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Snooki Still Going Strong on `Dancing with the Stars`; `Hot Facebook Mom` Stirs Controversy; Jamie Foxx Squashes Rumors of Romance with Katie Holmes; The new YouTube Prank "Carrie"; Interview with the "Revenge" stars; "Preachers of L.A."; Kim Kardashian`s Wedding Ring; Adrienne Bailon Star in a New Movie

Aired October 16, 2013 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight on the "Top Ten Countdown," `Revenge` revealed. So how does the cast of the hit show make payback seem so real?


HAMMER: What`s something that might really surprise people as far as how things get done around here to create the magic, to create the Hamptons on a sound stage on Manhattan Beach?


HAMMER: I`m on location with some truly amazing secrets from the set of ABC`s "Revenge."

Plus, Snooki`s dancing secrets. My good friend, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi," is one fierce competitor on "Dancing with the Stars." Well, tonight, she is revealing to me how she survives the cutthroat competition, "Shore" style.

SBT starts right now.

Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer, hanging out in Hollywood this weekend. Tonight we are kicking off our "Top Ten Countdown" of today`s must-see, must-share stories with No. 10. We have Snooki`s dancing defiance on "Dancing with the Stars."

So here we are now, more than five weeks into the new season, and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and her partner, Sasha Farber, are still going strong, and they are with me here tonight. So happy to have these guys here, who have defied the critics, proven them wrong.

And I, of course, was with you guys on Monday night when you survived to dance another day. Let us watch that.




HAMMER: Wow, look at you go. And it didn`t surprise me when the judges awarded you a fantastic 27 out of 30. Are you at all surprised that they loved you so much? You did seem like you were in your element, sort of club style there.

NICOLE "SNOOKI" POLIZZI, CONTESTANT, ABC`S "DANCING WITH THE STARS": It did feel like I was back at Karma again, because this is definitely my favorite dance that we`ve done so far. And it just came so naturally, and plus, we were dancing to Britney Spears. I love her. So the fact that we got all "9`s," that`s exactly what I was rooting for.

HAMMER: Yes. Pretty huge. You have to be, as the teacher, have to be pretty pleased.

SASHA FARBER, DANCE PRO, ABC`S "DANCING WITH THE STARS": I was very, very happy and honored to do this number. She did such a great job. We had so much fun. Just fun, fun, fun all the way.

POLIZZI: It`s got to be fun. And if it`s not fun, then what`s the point?

HAMMER: What is the point?

POLIZZI: Exactly.

HAMMER: And how can you not have fun dancing to Britney Spears` big hit song, "Work, Bitch"?

POLIZZI: Exactly. That`s the point.




POLIZZI: Looks good.

HAMMER: Man, that`s got to hurt.

POLIZZI: I`ve got bruises everywhere.

HAMMER: Looking around, some people are actually saying that your dancing is even better than Britney in her video. Charles, can we roll them side by side and do a little comparison? Yes, look at this. Watch. We have Britney on the left. We`ve got Nicole on the right. I mean, come on.

FARBER: She`s nailing it.

POLIZZI: Britney is a god.

HAMMER: Yes, but you`re never shy.

POLIZZI: To be compared to Britney is unreal.

HAMMER: OK. But now the -- you`re being compared to Britney and being someone who`s never shy about speaking out about how they feel about themselves.


HAMMER: Would you dare say, "Yes, I did do it better"?

POLIZZI: No, because I love Britney. I feel like we definitely had a different way of dancing. I`m not going to knock down my girl. But I feel like it was all the choreography, and that`s thanks to him. I mean, he killed it. So I definitely think it was Sasha.

HAMMER: Well, it`s certainly a far cry, looking at you here, from the dancing days on "Jersey Shore." Would you like to see a little bit of what she looked like, Sasha, dancing on "Jersey Shore"?

POLIZZI: No, no, no!


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s hysterical. It`s the best thing I ever saw in my life.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This little shrimp thing is, like, bopping around on the circle and, like, doing her thing. Doing backwards splits, like with her thong hanging out. Her whole crotch is in the air.


POLIZZI: I was wearing underwear. I was wearing underwear.

FARBER: It`s such a difference, isn`t it? Completely different.

HAMMER: Fair to say she`s come a long way.

FARBER: She`s come a long, long way.


HAMMER: Well, you know what`s fun about watching that with you, Sasha, you`ve never seen her doing that on "Jersey Shore," and when I was with you guys after the show on Monday night, we had a little conversation about the fact that I was surprised to know you didn`t know anything about Snooki. You only know Nicole of the present. Can we watch a little bit of the conversation that we had, because I want to ask you something?



HAMMER: You don`t know her as the wild child -- may I say it? -- sloppy drunk, crazy, loud-mouthed? Am I getting any of this wrong?

POLIZZI: Hot mess college student, no morals. Yes.

FARBER: She`s definitely changed from all that. That`s for sure.

HAMMER: And now she`s this beautiful mom.

POLIZZI: Thanks, A.J.


HAMMER: OK. We`ve known each other a little while now.


HAMMER: I was having a little fun there, obviously, just sort of describing you. And I feel that you`re pretty self-effacing about your past.

POLIZZI: Oh, yes.

HAMMER: But I got a tweet that kind of unnerved me a little bit. Somebody suggested that I was being disrespectful to you by bringing these things up from your past.

POLIZZI: I don`t think so.

HAMMER: And I feel -- and you`ve always let me know that you own your past. You`re not back there anymore.


HAMMER: You`ve moved on, but you don`t run from that. You don`t mind talking about that stuff.

POLIZZI: No. I mean, how can I not? I mean, it`s all over TV anyway. And you know, it`s on DVDs. You can see it all the time. And I`m not ashamed about it. I mean, I was young and dumb. I was 21 years old. That was my college years.

I would be a little concerned if I was still doing that when I had my child. You know, it`s just a whole part of growing up. So...

HAMMER: And look at what...

POLIZZI: And you definitely didn`t offend me. I love you. If you did, you would know about it.

HAMMER: I know I would know about it. I intend no disrespect.

POLIZZI: You were just being honest.

HAMMER; Can I read some of the reviews I found online today about your dancing?

HAMMER: Sure. I love this one. It`s on "There was nothing about her performance that wasn`t energized, vibrant, enthusiastic or even technically off."

"The Orlando Sentinel": "Snooki has been the most pleasant surprise of the season."

Grand Land said it best: "Go call the police. Snooki just murdered on the dance floor."

Did you have your doubts going in that it would go this well? This is great.

POLIZZI: I definitely didn`t think it was going to go this well. But the fact that everyone is starting to see a new side of me, and, you know, I`m not known for like being that crazy, stupid party girl any more, and people are changing their minds about me, it makes me happy. Because this is what I`ve been waiting for, for a while. So I`m really happy that everyone`s starting to get to know me.

HAMMER: And she was a blank slate to you, basically, when you came into this with her. Did you think it was going to go as well as it`s going?

FARBER: I can`t say enough words how proud I am of her. I mean, she learned that whole dance in one week.

HAMMER: Yes, but did you think it would go this well?

POLIZZI: Be honest.

HAMMER: Did somebody say to you, "Oh, good luck"?

POLIZZI: You got Snooki.

FARBER: No. As soon as she walked through the door, I was like this is going to be -- this is going to be amazing. Everything was right. The height was right. The personality was right. The look was right.


FARBER: I scored well.

HAMMER: And the look continues to be amazing. I mean, you`re somebody who lost 50 pounds after you gave birth to your beautiful son, Lorenzo, which is pretty incredible.


HAMMER: So I want to know what you have to say about what`s No. 9 on our countdown.


HAMMER: I think you`ll have some insight here.


HAMMER: The so-called Hot Facebook Mom getting all kinds of heat for this photo that she posted online. This is Maria Kang. She`s a former beauty pageant queen and fitness competitor, and in the picture, she`s surrounded here by her three young boys with the provocative caption, "What`s your excuse?"

And now she`s being accused of bullying and fat-shaming moms who may not be in the same kind of shape that she`s in.

Do you see it that way, Nicole? Is this bullying or fat shaming to you? She`s kind of calling it like she sees it. Is there anything wrong with that?

POLIZZI: This is not bullying at all. I mean, for me, when I had my child, I decided to lose all my weight and be healthy for my child. So I feel like when she posted that and said, "What`s your excuse," it`s more like motivation. Like, it can be done. You have three children. You can lose all the weight, and you can be healthy. So it`s not bullying at all. If anything, it`s inspiration and it`s motivation. And I look up to her.

HAMMER: Yes. A lot of people not seeing it that way, obviously. And she sort of apologized, saying this: "I`m sorry you took an image and resonated with it in such a negative way. What you interpreted is not my fault. It`s yours. The first step in owning your life, your body and your destiny is to own the thoughts that come out of your own head. I didn`t create them. You created them. So if you want to continue hating this image, get used to hating many other things for the rest of your life."

Do you feel bad for her in any way?

POLIZZI: I don`t feel bad for her. I praise her. I mean, you know, I`ve -- I`ve struggled with stuff in the past, too. And you just need motivation and determination to change your body in that kind of way. And I think she`s awesome. She`s a role model, I feel, for all moms out there.

HAMMER: And you really have become a role model yourself. We`re going to see it in the new season of "Snooki and JWoww," which is pretty cool. You guys are a bit more domestic than you once were, obviously.


HAMMER: What surprises you the most about how you`ve changed?

POLIZZI: I just feel everything. I mean, I just look at life so differently now, and I do things that I never thought I would be doing, like "Dancing with the Stars."

HAMMER: "Dancing with the Stars."

POLIZZI: Like, I couldn`t imagine doing that three years ago. Are you kidding me? I probably couldn`t even breathe. So I`m just seeing a lot of things that, you know, is different.

HAMMER: It`s great seeing you. It`s always great seeing you. I love hanging out with you. Here we are in Hollywood hanging out together.

POLIZZI: Yes. Amazing.

HAMMER: See you back in New York.


HAMMER: Continued success on the show. Sasha, also great to have you here.

Catch them both on "Dancing with the Stars," Monday nights on ABC.

"Snooki and JWoww"`s returning. The third season fires up Tuesday night on MTV.

And our "Top Ten Countdown" just starting to shine tonight. How about a little Kardashian ring bling to add to the sparkle of this fine program? Chris Humphries just auctioned off the ring that he used to propose to Kim K. He did it for a whopping $749,000. You`ve got to wonder how Kim feels about that.

Well, Kardashian insider Adrian Bilone (ph) is with us tonight, and she has her take. But will her revelations top this?


ANDREW MORALES, ACTRESS: Oh, my God. There`s coffee inside of my computer. You know what? Just get away from me.


HAMMER: It is "Carrie" diaries revealed. I`m so excited about this. The actress who starred in this prank straight out of the movie "Carrie" right here tonight. She`s going to tell us how she terrified an entire coffee shop in New York City and helped launch one of the most viral pranks of all time.

The big reveal is still to come: What will be No. 1? This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Geico`s 15 Minutes of Fame." And 15 minutes of fame is No. 8 on our countdown of today`s must-see, must-share stories.

It`s the 15 minutes of fame for a Netflix customer service rep. The guy`s name is Mike Mears, and after his customer service chat in "Star Trek" speak went crazy viral, we surprised him with Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner. Mike`s reaction was priceless. It`s the talk of Twitter today as Huff Post Comedy tweeted today, "Netflix rep who pretended to be `Star Trek` captain meets William Shatner himself. Awesomeness ensues." And here`s how that awesomeness went down with Mike Shatner and our own Nischelle Turner.


NISCHELLE TURNER, HLN CORRESPONDENT: Mike, you are on SBT with Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner. Say hello.



TURNER: I think you took his breath away. Look at that face.

SHATNER: Mike, speak up.

TURNER: Mike, are you freaking out here? Did you know that you were going to be talking to William Shatner today?

MEARS: I had no clue that Mr. Shatner was going to be here.

SHATNER: I was warned about you, Mike. They told me in advance I`d be talking to a guy who has the command presence. I want to see it, Mike.

MEARS: Yes, sir.

SHATNER: That`s great. Chin out. I said chin out. There you go. Shoulders back. Look up high. Higher. Higher. Now fall over backwards.

TURNER: This is fantastic. Mike, you know when you did this whole customer service thing, I want to ask you. Did you have Captain Kirk in mind when you were talking to this man? Were you trying to emulate William Shatner here?

MEARS: Maybe a little bit. A little bit.

TURNER: Bill, you know, if you`ve got a guy like Mike on the line, and we see you there, what would you do? Would you stay in character? What would you tell them?

SHATNER: Well, I would just say, Mike, you`re looking good. Handsome. I know one day you`ll grow up and be a terrific guy. In the meantime, study.

TURNER: Hard. Mike, what have your bosses at Netflix been telling you about this whole thing?

MEARS: They were just congratulating me and thank me for doing a good job.

TURNER: I can see you`re about to freak out here because Captain Kirk is sitting right here talking to you.

SHATNER: Was this your idea, Mike?

MEARS: Say again, sir?

SHATNER: Was this your idea?

MEARS: The Captain Mike thing?



SHATNER: Good for you.

TURNER: He doesn`t even know what to say. I mean, you affect people like that all the time.


TURNER: Yes, you do.

SHATNER: Yes. My wife says the same thing.

TURNER: See? See? This guy right here.

Mike, you know, I do want you to -- if you have any questions for William Shatner, this is your chance. This is your opportunity, because you probably won`t get this chance again.

MEARS: Did you know how big "Star Trek" was going to be when you started doing it?

SHATNER: Yes, Mike, I did. I forecast that 50 years later that I might be on HLN and speaking to a young man who`s doing a Netflix -- promotion?

TURNER: Parody.

SHATNER: Parody.

TURNER: He`s the greatest customer service representative of all time. Mike, that was great. We thank you so much for joining us today, Mike.

MEARS: Thank you so much for having me.

TURNER: All right. Live long and prosper and all of that good stuff.

SHATNER: Especially live long.

TURNER: There you go.


HAMMER: I think Mike will forever have that smile.

Well, from that William Shatner disciple to the L.A. preachers who are all about bling in the Bible.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You see my bling! You see my Bentley and you see my glory, but you don`t know my story.


HAMMER: These are the ministers who show their glory for God while driving $200,000 cars. Some even have groupies, like big music celebrities. I`m grilling the stars of this controversial new hit reality show. It`s "Preachers in L.A." They`re getting slammed for their lavish lives.

But will my behind the scenes visit to the set of the utterly addictive "Revenge" be even more shocking than the L.A. preachers? I reveal the secrets of ABC`s hit show that`s all about payback and murder.

What`s going to be No. 1? This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Our "Top Ten Countdown" continues now with No. 7 tonight. Jamie Foxx denying he`s dating Katie Holmes. Foxx says she`s just a friend.

Reports of the possible superstar romance ignited and spread like wildfire after Foxx and Holmes were spotted together at a charity event back in August.

Well, now, Jamie has kind of set the record straight, telling "Entertainment Tonight" that the reports are "100 percent not true": "It`s quite hilarious, because we simply danced at a charity event along with a lot of other people."

And that`s just the way it works in Hollywood. If you simply go out to dinner, maybe you share a dance with somebody at a charity event, those rumors will inevitably fly. You`ve got to get used to that.

Next at No. 6 on our countdown, the Redford files. Oscar-winner Robert Redford is now 77 years old. And he`s taking on one of the most challenging roles of his long career in the new ocean drama, "All is Lost." He just spoke with CNN`s Nischelle Turner about his mesmerizing solo performance as a lone sailor lost at sea.


ROBERT REDFORD, ACTOR: An S.O.S. call, over.

TURNER (voice-over): Robert Redford calls his new movie, "All is Lost," pure cinema.

REDFORD: No dialogue. No barriers between you and the viewing audience. I like that.

TURNER: This movie is a journey and all Redford, but we don`t know his character`s name, his back story, and we almost never hear him speak. A mere three lines of dialogue in almost two hours of film.

REDFORD: It was more like a silent movie. And I liked that. I liked the idea of can you tell a story without having any dialogue? You should be able to do that. And this gave you the chance.

TURNER: One topic the acclaimed actor and director can`t stay silent on: the real-life political drama playing out in D.C.

(on camera): It`s funny, because we can almost name "All is Lost" what`s been going on in Washington.

REDFORD: Don`t get me started on that.

TURNER: I wanted to ask you, because the last time we spoke, President Obama had just been re-elected. And we were talking about what you wanted to see for his second term. What do you see right now? What do you think so far?

REDFORD: Well, what I -- what I wanted to see was -- is turning out to be a bit of a dream that never came true.

I don`t envy his position. I think he`s a good man. I think he`s an intelligent man, a compassionate man who can`t function in that environment. That environment, it is so decrepit. It is so paralyzed. And the worst of it is it`s paralyzed by intention. There`s a body of congressional people that want to paralyze the system. I think what sits underneath it, unfortunately, is there`s probably some racism involved, which is really awful.

TURNER: Is that the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about?

REDFORD: I think -- well, I don`t know if it`s an elephant. It`s some kind of animal. It`s in the room. Whatever it is, I think it`s in the room.

But there are other issues. It`s not just racism. I think just the idea of giving credit to this president, giving him credit for anything, is abhorrent to them, so they`ll go against it. Never mind that it`s for the better good of the people. Never mind that they`re supposed to be an officer representing the interests of the public. They`re representing their own self-interests, which are very narrow and, in some cases, just bigoted.


HAMMER: I really appreciated his view on politics. And I love his movies. "All is Lost" will be in theaters on October 25 nationwide.

Well, we`re halfway there. In tonight`s "Top Ten Countdown," will our No. 1 be the actress who`s at the center of this epic prank ripped right out of "Carrie"?


MORALES: Oh, my God. There`s coffee inside of my computer. You know what? Just get away from me.


HAMMER: Well, the woman who left an entire coffeehouse screaming is right here tonight. Andrea Morales is revealing how she helped to launch an epic viral video that`s gotten nearly 40 million hits.

But she`s got some serious competition for the No. 1 spot. It`s the Victoria Secret $10 million fantasy bra. I`ve got to show you this thing. Ten million bucks for a bra. It has nearly as many jewels as the royal crown.

But are either of these fantasy stories extreme enough to be No. 1?

This is the "SHOWBIZ BUZZ List," what the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT staff is buzzing all about.

We love Prince`s video for his brand-new song "Breakfast Can wait." Super sexy, but we`re kind of bummed Prince isn`t even in the thing.

Here`s another instant classic we can`t get enough of: Jay-Z`s new documentary, "Made in America." Jay teamed up with Oscar-winning director Ron Howard to put his "Made in America" music festival on film. It is epic.

Say good-bye to Detective John Munch. Richard Belzer just left "Law & Order: SVU" tonight after 15 seasons in all. We will miss him.

LEGO meets Marvel superheroes. You`ve got to check out the brand-new video game that lets you save the world with the LEGO version of your favorite superheroes, right on your own game console.

And Sundays are now all about sex, "Masters of Sex." The incredible new series on Showtime about famous sex researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson.



MORALES: Oh, my God! There`s coffee inside my computer. You know what? Just get away from me.


HAMMER: Right now the "Top Ten Countdown." The secrets of the "Carrie" prank revealed. Movie magic transforms a New York coffee shop and scares the beeswax out of people.

Now tonight, the actress who starred in the unbelievable viral video is right here to tell me the real story behind one of the best video pranks of all time.

Secrets of "Revenge." I`m on the set of the hit show, "revenge," in Hollywood. But what will be number one in our countdown of today`s must see, must share stories. "SBT" continues right now.

Welcome back. And thank you so much for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. I`m hanging in Hollywood this week, and now we`re up to number five in our countdown. Tonight we`re bringing you the real story behind that coffee shop craziness that just freaked people out. It was all a prank to promote the remake of the movie "Carrie". Well, as of today, this video has some 37 million hits online. That is unbelievable. With me tonight actress who pulled it off, Andrea Morales, her life has been changed forever. She`s revealing all to us tonight. It`s so cool having you here, having watched at least ten of those 37 million times myself.


HAMMER: Let`s watch it one more time. Let`s hit a click. Go ahead, Charles, roll it.


MORALES: Oh, my god!


MORALES: You just ruined all of my stuff.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Get some napkins, clean it up. It will be fine.

MORALES: Fine? There`s coffee inside of my computer. You know what, just get away from me.


HAMMER: I have to tell you something. The first time I`ve watched that, I`m sitting there looking at it on my computer and I`m a diehard New Yorker. I`m thinking - I wonder if she was afraid that somebody was going to attack her when she saw - when they saw what she was doing here.

MORALES: Actually, you know what? That didn`t even cross my mind. But I did have one man come up to me and start going it`s OK. Everything is going to be OK.

HAMMER: He was trying to calm you down.

MORALES: He was trying to calm me down. He thought that everything was like - the whole place was going to blow up or something. He was like no, you`re going to be fine.

HAMMER: And he was dead serious.

MORALES: And he was dead serious.

HAMMER: He didn`t realize you guys were .

MORALES: Yeah, no, it was a man in the construction worker - like he was a construction worker and he had come in to buy a cup of coffee or whatever, and he was like .

HAMMER: Did you actually think when you guys were putting this altogether in all the intricacy of the robotics and the props and everything that people weren`t going to buy it?

MORALES: You know what, I don`t - I everything was so fine-tuned and everything was so mechanically amazing that I believed it. While I was doing it, because I was so into it that I was - it`s for sure that people were going to believe what we were doing. Because it was so amazing.

HAMMER: Charles, can we take the two shot right here, you want to try it on me? With the hands. Please? I`m dying to know what happens. Nothing.


HAMMER: How do you get this gig?

MORALES: It was really interesting, I submitted myself for an audition. And it was very generic, it didn`t say what it was for. It was just a marketing video.

HAMMER: How long ago?

MORALES: It was in July. And I didn`t know what it was for. It didn`t say. They couldn`t tell me anything about it. It was a very generic audition. They just said, hey, can you just react to this cup of coffee being spilled on you and can you just scream for a really long time.

HAMMER: Let`s talk about the scream for a moment.


HAMMER: Because clearly, it`s one of the highlights. And I needed a lozenge after watching this.


HAMMER: If we could roll the screen, Charles, please?


MORALES: (screams]


HAMMER: Yeah, my throat hurts. Do you recall how many times you had to do that scene?

MORALES: We did the scene at least 40 times if not more. It was just over and over and over and over. We would reset and we would, you know, grab a new customer.

HAMMER: Did you lose your voice?

MORALES: I went hoarse.


MORALES: Because I mean even with the proper breath support and lots of water and cough drops, you mean after that many times you`re going to lose your voice.

HAMMER: Now, were you surprised? You`re slamming the guy against the wall. He`s flying up in the wall. Were you surprised that nobody came to his rescue or did anybody actually try to jump in and intervene with him?

MORALES: A dog did. The dog that`s in the video actually started barking and actually tried to kind of attack me, not really attack me, but was trying to protect her owner.

HAMMER: Man`s best friend.

MORALES: You know.

HAMMER: The woman`s best friend.

MORALES: The woman`s best friend.

HAMMER: Yeah. Now, so the video has now been viewed more than 37 million times and I imagine life has changed radically for you. How has it changed?

MORALES: It`s been a trip. I`m lucky enough to be here in L.A. I`ve gotten to be on the Queen Latifah show, which was fantastic, and wonderful, I`ve got really great auditions coming up. So, it`s just been great.

HAMMER: Yes, so people saw this thing .


HAMMER: And they tracked you down.


HAMMER: And now you`re up for, I imagine, movie roles, maybe some TV roles.

MORALES: I mean yeah, it`s just been such a blessing.

HAMMER: Could you - you knew you were doing like this thing that was going to leave on the Internet. Could you possibly have imagined with .

MORALES: Oh my gosh, no!

HAMMER: You were just doing it, it was a job. You got paid.

MORALES: It was a job. Yeah, I got paid, and it was a job, and I actually - my mom, I couldn`t - I didn`t tell her, and because I couldn`t tell her, because I had to sign a little non-disclosure, and she - when I sent it to her it had like 600 views. I was like mom, this is so cool, like 600 people viewed my video.


MORALES: And now 37 million views later.

HAMMER: How many of those were moms?

MORALES: Probably like a million.



HAMMER: Exactly.

Andrea, so great to meet you, and continue to success. Come back when you get that big first movie role, please.

MORALES: Oh, thank you.

HAMMER: All right.

MORALES: As we move on tonight, I`ve got to tell you, I`ve been very busy here in Hollywood. And I`ve got my revenge. Literally. Number four on our countdown tonight. This was so much fun for me. Behind the scenes on "Revenge." ABC`s huge at show, it`s every Sunday night. And this is one of my favorite shows right now. I`ve got to talk to my favorite "Revenge" stars and find out how they make the TV magic happen. Look at this.


HAMMER: It`s an amazing show and one of the great things about this show is it really captures the allure of the (inaudible).

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What are you doing here?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How can I say, I miss the Hamptons.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Good evening, Emily.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Victoria. To what do I owe this visit? Another empty gift box?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Your wedding is tomorrow and the game is over. I`ve washed my hands of it.


MADELEINE STOWE, PLAYS VICTORIA GRAY: I can`t imagine that people like this actually exist there. I mean this is such a heightened reality.

HAMMER: It may be a bit heightened. I tend not to associate, you know, Victoria would never allow me in her manor.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You`re son of a bitch!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thanks for the molento (ph), sweetheart.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`ll give you more than that darling.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Those aren`t people I`m associated with.

STOWE: She wouldn`t speak like that either. This is a kind of very elaborate language.

HAMMER: If she were to say A.J. you`re really not welcome here, how would .

STOWE: You`re not welcome here. How would she say that? Yes.

HAMMER: You`re in character now.

STOWE: What on earth possessed you to think that you could enter our gates and sit down at my table? That`s how .

HAMMER: I`m in love, Victoria.

EMILY VANCAMP, PLAYS EMILY THORNE ON "REVENGE": Next time you see me, I`ll be walking down the aisle in white.

HAMMER: I`m actually hanging out on Emily`s porch or Amanda`s porch.


HAMMER: Depending on which way you look at it. It`s confusing to me as well.

VANCAMP: You shouldn`t have told her about us. Straight from the .


HAMMER: One of my favorite things we often see Emily/Amanda peering out, gazing out at the ocean from her ocean front estate here in the Hamptons or in Manhattan Beach on the sound stage. But what`s amazing is, you`re never looking at the ocean. I actually didn`t realize that. That wasn`t an exterior shot. Can we take a look here?

VANCAMP: This is what I`m going to look at.

Oh, there is .

HAMMER: We got to know you a bit through Everwood. Brothers and sisters is where, I think, you became really sort of this household face and name. But now you`ve been, it`s the third season as the lead of this tremendous hit show.

VANCAMP: It`s been crazy. It`s like having a kid. You know, it`s like your sleep deprivation. And, you know, you constantly have to go home. And it stays with you at home because you have to be learning your lines. You know, you`re constantly working. But it`s a tremendous challenge. And I love that. That`s .

HAMMER: Yeah, I mean you`re doing it all with a smile on your face.


HAMMER: I had so much fun being there. And my special thanks to Emily and Madeleine for making this such a great time. Josh, too. You can catch "Revenge" Sunday nights on ABC.

And now it is time to bling out our countdown. Ka Ching for Kim`s bling. Kim Kardashian 20 karate engagement ring from Chris Humphreys rakes in huge dollars on the auction blog. Can we finally close that chapter of Kim`s fairytale gone badly? Well, the phenomenally talented Adrienne Bailon is right here and she has got a personal connection to the Kardashian. Someone to get her take. Plus, I cannot wait to hear about Adrienne`s fantastic new film.

Also bling and the Bible. A hot now reality show is also battling for the top spot in our countdown tonight.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You see my bling. You see my Bentley and you see my glory, but you don`t know my story.


HAMMER: The preachers of L.A. are right here to take us to church. So, what do they think of the fireworks over their show? What`s going to be number one tonight? This is "SBT" on HLN.


HAMMER: Welcome back to our top ten countdown tonight. Number three, shine bright like a diamond and rubies and sapphires. Today we get our very first look at the 2013 Victoria Secret $10 million fantasy bra. This is always the highlight of the annual fashion show. Victoria Secret angel Candice Swanepoel will be strutting her stuff in this bra. That features more than 4,000 precious stones and a 52 carat ruby dangling from the center. Yet another reason, as if you needed one, to check out the Victoria Secret fashion show on December 10th on CBS.

Number two in massive must share countdown, is bling and the Bible. Have you heard about this new reality TV show that shows preachers driving Ferraris, rocking tattoos and having groupies kind of like your favorite music star? Well, the controversial new reality show called "Preachers of L.A." is about six Los Angeles ministers and it is raising so many eyebrows that even petitioned to yank the show from the oxygen that worked before it aired. Look at this.


PASTOR WAYNE CHANEY: There is no secret what God can do. You see my bling. You see my Bentley, you see my glory, but you don`t know my story.



CHANEY: Give god some praise.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: In the Chaney (ph) household, we make it a point to keep our romance alive. I`ll put these red lips on just for you.

CHANEY: Let`s go.


Doesn`t hurt that Wayne is absolutely fine.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Just give me a big hug.

CHANEY: I need it man, good night.

HAMMER: All right. What is going on here? Well, with me tonight in Hollywood two of the costars of "Preachers of L.A." Pastors Wayne Chaney and Jay Haizlip. It`s great to have you both here, first of all. A little controversy can go a long way. You guys had record breaking numbers for your first episode on oxygen.


HAMMER: So, congratulations on that. But let`s talk about it. And Pastor Wayne, let me begin with you.

CHANEY: Yes, sir.

HAMMER: Because you heard I mentioned the petition.


HAMMER: You guys have been slammed on Twitter.

CHANEY: Right.

HAMMER: And it`s some variety of press. It does seem to center on the flashy lifestyles, the Bentleys, the houses in Malibu. Do you understand the backlash? What do you say to it?

CHANEY: Well, I think it`s important for us to see some of the episode when my first commercials were sizzle reals, say as the show that everyone is talking about but has not seen yet, and, you know, the or whatever it is again, started that petition before ever seeing the show. Again, people have a different opinion once they have actually seen the show.

HAMMER: It`s only about 15 people who signed it.


CHANEY: Right. Right.

HAMMER: But just looking at the clips. You`re right. This is what we knew. We`re seeing these big houses, we`re seeing the Ferraris and I just saw a Bentley drive by - mean .


HAMMER: That`s not what we`re used to for you`re .

PASTOR JAY HAIZLIP: Well, neither one of us have a Bentley or Ferrari. So.

HAMMER: What do you drive?

HAIZLIP: I drive 2007 Land Rover.


HAIZLIP: 80 something thousand miles on it.

HAMMER: All right, but here`s the thing:

HAIZLIP: I call it 27,000.

HAMMER: Do you understand fully what you guys do, you`re considered prosperity preachers. Do you think .

HAIZLIP: I`ve never called myself a prosperity preacher. I`m a gospel preacher.


HAIZLIP: I`m a Bible gospel preacher. I`m not a prosperity. What some people would label a prosperity preacher. I`m not anti-prosperity. Because I don`t think being broke makes you more holy. But at the same time, I believe there`s a biblical balance that has to be applied. God does want to help you succeed in life. I`m the family man. I`ve got a wife, I`ve got three kids. I think I have a responsibility to take good care of them.

HAMMER: So we understand where all these fancy cars and houses fall into the show then.


HAMMER: Where do they fall into the show? Because that is how the show was being promoted and so that`s why people are associating with you and the preacher .

CHANEY: Well, I think that audience is extremely broad. They realize that, you know, the church community is going to watch it, because the personality is there. They are in the ministries that they see there. But again, the average person who isn`t concerned with church or pastors, probably needs something to draw them in to the show.

HAMMER: So, who is driving these cars?

CHANEY: Again, once they watch the show, I think they`ll see the ministries that are - People that are being fed, the authenticity from these leaders. And again, to your original point, as it relates to prosperity, one of the things you`re going to see as you watch the show is, there`s diversity in the cast. We don`t have the same theology, same teaching. Again, we don`t all label ourselves as prosperity preachers, but I think we`ve all been categorized.

HAMMER: But so people who haven`t seen the show understand. Where is all this flashing is coming into play?

HAIZLIP: To the defense of the other cast members. There`s - all of these guys are entrepreneurs.


HAIZLIP: And they have multiple streams of income. And it`s documented that the salary they get is a base minimal salary from the churches, mine included. There`s multiple - from speaking engagements, book deals. Some of them are involved in real estate. Different things like that.

HAMMER: OK, so to understand correctly, because I have to leave it here, but so maybe we were drawn in with a little bit of the flash, but there`s a whole lot more to it.


HAMMER: I do have to end it there.


HAMMER: But thank you guys for being here. And people have to tune in and judge for themselves.

All right, we`re down to number one on our must see, must share countdown tonight. What will it be? Don`t move because the answer is next. This is "SBT" on HLN.


HAMMER: We`re now down to number one on our top ten countdown of must see, must share stories. And taking the top spot tonight, Kim`s K., ring, ka- ching. Listen to this, (inaudible) just auctioned off the massive 20 karate diamond ring that he proposed to Kim Kardashian with to an anonymous bidder online. And it sold for a whopping $749,000 after you add in Christie`s auction fees. Well, proceeds from the sale are reportedly going to the charity of Kris`s choice. Adrienne Bailon is with me in Hollywood, she has a personal connection to the Kardashian`s having dated Kim`s brother Rob. Adrienne`s new film looks supercool, it`s finally out. "I`m in Love with a Church Girl" is said to hit theaters on Friday. Congratulations on that .


HAMMER: It is great to see you here.

BAILON: It looks nice .

HAMMER: I want to talk about the film in the second. But first, you laughed when we were talking about .

BAILON: Yeah, because I had no clue.

HAMMER: So, the ring went for all that money. $749,000. I`m thinking, you know what - good for him. First of all, people said that ring was cursed, look at what happened. 72-day marriage. But to sell it for all that money and particular because it sounds like he is going to donate the money to charity, good for him. What else was - what else should he have done?

BAILON: If that helps for a charitable causes - I mean what else would they do with the ring?


BAILON: Like think about - what else would you do with it? Like if it can go to charity, I think that`s a wonderful thing.

HAMMER: And it`s a nice .

BAILON: Turning something bad into something good.

HAMMER: It`s nice exclamation point on that, or point on the exclamation point to say - OK, that`s over, let`s all move on.

BAILON: Yeah. (INAUDIBLE) both moved on.

HAMMER: "I`m in Love with a Church Girl." It`s in theaters on Friday. And I want to show everybody a little clip of this.

BAILON: Oh, boy.



BAILON: Would you like to tell me why there was a gun in your car?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What do you want from me?

BAILON: What is so bad about going to church?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: God don`t want somebody like me in his church, OK?

BAILON: God doesn`t care about what you`ve done in your past. He just wants you to come as you are.


HAMMER: All right, you star with Ja Rule in this. And it`s his first big project since he was released from prison. So, maybe he`s calmer, more chill now. But you`ve known him for a long time.

BAILON: Yes, for years. Back in my 3 OW days.

HAMMER: He`s a blast to work with?

BAILON: He`s amazing. Just has a great energy and spirit about him, he`s always fun to be around, and it was so much fun doing this movie. Obviously, having a personal relationship with him before like being friends, helped us on camera. Because, you know, you`ve got to be comfortable in those scenes. And - I think we definitely had some good chemistry.

HAMMER: And what`s crazy is, you and I are sitting here talking about this movie, which is coming out Friday. And you`re so excited about this, but you finished working on this thing years ago.

BAILON: Yes, three years ago. Yeah. Yeah. I know, so imagine hearing like this movie is coming out. We were so excited because, you know, we put a lot of time and effort into this film, we obviously already believed in it, and to now see it - I really am grateful for the writers Galley Molina and also (inaudible) is a part of the film as well for waiting for it to get this sort of exposure. To not decide, you know, oh, we`re just going to do this straight to DVD, but that there can be a faith based movie that is amazing, it means hits the box office like every other movie.

HAMMER: Because you weren`t sure for a little while.


HAMMER: What was going to happen with .

BAILON: I`m so glad that the message is getting out there.

HAMMER: I should point it out about Ja Rule, one of my favorite things about the guy is his voice. I mean can you do a little Ja Rule impression?

BAILON: I know. I actually do one in the movie.

HAMMER: Well, I`d like to hear that.

BAILON: Oh, man.

HAMMER: You don`t have to get the line right.

BAILON: I`m trying to get my rough voice going on. I`m not good at it. I`m not good at it. But he`s got the best raspy voice ever, that`s like a distinct voice you can never mistake.

HAMMER: It`s very cool. I`m looking for it to hear your particular impression of him.


HAMMER: "The Real".


HAMMER: Incredible success with these talk shows you`ve done.

BAILON: Thank you.

HAMMER: What is the plan for that? Is it going to come back permanently?

Or are we going to get to see it on a regular basis?

BAILON: I hope so. We`re waiting to hear the word. So, we`re so excited. And we got such great feedback from it. So, we keep our fingers cross. I`m hoping so.

HAMMER: And just to be clear. Going back to what we were first talking about, that Kim Kardashian ring.


HAMMER: $749,000.


HAMMER: You were not the anonymous bidder online who?

BAILON: Absolutely not. I`d love to say I was, but I`m not.


HAMMER: I mean look at that.

BAILON: It`s a beautiful ring.

HAMMER: Look at this thing. And by the way, they said it wasn`t going to fetch that much money, and I don`t know, maybe because of the Kardashian connection there you have it.

BAILON: Maybe.

HAMMER: And that`s connection with the Kim.


HAMMER: Of course.

Adrienne, great seeing you.

BAILON: Thank you so much for having me.

HAMMER: "I`m in Love with the Church Girl" will be in theaters on Friday. All right, from our big reveal to an award winning actress making a big reveal of her own and working a stripper pole. Oh, yes. She`s the star of the new Bruno Mars video for his hit gorilla. Find out who she is in tonight`s "Moments of Awesomeness." This is SBT on HLN.