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Police Chief Arrested for Child Porn

Aired January 24, 2014 - 19:00:00   ET


JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HOST: Tonight, public outrage. The ultimate breach of trust. Cops say a New York police chief responsible for teaching children about sexual abuse has been viewing and sharing hard-core pornographic images of children. How was this alleged monster allowed access to so many innocent children?

Good evening. I`m Jane Velez-Mitchell.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Our investigation revealed that Mr. Fanelli had in his possession a library of over 100 files depicting sexually explicit images of children.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Take a look at him. There he is.

Police say this man, Police Chief Brian Fanelli, downloaded and shared at least 125 files of underaged kids, some as young as 7 years old, involved in depraved, disgusting sexual acts. According to cops, his computer had everything ranging from graphic naked photos of children to very disturbing obscene videos involving incest.

To add insult to injury, Chief Brian Fanelli taught sex abuse awareness and religious classes to elementary and middle-school children.

According to the complaint, Police Chief Fanelli told the officers he originally was doing research for his sex abuse awareness classes. But cops say the chief admitted he continued to download these files for his own personal interest. Could this alleged research be his get-out-of-jail- free crod (ph) -- card?

Straight into the Lion`s Den. We go first to investigative journalist Jon Leiberman.

I have to say, I`m holding the ten-page charging document in my hand. It is so graphic, it is so obscene, we debated it and realized we really can`t quote much of anything from it. It`s just two XXX-rated. It`s unbelievable. What is the very latest, Jon Leiberman?

JON LEIBERMAN, HLN CONTRIBUTOR (via phone): Yes, Jane, I`ll tell you, I read the entire complaint, and it makes your stomach turn. Some of the positions that these children were in, some of what was depicted in these photos.

And let me tell you this, Jane, other people are going to go down. And I`ll tell you why. This police chief was just one person on a chain of people that were sharing these images, looking at them, and then forwarding them on. So this is a much wider-ranging investigation than just this police chief.

But I`ve got to tell you, reading the charging documents, it is absolutely sickening. And it makes your stomach turn.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: It really does. It is nauseating. And this is a police chief.

Now, Police Chief Fanelli, obviously now former Chief Fanelli, has been working for the police department for decades, since 1981. But get this: he`s only been chief for two months. This case evolved as he was being promoted.

Cops say while he appeared to be professional and trustworthy, he was living a total double life. Here is Police Chief Fanelli talking about a previous case. And this clip is from long before these stunning charges were ever leveled against him. Listen.


CHIEF BRIAN FANELLI, ACCUSED OF POSSESSING CHILD PORN: ... on 75 Broadway, when she was approached by a male who held a lighter to her.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, the first thing that occurs to me, Ashleigh Merchant, criminal defense attorney, is given this horrific secret that`s exploded, all these other cases that he has investigated, and presided over, I mean, people are going to be coming out of the woodwork saying, "I was falsely accused." I mean, this is -- this is shattering for this police department.

ASHLEIGH MERCHANT, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Right. Especially if he is convicted of a felony. That`s impeachable evidence for these people to come back and say, "You know what? This guy lied on the stand. He wasn`t worthy of being believed." You know what it tells me, because he is a police chief, that he had a very strong compulsion. Because you know he knew what he was doing was wrong.

It`s peer-to-peer. He had to know the peer-to-peer group that he was in, he would get caught. There`s no way he didn`t know that. And so the compulsion in his own mind was so strong that it overcame him knowing what he was doing was wrong, and knowing he was likely going to get caught.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: He was released on $50,000 bond. But he has to wear an electronic monitoring device, and he has to stay off the Internet. There`s the monitoring device. It`s very frequently used. And of course, he has to stay away from children.

Get this. I want to analyze this. His wife co-signed him to bond out.

All right. Dr. Judy Ho, clinical forensic psychologist, why would a wife stay -- and this is generic video of children just playing. So this has nothing to do with the case, just so you know. Those are just generic photos. We don`t show the faces of kids playing.

But why would a woman stay with her husband after he`s admitted to these -- well, he`s probably pleaded not guilty is my understanding. Is that correct, Jon Leiberman?

LEIBERMAN: He has not issued a plea yet, Jane. He has not issued a plea. But of course, we expect he will issue a not-guilty. But in effect, he has admitted to investigators that he was, at the least, viewing these pictures for pleasure.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I don`t know if he`s holding hands with his wife. It looks like he`s holding hands with a woman. I don`t want to jump to conclusions that that is his wife. This is a developing story.

But let me ask you, though, Dr. Judy Ho, the reports are that his wife helped him bail out. Why would she do that?

DR. JUDY HO, CLINICAL FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGIST: Well, Jane, this is a classic enabler, like we see for so many addicted people. And this is an addiction, too.

But I think there`s an important lesson to be learned here, which is that people who are addicted to child porn, and, you know, are likely to commit child sexual abuse, they are not the people that you might see in a movie that might look kind of like they`re a little shady. I mean, this is a professional. He was a police chief. He was even teaching child sexual abuse prevention classes.

Imagine all of the justification processes he went through in his own brain to make this behavior OK as he`s telling other people how to protect their own children.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: A police chief who teaches religion to children, charged in triple, quadruple X-rated child porn. Again, we can`t repeat it. It`s nauseating. We`re talking sexual acts involving children. A lot.

Tonight, every parent is asking, what do we look for? How do we spot the warning signs?

As you just heard from our psychotherapist, it`s tough, because the profile of a predator is so different from the stereotype of a guy in the gutter, with a trench coat.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s the general public impression of people who commit these crimes is an unemployed pervert in his mother`s basement. That`s not our experience. We`re finding that the people who commit these crimes are educated professionals, people in many different fields, and unfortunately, this is not the first law enforcement officer that we`ve arrested for this crime.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: This all happened in a suburb about 30 miles north of New York City. The very pleasant town of Mount Pleasant, New York. You know, people think moving to the suburbs, you get to a safer area. No, this -- this kind of behavior knows no boundaries.

Now, I want to ask Adam Thompson, criminal defense attorney, you know, according to published reports, and again, he deserves his day in court. We don`t want to convict him. His attorney is invited on anytime. But according to published reports, he told investigators he started collecting this because he was teaching these classes, and he then continued and essentially couldn`t stop collecting it.

A, do you believe him, and B, is this going to be some kind of defense that might work?

ADAM THOMPSON, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Well, I don`t know how much I would believe him. But it`s certainly going to be the defense that`s going to be raised in this case.

The fact that he was working and investigating this particular area of crime and was building up a dossier of what materials, so-called defenders might refer to, he`s going to fall back on that and say, "Hey, look, I was researching what these people look at, going to sites they look at, try to track them down, see who was I would find out is involved in this, and then prosecute." So that`s his fallback position.

But I will tell you this, you know, it doesn`t matter who you are, what you do for a living, what your education is. Deviant and criminal behavior is blind to all of this. Anyone and everyone could fall prey to all these different types of crimes. So parents have to be aware of who`s watching their kids, who`s speaking to their kids and who`s around their kids. That`s the lesson from this.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, first of all, Simone Bienne, I don`t buy that he was downloading these initially as, quote, "research." Because looking at this XXX-rated stuff, there`s nothing here that you can even share with our viewers. It`s embarrassing even to talk about it. It`s so obscene. And so this is irrelevant to anything he might tell an elementary or middle school child.

SIMONE BIENNE, RELATIONSHIP EXPERT: Yes. First of all, Jane, I look at the for instance that he`s a policeman. He put himself in a position of power. He held the moral high ground.

Second, I`ve got to say that every single child in that class has gone through, allegedly, abuse. Because potentially, he was grooming them. What we do know, from some research, is that three-quarters of people -- he`s been arrested -- that are looking at indecent child photography and child porn, have molested. But these are unfounded and unseen molesters, and this needs to be looked into.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, I`ve got to tell you that this is such a shocking story. We`re going to stay on top of it. You have to wonder about potential civil suits that might come from this. Where is it going to lead? What`s he going to plead? We`re going to stay on top of it for you. Every parent needs to know when something like this goes town.

Meanwhile, we`ve got stunning new developments. Justin Bieber arrested for DUI, resisting arrest, drag racing. We`re just learning now that one of his big brands, Adidas, says they`re going to stick with the Biebster. Is that a good idea?

Also, could he be deported? We`re talking about that. Remember, he`s a Canadian. We`ve got brand-new information. You won`t believe what`s happening to some of the cops that allegedly escorted him to a strip club?



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, my God. Justin just got pulled over.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Justin just got pulled over. Oh, my God.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Anything to say to Mount Pleasant?


VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right. That is the New York state police chief from Mount Pleasant, New York, and his wife, leaving jail after she helps bail him out. And this man is accused of collecting child porn. Unbelievable. Something like 125 files.

And I don`t know why this guy is smiling, because he`s in a you-know- what-load of trouble. We are extending the segment because the calls are lining up.

But first, let`s go out to investigative journalist Jon Leiberman. You said others may end up getting arrested for the disgusting XXX-rated child porn files that cops say they found on his computer. Why?

LEIBERMAN: Absolutely. This investigation, Jane, is very much ongoing. Because this chief is charged not only with possession of the child porn, but trafficking it, sharing it, as well. So what investigators do is they follow the trail. Where did he get it from, who was he sharing it with, and then they start to go after those people, as well.

The only reason, frankly, why I believe they charged him so quickly here was because he is a police chief, and they felt the urgency to get him behind bars, because really, they`ve only been tracking his computer for two to three months.

One other quick thing, Jane. We have learned back in 2010 before this gentleman was a police chief, there was a police-involved killing of a college football player in that area. Long story short, the lawyer for the victim`s family there has named this chief in a civil suit, claiming that he doctored records pertaining to that case.


LEIBERMAN: So this isn`t the first time that his name has surfaced.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Ashleigh Merchant, criminal defense attorney, weigh in on that.

MERCHANT: I think that`s huge. That`s going to be huge against this man, because now if he is a convicted felon, then it`s going to be easy to say, well, he`s not worthy of belief. You can`t believe him. He is a convicted felon.

He has lied for all these years when he was teaching these children that -- how to avoid child predators when he, in fact, was a child predator. So I think that`s very significant against this man.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: And you know, what we learn is that often, not always -- listen, we don`t want to paint anybody with a broad brush. Police officers are heroes who risk their lives on the line. This is an aberration. But often, people who are very interested in being around children, and then they start focusing on -- you know, we`ve seen it with various organizations that involve scouting, that involve, you know, having kids participate in things, where they`re being mentored. Sometimes predators infiltrate. And they go to where the kids are. That`s where they get the access to the kids.

Let`s go out to the phone lines. Brett, Nevada, what do you have to say about this horrifying case, Brett?

CALLER: Yes, Jane, how -- if he just became chief, didn`t they check his background? And how`d they let him into schools to talk to kids?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, this is a very interesting aspect to this. And I`ve got to go to Adam Thompson, criminal defense attorney.

The crazy part about this is, as he`s being promoted to chief -- remember, he`s been a cop since 1981 -- they start independently searching files, and they stumble upon this guy. This is a story that only broke, you know, after the first of the year.

THOMPSON: Right. I think they did a very, very minimal amount of vetting him out. If he was a police officer for all these years, and there were no issues, so to say, that came up during that time period, when it was time to promote him, it was just a rubber stamp. They just sign on the dotted line, and he was promoted. I would guess that very little vetting went into this, and they looked very little into his background of his working with kids.

Now that this has happened and the can of worms is out, there`s going to be lawsuits. It`s going to be a floodgates are open kind of situation. And you wait and see. A lot of the convictions that he might have participated in, people are going to now seek to appeal on those cases based on his lack of credibility and his untruthfulness.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I don`t think he should have been let out on bond, ankle bracelet or no. I mean, this stuff is so revolting, we cannot describe it to you. That`s how bad it is. And there`s pages and pages and pages of it.

All right. Here`s another horrifying story. Cops say a mother left her two beautiful toddlers in the car, to die, while she had sex with another man in a car nearby? It`s just -- it defies words. But we`re going to talk about it. We`re going to try to, anyway, on the other side.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I need an ambulance.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Left alone in an SUV with the engine running.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Gone for an hour and a half.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When Tyler and William needed their mother the most.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And told a story.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We were just hanging out. Oh, my God. (UNINTELLIGIBLE)

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She told law enforcement, "I would never leave my children in that car." Because she knew how hot it could get.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It was a tragedy. But it was an accident.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The unthinkable, involving two young kids left alone for too long.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Sheer outrage tonight, as a trial begins for a mother accused of leaving her toddler sons to die in her car, while she had sex with a man nearby.

She allegedly left her 2- and 4-year-old sons, adorable children, alone, roasting inside the car for an hour and a half, with the heat turned all the way up. While she had sex with another -- a guy in a nearby car.

At one point, while this woman, this mother was in the man`s car, her 4-year-old boy allegedly opened the car door like, "Mom, where are you?" Instead of taking that as a sign that her kids needed to be taken care of, she allegedly went back to the car, gave her boy her cell phone to play with, and hit lock on the child locks, on the doors, trapping them inside.

I can`t even imagine what these children went through before they died. Her children, Tyler and William, died a slow, agonizing death while their mother had sex feet away. The coroner said the boys literally overheated.

But will the mother`s cries in court and during the 911 call somehow help the defense, which is trying to prove this was just some sort of accident?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We were hanging out and they were sleeping in the truck. I got in, and my son was making this weird noise. I have a 2- year-old, too. And I checked on him, and he didn`t have a pulse.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you with them right now?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, I`m with them now. Oh, my God. He`s not breathing.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Simone Bienne, this woman has such a low I.Q. She is charged with criminally negligent homicide. But they are saying she is borderline developmentally disabled. In my opinion, there`s no excuse. I`m sorry. I do not care. This is not, in my opinion, a horrible accident. What say you?

BIENNE: I say, Jane, that you and I both look after our dogs better than she should looked after her children. We know that she`s a widow. There could have been some acting out.

What we certainly do know, if you`re going to have sex, for goodness sake, do it in your home, No. 1, and don`t for 90 minutes. She`d used the heater in her car before. She can`t be that dumb.

So this is just an utter tragedy. She has a dead husband, two dead kids. Now what is going to happen?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: And she apparently already had a boyfriend and lied to him and said she was going to a ski resort so the kids could play with snow and she meets up with this other guy.

Adam Thompson, she had previously pleaded guilty to third-degree assault. She was on probation. She had been testing positive for drugs. Why the hell were these kids with this woman?

THOMPSON: No idea. I mean, when I researched this case, it`s just heartbreaking. I have a 4-year-old myself. I don`t leave him alone for 20 seconds by himself doing anything, because I think as a parent that`s what your duty and obligation is.

And how, with multiple violations of probation for drug use and other things, she was still even allowed to be out is amazing.

But I will say this. As you point out, given her low I.Q., and that she may be mentally challenged in some ways, the big issue in this case is going to be did she really understand and appreciate the danger that she put these kids in by leaving them in the car, locked at that high temperature.

And she may have a shot. A jury may think...

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I hope not. We`ll stay on top of this one, too.

Breaking news about Justin Bieber. Some stunning new details about the night he was arrested.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s unacceptable behavior. He was arrested for it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, I wouldn`t be smiling if I were you, young Justin Drew Bieber.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. Bieber, you are charged with the following. DUI, alcohol or drugs, resisting without violence, driving with an expired driver`s license.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Tonight, breaking news: in a shocking turn, just one day after his arrest, Justin Bieber Instagrams this photo of himself, sitting on top of an SUV, right after getting out of jail, waving. With a split screen of Michael Jackson, when he, the King of Pop, jumped on his SUV, after his child molestation arraignment. What the heck is Justin Bieber trying to tell the world with this split screen? We`re going to analyze it.

But first, the fallout continues to escalate over Bieber`s arrest, and the circumstances around his wild night of alleged booze, drugs and drag racing.

Now, three Miami cops have been suspended for allegedly giving the pop star an unauthorized police escort to a strip club. Ocalaca (ph) Police Department is doing an internal investigation tonight after a cell-phone video was posted on Instagram, purportedly showing the police escort.

Now, here`s Justin Bieber strutting out of jail yesterday, hopping on top of an SUV, and waving to his fans after being charged for DUI, resisting arrest and having an expired license.

His mug shot now being called a smug shot but RadarOnline reports Bieber was actually crying his eyes out behind bars. And the man we credit as the brains behind Bieber, manager Scooter Braun, reaches out to the singer, tweeting, "I love you." It`s a nice message. But is his own manager distancing himself? Kind of sounds like "Go with God. I`m not involved anymore."

Straight out to E News senior correspondent, Melanie Bromley. What is up with the manager Scooter`s tweet? I mean, if you`re saying, "I love you," that means you`re not standing in the same room helping him with his problem.

MELANIE BROMLEY, E NEWS SENIOR CORRESPONDENT: Well, what he also says is "I`m going to act in the manner of somebody who truly cares." And you know, there is kind of two different interpretations of this. Is this him giving his support to Justin or is it his way of saying he`s going to let Justin be and get on with his own actions, and just, you know, and step away for a little bit. We really don`t know. There is such a lack of clarification coming as far as Justin`s relationship with his family, with his managers at the moment. We`re all still trying to get to the bottom of it.

And whether there were reports yesterday that he was on his way back to Los Angeles, he now has stayed in Miami. We`re trying to look into that as well, whether that kind of indicates what`s going on in Justin`s mind, whether he`s picking his friends over his manager or his mother.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, I was just blown away by this brand-new Instagram photo that Bieber proudly posted of himself, and the king of pop Michael Jackson. Now, he writes, "What more can they say" at the bottom of this Instagram, split screen. It`s an image as well of a crown. Of course, we all know Michael Jackson was known as the king of pop.

I`ve got to go to Simone Bienne, behavior expert. What do you think he is saying? Because yesterday, when we saw him jump on the SUV, everybody immediately said, oh, he`s pulling a Michael Jackson. I was standing there the day Michael Jackson jumped on his SUV with the fans surrounding him and waved when he was -- walked out of court after being arraigned. So why is he bragging about this association? What does it mean? What message do you think he`s sending?

SIMONE BIENNE, RELATIONSHIP EXPERT: He is sending the message that he`s totally untouchable. And this is what I genuinely believe he feels. He feels he`s above the law. Yes, look, he`s got 49 million twitter followers. But they don`t make the law. And Justin is acting like an absolute spoiled brat.

This is not going to be the last thing we see of him, Jane. And look what happened with Michael Jackson. It didn`t end so happy for him, did it? He needs good people around him, and he doesn`t have that at the moment.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: You`re saying that he`s above the law, because we all know that Michael Jackson was acquitted on all the charges against him, in that child molestation case. I was living in Santa Maria for six months covering that trial. Is that the association, like, well, you charged him with something, he was acquitted, you charged me with something, I was acquitted?

What do you think about that, Adam Thompson?

ADAM THOMPSON, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Listen, this kid`s an idiot, all right? Someone`s got to say it. What a knucklehead. You`ve got the world at your fingertips, you`re all over the news, you have top charts with records, you`re doing great, and it`s incident after incident.

Where are the parents or somebody to guide this kid? Because if this is what he`s doing to get any kind of recognition or attention, it`s just ridiculous. This kid is now -- he`s egging --


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, hold on a second. Hold on a second.

You said, where`s the dad? That`s a whole story in itself.

I have to go back to Melanie Bromley, senior correspondent E News. The reports that we heard from TMZ -- we weren`t there we can`t independently confirm them -- claim that Justin Bieber`s father was right there when he was engaged in the drag racing that he was pulled over for, and helped even arrange shutting off the streets so his famous son could drag race.

Then apparently there he is, with his father, and the other young man. That`s the dad on the right. And the guy on the left is Kahlil, the guy that Justin was dragging against -- the very incident that led to his arrest. What do you know, Melanie?

BROMLEY: That`s right. We have also confirmed that his dad was there. We haven`t confirmed whether his dad actually blocked off the road as the racing took place. His dad is there with him. So his parents are around.

But what I would say, actually, as far as him being spoiled, and what I just heard, is that Justin is somebody who has been, you know, famous for a long time, in a very, very strict regime, going on tours around the country, around Europe. And he`s now got his first time off. I`m not in any way excusing his behavior, but I`m saying, like he`s been under a lot of pressure for such a young man for a really long time.

And I think we have to kind of look at previous examples.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I`d like to --



VELEZ-MITCHELL: No, I understand what you`re saying that he`s been under a lot of pressure. Dr. Judy Ho, I want to get back to the dad issue because if your dad, by the way, Justin Bieber makes $58 million a year. And dad now pops up in his life. Dad doesn`t make $58 million a year. He comes from a blue collar background -- Justin Bieber does.

Dad suddenly popped up and said, yes, go ahead, go do that drag race. I`m going to hang out with you while you`re drinking. I`m going to bail you out. I can`t independently confirm that. But this is the allegation. We would love to have the father on.

But what kind of a message does that send if it`s true?

DR. JUDY HO, CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST: Well, Jane, Justin has not really been the kid in this relationship for a very long time. Like you said, he`s calling the shots. He`s the one who`s making the money.

And his parents divorced very early on when he was a kid. And so maybe the dad has some guilt about that. And you know, if he was in and out of Justin`s life, then right now he`s just trying to be his best friend and hang out with him and live this lifestyle that Justin has built. His dad is not going to step in and take the fatherly role now.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes, and you know, a parent should never be a best friend. You have your best friends You need a parent, somebody to set boundaries. It`s hard to set boundaries on a 19-year-old kid who makes $58 million a year, and has 49 million twitter followers.

More on the other side.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It was determined he was impaired.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They also say that he failed a field sobriety test.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The officer at that time did place Mr. Bieber under arrest.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Rented Lamborghini, Ace of Diamond strip club, 19 years old. Like nothing good can come from those combinations.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The Biebs is busted.



VELEZ-MITCHELL: Crazy Vid of the Day, a horrific accident -- a woman and her five-year-old grandson run down by that car. But the wonderful news, the little boy is up and about a couple of seconds. And both the little boy and the grandparent, going to be ok. But oh, my gosh, that is wild and crazy.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Go Amanda. What are you doing?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Justin`s going to get -- oh, my God, he`s get to get crashed.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, my God. Justin just got pulled over.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Justin got pulled over. Justin got pulled over. Oh, my God.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s crazy. It`s crazy. Go Amanda what are you doing?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Justin`s going to get -- oh, my God, he`s get to get crashed.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: That is purportedly video from a cell phone of the drag race in Miami, that led to Justin Bieber`s arrest for DUI, as well as resisting arrest. Officers saying he was belligerent. He is now out on bail.

All this casts a new light on the Los Angeles case. That`s the investigation into whether Justin Bieber vandalized his neighbor`s house to the tune of $20,000, by throwing eggs at the house. When cops raided Justin`s L.A. Mansion, they arrested not just Justin Bieber, but his friend Lil Za. Now L.A. cops said Lil Za had drugs in his room in Justin`s mansion which they suspect were Ecstasy and Xanax.

Straight out to the "Lion`s Den" -- Ashleigh Merchant, criminal defense attorney, now that we see Justin Bieber acting out days later, it kind of makes you wonder, should they have arrested Justin Bieber since it was his mansion, and the drugs were found in his mansion, instead of the friend that they ended up arresting?

ASHLEIGH MERCHANT, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Right, Jane. I think the problem with him is that he is not realizing the consequences. Most of the time when I have clients who are 19 years old and are arrested, they actually feel pain. They feel a consequence of this.

He doesn`t have any fear here. He`s not worried he`s not going to get into college. He`s not worried that he`s not going to get a good job. He`s not worried about his parents kicking him out of their house or cutting off the purse strings -- none of the things that a normal 19-year- old is worried about when they`re arrested. And so without that fear of punishment, fear of something happening to him, nothing is going to stop him.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Now, when Justin was arrested in Miami for drag racing, allegedly, with this yellow Lamborghini, against a Ferrari, cops also arrested the guy in the Ferrari. Justin`s buddy rapper Crazy Kahlil Sharieff. That`s his nickname, "Crazy Kahlil. Now Crazy Khalil was apparently racing Bieber`s yellow Lambo in his red Ferrari. Crazy Kahlil was also charged with DUI.

Here`s one of this guy`s songs.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Earlier that night before the arrest, Justin was laughing and having a good time with this model, who, by the way, we found out has a long rap sheet.

You know, Simone Bienne, behavior expert, where are his managers? We heard from Melanie that the manager is tweeting, "I love you." But you know what, love`s an action. Who is watching Justin Bieber, a 19-year-old, with $58 million to spend? More than that, actually.

BIENNE: Yes. No one around him is going to speak up. When we see this, Jane, you know, with child stars, famous people all the time. No one has the balls to actually say, just control yourself already. To be screwing up his career. He`s screwing up his life. Quite frankly, what would have happened on the road if his dad or didn`t allegedly put a (inaudible) on the road -- he could have killed someone. Is that what he wants next?

His manager needs to step up. His mom needs to tell him not to pray for him but to get in there and help this son. And the father needs to stop being such an utter (EXPLETIVE DELETED).

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Ooh. Wow. All right. Tell it like it is. Now, again, dad, you`re invited on, and mom, anytime. We would like to hear your side of the story, because, you know, it`s easy to be an armchair parent in this situation.

Jordan, Louisiana, what have you got to say about Justin Bieber -- Jordan?

JORDAN, LOUISIANA (via telephone): Yes, how are you doing Jane.


JORDAN: Yes, I`m a big fan of yours, by the way.


JORDAN: What I have to say is that he`s just a normal average 19- year-old. The only difference between him and I is that he`s on TV, and that`s just the normal thing about 19 years old. Most 19-year-olds --

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well let me ask you this question, Jordan. Do you mix alcohol, pot, and prescription meds?

JORDAN: No, I`m not that type of person. I don`t do that. I mean not --


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Do you drag race? Do you drag race?

JORDAN: No, ma`am. I`m not saying --


JORDAN: -- what he did was wrong. I`m just saying that I think that just people are being a little bit too hard on him. Going back to the whole Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber thing, I think the reason why he compared himself to Michael Jackson is because the media was just -- during a time when Michael Jackson was alive, the media was making Michael Jackson just being like he was a bad person. Until Michael Jackson died, that`s when, you know, I started, you know, respecting him, who he was.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: You know what, Jordan, I think you`re making some good points. Melanie Bromley, as you analyze this split-screen Instagram, he`s, I think, saying you persecuted Michael Jackson and now you`re persecuting me in the same way, kind of like a martyr thing?

BROMLEY: The fact that he has the crown symbol, I also think he`s saying in some way he`s the king of pop -- the new king of pop. It is confusing in that way. But I do think Justin definitely sees it that he is in some ways being bullied and being misrepresented which could give us a kind of indication as far as he`s psyching what`s going on in his mind whether he feels like he is responsible in any way for what`s happening to him, or whether he feels like he`s a target.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: And by the way, thank you, Melanie, for joining us as the rest of the panel. But I have to say this. There are people who say he should enter psychotherapy. That`s fine. But it only works in conjunction with the 12-step program if he has a substance abuse problem, which I think he`s showing signs of having.

So it`s fine to go to a shrink, but you can`t keep drinking and using and say I`m working on myself. Go through the 12 steps, get sober and then go to a shrink.

On the other side, we have breaking news. We`re listening to you on Twitter, on Facebook, everywhere. You are telling us, covering the dolphin slaughter.

We have a live report from Taiji, Japan and tell you how you can stand up and tell Japan, stop this obscenity. Please, together we can do it. Stay right there.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Time for Pet of the Day, sent your pet pics to

Zoe, you`re a newborn. Jack -- I`m all-American, I`m tough, but I`ve got a good heart. Vote for me. I`d vote for you, jack. Chiquita -- she says I`m not a chiquita banana but I`m pretty small -- about the size of a banana. And Domino plays football in a basket.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Japanese divers wrestle with bottle-nosed dolphins, selecting some to be sold into captivity, others to be killed for meat.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m kind of shocked that it`s still going on, especially after "The Cove" and this film "BLACKFISH" that just came out.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: As long as people keep buying tickets to dolphin shows, this is going to keep happening. So you have the power to stop this.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Breaking news. Despite global outrage, the sea running red again in Taiji, Japan at the infamous cove -- about 30 striped dolphins were brutally killed in the cove just hours ago. That is what Sea Shepherd, the amazing activist group, is telling us. This concludes a brutal week in Japan.

Beyond today`s death toll, at least 40 other dolphins were senselessly slaughtered. More than 50 others in that same round-up sold into captivity, including this one beautiful rare, white albino dolphin that the world named angel. Some say she could be worth half a million dollars. I say a lot more priceless in the sea.

Angel`s mother was so distraught that she was kidnapped from her that onlookers say the mother committed suicide, plunging into the depths and never resurfacing.

News of the first roundup incited global outrage. Yet the slaughter continues. That red sea is blood. Outraged citizens demanding an end to this brutality on social media -- we`re listening to you. Ambassador to Japan -- the U.S. Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, expressed concern about the inhumanness of the dolphin hunt. The unimaginable cruelty of Japan`s dolphin hunt exposed in the Oscar-winning documentary "The Cove" from Lionsgate Films.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: By the time they get to the lagoon, they are totally freaked out and stressed out to the max.



VELEZ-MITCHELL: Hayden Panatierre, the actress, sobbing over it.

Straight out to Melissa Sehgal from the organization Sea Shepherd. Melissa, you have been at the cove in Taiji, Japan for a long time doing heroic work. You have been bearing witness to the slaughter. Tell us what you have seen today.

MELISSA SEHGAL, SEA SHEPHERD: Well, once again, the dolphin massacre continues here in Taiji. Sea Shepherd cove guardians were on the ground documenting it live, streaming all the killers` actions early this morning when a pod of pan tropical spotted dolphins was spotted south and driven into the cove where approximately 40 to 45 were brutally slaughtered and another six taken captive.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Describe the terror that these animals experience, because I`ve been told even those -- they said, oh, they`re going to release some. Then they release them. A lot of them were injured, starving and terrified. Many predicted they, too, would die. Then right after they released those, which some might say was a PR stunt, they go out in boats and start hunting again, Melissa.

SEHGAL: This is a never-ending process. This happens almost daily, these boats go out at sunrise and find pods, you know, almost every day. The dolphins that are released are often injured. They`re separated from their families. We often find several washed along the shore that just didn`t make it. And these are often babies that are separated from their mothers and are not able to nurse.

Dolphins nurse up to several years, and, you know, being separated from their mother is too traumatic, they`re too exhausted and dehydrated. Driving them back out to the ocean is not always a happy thing for dolphins.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, I`ve got to tell you, you are doing heroic work. You`re my former neighbor from Marina del Ray, California. We used to walk our dogs together. You were so upset about this you left your world as a nurse to go to Taiji, Japan and bear witness. You are my hero.

On the other side, I`m going to tell you how Russell Simmons, we are efforting having him to come on the show, I know he`s upset about this and talk to us on Monday. And what you can do. Go to It`s a new news Web site devoted to animal rights issues. And it is breaking news on this constantly. It will tell you how to write to the prime minister of Japan to object. Do something. These dolphins can`t speak for themselves.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: We are being told that Japan is well aware of the global outrage. You can write to the prime minister of Japan. Go to Find out what you can do. Or petitions. There`s the White House petition. You can also go to, a new Web site. Speak up because like little Rico here those dolphins cannot speak for themselves.

Nancy is next.