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The Best & Worst of Tan Mom

Aired January 2, 2014 - 21:00   ET



DR. DREW PINSKY, HLN HOST (voice-over): Tonight, tan mom at her best.

PATRICIA KRENTCIL, TAN MOM: Beauty isn`t outside. It`s inside. And I found that.

PINSKY: And her worst.

KRENTCIL: Don`t piss me off.

PINSKY: And her most colorful.

KRENTCIL: I definitely was dark, but oh, my God, wow.

PINSKY: Let us guess started.


PINSKY: Good evening, everybody. And happy New Year.

I`m here with my co-host Jenny Hutt.

And, tonight, we`re going to look back at last year and talk about the best and worst interviews with the tan mom.

So, Jenny, let`s look at her story as it involved to her claim to fame.


PINSKY: Tan mom -- two words that grabbed headlines this year, and a face that shocked the country.

KRENTCIL: Wow, that -- wow, I really am dark. I didn`t realize it, to be honest with you.

PINSKY: Was there something impairing your ability to see that?


PINSKY: So this was at a fund-raiser, red carpet and something went wrong?

KRENTCIL: I don`t drink. Occasionally I might have a glass of wine.

PINSKY: Patricia, to my eye, you are intoxicated, and let`s be honest about it.

KRENTCIL: I do fall all the time. I have plates in my head and exhaustion, stress, five children --

PINSKY: Let`s be fair, that was intoxication.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And also, Dr. Drew, your producers know that she was sick and was on cold medication. You know that.

PINSKY: If we`re going to be real here, let`s be real. Let`s not blame anything on cold medicine. Stop it. Stop it.

Stop with the cold medicine. Stop with I`m just wild. Let`s talk about what`s real here.


PINSKY: And yet, Jenny, she never seemed to want to come clean, but eventually the story unfolded.

JENNY HUTT, CO-HOST: First of all, you`re amazing, watching her deal with her directly, that`s what people have to do, when you see somebody in trouble.

PINSKY: Later on in the year, with the mayor and the kid that killed people intoxicated, you have to be very direct with people. Don`t pussyfoot around.

You know, I felt bad for her. I could tell there was not just intoxication. She had severe injuries, she said there`s a plate in her head, she had a seizure disorder, there was a constellation going on. So, I was sympathetic to her. But I was not sympathetic with all the smoke screens. That`s got to be a little frustrating.

So let`s look at where it began. Take a look.


PINSKY: Just I heard you were sort of surprised that people were interested in your story. But when you look at those images, can you understand why it caught so much attention?

KRENTCIL: Well, when I look at everybody that walks out of those tanning booths, there`s several women that were darker than me. And then I do have to emphasize that those certain pictures were tainted. People don`t understand that.

I was definitely dark, and I didn`t even think I was. So now after this whole process, I do believe wow. Wow. I really am dark. I didn`t realize it, to be honest with you.

PINSKY: Was there something impairing your ability to see that?

KRENTCIL: No. I just like being tan. It`s natural. I don`t wear makeup so just being tan with pink lipstick is what I did. Like I told you, I liked just to go out with my friends. That was one of the things just to get out of the house for a tad.

PINSKY: OK, let me show you another piece of tape. This was videotaped at a recent red carpet appearance in New York.

KRENTCIL: Oh my God!

PINSKY: I`ll let you react to this.

Let`s watch this tape. Tell me what was going on there.

KRENTCIL: All right.

PINSKY: See if we can roll that.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That looks great.


PINSKY: So this was at a fundraiser, red carpet, and something went wrong. What was going on, my dear?

KRENTCIL: I guess I was -- all right. Nobody understands me, so I`m going to cut to the chase and not make it long. When I was in there, I was over-tired. I was pursued by the paparazzi for three months.

My children were very upset. And it just blew up. And then that night -- I didn`t belong in that club, because I have to emphasize, I don`t drink. Occasionally I might have a glass of wine, whatever.

And I made a joke about I used to live in Chicago. A martini straight up. I was very nervous. I did enough. But I have to be honest with you, I was drugged once in L.A. at a party and I don`t do drugs. Alcohol is a drug, but I`m saying drug drugs. And that was not me.

So I really don`t -- and I do fall all the time. I`ve got plates in my head and exhaustion, stress, five children, and you know --

PINSKY: OK. Slow down. Tell me about the plates in your head. You had skull fractures?

KRENTCIL: Somebody hit me when they were on steroids and I almost died twice. They had to put three plates in my head. So my equilibrium -- and I`m anemic. I don`t like eat meat and stuff like that. So, my balance is always off even if I didn`t have nothing -- Excuse me, Dana, nothing -- it`s just incredible, like, I will trip and bump into things and if I bump into anything --

PINSKY: I get that. Head injuries can predispose that. But that`s not what we`re looking at in that footage. I mean, let`s be fair. That was intoxication.

KRENTCIL: No. I don`t know. I swear on my life, polygraph, OK? That`s not me. I don`t know what happened that night.

PINSKY: OK. So you don`t have a substance problem. That was just a bad night for you, right? That`s how we understand that?

KRENTCIL: I call it complete exhaustion. After that I left. I went to a spa for five days just to get away. I couldn`t leave my house for three months.


KRENTCIL: I don`t know what happened that night. I swear on my life. But they showed the bad footage. They didn`t show the good footage of -- everyone loved -- you know, pictures, photographs, this and that and the other thing.

And then now they turn certain things into other things where people want me to go box at a boxing ring with them.

PINSKY: I heard about that. Somebody wanted -- Nadya Suleman, somebody offered to have you fight Octomom. What do you think about that? That`s wild, right?

KRENTCIL: At first, I know -- well, first of all, I`ve got a disk out in my back. Another winner. And then I have one right now as we speak.


KRENTCIL: But I`d just go for physical therapy. I`m not getting caught up again.

PINSKY: All right.

KRENTCIL: But my point is, it`s not ladylike to go in a boxing ring. You want -- I mean --

PINSKY: Do you have to take -- let me ask you this -- do you have to take painkillers for your back problems?

KRENTCIL: No, I just take Advil.

PINSKY: OK. Let`s take a call. Donna in Pennsylvania -- Donna, what do you got in Pennsylvania?


PINSKY: We`re going to take a phone call. Donna, are you there?


I am appalled. She looks like she`s on some type of narcotic or something. Her face is twitching and just moving around. She`s talking about ladylike. What is it?

PINSKY: Well, hold on. Donna, let me -- stop.

So I think what they`re seeing -- I`m going to come to your defense here, Patricia. Let me -- people can see that you have some twitching in your mouth. To me, that looks like something called tardive dyskinesia, which is something from medication. Is that something you have?


PINSKY: You don`t have that.

KRENTCIL: I have plates in my head and then my jaw. I`d like to tell this woman -- and forgive me. You need to, like, be quiet, because that really ticks me off. I do slant on that side because I don`t have any feeling on that side. So my lip turns that way.

And how dare you make an accusation. Look in the mirror at yourself. Don`t you dare.

PINSKY: Do you think, Patricia --

KRENTCIL: Don`t piss me off. I`m serious.

PINSKY: I`m on your side here.

Patricia, do you think those head injuries have something to do with the perception of the tanning maybe?

KRENTCIL: Not whatsoever.


OK. Let`s go to Robin in Michigan. Rob, what do you got?

ROBIN, CALLER FROM MICHIGAN: Hi. I don`t want to be mean or anything, but it definitely does look like she`s on something. I mean, we saw a picture of her falling down and she`s got all that suntan. She`s definitely on something.

PINSKY: Well, again, Robin. Let me interrupt. We don`t want to make Patricia angry, is that she says she`s had head injuries. That is something that can effect people`s perception. It can make people sensitive to alcohol. I`m going to take her at her word that she doesn`t have an alcohol problem.

Should I, Patricia? Is that accurate?

KRENTCIL: Accurate.

PINSKY: OK. And you say you`re not on painkillers. And that most of what we`re seeing --


PINSKY: OK. So what the callers are responding to primarily is something leftover from your head injuries. Is that probably accurate?

KRENTCIL: Yes. And as I got older -- I have to go -- I hate going to doctors. Dentists, doctors, any --

PINSKY: How old were you with these terrible head injuries? Somebody on steroids --

KRENTCIL: I was 25. I`m 44 now.

PINSKY: -- bashed your head.



PINSKY: So, Jenny, there you go. That`s where we first got to know tan mom.

HUTT: Listen, Dr. Drew, I`ve had such a range of emotions while watching. Just now I was angry, at I don`t drink, I have some wine.


HUTT: I was --

PINSKY: Denial. Listen, I`ve been fooled by the best of them, so what are you going to do?

HUTT: Look at her. Oh, my goodness.

PINSKY: Well, listen, if you go to, I did a podcast for an hour where she chronicled all the severe injuries. She had profound injuries. She was beaten, thrown down a well for a week. She was in a coma pregnant for a month.

We get into all of that later in the show. You`ll see how profound her neurological problems are, and lo and behold, it turns out -- well, you have to keep watching to see how things turned.

But, coming up, we`ll actually have tan mom. She`s here with us, and we`ll see how she`s doing today.

HUTT: Good.

PINSKY: Right back after this.



PINSKY: What happened?

KRENTCIL: Somebody hit me when they were in steroids and I almost died.


PINSKY: Back with the my co-host Jenny Hutt. We`re looking at the best and worse of tan mom. And, clearly, there`s something up with her. Now, we learned about her head injuries. You`ll learn more as you keep watching her. She had repeated episodes of severe beatings and all kinds of crazy stuff happened.

But the substance issue was what made you frustrated, right, Jenny?

KRENTCIL: Well, it`s what make you frustrated. Also, sadly, every time she said she had -- she wasn`t a drinker, it made me think of my baby- sitter who was an alcoholic. She would come back to the house after a bender. She would walk in the house and she would look at me, a 10-year- old, and say, you`ve been drinking, Jenny? Because I sure ain`t been drinking. Have you been drinking, Jenny? I would say, what?

Truly this happened. Then she would go to her room, she would sleep for a couple days, she would be sober until she left on her next bender.

PINSKY: You were at least 12 until you started binging on alcohol, right?

HUTT: Yes, Dr. Drew, I was. But --

PINSKY: OK, what?

HUTT: Isn`t true that you`re not --

PINSKY: No, go ahead.

HUTT: I was just going to say if you`re not a drinker, you`re not a drinker. It`s not I`m not a drinker, I drink wine.

PINSKY: Yes. Right. Alcoholism is a thing, it`s a disorder, and you either have that or you do not, and plenty of people that use alcohol don`t have it. But here`s what she told me about addiction, so to speak, and those who dared to discuss that and confront her about it.


KRENTCIL: Number one, you don`t know me. You see my mouth. No, I`m not on drugs. I don`t take drugs. I don`t like drugs, because first and foremost, you don`t know when you take a drug what the drug is going to do to you.

When I had the back surgeries and head surgeries, I threw (INAUDIBLE) out my back. How dare you. You don`t know me.

Oh, this is what you think. I don`t care what you think. Don`t think. Think about yourself. Don`t waste your time on me.

I`ve moved on in my life. I`m trying to make things different, and you know, we all have things that happen to us in our life.

PINSKY: Let`s tell people who you are more. What do you do for a living?

KRENTCIL: Well, I used to -- I`ve done a lot of things.

PINSKY: What are you doing now?

KRENTCIL: I`ve done multiple, I was -- now I`m a mom that stays at home. But I am promoting Dana Ramos` book. I`m writing my own book, getting out my own skin cream.

PINSKY: Let`s address these things that these women were saying. Again, I think you had a serious head injury and people need to be empathic and understanding about that.

KRENTCIL: I almost died. My husband had to choose. I was pregnant, had to choose me or the child. And the baby was three months old and he chose his wife.

PINSKY: This is heavy stuff, my dear. Now, let`s talk about --


PINSKY: Let`s talk about the mouth movements that people are -- people think that`s methamphetamine. That`s what you think. I`m not saying that`s what it is. For me --

KRENTCIL: No. I have plates --

PINSKY: Yes, I understand that. But it also looks to me like a side effect of medication that you may have taken a long time ago. No?

KRENTCIL: I got punched -- no, I got punched directly here in the mouth. I don`t want to get into that whole thing.

PINSKY: OK. All right.

KRENTCIL: But because of that -- no, keep it simple. Because of that I`m at my dentist which I hate going. I love the guy, but he`s trying to rebuild my jaw line. That`s what I kind of -- like my mouth goes like that.


KRENTCIL: I don`t do drugs. Let`s move away from that whole --

PINSKY: I am moving away from that. But I was trying to clarify about medication someone may have prescribed to you that can cause a similar thing. But let`s get of that now.

KRENTCIL: No, no. Anything --

PINSKY: Let`s talk about how difficult it was for you when the police showed up and arrested you for your child allegedly having been endangered by going with you to these tanning salons. How awful was that?

KRENTCIL: They didn`t come to my house and arrest me. I went to the police station. We`re suing everybody for what they`ve done to me. My daughter had a half a day of school. She was outside and she`s a redhead, white skin, rest of my kids have my skin --

PINSKY: We just saw her a minute ago in a picture. So, she`s lovely.

KRENTCIL: No, she`s gorgeous. But she`s very fair. My husband`s white. There she is.

She -- look. Dumpling. Hi.

But, OK. Yes. Just real quickly, is that she was in her kiddie pool. I was out on my deck gardening or whatever I do, read books and so forth.

OK, cut to the chase, all I`m trying to say is that they called. She told her she had a burn. They called the cops. They didn`t -- it`s illegal. You have to call mom and dad. If there`s mom and dad, you call a guardian.

I have to emphasize how furious I am about that. I`m almost done. Just one second.

And then after that took her to the pediatrician. All the pediatrician said is that she needed a little bit of extra derm. She had a little red mark. She -- I would never: (a), put her in the tanning booth. I have to say this. I never -- she`s -- gosh. Come on.

No. That never happened. It`s a room with a booth. She comes with mommy. OK?


KRENTCIL: And but if she ever went in there, she would have been toast.


PINSKY: Well, Jenny, there you go, what do you think?

HUTT: Well, first of all, her daughter is so adorable.


HUTT: Let`s start with that. I feel bad for the kids that they have to watch her mother being in pain.

PINSKY: Yes, I spoke to one of the daughters when I did the podcast. She was glowing about her mom, so lovely. She`s so wonderful, so great at home, she`s dedicated. I don`t know if the daughter was in denial, too, or what. But there`s more tore revealed if you keep watching.

If you have a question or comment, tweet us @DrDrewHLN.

Next, one of hers friends comes to her defense.



DANA RAMOS, TAN MOM`S FRIEND: Let`s get it straight. It was a business idea. I`ve been working with her now for three months, and people -- she`s been bullied.


PINSKY: Back with Jenny Hutt and we`re discussing the best and the worst with Tan Mom. That was her friend Dana Ramos defending her.

And it turned out there was more to be revealed to her story. Dana had been hoodwinked or was in denial herself.

HUTT: You think?

PINSKY: Yes. And I spoke to Patricia Krentcil -- go ahead, Jenny, please?

HUTT: Well, I was just going to say, look, the whole tanning things was really strange, how she got as dark as she became and she didn`t realize it, as she says.


HUTT: Because when I was a freshman in college, I took a taxi to a tanning parlor for 30 days straight, I wanted to be tan. At the end of 30 days, I paid for like unlimited for a month, Dr. Drew.


HUTT: I was orange.


HUTT: Literally orange, and I never went back. I saw that I was orange. It took one picture to see, done.

PINSKY: Right. You had not had multiple head injuries that may make it different for you to perceive.

HUTT: No, I had not.

PINSKY: Which we don`t know whether she is or not, but the story clarified as the story went on.

I spoke to her the second time right after all the legal charges were dropped. It was a relief to her and her family that all that nonsense was passed her.

But take a look at this.


KRENTCIL: I`m ecstatic after ten months of misery over something I didn`t do. And I won. And I didn`t give in. I won.

RAMOS: Yes. It`s great.

PINSKY: And --

RAMOS: It`s been a real happy few days. As soon as it was dismissed, the case was dismissed, it was immediate. You could hear in her voice. You could hear the laughter come back.

PINSKY: And, Patricia, did your husband stand by you through all this? Was he OK with all this chaos?

KRENTCIL: He got really sick, too, as well as my children and make it short and sweet. It was ten months I had to hide in my house, literally, because no matter where I went to this day, I`m not tan anymore and, you know, autographs, signatures. My kids were made fun of at school.

PINSKY: You said your husband got sick during this ten-month period. What happened with your husband?

KRENTCIL: His stomach. It was hard to see his wife upset.

PINSKY: One thing that people keep saying about you, Patricia. Now, I`ve tried to explain this to people and I want to set this record straight. You have some abnormal movements of your mouth. Everyone keeps saying oh, she`s on meth, look at her mouth. This is not anything to do with substance abuse. This is about the effect, residual effects of medication.

Are you aware that you have that problem?

KRENTCIL: No. I don`t do drugs.

PINSKY: No, I know that. And I`ve been your champion on that one. And I think people just don`t know what they`re looking at, don`t know what they`re talking about. So, just to clarify as a physician for you, you`ve had multiple head injuries, multiple facial fractures, the residual effects of medication, and that`s what people are looking at.

Now, I imagine that also makes it difficult to contain some behaviors. I imagine if you are exposed to, say, alcohol, you may have sort of extreme effects very readily. And perhaps, is that some of what people have seen out in public?

KRENTCIL: No, because I don`t even go out.

RAMOS: He`s talking about the one or two times that --

KRENTCIL: Oh, that nightclub nightmare?

PINSKY: We actually have a couple of pictures from the people have called into question. Now, what are we seeing here? What was this night? And --


KRENTCIL: Oh, you`re seeing a girl that has not gone out in five years. That`s me.

PINSKY: And is that alcohol related or not? That`s just you?

KRENTCIL: No. Not whatsoever.

RAMOS: I`m going to tell you what she told me --

KRENTCIL: I`m wild. I like to have fun.

RAMOS: That`s what she told me. When I called, I said, Patricia, what was that about? She says look, I have a wild side to me. I like to break loose when I go out. OK. You know, that, that doesn`t mean she`s a terrible person.

PINSKY: No. Not at all. Nor does it mean she`s using substances, but people draw assumptions about that. It`s not normal behavior. It may have something again to do with the head injuries that you don`t sort of see, perhaps, you know, the perception how people might perceive that behavior. So, fine.

KRENTCIL: You know, quite frankly, if I may, Dr. Drew.

PINSKY: Please, please.

KRENTCIL: Why doesn`t everyone that was in that bar or in the city and every city around the world look in the mirror and see that when they`re out doing exactly what I did maybe once a year, OK, it`s my children. That`s it.


KRENTCIL: OK. That`s my life and my friend.

PINSKY: Now, last time you were here, you responded to several callers questioning your sobriety. And again, this is something I wanted to address this time. So, let`s look at this tape.


KRENTCIL: First of all, number one, you don`t know me. You see my mouth. No, I`m not on drugs. I don`t take drugs, I don`t like drugs, because first and foremost, you don`t even know me. What the drug is going to do to you.

You don`t know me. Oh, this is what you say. I don`t care what you think. Don`t think. Think about yourself. Don`t waste your time on me.


PINSKY: Now, Patricia, that was you in the middle of the storm. Now, you`ve been with all that attention for ten months. What do you say to your critics now?


KRENTCIL: No. I can understand watching that that you would think something like that. But, the bottom line is the amount of stress and upset me. It`s my family and how dare you. So next --

RAMOS: And also, Dr. Drew, your producers know that she was sick and was on cold medication. You know that. Your producers knew that.

PINSKY: Yes, but Dana, Dana --

RAMOS: That`s a day before.


PINSKY: I`m not going to allow these things to pass as defenses for these behaviors. It`s just ridiculous. So, let`s deal with what`s real here. Let`s just deal with what`s real.

RAMOS: I know.


PINSKY: It does not explain that. Stop it. OK? Now, what does explain it is she`s struggled with -- this poor woman was a beautiful young woman who was beaten repeatedly and has severe head trauma from that. And people are attacking for it. They have no business doing that. That`s setting the record straight. Would you agree, Patricia?



PINSKY: Yes. That`s -- if we`re going to be real here, let`s be real. Let`s not blame things on cold medicine.


PINSKY: Let`s stop it. Stop it. Let`s stop with the cold medicine. Let`s stop with the I`m just wild. Let`s talk about what`s real here. Now, come on, if you want to set the record straight, I want you and I want to defend you, because I think people have been terribly, terribly, terribly unfair to you.

So, now, there`s another -- let`s set the record straight here. There`s been rumors circulating that you`re moving to the U.K. or London. Let set that record straight. Where did that come from? What`s that all about?

KRENTCIL: I have a lot of friends there. And I just want to get a flat. And there`s a couple of movies and stuff I got opportunities to do and just trying to move ahead and let the past be the past and let people understand -- I guess I`m sorry. But, you don`t know me. And I`m sorry.

PINSKY: Patricia, we`re trying to get the record straight and defend you here. Here`s the deal. Are you telling me that all this attention is chasing you overseas? That makes me very sad. Is that what`s happening? It`s been that bad?



PINSKY: Well, she eventually did not go overseas, did she?

HUTT: No, but, Dr. Drew, listen. You`re the doctor, so clearly you look at her as a clinician, you see the drugs or substance abuse or whatever it is you see as a doctor.

As a person, I look at her and see someone so unbelievably broken, damaged, sad on so many levels, yet at the same time crying out for attention. It`s this -- she doesn`t want to be looked at, but please look at me. It`s so sad to watch.

PINSKY: Yes. A little bit of that. Yes. But what bothered me was she clearly had severe disabilities from the heady injury and people were not backing that in, whether there were substance or not, I still couldn`t tell. All I knew is it was not cold medicine. I was sick of hearing nonsensical excuses. So, well, she`s finished with those sorts of defenses, but she is not -- well, is she finished with tanning? She`ll have that answer after the break.

HUTT: What?



PATRICIA KRENTCIL, "TAN MOM": I`ve moved on in my life. I`m trying to make things different, and you know, we all have things that happen to us in our life. And I am -- those comments you just made are the most naive. Do you sit at home and watch those reality shows? Is that what you do for a living? I work my butt of.


PINSKY: Certainly, nobody watches reality shows. Jenny and I here presenting the best and worst of Tan Mom. And Patricia Krentcil had appeared on this show a number of times with her friend and anti-tanning adviser, right? She comes out with some skin products and some messaging about wearing, you know, protection from the sun. That`s good.

HUTT: Well, sunscreen, yes. Yes. Well, as I said before, I went tanning for a long time. And now, I would never go in the sun. I had a basal cell carcinoma when I was pregnant. And so, I`m very, very careful in the sun today.

PINSKY: One of the most (INAUDIBLE) is one of the most common skin cancers, and the tanning booth are as guilty as the sun itself in terms of causing skin damage and skin cancers. Well, I asked tan mom if she was finished with tanning. Let`s take a look.


KRENTCIL: Oh, I`m not going to say.


Dana Ramos, author, "the skin regime": No, you`re not. She calls me every few days says I`m going tanning. I`m going tanning. And I`m saying, you`re going to wreck all this gorgeousness that we worked so hard to do? But she says, well, maybe from the neck down she`ll tan, but --

PINSKY: Wait, wait. Hold on a second. That`s actually important. There are people out there that hypothesize that there`s such a thing as a tanning addiction. That you sort of -- maybe it`s even the light or the UV or what it does to our brain --

KRENTCIL: Now, that`s ridiculous.

RAMOS: She hasn`t tanned in -

KRENTCIL: If I can get over that, I`ve done it my whole life.

PINSKY: You could help other people if we talk about this again, realistically. Do you think you kind of had a tanning addiction? Was that part of what was going on there?

KRENTCIL: No. It`s like a major break from five kids screaming at you saying I need this, I need that. I have to go here. Let`s basketball, let`s football. It`s this, it`s that. Clean the house, in the ball (ph). But, I will go back out, and I`ll wear sunscreen. I will never tan my face again but definitely my body. So, everyone get ready. And --

PINSKY: Please don`t overdo it.


KRENTCIL: Now, I`ve got a humongous pool (ph). I`ll be right out there.

RAMOS: But she`ll be wearing sunscreen and her tan mom healthy glow cream.

PINSKY: All right. Fair enough, but again, for everyone else, melanoma, deadly cancer. Squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma is increasingly common in this country. I`m not suggesting that you should go out in the sun. I`m just saying. You`ve done enough. You look great. Why risk it?

KRENTCIL: What are you doing tonight?

PINSKY: I`m not tanning.

KRENTCIL: Are you golfing?

PINSKY: No, I`m going to do a little show for HLN. I thought I do. It`s Dr. Drew On-Call thing.

KRENTCIL: All right. Well, next time, I`ll look you up. I mean, I`m going to interview you.

PINSKY: Absolutely. Absolutely. I look forward to that. So, listen, so we`ll look forward to your tan screen -- excuse me. We`ll look forward to your sunscreen or your indoor tanning cream.

RAMOS: Self-tanner.

PINSKY: Self-tanner. Right. We will look forward through --

KRENTCIL: Get it together.

PINSKY: I do need to get it together.

KRENTCIL: Get it together, Dr. Drew.


PINSKY: All right. I`m still trying to get it together, jenny, but the fact is there were people hypothesizing there was such a thing as sort of an addiction to the light exposure from tanning. And I don`t know.

HUTT: I have to tell you, the time that I went for those 30 days, it was heavenly. It was warm, it was soothing, it boosted my mood. I wasn`t addicted, because I could stop, but I liked the feeling.

PINSKY: The seasonal affect disorder was boosted by the UV exposure.

HUTT: It definitely --

PINSKY: Fascinating.

HUTT: We know I have every issue in the book, Dr. Drew. Hello!


PINSKY: Coming up, tan mom is here to tell us how she`s doing today. I will actually talk to her. The best and the worst of tan mom continues. Back after this.



KRENTCIL: First of all, number one, you don`t know me. You see my mouth. No, I`m not on drugs. I don`t take drugs. I don`t like drugs, because first and foremost, you don`t know when you take a drug what the drug is going to do to you. You don`t know me. Oh, this is what you think. I don`t care what you think. Don`t think. Think about yourself. Don`t waste your time on me.


PINSKY: Back with Jenny. And Jenny, we`re getting a little Twitter action here. This is from Globtrotter. It says, "Recoveries from what? Looking like a burnt taco shell? Doesn`t she have any real friends? Somebody should have told her she looked terrible." Well, she looked better eventually. We`re going to look at that, all right?

HUTT: Yes, but I agree, because in your life, Dr. Drew, I`m sure there are plenty of people who you trust who would say to you, look, something is not right. What`s going on? In my life, that happens to me every two days. Someone will say something about something. That`s just people who love you and care and will take the time to say even what you don`t want to hear.

PINSKY: We don`t do enough of that. We still worry walk on egg shells. We worry about being pissy (ph). We worry about upsetting that person. No, no. Our job is to help people be better and not sink into something where they`re not seeing things reality -- on reality`s term which is what mental health is.

Well, speaking of mental health, tan mom came back to the show. Guess what? She had alcoholism, and she actually received treatment for her addiction. Take a look at how her appearance changed.

HUTT: Surprised.

PINSKY: It`s really quite stunning.


KRENTCIL: Two bottles a day.

PINSKY: And what motivated you to get sober?

KRENTCIL: I hit rock bottom and I was willing to go and get well and admit my problems and I -- forgive me. I just was sick of being tired, sick of being sick, and I was sick. And I always like mentally, physically, you name it, sick. And worn out, you name it. Just all. But, you know, drinking all the time. I was depressed. I was everything.

PINSKY: OK. How you feeling now?

KRENTCIL: I feel great! I`m sober. I`m healthy. I`m happy.

PINSKY: How many days?

KRENTCIL: Forty-eight.

SCHACHER: Congratulations.

PINSKY: Well, congratulations, except, I heard you on Stearn (ph) a couple of days ago and you said 50-something days. Was that just a miscalculation or do you have a little slip in there?

KRENTCIL: I think I probably messed up. Yes. Forgive me on that. Yes, 48 days. I believe. Yes. Pretty sure, sir.

PINSKY: All right. Are you going to meetings regularly? Do you have a sponsor?

KRENTCIL: I go to counseling. And I have -- I go to meetings here and there, not regularly. I do it for a touchup. I don`t particularly believe in AA. Why? Because back to my childhood, I have issues with that. Valid issues. But I got it this time with Dr. Kelly at the Wilkins Institute, and Gena Rodriguez brought me to Michael Lohan who they got me in there and helped me.

PINSKY: Yes, but I guarantee you, I guarantee you, listen -- unfortunately, we`re going to have -- there`ll be trouble ahead, because I`m sure they thought you about 12-step and the importance of getting a sponsor and doing the work and you`re resisting that.

KRENTCIL: I have tons of support. I feel great. And it`s a different experience this time. I`m there, I`m willing, and I`ve got it. And I`m working it every single day. And I`m proud of myself, and I can`t explain it. I`ve got it, finally, after 45 years.

I was carrying baggage and then I`ve been through hell through that process. And then, after that, you know, I`ve worked it. I`m working it. It`s not a miracle. Sitting in an AA room, and I don`t oppose it. You`ve got to find what works for you as well. This isn`t --

PINSKY: Yes, yes. We all agree with that. Don`t you need to really work every day or for a long time to deal with a lifetime of trauma and alcoholism?

KRENTCIL: Without a doubt, 100 percent. You can`t, in 40-something days, forgive me for the exact number, I try not to count, because I`m just living, you know, my days, and nobody has it. You know what I mean, like, you do it every day, you work on it. And to answer, the lady said, well, you`re beautiful. Well, beauty isn`t outside. It`s inside. And I found that.

And I don`t know. When people start yelling at me and stuff like that, it hurts, because, again, Dr. Drew, you`re correct on that. Alcoholism is a disease and I have it and every single day I`m grateful that I`m here and when they mention the plates in my head, I could have -- I was proclaimed dead several times and they had to reconstruct my face and I can`t see out of the eye.

I don`t want to go on about that. But Dana, you know, talked about beauty or whatever, beauty`s within, but it is an exterior that makes you feel pretty, too. And Dana Ramos, a dear friend of mine, helped me, you know, with the, but I have to bring her --

PINSKY: Sam, you have got a question -- Sam.

SAMANTHA SCHACHER, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: First of all, I want to commend you for finally seeking treatment. I think that`s awesome, way to go, congratulations, and I wish you all the best. My question to you is, do you think that your rise to fame, the scrutiny that you suffered because of everything that happened in the past couple of years led to you hitting rock bottom, and are you nervous about that affecting you and your sobriety now?

PINSKY: And there`s a video out there, and I`ve heard a rumor that you were being approached about a porn. So, how does that all fit?

KRENTCIL: Oh, forget all that. That was insanity. I was still sick and a lot of the things -- it`s the past. I don`t even want to talk -- that`s the past. Everyone, let`s move on in life.


PINSKY: Well, she has moved on. I`m anxious to hear how she is now. We will actually have her here. Let me read you a tweet, Jenny, before we get to her from Robin Dunda. "Tan Mom" must have a stylist, because she looks better." Well, she does look a lot better, because she`s sober now.

HUTT: Yes. I mean, she`s not doing so much with her mouth anymore, which I think is interesting.

PINSKY: Well, it is. And again, when people have that kind of tardive dyskinesia-type of syndrome, when they`re anxious, when they`re upset, when they`re in withdrawal, those symptoms get a lot worse. Again, I don`t think that`s meth, but who -- you know, she`s in denial about everything. Who knows?

There was a real problem there where she didn`t know her sobriety date. She got the one date at a time part, but she left out the working the program part, so we`ll see.

HUTT: But Dr. Drew, right, she doesn`t want to work the program. I`m not an alcoholic, and I try to work the program.


PINSKY: Interesting. Well, she`s back with an update for us. We`ll see how she`s doing now. And to remind you, you can find us on Instagram @DrDrewHLN. "Tan Mom" after the break.


PINSKY: Jenny and I have been taking a look at the several appearances "Tan Mom" had on the show with us here, and she`s had quite an evolution. And she is now here with us by phone. Patricia, how are you doing now?

KRENTCIL: Hi, sweetheart. Hi, doctor. You have to forgive me. I`m -- about 20 minutes ago, I had a loss in my family that just died.

PINSKY: Oh, no, are you OK?

KRENTCIL: I`m okay. You know, I`m here to talk to you for a minute or two. It just happened.

PINSKY: We`re so sorry.

KRENTCIL: No, I`m just overwhelmed, but I`m willing to talk for a minute or two.

PINSKY: All right. We have a picture of you by a Christmas tree that you just took, I guess. You`re looking pretty good. Everything seems to be going still well. As you look back over the last year, the alcohol and the behavior and all that stuff, what have you learned? What do you want people to know?

KRENTCIL: That it`s gross to drink and be that way, and like -- you`re just hiding or covering up your problems. Some people can go out and about and do all that stuff, but the best thing overall I have to say is being healthy in your mind and heart and be giving.

PINSKY: Jenny`s got a question for you here. Go ahead, Jenny.

HUTT: Hey, Patricia again, sorry. Are you still tanning or have you stayed away from the tanning bed?

KRENTCIL: No, none whatsoever.

HUTT: That`s great.

PINSKY: And how about your sobriety? Has it been difficult to maintain the sobriety or how are you doing with that?

KRENTCIL: No, everything`s been great.

PINSKY: Since I last talked to you, you and your husband were going to split up or something. Did that happen?

KRENTCIL: I can`t comment on that.

PINSKY: Well, let me ask what I wanted to know which was how your kids doing if that`s what happened?

KRENTCIL: Everyone is together. We`re all great. My children are doing wonderful. Of course, with all five kids, you`re going to have like, you know, r ranging from 20 to 18, 16 turning 17, and seven and five, you know, it`s a roller coaster ride.

PINSKY: I bet. I`ll bet it`s better dealing with it sober than using.

KRENTCIL: Yes. But you know when that all happened to me, I lost a baby, and then I got sick, and, um, I lost it. women go through a lot of different issues than men, and men have their own issues, but all I`m trying to say is I went through a really difficult time.

PINSKY: Well, I didn`t hear about -- there was a miscarriage, there was the head injury, there was depression, there was alcohol? I mean, my God, are you getting professional help? You have a therapist or doctor following you?

KRENTCIL: No, I`m seeing a new person now, who is wonderful.

PINSKY: Good. Good.

KRENTCIL: That I can speak to, and I`m really thrilled about that.


KRENTCIL: And you know, just always trying to sort out problems. You know how life is.

PINSKY: Yes, I do. How about your buddy, Dana? Is she still in your life? Dana Ramos?

KRENTCIL: Oh, she`s my friend, always.


KRENTCIL: And you know, wishing her luck, and I`m doing my own thing. I`m just trying --

PINSKY: One of the things that came up in the conversation where people were wondering why your friends weren`t more confrontative with you? Why they weren`t trying to breakthrough your denial.

KRENTCIL: Forgive me, I don`t understand the question.

PINSKY: Why didn`t -- why weren`t people close to you going, hey, Pat, I see you drinking. Stop it. Come on. What are we doing here? Let`s stop with the nonsense about the cold medicines. Why don`t we get real about this? Nobody ever seemed to be doing that with you.

KRENTCIL: Um, I guess maybe they weren`t my friends?

PINSKY: OK. Well, listen, Patricia, we wish you well for the holidays, best to your kids. Hopefully, we`ll check back in with you again, and you`ll be doing just as well. Keep doing the work. It`s one day at a time as you know, right?

KRENTCIL: Yes. And I just want to mention that I`m so happy I saw a lot of interviews on you that you had a little bit of problem, you got sick, and I`m so happy you`re better. You`re better today, right?

PINSKY: Patricia, thank you. That`s a very sweet gesture. That to me, I hope people watching, gives us a little sense of who you are. So, thank you, and have a great holiday, OK?

KRENTCIL: Happy holidays. And I`ll talk to you soon, OK? This is a bad day today.

PINSKY: OK. I understand. You bet you. Back after this.


PINSKY: So Jenny, there you go. That`s a look back at tan mom. You get a little sense of who she is now, and she`s kind of a sweet lady. Yes?

HUTT: Of course she`s sweet. Yes. I wish her well.

PINSKY: There you go. Thank you all for watching. Happy holidays. We`ll see you next time. Good night.