people.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Just been a great life, if I could do it over again, I would do it.

(END VIDEO CLIP) BOLDUAN: Good morning. Welcome back to NEW DAY, everyone. It's Wednesday, August 28th, 8:00 in the east. Coming up this hour, the whole world is watching as the U.S. prepares a potential strike against Syria over a suspected chemical weapons attack. The situation becoming more volatile by the minute as Iran warns the disaster if America intervenes. What will President Obama do and when? We're covering this story like only CNN can with the only western correspondent in Syria, we'll get into it.