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Music Video Shot in Cancer Ward Goes Viral; Joe Jonas Denies Drug Rumors; Which Talk Show Host Did Halloween Best?; D.C. School Recreates `Thriller` Video; SBT Game Show Madness: "The Price is Right"; Interview with Lindsey Gort; Kim Kardashian`s Pregnancy Health Condition, Bethenny Frankel and Omarosa Manigault Fight on Air

Aired October 31, 2013 - 23:00:00   ET


NISCHELLE TURNER, HOST: Tonight, on the Top Ten Countdown, an SBT exclusive. Nurses and kids at a cancer ward belt out the Sara Bareilles hit "Brave," and it becomes a heart-tugging viral hit.




TURNER: We have the extraordinary nurses right here, and we have a huge surprise for them tonight.

Plus, "Game Show Madness" week continues.


ANNOUNCER: A.J. Hammer from SHOWBIZ TONIGHT come on down to "The Price is Right."


TURNER: It`s "Game Show Madness" on SBT. A.J. Hammer fulfills his dream to take center stage on "The Price is Right." It`s a must-see SBT event, and it starts right now.

Hello there, everybody. I`m Nischelle Turner with my good friend, Natasha Curry in Atlanta tonight.


TURNER: A.J. is on assignment tonight.

We are kicking off our "Top Ten Countdown" of today`s must-see, must- share stories with an SBT exclusive.

CURRY: Yes, we are. Get ready for a huge surprise as we bring you something brave, and very brave at that.




TURNER: That music video cover of Sara Bareilles` smash hit "Brave" was created by two nurses at the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children`s Hospital, where they keep up the spirits of the kids there.

Now, as of this afternoon, it had been seen almost 900,000 times on YouTube. And guess what? Those nurses are here with us tonight from the hospital.

Welcome, ladies. Natalie Snyder, Brittany Bloemke, as well as Sarah Ewald, who`s one of the 20 current and former patients that are seen in the video.

Now, guys, I have watched this video over and over again, and every time I just want to pump my fists and cheer. How did you think of this? Natalie, I want to ask you first.

NATALIE SNYDER, NURSE: Thank you. We created this video just to seriously show the world how amazing our kids are here. So we are absolutely thrilled at the attention that it`s gotten.


SNYDER: It simply started as something fun to do for them. And so this is -- this is great for us.

TURNER: We`re watching a little bit of this right now.

Brittany, what about you? What do you think? Why did you guys decide to do this?

BRITTANY BLOEMKE, NURSE: I mean, like Natalie said, we just wanted to do that and have something fun for our patients. And they teach us so much about life. They inspire us to be brave ourselves. And we just wanted them to know that we`re proud of them and we stand behind them. And it -- it turned out to be something bigger than what we ever thought it could be.

TURNER: You know, it`s one of those things, you watch it and you really do run the gamut of emotions. You laugh, you cry, you cheer, you have tears, all of them.

Sarah, you are battling cancer for now the second time. We see you in the video. You remove your wig. You dance. It`s just pure joy. Can we watch -- let`s watch a little bit of that.




TURNER: Such a great moment. Now Sarah, you see really inspired about the Sara Bareilles song. So if you could talk to her about why she made this song, what would you say to her if you could talk to her?

SARAH EWALD, PATIENT: I mean, just it is a really inspiring song for many different reasons. And I mean, it can be inspiring to anyone, no matter what you`re going through.

TURNER: Sarah -- Sarah, hold on. Hold on one second. Can you hold on one second for me? Hold on one second. Because you know what? You don`t have to tell me what you`d say to Sara Bareilles, because guess who`s with us tonight, guys?

Sara Bareilles, can you see her? I love it. Say hello, everybody.


SNYDER: Hi, Sara.

TURNER: Oh, gosh. I love this. I love seeing the joy.

Now, Sarah, I want to ask you, because you were just telling me what you would say to Sara Bareilles. So if you can compose yourself a little bit, why don`t you continue and tell Sara Bareilles what you would say about what this song means to you?

EWALD: It means a lot to all of us. It kind of, like, gets some positive energy, which helps a lot through everything.

TURNER: So Sara, Sara Bareilles -- We`ve got two Sarahs here, so I`m going to delineate who I`m talking to. Sara Bareilles, what do you have to say to these ladies about what they did with your song and making this video?

BAREILLES: You know, I was sent this video by a friend of a friend who lives in Minnesota. And -- and I watched it late night, and immediately, my eyes watered.

And it`s moments like this that remind me of the importance of music, and I can`t think of a more perfect sort of incarnation of this song. I know my writing partner, Jack, is over the moon about it, as well. And it`s exactly the kind of thing that gives the life to this song that we were hoping for.

And I`ve sent it to everybody I know. I tweeted it out. It`s so much fun to see. People keep sending it back to me, saying, "Have you seen this video? It`s incredible."

And I know the video -- That`s a lot work, too. So you guys, it`s just so inspiring. It`s something I`m going to keep with me, near and dear to my heart forever and ever. So thank you for the gift of that.

TURNER: That gave me goosebumps, guys. Natalie and Brittany, what do you guys have to say to Sara Bareilles?

SNYDER: Thank you so much. Like, this means the world to these kids, that you recognize this video and that you stood behind the mission of our video and what it meant; and that you stand behind how great our kids are. I really think you`re amazing.

BLOEMKE: Your song is just so great. I think being brave is so important in all aspects. I know that wasn`t your initial attention, to have a children`s hospital create a video of that, but we just couldn`t help but think it was so perfect to describe our kids. And it`s just amazing, so we thank you for your beautiful talent.

TURNER: Now ladies, I know you guys are surprised. Are you surprised, first of all? I know you`re very surprised.




TURNER: So why don`t we all, since we`re all here together, and I know we`ve all seen the video, but let`s watch a little bit more, because I want to give the folks at home a little better understanding of just how great this video is. Let`s watch a little bit.




TURNER: All right, guys. I`m the interviewer here, but I`m getting misty, and I`ve got goose bumps and it`s just really affecting me. Sarah Ewald, tell me what this means to you, you know, participating in this video. Because you`re going through this yourself. You`re going through cancer for the second time. What does this mean to you?

EWALD: Well, I guess when you`re diagnosed with something like this, no one knows what you`re going through, and no one can relate. And you come to a place like this, and suddenly you have all these people here, supporting you and knowing what you`re going through. And they`re all here supporting you, and it just kind of turns into one big family. And I mean, they all helped to make it the best experience that we can and help to put a smile on your face when you don`t want to smile.

TURNER: Well, you look beautiful. How are you doing right now?

EWALD: Good, yes. I actually finished treatment three months ago exactly. So I have scans next week. Yes.

TURNER: Well, young lady, you are brave. Congratulations to you.

Sara Bareilles, do you have a final word to these guys before we let everybody go?

BAREILLES: I`m choked up again. I just want to say thank you. I mean, you guys have no idea how this little act of yours that was, you know, something that was really made for a community that you`re a part of is just going to impact the world in just massive, massive ways. So thank you for, you know, being -- being heartfelt there and being so courageous and so brave and sharing your story. It means the world to us.

And I feel so humbled that I got to be a little part of this. And I send you guys all the love in the world. I wish you the best. And yes, thank you. I hope the next time that I`m in the area I`m going to come by and say hi for real.


TURNER: I love that.

SNYDER: You have a second home here at Amplatz.

TURNER: Well, guys, it is Halloween. And I loved playing Glinda the Good Witch and spreading a little cheer. That`s who I`m going to be dressed up like now for Halloween. So thank you, Natalie Snyder, Brittany Bloemke.

Thank you very much, Sarah Ewald. Our best wishes to you.

And Sara Bareilles, thank you for making the song "Brave." We really appreciate it.

BAREILLES: Thank you.

SNYDER: Thank you for having us. Thank you, Sara.

TURNER: Thanks so much, guys. Thanks so much, guys.

All right. So now that we have made you feel real good, here we go. Daytime throw-down. Omarosa calls out talk show host Bethenny Frankel on her career, calling her mediocre.


BETHENNY FRANKEL, TALK SHOW HOST: I don`t think you have a brand. I don`t think you have anything to show.

OMAROSA MANIGAULT, REALITY TV STAR: You made cupcakes. I worked in the White House. Get a grip.


TURNER: Two of the sharpest tongues on TV going toe to toe. But was Omarosa out of bounds?

Plus, I cannot wait to show you this. It`s SBT`s A.J. Hammer and his big debut as a guest model on "The Price is Right." It`s his all-time favorite show.


HAMMER: I can`t begin to tell you what a blast I had.

DREW CAREY, HOST, "THE PRICE IS RIGHT": Good. Nice having you.

HAMMER: For me, it was this pure joy. The smile you saw on my face, I`m not putting out a smile because I just smile really big. It`s how you feel when you`re on the stage in this room.


TURNER: It`s "Game Show Madness" on SBT. We`re on set, behind the scenes and so much more.

But what will be No. 1?

This is SBT on HLN.


TURNER: The "Top Ten Countdown" is moving right along now with the Jonas Brothers. At No. 9, Joe`s drug rumors.

Right after the brothers canceled their tour, reports popped up that middle brother Joe had an addiction problem. But now Joe is speaking out for the first time. He just told that the reports are ridiculous. He says he`s never even used drugs and revealed what hurts most are claims that his girlfriend was supplying and taking drugs with him.

CURRY: People will talk about anything.

Well, that takes us to No. 8 on our "Top Ten Countdown": Halloween daytime madness. Daytime TV, the biggest hosts pulled out all the stops today and celebrated Halloween in spectacular -- should I call it maybe jaw-dropping -- fashion.

Case in point here. Matt Lauer as a beach-ready Pamela Anderson. Take it off, honey.


MATT LAUER, CO-HOST, NBC`S "THE TODAY SHOW": Is someone drowning? I brought my cans.



CURRY: The tucking, the pushing up. I don`t know how he did it. But he included the slow motion run and a little bounce there to show off his assets.

Entertainment journalist Kelley Carter with us tonight. So Kelley, who knew Matt Lauer had that going on all up in there? But you should have heard the reaction in the SBT news room today when everyone saw Matt as Pamela Anderson. There was a collective cry of "This is so wrong." Kelley, did you feel the same?

KELLEY CARTER, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: I was like, wow, who`s the bravest guy on television? Matt Lauer, clearly. Because it takes a lot of gumption to come out as Pam Anderson as a woman but especially as a man. I mean, you`ve got to give him props for doing that, right?

TURNER: Yes. Had to be a whole lot of duct tape going on in that suit.

So I`m sure you were just waiting, too, to see I mean, how many people dressed up as, you know, other characters like Miley Cyrus today. But Kelly Ripa, she just went to a whole new level, the co-host of "Live with Kelly and Michael." Naked on the wrecking ball. Look.




CURRY: She licked that chain so much I can almost taste the pizza, too. Who knew that this momma of three was hiding those abs of steel. But I think the best part was all the people who got on that ball after her, after it was all, you know. Sticky, nasty. Anyway, do you think Kelly Ripa, did she make a wreck of herself? I thought that she was funny.

CARTER: No, she was fantastic. And let`s point out the fact that Kelly Ripa is over 20 years older than Miley Cyrus and looked pretty darn good doing Miley Cyrus. I`m just saying.

CURRY: Tell me about it.

And take a look here, too, at this costume. The new queen of talk, Queen Latifah, channeling be big O. Look.


QUEEN LATIFAH, TALK SHOW HOST: There`s a treat for you under each of your seats. Seriously. I want everybody to look under their seats. There should be a little box under there. Don`t open it. One, two, three, open your boxes.


CURRY: OK. So you`ve seen our top three. You have Kelly Ripa, Matt Lauer, Queen Latifah. Kelley, who pulled it off the best?

CARTER: I`m going to go ahead and give it to Kelly Ripa, just because I think that Miley Cyrus is going to be a really big Halloween costume this year, and Kelly is going to be difficult to beat, I think.

CURRY: Yes. I mean, Kelley Carter, thank you so much. You make a great point. She was hilarious, though. I mean, she took funny to a whole new level at that.

Nischelle, what did you think?

TURNER: You know what? I vote for Kelly Ripa, too, because of the production value of her on that wrecking ball and all the mess that it went through.

But Natasha, I think you might have actually had the best costume this morning. I loved it. I loved how you dressed up on HLN`s "MORNING EXPRESS." But come on, really? Willie from "Duck Dynasty"?

CURRY: I had to go there. I kind of had the same where, you know, hairy big man and, you know, little suit -- yes.


CURRY: You like this? What do you think?


TURNER: Listen, I will take your beard over Matt Lauer`s legs any day of the week, my dear.

CURRY: I still want to raise the American...

TURNER: I thought it was great.

CURRY: Thank you, doll.

TURNER: I thought it was great. Thank you very much, lady.

Now, I know another popular costume is Kim Kardashian. I`m sure that she would be flattered by that. But I can tell you, Kim was not pleased by all of the jokes about her weight when she was pregnant.


KIM KARDASHIAN, REALITY TV STAR: It really did affect me. For me to act like it didn`t, I was really -- like, it really hurt my soul. Like, it changed how I am, I think, in the public a little bit.


TURNER: Kim Kardashian reveals how her baby weight haters changed her life forever.

Plus, SBT`s A.J. Hammer ditches his day job, for a minute, to live out a dream.


ANNOUNCER: A.J. Hammer from SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, come on down to "The Price is Right"?

TURNER: It`s "Game Show Madness" on SBT. Wait till you see A.J. having a blast on the set and getting behind-the-scene secrets. Which hot Hollywood story will be No. 1?

This is SBT on HLN.


TURNER: It`s Halloween so you know we have to give a shout out to the greatest video of all time. Right? Michael Jackson`s "Thriller."

Our "Top Ten Countdown" continues now with No. 7, "Thriller" flash mob. Look at those little tiny zombies taking over the streets of Washington, D.C.

Now the little-faced monsters that you see right there are actually students from Savoy Elementary School in D.C. Look at them go.




CURRY: Moving on now to another kind of thrill, caught on film. At No. 6 on the countdown, it`s your SBT first look at the 12-12-12 documentary. The 12-12-12 concert to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy became one of the biggest concerts ever. Now on the anniversary of the devastating storm, we learn how the show -- that included the Rolling Stones, Kanye West, and Paul McCartney -- was really pulled off.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hello, ladies and gentlemen.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (singing): The terror of the hurricane, the unforgiving wind and rain, Sandy screw ya. We`ll get through ya.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome.

Kanye west.

The Rolling Stones.

BILLY CRYSTAL, COMEDIAN: There`s actually somebody older man me performing tonight. That means a lot to me.

MICK JAGGER, MUSICIAN: This is going to be the largest collection of old English musicians that`s ever assembled.

(singing): I was born in a crossfire hurricane.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And tonight with these guys, it`s like harnessing chaos.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s time to get money for those people affected.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When you think about it, it`s not easy for a lot of people to ask for help.

JAMES GANDOLFINI, ACTOR: We have phone banks standing by, waiting for you to call.

TONY DANZA, ACTOR: You know what the motto of America is? From many, one. As my father used to say, you know, we`re all in this together.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Tony Danza is yelling. He still thinks he`s the boss.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The one thing about New York that`s amazing is the indomitable spirit.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The day after it happened everybody got together and got right to work.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s going be fun. It`s going be historic.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I want to thank the firefighters.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m extremely proud of these guys.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The city is a symbol.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: From Red Hook all the way to southern New Jersey.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No matter where we`re from, we have a chance at a dream.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`re a family.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Everybody came together, and that`s what made the difference.

CHRIS ROCK, COMEDIAN: We have raised so much money tonight we fixed everything. Jersey, Staten Island. It`s all like Beverly Hills right now.


CURRY: So much love and support pouring out there. Our hearts really go out to all of you if you are still struggling right now, a year later. "12/12/12" opens in New York and Los Angeles November 14 -- Nischelle.

TURNER: I cannot wait to see it.

Women of the world rejoice. George Clooney is still single. Good news. Tonight, gorgeous George puts the dating rumors to rest for now.

Plus, it`s "Game Show Madness" on SBT. And I`ve been waiting all week for this. A.J. Hammer, a huge fan of "The Price is Right," experiences a dream come true. A.J. is a model and so much more on the show. He`s showing us all around the iconic "Price is Right" set.

But will A.J. top the "SHOWBIZ Countdown"?

This is SBT on HLN.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A.J. Hammer from SHOWBIZ TONIGHT come on down to "The Price is Right."


TURNER: Right now the "Top Ten Countdown." It`s SBT`s "Game Show Madness" on the set of "The Price is Right." A.J. Hammer just filled his - - fulfilled his childhood dream of coming on down on the classic game show. You`ve got to see him living out his fantasy come true.

But will A.J.`s amazing "Price is Right" victory visit beat the stunning showdown between Bethenny Frankel and Omarosa Manigault?


FRANKEL: I don`t think you have a brand. I don`t think you have anything to show.

MANIGAULT: You made cupcakes. I worked in the White House. Get a grip.


TURNER: Omarosa`s cringing - fight with Bethenny on her own show, in front of a live audience. All jaw-droppingly real. "SBT" continues right now.

Welcome back, everybody. I`m Nischelle Turner with Natasha Curry. A.J. Hammer is on assignment tonight.

CURRY: But, girl, that assignment takes us to number five on our top ten countdown. And it`s what you were just talking about a little bit earlier. A.J. on "The Price is Right." We`re both so excited to see him on this.

TURNER: I know.

CURRY: It`s game show madness week here on SBT. And tonight we`re seeing A.J. live a lifelong dream to be on the price is right. Though, A.J., show us what you got.

A.J.HAMMER, CNN HOST: I can`t lie. I`ve just had so much fun visiting all the shows that were part of game show madness this week on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." How lucky am I? But for me, this was really the cherry on top. I got to visit the set of "The Price Is Right" and be a part of the show as you see here. This is a show that I`ve watched pretty much my entire life and I can say without exaggeration this was a dream come true.


ANNOUNCER: "On the Price" is right.

HAMMER: It is the show that started my love affair with TV. "The Price is Right." And the date came when I got to live a lifelong dream.

DREW CAREY, "THE PRICE IS RIGHT" HOST: A.J. Hammer from "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." Come on down to the "Price is Right."

HAMMER (voice over): Oh, to hear those words. Unbelievable. I got to spend the day at "The Price is Right" as a guest model. But would I be as poised as their everyday models?

ANNOUNCER: And thanks for coming.

HAMMER: It is clear from the moment I arrive at "The Price Is Right" set, I`ve got an awful lot of work to do to get into modelling shape.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Like all moves?

HAMMER (on camera): I like it. I`m.




HAMMER (voice over): Yep! A lot of work to do. My dream temp job at the "Price is Right" begins with a chat with Adam Sandler.

ADAM SANDLER, ACTOR: The price is wrong, bitch.

HAMMER: Oh, no. Not the Adam Sandler who got beaten up by the show`s original host Bob Barker in "Happy Gilmore." I`m talking about the Adam Sandler who happened to be the director of the "Price Is Right."

ADAM SANDLER: It`s going to be you here with this laptop computer.

HAMMER: Adam tells me the finer points of modelling prizes.

(on camera): Do you play to the camera or do you play to the - more to the audience?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: 95 percent of the time playing to camera.

HAMMER (voice over): As the day goes on there`s a lot to remember.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And let me tell you`re blocking.

HAMMER: A lot of choreography.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You know what, get to this corner right there.

HAMMER: A lot of rehearsing.

(on camera): I hope you`ll welcome me aboard.

(voice over): And a lot of walking and talking and posing. Yes, the models on the "Price Is Right," make it look so easy, but trust me, it ain`t.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Stay on your side because we`re trying to shoot that stuff.

HAMMER: Oops. I got to remember not to block the merchandise. Rookie mistake. After a quick run through makeup, another reminder.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Just do not step in front of the prizes.

HAMMER: And our find wardrobe consultation, I`m ready "For My Price Is Right" debut. And the whole time I just can`t believe how lucky I am.

(on camera): It`s one of those full circle moments in life from the moment I was nine wanting to be Bob Barker.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s right to actually - did you ever pretend with the microphone?

HAMMER: I took an antenna from a walkie-talkie .


HAMMER: Popped it out radio, put a Ping-Pong ball on the top and colored it balck so it looked like Bob`s mic - and I would walk around .


HAMMER (voice over): But enough nostalgia. It`s show time. Before I know it "The Price Is Right" host Drew Carry is starting the show. Hope I remember not to block the merchandise.

DREW CAREY, "THE PRICE IS RIGHT" HOST: Let`s kick it up with the first prize on the price is right!

HAMMER: Drew starts things up with the new computer!


HAMMER: Offering ultrafast performance, this 13 inch Mac book Era comes at 129 gigabytes of flash storage.


CAREY: Everybody, say hello to our special guest. It`s A.J. Hammer from "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN. Welcome to the show.

HAMMER (on camera): I`m so excited for all these people to win lots and lots of stuff today.


HAMMER: Who are all the way from New York City just to be here?


CAREY: Thanks for coming out, buddy. Nice to have you here. All the way from "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" New York City.

HAMMER (voice over): That went well. And I didn`t block the computer. Fortunately, it will be very hard for me to block the next prize I give away.

(On camera): Brand new car!


HAMMER (on camera): It`s the 2014 Ford Focus SE, this time hatchback comes with a 2.0 liter engine, remote keyless entry, cruise control plus six speed automatic transmission. And rear carpet floor mat. It`s the Ford Focus.

CAREY: Thanks, A.J. I think A.J. Hammer was a car modeler before he was a host of a show.

HAMMER: Exactly. That was me.

(voice over): Did you hear that? Drew said I look like a pro. Spoiler alert. I also make an appearance in the showcase.

(on camera): And during a commercial break I got to live out another fantasy.


HAMMER (voice over): I spin the wheel.

Oh, well. Still I`m very happy to say my "Price is Right" prize modelling debut was successful.

GEORGE GRAY, ANNOUNCER: He was a pro. He was an absolute pro.

HAMMER: I get high fives from announcer George Gray.

GRAY: You stuck it. You stuck the landing. You nailed it.

HAMMER: And Drew Carey gives me a good review as well.

(on camera): I can`t begin to tell you what a blast I had.

CAREY: Oh, good, nice having you.

HAMMER: But really for me, it was this pure joy, it`s the smileys on my face. I`m not putting on a smile because they said smile really big. It`s how you feel when you`re on this stage and in this room.

CAREY: Yeah, everybody is in a good mood here. That`s why I try to tell people, you have to really come here to feel it. But everybody is in a good mood. The audience, the staff. The people backstage. Like there`s nobody really like grumpy walking around. It`s really a joyous, happy place to work.

HAMMER: I can totally tell watching you out here working, and even behind the scenes when the cameras weren`t rolling, you are truly having a great time. You`re not putting on a show.

CAREY: Oh, no, I`m having the time of my life. The time of my life. It`s fantastic. And, you know, I watch you on your show. You look like you`re having the soul sucked out of you.


HAMMER (voice over): That`s not true! He didn`t mean that!

(on camera): Thank you for making me a part of this, really. It was an honor and a pleasure. Please invite me back. But really .

CAREY: I will. Thanks. Thanks, everybody.

HAMMER (voice over): And as I leave, the one thing from the whole day that keeps ringing in my ears even now. The worlds I thought I`d never hear, but did.

CAREY: A.J. Hammer from "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT," come on down to "The Price Is Right."


CURRY: Oh, A.J., I just love the look on your face. You`re like a kid in the candy shop. But you spun the wheel. Loving every minute of this assignment.

HAMMER: And besides, do you see the smile on my face here? I mean that was as real as it gets. Not because I was giving away a computer, but because I was having that much fun. I do have to thank everybody at "The Price Is Right" for inviting me out there, to begin with. It was just a dream getting that phone call from them asking me to be on the show. But they took such good care of me. Drew Carey was the host, everybody there made me feel so much at home. So, thank you to everyone at the "Price Is Right." It was just a blast and as I said before, "A Dream Come True."

CURRY: Yes, you take home the prize of an amazing memory. That`s for sure. It was fun to watching this show. He got his dream! I love it!

TURNER: I`ve never seen that guy smile that big in my life. I`m getting you not full disclosure. My dream is "Family Feud." So, if you can get some people together, I say we do it.

CURRY : I love it.

TURNER: The CNN`s family.


TURNER: All right. All right. So, the countdown here is about to get seriously revealing. Get ready for Kim Kardashian shocking pregnancy confession!


KIM KARDASHIAN: It really did affect me for me to ask like it didn`t. I was really - like it really hurt my soul. Like it changed how I am, I think, in the public a little bit.


TURNER: OK. Yes, so she lives for the headlines. We know that. But even the queen of reality TV has her limits. Now she`s finally telling all about how tough it was to be bashed for her baby weight. Plus, meet the young Samantha before "Sex in the City."


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t do long stories or sob stories.

In that case, you won`t want to hear mine. Would you mind if I go in and use this phone?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Sure. Have a drink while you`re at it.


TURNER: Oh, yeah, that`s the amazing young actress who plays Samantha on the hot new hit, "The Carrie Diaries." Lindsey Gort right here tonight to reveal the secrets of really, really high hills of Samantha Jones. Will Lindsey`s wild secrets be number on tonight`s countdown? This is "SBT" on HLN.


CURRY: Welcome back. To our top ten countdown, and now at number four. Romance. What romance? Actor George Clooney just issued a big fat denial about reports linking him to three different women over the past few weeks. So, here are what the reports are saying about George`s dating life. First, rumors started flying that Clooney was seeing a Croatian model. Then he was linked to Tom Cruise`s ex-wife Katie Holmes and some who were in there, Clooney was also supposed to be dating a high powered London lawyer. Well, Hollywood`s most (inaudible) bachelor just set the record straight telling people of magazine this. "Three different stories in three weeks. I should be an athlete. But, no, of course, it`s all made up."

So, Nischelle, there you have it. Sounds like George is still available. I`m just glad he`s getting a brunette in there somewhere!

TURNER: Yeah, but that`s a good news, because I`m still available too, Natasha. So, thanks for - I hope to meet George. All right, we`ve got just three more to go on our top ten countdown. The big reveal of number one is coming up in just a moment. But first, number three, sex and Samantha. The hot TW series "The Carrie Diaries" every Friday night is turning the clock back on "Sex and the City." Now, fans are getting their first glimpse at the young and feisty Samantha Jones when she and Carrie Bradshaw first met.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I didn`t want to have to do this, but if you don`t let me in, I`m going to have to tell Sam you were rude to me.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, really? Sam who?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Sam Jones. So either get out of my way or he`s going to hear all about that .

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, I understand. And Sam heard everything because I`m Sam Jones. And P.S., I prefer Samantha.


TURNER: So, that`s how they met. I love it! Lindsey Gort plays the younger Samantha Jones, and she is here with us tonight. Great to see you. We`ve been chatting it up already. Now, listen. You know that I`m a "Sex in the City" fan.


TURNER: And we all know how hot Kim Cattrall was when she played Samantha in "Sex and the City." So, do you feel pressure now that you`re playing the younger version of her to match that smoking hotness of hers?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, I wake up every day and go to the gym.


TURNER: You`re doing good because you look good.


Yeah, I mean, you know, there`s certainly a pressure to fit into little teeny tiny outfits. You know, but no, I think if I obsess about it too much I`ll go crazy. Because I`m a huge fan. And I don`t want to, you know, do wrong by the part. You know, so, I just sort of go with it. And they haven`t fired me yet.


TURNER: And you`re still here. I love it. Let`s take a look at the old Samantha and the new Samantha in action. OK? Let`s look together.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How often do you guys .



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, I can`t color enough. I could color all day, every day, if I had my way. I would use every crayon in my box.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We get it. You love to color.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When you own things, you can be owned.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And those things can be stolen. I just can`t believe my purse is gone.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We all lose things, purses, shoes, a house. Stuff comes. Stuff goes. Who cares? I was wearing underwear today when I got to the bar? Now I`m not.


TURNER: I love it. We`ve got some hints from Samantha right there. She`s so edgy in body and fabulous, all rolled up into one. It`s got to be as for actress so much fun to play character like that because you just get to go there.

LINDSEY GORT, "THE CARRIE DIARIES": Yeah. It is, you know. I - it definitely felt like I had little bits and pieces of the Samantha persona in me. But, you know, it`s pretty awesome to be able - I say it`s so good for your self-esteem, because, you know, everyone has imperfections, but to be able to show up onset and just let it all hang out in your pasties and be looked at like a sexual object. You know, you just sort of accept your imperfections. And you know, you don`t think about it too much.

TURNER: We saw every inch of Kim Cattrall in "Sex and the City."

GORT: Yes, you did.

TURNER: How far do you go?

GORT: Well, it`s not how - I go pretty far.


GORT: I mean I`m still wearing, like they cut those pieces down to as small as they can. You know, you don`t see it on the TW, but I certainly feel very nude.


GORT: I don`t know. I mean I can`t imagine how she did it.

TURNER: So did you talk to her at all about this?

GORT: Just through Twitter.


GORT: I mean the beauties of social media! Yeah, when my name got announced she tweeted about me saying congratulations. And then I tweeted back saying something, she tweeted back saying, you know, the key to playing her is her heart. She never judges those she loves. And sometimes she also said to me, you know, that it can feel like a responsibility to play such a big persona, but you just remember it`s just a girl. You know, it`s just - it`s not a characterization.

TURNER: I love that.

GORT: It`s not a - you know, it`s just a person.

TURNER: Just a girl.

GORT: Yeah.

TURNER: I love it.

GORT: Just the girl.

TURNER: I love it. Twitter friends are the best friends.

GORT: I know.

TURNER: Lindsey Gort, thank you so much.

GORT: Thank you.

TURNER: We appreciate you being here today. You can catch Lindsey on the "Carrie Diaries" Friday nights on the CW network.

Now, it is about that time. The number one must see - must share story in our top ten countdown just moments away. But what will be number one? This is "SBT" on HLN.


CURRRY: All right. Now, to number two on our countdown. It is the ultimate reality TV diva battle. In one corner you have reality TV star turned talk show host Bethenny Frankel. In the other former apprentice star Omarosa MANIGAULT. And this cringe war to cat fight went down in front of a live audience. Keep in mind here, Omarosa was a guest on Bethenny`s show. And when she appeared to call Bethenny mediocre citing white privilege, boy was it on. Entertainment journalist Kelley Carter Best with us again. So, Kelley, the gloves came off. The fur was flying. Let`s watch and then chat on the other side. Look.


OMAROSA MANIGAULT: It`s different for you and I. I`m an African- American woman you get to walk around and be mediocre and you still get rewarded with things.


MANIGAULT: We have to be exceptional to get anything in this business. I wasn`t calling her mediocre.

BETHENNY FRANKEL: So, I don`t think that you have a brand. I think that you are infamous. That`s what I really think. I`m on the show because I want to give a point of view and let you give your point of view. I don`t think you have a brand. I don`t think - I mean you made cupcakes. I worked in the White House. Get a grip.

What`s your brand?

MANIGAULT: I have an accomplished career.

FRANKEL: What is it?

MANIGAULT: Hear me out. You can`t talk over me. We have a chance to turn this thing around.

FRANKEL: No, we don`t.


CURRY: Wow, Kelley. Omarosa just dug the claws in and went in for the kill. But do you think she was out of line here?

CARTER: You know what, I`m going to be honest - Bethenny is a very smart woman. You book Omarosa on your show for one reason, and one reason only. And that`s so that people like us will be talking about it. I mean you know what you`re going to get with Omarosa, she is going to go hard. And as they say here in Atlanta, that was the read, honey.


CARTER: That was a read from Omarosa to Bethenny. You know, whether you hate it, it went viral and everybody is talking about it today. Everybody is.

CURRY: Omarosa has admitted in interviews before that she knows how to view - to push buttons for reality TV. So, maybe that`s what she was doing on this show, Kelley.

CARTER: Absolutely.

CURRY: Yeah, OK. And now, let`s get to our big reveal of number one on our top ten countdown. Kim Kardashian fessing up and fighting back and revealing why maybe she looked like she gained a little extra cushion when she was pregnant. Now, Kim revealed to Jay Leno that she had the pregnancy related condition, preeclampsia, which made her swell. And it really hurt her that the tabloids was making fun of her. I say they`re punks. Watch this.


KARDASHIAN: It really hurt my soul. I get changed how I am, I think, in the public a little bit.


KARDASHIAN: I don`t like to - it`s like I would go out and there would just be photos of me and like any time I was hungry or I was wanting to eat something and these stories were I was like, you know, 200 pounds. And, you know, just I was gaining weight because I was pregnant.


CURRY: Kelley, I felt so bad for her. I mean I got up to 200 pounds. It was like she - when I was pregnant. Big whoop, you`re supposed to gain weight. I saw her in person, she looked amazing! What did you think about that?

CARTER: You know, I was going to say, let me go on record by saying I do think that it`s kind of gross that we put so much emphasis on women and their weight especially pregnant women in the business. You`re going to gain weight. I think that is ridiculous. That said, not for nothing but Kim Kardashian looked pretty darn fantastic to me at eight and a half months pregnant. You and I both saw her the same night. In fact, when she was here in Atlanta.

CURRY: Yeah!

CARTER: She looked better than people who are three years away from being pregnant, myself included.

CURRY: Right! You`re so silly.


CURRY: Look at her now in this monokini pic - I mean she says that Kanye, that he told her that, you know, I`m coming home when she tweeted that pic. Look at this.


KARDASHIAN: I was like, Babe, can I post this up? This is my big like middle finger to the world on every one that called me fat.


LENO: Here you go! Here you go!

CURRY: Go take that, haters. So, do you think that was her ultimate revenge then, posting that hot little booty pic?

CARTER: I think that was an awesome move on her, you know. It was a tweet, tweet, photo, heard around the world, or seen around the world.

CURRY: Right.

CARTER: And her maybe laying low, Nischelle, I don`t know about that. Kelley, thank you so much. I wonder if playboy next. Who knows with her?


TURNER: Well, now it is time for a very special safety announcement that you cannot afford to miss.


ANNOUNCER (singing): I got some safety tips that you got to know. And trust me, it`s something that you want to know.


TURNER: Virgin America has just transformed the dreaded preflight safety movie into an entertainment spectacular. I promise, it`s going to have you dancing in aisles as soon as the pilot turns off that darn "Fasten the Seatbelt" light. Please, buckle up for tonight`s moment of awesomeness. This is "SBT" on HLN.


TURNER: Time now for our moment of awesomeness. Now, the last thing you`d ever want to watch, usually, is one of those airline safety videos. You know the one they play before your flight takes off. But you know how boring they are. But tonight that has changed for good. That`s because Virgin America has just turned the dreaded preflight safety video into something better than an episode of glee. I`m not kidding you. This video has got dancing, it`s got singing and somehow in there it`s even got the federally mandated instructions you must obey while you`re flying high. So, buckle up and enjoy.


ANNOUNCER (singing): I got some safety tips that you got to know. And trust me it`s something that you want to hear.

ANNOUNCER (singing): So, zip your lips and enjoy the show before we move into the stratosphere.

ANNOUNCER (singing): Buckle you seat belt and keep your (inaudible) in that chair until we turn off that light.


TURNER: OK. Natasha, it`s got me doing a little shoulder shake.

CURRY: That`s fantastic. Oh, my god. If I had instructions like that for everything, I would pay attention to all of the most boring things in life.

TURNER: Right! And they covered everything. I mean what`s next? Mile high club safety.

CURRY: Here you go.


TURNER: You`re out of control, lady. Thanks, Natasha. And thank you everyone for watching. I`m Nischelle Turner in New York "SBT" Monday through Thursday at 11 P.M. Eastern and Pacific, HLN continues right now.