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Rebels Lose Ground In Syria; Arrest In Colorado Attempted Kidnapping; Skydiving Planes Collide; Caught On Camera; LAX Shooting Witnesses; Alleged NFL Bully Suspended; "It's My Flag"

Aired November 4, 2013 - 07:30   ET


KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: Welcome back to NEW DAY, everyone. It is Monday, November 4th. Coming up in the show, so often when we hear about bullying stories, they involve kids or teens, but an NFL player claims he was targeted, a 6' 5" 300-pound football player claiming he was bullied. Well, now one of his teammates has been suspended. We are going to be talking much more about that.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: Plus the mascot on a team is supposed to be the peppiest guy in the arena, right? Now you can't see his face in there, but Rocky, the Denver Nuggets mascot has passed out. Why did he have to be lowered like this from the ceiling? We will tell you what happened with Rocky coming up.

MICHAELA PEREIRA, CNN ANCHOR: Let's check the top of our news block here. We are watching the situation with a Houston Texans coach. Gary Kubiak, he was hospitalized after collapsing in the field at the end of the first half of the Texan's game with Indianapolis Colts last night. The good news is the team says Kubiak did not have a heart attack. The coach is said to be alert, in stable condition, and now undergoing tests.

In Syria, a top rebel leader has resigned in a deepening rift between the opposition. Those rifts are said to be loading to the rebels to lose ground against the government including a key strategic town near Aleppo. The death toll in the war is said now to be more than 115,000 people.

Police in Colorado say the predator who tried to kidnap an 8-year-old in Aurora has been arrested. Investigators say this man. The 26- year-old John Snorski grabbed that little girl through her bedroom window last Monday. She struggled. She screamed. She managed to break free in the driveway of her home. Police say the victim's description and more than 200 tips helped them make an arrest so quickly.

Talk about frightening moments two planes packed with skydivers collided in mid-air over Wisconsin and everyone survived. One of those planes crashed. But everyone, including the pilot, bailed out, in fact, in fact, parachuted out before impact. The other plane landed safely and only minor injuries are being reported.

Some pretty extraordinary images being captured in Canada. Hugh Griffith had his camera rolling and captured this electrically fuelled fireball blazing down power lines outside of the family home near Montreal. The family had been without power after high winds in the area knocked down the power lines. This was the second of two fireballs the family had witnessed on Friday evening, crazy looking video. Those are your headlines. Kate, over to you.

BOLDUAN: Thank you so much, Michaela. Back to that terrifying sheeting at Los Angeles International Airport, now authorities believed the gunman was targeting TSA employees, but say he was carrying enough ammunition to kill everyone in the terminal if he had the chance.

Let's bring in. Now they were in the terminal, terminal three during that shooting on Friday. Thank you so much for being here, both of you. Lots to discuss, but first, Tom, take us back to Friday morning. When did you know something was going horribly wrong and you need to get out of there?

TOM LAGOS, SHOOTING WITNESS: Sure. We've had been waiting around our terminal for our flight to New York that had been delayed a couple hours. I decided to go get some coffee. I was walking back towards my wife who had been taking a nap. That's when I noticed a stampede of people rushing our direction towards the gates.

I wasn't sure what was going on at the moment, just knew that some sort of a scare was happening. So I reacted the same way, I ran over to my wife, told her, let's get down, get down, everybody was going down. It felt like there was make a bomb scare. Then somebody pride opened the door that led to the tarmac and everybody started falling out of there.

BOLDUAN: Michelle, what a horrific way to be woken up from a nap, my goodness, what did you see?

MICHELLE LAGOS, SHOOTING WITNESS: Well, I woke up from a nap and I was facing the direction of the, everybody coming towards me. So I was facing the security gate, if you will, and my husband wasn't there. He had, he was at Starbucks. So, thank goodness, it was a few seconds when I saw him coming. I thought it was an earthquake and I slept through it. I didn't know why they were coming towards me.

BOLDUAN: When did you get an indication that it wasn't an earthquake, it wasn't a bomb scare. That it was someone with a gun in the terminal?

T. LAGOS: So we made it to the tarmac. My wife said to me, I left my purse upstairs. I said, I will go get it. I decided to go back inside the terminal. By that time, a lot of people cleared out. Some people were still hiding. As I was getting her bag, I saw the gunman holding his gun, walking around, very, very cautiously inside the terminal.

BOLDUAN: How did he look? What was his demeanor? Was he saying anything?

T. LAGOS: He wasn't saying anything, just walking around, strolling around. No worries. Just, wasn't threatening. Was not in any particular hurry or urgency and he was just, his gun was pointed downwards, and he was walking around.

BOLDUAN: I'm sure you couldn't believe your eyes what you were seeing. Did you make eye contact with him?

T. LAGOS: I'm not sure if he saw me. At first my first instance is that's some sort of law enforcement, but it became evident that it wasn't and then that's when I knew that this is what everybody was running for.

BOLDUAN: Did you see police around? How long did this all take?

T. LAGOS: No, but -- this is probably seconds, like 20, 30 seconds, by the time I was grabbing my backs and I saw him and that's when I realized I got to get out of here. I went out to the tarmac and I actually saw the gunman.

BOLDUAN: Michelle, what are you thinking during this time? Your husband goes in to get your bag. I'm sure you finally get a sense of how serious this was?

M. LAGOS: Right. I mean, what happened was when we saw people coming towards and nothing happened and someone threw the door opened and everyone rushed out. But, now I know the shooting happened at security. We didn't hear anything so we weren't aware of what really happened and nothing was happening, so we all thought, well, whatever this was seems more of a scare or, you know, it was, it wasn't real, any real danger.

So we're all sort of, there was chaos trying to get out the door. But then there was a calm I think because people are like well, nothing is really happening. So people did go down the stairs. I think we all thought we were OK.

BOLDUAN: Now one part of this that is unbelievable is you were going from Los Angeles to fly here to New York City to run in the marathon. So after all of this, after you are interviewed by police, you ended up getting here to New York. You ended up running the marathon. I'm sure that took on a completely different meaning now?

M. LAGOS: Yes, first of all, it felt like a marathon within a marathon because my husband has just flown in from Hongkong like the day before so it's been intense. I mean, I think leading up to it, I was really emotional just because I knew obviously with Boston and when I got in to the New York marathon, it was right after Boston and, obviously, I know some people that were going to run last year. They weren't able because of the Hurricane Sandy. Yes, this was definitely not expected. I didn't expect that to happen at LAX or at home, really.

BOLDUAN: You have a two-and-a-half-year-old son at home.

T. LAGOS: Yes.

BOLDUAN: Cannot wait to get back I am sure to give him a big hug and probably very thankful that this was the one time he was not flying with you. M. LAGOS: Absolutely, yes.

BOLDUAN: Let's end this on a good note. That fear is not going to conquer. Let's show everyone your marathon medal. How are you feeling today?

M. LAGOS: I'm good. I can walk I took it slow, but I wanted to have a good time.

BOLDUAN: Congratulations. Thank you guys for coming in. A horrific and surreal couple of days, but thanks for talking to us. All right, Chris, back to you.

CUOMO: It's so important to show that we survived these situations. Great interview, Kate. We are going to take a break now. When we come back on NEW DAY, is it possible to bully a grown man, how about a 320-pound offensive tackle? That is exactly what is being alleged in Miami with the Dolphins. We are going to give you the facts and debate the situation.

Plus, it's hard to get the crowds going when you are unconscious, the Denver mascot passing out on the job. There he is. We will tell you what happened.


BOLDUAN: A beautiful, beautiful sight over the weekend. Welcome back to NEW DAY. Karen Maginnis is in for Indra Petersons with the forecast. It is cold out there today.

KAREN MAGINNIS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: We have a deep in the jet stream so that cold air pushing in from Canada. Those temperatures are going to be moderating. Here's what's happening. We will start to see a shift take place in the jet stream. So a huge trough taking place across the west. Guess what? That marches its way towards the east. Until then, by the middle of the workweek, temperatures fairly mild up and down the eastern seaboard. Good news, right?

Well, that is until the weather system is that will affect mid-west with some snow and high winds starts to march its way towards the northeast and the mid-Atlantic. But until then, those temperatures are expected to be about 5 degrees to 10 degrees below where they should be this time of year, only about 47 degrees in New York City.

Temperatures by Wednesday in the 60s, now, this is what happened over the weekend. We did see a partial solar eclipse. Now, this is in the northern hemisphere. This is from our I-Reporter. The last time this happened was in 1854. The next time it's going to happen, 2175. So set your watches. They saw a full solar eclipse in the southern hemisphere. Very dramatic it only happened for about 45 minutes. Chris, Kate, back to you.

CUOMO: All right, thanks, Karen. I appreciate the check-in. So the Miami Dolphins, their offensive tackle, Jonathan Martin, left the team last week. We are finding out now it's because he says he was fed up with bullying from his teammates. The question this morning judging from your reactions online is, can you bully the biggest and the toughest or is this about being a man?

Let's bring in psychiatrist, Dr. Gail Saltz. We are also joined by a man, "EARLY START" anchor, John Berman. Let's start with the facts first. John, you have been following the situation. What do we know?

JOHN BERMAN, ANCHOR, CNN'S "EARLY START": The fact is Richie Incognito, an offensive lineman for the Miami Dolphins has been suspended now indefinitely. This is following the allegations that came last week from Jonathan Martin. He is the 6' 5," 350-pound lineman who just walked away from the team last week citing player misconduct.

Now what is that exactly? There are these reports that it was some kind of bullying that happened in the locker room, off the field, and there have been reports over the last few days that that bullying included forcing rookies and young players to pay for very expensive meals that the veterans would go to.

Also perhaps paying for a trip to Las Vegas for the entire offensive line that Jonathan Martin had to pay out $15,000 for a trip that he didn't even go on, those are the types of allegations that are being made.

CUOMO: So the question that becomes is bullying. All right, now, we use it as a hot button. It's getting thrown around a little bit, sometimes misapplied. What about here, Gail, because of the obvious? If you are big and strong, can this be bullying? It kind of looks like hazing, is there a difference? What do we say?

DR. GAIL SALTZ, PSYCHIATRIST: I think there is a difference and of course, we don't know exactly. But in hazing, it's sort of uniform, right, a group that is a community is sort of like, we did this, now we're going to do this to you. I'm not in favor of that, but it has less of an effect if you will than bullying, which is about pulling out one person and sort of shunning them or emotionally torturing them in some way.

It doesn't matter how big you are? It doesn't matter how tough you are, it absolutely can happen to you. So the question is, is one individual being targeted? That can have big emotional consequences. Really, it can cause anxiety, depression and have long-term consequences.

BOLDUAN: When you kind of look at the NFL culture, it's easy to say, John to punish one person for something that, a wrong that is done, but it looks like Jonathan Martin is trying to do is to change a culture within the NFL because this isn't new necessarily if it really was hazing though we need more details. Changing the culture is a whole other bag, that's a difficult task.

BERMAN: Changing the culture is very differently. There is a former player who actually spoke out against Jonathan Martin. He said, if you want to be sensitive, go play tennis, he said. There are players out there who do not like the fact that Martin walked away. We should say, we really don't know what is the going on here? We know one player walked away, one player has been suspended. It seems to me there has to be much more going on here.

PEREIRA: It sounds like they do this for the rookies. They are forced to pay. Some of these are pranks it sounds like, but when it crosses the line into personal and to bring in family members, et cetera. They nicknamed him big weirdo. We don't know the background. Sometimes we may have nicknames for one another that I'm cool with. We don't know if he was cool. If he's not then that does cross the line. It could be glossed over by saying it's just --

SALTZ: You don't know what happens in private moments. That's why I'm saying. Hazing is hard to get rid of because a group feels we went through it. It's the camaraderie. But when you don't know what goes on behind closed doors to one individual and when that happens and you don't have the support of your peers, it feels very different. It's not like then it feels like it's personally about me. I'm the big weirdo.

PEREIRA: Didn't we all get to personally decide when is enough for us, though?

CUOMO: That's a great question.

SALTZ: I think that's an excellent question. I would like to think in our individualistic society the answer is yes or it should be because guess what? People do have different levels of sensitivity. It doesn't mean they should go play tennis. You don't know what changes someone's mind.

CUOMO: It also should be a point for a standard that I want you to speak to before we end this segment is that, all right the whole team has to change the leaves have to change. It feels overreaching. Gail, what have we learned when it comes to hazing or these cultures of behavior, if you don't have the change at the institutional level, is there any chance you change it anywhere else?

SALTZ: Probably not. They're talking about a family. The message has to come from the top down, but also has to come from the bystanders. We know, right, that bullying cannot be stopped unless the bystanders step in, unless the culture is approved, man, don't do that, I don't like what I see there, right? The one individual has no shot. It has to come from the top down. It has to be approved for the bystanders to step in.

BOLDUAN: You have to think that Jonathan Martin knew that by making this very statement and walking off the team, it was going to get this kind of attention.

SALTZ: That's the only way you change cultures, one person has to be brave enough to step out. That's how cultures get changed.

PEREIRA: We have seen how the end result, sadly, so something out of this needs to be a discussion, clearly.

CUOMO: They call him soft, but he may be the toughest guy around because he is able to player to step up, he is 6' 5," 350 pounds.

BOLDUAN: Gail, great to see you. Thank you so much.

Coming up next on NEW DAY, it was a scene many young Nuggets fans won't soon forget. What happened to Rocky, the mountain lion, as he is lowered down from the rafters? We are going to tell you.


PEREIRA: Big questions, big questions we have for Nischelle Turner. All right, Kanye West wearing quite a jacket. Take a look at it. It features the confederate flag. Nischelle Turner, you don't have to answer for Kanye, but what was his point of his wearing this jacket?

NISCHELLE TURNER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: Well, I'm definitely not in Kanye's head. Not too many are. You know, he says and does a lot of things that leave everybody says umm. This could be another one of them. He was captured by the paparazzi wearing this jacket over the weekend. Every move that Kanye makes is captured by the paparazzi, so you have to think he knew he would be photographed in it.

He says, and I just want to quote what he says, in an interview later on about this, he said react how you want. Any energy is good energy. You know the confederate flag represented slavery in a way, that's my abstract take, so I made the song new slaves. So I took the confederate flag and made it my flag. It's my flag, now what are you going to do.

So when you think about it, you think is Kanye coo-coo here? But it seems like he's doing what a lot of African-Americans and hip hop artists have done with the "n" word, tried to take it, make it their own and flip it to make it not so bad. The question is, is it working.

BOLDUAN: One that has been so bad for so long.

TURNER: Exactly. He also has other merchandise, t-shirts with the confederate flag, things like that. So I think he is trying to make a bit of a marketing statement as well here.

CUOMO: It's OK if he's doing both. Just gets confusing because he's not going to be as a magnet for criticism for doing this because he'll say, listen, I've been identified, I've been victimized by this, I'll to what I want with it. So it will take time to be a symbol.

TURNER: It still is very jarring to me.

PEREIRA: And speaking of jarring, that was upsetting.

TURNER: Yes, let's talk about this. Let's show this video. This is Rocky the mountain lion, again Denver Nuggets mascot. This was Friday night. Now he's being lowered from the rafters before the game and usually partying on the way down. But he's not moving. Apparently inside Rocky is passed out. No one knows this. You hear the announcer continuing to announce him, the dancers continuing to dance. When he gets to the bottom, he just slumps over. This has fans horrified. You can imagine there are little kids in the audience here and the announcer is still announcing.

CUOMO: It's because you can't see his face. You don't know what's going on.

TURNER: But you asked earlier -- he's OK, first of all. So we can talk about it, but you asked the question how do they know what's going on. Usually you would think when he's coming down that he's cheering and having a good time and partying. That looks really sad and scary. It looks almost like he's hanging from his neck.

BOLDUAN: And he tweeted the next day that I'm OK, all the way back. But the nuggets lost to the trailblazers that night.

PEREIRA: And maybe not dropping from the rafters soon.

COUMO: Coming up, a halftime square for NFL players, coaches and fans. A head football coach collapses on the field. Still no clue what happened to him, but we're following the situation. We'll have the latest. Stay with us.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He went down to his knee and couldn't get back up, looked like he was having trouble breathing.


CUOMO: Man down, a big scare for the NFL. The coach of the Houston Texans collapses on the sidelines, rushed to the hospital, his family by his side. We have the latest on his condition.

BOLDUAN: Warning signs. New details on the LAX gunman and how he planned and pulled off his plot, an interview with a woman who knew him well, what she saw before the shooting.

PEREIRA: Dangerous feat, a serious accident during a live Cirque du Soleil show. The audience shocked as the stunt goes terribly wrong. The performer hospitalized this morning.