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Best Days To Buy; The Good Stuff; Going Extreme

Aired December 25, 2013 - 07:30   ET


NISCHELLE TURNER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: And then we also have what a lot of people are calling Julia Roberts' best work ever, "August Osage County." Both her and Meryl Streep will be cleaning up in the nomination department as we go into awards season. This is the perfect movie I think to see on Christmas because it's about a dysfunctional family.

Also known as the Turner family.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: From stage to the big screen. It's a great play.

TURNER: Exactly. That's right. So that's what's new. But I've been wondering -- *

TURNER: That's right. That's what's new. I've been wondering, we talk all the time, I'm a movie buff. I like to know what other people like. I am that person who sits at home in my pajamas and watches Christmas movies.

PEREIRA: I love this time of year for movies.

TURNER: I wanted to know what everybody's favorite is around here.

KATE BOLDUAN: This is very telling.

TURNER: I'm start with this lady right here, the blond bombshell to my left.

BOLDUAN: We watch a lot of the classics, but one of my favorites has always been "Scrooge" with Bill Murray.

TURNER: There you go.

BOLDUAN: "The ghost of Christmas present." She bashes him in the head. It's all in good fun. She has such a small voice and then she will hit you.

CUOMO: I feel like I live this every day and it's good you can mimic the voice because you mimic the disposition.

TURNER: Chris Cuomo, what about you, what say you, sir?

CUOMO: "Christmas Story" one of the few movies my whole family got into growing up, Darren McGavin. You have some of that for me? (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What would you like for Christmas?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Glorified. I heard myself blurt it out.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Shoot your eye out.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, it was the classic mother bb gun block. It will shoot your eye out.


CUOMO: The narrator made the movie. But I was looking around the set today, there's a lamp in that movie that the guy wins.

BOLDUAN: Here it comes.

CUOMO: We actually have the lamp here, which of course gets destroyed in the movie and the poor wife in it has to deal with that lamp. We made this lamp out of a replica of my leg.

TURNER: Really?

CUOMO: That's actually my leg.

PEREIRA: That is such a great film, if you haven't seen it, Indra said she hadn't seen it.

TURNER: Indra Peterson. What about you, Michaela?

PEREIRA: Here's the deal. I am the same way as Kate. There are tons. It depends on my mood and I will literally watch them all, "The Charlie Brown Christmas," all of the specials. Don't get me started on lifetime. My favorite, it turns out --

TURNER: Both of you?

PEREIRA: Obviously. I'll show you my favorite scene from it. It's not for everybody because kids, there's adult themes in "Love Actually." This is my favorite scene. Wait, wait, wait. The little princesses dancing on the door step.

TURNER: That has become a modern day classic.

PEREIRA: About family, love, relationships, second chances.

TURNER: For me, I don't know if it speaks to what's in my head, that I am like a 12-year-old child forever, I'm a Claymation fan and my favorite is "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town."

PEREIRA: How about "a year without Santa Claus."

CUOMO: The abominable snowman. BOLDUAN: I see a movie marathon in our future, friends.

PEREIRA: I think so.

CUOMO: That was good stuff.

PEREIRA: That was fun, Nischelle.

TURNER: We have our list of stuff to watch.

BOLDUAN: Coming up next on NEW DAY, did you get everything you want today? Don't worry, there are deals to be had the day after Christmas. We'll have some tips for you coming up.

CUOMO: We have a special holiday edition of good stuff. They're calling him the layaway angel, coming through to help shoppers pay off their bills wait until you meet him.


PEREIRA: We have to add Nischelle and Christine. She's been a very good elf this year.

Welcome back to our special edition of NEW DAY. What's the best time for you to pick up some of the things you might want and didn't get? Christine Romans is here with some ideas.


PEREIRA: She's been shopping her hinie off. Let's start with clothing. We love clothes.

ROMANS: Tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow is the day of the biggest sales. My whole research team is working on this. Now that you have the wrapping to pick up, let's think about you. Tomorrow is probably the best day, December 26th. Look, our experts talk to we say French Connection, Banana Republic, Gap, Club Monaco, these are likely to be the best, best sales of the season. And if you like coupons, Banana Republic, in particular has a lot of coupons. Clothing in those places and look at other -- you'll have great clothing deals.

PEREIRA: Online or in the stores?

ROMANS: But if you go to the stores, you're especially going to find piles and piles of tables of all of the stuff they didn't sell for Christmas that's now to mark way, way down. So buy yourself something nice.

BOLDUAN: You're also telling is us that this might also be a good time to buy furniture? I feel you're not giving furniture as Christmas gifts.

CUOMO: It will get thrown out of people's houses when you are fighting with family.

ROMANS: A lot of the big furniture collections debut in February. In January, this is when they'll be trying to get rid of their old --

CUOMO: That's a handsome piece.

ROMANS: -- of the big old orange couch. Also mattresses, the mattress companies realize people will be shopping for furniture, maybe you need air new mattress. Shop around. This is the time of year for furniture. Pottery barn and others, America's research group told us you're going to see their new collections in February. So watch for the markdowns in January.

INDRA PETERSONS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: Mental note. I just moved here. I need more furniture.

CUOMO: I'll hook you up with that orange love seat.

ROMANS: You're going to need it to watch your new TV.

CUOMO: How about that? We all know these things get cheaper as new versions come out big boy toys, the audio visual stuff, is this a good time?

ROMANS: This is a good time. Here's why. You have the consumer electronics show, which is coming up. Before that you'll see a lot of markdowns on the older models. The companies try to use Super Bowl as this big kind of buying spree weekend. You'll see more and more sales. The folks at deal news told us be on the lookout for Panasonic made plasma TVs, they'll be not making them.

CUOMO: All the plasmas are falling away. I was buying TVs, they get you with the audio part. This is fine but, however, what you'd like -- your chest comes up, says I want a loud TV, too.

PETERSONS: Since I sold my car, not that I need one in Manhattan but what about cars?

ROMANS: You'll see good car deals, too. The dealers want to close their books well, meet their targets. They have until January 2 to make all the targets for the year. You'll see them selling out their 2013 models. The last sales days for 2013 is probably January 2nd, 1st or 2nd. You might have a whole weekend to try to do this. Some of the offers for the 2013 models are unbelievable, 0 percent financing for some, up to $7,500 cash back for others.

If you need a car, this is the time to buy. Guess what, you have the advantage. The manager of the dealership does not have the advantage. You really have the advantage. They really want to get those out the door, the 2013 models because they have beautiful new cars coming in. The financing is still very, very good, if you have good credit, the financing is still very, very good for the new car- month-olds.

PEREIRA: She's redeemed herself. Earlier we were giving you grief about being Debby Downer with the Mega Millions, with the lottery.

ROMANS: I think this is the most wonderful time of year to treat yourself. This is a really good time. BOLDUAN: You know what I've noticed this year is the returns for everything from toys to clothes seem to be a bigger return window this year.

ROMANS: There is a bigger return window. I always like to say, be careful of the restocking fees, be careful if you're buying things on web sites. This year, we showed some of the web sites where you can't say anything bad about them. Watch the fine print on the return policies. The big chains are much better at returns.

I go to Home Depot with a vacuum bag, I don't have the receipt, it doesn't matter. They'll return it. The big chains who want your business are finding ways to be very, very amenable about the return policies. That's something you'll reward them with your business further going down the road.

PEREIRA: Christine Romans, we appreciate it.

BOLDUAN: I like red cashmere.

CUOMO: I know I make you the face of big business, but that's only for the purpose of play. You worked so hard to get us this information, thank you for doing it all year long.

ROMANS: What did you put it in his punch?

CUOMO: On Christmas day, I'll say it like it is. I'll come after you tomorrow.

Eighty Florida families will have a happier holiday, thanks to a man who's being called a layaway angel.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He was running his card. I didn't believe they didn't melt.


CUOMO: He was running his cart so fast. Why? Wal-Mart Assistant Manager Deb Davis telling us how amazed she was when a man came up to the counter and started paying off layaways and would not stop. By the time he was done he racked up $20,000 on the layaway balances of some 80 families. Question, why did he do it?


CINDY MAZZANO, LAYAWAY ANGEL'S BUSINESS PARTNER: He had heard a lady out in one of the aisles talking about how she needed to pay off her layaway, but she didn't think she'd be able to take care of all of it this year. He walked back here and started in. It was crazy.


CUOMO: Not crazy, crazy nice. We've since identify the layaway angel, local financial planner, Greg Parody. He was actually in Wal- Mart, get this, he was buying bikes for Toys for Tots. He was already there doing the right thing. It was a little while when his beneficiaries found out what happened but when they found out --


DEB DAVIS, ASSISTANT MANAGER, WALMART: Tears, surprise. I mean, there was one lady that after she cried she had to sit down because we thought she was going to faint.


CUOMO: Which would have been the opposite of what he was intending by doing all of this. I would bet anything that their reaction, whatever it was is nice, but it is the act of giving itself. You don't have to have a big wallet to have a big heart. It's great when someone of means steps up and uses money for good for others.

PEREIRAM: Makes it that much easier.

BOLDUAN: What was it, $20,000?

CUOMO: It's 20,000 bucks and he was buying bikes for Toys for Tots. This is obviously a guy that has the spirit.

PEREIRA: That's great.

CUOMO: Isn't that nice? I'm bashing these business people all the time, financial planners.

BOLDUAN: Top of Christine Romans nice list this year would be a financial planner. All right, we'll take a break. Coming up next on NEW DAY, extreme lights, extreme ornaments, downright extreme everything, people.

ROMANS: Extremely upset neighbors?

BOLDUAN: Exactly. Extremely upset neighbors. We'll take a look at the craziest holiday decorations from all across the country.

CUOMO: And good tidings of great joy. What does this day mean to you? We'll ask three religious leaders to weigh in on what the significant of the day is and should be, coming up.


PETERSONS: Welcome back to NEW DAY. Merry Christmas, everybody. It has been a tradition for a very long time, that's hanging lights inside and outside of your house. But more people are taking it let's call it to the extreme. They're looking to break a record. I've got the top five light shows that will literally wow you.

We're going to take you first down under to Australia where David Richard and his family broke the "Guinness Book of World Records" here, just how many bulbs brink at his highways, try an incredible 502,165 bulbs. They expect their electric bill to be as high as $2,500 this month. My favorite part about this, is he said in 2011, he held the record. He's never going to do it again, it took too long. So he did it again.

BOLDUAN: You can see that from space.

PETERSONS: And he went way out this time. We got another one back in the states, thanks to computer technology, look at this entire neighborhood, they have their homes synchronized to radio tunes. You actually have the radio station to listen to. When you drive by, you can listen to it, but not everyone has to hear it. In El Paso, Fred Loya, an insurance company owner, he had over 300,000 lights synchronized to Christmas music.

CUOMO: You can price out the seizures he's going to give people.

PETERSONS: Exactly. And a Southern California resident, under the YouTube name, Player Bob, he's a rebel without a Claus, get it. He put together an incredible medley. Complete with a snowman, and a Santa threading on the guitar. Love, love, love and I know someone absolutely loves this. This is -- what does the fox say about all of these festive dwellings that we have got?

Chris Cuomo, Jay Perkins from Tulsa, Oklahoma has the answer. His house has around 30,000 animated led lights. The viral hit, you know what those lights are? What did the fox say? It took about 7 hours of work for each minute of the song.

CUOMO: I'll make a special call to Santa to skip over that house. I'm pretty sure it makes the reindeers nuts.

BOLDUAN: I love that skipping light right there.

PEREIRA: That's one of my favorite presents, holiday lightless.

CUOMO: Very, very nice.

On this Christmas, we are honored to be joined by the Young People's Chorus of New York City, they've been here all morning. They're under the direction of Francisco Nunez and Grammy award- winning violinist, Joshua Bell, who has a new album out himself, "Musical Gifts with Joshua Bell and Friends." They are all here for a classic moment for your holiday. Let's take a listen.


CUOMO: Christmas is here as you welcome your family, as you open your gifts, let us help you celebrate this special day.

BOLDUAN: We have all the day's news, plus useful holiday tips and live Christmas music.

CUOMO: A very merry NEW DAY continues right now.