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Terror Bombing in Israel; Spacewalk Postponed; Peyton Manning Breaks Single Season To Record

Aired December 23, 2013 - 06:30   ET


PAMELA BROWN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: And it's a lesson learned for all of us what you might think is funny or maybe a point you think is a clever way isn't going to resonate with people.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: Yes, I also think it's a window into something else. Twitter is a vicious place. And I think we are seeing where people are offend or bothered. But the reaction and the name of that sensitivity is often much worse.

The things that were said about this woman forced the company in their message to say, please don't judge her by this.

BROWN: Right.

CUOMO: Because the threats and the viciousness and the ugliness in the name of sensitivity about AIDS, the hypocrisy just doesn't seem to hit people on Twitter. And we are seeing it more and more on the show.

And we're going to discuss it with Brian Stelter later in the show.

BROWN: I just want to say. I think that's an important point that the company saying, I hope it doesn't lead to a wholesale condemnation of this individual. Just because she tweeted that doesn't sum up the whole person. I think we have to keep that in mind.

CUOMO: Right. Boy, oh, boy. I'll tell you. It was ugly.

BROWN: Yes, I can imagine when her phone blowing up when she finally turned it on. Wow.

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: Thanks so much, Pamela.

Let's get back over to Miguel and -- for Mikaela -- for some of the other stories making top news this hour.

MIGUEL MARQUEZ, CNN ANCHOR: You can call me Michaela Marquez, if you like. If it makes --

BOLDUAN: Great. Now, I'm definitely going to do that.

CUOMO: On your best day you wish you were Michaela --

MARQUEZ: All right. Making -- oh, Michaela, sorry. Making news today: millions of Americans may have to reassess travel plans -- thanks, to the weather. It's left some areas flooded or covered in icy roads. It was a bizarre mix of tornadoes in the South, an icy storms in the Midwest. At least eight people were killed by weather. Five of them in Kentucky.

There was also recorded record warmth here in New York City with temperatures reaching 70 degrees the first weekend of winter.

If you want to make sure you are covered under Obamacare by January 1, that is, you better choose the policy you want by the end of the day today and pay your first month's premium by the end of the month. Still, federal officials say people who try to sign up but experience issues with the Web site can qualify for a special enrolment period and gain insurance as soon as possible.

Condolences pouring for family of Claire Davis in Colorado. She's the Arapahoe High School student who was shot in the head after another student went into the school with a shotgun. Davis was on life support for eight days. She died Saturday. Authorities say she was a random victim. Her family thanked the community for their support.

Not all the hits happen on the field during Sunday's matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins. An onlooker captured this video of a security guard appearing to shove a man down the stairs at FedEx Field. Crazy.

Witnesses say the incident started when the fan refused to leave the stadium after being escorted out earlier in the day.

And a big save for emergency responders in Massachusetts, who saved the dog that had fallen through the ice on the Charles River, dispatchers used -- amazing -- used the caller's cell phone signal to pinpoint the situation to locate, allowing police and firefighters to rescue and locate the golden retriever about 50 yards offshore -- amazing. Firefighter put on a cold water survival suit and was able to bring her back. She is doing just fine.


MARQUEZ: Wow, incredible.

BOLDUAN: It makes you cold just seeing that.

MARQUEZ: Oh, that poor little girl.

CUOMO: And the dedication of those first responders just never ceases to amaze you what they'll do. People, pets, amazing.

MARQUEZ: Well, the way that people love their pets for good reason.

CUOMO: They love to save the first respondents, because I'll tell you, going into that very icy water, dangerous.

BOLDUAN: Yes. Coming up next on NEW DAY, new troubles for the astronauts on the International Space Station. Problems with their space suits could jeopardize a critical space walk that's scheduled for tomorrow. We're going to bring you the latest on that.

CUOMO: And we thought Peyton Manning was good at throwing a football, right? But maybe not this good. Setting a new record. We'll tell you about it, coming up.

BOLDUAN: Oh, yes.

CUOMO: If he were on the Jets, he'd be perfect.


BOLDUAN: Let's go around the world now, starting in Israel, where a plan to bomb a bus has been foiled, leaving the country on edge.

Ian Lee has the very latest.


IAN LEE, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: A possible terrorist attack was thwarted near Tel Aviv when the alert bus passenger notified the driver of a suspicious bag. They evacuated the bus just minutes before it exploded. Only a bomb expert was slightly injured.

Question is now, who is to blame? Nobody has taken responsibility and the bomb, itself, is suspicious, appearing amateurish, not the M.O. of militant groups who typically use suicide bombers. The police are now hunting for potential suspects.

Back to you, Kate.


BOLDUAN: Ian, thank you so much for that.

Now to London where celebrity chef Nigella Lawson is facing a police investigation.

Isa Soares has more.


ISA SOARES, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: There seems to be no respite for Nigella Lawson, the British chef is now facing a drug investigation. This after her admission of taking cocaine on several occasions, but denies being a habitual user.

Well, the police say they are looking into it, but say there's no imminent prospect of prosecution. Well, still, Nigella Lawson is not letting this or indeed her divorce, gets her down. Speaking to "The Daily Mail", she says she has toughened up. She says she will survive this. She wants to get on with her life. A TV series is signed up for a second series due to launch here in the U.K. in 2014 -- Erin.


BOLDUAN: Thanks so much for that. Now, in Spain, there are two winners in the annual Christmas lottery drawing, but they aren't as lucky as you might think.

Al Goodman explains.


AL GOODMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENBT: It's called El Gordo, or the fat one. But the first price in Spain's annual Christmas lottery just got thinner. For the first time, the big winners in the lottery have to pay taxes of 20 percent on their good luck, thanks to Spain's economic crisis. This typical $27 ticket, mine, would have been worth $550,000 if it had won El Gordo, which it didn't. But, hey, I saved 20 percent in taxes.

Back to you, Kate.


BOLDUAN: Not so bad. Thanks, Al.

CUOMO: El gordo is the fat one. We will call you la flaca, the thin one.

BOLDUAN: Thank you very much. I was very nervous where you're going to go.

CUOMO: I will be el gordo and you are la flaca.

BOLDUAN: That sounds nice.

CUOMO: Thank you. You can have that.

Moving on, NASA says a 35-year-old space suit is to blame for repair delays at the International Space Station. Two astronauts made a five-hour space walk Saturday, the first step in fixing a faulty cooling system. But a second walk is on the back burner as they scramble to fix this other unforeseen problem.

CNN's Alexander Fields joins us now. What are they dealing with? How significant?

ALEXANDER FIELD, CNN CORRESPONDENT: This is an issue with the cooling system within the space suit.

Now, NASA says that the astronaut was never in any danger when he took this nearly six-hour space walk. Still, they say they aren't willing to risk sending him out again in it again. So, another suit will have to be okayed before this emergency mission can continue.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We just want to verify there are no (INAUDIBLE) exposed, correct?

FIELD: NASA astronauts on a mission to make repairs at the International Space Station spent five hours Saturday on a high stakes space walk. They will do it again, Christmas Eve.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We're good with that.

FIELD: If you thought your holidays had high drama, it doesn't compare.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don't know if you guys believe in miracles, but I got the first hitch on the first try.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's awesome, Rick.

CHRIS HADFIELD, RETIRED ASTRONAUT: It's sort of like a complex ballet with only two performers.

FIELD: The astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Michael Hopkins have already successfully removed a faulty pump that's needed to cool equipment on the space station.



FIELD: A new pump was supposed to be installed today but will now be delayed until tomorrow after a potential problem with Mastracchio's space suit was discovered Saturday.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The only issue that I personal am having that's very, very cold.

HADFIELD: One of the suits showed may be a sign that it got a little water into the evaporator on the back, on the flash evaporator, which cools the suit when you're outside.

FIELD: NASA says the astronaut wasn't endanger and that the issue with the space suit isn't related to what happened in July. That's when Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano nearly drowned after water leaked into his helmet -- a reminder of the dangerous nature of the work being done 220 miles above Earth.

The recent hit movie "Gravity" puts a highly dramatized science fiction spin on the risks of space work -- risks every astronaut on every mission understands.

MIKE MASSIMINO, ASTRONAUT: The movie "Gravity" is a good movie, but you probably don't want to watch that when you're in space.

FIELD: Maybe not. Mastracchio will have a new space suit ready to wear when he and Hopkins head back out Tuesday.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You're welcome. Thank you, good job.


FIELD: All right. NASA has about 12 of these space suits. They already had a spare space suit on board, with the crew. That suit is being refit today. They want it to fit just perfectly when they head out again tomorrow.

BOLDUAN: Have they figured out to -- they happened in the July incident, yet? These two are not related, you're saying.

FIELD: Right. That was a big, a huge concern for NASA as they, you know, approach this space walk, are trying to figure out what happened in July and, you know, how could it happen again or could it happen again? So, they tell us they made modifications in order to prevent that kind of problem, the problems aren't related, but NASA said they put some pads in the back of the helmet this time so the astronauts, they can actually tilt their heads back and see if there's any moisture coming into the helmets. They didn't report any moisture during the space walk. NASA also equipped them with some snorkels just in case those helmet starts full (ph) of water again.

BOLDUAN: We were talking about those snorkels last week.


BOLDUAN: It seems like an odd fix. But if it works, it works. Thanks so much.

FIELD: Thanks.

BOLDUAN: Let's go back over to Indra now with the very latest on what can only be called an unusual week in weather.

INDRA PETERSONS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: Yes. I think the theme here is extremes, and they are still going on. Let's talk about first, the Northeast, where we continue to have icing this morning in through New England, in through Maine, still another quarter of an inch of ice can accumulate out there. And then further to the South, I think we know by now, it is a record breaking heat. So, no, it's not ice, but rather more rain.

But flood concerns will be here. Still another one to three inches of rain is possible to fall in this region. You kind of look at the time of this, still exits off, taking its time around the Carolinas, still going to be in place overnight tonight, really exiting in through tomorrow morning.

So, yes, rain for a lot of the major hubs today. Still looking at maybe only about an inch for the majority of the heavy amounts still out there.

So, we got ice, we got rain, go to the snow. After the great lakes, we're still talking about one to three inches of rain possible out there today. So, that's kind of that cold wintry mix that we still have.

I think the biggest thing, though, as far as extremes are these temperatures. Take a look again, Bismarck, right now, your current temperature, negative 24. I don't even want to know what that feels like, but regardless, that's negative 24. Tampa is 70. You are talking about a good 94 degrees temperatures across the company. That's the biggie. Of course, it's going to change. You're talking about cold air making its way across. It will be changing quickly. So, you are talking about these temperatures already in the Northeast. Sorry. Say good- bye to the 70s. They are long gone.

So, they back down really to the 60s, still not that bad. But we are talking about 38 degrees by tomorrow. So, you are talking about what was 34 degrees above normal, down to 10 degrees below normal tomorrow.

But I know the question everyone wants to know, who gets the white Christmas? Not many of you. Colorado, maybe a little bit of a dusting by Christmas Eve. Really across the Lakes, maybe that much. So, not really that many people.

I'm sorry. It will be colder on Christmas. Yay! For you.

BOLDUAN: It could still change. We still have a couple days.

PETERSONS: Yes, not really.


CUOMO: I like that you care enough, though, that you take the blame.

PETERSONS: I didn't hear myself. Did I say sorry?



BOLDUAN: Still work on it.

CUOMO: Show that you care.

PETERSONS: I really should, up my game.

CUOMO: Coming up on NEW DAY: Lindsey Vonn, she's pledging not to give up, what a hero she's been for us. But her knee may have something to say about what her future holds. Her latest race could put an end to her time for the next Olympics. We'll tell you why.

BOLDUAN: And, this will get you in the mood for Christmas. An amazing light display. Got to love them. You got to see it. It's our "Must-See Moment" coming up.


CUOMO: If this song doesn't get you going --

BOLDUAN: Really.

CUOMO: What will?

BOLDUAN: Nothing will.

CUOMO: Now, I know the scenario for so many of you out there, two busy being dragged for a mall (ph) look at the football you need. I feel you and to feed the need, Joe Carter has the fantastic finishes from Sunday's games in the "Bleacher Report." Joe, help us.

JOE CARTER, BLEACHER REPORT: I am one of those --

CUOMO: I'm with you, brother.

BOLDUAN: Oh, life is so hard for you.


CARTER: Guys, a lot of those great finishes came yesterday. And there were plenty of those great finishes. They actually came in the NFC where I will tell you that there are a lot of playoff spots still opened in the NFC. There are actually four playoff spots opened in the NFC, because yesterday, Carolina is one of those teams that locked themselves into the playoffs for the first time in five years.

They pulled off a stunning win over the Saints. They scored the game winner in the final 20 seconds to win yesterday. Hey, Tony Romo. Remember we talked about it last week, he was the go. Well, he was the hero this week. Dallas beat the Redskins in the final minute yesterday, but they have to beat the Eagles this coming Sunday in order to get into the playoffs. It's a must win for the Dallas Cowboys.

The Arizona Cardinals, believe it or not, they still have a chance to get in the playoffs. They pulled off the biggest win of the day yesterday. And now, we're talking about the Denver Broncos. We pulled that video up, guys. The Denver Broncos, Peyton Manning, OK, we don't have that video.

The Seattle Seahawks, they won yesterday -- excuse me, they beat Seattle in the final two minutes. The Packers, they could have made it four finishes. They did not win because they did not score in the final play in the game. Green Bay still has a chance to get in the playoffs, but they have as to win next week. There are so many scenarios, as I said, in the NFC with four open spots. The AFC, there's only one open spot.

So, let's talk about Peyton Manning. It is certainly a trending story on "Bleacher Report" and all across Sports. He set the new single season touchdown record yesterday, he threw, has thrown, I should say, 51 touchdowns so far this season, which tops Tom Brady's old record of 50. Peyton still has one more game left. They play at Oakland next week which you could add to his touchdown total. The Broncos, they clinched the division yesterday with a win.

But it will be interesting to see how they handle next week with the Oakland game, guys. And obviously, this record great for Peyton Manning. It's great for him to be able to carry on his hall of fame career. But, it really doesn't amount to much if the Broncos don't find themselves in New Jersey playing in the Super Bowl, guys.

CUOMO: I'll tell you this, Joe Carter. Peyton Manning had a lot less thrown at him yesterday than you did trying to muscle through those clips --


CUOMO: Thank you.

CARTER: As you know, live television is like a fierce defense coming out.

CUOMO: And you were silky smooth. I want you to know that.

CARTER: The director just wanted more Joe Carter.


CUOMO: They couldn't throw you, Joe.


CARTER: Thank you, guys.

CUOMO: America is screaming out.

BOLDUAN: Can we talk about Peyton Manning for a second?


BOLDUAN: It is amazing, though -- I would -- I don't know if you'd call his comeback, but everyone, after that neck injury that he had, no one thought he was going to be the same.

CARTER: You're talking about four neck surgeries for a guy who's 38 at the time-years-old.


CARTER: Obviously, the Broncos took a gamble offering him a $93 million contract. But you know, maybe he's saving the best for last. Much like his boss did, John Elway. Obviously, John Elway, won a Super Bowl when he was 37, then he won another one when he was 38. So, Peyton Manning still has a lot to look forward to. But as I said, the Broncos can be a number one seed. They can have home field (ph) advantage throughout the playoffs. If they don't get to the Super Bowl, they really all amount to much of nothing, I think, for Peyton Manning.

BOLDUAN: And we all know how Peyton plays in the cold, right, Joe?

CARTER: You know, that's one of those things I think that they've been preparing for all season. I mean, obviously, he's wearing the glove and he says he gets used to wearing the glove and that's on his mind. So, I think the Denver Broncos are preparing for a cold weather game. I think they expect one. And obviously, it's going to be very cold in Denver throughout the playoff. So, I hope we cannot talk about the weather and we can just talk about the game, itself.

CUOMO: True. And everybody knows when you throw as much as he does, and it's very cold, it's going to be hard for anybody. So, a little bit -- now, one thing, we're showing Lindsey Vonn here because we talk about how hard it is to come back from injury, especially serious injury. What's this story with her resiliency right now? We know she works so hard, but what's the deal?

CARTER: The deal is, Chris, that she hurt her knee again this weekend, and she's competing in a race in France. Her knee continues to give her issues. You know, she obviously is an Olympic favorite to win a gold. She already made herself an Olympic contender, because she won the World Cup a long time ago with so many points left. But obviously, the knee injury continues to give her many problems, but she insists that she's going to be fine, that's she's going to compete and be ready and that she's not going to have surgery until after the Olympics.

So, this is her last shot. She's 29 years old. Obviously, the next time the Olympics would come around would be she'd be 33, almost 34- years-old. So, this is it for her. She's worked almost 11 months tirelessly to get back to the situation, to get back to where she can compete at a gold level.

And obviously, Tiger Woods, her boyfriend, himself, went through many knee surgeries and be able to come back and compete at a high level as well. So, those two, obviously, leaning on one another at this point.

CUOMO: All right. Joe, thank you very much. I appreciate all the info this morning.

MIGUEL MARQUEZ, CNN ANCHOR: All right, it's time. You've been waiting for it. Your morning must-see. A music teacher in Newark, California going above and beyond with the amazing Christmas music and light display. Take a look.




MARQUEZ (voice-over): I love it. Tom Vector's (ph) display includes a giant 17-foot guitar and a 19-foot piano that light up to the beat of that old Christmas musical "The Christmas Can Can Music." An all- around 70,000 lights were used. And get this, not only does he build all of this, himself, he says it was the very first time that he decorated his home for the holidays.

BOLDUAN (voice-over): That's setting a high bar for next year.

CUOMO (voice-over): Oh my goodness. I hope he has kids. The most innovative, the most annoying.



CUOMO (on-camera): Here's the sound from the neighbor. MARQUEZ (on-camera): You just don't know what's going on here.


BOLDUAN (on-camera): That's awesome. I love those.

CUOMO: Appreciate it, Miguel.

Coming up on NEW DAY, Target is apologizing after millions of customers saw their information stolen, but it could lead to a holiday nightmare if you shop there. At least one bank is clamping down on debit card use ahead of Christmas. What it could mean for you?



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I threw my whole body weight over my 16-month- old child to save his life. And then, I found my daughter and I flung her towards the bathroom to save her life.

CUOMO: Wild weather. Deadly storms in the Midwest and south record warmth in parts of the east which is a little north, crippling ice storms leaving hundreds of thousands without power. What is the deal from now until Christmas?

BOLDUAN: Shopping nightmare. The fallout rose from the Target hacking millions of debit card holders who shop there see strict their limit flocked (ph) on their accounts as the first lawsuits are filed against the retailer.

CUOMO: The heroes on the bus. Look at this video. An out of control school bus filled with kids careening through an intersection. Then, two drivers jump forward to save the day. They join us live.

Your NEW DAY starts right now.

ANNOUNCER: This is "New Day" with Chris Cuomo, Kate Bolduan, and Michaela Pereira.


CUOMO: Good morning. Welcome to NEW DAY. It is Monday, December 23rd, seven o'clock in the east. Just in time for Christmas travel, a weekend of wicked weather. A bizarre assortment of deadly conditions with road slick, rivers flooded, towns damaged, even tornadoes and ice storms stretching from north to south.