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Fire Destroys Beleaguered Jersey Shore; Newlywed Accused of Murder, Released on Bond; Woman Starts Community Garden, Improve Community Health; Interview with Scott and Myley Mackintosh; Who Wears Short Shorts?; Dog Saves Child from Abusive Nanny

Aired September 13, 2013 - 08:30   ET


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BOLDUAN: Coming up next on NEW DAY, a marriage that ended days after it had just begun with a fall, or a push, maybe, down a cliff. We've got a live update out of Montana on that case.

CUOMO: Plus daddies love their daughters, there's no question about it. How much they love them, enough to do this. Why is this man with the unusually shapely legs wearing these Daisy Dukes? To help his daughter. We'll tell you the story when we come back.




CUOMO: TGIF everybody, welcome back to NEW DAY. It is Friday, September 13th. Let's get right to John Berman for the five things you need to know for your NEW DAY.


Number one, a cruel blow for two hurricane battered towns along the Jersey Shore, a devastating fire burning six blocks of the iconic boardwalk in Seaside Heights and Seaside Park.

Take a look at this, stunning video taken by our own Don Lemon. He got an exclusive look at the dozens of businesses destroyed by the fire. All you can see is piles of wood there and rubble where the buildings once stood. This area really was only just now recovering from Superstorm Sandy.

Moments ago the town of Lyons, Colorado, evacuated because of dangerous flooding. Days of downpours have wiped out roads and cut off entire communities. The flooding is blamed for three deaths.

Secretary of State John Kerry will head to Jerusalem to visit Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Kerry says he will continue talks on Syria's chemical weapons later this month in New York with Russian's foreign minister.

It is arraignment day for three friends of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. They pleaded not guilty to conspiracy and obstruction of justice charges.

And Hillary Clinton is getting an honorary degree. It is being bestowed by the University of St. Andrew's in Scotland, where she is delivering a speech to mark the 600th anniversary of a school, a trip to Scotland a sure sign analysts say that she is running for president.

We're always updating the five things to know, so go to for the latest.

CUOMO: We want to talk to you now about this story of a marriage that ended just days after it began. It ended when the husband fell off a cliff to his death. We emphasize the word fell because his wife has been accused of pushing him as they fought on a hike in Glacier National Park.

Jordan Lynn Graham has now been released from custody out on bond. CNN's Kyung Lah joins us live from Missoula with the latest.

Good morning, Kyung.

KYUNG LAH, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Good morning, Chris. There's a lot of outrage about that, her being released. Prosecutors now scurrying, trying to get her back into custody. They're trying to use any legal maneuver what they -- as they can.

But for now this morning Jordan Graham waking up in her own bed.


LAH (voice-over): Jordan graham, out of jail, returned home, crouching in her parents' car. Probation officers, papers in hand, spoke with the now infamous bride as she began home confinement as ordered by a judge, a slap in the face to friends of Cody Johnson.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I want them to do the right thing. I want justice for Cody.

LAH (voice-over): But the judge released Graham, ordering her to electronic monitoring in her parents' home before her second-degree murder case goes to trial, saying she has no criminal history whatsoever and never exhibited tendencies for violence or even anger, except for the charge that she pushed her husband of just eight days off this sheer cliff, face first in Glacier National Park, killing him.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He didn't deserve whatever end she gave him. He never earned anything that Jordan did to him, and I disagree with all of my heart at what the justice system is saying is fair.

LAH (voice-over): It was just a short time ago that the couple appeared happy and in love in their first dance at their wedding.

While the groom's friends described the bride as having cold feet, Elizabeth Shea remembers her as a normal bride, excited about her life with Johnson.

Shea is a custom songwriter. She says the bride hired her to write the lyrics to a song honoring the couple based on interviews she did with them.


ELIZABETH SHEA, SONGWRITER: I used words like "You helped me to climb higher for a better view, you're my safe place to fall, you never let me go," and so now when I hear those words, it's a little creepy.

LAH (voice-over): Eight days later, Johnson fell to his death, allegedly pushed by the very bride who danced this prophetic song with him.


LAH: We have been told by the clerk that there will be a number of filings today, the legal bickering continuing and, Kate, this trial hasn't even started yet. She hasn't even yet officially entered a plea. Kate?

BOLDUAN: Kyung, thank you so much for that.

Let's turn now to today's CNN Hero.

When a North Carolina woman wanted to bring healthier food to her community, she planted a seed for a solution. Meet Robin Emmons.


ROBIN EMMONS, COMMUNITY CRUSADER: There's a magic in gardening that you can drop a seed into the Earth and from that, there is an amazing fruit that is delicious and so good for your body. That's a miracle to me.

Here in Charlotte, 73,000 people live in lower income neighborhoods that don't have access to this fresh food. You could call this the miracle mile. Pretty desolate in the way of healthy food options. There are barely any supermarkets. Once they get there by bus or a neighbor's car or on foot they are paying a very high price for the food.

I'm Robin Emmons and I believe everyone should have access to fresh fruit. So I grow it and bring it to communities in need. We want our market to be abundant tomorrow. So let's hit it.

We have about 200 volunteers that come out and help us harvesting the food. These are heirloom tomatoes over here.

From bringing the food to the community and cutting the cost in half compared to what they would pay a grocery store. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: These are beautiful.

EMMONS: I started growing food in my backyard. Today I grow on nine acres of land. Since 2008, we have grown 26,000 pounds of food.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Thank you, have a good day, bye-bye.

EMMONS: I feel like I am giving them a gift, a healthier, longer, more delicious life.


BOLDUAN: All right.

CUOMO: That's what making a difference is all about.

Coming up on NEW DAY, the short shorts that shook the world, one dad wore them to teach a lesson to his daughter.

Did it work? I sure hope so. We're going to talk to them both live after the break.

Got to show his legs. What does he have on today?




CUOMO: Now when you look at this man, you may think what you want, but I see one of my personal heroes. Why? Because --


CUOMO: -- as a dad of young daughters I sympathize with our next guest, Utah father Scott Mackintosh. He didn't want his daughter wearing immodest clothing, especially these crazy short shorts that young girls and older women are wearing these days. So he stopped her the only way he knew how: he wore a pair himself.

The man with the courage of his convictions and good legs, just courage in general, really, though, Scott Mackintosh. He's joining us from Salt Lake City, as does his daughter, Milie.

It's great to have you both here.

Scott, just give us a quick take on the back story.

SCOTT MACKINTOSH, SHORTS-WEARING DAD: Well, it was just kind of like it's gone viral and so everybody knows a lot of the story, but it was basically we were going out to dinner as a family one night and her shorts were a little shorter than what I felt was appropriate or we approved of, and so I decided to show her what short shorts could really look like.

BOLDUAN: So Scott, I mean, most parents may ground their daughter if she violates any of the house rules instead of emulating her.

What drove you to go this route and wearing short shorts yourself?

S. MACKINTOSH: We had had plenty of arguments about it, and so that doesn't ever get you anywhere. So we decided to go with more of a humorous route and I knew she would take it well and in good spirits and think it was funny. And so it was more of just me making a statement, but doing it with a little humor instead of a little bit of argumentative attitude.

BERMAN: So Scott, how did you feel? Did you like it? Level with us here?

MACKINTOSH: No, I was uncomfortable.

CUOMO: I heard you haven't taken them off, Scott that's a problem to deal with another segment. Myley, let me ask you, you know so as the story goes, you know over time you just couldn't take this shame campaign anymore but what did it teach you about the perception of what you wear and what it means to other people?

MYLEY MACKINTOSH, SCOTT'S DAUGHTER: Well, it definitely showed me that my dad cares a lot more than I thought he had, if he would go to those lengths to look like that out in public and embarrassed himself a little bit, just to prove me a point. So it's definitely something I think about.

CUOMO: Is there a point? What's the point?

M. MACKINTOSH: That he doesn't like me dressing the way that I usually do, I guess.

BOLDUAN: So wait let me make sure all of our viewers know. Who won the short sorts battle? Did dad win or did you?

M. MACKINTOSH: I don't know. You'd have to ask him.

S. MACKINTOSH: I don't know that anybody won. I definitely let her know how I felt and she's pretty stubborn in and set in her ways which I don't think is a bad thing, I think it's a good thing as long as it's directed properly. And so I think she knows that I care about her and she knows my thoughts on this and when she comes to terms and decides to do that herself that's when things will change.

BERMAN: Any embarrassment for you, Myley, when you see your father in those short shorts or is it more pride?

M. MACKINTOSH: More of that one I think. If there's embarrassment it's pretty much secondhand embarrassment for him but he rocks them so that's ok.

CUOMO: He does rock them.

BERMAN: He does rock them.

M. MACKINTOSH: He does yes. BOLDUAN: Very well said. Scott, correct us, tell me if I'm right on this, you have four daughters and three sons?

S. MACKINTOSH: That's true, yes.

BOLDUAN: So you have a lot of fashion statements you're going to have to make over the years is what he's telling us.

S. MACKINTOSH: Well she's number -- she's number six, so we've already gone through a lot of them previously.

BOLDUAN: Myley, cut your dad some slack. Don't make him wear short sorts anymore.

M. MACKINTOSH: I'll try.

CUOMO: Well I think you said it best Myley if nothing else, even though we've been teasing about the legs it does show you that your father loves you enough even to make a point like this.

BOLDUAN: And man did it go viral.

CUOMO: Yes. Hey where are those shorts now, by the way, Scott? What'd you do with them?

S. MACKINTOSH: They're right here. They're right here.

CUOMO: I thought you had them off for a second.


CUOMO: You know John Berman -- John Berman says you could have gone shorter.

BERMAN: I think he could have gone shorter, I'm just saying. He could have gone shorter.

BOLDUAN: Myley is gagging.

S. MACKINTOSH: Well I don't know, it was pretty short.

CUOMO: No, it's a really beautiful way to show your kids what matters to you and we appreciate you sharing it with us.

S. MACKINTOSH: Well, thank you. I just wanted her to know her great worth and I think that was accomplished.

BOLDUAN: Yes, yes that's absolutely right, great to meet you both. Have fun. What is he going to wear in the winter though is what I want to know?

M. MACKINTOSH: Thank you.

CUOMO: I don't know. All the best to you Scott and Myley. I'll tell you --

BERMAN: When she gets into really high heels that could be a problem too.

CUOMO: It could be a real problem, those heels are too high. I hope my daughters are watching because I don't want to have to do that myself.

BOLDUAN: Oh please if you do, make sure I'm around with the camera rolling.

CUOMO: That is great and it's great that the shows have fun. We need more of that, that's for sure.


CUOMO: Ok "The Good Stuff" everybody, here's today's edition, proof that a dog really is a member of the family. Why? Well Benjamin and Hope Jordan hired a nanny for their seven-year-old son, Finn, not unusual. She passed a background check, seemed like a good nanny. For a while everything was fine, but that's when the family's dog Killian started acting up, listen.


BENJAMIN JORDAN, FAMILY DOG STOPS ABUSIVE NANNY: About five months into her being our babysitter we started to notice that our dog was very defensive of our son whenever she would come in the door. He was very aggressive towards her and a few times we actually had to physically restrain our dog from going towards her.


CUOMO: Now wasn't that kind of dog and what made the behavior suspicious was that the couple, you know they just never had any basis for this. So they said let's look into it, they put an iPhone under the couch to record what's going on when they were away at work. Guess what they heard?





JORDAN: It started with cussing, then you hear slap noises and his crying changes from a distressed cry to a pained cry, and I just wanted to reach through the audiotape, go back in time and just grab him up.


CUOMO: It wasn't just the dog that was a victim here. 22-year-old Alexis Kahn pleaded guilty to assault and battery and now faces up to three years in prison. What's more she's now on a child abuser registry, will never be allowed to work with kids again. Here is the point, why is this the good stuff? People like this often go undetected because kids are obviously too young to say anything most of the time but all thanks to the love and loyalty of man's best friend, Killian, the child is safe.

BERMAN: The dog knows, that's so amazing.

BOLDUAN: That is so hard to believe. Wow.

CUOMO: The dog was looking after the family. And that's why they really are members, beloved members of family.

BOLDUAN: That's absolutely right.

All right coming up next on NEW DAY, drunken lads do the right thing. We go across the pond for Berman's NEW DAY "Award of the Day".


CUOMO: Oh look the Clash.


CUOMO: It's that time of the morning, J.B., John Berman here with his NEW DAY "Award of the Day Award."

BERMAN: We're playing the Clash because it is a big day for Britain. You know you would think for the country that gave us Pippa Middleton couldn't possibly top itself but it has.

Take a look at this video, this year a group of guys in England or I suppose you might call them chaps since they're British or lads or something after a night of drinking, what did they decide to do? Not wreck, pillage or destroy. No what they're doing there is working together desperately to try to fix a bike rack that had been bent over.

Apparently their beer or their pints or whatever they call them over there made them want to be good Samaritans. It takes a lot of planning, strength and apparently a stiff upper lip to go about doing something like this, but somehow they succeeded so congratulations to them. These merry chaps or lads have to win something, they win the "With genius like this how did they possibly lose their empire award?" Unbelievable. I don't know how it happened. Even Pippa would be proud of them.

BOLDUAN: She would be proud, they are worthy of the award. Who knew beer muscles could be put to good use?

CUOMO: Right keep calm and bend back the bike rack.

BOLDUAN: Oh there you go. The next bumper sticker.

CUOMO: That was big. Churchill said that I believe.

BOLDUAN: Yes a variation on the classic, yes. CUOMO: Thanks, John.

BERMAN: My pleasure.


BOLDUAN: Exactly. We'll be right back after a break.


BOLDUAN: Welcome back to NEW DAY.

So here is what's coming up on NEW DAY Weekend a holiday -- a Hollywood secret that will shock you. American movie studios collaborating with Nazis taking orders from Hitler himself but wait until you hear why. A new book holds the answer that's coming up on "New Day Weekend".

CUOMO: Before we want to go we want to share some very good news. This is actually of the best - variety. Editorial producer Jose Lesh just welcomed the newest member of the NEW DAY family to the world. I was waiting for the picture. There she is Autumn Gray Lesh, also known as Leelee, born yesterday, 4:51 in the afternoon, 5.25 pounds, 19 inches long -- very long. Both mom and baby doing great. True to the Lesh family Leelee already working the phones, booking for us.

Congratulations, Jose, she looks good. Don't even put any clothes on her. God bless.

BERMAN: He looks good. He looks like he knows what he's doing as a daddy already.

CUOMO: Beautiful stuff.

BOLDUAN: Congrats, Jose.

CUOMO: All right. That's it for us on here NEW DAY. All of you have a great weekend. But don't start it before you watch CAROL COSTELLO on "CNN NEWSROOM" which begins right now. There she is. Hey Carol.

CAROL COSTELLO, CNN ANCHOR: Best advice you've given all morning Chris Cuomo. Thanks to all of you.

"NEWSROOM" starts now.

Happening now in the "NEWSROOM", flood emergency.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have declared a disaster for the flooded areas.


COSTELLO: Thousands evacuated, two towns becoming islands, completely cut off from the rest of the world. The National Weather Service this morning calling it a flood of biblical proportions.