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Jenna Jameson Interview Causing Stir; Fitness Trainer Accused of Fat Shaming Moms; Prince Harry`s S.O. Not Invited to Christening?; SBT Special Event: Most Amazing Wedding Proposal Ever

Aired October 23, 2013 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight on the "SBT Countdown," Mom of three, six pack abs. Tonight the "what`s your excuse" mom faces the backlash and her new celeb fans like Snooki.


NICOLE "SNOOKI" POLIZZI, REALITY TV STAR/CONTESTANT ON ABC`S "DANCING WITH THE STARS": I feel like when she posted that and said, "What`s your excuse," it`s more like motivation. Like it can be done.


HAMMER: Maria Kang was called out for fat shaming, but now she`s got some heavy hitters behind her. And she is right here to tell us about her life since her viral fitness declaration.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What are you doing? Do you even know who it is you`re marrying?

BALDONI: Lisa, I know what she wants.


HAMMER: It`s an exclusive SBT special event. It`s the emotional and unforgettable proposal viral video. Well, tonight, the over-the-top in love couple is right here with behind-the-scenes details of their engagement movie magic.

SBT starts right now.

Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer. Thanks for watching.

We`re kicking things off tonight by counting down today`s top five must- see, must-share stories. Here`s No. 5.

Jenna said what? Jenna Jameson`s strange interview on a New York City morning news show went crazy viral today. You`re about to see why. The former porn star went on "Good Day, New York" to plug her new novel, "Sugar," but there`s really nothing to sugarcoat here. It came across as, well, a bit loopy. Watch.


GREG KELLEY, CO-HOST, "GOOD DAY NEW YORK": Can I ask you this? How did you first get into that adult film business? That first leap has got to be a big one.


KELLEY: How old were you?

JAMESON: Nineteen.

KELLEY: And somebody, did you want to do it or did somebody push you into it?

JAMESON: No. I just figured it would be fun.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Was it? You know, did you see that movie, "Love Life"?


HAMMER: Pretty much all downhill from there. Jenna`s kind of slurring her words and making no sense. Jenna later said that she was just tired and rather exhausted from a grueling tour to promote her book. She had just flown in from L.A. late for her morning appearance there on that show.

Here`s what a rep told us today: "Any reports attributing her appearance and behavior to substance abuse amount to unsubstantiated rumors. After getting rest, she was upbeat and looking great at her book signing on Tuesday."

Entertainment journalist Kelley Carter is with us tonight.

Kelley, look, it does happen. It`s a grueling schedule, out there pounding the pavement to sell your books. Should we cut her a break?

KELLEY CARTER, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: Yes, you know, I`m going to buy that she was exhausted. I`ve interviewed Jenna before, and I`ve never seen that side of her. She`s always upbeat, very funny and very engaging. So it looked like she was tired. Anybody who`s ever made that New York to L.A. flight and had to hop into one of those early morning shows, I`ve had to do it. I get it. I get it.

HAMMER: It can be super tough. I have to tell you, what kind of frightened me is it bore some resemblance to how we used to occasionally see Anna Nicole Smith on tape. And I guess that`s why people were a little taken back by it.

Let me go to Megan Meany. She`s a lifestyle and pop culture expert. What do you think, Megan? Should we cut her a break here?

MEGAN MEANY, POP CULTURE EXPERT: Anyone that`s had as much sex as she`s had is certainly going to be exhausted. But I think there`s more than fatigue going on there.

I mean, I`ve done a lot of morning TV, and even if I haven`t had coffee I can usually string together one sentence of some substance. So I`m going to go with I don`t think she was sleepy. There`s been reports of maybe some substance problems.

Look, I`m going to play the mommy card here. Twin boys, a divorce, none of that is fun. I hope for her sake that she didn`t sleep on the red eye, but I`m going to go with the other theory that I think she was under the influence.

HAMMER: OK. But again, I need to point out, her rep saying no substances involved. She was just tired, and I guess we`ll have to accept that for what that is.

But things actually were also strange. At one point in the interview, Jenna was asked about her nasty custody battle with her ex, Tito Ortiz, the big martial arts star. And you watch this, and I just thought it was so odd how upbeat she seemed talking about such a downer.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Can we talk about your marriage? Right now, obviously, things are going crazy. You`ve been tweeting about your ex, Tito, and your kids. How is that going right now? Has he responded to you at all?

JAMESON: No. Everything is going well. It`s going well.


HAMMER: Yes. Everything`s going well. But before the interview, I need to point out Jenna revealed that she hasn`t been able the see her twin boys for months. Tito got full custody back in September. She said it`s been really contentious.

Kelley, she is still fighting to see those kids. I`ve got to think that she should be worried that this bizarre interview could actually hurt her at this point.

CARTER: Yes. That`s probably why they immediately put out a statement that she`s exhausted. You know, and that totally makes sense. I mean, and I understand. She`s had issues before. It was one issue where she`s gotten caught with it. So I know why she wants to kind of put an end to any possible rumors.

HAMMER: Yes. Well, I hope it does go more smoothly from here on out for her.

Let`s get to what`s next in our countdown. It`s No. 4. We have advice for Kimye from Ellen. It`s pretty great. Ellen DeGeneres went on her daytime talk show today, congratulated Kim Kardashian and of course, Kanye West on the big engagement. And she had some advice for them, including having a bit of fun at Kanye`s expense.


ELLEN DEGENERES, TALK SHOW HOST: He got down on one knee after renting out an entire baseball stadium in San Francisco, and then he gave her a 15- carat diamond ring. Fifteen carats. That is bigger than their baby.

I want to say congratulations. I`m happy for both of you. But I want to warn Kanye, you start with a stadium proposal, and that`s going to be hard to top. I mean, that`s why when I proposed to Portia, we were on a riding lawn mower, and I gave her 12 carrots. Not a ring, just carrots. I gave her...


HAMMER: Love that one. Some real carrots, not the 15-karat stunner that Kanye gave Kim.

Megan, Ellen really seemed to be warning Kanye. You know what, Kanye? There is such a thing as too much. However, I`m thinking that Kim wouldn`t expect anything less. Right?

MEANY: Look, here`s my theory. I said to my husband, "Had you given me the 15-carat ring, I wouldn`t have lost my wedding ring. Because when it rolled out, it would have killed someone.

So I think this is an excellent move on Kanye`s part. Good insurance. She`s not losing that thing. And he`s told us many times he`s the almighty, so if anyone can sustain this level of gift giving, it will be Kanye.

HAMMER: Yes. Think about it. The ring actually does make sense as a safety and insurance measure. Good thinking there, Megan.

Kanye`s big proposal simply is Kanye`s style, isn`t it, and again, what Kim would be expecting.

CARTER: That`s what Kanye does. And personally, I thought that Ellen`s video was less to Kim and Kanye and more to single men everywhere about to propose to their beloveds. Don`t do the ballpark, you know, proposal if you`re not willing to step it up for next year anniversary. I`m just saying.

HAMMER: Yes, Ellen really was looking out for everyone else. She had some advice for anybody who`s getting engaged or married. Take a look.


DEGENERES: To everyone who`s starting out a serious relationship, I think it might be easier to start small. So hopefully, you know, you`re going to be married for a long, long time. So for your first anniversary why not start with, like, boxed soup? You know? Second anniversary, canned soup. See the pattern? Next comes a jar. Around the tenth anniversary maybe you go out for soup.


HAMMER: And we know first wedding anniversary typically you give somebody paper. I`m not seeing Kanye giving a gift like -- I don`t know -- stationary after the first year. Maybe a paper receipt to a new Rolls Royce or something, Megan.

MEANY: Perhaps. See, we just don`t do gifts in my house. So you know, no one is buying my love. I know it`s real. No gift on the first anniversary. No gift on the tenth anniversary.

HAMMER: Hold on a second. If you don`t give gifts, how do you put it on your reality show? What`s there to show? I mean, come on.

Let`s move from that surprise wedding proposal by Kanye to a wedding surprise from the lovely Kelly Clarkson. This is No. 3 on our countdown tonight. See, Kelly just revealed a remarkable exclusive video of her wedding day. She kept her marriage on Sunday to Brandon Blackstock, a big old secret until it was over. But today, we did get our very first look at her big day. It is a must-see, must-share video that she released. And it`s set to the song "Heavenly Day" by Patty Griffin.




HAMMER: Here`s why I love Kelly Clarkson. We`re living in this time when stars seem to be cashing in on everything. It is so refreshing that Kelly is just putting it all out there, just sharing with us. And Kelley Carter, isn`t that a nice change of pace coming from Kelly Clarkson?

CARTER: Absolutely. And you know what, furthermore? This is great example of celebrities using special media in a really appropriate awesome way. You know, she`s engaging her fans, letting them come in and see something that is very private and very beautiful that happened in her life. Good job.

HAMMER: Yes, I mean, Megan, wouldn`t you absolutely agree?

MEANY: Loved it.

HAMMER: You share a wedding like this. It seems a lot more sincere than perhaps sharing it on reality show.

MEANY: I think she did a great job. Note to all the A-Listers out there: You can have a private moment but then share just enough for your fans.

I mean, I got teary.


MEANY: That`s a great song. The breathtaking scenery. You know, she`s had some angst and some anger over the years about relationships in her music. I`m glad to see she looks like she`s hit stable ground with this guy. And it`s all warm and fuzzy.

HAMMER: And I`ve got some great details here. They got married at the private blackberry farm in eastern Tennessee.

The dress created by Temperley London. Did I pronounce that right? Yes, Temperley London. The crystal-studded head piece was by Maria Elena. Her wedding band interlocks with her yellow diamond engagement ring from jewelry designer Johnathon Arndt.

Kelley, what a beautiful bride the other Kelly is there. I mean, look at her. Stunning.

CARTER: She`s stunning and very happy. I know that a lot of people were a little skeptical after they`d called off their wedding earlier in the year. So very happy to see that they did it the way they wanted to do it and shared it with the world.

HAMMER: And who doesn`t love a covered bridge?

All right, Megan, Kelly, thank you both so much.

We are rocketing towards the No. 1 spot on our "SBT Countdown" tonight. This mom of three with six-pack abs asked "What`s your excuse?" And a lot of people responded with WTH. Maria Kang was called out for fat shaming, but she`s also gained some big-time celebrity fans.

The "what`s your excuse" mom right here. She`s going to tell us what`s happened in her life since this whole fitness declaration went viral. What`s going to be No. 1 tonight?

Plus, an SBT exclusive special event.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Forced to confront his most feared enemy. Himself.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Give me that briefcase.

BALDONI: No. Everything Emily expects from me is in here. Everything she needs from me is in this briefcase.


HAMMER: It`s the most amazing wedding proposal. It`s the extravagant wedding proposal that really looks like a big-budget movie. Millions of people just can`t look away or really resist tearing up, myself included.

Tonight the couple in that epic video are right here, exclusively. This is going to be great. They will watch it with us and reveal what really happened. You`re going to laugh; you`ll cry. You`ll be amazed. It`s better than "Cats."

And don`t miss "SBT Game Show Madness" next week. I`m on location at your favorite game shows. Tuesday I`m hanging with my pals Pat and Vanna. Wednesday I visit Cedric the Entertainer. He is the new host, of course, of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" And on Thursday, yes, it is my dream- come-true day on "The Price is Right." "Game Show Madness" coming up next week on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: Now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Geico`s 15 Minutes of Fame."

Tonight, No. 2 on our countdown, what`s life been like for this fit mom of three since she created a firestorm after posting this photo of herself on Facebook with the caption "What`s your excuse?" Did Maria Kang actually inspire people to get in shape just like her, or did she tick off moms everywhere?

She is here tonight, and we are about to find out.

So that photo of Maria showing off her six-pack abs as she`s surrounded by her three young boys has gone absolutely viral. But it hasn`t been entirely good. So what`s it been like for her since then? Maria is with us tonight from Sacramento, California.

Great having you here, Maria.

MARIA KANG, FITNESS BUFF/MOTHER: Great. Thank you for having me.

HAMMER: Absolutely. So you`re a fitness trainer and you said that you wanted to motivate people with your fit physique. But of course, you know, you got accused of so-called fat shaming. Did you find it`s really unfair that you`ve gotten so much heat over this?

KANG: Yes, I definitely think it`s a little bit unfair, especially since I`m not a fitness trainer. That`s not where I get my bread and butter. I`m actually a business owner of two residential care homes. So I created this to inspire moms, and I think that there`s a little bit of bullies out there right now.

HAMMER: So tell me what life has been like since you first -- first posted the photo. What have you been hearing? What have people been saying to you?

KANG: You know, it`s been incredible. People are still posting mean comments, sending me e-mails saying that`s I`m fat shaming, that I should be -- that I`m a bad mother, that I neglect my kids, that there`s no way that I look this good without being -- having surgery or having a lot of PhotoShop done. So it`s been an incredible experience so far.

HAMMER: Did you have any sense you were going to get this kind of a reaction? Or did you think, "Oh, just put this out here. Maybe it will inspire people"?

KANG: Definitely not. I mean, I knew that it was going to be a powerful image. I knew that people were going to see my kids, 3, 2 and 8 months at the time, and my fit image and say, wow, she`s looking pretty good. Maybe I can do it, too.

Because I`m a real mom, you know. I`m not some Kim Kardashian celebrity on a magazine out there that`s looking at -- look at me, I have a nice body after having a baby. I`m a real mom. So I think a lot of people were pretty shocked.

HAMMER: Well, Maria, I`ve got some good news for you, because I just spoke with my good friend, Snooki. She`s competing on "Dancing with the Stars," as you know this season. And I asked her if she thought you were fat shaming people or bullying people in any way. Here`s what Snooki had to say.


POLIZZI: This is not bullying at all. I mean, for me, when I had my child, I decided to lose all my weight and be healthy for my child. So I feel like when she posted that and said, "What`s your excuse," it`s more like motivation. Like it can be done. You have three children. You can lose all the weight and you can be healthy. So it`s not bullying at all. If anything, it`s inspiration and it`s motivation. And I look up to her.


HAMMER: Well, there you have it, Maria. There you have Snooki putting things in perspective. She`s firmly in your corner. I wish you the best of luck and thank you so much for being with us tonight, Maria Kang. I appreciate it.

KANG: Thank you so much.

HAMMER: All right. As we move on, our No. 1 must-see, must-share story of the day is so big, it`s on two -- Yes, two -- continents. The big reveal is coming up next.

Plus, this SBT exclusive special event.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Confront his most feared enemy. Himself.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Give me that briefcase.

BALDONI: No. Everything Emily expects from me is in here. Everything she needs from me is in this briefcase.


HAMMER: OK. Have you seen this thing? It is the engagement viral video that is intense. It`s emotional. And I think it`s as entertaining as any big-budget movie. And tonight, the couple in the proposal video right here exclusively to watch it with us. And they`re going to reveal the secrets of what has to have been such an emotional day that they will never forget.

Now next week it is all about "SBT Game Show Madness." This is going to be so much fun. I`m going on location, visiting classic TV game shows. Now, on Tuesday I`m taking a spin with Pat and Vanna at "Wheel of Fortune." Wednesday I visit Cedric the Entertainer, the new host of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" And Thursday it is my dream come true day on "The Price is Right."

"Game Show Madness" all next week on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: Our top five countdown continues right now, and it is time for the big reveal. At No. 1, the royal christening diss.

Well, baby Prince George just had his big day out. There he is, wearing his super fancy outfit. Look at that. Three-month-old was christened today in that frilly gown in the Church of England. It was a pretty small event: Prince William and Duchess Catherine, with just the immediate royal family, but Prince Harry`s girlfriend of a year and a half, Cressida Bonas, was left off the guest list, but why?

Well, SBT is on location in London tonight with CNN`s royal correspondent, Max Foster, who`s at Buckingham Palace.

Max, what`s going on here? Harry`s girlfriend, Cressy, wasn`t invited. We keep hearing how close they are and that she and Harry might actually be getting engaged. What`s the story there?

MAX FOSTER, CNN ROYAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, I mean, are they together? I think we can assume that they are. They`re constantly photographed together. The palace never really denies it when I sort of bring it up.

But to bring Cressida out to a massive family, historic occasion like George`s christening would be a big, big thing. And I suspect they`re just not there at this point in the relationship.

I mean, Harry always talks about how it`s such a big thing to take on to be his girlfriend, to be his potential wife. He wouldn`t go into that so suddenly. There`d be a big warm-up to it. And she hasn`t been seen at any sort of public engagements with the royals at all. She certainly wouldn`t come in at this level. It was, as you say, a very small occasion and a very small guest list.

HAMMER: OK. So not the place to take the attention off of, obviously, the royal baby, which is why everybody was there.

So give me a sense. What was it like inside that royal chapel where it all went down, Max? Who was there besides William and Catherine?

FOSTER: Well, it was very small. It was immediate family. So the queen, Charles, Camilla and the Middletons. And then seven godparents, which seems like a lot, but these were all people that represent different parts of their lives. Normally, they`re aristocrats and royals from other royal families, but Kate and William have chosen people from school, from university. People they grew up with. They had a friend of Diana`s, a friend of Charles`s, and William`s closest aide, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton.

So it was a small group. A lot of godparents. But this is really a sign, I think, that they take their friendships really seriously.

And they saw this as a private occasion, which is why we didn`t actually have cameras inside. So I can`t tell you exactly what it was like inside.

HAMMER: Seven godparents. That is amazing to me. A special day in England, obviously. Thanks for bringing it to us. Max Foster in London tonight.

And as we move on tonight, it`s an exclusive SBT special event. It`s the extravagant wedding proposal that really looks like a big-budget Hollywood movie. It`s got action, romance and, of course, tears.


BALDONI: I`ve never been happier, never been sadder, never been more angry. Life`s never been more beautiful.


HAMMER: It`s the most amazing wedding engagement video we have ever seen. Tonight the stars of the emotional and unforgettable viral video are here with all of the behind-the-scenes details.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Forced to confront his most feared enemy. Himself.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Give me that briefcase.

BALDONI: No. Everything Emily expects from me is in here. Everything she needs from me is in this briefcase.


HAMMER: Right now an exclusive SBT special event. The most amazing wedding proposal ever. That has got to be the most elaborate way any guy has ever popped the question. You`ve got drama. There`s romance. Even some swooning. It is every woman`s dream come true.

Well, tonight, the couple in the amazing mini-movie are right here as we watch with them what may be the most extreme proposal video of all time. They are revealing all about their incredible journey. It`s an exclusive special event as SBT continues right now.

Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. I`m so excited for this exclusive SBT special event tonight, the most amazing wedding proposal ever.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Emily, will you marry me?


HAMMER: That was Justin Baldoni popping the question to his then girlfriend, Emily, which is seen in an amazing 27-minute mini movie. It went crazy viral. It`s been viewed millions of times online. I`m thrilled to have them here for this SBT exclusive, where for the very first time, they`re coming on TV with us to watch his masterpiece as it plays out. I`m telling you, you`ll laugh, you`ll cry. You`ll be amazed. Guys, are you ready?

EMILY BALDONI: Yes. Thank you for having us.

HAMMER: It`s my pleasure. Let me get into the setup here. So here is what happens. Justin gets Emily to go to the restaurant where they had their very first date. He`s not there yet, and she gets surprised by a video that starts playing. And as you watch this, I want to make sure you keep an eye on Emily on the bottom left of your screen because you`ll see her react in disbelief to what she is seeing. Roll it.


JUSTIN BALDONI: Hi, sweetheart. Well, I am not at the restaurant with you. I promise I`m not standing you up. It`s the opposite of that.

Baby, I love you. I love you so freaking much. I love the [EXPLETIVE DELETED] out of you.

I don`t know how to do this. I`m sure you have an idea about what`s going on right now, because you have a crazy feminine intuition.

So I`m trying to propose. And my mind being the way it is, I could think of a million different ways I want to do it, but all I know is I want it to be special and I want it to be romantic and I want it to be something you never forget. So, here I am. I love you, baby.

I`m coming. I`m on my way to you, but I just want to do something for you. So see you soon.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Welcome back to the Bob Show. I`m your host Bob Merrick (ph). I am sitting here with Jeff Schroder (ph). Joining us is a good friend of the show, Mr. Justin Baldoni.

Good morning. Justin, how are you?

JUSTIN BALDONI: I`m wonderful. It`s a beautiful day.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You have a good relationship. Things good at home?

JUSTIN BALDONI: Is it OK? My girlfriend is actually listening right now. I just want to take a minute and say something to her.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Please. I`m happy to have you here.

JUSTIN BALDONI: Hi, Emily. I guess she can`t answer back. A little nervous. Sweetheart, we`ve been in a relationship for a year and a half now, and you`ve changed my life. I just wanted to ask you publicly, if you would marry me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hang on a second.

JUSTIN BALDONI: It went out again. The mike is not on.


JUSTIN BALDONI: I`m looking at the computer. The station is down.

She didn`t hear that?




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I just need a minute. I have to restart the computer.

JUSTIN BALDONI: I`ll figure something out.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I have to get a technician in here. This is really bad.

JUSTIN BALDONI: I`ll do something else.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Justin, I`m so sorry.



HAMMER: All right. Here we go. We`re going to pause this for a second. Emily, I want you to take us back to that first moment when this video starts playing for you in the restaurant, especially the moment there when you saw Justin putting on his best N` Sync, what were you thinking?

EMILY BALDONI: I was absolutely blown away. I didn`t really know what to feel. I was shocked. I was super happy and I had nobody to share it with. I had no idea what was going on. And then I remember seeing him walking into that white room. I remember feeling so nervous because I was hoping that he wasn`t actually serious. And then it starts, and the guys come in and I know it`s actually a joke. And I remember taking like a sigh of relief, and then just completely blown away at how amazing it looked.

HAMMER: I can`t even imagine. Things were just getting started at this moment. If anybody for a second thinks this incredible proposal couldn`t get any better than a choreographed taste of N` Sync -- he also did Boyz II Men, and even one of my favorites, Abba, I`d like people to get a load of this. This is what happens next, when you take this big proposal to an open mall and do a flash mob. Let`s keep it rolling.




HAMMER: Okay. I`m smiling ear to ear watching this. I can`t imagine how Emily is feeling at this point. Justin, you put so much into this as evidenced by this flash mob and everything else we`re seeing in the video. Were you a bit nervous about how Emily was going to react to it all?

JUSTIN BALDONI: Absolutely. I knew she was going to say yes, because we talked about it. I know her really, really well. I knew that, I knew how she would react to the video in general. It was clear I wasn`t taking myself too seriously. I just wanted to make her laugh before I made her cry with bringing her -- I guess I shouldn`t give away the ending as you`re probably going to keep going.

HAMMER: We`re going to keep going. Her emotions have to have been all over the place. There was laughing, crying. There were definite moments of shock and dismay and disbelief. And then there was a moment when she really looked genuinely shocked, even more shocked finding out she was about to watch her own proposal, which was such a great moment, but this drama begins with something right out of Mission Impossible. This blew me away. Let`s watch.


JUSTIN BALDONI: Where`s Emily? You were supposed to e-mail her.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That was not my job.


JUSTIN BALDONI: You didn`t call her in?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: In a world where heroes are hunted and evil forces chase innocent hearts.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: An alarm goes off.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: One man on the run manages to escape. I said he manages to escape.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Driven by his fears into unchartered lands. He searches for a sign.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What are you doing? Do you even know who it is you`re marrying?

JUSTIN BALDONI: I know what she wants.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You should know her really well by now. What she needs and what she likes. What you need is to get to the restaurant now. Oh, and you`re out of gas, so good luck. Do not mess this up for her. Okay.

JUSTIN BALDONI: What are you talking -- no, no. Don`t die on me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Forced to confront his most feared enemy. Himself.

JUSTIN BALDONI: What do you want?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: To help you. First, you`re going to have to give me that briefcase.

JUSTIN BALDONI: No. Everything Emily expects from me is in here. Everything she needs from me is in this briefcase.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Feels a little light, though, doesn`t it? Do you even know what you`ve been holding onto or why? Take a look. Yes, nothing. Justin, the only thing that Emily needs is you at Blue Jim Cafe right now, and maybe this.


HAMMER: Okay. I`ve seen this now five, six times, and that moment just kills me each time. I truly get chills the moment it flashes like that to your life and pictures. Emily, I`ve got to believe in that moment Justin scored enough points to last a lifetime.

EMILY BALDONI: Yes, indeed.


EMILY BALDONI: Each part of this just blew my mind a little bit more. This one gets me too every single time. Just to know that he keeps all these videos and there`s so much love behind it.

HAMMER: Justin, when you saw at that moment where it began sort of this mission impossible sequence, when that started, the look of her disbelief like what did he do? What`s going on here? When you saw that, you have to think I really did okay on this thing.

JUSTIN BALDONI: It was so cool because I was actually outside the restaurant trying to peak in to see her reaction. I couldn`t see her. So it wasn`t until we went back, there -- I had two of my buddies who were taping her with a hidden cameras, the hidden camera was behind plants, so she didn`t know anybody was there watching. I didn`t see her reaction until we got back to the house later. I looked at a footage and I watched her reaction and I was blown away.

HAMMER: As the world now knows, it was a priceless reaction. And Emily, another part that really got me was your amazing reaction to Justin really putting his heart out there for you in this video.


JUSTIN BALDONI: You`ve made me a better man in every area. You`ve made me a better son. You`ve made me a better brother. You`ve made me a better friend.


HAMMER: It`s so amazing. Stay right there. We`re going to reveal Emily`s first reaction in this exclusive SBT special event.


HAMMER: We`re back with this exclusive SBT special event. The most amazing wedding proposal ever. For the first time, Justin and Emily Baldoni coming on TV to watch and react to this incredible 27-minute mini movie masterpiece he created all to propose to Emily in the restaurant where they had their first date. This video went viral and had now been seen millions of tiles. We left this off at this emotional flashback on your lives together, and now I want to watch with you the moment when you`re preparing to finally meet up with Emily face-to-face in the restaurant.

All right, Justin. All the work that went into this incredible video for what has to have been months really came down to this one moment. You said you were waiting outside the restaurant. I need you to get me inside your head. What were you thinking, what was going on, as you were waiting to walk in there as Emily was watching this. You had to be freaking out.

JUSTIN BALDONI: Freaking out. Pure adrenaline. I also wanted to time it right, because I don`t know, we went through all of that, and I just wanted it to be perfect for her. I just kept thinking I want this to be something that she will have forever, and I wanted it to go well. I was hoping the TV wouldn`t accidentally turn off. And there were so many different variables and everything had to go perfectly for it to work. And it did. I was outside praying. I was with my family outside, and we were praying and crying an laughing. I was trying to sneak in and see her. I was just thinking to myself, like I`m about to make the biggest decision of my life. I`m about to propose to the woman of my dreams.

HAMMER: It`s been incredible for you as well to watch how this has taken off and the fact that it`s effected millions of people who have been crying there right along with you. We`re so close to the moment the video is really all about. Justin`s actual proposal to Emily. Millions of people have seen it, they cried with you. Justin telling you how much he loves you, Emily, such a beautiful moment that happened here.


JUSTIN BALDONI: Never been happier. Never been sadder, never been more angry. Life`s never been more beautiful.


HAMMER: Okay. So, Emily, obviously, I need to know what was going through your mind when you knew your life was about to change forever in that moment. This is the crucial secret from this amazing proposal video that everybody`s got to hear.


HAMMER: Welcome back to this exclusive SBT special event. The most amazing wedding proposal ever. All right, Justin, it`s time to show that unforgettable magic moment. This of course is when you proposed. You guys ready to relive that with us?



HAMMER: Let`s roll it out.


JUSTIN BALDONI: I wanted to come here because this is where it all started. You`re the woman that changed my life. I`ve never been happier. Never been sadder. Never been more angry. Life`s never been more beautiful.

You make me a better man. I was thinking about how to do this, and I know the only thing you care about is family. I wanted my family to be here.

Baby, I knew from the moment I met you. I know you didn`t, but you came around. You`ve made me a better man in every area. You`ve made me a better son. Made me a better brother. Made me a better friend.

Emily, will you marry me?

EMILY BALDONI: That is such a stupid question. Yes. Yes.


HAMMER: I smile every time I watch it. Longest buildup ever there, Justin. Emily, I have to believe you couldn`t wait for those words to come out of Justin`s mouth.

EMILY BALDONI: True. I was so happy to finally be there with him, with all of them. Because I`d been alone that whole time, knowing he was going to propose, and I had nobody to celebrate with. So it was pure joy when we got to that point. My heart was racing. And I was just speechless.

HAMMER: And seeing the whole family together was so cool for everybody who is seeing this thing. Justin, I think the question that a lot of people must have been wondering as they watched this entire thing play out is if you had any worries at all that she might have said no?

JUSTIN BALDONI: That`s what`s so interesting about it. So Emily and I are both Baha`is. And in the Baha`i faith, you have to get consent from both parents in the interest of unity, because the whole purpose of the faith is to create unity. We had talked about getting consent from our parents beforehand. I kind of postponed it. So I already knew she wanted to marry me, and I already knew that she was going to say yes. But it kind of set up this whole thing, because we were going to write letters to her mom and my parents, and of course her father had passed away. So it was like the perfect setup. So, yes, I knew she was going to say yes. But of course, I was nervous that something would go wrong in the process, but yes.

HAMMER: It was good you were able to take the edge off by having that consent in advance. So now you guys are Mr. and Mrs. Baldoni. When did you get married?

JUSTIN BALDONI: We got married three months ago. In a couple of days, it will be three months.

HAMMER: Spectacular. And was this video playing in the lobby of the reception or something as people were walking in?

EMILY BALDONI: No, it didn`t. But we did have it on our wedding website for people to see.

JUSTIN BALDONI: We had it on our wedding website for a while, and it was funny, it was password protected because we kind of went back and forth even about releasing it. But our friends sent it to all of their friends and gave everybody the password. So before we knew it, it was spreading all over. So our wedding website was passed along even to friends who weren`t even able to come to our wedding.

HAMMER: I got to say, I think the world is very happy that this thing did get out there and went viral. It was so great sitting here with you and watching it together, watching your reaction all this time later. Emily and Justin, congratulations again. All the best to you in the coming years.

JUSTIN BALDONI: Thank you guys so much.

EMILY BALDONI: Thank you so much.

JUSTIN BALDONI: We appreciate it.

HAMMER: Thank you, it`s been great fun. Thank you for watching this exclusive SBT special event.

I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. You can catch SBT every Monday through Thursday at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific. HLN continues right now.