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Madeleine McCann Case Update; Bizarre Rescue Caught On Tape; NFL Team Sidelined By MRSA

Aired October 14, 2013 - 07:30   ET


DON LEMON, CNN ANCHOR: That was one of the screenings. I was supposed to go to that screening, but I was traveling. I missed it. I would be right there to see all the drama.

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: The material girl --

LEMON: She cannot go back. Not invited.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: Of all the things she has done. I would like to have seen Don elbow his way through the crowd. The next morning, got exclusive video of Madonna, I have filming of her texting as I am filming you.

BOLDUAN: Filming you. All right, thanks, Don.

There is new lead this morning on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the little British girl who went missing in Portugal back in 2007 at just 3-years-old. You remember her face, you remember this investigation. Well, now investigators say they have the clearest picture yet of what could have happened to her.

CNN's Erin McLaughlin is in London with the very latest. Good morning, Erin.

ERIN MCLAUGHLIN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Good morning, Kate. Well, there is new hope in the Madeleine McCann case. For the first time ever, police have released a sketch of a man they say they very much want to talk to a part of a push to solve the mystery of this missing little girl.


MCLAUGHLIN (voice-over): This is the face of a man who police want to find in connection with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Six years after the preschooler went missing while on a family vacation in Portugal, Scotland Yard released these computer generated sketches of a man they say was in the area at the time Madeleine vanished. Witnesses describe him as a white male, 20 to 40-years-old with short brown hair and a medium build.

CHIEF INSPECTOR ANDY REDWOOD, METROPOLITAN POLICE: He fits are clear. I'd ask the public to look very carefully at them. If they know who this person is, please come forward.

MCLAUGHLIN: It's a part of an appeal to the public for information of a clue of the reconstruction of the events that unfolded that tragic night. Madeleine disappeared from her bed while her parents were eating at a nearby restaurant. The appeal is now the focus of an exhaustive investigation that has spanned some 30 countries. They've analyzed phone records and interviewed over 400 witnesses. Police say they now have a better understanding of the time line in which the kidnapping could have taken place.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Everything that is -- that can be of value has been examined and looked at, things which weren't done before. There is no guarantee that we will get answers to this, but at least everything has been tried, but I think at the very least, we owe the McCann's that.

MCLAUGHLIN: Madeleine's parents say they have never given up hope that they will find their little girl alive.

GERRY MCCANN, MADELEINE MCCANN'S FATHER: There have been a number of cases over the last few years of children and young women being phoned after been taken and held for very long periods of time. As parents, we wouldn't accept Madeleine is dead until we see evidence, clear evidence that that is the case.


MCLAUGHLIN: Police say they plan to release more sketches of other individuals they would like to identify. Meanwhile, Madeleine's parents, Kate and Jerry McCann, plan to speak out in an interview tonight, part of an appeal to be prod cast in the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands. Police say it's absolutely crucial that more witnesses come forward to help them solve the case -- Chris.

CUOMO: All right, Erin, thank you. To help us break down these new leads in the case, let's bring in retired FBI Special Agent Stephen Moore. Steve, thank you for joining us. First I say new leads in the case, accurate description or this about everything being re- investigated?

STEPHEN MOORE, FORMER FBI SPECIAL AGENT, RETIRED: That's exactly what it is. The New Scotland Yard is going back to what it should have been looked at back in 2007. They are essentially having to rebuild this investigation from the ground up.

CUOMO: And when you look at this, Gerry makes a good a point there, Gerry McCann, we do see cases in Cleveland. Those girls were kept those women ten years. Of course, J.C. Dugard, you know, so many years comes back. It could happen, but as you look at this case, where do you think they are in terms of having any clue where this child could be?

MOORE: A crime scene in an investigation. The crime scene is perishable. The investigation is consumer. It consumes time, it consumes evidence. The farther you get from the actual crime, the less chance you have. If anybody can do it, New Scotland Yard can do it. I believe it has been so badly botched by the Portuguese. They can't even start with anything that they have. They have to rebuild it from the foundation. CUOMO: What was so wrong?

MOORE: They did a classic mistake. They decided on a conclusion very early on plus you add to that the basic forensic mistakes. You add just basic police mistakes. It's like the Amanda Knox case in Italy. They screwed it up from the beginning. Now, really, it has to be restarted.

CUOMO: Now obviously when you do a prosecution, it's one thing that those procedural forensic errors make it difficult to make the case. But in terms of finding somebody, what difference does it make when things aren't done exactly right early on?

MOORE: It doesn't give you the right road to go down. If you do something wrong forensically, it sends the investigators off in the wrong tangent. For instance, the red herring here where they thought that DNA of the victim was in a rental car of the parents that's completely fallacious. It never happened and now, investigators wasted years on that.

CUOMO: You know, why do you think this case has captivated so many kids, so many adults go missing and they remain anonymous? Their cause never gets taken up, what do you think kind of combined here is the perfect storm of interest?

MOORE: The tabloids. The tabloids in Britain took it. You have a very beautiful little girl. You have educated, articulate parents and at first they took it with the poor parents then they spun it to the parents are guilty. The tabloids ran this case and the tabloids are responsible in a way for it being screwed up.

CUOMO: Reviewing where they are now, how optimistic are you that they're on some type of road? They are ongoing in a direction that's more favorable than not?

MOORE: I'm very optimistic that we're going in the right direction and I can't be anything, but optimistic about finding her alive. I don't know what the chances are, but there are -- there is a chance.

CUOMO: We always say after 24 hours, the percentages all drop, but we do have those cases where years later people are found, Elizabeth Smart, sure the women in Cleveland, as we said J.C. Dugard so there is always some hope.

MOORE: Absolutely.

CUOMO: It would be amazing if she recovered and everything is OK.

MOORE: Wouldn't that be great?

CUOMO: Steve Moore, thank you for the insight. Appreciate it as always. Kate, over to you.

BOLDUAN: Coming up next on NEW DAY, one NFL team dealing with a dangerous infection, three players already have it. So now some are wondering if this is putting the rest of the league at risk. We're going to talk about it.

Also ahead, a dramatic rescue caught on video, a draw bridge opening up beneath a woman leaving her holding on for dear life. Details ahead.


LEMON: Lip sync? You know the words?

CUOMO: My 10-year-old is very into it. She told me a kid 16 years old who sings that song, from New Zealand or something like, maybe I'm wrong, tweet me, let me know, #new day. Welcome back. Let's check in with Karen Maginnis in for Indra Petersons with a check of the forecast -- Karen.

KAREN MAGINNIS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: Good morning. It looks like the rainfall that is really needed across the northeast, especially in that Corridor I-95 in Washington, D.C. although last week you had your fair share there. It looks like that's not going to materialize until the middle of the workweek. We have another weather system out of the central plains.

That particular system will be responsible for quite a bit of snowfall across the Rockies, some blustery winds all the way from Salt Lake to Denver. So watch out especially high profile vehicles, but it looks like it could be responsible for an outbreak of potentially severe weather going in the afternoon, from Nebraska into Kansas.

Mostly damaging winds and maybe some large size hale, but can't rule out an isolated tornado, certainly the potential for there, it's a lot of dynamics in the atmosphere. In the meantime, in New York, temperatures go from the upper 60s today to low 70s, coming up for tomorrow, but by Wednesday, I think that's when those rain chances really go up at least somewhat significantly.

You're about half the amount of rainfall that you typically see for the month of October. We'll be back in another 30 minutes or so to update you on the weather. Kate, back to you.

BOLDUAN: All right, Karen, thanks so much for that. So this is something we have been talking about all morning, stunning video of bizarre rescue caught on video, of course, a Florida woman hanging on for dear life as she dangled from a raised draw bridge, friends, family, looking on in horror. But what was she doing in the first place some people are asking?

CNN's John Zarrella is in Fort Lauderdale with more on this. Good morning, John.

JOHN ZARRELLA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hi, Kate. I think everybody is asking. You know, we're not quite sure what she was doing up on the bridge? We've heard everything from she was taking pictures, that she was looking for a shortcut to get home, that is the railroad bridge in question now.

Imagine you are up there, and you know if you fall, either you are going to hit the railroad crossing below you or you are going to end up in the water. Neither one not a good option. But that was the predicament a local woman found herself in over the weekend.


ZARRELLA (voice-over): Look at this. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. That's a 55-year-old South Florida woman dangling more than 20 feet up from a raised railroad bridge.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I would have been flipping out like my goodness, my goodness.

ZARRELLA: She clung on seemingly frozen to the crossing, her legs locked, and her hands tight to the structure. For about 20 minutes she just hung there, below a crowd of onlookers snapped photos, some ended up on twitter. After a flurry of calls to 911, the Fort Lauderdale Fire Department hoisted a 24-foot ladder and brought her down to the cheering crowd.

The ordeal over, she was safe and apparently unharmed. Sometimes you just get lucky. It is unclear what she was doing on the bridge in the first place. It is marked with a no trespassing sign and there is a warning siren when it is about to go up. There is another nearby bridge for pedestrians to cross.

The woman wearing pink had reportedly just finished a cancer walk Saturday morning called "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" when the bridge went up with her on it. The bridge over Fort Lauderdale's New River is remotely controlled. Once you walked out on it and it started up, there was no way to stop it and no way for her to get off.


ZARRELLA: Now the city of Fort Lauderdale issued a statement late yesterday saying they are thankful the individual involved in the life threatening incident survived, but the decision to trespass on private property was an unfortunate poor choice that endangered the trespasser's life and the lives of the first responders so, Kate and Chris, city officials here not happy with what that woman did over the weekend.

BOLDUAN: Yes, to say the least. All right, John, thanks so much. I think this is something, you know whenever you drive over a draw bridge or, you know, this is something everyone thinks about.

CUOMO: What they would do if it were to open and cling on for life?

BOLDUAN: What would ever happen if this opened and I was on it, right?

CUOMO: So what would you do?

LEMON: Well, looking at the bridge, I don't know if we have a video picture. I probably would have turned around and scaled down.

BOLDUAN: You say that now, Don. CUOMO: And I like the way you say it like you have done it before.

LEMON: It's 20 feet and I would have turned around. First of all, I wouldn't be on the morning bridge and maybe jump from 20 feet, you know.

CUOMO: I've been on location with Don on several stories. I have seen him fall from higher heights than that.

LEMON: Seen him turn around like a ladder and I think and gotten at least down to the base, maybe crawl somewhere else.

BOLDUAN: Scary, scary.

CUOMO: She had impressive quadrocepial strength there. If you look at her legs -- she is holding on there. That couldn't be easy, but I don't know. Maybe Don is right, you turn around, and you climb down.

LEMON: The honest answer is, aaahhh!

BOLDUAN: This one I'm saying I can't judge. I'd be screaming like a little girl.

CUOMO: As David Blaine told me once, he drives in the horizon. It's the looking down at heights.

LEMON: He says that to everybody.

CUOMO: Good point that John made there at the end, those first responders, they have to risk themselves. They have to get her -- the worst stunt. It's not a good stunt to do because other men and women's lives at risk to get you down. Also open question, why did it takes so long to close the bridge again. Think about that on the brake.

Coming up on NEW DAY, some NFL players coming down with a dangerous illness, serious story, doctors, teams and now the league playing offense. Can they really contain a hard to beat infection? We'll tell you what it is and what the challenge is.

BOLDUAN: Plus a child murder case cold for more than 20 years. Now that case appears to be close. How did they figure it out? That story is coming up in just a few minutes.


BOLDUAN: Welcome back to NEW DAY. A one, two punch for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the NFL team lost 31-20 to Philadelphia Eagles Sunday, but much more serious this morning they are trying to contain a dangerous outbreak. Three members of the Buccs have been diagnosed with MRSA, a staph infection that is resistant to many antibiotics. This is what many people are calling the "super bug."

So should the league be worried about the outbreak and what does that mean for you and I, let's go to Dr. Jennifer Caudle joining for us this morning. How serious is this? Three members of the team now have it and this is the superbug that many people fear so what are they dealing with at this moment?

DR. JENNIFER CAUDLE, ROWAN UNIVERSITY: Right. Well, so we are talking MRSA, Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. This is a staff bug as you mentioned that's resistant to certain antibiotics. This is something we are seeing more in the communities. You know, this is something that we used to see in hospitals en route cropping up into communities nationwide.

You know, really what we need to be talking about here is prevention, how to prevent it, how it's also spread and things like that and also how to treat it because it is something that we do see crop in certain environments, not only sports athletes, but military daycare centres, places where there is -- environment.

BOLDUAN: What is it? Is it a just a close environment situation?

CAUDLE: It's not only the close environment situation, but it's also the fact that let's say with athletes, we're talking about an environment where there is a lot of friction and person to person contact, which can actually cause lesions or cuts in the skin that can make it more likely for the bacteria to get in and cause an infection. So that's one of the reasons why we tend to see this or we often see this in athletic groups.

LEMON: And also the razors, sharing of towels --

CAUDLE: Right.

LEMON: I want to ask you. It says here, this is the research that I have, about one in every three people carry staph infections in their nose, but two in 100 people carry MRSA strain. So how rare is it or if it's rare?

CAUDLE: So, remember, we have bacteria that just live on us, it's sort of we are colonized with it. With MRSA or Staph, we can actually be colonized with the bacteria. It doesn't cause us any problems at all t. The way that we actually can track the infection of MRSA, and we should also talk about the types of infections it causes. But is if we have a break in the skin, it can cause the bacteria to get in and cause an infection.

CUOMO: I want to hear the kind of infections, I am very paranoid, but for the teams because a lot of these staph infections wind up on the arms, it can spread to other players. They move around, need quarantined. What's the deal?

CAUDLE: Right. So MRSA can a number of different types of infections. They range hospital MRSA infections tend to be bloodstream infections. MRSA can get into the bloodstream actually. It can cause pneumonia as well. Sometimes we get infections at surgical sites, often for hospitalized people. Then some people out in the community. We call this community acquired MRSA. These might be young, healthy people with no medical problems at all. They are just living their lives.

Often that type of MRSA infection manifests itself as a skin lesion. You talked about this. I have patients in my office come in I'd say at least a couple of times a month with these and often times the way they describe it is as a spider bite. I think I got a spider bite.

The way it will look, these MRSA skin infections, will be like a boil or an abscess, painful. A pimple, often red, warm to touch and can start to drain. These can actually become quite severe. That's the type of infection we see.

LEMON: You remember back in 2006, we were reporting so much. It's been going on. We are seeing more of it. Come out into the environment. Remember, we get it from contact with an infected wound, by sharing utensils --

CUOMO: What does that mean for going to the gym, too?

CAUDLE: I tell you what the CDC says and this is really important to keep in mind. The CDC says it's OK to keep playing sports. We are talking multiple sports. Remember, wrestlers get this. Other sports players that have close contact. The CDC says it's OK to keep playing as long as you keep the wound properly covered. No leakage, no drainage. The wound is not likely to get injured in playing the sport. I would add as long as it is not extensive or live spread. Of course, you want for the take it on an individual basis.

BOLDUAN: Dangerous. All right, Jennifer, thank you so much.

CUOMO: Coming up on NEW DAY, will Congress stop toying with the full faith and credit of the United States and raise the debt ceiling? This morning, Senate Democrats may have some options at their disposal. Are they real options? We will talk to one of them, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin.

BOLDUAN: Also ahead, a two-decade old case finally solved, who police says the killed a little girl known as Baby Hope. We now know her real name. That's coming up in a live report.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Both leaders realize how difficult default would be, the devastation it would cause to America.


CUOMO: The closers, flurry of activity over the weekend, it's now up to the Senate to bring parties together before the debt ceiling deadline. What's on the table and how close are they?

BOLDUAN: True survivor, the man lost alone in the wilderness for 19 days, he's finally rescued, but wait until you hear what he had to do to survive.

CUOMO: High anxiety, this woman clinging to a drawbridge as it raises up with her on it, clinging for dear life, how they saved her and how did she get there? Your NEW DAY continues right now. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)

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BOLDUAN: Good morning and welcome back to NEW DAY. It's Monday, October 14th, Columbus Day. Happy Columbus Day, everyone. It's 8:00 in the east. We're just three days away from potential economic disaster that could have enormous global repercussions. Congress still has not reached a deal to raise the debt ceiling or fully reopen the government so where do things stand?

We're going to talk with Democratic Senator Joe Manchin. He's been working on a deal to do those things, reopen the government and increase the debt limit for a few months. But not all of his Democratic colleagues are going for it, why. We'll talk about it.

CUOMO: And while the government is partially shut down so is the Obamacare web site. It's been live for two weeks and trying to sign up is a real headache. Our correspondent has been trying to get on for days at the all hours and she will tell what you she found.