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Escaped Convicts Nabbed in Florida; Ted Cruz Triumphant in Texas; Chilly Temperatures Across U.S.; JP Morgan Chase to Pay; Jobs Report Comes Out Tuesday; Bleacher Report; Escaped Florida Convicts Back in Custody; Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Jim Carrey Becomes a Children's Author

Aired October 20, 2013 - 06:00   ET



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So I told my children. And I told them (INAUDIBLE) got him. They got him.


ANA CABRERA, CNN ANCHOR: The nationwide manhunt is over and these two convicted killers are back behind bars. The question this morning, how did they manage to pull off their escape and could it happen again?

VICTOR BLACKWELL, CNN ANCHOR: His critics call him a laughingstock. His supporters say he's a trail blazer.


SEN. TED CRUZ (R), TEXAS: I don't work for the party bosses in Washington. I work for the people of Texas and I fight for them.


BLACKWELL: Senator Ted Cruz sits down with CNN for an exclusive interview and talks about his fights and his future in Washington.

CABRERA: And, who knew? Hollywood funny man, Jim Carrey, now a published author? We talk to him about his new book and his new film.


CABRERA: Can you give us a little taste of what we can expect in your new movie?

JIM CARREY, ACTOR: No. No, I can't.

CABRERA: A little -- just teaser?

CARREY: OK. How's that right there?


CABRERA: Good morning, everyone. And welcome to Sunday. I'm Ana Cabrera.

BLACKWELL: I'm Victor Blackwell. This is NEW DAY SUNDAY. Good to have you with us this morning.

And you sat down with Mr. Jim Carrey.

CABRERA: And what you see is what you get. He is a comedian through and through. We talked about the new book. We talked about the "Dumb and Dumber" sequel, which I know many of you have been waiting two decades to see, and it's going to be happening. So we'll talk more about the those.

BLACKWELL: Yes, looking forward to that.

But we're going to start with the big story that happened overnight.

CABRERA: Yes, the capture of two escaped killers. People in Florida breathing a little easier this morning.

BLACKWELL: Yes, the fugitives are back behind bars after escaping with forged documents. Now the case left a lot of people both astonished and furious. Here's CNN's Nick Valencia.

NICK VALENCIA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Ana and Victor, the two convicted Florida killers who escaped this Florida prison behind me have been arrested. According to the U.S. Marshal Service and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Charles Walker and Joseph Jenkins were taken into custody at 6:20 Saturday night in Panama City Beach, Florida, at a motel. They were arrested without incident.

Now, Walker and Jenkins had been on the run since September 27th and October 8th respectively, and for all intends and purposes were living normal lives. In a press conference earlier Saturday, we heard from the families of both the conflicts pleading for them to turn themselves in. Now, their arrests happened just a short time - just hours after the press conference was held. We don't know if either Jenkins or Walker listened to that press conference, but we do know the arrest happened a short time after their families spoke to them, asking them to turn themselves in.

Now, there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered. Principally, how these two were able to use forged documents to dupe the system.

Ana. Victor.

CABRERA: Nick Valencia, thank you. We'll be asking more of those questions throughout the morning.

BLACKWELL: Two workers were killed by an out-of-service Bay Area Rapid Transit train. They were inspecting the rails. It happened yesterday. And it's happening in the middle of a BART strike. At least one union says it will not picket today out of respect for the victim's families. Officials say one worker was a union member who chose to come to work and the other was a contract. Both had experience working and moving trains.


PAUL OVERSIER, BART ASST. DIR. OF OPERATIONS: You know, we're dealing with a situation here where the labor issues, the negotiations are not in the forefront of our mind. We've just lost two people in the BART family, and that's what our focus is on, getting through this evening, notifying the next of kin, trying to figure out what happened. I'm not even going to even talk about any connection to anything else other than dealing with the tragedy that we have here right now.


BLACKWELL: Well, the train that killed the two men was computer operated at the time but had workers on it.

CABRERA: Imagine living through this nightmare for more than two weeks. A mother and father have been searching for their lost teenage son since October 5th. Avonte Oquendo has autism. He cannot communicate verbally. The 14 year old was last seen running out of his school in New York. Hundreds of police officers and volunteers working around the clock have been hunting through tunnels, subway stations, even sewer systems for any sign of him. Despite the extensive search, they really haven't had any solid developments. Now, this weekend, Avonte's mother opened up about her family's heartbreaking situation.


VANESSA FONTAINE, MOTHER OF AVONTE OQUENDO: This is - this is terrible. It's like a nightmare I can't wake up from, you know. Every day waiting to see my son come home, praying that somebody has found him. I don't wish this on anyone, any family to experience this. none. And this should never happen.


CABRERA: Avonte's mother also tells CNN she believes her son is alive and she thinks somebody may be holding him.

BLACKWELL: We've got the first Obamacare signup numbers. And despite all those website glitches, administration officials tell CNN almost half a million people have completed online applications. But let's be clear here. That does not mean they're enrolled in Obamacare. The applications are just the first step to determine eligibility.

And the senator who's leading the fight to end the president's health care law made a triumphant return to Texas this weekend. CNN chief congressional correspondent Dana Bash is traveling with Ted Cruz in San Antonio.


DANA BASH, CNN CHIEF CONGRESSIONAL CORRESPONDENT: In Washington, Senator Ted Cruz may now be one of the most reviled characters in politics. But here in his home state of Texas, he is revered. He got a standing ovation from a room full of about 800 Texas Republican women, saying that he did exactly what they wanted him to do, standing up for principle, and that's exactly why he told us in an interview that he is doing the right thing and it is his fellow Republicans in the Senate that he had the strongest words for.

One of your colleagues told me it was like an intervention. That there were so many of your colleagues saying, you know, why are you doing this, and really angry at you. And I'm just wondering, even on a human level -- they told me that you really didn't flinch. On a human level, that's got to bother you, to be standing in an institution like the Senate and having your - no Democrats, fellow Republicans so angry at you?

SEN. TED CRUZ (R), TEXAS: Dana, not remotely.

BASH: Why?

CRUZ: Because the people I work for are the women and men you just saw. I work for 26 million Texans. That's my job to fight for them. I don't work for the party bosses in Washington. I work for the people of Texas and I fight for them. And the reason people are frustrated all over the country is that far too many people get elected and they think they're there to be part of the club.

You know what was very interesting about some of those closed- door discussions. What I said in those closed-door discussions, I would have said the exact same thing if CNN's camera were sitting in the room.

BASH: In our wide-ranging interview, Senator Cruz talked a lot about the inside story, the fight that he led to defund Obamacase, which ended up shutting the government down, but also talked about the future, the fact that he says he will not let up on this despite the opposition, even and especially from fellow Republicans. We're going to have a lot more on that later this morning on "State of the Union."


CABRERA: Let's take you overseas now. Police in Greece are trying to find the family of this four-year-old girl. She was found Thursday in a gypsy community with two adults who claim to be her parents. But a DNA test revealed this girl is not related to the couple. Those two adults have now been arrested on suspicion of abducting a minor. And according to state news, the 40-year-old woman has 10 registered children in two different locations. The man has four. The girl has now been placed in the custody of a charity hoping to find her real family.

BLACKWELL: Firefighters in Australia will not get any help from the weather today. Forecasters are expecting a couple days of high temperatures and strong winds. You know the area around Sidney has been hit by nearly 100 fires in recent days. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed. At least two of those fires were sparked by power lines knocked down by wind.

CABRERA: (INAUDIBLE) pictures to see. Well, fall here in the states has just begun, but it feels a lot more like winter in certain states.

BLACKWELL: Yes, from the Midwest to the East Coast, chilly temperatures are sweeping across the country. It was even chilly here in Atlanta this morning.

CABRERA: A little bit.

BLACKWELL: Let's bring in meteorologist Karen Maginnis in the CNN Weather Center.

Is this here to stay or are we just ramping up, continuing on to winter?

KAREN MAGINNIS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: We are going to see - yes, I have to be honest (ph). I was trying to make it sound better than that. But, no, in fact, we're seeing some reinforcing cold air. Most of that across the Midwest. That will really be felt probably about Tuesday I think you'll see - you'll be surprised at just how cold those temperatures are expected to be way below where we would expect them to be for this time of year.

You wake up this morning in Chicago, the temperature is 42 degrees. Last hour it was 43 degrees. Well, by Monday morning, Tuesday morning, that's your high temperature. So what it feels like now in Chicago, that's what it's going to feel like on Tuesday by the afternoon. Now, typically, Chicago would be around 61 degrees. That's the average high.

Minneapolis, you will see temperatures in the 40s there. The average high temperature in the 50s. So this is a little shocking to see temperatures a good 10 to 20 degrees below where they should be for this time of year.

All the way from Fargo to Grand Forks, Grand Forks is seeing some snowfall right now. Well, we are watching a dip in the jet stream. That's where that cold air is going to be situated. Mild temperatures across the Northwest. So in the meantime, drive carefully if you're headed up towards that way.

Back to you guys.

CABRERA: All right. And we know there are runners who are going to be taking to the streets in Denver today. So they - it sounds like they're going to be bundled up just a little bit to start.

Thanks, Karen.

JP Morgan Chase tentatively agreeing to one of the biggest settlements by a single bank in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. We are talking billions. Find out how much of it could be coming back to you.

BLACKWELL: Also, a thrilling moment is coming for couples in New Jersey. One that a lot of them have waited for for years. You're watching NEW DAY SUNDAY on CNN. We're back in a moment.


CABRERA: JP Morgan Chase has tentatively agreed to pay $13 billion in connection to those bad mortgages sold in the run-up to the 2008 financial crisis.

BLACKWELL: Now the bank has tentatively agreed to the settlement in the civil suit with the Justice Department. Now once it's done deal, it would be the biggest settlement from a single financial institution in the wake of the 2008 crisis. Another key part of the deal, JP Morgan Chase could still face criminal prosecution. CNN Justice reporter Evan Perez explains more about where the money is going.


EVAN PEREZ, CNN JUSTICE REPORTER: $9 billion of this settlement - this tentative settlement would be - would go - would be paid in fines and penalties to the government. There's a $4 billion piece that will be assigned for consumer relief, which is basically loan modifications and other types of help for consumers who may have - may have had some problems as a result of some of these deals - some of these practices, these mortgage practices. So that is being discussed right now.

What is not included, and this is important, is a federal criminal investigation, which is continuing at JP Morgan Chase, and that focuses on people, individuals, who may have misled investors and whether there was an credible wrong doing. That's a big deal because one of the big criticisms of the Justice Department last year is that, you know, they keep doing these settlements with big banks but nobody ever goes to jail, nobody's ever held personally accountable for some of the issues that happened.


CABRERA: Now this week is a big one for Wall Street. Investors finally going to get their hands on all that information they couldn't get because of the partial government shutdown.

BLACKWELL: CNN's Alison Kosik has a preview of what to expect.

Hi, Alison.


It's finally, finally coming out. The jobs report is out on Tuesday, almost three weeks late. The Department of Labor puts it out, which is one of the biggest economic reports we get, but it only had three people working during the shutdown, so the September reading didn't come out and the data for the October report couldn't be gathered. The October numbers will be delayed one week.

Other economic data from the government will finally start flowing in. Another big one, existing home sales due on Monday. Sales are already at six year highs. And with mortgage rates rising, economists say more buyers have rushed to purchase before rates rise even more.

Also out, figures on new home sales, durable goods and consumer sentiment. And on the earnings front we'll hear from big companies like AT&T, Caterpillar, McDonald's and Amazon.

Finally, the iPad could get an update. Apple is holding a media event Tuesday. The word on the street is that the fifth generation iPad will get a slimmed down design and faster speed.

Ana, Victor, that's what's coming up this week in business news.

BLACKWELL: All right, Alison Kosik, thank you very much. Looking forward to it.

A quick stint in jail for ex-San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is over. He was booked yesterday morning and released a few hours later. Well, this is, of course, is all part of Filner's plea deal. He admitted to false imprisonment and battery charges against women. Filner will also serve three months of home confinement, three years of probation, and be required to undergo mental health treatment.

CABRERA: Same-sex couples in New Jersey are only hours away now from having the freedom to get married. The state's supreme court refused Governor Chris Christie's last ditch effort to prevent this. The court said an appeal filed by the state isn't likely to succeed. Now, a lower court ruled those weddings could go forward beginning tomorrow. Same-sex couples and some of the local officials there can't wait.


STEVEN M. FULOP, JERSEY CITY MAYOR: It's exciting. It's great to see families having the opportunity to formally be recognized.

EBONY BATTS, JERSEY CITY RESIDENT: IT was like so much easier to go in, you know, like a man and a woman, and just, you know, provide simple information and get a receipt.

JOHN JONES, JERSEY CITY RESIDENT: For us, the symbolic part of it is that we really wanted to wait and do it here in New Jersey, which is our home.


BLACKWELL: After resting up from her tour, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is out politicking again. On Saturday, she endorsed her long-time friend Terry McAuliffe for governor of Virginia. Now, Clinton blasted Republicans saying it's time to end divisive politics and get some common sense back into governing.

Coming up on NEW DAY, aren't you ready for the World Series? Well, just about everyone in Boston is right now. Late last night, their beloved Sox clinched the change to play for history.

CABRERA: Got to love those pictures. We'll have highlights from the dramatic game. Plus, of course, the wet and wild Champaign celebration.


BLACKWELL: Good morning, Atlanta. Still a little dark in downtown this morning. A lot of people are actually finishing up Saturday night this morning, but some people are starting a beautiful Sunday. The Atlanta AIDS Walk, the 5K run, happening in the city today. And it's going to be a great day for it, high of 69 degrees, sunny skies, not too warm, perfect.

Boston strong. The Red Sox are headed to the World Series.

CABRERA: They beat the Detroit Tigers last night in dramatic fashion. And Joe Carter has more now in this morning's "Bleacher Report."

JOE CARTER, BLEACHER REPORT: I mean, hey, guys, six months ago the city of Boston was obviously on lockdown after the Boston Marathon bombings. You know, the Red Sox really became that rallying point for the city. The team basically started feeding off that and they adopting the phrase "Boston strong" as their mantra. Well, now, after last night's big win, they're World Series strong.

And the hero last night, Shane Victorino, his grand slam in the seventh inning put the Detroit Tigers away. And watch these guys. Watch the emotion on the faces of these guys. I mean last year this team lost 93 games, they finished in last place. This season, a complete turnaround. They finished the regular season with the best record in baseball. Now they're headed to the World Series to play the team that also had the best record in baseball, the St. Louis Cardinals. Game one, which is going to be a good one, is Wednesday night in Boston.

Hey, let's talk a little college football. Wow, oh, wow, Florida State absolutely crushed Clemson last night 51-14. Look at Mario Edwards, the big fellow. The scoop and score. This team, if you watched the game, is absolutely loaded with playmakers. Florida State was up 17-0 in the first 12 minutes of the game. They never looked back. This is the first time since the '90s that Florida State looks like a legit national championship team.

And it was upset Saturday for college football. I mean a bunch of ranked teams went down. Ole Miss shocked number six LSU with six seconds to go. A 41 yard field goal by the senior kicker. Unranked Ole Miss takes down number six LSU 27-24. And Auburn did something a lot of people didn't think they could do, taking down number seven Texas A&M and Johnny Manziel, Auburn's defense was all over Johnny football, especially at the end of the game. Last season, Auburn won three games, 0-8 in the SEC. This year they're off to a 6-1 start.

And number nine UCLA also went down yesterday. Stanford's wide receiver, Kodi Whitfield, came up with the catch of the year. Check it out. A one-handed grab. Look at the replay. Watch this. Unbelivable. Stick-em (ph). He put stick-em on his gloves, guys. Final score there, 24-10, Stanford comes up with the big win. Nine top 25 teams were all upset yesterday. Number 11 South Carolina lost. Number 15 Georgia lost. Number 20 Washington lost. Number 22 Florida lost. You've got five top 10 teams losing yesterday, nine top 25 teams. Wow, what a day.

CABRERA: Wow!. For those of us who don't have a dog in the fight, it's kind of fun to see those underdogs come out (ph).

CARTER: Absolutely. Yes.

BLACKWELL: We need - we need to get some stick-em for Auburn (ph).

Joe Carter, thank you.

CARTER: You bet.

CABRERA: Well, Florida officials are relieved to have two fugitives back in custody. But they still can't explain how the convicted killers got out in the first place.

BLACKWELL: And a little hero helps to save a life. You're going to find out how he did it, next.


CABRERA: Mortgage rates dipped this week. Take a look.


CABRERA: Bottom of the hour now. Good morning, everybody. I'm Ana Cabrera.

BLACKWELL: I'm Victor Blackwell. It is a pleasure to have you with us this morning.

Let's start with five things you need to know for your new day.

First up, the developing story overnight. Two inmates who escaped from a Florida prison were arrested last night. They're due in court this morning. Their names are Joseph Jenkins and Charles Walker. They were found at a motel in Panama City, Florida. Family members deny helping them escape. Authorities released Jenkins and Walker based on forged documents.

CABRERA: Number two, authorities in Belgium are investigating the cause of a plane crash that left 10 skydivers and the pilot dead. This happened in a rural area outside of Brussels. The plane apparently crashed just minutes after takeoff. The cause is still under investigation.

BLACKWELL: Number three, two public transit workers are dead after they were hit by an out of service train near San Francisco. The Bay Area Rapid Transit Union, also known as BART, is on strike. Now officials say one of the men who was killed opted to work anyway. The other victim was a contractor. The train that killed them was being run by a computer at the time.

CABRERA: Number four, a developing investigation. An eighth suspect is now charged in the clash between the swarm of motorcyclist and an SUV driver in New York. Twenty-seven-year-old Kaliq Douglas faces gang assault and other charges. He has not yet entered a plea. Now the SUV driver was chased down and beaten after he hit several bikers. That conflict caught on a biker's helmet cam.

BLACKWELL: Number five, almost a half million people have signed up for Obamacare. That's according to administration officials. They say that despite the technical problems, a little more than half of all applicants signed up using the federal Web site These are the applications, they just determine eligibility. It does not mean that those 500,000 or so are enrolled in the program.

Florida authorities say they are happy to have those two convicted killers back in custody. I am sure everyone in those families that were affected, they are happy as well. As it turns out, it didn't get far. But no one is letting law enforcement officials off the hook until they explain how they plan to make sure this never happens again.


BLACKWELL: New mug shots of two convicted killers who are expected in the Bay County Florida courthouse this morning.

CRYSTAL PUGH, VICTIM'S WIRE: I called my children, and I told them, they got them. They got them.

BLACKWELL: For Crystal Pugh, it's the end of an emotional ordeal. One of the men, Joseph Jenkins, was sent to prison for killing her husband.

PUGH: No sleep. Praying to God that they get captured. And my prayers were (inaudible) today.

BLACKWELL: Both Jenkins and Charles Walker were arrested at this motel in Panama City in the Florida Panhandle not far from the prison where they escaped.

MARTY WEST. U.S. MARSHAL: For the past two days we've been tracking them here in Panama City, and trying to find out what location they were in, today we got information that they were here at the Coconut Drove Motor Inn.

BLACKWELL: Police were able to identify the room, move in, surround the area and the man gave up without an incident.

WEST: We made an announcement that they were surrounded and after about a minute or two, both of the fugitives came out and surrendered to us.

BLACKWELL: The arrest put an end to a nationwide manhunt after the convicted killers walked out of prison on forged documents, although the inmates are back in custody there are still a lot of questions about how they got out.


BLACKWELL: And in just about 30 minutes, we will take you to the courthouse in Florida where the inmates have a scheduled appearance this morning.

CABRERA: A ten-year-old boy is being honored for his bravery. Deante Gorman called 911 when his uncle was having a seizure.


DEANTE GORMAN, 10-YEAR-OLD CALLED 911 TO HELP UNCLE: My uncle is, he is knocked out, he is on the floor, and I don't think he is conscious.

CABRERA: Well, that phone call helped save the life of his uncle who was babysitting at the time. It all happened in August. Authorities in Missouri surprised Deante yesterday with this award. They say the fourth grader stayed calm and he was able to give his address and his mom's phone number.

GORMAN: I went to go find the phone, call 911 and the operator walked me through everything until like everybody got there.


CABRERA: Well, Deante said he was ready for that moment because his mom had taught him what to do.

BLACKWELL: Excellent. You know, yesterday we had a conversation about memory in the digital age and being able to remember your mother's phone number because it's in the cell, fortunately, Deante knew and well-deserved award.

Hey, still to come on "NEW DAY" -- forget Spain, we've got flying tomatoes here and the running of the bulls right in Georgia. We will tell you what these 3,000 daredevils were up to.

CABRERA: Plus, my interview with the one and only Jim Carrey, he is filming "Dumb and Dumber 2" right now, and is out with his first ever, believe it or not, children's books.


CABRERA: Good morning, Boston. A live look as the sun just creeps up in Beantown this morning. Looks like it's going to be a glorious fall day there, 62 degrees and sunny, and the fans in Boston still celebrating that Red Sox win.

The rush of a lifetime for some of these 3,000 brave men and women, but, no, this is not the famous running of the bulls in Spain, this happened this weekend just a few miles south of Atlanta. Looks like a few people lost their footing but fortunately, no serious injuries were reported. And this event also featured and epic food fight, also an American take on an annual Spanish event, and as the music roars these participants pelted each other with tomatoes. I feel bad for the person who has to do all the cleanup there. Flip it over to Victor. What's coming up in your new week?

BLACKWELL: That is all my bucket list. Tomatillo - throwing tomatoes at friends - it's on my list. All right, so, it's a brand new week, there is a lot coming up. Let's get you up to speed. We're starting Monday in New Jersey, same-sex couples can legally wed according to New Jersey's Supreme Court. The state is really unlikely to succeed in an upcoming appeal in January. Next day, Tuesday, in nearby New York City the second mayoral debate between Republican Joe Lohta and his Democratic opponent Bill de Blasio, now the first time they met it was a bit testy, of course they are trying to replace Mayor Bloomberg. Tuesday, also, if you need a new iPad, it could be your day, because there are rumors that Apple will unveil the latest version of the iPad. So, look out for that. Wednesday, President Obama will welcome to Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan's prime minister to the White House, and Thursday, the one year anniversary of Super Storm Sandy, it's been a year already, October 24th, 2012, the storm, which was then a hurricane, made landfall in Jamaica. Also Thursday, you should have set your DVR - "Blackfish" airs right here on CNN, 9 P.M. Eastern. It's a chilling documentary about captive orcas. You want to see that. And then Friday, good news for furloughed workers - the federal government, of course, start seeing the back pay. After going without paychecks for three weeks. So, a lot coming up. Stay with us. We'll be back.


BLACKWELL: 16 minutes until the top of the hour now. Lance Armstrong was once of the most inspiring athletes in the world, but his really dramatic fall from grace has tarnished his legacy. A new book called "Wheelman" claims to explain how Armstrong got away with doping for so long and who helped him. CNN's Anderson Cooper spoke to the authors, Vanessa O'Connell and Reed Albergotti about both the reporters for "Wall Street Journal" and how they found all this information.


ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: Is there a lesson to be learned from this? I mean ...

VANESSA O'CONNELL, AUTHOR "WHEELMAN": Yeah, I think -- we think one of the morals of the story is that, you know, yes, cycling was a mess and Armstrong was a master of it and others were doping and cheating as well, but, you know, when you win at a rigged game you are going to pay the steepest price in the end. And so that's essentially what we are seeing now.

COOPER: How much in endorsements was he making, you know, and so how much did he lose?

REED ALBERGOTTI, AUTHOR "WHEELMAN": Estimated, you know, at $20- 25 million a year at times.

O'CONNELL: He's lost about 75 million in endorsements in late October when all of these sponsors fled shortly after ...

COOPER: $75 million?

O'CONNEL: That's what he - that's his - exactly, his estimate.

COOPER: There was also always this belief that -- which I think from whatever it was in the book that he certainly promoted that his heart was bigger or his ability to process oxygen. I mean there were all these stories about how he was just as incredible freak of nature and that's why he could do all these things.

ALBERGOTTI: He is certainly a great athlete, there is no question about that, but when you look at those measurements, like as VO2 max that was measured in the low 80s, that's actually normal for those high-level athletes in the Tour de France. So, it's not - he was not some physical freak that could just win without drugs like everyone else. He was good, but it was more of this - his mental toughness and his demeanor, now we know, you know, the doping program.


BLACKWELL: Tonight, CNN will have a lot more on Armstrong. Watch the world according to Lance Armstrong at the 10:00 P.M. Eastern.

CABRERA: Well, now that the weather is getting chilly again, it's time to think pink. October is national breast cancer awareness month and this weekend, tens of thousands of people are participating in charity events to benefit breast cancer research, including this 5K walk in Orlando. And like many of us you probably know someone who has been affected by the disease. For survivors, some research suggest that what you put into your body may help fight recurrence.

Here to discuss the link between nutrition and breast cancer is Tiffany Barrett. She is an oncology nutrition specialist. And we so appreciate you coming to talk about this, because as we said, a lot of people can benefit from this information today.


CABRERA: Good morning to you. So, let's talk a little bit about why nutrition is so important, and especially for someone who is recovering from breast cancer treatment.

BARRETT: OK, well, I deal with this every day at Winship Cancer Institute, patients ask me all the time, what can I do to help prevent this from ever coming back, so fruits and vegetables, is the same old thing you hear over and over, but it's very important, and that's not only important for cancer, it's good for heart disease, diabetes. But again, it's colors. You look at my table here, it's red, green, yellow. You know, you want to get the variety of everything. And you watch your portion sizes.

CABRERA: And so, those bright colors that means extra anti- oxidants or what is that an indicator? BARRETT: Antioxidants, phytochemicals, phyto-vitamins and minerals. And that's why you get the colors, because each color has a different phytochemical or vitamin or mineral.

CABRERA: No, are there actually foods that can save off recurrence or even prevent cancer in the first place?

BARRETT: There are. So, again, you hear a lot about the leafy greens, your cruciferous, and then again, whole grains. It's not just about vitamins and minerals, and you hear about phytochemicals, so lean proteins are good as well. So, we talk about there is not a magic pill. You want to get your color, if you look at here and that's what you want to provide in your diet.

CABRERA: And so, you are talking about foods that we all know are healthy for us, fruits, vegetables, whole grains.

BARRETT: Yes. Yes.

CABRERA: We have all been taught to eat these foods, but it sounds like there is more to it that can really help you fight disease in many different ways. How about a person's weight? How does that impact your risk of getting cancer?

BARRETT: Weight, actually, is a big influence on your cancer. So, if you have cancer, you want to not try to gain wait, you want to lose weight, you want to prevent that extra pounds, it increases your hormone, your inflammation. So again, that's where the fruits and vegetables or whole grains are low calorie and help with that weight loss.

CABRERA: There has been some debate about soy and whether soy is good for you or bad for you when it comes to cancer.


CABRERA: What is your take?

BARRETT: That's a very controversial subject, and right now I think a lot about is it's a whole soy food, so you don't want to do a soy protein or a soy powder, but you get the tofu, soybeans, edamame is good to provide in your diet.

CABRERA: Because that's extra protein.


CABRERA: But as always, moderation.

BARRETT: Moderation.

CABRERA: Seems to be the trick.

BARRETT: Tiffany Barrett, thank you so much for coming in. We appreciate the information and you can learn more about the link between nutrition and cancer by visiting, and a lot more information for you. Victor, back to you.

BLACKWELL: All right, Ana, thanks.

CABRERA: Five heart attacks, open heart surgery, a heart transplant, former Vice President Dick Cheney's health troubles are pretty well known, but now he is sharing some new surprising details with our Dr. Sanjay Gupta including a secret letter of resignation he wrote to President Bush.


DICK CHENEY: Basically, what I did was I resigned the vice presidency affective March 28th of 2001.

DR. SANJAY GUPTA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: So nearly, for your entire time, as vice president, there was a letter of resignation pending. How did President Bush react when you told him about this?

CHENEY: A little surprised but he thought it was a good idea.


BLACKWELL: You can see more of Dr. Sanjay Gupta's interview with Dick Cheney coming up this morning at 7:30 Eastern.

Still to come, on "NEW DAY", the one and only Jim Carrey with our very own Ana Cabrera.

OK, so, he is not saying a lot about the sequel he's coming right now to the comedy classic "Dumb and Dumber."


JIM CARREY: Absolutely.

ANA CABRERA, CNN ANCHOR: Can you give us a little taste of what we can expect in your new movie

CARREY: No, no, I can't.

CABRERA: A little, just teaser?

CARREY: How is that, right there?


BLACKWELL: No, not too many details there. But he is full of laughs giving details about his first children's book. We'll have that. Stay with us.

Also, we are shining a spotlight on the top ten CNN heroes of 2013. This week's honorary spent 13 years delivering babies before a back injury forced her to stop. Well, now she's found a new way to bring babies and mothers safely through childbirth.


LAURA STACHEL: There's a traditional African saying when you become pregnant that you have one foot in the grave. There are so many women dying in child birth in many communities. Pregnancy is feared.

In the last month recorded four women actually died of pregnancy complications.

When I went to Africa, I saw these women one after another coming in with complications and we didn't even have adequate light to treat them.

Welcome to the world, little one.

And the lights have run out ...

A lot of the clinics don't have any electricity. Midwives use kerosene lanterns. They may use candles. They use their cell phones to deliver babies. Once I witnessed the things that I saw, I had to do something about it.

My name is Dr. Laura Stachel. I'm helping to provide a simple and reliable solar lighting empower source so that mothers and babies can be safe during childbirth.

Very, very nice.

Hospitals and clinics received the solar suitcase for free.

So, the charge controller is very important.

Solar suitcase provides medical quality lighting. It charges cell phones. It has a small battery charger for head lamps and for the fetal Doppler that we include.

Perfect. That's it.

Mothers are now eager to come to the clinics. It just shifted the morale of the health care worker.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This light is going to bring good children. It keeps me going.

STACHEL (on camera): Here's your son. There you go.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you so much.

STACHEL: You're so welcome.

(voice over): I really want a world where women and their families get to celebrate birth. And I would love to be part of making that happen.

(COMMERCIAL BREAK) BLACKWELL: Welcome back. Five minutes to the top of the hour now. You had some fun yesterday after our morning show, and you got to sit down and talk with Jim Carrey.

CABRERA: Yeah, fun to say the list. A lot of laughs, of course, he is kind of the man of many faces. He is here in Atlanta filming the sequel to that classic comedy "Dumb and Dumber." He's also, believe it or not, written his first book, it's called how rolling rolls, and it's children's book. Really cute book. It sort of targets four to eight-year-olds. We spoke about what it's like to add another credit to his resume, and, of course, I tried to get some gossip out of him about "Dumb and Dumber 2."


CABRERA: At age 51, Jim Carrey, still knows how to capture an audience.

JIM CARREY: There's nothing interesting over there. They are all out of 50 shades of gray.


CABRERA: But on this day, his pine-sized fan base drinks juice boxes, sits on the carpet and with legs crossed.

CARREY: Every time I turn a page I want all you kids to go, whoosh.

CABRERA: It's exactly what Carrey is hoping for, adding a new title to his long list of credits. Children's author.

CARREY: I am drunk with my own self-importance, really, truly, and it's like nothing I can't do, it's amazing.

CABRERA: All kidding aside. Carrey's story centers around an anxious wave named Roland who hopes to better understand his purpose in life.

CARREY: He is afraid that one day when he hits the beach, his life will be over. But when he gets deep he is struck by the notion that he is not just a wave, he is the whole big white ocean. So, it's that feeling of the ultimate fear that when it actually happens, it's not bad and it's - and you actually just go into a different phase and a different kind of feeling and awareness.

CABRERA: Our cameras caught up with Carrey at a book signing in Atlanta, but the two time Golden Globe winner has also been seen around town for other reasons.

CARREY: Austria, well, then, good day, mate.


CABRERA: Carrey and his co-star, Jeff Daniels, are making the sequel to "Dumb and Dumber." That's right. Lloyd and Harry are back. It's a film almost 20 years in the making.

(on camera): What do you see when you think that picture? What comes to your mind?

CARREY: I think I am amazed at the wonders of ink printers.


CARREY: It's just right there for us, anytime we want it. You know, it's just friends getting together again, you know, for me.


CARREY: Absolutely.

CABRERA: Can you give us a little taste of what we can expect in your new movie?

CARREY: No, no, I can't.

CABRERA: A little, just teaser?

CARREY: How is that right, right there?


CABRERA (voice over): Jim Carrey ...

CARREY: All right!

CABRERA: Taking on a new chapter in his life and making plenty of laughs along the way.


CABRERA: And you know, I was taken by how gracious he was. You know, he's obviously had such an impressive career and dabbled in so many different things and yet he really made the time for all of these kids.

BLACKWELL: And he's high energy, so I am sure he was being popular with the kids.

CABRERA: Oh, they loved him.

BLACKWELL: Yeah, and we are going to talk with him a little later, also, about the "SNL" controversy, right?

CABRERA: I did. I asked him about that controversy and how race has become a topic in the comedic world, and he addressed that a little bit, so will stay with us, and we'll bring that to you shortly.

BLACKWELL: All right.

A must see moment now, and it may make you a little nervous if you are afraid of heights. CABRERA: That's a record-setting tightrope walker just doing a little tap dance as if this job isn't tough enough. This is happening in China, the rope is going between two sections of the Great Wall, and the man in the red is known in China as the prince of tightrope walking. He is there in blue, his apprentice, also the cousin.

BLACKWELL: I guess this runs in the family, I guess. You can see him hanging from the rope by his feet, he's going to let go at some point. They did do other tricks like walking blindfolded. I guess it's a rush.

CABRERA: Do you have a fear of heights?

BLACKWELL: On a rope, yeah, but just a general fear of heights, I'm good.


CABRERA: Yeah, now if you have a fear of heights it will be a little nauseous, that gymnast this morning. We apologize. But we do appreciate you being here with us.

BLACKWELL: We really hope you did not get nauseous from watching that video.


BLACKWELL: Hey, the next hour of your "NEW DAY" starts right now.

Good morning to you. We appreciate you staying with us. I am Ana Cabrera.

BLACKWELL: I am Victor Blackwell. It's good to be with you. This is "NEW DAY SUNDAY," and we are starting in Florida where the nationwide manhunt ended this morning about 80 miles from where it all started.

Two escaped inmates, they were arrested last night at a motel in Panama City. Authorities might wish the story would end there, but it will not. Because with everyone wondering how they were able to escape with nothing more than forged paperwork, there are clearly more questions. CNN's Nick Valencia is outside the Bay County jail in Panama City, that's where the inmates will appear this morning.

Nick, how did this all in? How did it go down?

NICK VALENCIA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, it went down very successfully for all the agencies involved. The two suspects were brought here after the arrest last night, that's where they'll be waking up this morning. But let's get back to the arrest. It happened at about 6:20 last night, according to the U.S. Marshal Service in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and they received a tip that put the two suspects, Joseph Jenkins and Charles Walker in the Panama City area as early as Friday, they conducted some surveillance, talked to a few people around there and they realized and were confident enough the two suspects were in the motel, and they made an announcement over the PA system, and then they were able to move in, thankfully, without incident, according to the U.S. Marshal Service.

Now, the two, Jenkins and Walker, had been on the run respectively, since September 27th and October 8th -- Ana, Victor.

CABRERA: So, Nick, curious about who was involved? There had to be somebody else involved that helped the inmates get this paperwork. How confident are police their families weren't the ones who that helped them get out?

VALENCIA: That's certainly part of the investigation, who helped them use these forged documents. But, yesterday, there was a press conference held by the suspects' families, where they reiterated that they made no move to try to conceal the whereabouts of their family members. We heard from the mother of Charles Walker yesterday, saying that, you know, they went to church together, they went out, they were in public. The so-called father figure of Joseph Jenkins also saying that, you know, he took Jenkins to his mother's house, to his grandmother's house.

There was a report that Charles Walker was spotted at an Orlando mall.

So authorities have not told us that they believe the families had anything to do with their escape -- Ana.

CABRERA: All right. Nick Valencia, in Panama City, Florida, we'll have more on this coming up throughout the show. Thank you.

JPMorgan Chase has tentatively agreed to pay $13 billion in connection to the bad mortgages sold in the run-up to the 2008 financial crisis. Now, the bank has tentatively agreed to the settlement in the civil suit with the Justice Department. But once finished, it would be the biggest settlement from a single financial institution in the wake of the 2008 crisis.

Another key part of the deal here, JPMorgan could still face criminal prosecution.

VICTOR BLACKWELL, CNN ANCHOR: A mother and father have been searching for their teenage son for two weeks. Avonte Oquendo has autism and cannot communicate verbally. He's 14 years old. He was last seen running out of his school in New York. Ever since hundreds of polices officer and volunteers have been hunting for any sign of him. Avonte's mother tells CNN she believes her sign is alive and she believes that someone is holding him.

Police in Greece are trying to find the family of this 4-year-old girl that you just saw there. She was found Thursday in a gypsy community with two adults who claimed to be her parents but a DNA test said the girl is not related to that couple. The two adults have been arrested on suspicions of abducting a minor.

Now, according to state news, the 40-year-old woman has 10 registered children in two locations, the man has four. The girl has now been placed in a custody of a charity, hoping to find her family.

CABRERA: Well, this morning the first numbers on Obamacare signups are in, and CNN's Chris Lawrence is in Washington this morning.

So, Christie, despite the Web site glitches, we do now know hundreds of thousands of people have made it through on the online application process.

CHRIS LAWRENCE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: That's right, Ana. I mean, right now, these are really the first national numbers that we are seeing in terms of how effective Obamacare is at its rollout. And the numbers are pretty startling. I mean, what we are hearing is 500,000 -- almost half a million people right now have signed up and gone through this process, filled out applications for Obamacare coverage despite the glitches, and there have been plenty of those glitches. "The A.P." is putting the number, right at about 496,000. Again administration officials are telling CNN, look, these glitches are not acceptable. They are trying to improve it.

And President Obama says this is something we should have expected.


BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I am the first to acknowledge that the Web site that was supposed to do it in a seamless way have had way more glitches than I think are acceptable.


LAWRENCE: That includes users unable to get a log in or password, running into glitches beyond that, and that's where a lot of people are really hammering the administration saying this is just the first step, this is just trying to get a password to get into the system, and if people are having that kind of trouble at that point, what's going to happen as they move through the process as they put in more personal information -- Ana, Victor.

CABRERA: So, again, we are seeing the numbers there, about half a million people now signed up are not officially enrolled just yet. So, the process has to complete itself. Still the number pretty impressive, some would say.

Do you think the figures will help the administration as they go before the House this week, as they try to defend the health care law?

LAWRENCE: It's going to be something that they are going to tout, and they are going to say, look, we just rolled it out and there are glitches, and you know we are moving forward, so to speak.

Others will point to it and say, yes, about a half million people have enrolled and that doesn't mean they will be accepted. You need about 7 million people to sign up and be accepted in the first six months and how close are you to that? Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that President Obama's secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, is not going to testify at this Obamacare hearing. That's got a lot of critics really riled up. They are calling for her resignation, comparing her to a CEO saying if a business had a disastrous roll out like this, the CEO would definitely be fired -- Ana.

CABRERA: Still a lot of questions and a long ways to go.

CNN's Chris Lawrence in Washington this morning, thank you.


CABRERA: The senator who is on a mission to kill the president's health care law made a triumphant return to Texas this weekend.

CNN's chief congressional correspondent Dana Bash is traveling with Senator Ted Cruz in San Antonio.


DANA BASH, CNN CHIEF CONGRESSIONAL CORRESPONDENT: In Washington, Senator Ted Cruz may be one of the most reviled characters in politics but here in his home state of Texas he is revered. He got a standing ovation from a roomful of about 800 Texas Republican women, saying that he did exactly what they wanted him to, standing up for principle, and that's exactly why he told us in an interview that he is doing the right thing and it's the Republicans in the Senate he had the strongest words for.

One of your colleagues told me it was like an intervention, that there's so many in your colleagues saying, you know, why are you doing this, and really angry at you. And I'm just wondering on a human level, they told me that you really didn't flinch. On a human level.

That's got to bother you, to be sitting in an institution like the Senate and having your fellow Republicans so angry at you?

SEN. TED CRUZ (R), TEXAS: Dana, not remotely.

BASH: Why?

CRUZ: Because the people I work for are the men and women you just saw, I work for 26 million Texans. That's my job to fight for them. I don't work for the party bosses in Washington, I work for the people of Texas, and I fight for them.

The reason people are so frustrated all over the country is that far too many people get elected and they think they are there to be part of the club. You know what was very interesting about some of those closed door discussions, what I said in those discussions I would have said the exact same thing if CNN's camera was sitting in the room.

BASH: In our wide ranging interview, Senator Cruz talked a lot about the inside story of the fight that he led to de-fund Obamacare which ended up shutting the government down, but he also talked about the future, the fact that he says he will not let up on this despite the opposition even and especially from fellow Republicans.

We're going to have more on that later this morning on "STATE OF THE UNION".


CABRERA: Speaking of "STATE OF THE UNION", how does the GOP recover from the shutdown fiasco? Coming up at 9:00 Eastern, interviews with Senators Ted Cruz, as well as John McCain.

BLACKWELL: After resting up from her tour as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton is out politicking again. On Saturday, he endorsed her long time friend, Terry McAuliffe, for governor of Virginia. Clinton blasted the Republicans saying, "It's time to end the divisive politics and get some common sense back into governing."

CABRERA: And now, top of the story, the escaped murderers from Florida will be in court this morning. We will talk to the chief inspector for the United States Marshal's service to get some answers. That's next.


BLACKWELL: Welcome back.

The escape of two inmates from a Florida prison was terrifying for two reasons -- not only were there two convicted killers on the loose, but a lot of people were asking could more escape with the same trick, using forged paperwork?

CABRERA: And joining us now to talk more about this is Frank Chiumento, a chief inspector with the U.S. Marshal Service, as well as legal analyst, Danny Cevallos.

So, Frank, let's start with you. What's to stop inmates and other prison from trying to the same stunt?

FRANK CHIUMENTO, CHIEF INSPECTOR, U.S. MARSHALS SERVICE: Well, this is the first time, speaking with the chief inspector with the U.S. marshal's service, this is the first time we have heard of such an elaborate scheme where we had two criminals serving time for homicides that basically did not escape as an over the wall escape, but through a scheme like this.

So, as far as what would stop people from doing this? I think that now the prosecutors and the judicial system, law enforcement, we're all aware of this, and this is probably the first time it has occurred in our country, and I think we'll be more attune to this to prevent it from happening again and implementing measures to implement any court documents like this from going through.

BLACKWELL: Danny, I want to come to you with a term that we just heard from Frank, elaborate. To me, it seems like a simple plan. It's like grabbing a get out of free card from the Monopoly game, and you write something up and say I can go, and they say, yes, you can go. And then they say, yes, you can go.

Is it elaborate? How many people can do it in prison?

DANNY CEVALLOS, CNN LEGAL ANALYST: It is and it isn't. It's elaborate in that it has to be approved by a number of different people. Legal documents vary so much from county to county, and the important thing to realize is that courts had made great strides, great advancements in what we call e-filing, which means that gone are the days where you physically have to come in and file a document, and court orders just not too long ago had that crinkle stamp with red ink and you knew when something was an original.

Reality is now, there are many jurisdictions where an original is exactly the same as what you print as a PDF off your computer.

And although it's a tremendous benefit, it's a tremendous convenience, it's an advancement, the other side of the coin is that it opens up the possibility that somebody with a MacBook and a PDF program can find -- I found Judge Perry's signature online in a Casey Anthony document in four clicks last night, and we used it on air.

I mean, that's how easy it is to find someone's signature nowadays.

CABRERA: Frank, what kind of checks and balances are in place to try to stop something like this?

CHIUMENTO: Yes, I'm not the expert to answer that question. As part of a member of the U.S. Marshals Service, our primarily responsibility is locating and capturing fugitives and bringing them back to justice.

This system that's in place here in Florida is something that more of the state's officials can answer to that. But I know that it is rare. Here in Florida, this is the first time I have heard of it. I have been in law enforcement for over 30 years and it's the first time I ever heard of prisoners escaping from their custody by a measure such as this.

BLACKWELL: So these guys were sentenced to life in prison for the deaths they were responsible for, and any extra punishment, Danny?

CEVALLOS: Well, escape is a separate crime in almost every jurisdiction. It's a very serious one and often we're lucky in this case, people are injured during an escape, but this was a very non- violent escape.

So, the question is, is it defensible? Could they argue I didn't know any better, I just got released? I think it's suspect, because they seemed to be pretty aware and acted aware, and these are two guys who were released right around the same time. It sounds like it may be part of a racket.

However, escape is a crime in almost every jurisdiction that I know of. CABRERA: Do you think, Danny, that they would have any kind of advantage or benefit to sharing how they did it with authorities? Would they be able to work some kind of a deal here?

CEVALLOS: You sound like a lot of defendant's and clients that us criminal defense attorneys hear, they say, look, if just go to schools and talk to kids and tell them and work with them, I think it's more often seen in movies.

The reality is the government is going to find out exactly how they did this and they are going to close the loophole, and frankly they are not interested in any kind of deal with these guys to prevent future instances, simply because they've already tracked down the offending document, they are going to figure out where they went wrong. They won't need any help from these guys, but they have brought light to a glaring loophole in the system.

CABRERA: All right, Danny Cevallos, and Frank Chiumento with the U.S. Marshals Service, thank you both for joining us.

BLACKWELL: The election was on Wednesday, and now, Mr. Booker is going to Washington.

CABRERA: Indeed he is. Cory Booker with all of his star power headed to Washington, D.C., and even he says he has a lot to learn, and at least one person he needs to keep his charisma in check.


BLACKWELL: Welcome back. Twenty minutes after the hour now.

A new senator is heading from Jersey to the nation's capital.

CABRERA: Newark mayor, Cory Booker, won a special election to fill New Jersey's open senate seat. He is the state's first black senator and the first African-American elected to the Senate since Barack Obama.

BLACKWELL: CNN's Alexander Field is in New York this morning.

Had a nearly 10-point advantage go into Election Day, and has a lot of momentum heading into Washington, D.C.?


He's young, he's connected, he's well-known, he's considered a rising star in the Democratic Party, but any Washington watcher will tell you when it comes to executives, majors, celebrity types going to the Senate they have to recalibrate their approach -- in other words, expect an adjustment period.


SEN.-ELECT CORY BOOKER (D), NEW YORK: I am going to go down there and be the best me possible.

FIELD (voice-over): So far that has worked for Senator-elect Cory Booker. He has never had trouble drawing a crowd --

BOOKER: All rise!

FIELD: -- which is why the New Jersey Democrat may get a very warm welcome when he goes to Washington.

Rutgers University political science professor, Ross Baker.

ROSS BAKER, RUTGERS UNIVERSITY: I think he's a great asset to the Democrats. I think he will be a great fund-raiser.

FIELD: Booker, the mayor of Newark is so widely known he has a Twitter following of 1.4 million people. His campaign for the Senate boasted big celebrity endorsements, marketing experts say he has a powerful and recognizable brand.

ALLEN ADAMSON, LANDOR ASSOCIATES: In Washington, he'll have star power. I think he will be the biggest brand to hit Washington since Hillary.

FIELD: But if you ask senator-elect, he insists his time in Washington won't be about building a bigger name for himself.

BOOKER: There's a lot I have to learn. So, I'm going to go to work and put my head down and study, study, study, and learn, learn, learn, and be back in Jersey as much as possible to directly serve people I have been doing as mayor.

FIELD: Back at Rutgers, Bakers says if the mayor of New York wants to succeed as a senator, he can prove that he can work with others.

BAKER: He's going to be very visible. People will expect him to exude that incredible charisma that he has, but I think he will be well advised to keep it in check.

FIELD: Sound advice for any freshman in Washington, it could proof tough considering the background noise. Some pundits were already saying Booker is a potential pick for a vice presidential run in 2016.

For now, it's a question he is quick to deflect.

BOOKER: Yes. Look, I've I have always heard that I might be a choice for the Giants right now, and we're having a tough time this season, so maybe I might be called in.


FIELD: All right. He may not be able to deflect that question for long. Booker is stepping into Senator Frank Lautenberg's former Senate seat. There are only 15 months left in that term, so he doesn't have a lot of time left in Washington, and the suggestion is he spends some time proving to New Jersey that he is interested in people across the state and not just people in Newark.

They suggest maybe doing something like a listening tour, ala Hillary Clinton -- Victor, Ana.

BLACKWELL: Yes, so don't put the campaign signs away. He's to run again next year.

Alexandra Field, thank you very much.

It's not winter yet, but depending upon where you live, it might feel like it. We will let you know if you need to bundle up.

CABRERA: But, first, let's check in with Dr. Sanjay Gupta for a look at what's coming up on "SANJAY GUPTA, M.D." at 7:30 Eastern.


DR. SANJAY GUPTA, CNN CHIEF MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT: Ana, we've got a lot going on in SGMD today. One of the things that might get your attention is the new study that says you could be addicted to Oreo cookies. And we'll explain the study and also what's happening in the brain. SGMD, bottom of the hour.



BLACKWELL: Get out the hats, get out the gloves, earmuffs if you have them. I don't.

CABRERA: They are coming back.

BLACKWELL: I don't know. I'm not going to sign on to that.

Chilly temperatures sweeping the U.S.

CABRERA: Very chilly, and some states still seeing, the first snowfall of the season.

BLACKWELL: Let's bring in meteorologist Karen Maginnis in the CNN weather center.

Earmuffs, where did they go?

KAREN MAGINNIS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: Did they go out of style?


MAGINNIS: I'm disappointed. I guess I've been achieved for a long time.

All right. Temperatures are going to be cold especially the start of the workweek. Temperatures running 15 to 20 degrees colder than they should be this time of year. Chicago, 61. Your temperature right now in Chicago in the 40s, so when you wake up and you go through the afternoon Monday and Tuesday, that's just about what it's going to feel like for the whole day, only in the 40s. That's way below where it should be this time of year. A dip in the jet stream means that cold air is going to dip further towards the south, so we keep chipping away of who has the mild temperatures. No, not anymore. Looks like the Midwest, and you are thoroughly stuck with the readings that are way below normal.

Chicago is 42 right now, Minneapolis is 34 degrees, Des Moines 42. And we saw Michigan's at 26 degrees, so for this afternoon, grant forks, a little snow, 1 to 4 inches possible in the Midwest -- Victor.

BLACKWELL: All right. Karen Maginnis, thank you.

CABRERA: Well, "Saturday Night Live", it may be where comedy legends are born, but not everybody laughing.

BLACKWELL: Yes, because there's new criticism about the show's lack of diversity. Next hour, black comedian and former Mad TV star Debra Wilson joins us to talk about the controversy. More than a dozen members of this cast, but not one black female on the show.

CABRERA: And we've been talking about Kenan Thompson who came out with the controversial statement that perhaps black comedians are to blame themselves. Lots to talk about on that issue.

We will see you back at the top of the hour, 8:00 Eastern for another hour of NEW DAY SUNDAY.

BLACKWELL: But, first, glitches continue to plague the Obamacare signup process. "SANJAY GUPTA, M.D." starts right now.