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Ringing In 2014 With A Promise; Weight Loss Safety; A Personal Trip With Kate

Aired January 1, 2014 - 06:30   ET


DR. JENNIFER CAUDLE, ROWAN UNIVERSITY: I'm not a fan of cleanses, no. And I don't think they're wise to do. Weight loss is really about what you put in, calories in, versus calories out. It's a simple equation. It's hard to do but it comes down to calories in versus calories out.

The way to do this is not by extreme measures. This is not the way to lose weight but rather by eating a healthy diet, making sure there's moderate exercise, making sure you're getting your blood pressure and cholesterol and things like that in check and you're under medical care.

MICHAELA PEREIRA, CNN ANCHOR: Well, exercise -- and I know, Indra, you are very good about getting your exercise in. I know it's a topic close to your heart.

INDRA PETERSONS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: Yes, because I think -- I see so many women, I watched, and they all cardio. Everyone asks me all the time, why are you weightlifting? It drives me nuts. I wish people knew, the more muscle you have on the body, the faster your metabolism is.

Plus, if you're cardio, you're only going to burn calories while you're running. If you're weight lifting, you're burning calories there after for a longer period of time. Plus, your metabolism is higher at it goes one you turn 40 --

PEREIRA: Does she have something there, Doctor?

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: So, is that a mix for everybody?

CAUDLE: I think you have a really great point, because I think that in addition to cardio, weight lifting can be a very important and good addition to a workout plan. For a lot of patients I see, though, they've -- you know, it's January 1st, right? But for years and years, they haven't been to the gym. So, the idea of my patient who hasn't been to the gym but rather been on the couch talking about going to the gym working out every day for 90 minutes, not going to happen.

Some people start small, OK? That can be a very important thing. Take the stairs. Walk around your neighborhood.

BOLDUAN: Just as small as that.

CAUDLE: Start small and do things you love.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: Start small with the action, but don't you need to start very, very big with the promise to yourself, because isn't the mistake to say I'm going to lose weight.


CUOMO: Because I'm going to change my life. If you don't change your life, what is the chance? What's the chance that six months from today that that person isn't up weight from their low point if they don't change everything about how they live their life and take care of themselves.

CAUDLE: Well, I'm so glad that you talk about that. You're talking about commitment. This is the day to be committed. This is the day to decide, and to decided that you're going to lose weight and get healthy and eat right, and that it may not be easy but you'll stick with it.

This is the day.

CUOMO: Set a goal. Make them whatever you want.

CAUDLE: Absolutely, and consult your doctor and your dietitian. Get some help and work out and do this with friends.

PEREIRA: Get friends involved in it. Yes.

CAUDLE: Have people around you that are not going to want to take you out to fast food restaurants all the time.

PEREIRA: Sabotage.


BOLDUAN: It's not just about losing weight, about changing lifestyle. It's also about your health. When you talk about heart disease and how it is the number one most preventable disease --


BOLDUAN: -- that we face. This is one of those things. I mean, this could save your life.

CAUDLE: Even five pounds of weight loss can make changes in your blood pressure so much in the office I can check your blood pressure and tell you've lost weight because your blood pressure is lower. Five pounds can change your cholesterol. So small changes can work.

PEREIRA: She's making it a manageable plan. You're NEW DAY, new you can start today.

Thanks so much, Doctor.


CUOMO: Could be an Indra, though, throwing around all those big weights like Indra Petersons. Very dangerous, throwing around the big iron.



PEREIRA: Thank you, Dr. Caudle.

CUOMO: Coming up on NEW DAY, we all make New Year's resolutions, of course, we do.

However, almost all of us don't keep them.

BOLDUAN: So true.

And also ahead, the best stuff. You voted and we're counting down the top three good stuff of the year.


BOLDUAN: Oh, my, what a night last night some of you had. Welcome back. Many people marked the New Year with more than just champagne and toasts and such. They also keep an annual tradition making a new years resolution.

We're no different or are we? So we thought we'd talk to you and share and allow you to be a bit of a fly on the wall with our resolutions.

First of all, do you guys make resolutions?

PETERSONS: Never. I'm such a Debbie Downer. No.

PEREIRA: Do you?

PETERSONS: Why don't you make resolutions? I think if you want to do something, you just do it every day. Why wait until January 1st, I don't get it. But --

PEREIRA: All right. Have you ever made a resolution?



BOLDUAN: I feel like there's a story we're not being told here.

CUOMO: Anybody you may consider?


PEREIRA: That's for Indra.

How about you, Kate? Have you had some of the past?

CUOMO: She makes them every 10 minutes.

BOLDUAN: You take it nicer --

CUOMO: You make them every 10 minutes.

BOLDUAN: I break them every four.

CUOMO: I will never let that happen again.

BOLDUAN: I will never talk to Chris ever again. Oh, that's not one of them.

Oh, you're actually asking --

PEREIRA: No, I was curious. Do you -- have you --

BOLDUAN: I do, I do. And I often break them.

But I will tell you, resolutions in the past have been a source of actually -- like I used to be a bad nail biter. I finally stopped that once I said it out loud. This year we'll probably follow our New Year's resolutions because we're telling everybody --

PEREIRA: American keeps us honest.

BOLDUAN: Keeps us honest.

All right. So, I've been talking about it, like two resolutions. One would be I'm going to give more of my time to charity. I'm sick of hearing my own excuse, I want to help out, but I'm so busy, I've got no time.

So taken a step, I found a charity I really and I've gotten involved with free arts here in New York. And I'm going to give more time and get involved to do some good.

Another one, and this one, this is a long-term goal. I would like to learn a new language. I studied Spanish throughout my whole life but I would like to learn a new language. I bought Rosetta Stone for a friend, to learn French. It's still sitting on my iPad.


PEREIRA: I wonder what language Chris might try.

CUOMO: It's very, very good.

PEREIRA: They're both bettering yourself.


PEREIRA: I like that. We'll support you.

(CROSSTALK) CUOMO: That's Spanish.

Every New Year's Day, I used to have the same resolution when I was younger, which is never again, never again. We're past that phase. Now, I think back wistfully and think, why did I stop?

But I think that for me, yes, I make resolutions. Yes, I believe in them. I think setting goals is very important. I think accepting the failure of those goals is equally as important.

I think it's one of the things that's left in a resolution process. You will fail at most things you try in life. It's the nature of life. We all know that.

You learn --


CUOMO: You have to think about it. If you think about your successes in life and how much you learn from them, versus what you've learned from the things that haven't done well, for me, in my life at least, the latter have been more instructive in my life.

So, one of the things that I'm going to try to do better this year, I've got easy room for improvement is have perspective on what happens to me, especially in this business. Very often things happen --

PEREIRA: I support this.

CUOMO: You don't appreciate them because we're failure averted. Got to be better about --- you've got to enjoy it. Life doesn't give you blessings all the time. You have to enjoy them when they happen, that's my resolution.

PEREIRA: I'm with you on it.

The thing is at our house, my guy --


PEREIRA: In our house, my guy -- in our house, my guy came up with this idea, instead of a resolution, he picks a theme for the year. And I bit off some of his style. So, this year, ironically --


PEREIRA: No, in 2013 my goal was to simplify. So, I moved across country, I got a new job with CNN.

I might want to go the opposite. I think this year, I'm going to go with balance is going to be my theme. Think of it in every aspect, right?

CUOMO: Karate?

PEREIRA: Everything, karate, diet, exercise. BOLDUAN: We'll stop calling you and e-mailing you at a certain point every day, just to give you balance.

CUOMO: If you want balance, don't eat your rum balls.

PEREIRA: I made rum balls for the crew.

BOLDUAN: How about this. Indra, if you believed in resolutions, what would your resolution be.

PETERSONS: I'm a complete slob on the weekend. I don't have hair and makeup with me on the weekends and the one thing I've also said --

BOLDUAN: It's terrifying.

PETERSONS: I go to the gym and stay in it all weekend long. The only people that know me well.


PEREIRA: More personal cleanliness on the weekend?


PETERSONS: Well, well --

BOLDUAN: Indra wants to have better personal hygiene.

PETERSONS: Just look a little bit more girly, maybe.

CUOMO: Being girly, clearly a struggle for you.

PEREIRA: We can do it. I like this. It's good. Well done.

CUOMO: And my other resolution is we keep doing and do more of the good stuff every chance we get.

In fact, I say we begin the resolution almost right now. Time for the good stuff.

All right. But this is actually the best stuff. That's because we asked you in a poll on what your favorite good stuffs were this year. And today, we're going to couldn't them down.

At number three, a Florida mother down on her luck with three hungry kids, no money, made a bad choice. She went into a grocery store, loaded up a cart and tried to walk out without paying. Nothing good about that.

The police officer called in -- a veteran cop, Vicki Thomas -- she had to make a choice as well. Listen to the one she made.


OFFICER VICKI THOMAS, MIAMI-DADE POLICE DEPARTMENT: I asked her why would you do that? What would make you do that? JESSICA ROBLES, MOTHER: She came out and asked do you have food at the house? I looked at her, in her face and I told her, no, I don't.

THOMAS: I made the decision to buy her groceries, because arresting her wasn't going to solve the problem with her children being hungry.

ROBLES: All I want to tell her is, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so very much for doing this for us. And I'm very thankful.

THOMAS: The only thing I asked of her when she gets on her feet, that she help someone else out. And she said she would.


CUOMO: Now, the officer didn't let it go. Don't obsess on that part of it. Jessica had to go through the system.

However, since that time, because of the notoriety of it and the attention from Vicki, she landed a job as a customer service rep. She says there are no words to say how thankful she is to Officer Thomas, that generosity, people finding out about her story, catalyst for change her life. That's the good stuff.

BOLDUAN: Michaela, what's the line you say all the time that we love?

PEREIRA: Not a handout but a hand up.

BOLDUAN: Exactly right.

PEREIRA: I like that.

BOLDUAN: All right. Think about that one for a second, and we'll take a break.

Coming up next on NEW DAY, roll the video. Why are the three of us holding shotguns?

PEREIRA: Never good idea.

BOLDUN: It's all part of a little secret you might not know about me and you're about to learn.

PEREIRA: And if you happen to miss them, don't worry, you're in luck. We have got our favorite must-see moments of 2013. This should be good.


BOLDUAN: Welcome back to NEW DAY once again. When we kicked off this program, each of us shared a little piece of our world, introducing the others a little surprise that showed gave a little window into who we are and where we came from.

As we head into the New Year, we wanted to share that with you once again. Starting with something I've done since I was a little girl. Take a look.


BOLDUAN (voice-over): There's a special bond between father and daughter. And in a family of four daughters, one of us was destined to be the tomboy. That was me. Probably when I was six years old, I would sit in the duck line with my dad when he was hunting. And then as I got older, this is our thing. I was with him a week ago and we were just shooting together.

Just look at these pictures from our last hunt, surrounded by nature and I get to spend time with dad.

CUOMO: How (INAUDIBLE) you spend that time with your father?

BOLDUAN: It's just our special time. I have lot of sisters. We're always together and everyone's talking. This is our quiet time.

CUOMO: There's nothing like quiet time when people are firing weapons.

BOLDUAN: Let's not kid ourselves, it's a huge adrenaline rush, like a kid in a candy store.

And to me, there's nothing more natural than a woman and her gun. So, what better way to bond than to take these two shooting.

That's what I'm talking about. Feels good, doesn't it? A little taste of gun metal and the great outdoors.

CUOMO: You want this one? Because if you do, you can't have it.

BOLDUAN: Why not?

CUOMO: Because if it's the best gun, I want it, because I want you to lose and I want to win.

BOLDUAN: As you'll still see, Chris could use a cannon and he'd still miss. So let the competition begin.


CUOMO: That was nice. I want to be Kate. But I'm not.

BOLDUAN: First, some tips for the rookie.

CUOMO: What?

BOLDUAN: Can you handle it?

CUOMO: What?

BOLDUAN: Whenever they're ready to listen.

PEREIRA: I can't hear anything he's saying.


BOLDUAN: It's amazing.

PEREIRA: These are Cuomo-proof.

BOLDUAN: These are Cuomo-proof.


BOLDUAN: Safety is always number one. Never point gun at anyone. Always point it at the ground. Safety's on.

PEREIRA: Safety's on.

BOLDUAN: Then, line up. This is going to -- it's going to go out. You don't want to aim it at this because it's moving.

CUOMO: Don't shoot where it's at, shoot where it's going to.

BOLDUAN: Finally, just relax.

PEREIRA: She's funny. Yes.

BOLDUAN: Here's a gun. Shoot that thing.

PEREIRA: Don't stress about it.

BOLDUAN: For Michaela, it's her first time even holding a gun. So, getting comfortable is no easy task.

PEREIRA: Can I close one eye? Because the two eye thing does not work. I feel like I'm cross-eyed.


PEREIRA: I didn't -- I didn't even know where that went.

BOLDUAN: As for Chris, well, he has his own set of challenges.

Let's see it, Cuomo.

CUOMO: Pull.

BOLDUAN: Oh, man. I thought he was on. Stop thinking so much. You see a green target, shoot it.

CUOMO: Pull. Pull.

BOLDUAN: Like I said, Cuomo could have used a cannon.

CUOMO: My pride hurts.

BOLDUAN: But before long, Chris and Michaela can't get enough.

PEREIRA: Go get a coffee. I'm going to be here a minute.

CUOMO: We're not going anywhere until daddy hits one of these.

PEREIRA: Oh, my goodness!

BOLDUAN: I'm proud of you.

PEREIRA: Oh, my God! I'm still shaking.

CUOMO: It's so much fun, such a great challenge.

BOLDUAN: It's a challenge that seems to prove too great.

CUOMO: Pull. Pull. I'm nowhere near it.

BOLDUAN: Until we're ready to call it a day.

CUOMO: Pull.


BOLDUAN: With that, my work here is done.

CUOMO: Bring it in. Bring it in. Bring it in. I'm a man! I'm a man!


BOLDUAN: A passion I learned from my father now sharing with my TV family.


PEREIRA: That is -- I'm a man!

BOLDUAN: I'm a man! It's good to see even though it's been six, seven months now, there are some things that have not changed.

PEREIRA: And you are part of the team. I bet you would have shown --

CUOMO: Indra said she would not use the weapons, unless, we shot at real people.



PEREIRA: That's not what she said.

INDRA PETERSONS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: -- sniper my parents went every weekend, yet, I have no game. Kate, you can teach me.


PEREIRA: That was a lot of fun. We really enjoyed that --

BOLDUAN: Good hunting season this year, too, I will say in Ohio. Very good hunting season. CUOMO: All the animals come out when I hunt. Feel like -- all right.

BOLDUAN: That's why I bring you along. Whoo-hoo!

PEREIRA: You'll see a little bit more in the next couple of hours. We'll show you some more interesting videos of our times, getting to know --

BOLDUAN: We're getting to know --

PEREIRA: But right now, this is something that we've done as a regular feature on the show, our "Must-See Moment" 2014, hopefully, we'll have it share viral videos all sorts of scenes that we can show you, but we want to give you a look at some of the ones into 2013 that topped our "Must-See Moment." This Volvo commercial isn't only epic for its more than 60 million views in 2013, it's epic, thanks to that man, Jean Claude Van Damme.


CUOMO: What word did I teach you about this?

BOLDUAN: Pencil (ph) straight.


CUOMO: Gern.


CUOMO: Stretching the gern.

PEREIRA: He drops into a perfect -- two moving trucks, driving backwards. And you've probably seen this. It inspired other Hollywood celebs like --


PETERSONS: He looks so good.

PEREIRA: I like that he's on projector cartridge.


CUOMO: He's actually very flexible. Let's see how far he goes.

BOLDUAN: Is it make it Mike?


CUOMO: "Magic Mike." I hate that I know that.


CUOMO: This is what you sound like --

BOLDUAN: Little did you know that we've done -- just kidding. That would be hilarious.

CUOMO: This is as far as I can go. I'm old.

PEREIRA: All right. This is one of, I know, Kate's favorites as my favorite as well, the cutest and coolest costume in 2013. Zoe, 22 months old from California showing off her awesome --


PEREIRA: -- created by dad using LED lights in Velcro, even did a tutorial. It was put it up on YouTube to parents to make their own. It costs like 50 bucks. But honestly, is that the cutest little thing?


PEREIRA: Look at it again.

CUOMO: Power of the dad.



PEREIRA: This is another little one, very, very special video. You couldn't forget this, the six-year-old orphan from Columbia stealing a show when Pope Francis met with families at the Vatican in October. He was taking questions from followers when this little guy appeared on stage, hugs him, tugs on his robe, and then climbs up on his lap. And the pope, he seemed to encourage it. Apparently, a security guard tried to lure the little guy away with some candy, but no, he was resolute.


CUOMO: This would gave the pontiff man of the year. This one episode --

PEREIRA: This one episode --

CUOMO: -- "Time" magazine told me.

PEREIRA: And then a favorite for anybody that likes a good marching band. Here's thriller for you, the King of Pop --


PEREIRA: Ohio State University's marching band, apologies to Kate.

BOLDUAN: Their band is good --

PEREIRA: Michael Jackson's "Bad" album. Look at this -- and then they even do the moonwalk, people.

CUOMO: That's strong.

BOLDUAN: That tops it off. Many I've ever seen is this moonwalk.

PEREIRA: And they are known for pulling off these outstanding formations, just impressive.

And then last but not least because this in a word is sick, a monster wave to remember back in October when parts of Portugal being pummeled by hurricane force winds. Not everyone was complaining. These surfers take advantage in this jaw-dropping ocean swells. My goodness. No match for these pros, though. Preliminary estimates suggest that Brazilian surfer, Carlos Burle, we spoke with him, may have topped the record for the biggest wave ever surfed.

CUOMO: And remember, he didn't do it until after his surfing companion had gotten almost killed, and he went and saved their life.

PEREIRA: Save her life.

CUOMO: And then he went in --


PEREIRA: Must see, must hear, must never try at home.


PEREIRA: So, we'll see some more fantastic videos. We'll bring them in our "Must-See Moments" in 2014.

BOLDUAN: That's right.

PEREIRA: There you go.

BOLDUAN: Coming up next on NEW DAY, from a looming fight over the debt ceiling to midterm elections. What you need to know about the year ahead in politics.

CUOMO: And this morning, headlines, Colorado, goes to pot. Will other states jump on the recreational marijuana band wagon? This morning, Colorado many hungry people or soon to be hungry.

BOLDUAN: Nutter butters.

CUOMO: Is this good? Is it just funny? Should we be joking? Is it going to spread? What does it mean?



CUOMO: Happy New Year. Welcome to 2-0-1-4. If you're waking up in Colorado this morning, you can get high legally, so do not adjust your set. The new marijuana law and what it means for the rest of the country.

BOLDUAN: Out with the old, in with the new chemical products. Some of your favorite cosmetics and home cleaning cleaners are changing their formula. One major retailer has forced them to.

PEREIRA: And let Oscars season begin. all the big contenders are now out in theaters. So, who's in to the chase for gold, Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock and what she can see today?

CUOMO: Your NEW DAY starts right now.

ANNOUNCER: This is "New Day" with Chris Cuomo, Kate Bolduan, and Michaela Pereira.


CUOMO: Good morning. Welcome back to a special edition of NEW DAY. Again, I say let's call it new year. It's January 1st after all, 2014. Seven o'clock in the east. We want to begin, of course, by wishing you and yours a very, very Happy New Year.