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Kerry In Europe; NAACP Leader To Step Down; Reigning MVP Starts Off Big

Aired September 9, 2013 - 05:30   ET


ZORAIDA SAMBOLIN, CNN ANCHOR: So, right now, we have more on our top story, the president's fight to win support in Congress for a military strike on Syria. He's taking to the air waves today in order to press his case as lawmakers officially return to Capitol Hill set to debate and possibly even vote this week on the resolution authorizing the use of military force. The president had dinner last night with six Republican senators seen as key to helping get a strike authorization through Congress.

No word yet on what they discussed or if any of them are now in the yes column. But it comes as the latest CNN count shows more lawmakers are saying they plan to vote no. More than half of senators remain undecided but nearly a quarter tell CNN they plan to vote against authorizing a strike.

In the House, the numbers are even worse for the president. More than 140 Congress people say no, just 25 are committed to vote yes.

JOHN BERMAN, CNN ANCHOR: And you know, international support for a strike on the Assad regime is not a sure thing either with secretary of state, John Kerry, in Europe today wrapping up his charm offensive to try and break world leaders on board. We are now seeing videos that the secretary says makes clear that the U.S. cannot ignore what happened in Syria.

The question is, will the rest of the world agree? Secretary Kerry just wrapped up a news conference with Britain's foreign minister. Elise Labott on the scene watching. She is live in London for us. And, Elise, what did the secretary have to say this morning?

ELISE LABOTT, CNN FOREIGN AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT: Well, John, laying out for the British people the evidence that he's been laying out for Congress, for the American people over the last week on this weekend in Europe about the evidence they have that Assad regime was responsible for chemical weapons. As you know, the British parliament kind of set the stage for what's going on in Congress when it voted no to let Britain take part.

So, and they -- Secretary Kerry also said there's one thing that President Assad could do to stop this whole train from continuing to leave the station on military action. He said the president could turn over all his chemical weapons every bit to the international community and to a full accounting but then went on, John, to say that he can't and he won't. BERMAN: Where is the rest of the international community right now, Elise? Any sense that the U.S. has picked up any support over the weekend?

LABOTT: Well, Secretary Kerry did a lot better than President Obama did on Friday. You know, the original statement that came out of the sidelines of that G20 meeting only had about a dozen countries, only three European allies. Now, Secretary Kerry elicited a statement from all 28 foreign ministers of Europe calling for strong and clear action against the Assad regime for that August 21st attack.

The only thing is they want to wait for that weapons inspectors report first. You know, we have our politics in Washington. They have their politics here in Europe and that was the kind of price that the Europeans said you have to pay for getting our support. Arabs are also coming on board. Secretary Kerry saying the Saudis would support military action and expect another couple of Arab states to come on board in the next few days.

So, while the international consensus seems to be building, Kerry is leaving back for Washington in about a couple of hours. Back to brief members of Congress again as the administration seeks Congressional approval.

BERMAN: All right. Elise Labott for us in London this morning following secretary of state, John Kerry, who just wrapped up a news conference there. Thanks, Elise.

SAMBOLIN: meantime, Syria's president, Bashar Assad, continues to insist his government had absolutely nothing to do with the chemical attack near Damascus that left more than 1,400 dead, telling PBS' Charlie Rose in his first American television interview in nearly two years that the west has no evidence to prove the involvement of Syrian forces.

He also suggested the rebels may have been behind the use of chemical weapons and said Syria may retaliate if it has attacked. And just a few hours from now, we'll hear from the president's thought on the situation in Syria when he sits down with Wolf Blitzer to talk about the effort to win over the vote in Congress to authorize that military action. That's coming up at 6:00 p.m. eastern time.

And stay tuned at 6:30 p.m. for the premiere of "Crossfire." Syria, the main topic tonight as Newt Gingrich, S.E. Cupp, Van Jones, and Stephanie Cutter discuss the issues at the heart of the debate. That is tonight at 6:30 p.m. eastern right here on CNN. I'm doing that for your benefit, Berman, since you were confused as to whether it was a.m. or p.m.


BERMAN: It is a world debut of the new "Crossfire" tonight. Very exciting.

All right. Thirty-four minutes after the hour right now. And tragedy before for the 49ers win over the Green Bay Packers last night. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE)

BERMAN (voice-over): A football fan died at Candlestick Park when he fell from an elevated walkway outside the stadium to the sidewalk below. Police say the man who was in his 30s was walking with his brother. Witnesses told them the man appeared to be intoxicated. No word yet on his identity.

SAMBOLIN (voice-over): Police in upstate New York are trying to determine whether remains found in a Mohawk River are those of a baby who has been missing since June. New York State police divers found what investigators -- oh gosh, look at picture there -- believe are the remains of Lavon Wayling (ph) baby who was 10-month-old when he was reported missing from Utica.

On Thursday, police arrested the baby's father on burglary charges. They won't say if his arrest had anything to do with Friday's discovery in the Mohawk River.

BERMAN: The national park service investigating the deadly shooting of a three-year-old Idaho Girl at Yellow Stone National Park at a camp run over this weekend. Park officials say the child's mother told dispatchers her daughter shot herself with a handgun. An emergency medical team responded but couldn't resuscitate the child. The park's spokesman said the incident Saturday marks the park's first shooting death since 1978.

SAMBOLIN: All right. Let's give you some good news.

BERMAN: Thank you.

SAMBOLIN: very good news this morning on a 12-year-old Arkansas girl who nearly dried from a brain eating amoeba. Kali Hardig is one of the few people to ever survive the infection. And look at her. She is smiling. She has been in the hospital for two months. But now, she is on the mend. She is well enough, in fact, to leave for a few hours to go to dinner with her family. And this is the first time we have heard from her since she got sick.


KALI HARDIG, SURVIVED AMOEBA INFECTION: I've been in the hospital a long time, a long time.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And the hospital is no fun.

HARDIG: Huh-uh.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What are you excited about doing next?

HARDIG: Walking by myself. Thanking everybody for what they have done for me and you all praying for me.


SAMBOLIN: Oh, Kali, atta girl! BERMAN: High five!

SAMBOLIN: So, Kali is only the third person known to have survived this kind of infection in the last 50 years. She may get out of the hospital later this month and doctors say she is getting better. You see it. It is a miracle. Thanks to an experimental drug and to very quick treatment, they say as well.

BERMAN: That is great news.

SAMBOLIN: She is looking forward to walking on her own.

BERMAN: Thank you for that. From that to a shark attack.

SAMBOLIN: Oh great.

BERMAN: Sharks! Sharks are prowling the waters off of New Smyrna Beach, Florida over the weekend, and two men were attacked while taking a dip in the Atlantic Ocean. The victims were about a hundred yards away from each other and the water only knee-deep.

SAMBOLIN: That's what's really scary, right?

BERMAN: Yes. This was Saturday. The sharks apparently came at them just a few minutes apart. One man was bitten in the foot, the other in the shin.


TYLER CURTISS, WITNESS: The shark came out of nowhere and got the person's ankle on the foot and just took off of him. Underneath the water, they went underneath the water and came back up.

CASH COMBS, BEACH GOER: It's all a bunch of sharks like going under us and bait fish. Pretty scary. Just all one for all the seven- footer, a six-footer and then a couple of like four-footers.


BERMAN: That's way too many feet of shark for me no matter how long they are. Both victims a man in his 20s and another of his 40s were taken to the hospital. Their injuries are not being called life- threatening.

SAMBOLIN: Wow! I would not want to be in that water.


SAMBOLIN (on-camera): All right. North Central Utah is starting to mop up the mess after heavy rain triggered floods and mudslides in that area.

BERMAN (on-camera): Monster mudslides.

SAMBOLIN: Monster mudslides. Look at that. I would call that a monster mudslide. So, the flooding was so bad in Alpine, Utah, that about a hundred people who live there evacuated over the weekend. The torrential rain turning roads and yards into rivers. Twelve homes in Alpine were flooded with water and mud rushing down the side of the mountain.



VICKIE REAY, HOMEOWNER: It was like a black monster lava. It just came. It was a hundred feet wide, you know? And it just got bigger and bigger and it picked up more and more momentum.


SAMBOLIN: A lot of water. Flooding was also reported in Provo, Oren, and Payson, but there were no evacuation orders in those spots.

BERMAN: That is some crazy stuff we're seeing out there.

SAMBOLIN: Torrential.

BERMAN: Indra Petersons is watching the madness for us. More coming?

INDRA PETERSONS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: Yes. I mean, we are always watching this in the southwest. It really doesn't even take that much rain. It's even weirder it doesn't have to rain really at your location. It could be far away, it could be sunny, and it could still come down that canyon and be in your area. So that, we're going to be watching. Look right now at the water vapor satellite.

You can see all that months in the moisture again coming into the southwest, straight from south of the. So, yes, we're definitely going to be seeing this in the forecast today as long as we continue to see that moisture moving into the area. You add the heat in the afternoon. We see it wrapping around that high. This is so typical for this time of year

And once you added that enhanced moisture threat, you get the enhanced rainfall. So, there you go today. Forecast still looking for another two to three inches of rain. A lot of perspective (ph). A lot of places only half an inch of rain in a short period of time will really start to cause that flash flooding, especially in burn areas. So, that something we'll be monitoring.

Other thing big for a day, huge dome of high pressure, I mean, really, into the Midwest again today. Look at these temperatures. Des Moines just a few weeks ago (ph) 21 degrees out of the forecast above average today. Unbelievable. Minneapolis, 97. Since when is Minneapolis 97? St. Louis --


PETERSONS: Yes, seriously, 99 degrees. They need that relief. They're eventually going to get it, but as they get it, guess who warms up? There goes a dome of high pressure responsible for it so once they get -- SAMBOLIN: We'll take it. We'll take it.

PETERSONS: Zoraida wants it. You're getting it.



SAMBOLIN: Yes. I'm not ready yet. Give us a little bit more. We're happy to take it, Indra. Thank you. Thank you.

All right. Coming up --


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: On June 22nd, 2013, I hit and killed Vincent Canzoni.


SAMBOLIN: His drunk driving confession went viral, but now, the victim's ex-wife gives her take on the man who killed her loved one.


SAMBOLIN: Welcome back. Forty-three minutes past the hour. The leader of one of the country's biggest civil rights organization is stepping down. Benjamin Todd Jealous led the NAACP for five years, and he says now is the time to leave and spend more time with his wife and his two young children.

He had been the youngest person to head up that group in its entire history and he is credited with helping make it financially stable as well. He's going to officially step down at the end of the year.

BERMAN: Now to that stunning online confession that really so many people are talking about. Matthew Cordle (ph) admitted that he was drunk behind the wheel when he hit and killed Vincent Canzoni near Columbus, Ohio earlier this year. It's getting a huge response online. We're hearing this morning from the victim's ex-wife who says she believes the confession is genuine.


CHERYL OATES, VICTIM'S EX-WIFE: He said, I made a huge mistake and I'm going to take what's coming to me. And I believe that's -- you got to respect him for that. I'm sorry. You do. You know, he -- it's just a shame all of it took place.


BERMAN: Indeed, such a shame. His lawyer expects Cordle will be indicted today on aggravated vehicular homicide charges. He will carry a maximum sentence of eight years in prison. Cordle made clear in his video confession he said he intends to plead guilty and his lawyer despite speculation he might be trying to get a lighter sentence, Cordle only did this to remind others not to drink and drive and to help the victim's family get closure.

SAMBOLIN: A lot of controversy surrounding that one. Some people really do believe, you know, he's just trying to get off a little bit easier.

All right. So, let's take a look at what's coming up on "NEW DAY." Chris Cuomo, Kate Bolduan join us this morning. Good morning!

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Good morning. Happy Monday to both of you. A lot coming up in the show as you well know.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Congress returns to work today, but a lot of people feel time for politics is over. The question for Syria couldn't be more serious. People need to focus on what's going on, so we're going to try to give you all different angles as we all try to make sense of what the right move is here for the United States.

We have Ben Rhodes, the White House deputy secretary, White House deputy national security adviser, as well as Congressman Mike Rogers, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. We're going to talk to both trying to get their perspective on what the pluses and minuses on the situation are.

BOLDUAN: Could not be a more critical time this week as Congress heads back today.

And then, we also have this terrifying moment in a festival in Connecticut. At least 12 children were hurt when swing ride, we've all been on them, it lost power, crashing riders to the ground. Some of the kids colliding. We have the latest details on what they believe went wrong with the ride and an update on how the children are doing this morning. We'll obviously bring that to you. Such a scary moment and it's supposed to be so much fun.


BERMAN: You guys have brand-new poll numbers out on Syria which are fascinating. We're holding on to those until six o'clock. Those are something I think a lot of people will want to see. It tells you where the American people are leaning right now.

BOLDUAN: It sure does. We'll see you guys in a bit.

BERMAN: See you in a little bit.

Coming up, fights breaking out when Green Bay goes the extra mile to take out the 49ers star quarterback. Andy Scholes breaks it all down in the "Bleacher Report." It's coming up next.


BERMAN: A lot of stress yesterday. A lot of stress.

SAMBOLIN: I know you're very excited because football season is finally here, right?

BERMAN: The Patriots won barely, but they won so they're -- let's cancel the rest of the season right now --


BERMAN: But I do understand there were some other games.

SAMBOLIN: Did the 49ers play yesterday?

BERMAN: Andy Scholes is here with this morning's "Bleacher Report."


ANDY SCHOLES, BLEACHER REPORT: Good morning, guys. Great games yesterday. The marquee matchup of the afternoon featured the two favorites to win the NFC this year, the Packers and the 49ers. Of course, we've been hearing Green Bay's defense talk all week about how they were going to hit Colin Kaepernick. Second quarter, Clay Matthews body slams the 49ers quarterbacks out of bounds. Late hit anger the 9ers offense. A small fight broke out.

Kaepernick, though, he was unfazed by it all. He accounts for more than 400 yards of offense as San Francisco beats the Green Bay Packers 34-28.

Reigning MVP, Adrian Peterson, said he's going to break the NFL rushing record this year, and boy, did he get off to a good start. On his very first carry of the season, Peterson goes 78 yards for the touchdown. Now, despite this run, A.P. finished the day with just 93 yards of rushing. He did score three touchdowns, but it wasn't enough as Reggie Bush and the Lions beat the Vikings 34-24.

Well, Eli Manning and the Giants taking on the Cowboys. Last night in Arlington, the Giants were driving to win the game in the fourth quarter, but Eli's pass is picked off by Brandon Carr. He takes it the other way for the touchdown. Eli had three interceptions. Giants turn the ball over six times. Cowboys win the opener 36-31.

ON the line-up section of, today, you can read about the most surprising outcome from yesterday. The Jets down two with under 15 (ph) seconds to go, Gino Smith running out of bounds and he gets hid by Lavonte David. The late hit penalty moves the Jets into field goal range and Nick Folk drills it. What do you know? The J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, are 1-0.


REX RYAN, JETS HEAD COACH: We talk about a resilient group and we certainly have it. you know, fought all the way to the end. You know, one team, one fight, well, there it is. And, holy cow! Man, I mean, we'll take it.


SCHOLES: Well, Serena Williams did it again on Sunday, winning the U.S. open for the fifth time. Serena battled the wind all day long. She was finally able to put away Victoria Azarenka in the third set. She's now won 17 grand slam titles in her career. And with the win, Serena becomes the first woman tennis player to possibly (ph) $15 million career earnings march. So, very impressive win by her. >

And John, I have to say, I'm glad to see you here this morning. I was worried about you yesterday as I was watching the Patriots and Bills. I thought you were maybe going to have a heart attack.


BERMAN: No joke. I was a wreck. I was a complete wreck! They're behind the bills! The first game of the season. I'm like this isn't how it's going to be, is it?

SCHOLES: They pulled it out, right?

SAMBOLIN: Stress, stress.

BERMAN: Tom Brady has got no one to throw to.


BERMAN: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Andy, thank you and thank you for your concern. I do appreciate it.


SAMBOLIN: We'll be right back.


SAMBOLIN: Do you know this music?

BERMAN: Please tell me.

SAMBOLIN: I love this guy. Bruno Mars. Do you love it? You don't even know who Bruno Mars is, do you?

BERMAN: If you're happy, I'm happy.

SAMBOLIN: I'm going to download some music for you, a little video action so that you understand the Bruno Mars --

BERMAN: Thank you. Help me.

SAMBOLIN: All right. So, it's 57 minutes past the hour. We're going to take a look at the top CNN trends on the web this morning. And yes, Bruno Mars has won a big prize. He will be entertaining America as the halftime act at the upcoming Super Bowl at the Meadowlands in New Jersey and that will probably the first time that John Berman sees him, but the music is not being greeted with cheers in the area around Metlife Stadium. Why?

Many are asking why not a major act from New York or New Jersey like Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi or Billy Joel. I say give Bruno Mars a chance, folks. Give him a chance.

BERMAN: I'm not going to see a mess (ph) when I go to the bathroom -- right? (LAUGHTER)

BERMAN: All right. We have a big congratulations to Sir Patrick Stewart. The actor has married his long-time girlfriend, Sunny Ozell. Mr. Stewart is 73, she's 35. They've been together since 2009 and they didn't have just any run-of-the-mill minister to do the honors here. The former (INAUDIBLE) is the leader of the "X-Men," professor x.

He got fellow actor, Sir Ian McClellan, to do the honors and to marry them. Ian McClellan also known as Magneto, Gandalf, he married the two. And, look at that. They seem like a very happy couple, don't they?

SAMBOLIN: I don't know. She's 35. He's 73 years old. So, you know, as I was reading the story, I thought, that's a huge age difference. But I have to say, when I saw the picture, he looks really good!

BERMAN: They look like they're in love.

SAMBOLIN: Do you think they'll have children?

BERMAN: They look like they're in love.

SAMBOLIN: Do you think?

BERMAN: They look like they're in love. Congratulations to them. That's our official statement from EARLY START.


BERMAN: That is all from us this morning.

SAMBOLIN: Take it away, Chris and Kate.

BOLDUAN: One question, John. Do they look like they're in love?

BERMAN: They look like they're in love.


CUOMO: Look how far Berman is leaning away. Leaning back into your co-anchor!


CUOMO: What is this about? Lean back in. I can barely see your head.

BERMAN: I'm trying to save us. Thank me later.

SAMBOLIN: See you guys.


SAMBOLIN: Thanks, guys. We'll see you soon. CUOMO: That Berman.

All right, everybody. Check your clocks. It's almost the top of the hour. That means here on "NEW DAY," it is time for your top news.


BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We cannot turn a blind eye to images like the ones we've seen out of Syria.

CUOMO: They're back. Congress is back this morning. The president is pushing them hard for a strike on Syria. But they may want to look at CNN's exclusive new poll. Are the voters ready for an attack?

BOLDUAN: Disaster at the carnival. A swing ride malfunctions. More than a dozen children injured. New questions this morning about just what went wrong.

MICHAELA PEREIRA, CNN ANCHOR: Sky high. Serena Williams a champion again winning her fifth U.S. open title. One grand slam title away from tying as the greatest ever. She sits down with us.

CUOMO: Your "NEW DAY" starts right now.

ANNOUNCER: This is NEW DAY with Chris Cuomo, Kate Bolduan, and Michaela Pereira.


CUOMO: Good morning, everybody. Welcome to "NEW DAY." It is Monday, September 9th, six o'clock in the east. And this week may be one of the most critical for Barack Obama's presidency. The president is putting all of his political muscle into winning support for a strike on Syria. He will be doing multiple interviews today, all of them mere warm-ups for his sit down with the one and only Wolf Blitzer right here on CNN.

There's also going to be a major moment tomorrow night when the president addresses the nation. He's even going to try out one of his secret weapons. We'll tell you in just a moment and also break down that exclusive new poll we have.

BOLDUAN: Yes. Very interesting and very telling as to where the American people are right now on this issue.