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Video Shows D.A. Kicking & Spitting; "Crack Mayor" in New Scandal

Aired December 10, 2013 - 21:00   ET



DR. DREW PINSKY, HLN HOST: Tonight, a woman arrested for driving drunk just loses it, threatens police officers, kicking door, spitting -- not the best behavior, especially considering she`s the district attorney.

Plus, a vicious beating becomes a viral video sensation. Hear what my behavior bureau has to say about its popularity.

And did a five-hour shopping trip to the mall drive a man to commit suicide?

Let`s get started.


PINSKY: Good evening, everybody.

My co-host is attorney and Sirius XM radio host, Jenny Hutt.


PINSKY: And as you heard in that previous bit of promo, a man driven to suicide by a woman`s shopping.

Jenny, I have a deep empathy for this man. But --

HUTT: Dr. Drew --

PINSKY: Yes, ma`am.

HUTT: It`s not just women`s shopping that can make men crazy. It`s men shopping can drive women crazy. Please?

PINSKY: We will talk about.

We will also talk about Toronto`s crack mayor. Again, he was confronted just hours ago. I`ll show you how and why he reacted. No surprise. A little bit disturbing.

Plus, I got a tweet from Miley Cyrus` mom. It was really nice. Just wait, I`ll show it to you just a second.

And first up, another public official disgraced. This is a district attorney in Texas who could lose her job because of an April drunk driving arrest. Rosemarie Lundberg (ph) pleaded guilty and went to jail. Now, she`s being sued by the county attorney because he apparently wants her out of office.

Watch this video from the police interrogation once she got back to the precinct.


POLICE: Are you going to cooperate?

DISTRICT: Let`s do it the right way.

POLICE: Are you going to cooperate? Are you going to listen to me?

DISTRICT ATTORNEY: I`m not going to listen to you.


DISTRICT ATTORNEY: I`m going to make a phone call, OK?


PINSKY: Jenny, what do you think?

HUTT: I think she`s in trouble.

PINSKY: Yes, I think she is, too.

I`ve got panel. I pull together a panel, including social commentator Segun Oduolowu, defense attorney Anahita Sedaghatfar. We have a new face on our panel, Brett Erlich, he`s co-host of "Pop Trigger" on the Young Turks Network. That is Sam`s show. You may have heard that, we`ve mentioned that more than a couple of times o the show. And, of course, HLN anchor, Christi Paul.

Segun, I`m going to go to your first. Your thoughts.

SEGUN ODUOLOWU, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: Well, Dr. Drew, I`ve always tried to stay very consistent.

PINSKY: Oh, indeed you have.

ODUOLOWU: And whether it be alcohol or drug abuse, my biggest fear and always concern is that she was behind the wheel of a car. And that turns it into a two-ton weapon.

And her -- she is 60 years old. She is a public official. She should know better than to get behind the wheel of a car. She was belligerent. She was abusive.

And I am fine with them calling for her removal from office. I have a problem with drunk drivers. I find their behavior to be abhorrent. And if they want to remove her in Texas, go ahead.

PINSKY: Christi, I`ve never pitted you against Segun before, but let me get your response to him.

CHRISTI PAUL, HLN ANCHOR: Mine, well, I wanted to ask you something about this, because she was talking in court today in this civil trial. And she was saying, look, I take full responsibility. I`m not going to try to pan this off on anybody else. I am responsible for this. I had a problem.

And she said as of July 9, she`s seen a psychotherapist. Almost every week, she goes to physical therapy and a smart recovery meeting once a week. In your opinion, Dr. Drew, is she on the right track?

PINSKY: Well, it`s interesting. A smart recovery meeting, I`m wondering what that means. You know, it means she`s avoiding AA I suspect. And in my world, when people avoid AA, they`re sort of saying I`m going to do it my way, and that often doesn`t go well. Not to say that other former of 12 step recoveries and smart recoveries aren`t good, they can be. But they`re often people that are resistant, that head down that path. But it could be OK.

Listen, I would give her a chance. In fact, in a few minutes, I`m going to bring the guy in that testified to her behalf, another addictionologist. I also want to show you ABC News story. They`ve covered in depth at "Good Morning America."

Watch and listen as their reporter describes her behavior.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You have just ruined my career.

REPORTER: What may have been even more detrimental to her career is what is happening next.

You just have been even more detrimental to her career is what happened next.

County sheriff`s deputies testified Monday that the night of her arrest, she was rude, angry, loud and belligerent. This jail video shows her stomping, kicking, sticking her tongue out, even gesturing with her fingers as if she were firing a gun.


PINSKY: Anahita, let`s say you are this woman`s lawyer. How do you help her keep her job?

ANAHITA SEDAGHATFAR, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Well, first, Dr. Drew, I think she should not keep her job.

PINSKY: Ooh, yay, Anahita.

SEDAGHATFAR: But hold on. If we actually took the license away from every attorney who got a DUI, literally the courtrooms would be empty, OK? Lawyers like to drink --

ODUOLOWU: Less lawyers.

SEDAGHATFAR: No. Well, here`s the thing. So, I don`t think based on this one time offense, one time DUI, she should be disbarred. She should still have the ability to practice law and earn a living.

Now should she step down from being a D.A.? Absolutely. She is a public servant. I`ve said this over and over on your show. I think public servants should be held to a much higher standard than regular citizens.

And how is she going to go with a straight face as a D.C., try to prosecute people for the same thing she did when she`s driving three times over the legal limit with a bottle of Grey Goose on her lap. And, Dr. Drew, she threw out the "don`t you know who I am" cliche card. So, like, so --

ODUOLOWU: Anahita, I`m in love with you right now.


SEDAGHATFAR: That`s a shocker.

ODUOLOWU: Because we are on the same page. And I`m so happy finally.

PINSKY: First of all, Segun, you`re pretty easy. All somebody has to do is agree, and you`ll fall in love in them. But I`m just saying.

SEDAGHATFAR: Everyone falls in love with me, Dr. Drew, it`s not hard.

PINSKY: I`ve noticed that, Anahita.


PINSKY: Let me Brett on this.

Brett, what do you feel on this particular case?

BRETT ERLICH, CO-HOST, POP TRIGGER: There are definitely negative consequences built into the legal system for if you are convicted of drunk driving. She`s been sentenced to 45 days of jail. And she`s paid thousands of dollars. I do find it ironic that she`s head of the public integrity unit, there`s a little bit of irony there. I think she`s in exact position.

But don`t think she should be removed from office. I mean, maybe if she`s presided over cases in which her associate district attorneys like her associate district attorneys underneath her have lost their jobs. Maybe there`s a certain hypocrisy in there. If she`s saying she shouldn`t lose here.

But all these extra behavioral critiques of her like she was drunk and she was being disrespectful and slurring her words and being aggressive. So, basically, what you`re saying she was drunk, she acted drunk?


PINSKY: But, listen, you guys you`re right.

And, by the way, we reached out to the D.A.`s attorney, but we had not heard back before here.

But I`m getting a little irritated at you guys about one thing. If this were a physician who got the DU and somebody who had to operate the next morning, you guys would be brutal to that person. You would say they`d be mandated to treatment, their license be encumbered. I`d say we have to hold attorneys in the same standard, particularly public figures.

Enough already for the exceptions for the attorneys, just because you guys run the system.

ODUOLOWU: And, Brett, just so you know, Brett, we`re not cool right now.


SEDAGHATFAR: Here`s the thing. I have a question for you. I`ve made an observation just from covering some of these cases on your show, that these people that run for public office, they`re like inherently narcissistic, because even when they`re confronted with their own bad behavior, they refuse to let go of their power. They just won`t step down. And we saw this with crack mayor and my favorite mayor, Mayor Filner, grope mayor out of San Diego.

So, would you agree that most of the people who seek these positions of power are inherently narcissistic?

PINSKY: There is -- I haven`t done the studies yet, I was trying to find a way to do it, how to do personality questionnaires to grope mayor and crack mayor.

But, Segun, yes.

ODUOLOWU: Dr. Drew, I would ask you that, are they any more narcissistic than, say, six people who are on television --


PINSKY: I have done studies on celebrities, and they are off the charts a little bit. It depends on what categories of celebrity, particularly comedians and musicians. They have certain liabilities --

ODUOLOWU: So we all have a little bit of narcissism in us.

PINSKY: Absolutely.

ODUOLOWU: But as I think as Anahita said, when are you a public official and you are basically the voice of the people, you should be held to a bit of a higher standard.

PINSKY: And that`s why you`re in love with Anahita. But I want to switch off that for a second.

I want to welcome to the program, Dr. Herbert Munden. He had evaluated D.A. Rosemary Lundberg and testified today on her behalf at trial.

So, Dr. Munden, I want to give you a chance to tell us your thoughts on how you defended her and what`s going on with her treatment presently.

DR. HERBERT MUNDEN, EVALUATED THE D.A. (via telephone): Hi, Dr. Drew.

One thing with all due respect for the other participants here, I think one of the things that we need to look at is that we`re talking about someone who has a disease, and yes, she`s the district attorney and held to high standards, but, you know, it`s also, she`s also a person. If she were to pursue and go into long-term recovery, it could be a turning point.


MUNDEN: And the way many of these cases are held, because there`s such a punitive approach --

PINSKY: Right.

MUNDEN: -- to these individuals, and yes, she has to be accountable for her behavior, that`s not an excuse, but.

PINSKY: And Dr. Munden, this is where we -- Christi, you started the conversation, wasn`t it you, Christi, who reported what it was she was doing now? And it sounds like he is taking her recovery very, very seriously. It`s not as though she is, as you guys are describing here, narcissistically defended and blaming the word.

And thinking the crack mayor compared to this. This is somebody --


PAUL: But, Dr. Drew, listen, the other thing is she said she felt like resigning would be the easy way out. Does anybody believe that?


SEDAGHATFAR: Dr. Drew, I agree with that. And to Christi`s point, we`ve seen over and over, like we just talked about that a lot of these people don`t want to take responsibility for their actions, and we have to give her that.

PINSKY: And a lot of people, Anahita, resign or leave their jobs so they can continue drinking and using.

ODUOLOWU: Absolutely.

SEDAGHATFAR: That`s a good point.

PINSKY: Dr. Munden?


PINSKY: Last word and we`ve got to go. Go ahead, sir.

MUNDEN: OK. That`s very true. I do hope that she stays in recovery and I think you would agree none of us ever really know how big the commitment is in the beginning, but I agree with what you said about the smart recovery, but, you know, if she`s begun the process, that`s the best we can hope for.

PINSKY: Yes, right. She`s good today and maybe she`ll fully embrace the process as time goes over and having the sword of Damocles over her head shouldn`t be a bad thing for keeping her in the program.

But I`ll tell you what, alcoholics and addicts are rich -- by rich, I mean, rich human beings. They are smart. They have a lot to contribute. And we would do all of ourselves a disservice if we were rejecting people who have this disorder in their attempts of recovery.

So, there we go. Leave it that.

MUNDEN: I agree.

PINSKY: Thank you, sir.

Just when you think you`ve heard it all from the crack mayor, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, he manages to top himself. I will explain what I mean by that.

And later, a vicious attack on a teenage girl goes viral. We`ll get to that when we come back.






FORD: I do not use crack cocaine.

ANNOUNCER: The booze, the dope.

FORD: I was so sick of all these allegations and all this (EXPLETIVE DELETED), excuse my words.

This (EXPLETIVE DELETED) brother. I just need to go (EXPLETIVE DELETED) by myself, in my (EXPLETIVE DELETED) underwear. I want to go with this guy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You didn`t pick her up. Your staff picked her up.

FORD: No, I picked her up.

PINSKY: OK. So, this is what you see he`s talking about, was this event, and this poor little old lady ends up with a swollen lip.


PINSKY: Back with Jenny Hutt. And we are talking about the Toronto mayor, who`s been called crack mayor, not to be confused with grope mayor, we just heard about from Anahita, thanks for that.

HUTT: Well, of course not.

PINSKY: Yes, Rob Ford, in the spotlight again. He was talking about taxes when a reporter suddenly sort of confronted him about a comment he had made about another reporter during a recent interview, and take a look what happened.


REPORTER: "Toronto Star" says you accused him of being a pedophile.

FORD: I stand by my words, what I said with Conrad Black (ph).

REPORTER: What was the word? You said, what was the word?

FORD: Well, if you watch the interview, you`ll know what I said.

REPORTER: What was your word you didn`t say?

FORD: If you watch Conrad Black`s interview -- actually, there was two. There was one at 9:00 and then it was a four hour one at 12:01 (ph). I hope you saw both of them, and I stand by every word I said, and I stand by every word I said with Mr. Black in my interview.


PINSKY: Jenny, I want to get your comment first on this.

HUTT: I just can`t believe this guy. He needs to go away, Dr. Drew. And I feel like he`s sort of passing buck, putting blame anywhere he can and to accuse somebody --

PINSKY: Very different than the other woman we`re talking about few minutes ago, right?

HUTT: Yes, he`s a disaster.

PINSKY: One thing -- another observation that people who are not clinically trained, he`s not a plethoric anymore. You know, his face isn`t as red and swollen. Those are all signs of heavy --

HUTT: Oh, purcuric (ph)?

PINSKY: Plethorize (ph). It`s a sign of heavy alcohol consumption. Meaning, he probably is now not using, which is a nice thing.

Let`s bring in our behavior bureau. We`ve got Samantha Schacher, social commentator, another host of "Pop Trigger" on the Young Turks Network. Tiffanie Davis Henry, psychotherapist and our HLN contributor.

Nikki DeLoach, actress, star of MTV`s "Awkward". A reminder, season finale of that show airs on December 17. Nikki, thanks for joining us.

And Wendy Walsh, psychologist, author of "The 30-Day Love Detox."

And a reminder. If anybody wants to join our conversation here we are watching the tweets at @DrDrewHLN #BehaviorBureau.

So let me throw a question out that I`m going to ask of each and every behavior bureau from now on, just an opening volley. Raise your hand who wants to answer this.

Is this guy sick? Or is this just sad behavior? Who wants to answer that?


PINSKY: Wendy first.

WENDY WALSH, PSYCHOLOGIST: I`m going with sick. We know that alcoholism is a disease, Drew. And you know what? I`m going to go out on a limb here and defend Rob Ford tonight. He did not say that that reporter was a pedophile.

What he said was he felt afraid because the guy was taking pictures of his kids at that car. That`s what he said. Those were his exact words.

PINSKY: OK, he stands by his words.


SCHACHER: Please, those were his exact words. But you know that he always has an ulterior motive. This is someone who doesn`t care about anybody else but himself. He doesn`t care that he could potentially be smearing an innocent man`s name, nor does he care about his constituents or if he did he would have sought treatment. He would have said he has a disease.


PINSKY: Slow down, Sam.

SCHACHER: Look at his behavior. It`s more than just a disease. Look at how he`s treating his disease.

PINSKY: Sam, hold on.

Nikki, I`ve got the first time comment from Nikki. Let`s give her the stage. Go ahead, Nikki. What have you got?

NIKKI DELOACH, ACTRESS: I`ve got two things. First of all, you`re surrounded by beautiful women.

PINSKY: I know. Amazing.

DELOACH: I think we`re missing the most important thing, which is he`s lost a couple pounds. I want to know what his new diet is, because I just had a baby, and I`m looking to shed a few before the holidays.

SCHACHER: You look great.

PINSKY: Here`s what it is. Tiffanie, see if you agree with me on this. It`s don`t down the JD every day. Stop the alcohol consumption so you lose weight.

DELAOACH: I can`t do that.

TIFFANIE DAVIS HENRY, HLN CONTRIBUTOR: Worked for me. When I stop drinking, this belly fat miraculously goes away.


HENRY: I`ll tell you what, though, in terms of the crack mayor, I feel that his comments were disgusting to say the least, but they were also very much indicative of someone that`s in the throes of their disease, of alcoholism and drug use. I felt like he was deflecting.

You couldn`t possibly be there taking pictures of me. You had to be there taking pictures of my kids. Are you kidding me? They were there to take pictures of you.


SCHACHER: Exactly. And, Dr. Drew, this guy is looking at every opportunity to extend his 15 minutes of fame, even though his 15 minutes of fame is based on some really vile circumstances. I mean, now, he`s announcing that he`s had a new YouTube show because his TV show has been canceled.

So, guess what, everybody, right before Christmas, his new YouTube channel is going to launch. He is the gift that keeps on giving.

PINSKY: And, Sam, Wendy, maybe we`ll see him at the, what`s the conference called? On the Vid Con. Maybe we`ll see him at the Vid Con.


SCHACHER: People will line up to take photos of him. That`s the sad thing.

PINSKY: Do you guys remember when he made the comment about his former female staffer, he said he denied having oral sex with her and he said he`s happily married and, quote, "I have more than enough to eat at home." And that was the point --

SCHACHER: He said the P word that Wendy likes to say so often.


SCHACHER: Say it, Wendy.

WALSH: I can`t say it, but I can say there was a character in a James bond movie called Pussy Galore.

SCHACHER: I hate the word.

WALSH: And so, that`s what I can say on television.

PINSKY: Nikki, aren`t you glad you agree to be on this program?

DELOACH: I`m ecstatic right now.

PINSKY: Awkward, awkward.

But the point is, though, he doesn`t -- there seems to be no learning curve, just to bring this back -- there seems to be no movement towards any kind of real treatment, although it could be happening behind the doors.

WALSH: No. And, Dr. Drew, I must say something here. That the people in Toronto, you know, I`m from Toronto, they`re work being very hard to find a way to legally oust him, but at this point they can`t. You also can`t apparently force him into treatment.

But mark my words, it`s only a matter of time before they find a little loophole to get him out of the way.

PINSKY: Well, and as we know with disease of alcoholism, it recurs. And when somebody`s a binge alcoholic, which is intermittent using with consequences, inevitably, it comes back. But there can be long periods of abstinence without treatment, where they seem to be doing better.

And obviously, their behavior gets better. They physically look better. Clearly, we`re in that phase with him. But without treatment, there will be a recurrence.

Who agrees? Show of hands up. Recurrence without treatment. Nikki, even.

WALSH: Absolutely.

PINSKY: Sam, put your hand up. I can`t see it, it`s over here.

SCHACHER: Off to the side, geez.

PINSKY: Oh, here`s Sam`s hand. OK, guys, thank you very much.

Next up, I`ve got a shocking video of a teenage girl that has gone viral. I can`t show it to you yet. It`s disturbing. I will show it to you after the break. Please stay with me to see this. I suggest you stay around.

Later, did a five-hour shopping trip to the mall drive a poor guy to commit suicide right there in the mall? I know I`ve had those feelings, but we`ll talk about what actually happened to that poor man. See you in a minute.


PINSKY: Back with Jenny Hutt.

And the video we are about to show you has been viewed 12 million times online. It has inspired, Jenny, jokes and parodies on Twitter, Instagram --

HUTT: It`s not funny.

PINSKY: It is not funny. That`s the whole point. We`re going to sort of dig in to why people are dealing with this so casually, in fact.

Instagram actually tried to block it from being applauded.

So why is everybody talking about Sharkisha?

Take a look at this video from Live Leak. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You know what you did?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Ooh. Oh, my god. Sharkisha, no! (EXPLETIVE DELETED). Don`t kick her, Sharkisha. Don`t kick her. No, don`t kick her. Oh, my God.


PINSKY: Police say the 16 year old, she`s 16 years old, Sharkisha lured her 17 year old classmate off school grounds and sucker punched her as you saw, apparently over a young man they both like, all over a boy. This is all violence over a guy.

She posted the video on Twitter and Instagram accounts. Then, it went viral -- viral all the way to the local police department, Jenny. And they`ve been involved, appropriately.

HUTT: Yes, good.

PINSKY: Sixteen year old.

HUTT: Yes, it`s nauseating, Dr. Drew. Frankly, girls, boys, nobody should be using their fists to deal with a dating situation or -- come on.

PINSKY: This reminds me of the knockout game. It goes beyond hey, we`re using our hands. This is real violence.

By the way, I`m going to show the audience some tweets. We couldn`t show you, because this girl is tweeting actively. Her tweets -- you can`t air them on television, and she doesn`t seem to care.

We reached out to the Harris County sheriff`s department for a statement from Sharkisha or her attorney. They`ve not responded to our request.

Let`s bring in the panel, Segun, Anahita, Brett and Christi Paul.

You guys, most common online, either praise Sharkisha or laugh at the video.

So, Christi, you`ve got a concerned look on your face. I`m going to start with you. How did something like this become a joke to people?

PAUL: I have no idea. And all I can do is think about the girls that were taping it. Did they know it was going to happen? Because they sounded almost like they were shocked initially as well.

But then I keep thinking about the mom. I mean, the mom has come out, the mom of the girl that was attacked. And she said I`m going to have to deal with this for the rest of my life, meaning this video is out there. People are making fun of her kid.

And she urges us, put yourself in my shoes, if this was your kid that this happened to, would you get online and say the crap you`re saying?

PINSKY: That`s the point. It seems Sharkisha herself, in spite of having been arrested, is becoming an Internet star.


ODUOLOWU: Well, it`s so vile, Dr. Drew. It`s so vicious, it`s disgusting, and at its level, anyway you slice the pie, you`re going to get a steaming plate of dumb.

This isn`t a gender thing, going ethnicity thing. This is a lack of intelligence thing. First of all, the girl putting it online put a big sign around her neck saying come and get me, which is stupid.

But even worse than that, is that by putting it online, by playing it over and over again and by the Twitter trolls going on there and commending her for violent behavior, all it does is make a star out of something that should be reviled. And it`s going to happen again. I said it`s the tip of the iceberg.


ERLICH: You know why it`s popular. I mean, we can`t just play dumb and pretend we don`t know why it`s popular. It`s something just completely appalling and --

PINSKY: Bizarre.

ERLICH: And bizarre. It`s females fighting. Guys post MMA videos of them having their own fight clubs. That doesn`t jump out of you.

The woman`s name is Sharkisha has the word shark in it.


PINSKY: I`m going to have Anahita keep commenting while we -- we`re going to look at this video again from Live Leak if anybody missed it.

I want -- Segun may have miss feelings about airing again because my purpose is not to make -- that`s why we are hiding the faces, they are not made a star. But the magnitude of the violence.

But go ahead, Anahita.

SEDAGHATFAR: This right here, this video that you`re showing is exactly showing what the problem with society is today, Dr. Drew. And quite frankly, bad behavior is what`s trending.

And when you see girls like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton basically becoming overnight celebrities and becoming multi-millionaires for putting out sex tapes when they have no redeeming value to speak of, they have no talent, and in fact get insulted when you tell them they have no talent, this sets a precedent. So, I think that`s what`s going on here. This girl wanted to be a celebrity.

PINSKY: Oh, my gosh, the violence of this thing.


PINSKY: It sounds like while I agree with Anahita. It sounds like Anahita is gearing up to do a sex tape. So --



ODUOLOWU: Dr. Drew, I would ask you this question, where is Sharkisha`s parents in all of this because what Sharkisha has done --

PINSKY: The mom?

ODUOLOWU: Does she not realize that her parents now have to find a lawyer for her? That she is now --


SEDAGHATFAR: I`ll tell you where her mother is. Her mother is probably an absentee parent. I don`t think we`d be very surprised to see how this little girl is growing up. Her daughter is being charged, Dr. Drew, with criminal assault and her daughter is still out there up until an hour ago tweeting F-bombs, tweeting naked pictures of herself. Where is the parenting? There is no parenting.

PINSKY: Go ahead, Christi.

CHRISTI PAUL, HLN ANCHOR: Well, you know, somebody, I was reading some of the commenting, too, and there was one that said "When I saw my friend played the video for me, I told him to turn it off. I was disgusted. There are people that are supporting her, and I`m telling you, this girl needs support because the pictures of her and what happened to her face after this were ridiculous.

I hope that the tweets change and everybody gets on board and they start tweeting support for this girl the and that, you know, the police really take Sharkesia to task because that`s going to be a big deal at the end of the day.


BRETT ELRICH, @BRETTERLICH: What we need to learn is that these are real people. When you watch a video online, you`re in a room by yourself, you`re looking at -- this video of Sharkesia beating up (inaudible) and the next thing you`re going to watch is a wall risk doing sit-ups. What you need to understand is like that is a real human being who`s being affected in real life --

PINSKY: Let me throw a tweet up here if they can do that for me. It just sort of says it all. And I agree bad behavior is trending in this country.

ODUOLOWU: We need to stop glamorizing ignorance. And it`s ignorance behavior, it`s ugly behavior, and these people think they can become --

SEDAGHATFAR: They are becoming stars, though. Doesn`t anyone get it? This is how people reach that celebrity status. Look at who we see. Look at Paris Hilton --

ODUOLOWU: Anahita, with all due respect, there`s a difference between fame and infamy. And these people are --


PINSKY: I`ve got to jump in because I`m out of time, but Brett is right. The line is blurring between fame and infamy.

Next, I`m going to bring a "Behavior Bureau" --

ODUOLOWU: We`re cool again, Brett.

PINSKY: And you`re still in love with Anahita?


ELRICH: I think Sharkesia`s dad is Sharknado


PINSKY: OK. Later on, Miley Cyrus apparently not my biggest fan, but perhaps her mom is. I`ll explain that. I`ve got some tweets to show you what I`m talking about. We`ll be right back after this.


PINSKY: I am back with Jenny Hutt. We`re talking about the viral video of a teenage girl who immediately sucker punches a classmate, one of her classmates, over a boy allegedly. This girl becomes an internet star. Before we go on, I remind people, if you`d like to join the conversation right now, you can tweet us at @DRDREWHLN #BehaviorBureau.

I have stopped watching the Twitter feed and -- you know, throw stuff up here and I will look at it. so, we want this conversation in real-time. Let`s bring in the "Behavior Bureau," Samantha, Tiffanie, Nikki, and Wendy. So, let me start with my opening volley as I like to do, which is this behavior sick or is it sad, or is it both? Tiffanie.

TIFFANIE DAVIS HENRY, PH.D., PSYCHOTHERAPIST: It absolutely is both. This thing is the gift and the curse. I say the gift because thank God we have video proof and evidence. This is going to ensure this girl`s fate in that she is locked up and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But I hate that Shamichael has to go through this.

And I hate that we`re -- I wouldn`t even repost this video, Dr. Drew. When I was tweeting today about this show and what we were talking about, I refused to put a link to this video on there because I did not want this girl to be re-victimized over and re-traumatized over and over and over again as much as she already has been.

NIKKI DELOACH, ACTRESS, MV`S "AWKWARD": To add to your point, I do feel like that is part of the problem. I mean, I appreciate that we, you know, covered up the faces when we show the video, but we`re still talking about it. People are still talking about it which is part of the problem.

PINSKY: What do we do? Do we not talk about it?

DELOACH: No. Honestly, no. don`t talk about it. Actually.

PINSKY: OK. Let`s go to commercial.



DELOACH: No. I`m saying, let the police handle it. Let the police punish her and not make her into a star. Part of the problem is that these kids feel like the need, in order to matter and to be important is to be known and to be seen and reach a level of celebrity. And if we don`t talk about them and we don`t turn them into celebrities, they don`t get that.

And instead, we get hey, hey, let`s celebrate the fact that you got an A without posting it on Facebook. That`s the culture that we live in now. That`s what we`ve come to. It has to change.

PINSKY: Jenny -- I think it`s a little -- it`s one thing if she were having no consequence from this video, then I would feel exactly, but the fact is this is criminal behavior. She`s going to be prosecuted for it. So, in way elevate, we are Ok having a conversation about this when there are consequences to point that very issue out.

JENNY HUTT, ATTORNEY: Well, I also think it`s also important to show that she`s being prosecuted. That it`s not OK behavior, that mothers like me see what`s going on with kids and kids watching the show tonight see that that behavior will not be tolerated on any level.

PINSKY: Let me show you -- I want to show you something else -- and Wendy, I`m going to have you comment. It`s even distributing. Someone sent Sharkesia pictures of the girl who had been beaten in the video, and then the -- she messaged back as the girl "you did some damage." She said, "girl, you did some damage," and to which Sharkesia responds "LMAO."

And Wendy, so that`s the thing that the lack of appreciation, the lack of empathy, and the criminality of all this. I think it`s not -- it`s sick and sad and criminal.

WENDY WALSH, PH.D., PSYCHOLOGIST: I want to make two quick comments. As a therapist, I want to tell you and remind to everybody here that this little girl who did this violence was a victim herself. I can guarantee that the heck was beaten out of her when she was young. This is learned behavior. And I almost feel --

PINSKY: Or she saw domestic violence. Could be either, by the way. Witnessing domestic violence or being the object of domestic violence will have the same effects. Go ahead.

WALSH: And the signs saying arrest me and all that. She`s daring the world to give her boundaries that she doesn`t have herself. So, that`s the first thing. Second thing, on a broad you know -- I love my friends at Google.

Google is god, but I do have to say at a certain point, even though the internet was brought up on a freedom of speech and deregulation, I think it`s time that Google who owns YouTube has some corporate ethics and think about victim`s rights and decide what videos to take down if they`re hurting people.

PINSKY: Sam, I`m going to have you finish, because I know that goes right to the core of some of your belief systems. Nikki, am I bringing you around a little bit?

DELOACH: To talking about it.

PINSKY: To talking about it. Yes.


PINSKY: Yes. OK. Sam, you finish it up.

SAMANTHA SCHACHER, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: Well, Dr. Drew, I do want to - - I want to say something to the kids out there that are watching, because a lot of these videos, before they go viral, they get circulated amongst their peers. So, when you see these violent videos, stop it right then and there. Go ahead and send it to your parents, to the police, to a principal and let`s try to not allow these videos to go viral, because there is an opportunity --


PINSKY: Again, back to Nikki, so we can create a new set of standards for the young people themselves that are the users of these videos. I think that is a great goal. There you go. Thank you, guys.

Miley Cyrus booed me over the weekend, but her mom jumped to my defense. I will explain exactly what I`m talking about after a little bit.

And later, did a five-hour shopping trip drive -- well, drive yet another man to feel like committing suicide. This guy actually did it. We`ll be back to talk about it after this.



PINSKY: I don`t know. I`m inclined to defend Miley. I like the fact we have a free country where people can do whatever. Let`s just not buy the records if we don`t like her.

I received this tweet from @CarmedyJamie (ph). She said quote, "Sat behind Miley Cyrus and watched her boo Dr. Drew." Not that I am her boo, actually, booing me. "Why is she so mad at him?" Miley also apparently raspberried me and gave me a thumbs down. But Miley, listen, know that I harbor no ill feelings, and best to your parents, and continue to have flourishing success in 2014.


PINSKY: I really feel that way. Back with Jenny Hutt. Jenny, I really feel like people have been -- her behavior has been -- I`m bringing my panel, of course, in Christi, Nikki, and Sam. But people have been sort of trying to associate her behavior with Amanda`s and Britney, which -- severe mental illness, those young girls. They`re going to be great. They`re doing great.

Hopefully, Amanda will be the poster child for treatment one day. But that`s not for Miley. It`s not the problem Miley`s got. She`s just -- and by the way, she was just named like Performer of the Year by MTV or something? Is that right, Jenny?

HUTT: Yes. That`s right. But additionally, Dr. Drew, you said more than that one time that you showed that she`s not sick, A, and that she`s talented and it`s just being a girl who`s grown up.

PINSKY: And there may be some acting out because her parents split up and stiff but --

HUTT: She`s 21.

DELOACH: And she`s in an environment where everybody gives her whatever she wants. I mean, that`s not something that we all, you know, we all get.

PINSKY: And Nikki, I`ll be curious on your take on this. No one says no to her, but she`s doing things that enhances her, but it`s working. She`s getting tremendous gains from it.

DELOACH: It`s working in what way? It depends on what your value is. I mean, don`t know if her mom would be so thrilled with everything she`s doing, you know? You say it`s working. I don`t know --

PINSKY: Speaking of her mom, hold on, Nikki, speaking of her mom, Miley`s mom, Tish, was watching us last night and then she tweeted me last night. Here was the tweet. "Watching you right now, I adore you on your show. I will have to set her straight if she really did boo you, ha, ha, ha." And, I know that --


PINSKY: I`ve spoken to both her parents. They are very cool people. And they tell me that Miley`s home by 10 o`clock pretty much every night. Nikki, what`s your comment?

DELOACH: Well, what I was going to say is, you know, I was her age when I was in the music business, and I also grew up in the entertainment industry like Miley did from a really young age, and all she`s doing really, is trying on a bunch of different hats and trying to figure out who she is. I mean, I look back at some of the choices that I made in horror, abate myself in glitter, tease my hair, and I had a perm way too long. I mean, I was way too old to have a perm.



PINSKY: Producing staff, get on the internet, find me those pictures right now.


PINSKY: Right now. Forget the Miley ones next to me. Get me the Nikki Deloach pictures from ten years ago. Go. OK. Sam, go ahead.

SCHACHER: First of all, I think we`ve all had bad perms. So --


SCHACHER: I had a poodle. I had poodle hair at some point, too.

PINSKY: Producers, get me those too. I don`t know where they are, but I they`re on the internet somewhere. Anyway, go ahead.

SCHACHER: Dr. Drew, I just want to say, listen, the general consensus of Miley Cyrus from the people that work for her and with her, they say that she`s a really nice, hardworking person and I think that at the end of the day, that should be an important example to her fans. So many people are so focused on her swinging on a wrecking ball and her twerking that they dismiss some of her other great aspects and example to her fans.

PINSKY: And again, I think some of her reaction was the step the people hang on me which I`m sick of in 2014. I`m going to talk more about this. Sick of me being the bummer guy. I`m not the bummer guy. I`m not that guy.


PINSKY: Stop pinning that on me. Stop pinning that one on me. I`m sick of it. So, we`ll talk more about that later, but thank you, guys.

We`re going to talk next about a woman`s marathon -- by the way, Tish, you`re welcome to the show anytime. Please come on and we`ll talk about this. A woman`s marathon holiday shopping drive, did that drive her boyfriend to jump over the rail and fall multiple stories to his death? It`s a sad story, but boy, if you`re like me, you can relate. Back in a moment.


PINSKY: Back with Jenny, Christi, Nikki, and Samantha. A disturbing story. This is out of China. Chronicle here with photos from CQ (ph) News. A 38-year-old man reportedly frustrated that his girlfriend refused to end a five-hour shopping campaign at a mall, leapt over the guardrail, and fell seven stories. It`s just such a sad story. Christi, reactions?

PAUL: Well, does anybody believe that it was five hours in the mall that made him do this?



PINSKY: You know, suicide is a sign of severe problems with either depression or mania or drugs and alcohol. That`s when suicide manifests. Other mental illness is associated. People don`t realize sometimes bipolars, when they`re manic are more likely to commit suicide, the one that depressed. It`s a serious topic. However, I want to take a lighter term with it and say that for all the women out there for whom their husbands have whispered in their ear, if we don`t stop this, I swear to God, I`m going to commit suicide and jump over the rail here, I`m just saying. I`m just saying.


PAUL: Have you made that statement, Dr. Drew?

PINSKY: What`s that Christi?

PAUL: Have you been driven to say anything like that?

PINSKY: Listen, I love my wife, but I hate shopping. I hate shopping.

PAUL: You know we have shoe fetishes.

PINSKY: I know you do. Listen, I live with Imelda Marcos. What are you talking about? Nikki, what`s your defense on this?

DELOACH: I was just going to say, I feel like the holidays, you know, can bring out the best in us or the worst in us, and I don`t know what it is. Maybe it`s this perfect storm of you know haven`t seen your family in a long time and then you get in a room with, you know, a whole bunch of baggage, maybe, and then you combine that with like maybe you had money problems or the job and buying Christmas presents and everything.

PINSKY: It is incredible. No, but Jenny, she`s right. It`s incredible how much medical and psychiatric illness manifest during the holiday season. It really does become manifest. People speculate that it is because of the stress. It`s the shorter days (ph) going to increase depression. Sam, what do you think?

SCHACHER: Yes. I agree with you guys tenfold, and I just think that it`s a really tragic situation, especially for all the people that are at the mall that had to witness that.

PINSKY: Yes, yes.

SCHACHER: I mean, it`s very sad.

PINSKY: And jenny, when was the last time you were that mad at your husband that you thought about killing him or killing yourself.

HUTT: OK. I never really want to kill myself or really kill him. Like three years ago, we were on a beach, and he took my son way out in the ocean to swim with real, live wide dolphins without like a wrangler or anything. They were too far out, and I looked at my father on the beach and I said I`m divorcing him today. I am done.


HUTT: But I didn`t and I got over it. And my son had the greatest experience of his life. But I hated my husband, Dr. Drew. Hate it.


PINSKY: I reminded people that I`m not the bummer. Jenny`s the bummer, I think --


PINSKY: Jenny`s the bummer on this panel. Reminder, you can find us on Instagram @DrDrewHLN. Thank you, panel. Nikki, I want you to stay behind. I`m going to show you a picture that I think -- you`ll feel better. No, no, it`s not you. It`s not you. No, no. "Last Call" is next.


PINSKY: It is time for the "Last Call," and my "Last Call" goes to my lovely panel who I`ve kept behind hire. I want to show you guys -- Nikki, I know you said there were pictures of you out there in entertainment. You don`t fault Miley for pressing trying on different costumes, so to speak. My staff was working hard in finding those pictures of you.

But in the meantime, I want to show you a picture of another member of the panel. Who is this one? It`s not Nikki. Who is that?

HUTT: Oh, my -- is that Wendy Walsh?

PINSKY: Or is it Christi Paul? Is it Sam? Is that you?

SCHACHER: it`s not me.

PAUL: No. It`s jenny.

PINSKY: It`s Jenny.



HUTT: That`s my prom. That`s 1988. And my hair was teased. It was specially made for me. It was specially made with the dyed shoes.


PINSKY: Nikki, you feel better?

DELOACH: I feel a little better. Feel a little better.


PINSKY: Control room, find any pics of Nikki, feel free to throw them up now that I`ve got her properly -- she`s feeling her. We`re going to bum rush her now. Oh, we have a Nikki picture. Let`s put that up there for me. Let`s see what you got. Oh, there`s some Nikki pictures in the Mickey Mouse Club.


PINSKY: That is cute, Nikki. That is cute. those are good, actually.

SCHACHER: Look at her on the right.

HUTT: Look at those boobs. What a nice rack.


PINSKY: Down, boys. My goodness. Let me show you one tweet before we go here. This is a tweet from Cindy Johnson that was back to the very story we were talking about the D.A. who was misbehaving. Here it is, "My husband is a police officer. If he ever got a DUI, the D.A. would take him down. No way she can remain effective."

See you guys. Thank you. "What Would You Do?" begins right now.