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Saudi Servant's Beating Draws Criticism; Snowden Starts New Job in Russia; Blockbuster Claims About 2012 Election; Facebook Plans to Track Users' Movements

Aired November 1, 2013 - 06:30   ET


PAMELA BROWN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Police say the other two men on the run are 28-year-old Freddie Henriquez, a suspected gang member and a man who goes by the name Daniel Cruz.

As Carrizales got out of her cruiser, other officers rushed to her aid. Look closely and you can see where the bullet apparently went straight through her cheek. She was rushed to the hospital and is recovering at home with her family.

ANN CARRIZALES, OFFICER SHOT TWICE DURING TRAFFIC STOP: I just want to give myself some time to relax and kind of feel the beauty of life that I was blessed to have.


BROWN: She certainly deserves that. In fact, incredibly, she was well enough to go trick-or-treating with her kids last night.

And meantime, there's a $10,000 reward for each of the wanted men. If you have any information, you're asked to call the Crime Stoppers of Houston -- Kate.

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: Pamela, thank you so much.

Let's go "Around the World" starting in Saudi Arabia where an online video is drawing rare criticism for showing an employer beating his servant.

Mohammed Jamjoom has details.


MOHAMMED JAMJOOM, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: A horrific video that appears to show a Saudi man beating a migrant worker is causing outrage in Saudi Arabia. In the video, you see the victim repeatedly slapped and kicked, even flogged with the belt, all because the abuser believes the worker has spoken to his wife.

Now, I've been in contact with many Saudi officials. They say they taking this matter very seriously, investigating. They hope to capture the abuser and put him on trial. They say they also want to find the worker and help him.

Back to you, Kate. (END VIDEO CLIP)

BOLDUAN: Mohammed, thank you so much.

In Russia, NSA leaker Edward Snowden is starting a new job.

Diana Magnay has details from Moscow.


DIANA MAGNAY, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Kate, Edward Snowden starts a new job, tech support his lawyer says for a major Russian Web site. We don't know which one but there's one that seems most likely, the Russian version of Facebook. It made Snowden a very public job offer a few weeks back. It's the only major site who hasn't denied hiring him and it's recently launched a highly encrypted messaging system to protect user privacy. It sounds like a good fit but this is still guesswork -- Kate.


BOLDUAN: Diana, thank you so much.

And in China, if you've ever had trouble opening a got of beer, you'll feel for these guys, trying to do it with a helicopter.

Monita Rajpal explains.


MONITA RAJPAL, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: China's best helicopter pilots have been showing off some amazing skills in the skies over the country's eastern Shandong Province. You might think it would be easier to open this beer bottle by hands but these teams at the tournament clearly relevant itch a challenge.

Pilots had eight minutes to open five beer bottles perched on poles above the ground without breaking them, the idea being it would test the pilot's skills in handling helicopter maneuvers.

The winner managed to flip the caps off three bottles, no doubt earning himself a well deserved drink.

Kate, back to you.


BOLDUAN: That is impressive. Monita, thank you so much.

CUOMO: Foamed it up, though.

BOLDUAN: True, it probably was not a drinkable beer afterward.

CUOMO: You know what so hard, the helicopters, we're looking into this, you have altitude and then you have pitch, roll and yaw to control on a helicopter all at once. You never think about that. BOLDUAN: And it's a beer bottle.

CUOMO: Right. Man, delicate hand.


Coming up next on NEW DAY, it is a real bombshell, the reported revelations in a new book that Vice President Biden might have been dropped during the re-election campaign. John King will be here to explain in our political gut check, coming up.

CUOMO: Do you ever team like Facebook is watching you? The big brother thing? Guess what, you may be right. It may be the new reality. The company has a proposal that could have you logging off if you don't like people tracking where you go.


CUOMO: Tonight is the night. Macklemore.


CUOMO: That was a good one.

BOLDUAN: I've been waiting for that.

CUOMO: Welcome back to NEW DAY.

Indra Petersons has the forecast for us. It stung a little bit. See a little bug coming out of my nose --


All right. We're definitely looking at that big storm that went across the country. We're still looking for light showers as it exits off the Eastern Seaboard. But ahead of that, light rain in the southeast. Really keep in mind even currently we have severe thunderstorm watches up. That is for Philly right now and just west of D.C., what are we talking about? Winds as high as 70 miles per hour.

That is still in the forecast today. As the system has made its way out of the Midwest and progressed into the region. We're talking about winds as high as 50, 60 miles per hour. High wind watches into the Northeast and all the way through, it looks like, the Carolinas here today.

So, we're going to be talking about winds. Take a look. Gusts 55 for Buffalo, New York City, 36 miles per hour. All this in the forecast and notice the difference here.

Look at all the warm, moist air now that it's made its way up into the northeast. You felt it going out the door this morning, and very quiet on the western side of the country. That's kind of the change. Now, keep in mind you'll enjoy the nice air for a day, because couldn't the them, one, two, three cold fronts will make their way through the area and with that temperatures will drop significantly by the end of the week.

I mean, just take a look at these temperatures, New York City today, 71 degrees. The average for this time of year, should be 59 degrees. By Sunday, you are dropping down for a high of 48 degrees. Same thing, Boston 45. D.C., dropping as your high on Sunday. That means your overnight lows will be in the 20s and 30s -- Kate.

BOLDUAN: Indra, thanks so much for that update.

Time now for the political gut check of the morning.

Was Joe Biden nearly pushed off the 2012 presidential tick net favor of Hillary Clinton? The reported revelation in the new book from the authors of "Game Change".

CNN's chief national correspondent John King is here to break it all down for us.

"Game Change" created waves through Washington. "Double Down" will likely do the very same, John. It was rumored, speculated in the months leading up to the election.

What do you make of this? Biden out, Hillary in and so much more.

JOHN KING, CNN CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Those three cold fronts you spoke of will be moving into the room just before the vice president sits down with his next private lunch with the president, right? As they sit down said, 'really, buddy, you thought about dumping me?'

Remember the reporting at the time, remember when you said things like of course they'll look at this. And you've got to go back at a time when it wasn't a sure bet the president was going to win re-election. We said, of course, they'll look at Hillary Clinton, of course, they'll study this. The campaign said, 'no way, stop talking about this. You idiots in cable station just want something to talk about.'

And, lo and behold, this book shows they did have focus groups and did do polling they were saying they were just studying it. They were never -- you know, sure, they were going to do it, but you can bet the vice president will have a private chat with the president.

You can also say this, Kate, if you look at the president's political standing right now, you can probably bet as Secretary Clinton reads this book, she's probably happy it didn't happen.

BOLDUAN: The timing of the book release, I think is pretty interesting. Do you think it will have any impact? I mean, we still haven't read the full book, it isn't even out.

KING: Well, these things always come up -- these books come out six months, a year, sometimes even more after a campaign. Washington loves reliving and relitigating the last campaign. That's what we do. We talk about what went wrong, who were the big players.

We learn about juicy tidbits like this in his new book. We learn about Christie and his temper at the Romney campaign. That won't matter assuming Governor Christie wins re-election as we expect. Then he starts thinking about 2016.

And so, Washington loves the drama of these books. I think the most scintillating detail is how much detail they went into studying the Joe Biden question. But, you know, Washington will pour through this book. The consultants will all go through it. The president's fundraisers will be insulted because it turns out he couldn't name the top five guys helping him raise the money for re-election as it says in the book.

This is the kind you -- know, Hollywood has the Kardashians, we have campaign books.

BOLDUAN: Exactly. Just as juicy it seems.

I want to ask you about the Chris Christie consideration for vice president. As Brianna put it earlier, the unanswered questions according to this book went on and on and on for the governor.

KING: Yes. We should be careful to not say there are huge questions about Governor Christie in the sense that, according to this book, what they did was they put him on the list, then they said never mind. Late in the process, Governor Romney said let's go back and take a vet of Chris Christie. There were questions about some securities and exchange, questions about personal finances.

What we don't know is were they rushing and couldn't answer those questions or could they not find the answers to those questions? That's something that no doubt, now that the book is out, Governor Christie is going to read it. If there are questions he has to answer going forward to 2016, his team will say, all right, let's get out ahead of this and put things out.

And you can bet, reporters in New Jersey, reporters in Washington now are going to look at what's in the book, try to figure out exactly what those questions were an double down -- to borrow a phrase -- in trying to answer them.

BOLDUAN: They came out -- this all came out late yesterday. How are folks reacting to it? Already getting pushed back from Obama's advisers. How are other people reacting to this?

KING: You know, people in town -- as I said, the vice president's team will study this, reporters and people -- it's the Washington water cooler chatter if you will is enlightened by this.

You know, what you want to do -- you see David Plouffe is the one most forcefully pushing back from the campaign saying it was never seriously considered, dumping Joe Biden. Bill Daley who was the chief of staff at the time who admits forcefully pushing to do the research, say they never got near the trigger point of saying, you know, dump the vice president, bring in Hillary Clinton. But he says, of course, we were going to study these things.

This is the kind of things that fascinates Washington. Again, you always want to look back and study every last detail of the last campaign, sometimes for gossip, sometimes for fun, sometimes for our own version of reality television, and sometimes to learn important lessons as you move on to the next campaign about the people, the personalities and how these things work.

BOLDUAN: Well, it's going to be an interesting read for sure. John, great to see you. Thanks so much.

KING: Good morning. Thank you.

BOLDUAN: Of course.

CUOMO: I like it for the deceptive answers we get, you know? No, no, we never, ever thought that, not the person at the top, nor most of us. Whoa, that's different than no, no, no. That's a little bit of D.C. culture there also.

Let's take a break on NEW DAY: when we come back, there's been a lot of talk about our privacy online and who's snooping, is it right or wrong? Well, Facebook has a new plan they want to do with all their users that may really shock you. We'll tell you what it is.

PEREIRA: And take a look at this little guy. He doesn't have a problem being small. It's our must-see moment. Talk about a tenacious rodent.


PEREIRA: Good music choice again on the part of our producers. Well done.

Welcome back to NEW DAY. You probably heard of Facebook stalking, right? When you hunt down someone's Facebook page, and look at all their photos, their postings. Well the term is taking on new meaning. Facebook plans to track your movements through your mouse. Yes, Facebook could be stalking you. Here with more, Brett Larson, host of Techbytes. Are you worried?

BRETT LARSON, HOST, TECHBYTES: Well, I'm glad Facebook is finally stalking people more than I am. Because that's - I mean, let's get that out there.



PEREIRA: They made this admission themselves.

LARSON: Yes, they did.

PEREIRA: It's not like we had to do digging to find this out. We all have concerns about the privacy on Facebook.

LARSON: Yes, and how it changes every few weeks, and then next thing you know, pictures of you at a party are all over the web.

BOLDUAN: So what are they actually doing?

LARSON: They're actually - they're doing something that's not necessarily new, but is a little creepy when you hear about it. They'll be tracking where your mouse is on the screen. They know what you like, places you've gone, who your friends are, every website you've gone to. Now they add to that mix where your mouse is on the page.

PEREIRA: What net gain is there, though? Because honestly, you could walk away because you had a phone call and the mouse is frozen somewhere you didn't necessarily intend it to be.

CUOMO: The game strategy, Brett, tell me if I'm right on this, they can go to advertisers and say this area of the screen is where these types of people spend most of their time.


LARSON: That's absolutely what they want to do. They say it's going to help us build a better user experience because we'll know where your mouse goes.

PEREIRA: Mouse movements are accidental oftentimes.


LARSON: If you still have a corded mouse your mouse slides by itself.



LARSON: Also for advertisers, they can say people are hovering on your ad but they're not clicking on it. We're going to charge you for that. There's that definite potential.

PEREIRA: Interesting.

LARSON: But also what's interesting about this when we -- if you step back and look at it, if you're freaked out about, Facebook knows everything about me. They have petabytes of information, that's way, way, way, into the amounts of data collection. And it's a lot more than they know what to do with that they're even admitting, but this they at least say we want to know how you're using our site.

PEREIRA: Speaking of user to the site, the CFO, David Ebersman, says they're seeing a decrease in the number of teen daily usage.


PEREIRA: We've known that kids are finding new ways and new sites to use on social media. Is this a sign of things to come for Facebook?

BOLDUAN: --concern them, really.

LARSON: Definitely it is a concern. I think a big reason teens are not using it is some of the -- they have restrictions on their accounts. Also their parents are on it. You don't want to be on a social network when your parents are on it, because not cool anymore. Teenagers like things that are cool. Which is why I think Facebook should launch a separate site for teens. But definitely their numbers are on the decline, especially since they've gone public because now they have to make money off of all of us. We're not just there to enjoy all of this --

BOLDUAN: Do they say what they're trying to do to stop the decline.

LARSON: They have not said what they're going to do to try and stop that other than they're going to make the site easy to use and more interesting. The most people have is I'm just seeing a lot more advertisements and they have less and less to do with anything I'm interested in.

PEREIRA: It's true.

LARSON: Which is always shocking to me when I get an ad from a car company, it's like you know I live in Manhattan. I don't have a car.



CUOMO: They'll either acquire something or if there's like a spin-off version of this that's a faster one, more discreet one.

LARSON: Right.

CUOMO: There's limited duration, that will appeal to the senses of the younger --

LARSON: Like how they picked up Instagram. Well, people want to share photos, let's buy them.

PEREIRA: Brett Larson, appreciate it. I want you to stick around for the must-see moment. How do you feel about rodents?

LARSON: Not very well.

PEREIRA: We want to give you inspiration on the part of a rodent. Come on. Check out this little squeaker. She's got a big ole cracker. She, he, I don't know. Trying to get that cracker over the ledge, she jumps, she falls, she drops it. She jumps, she falls, she drops it. She doesn't give up, people. She tosses it over the edge, and off she goes.


PEREIRA: I feel like they might have had a mouse problem before and might have wanted to track them.

LARSON: Is that a Pop Tart?

PEREIRA: I don' think it is. CUOMO: It's a small mouse.

PEREIRA: It's a small mouse, smaller cracker.

CUOMO: I'm thinking it's a Keebler house cracker. What do they call those?

PEREIRA: Great inspiration for us today, don't give up. Keep after that cracker.

BOLDUAN: Anyone still creeping you out though -- it's still creepy.

LARSON: If it ran across the floor I'd have a different opinion, even if it had the cracker. I'm like I don't want it now.

PEREIRA: Keep it, keep it, keep the cracker!

CUOMO: Mouse in the house, never good.

We'll give you a break. Check around the house, make sure everything is okay and come back. We have a provocative question for you. Was President Obama close to dumping the VP? Was he close to dumping Joe Biden in favor of Hillary? There's a book that says they were looking into that. Major news? Could it impact the next three years? We'll go through it.

BOLDUAN: Also, we're staying on top of this story, a Georgia family finally gets the investigation they have been asking for and demanding nearly ten months after their son's mysterious death in a high school gym. The latest on this case ahead.



JIMMY FALLON, COMEDIAN: The FAA announced today that airline passengers can start using cell phones and iPads during takeoff and landing. In related news, everyone was already doing that. But thank you for your permission.

JIMMY KIMMEL, COMEDIAN: Why weren't they checking to make sure we did, which I never did turn it off. I'll see how far I can take it. Next time I fly I'm going to bring an air hockey table with me.


PEREIRA: Very pretty snow white.

BOLDUAN: I'm sorry, I didn't hear the joke. I was staring at the costume.

PEREIRA: That was surprising and entertaining.

CUOMO: If you're around the water cooler today and need to have something to say about football, you have a great one from the Miami Dolphins last night, that may have saved their season against the Cincinnati Bengals. Strong, surprisingly strong team. Something you almost never hear of -- a walk-off safety. What's that? Let's ask Joe Carter. He's here with this morning's Bleacher Report. I don't remember the last time something like this happened. Tell us.

JOE CARTER, HOST, BLEACHER REPORT: Yeah, you're absolutely right. We've only seen an actual game end in overtime on safety three times in the history of the NFL. It's Halloween night. We did not expect a normal ending to a football game.

You know, I have point out on any other night, this would be the highlight of the game. Cincinnati running back Giovani Bernard, the dude lit up Twitter with this crazy long run. It goes in the books for 35 yards, but he actually runs for more than 100 yards for the score.

This is the play that won the game, the play that most people will be talking about today. It happened in overtime. Cameron Wake sacks Andy Dalton. It's being called a rare walk-off sack safety. Now, it's just the third time in NFL history that a game would end in an overtime safety.

Now, the Dolphins, they love playing on Halloween because they are a perfect 6-0 when they play on Halloween night.

Trending this morning on, we're calling him the little dunker that could. Josh Coy is only 5'8 and the dude has big ups. The 360 dunk from way out on the paint (ph). This guy plays a division II Adams State University in Colorado. This video was shot during the school's preseason dunk contest. His nickname, very cool, Air Nigeria. And get this, the guy is only on the JV team. Get him a varsity jersey already.

And hey, you know we all look forward to payday. Kobe Bryant, he really looks forward to payday, especially today's payday. He's going to wake up this morning and see a deposit in his bank account for $24 million. His contract calls for a balloon payment, 80 percent of his salary gets paid up front. His entire salary for the season is just over $30 million. He's the highest played player in the NBA. The remaining 6 million will be paid out over the course of the entire season. "The Black Mamba" gets over 24 million up front, he's happy, and his agent's very happy.

Good deal. That's your Bleacher Report.

BOLDUAN: Do you have any idea -- back to the little dunker, what his vertical is?

CARTER: It's got to be really high. I have no idea. But apparently he's a one-show pony. The guy is on JV. Maybe he can't dribble. All he can do is dunk. Who knows?

CUOMO: That's enough to get you on national television. Off two feet, too. Got to be over 40 inches.

BOLDUAN: Over 40? We'll check it. Thanks, Joe.

All right, we're at the top of the hour which means it's time for the top news.

CUOMO: Monster storm wreaks havoc on Halloween night, leaving at least two dead, and it's not over yet. Strong winds and driving rain cause travel chaos this morning.

BOLDUAN: The big switch. President Obama reportedly considered replacing Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton as he ran for re-election. How real was the option, though? We have all the new details.

PEREIRA: Accident or murder? Federal authorities now say they will investigate what happened to 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson. CNN has been pushing for answers from the very beginning.

CUOMO: Your NEW DAY starts right now.

ANNOUNCER: What you need to know -

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I believe indeed that he was murdered.

ANNOUNCER: What you just have to see.



ANNOUNCER: This is NEW DAY with Chris Cuomo, Kate Bolduan and Michaela Pereira.

BOLDUAN: Good morning and welcome back to NEW DAY. It is Friday, November 1st, 7:00. That's in the east. Coming up this morning, rain and powerful wind gusts making for a rough start for many of you along the east coast. Look at the video. The monster Halloween storm system is still dangerous and on the move. Let's get the latest from Indra Petersons tracking it all for is. Indra?

INDRA PETERSONS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: Yeah, Kate, this system is expected to move into the northeast today with a lot of heavy rain, but just take a look at all the damage it brought over yesterday.