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New Details About Yesterday's Mall Shooting; U.S. Defense Secretary Says U.S. Wants To Help Russia Protect People During Sochi Olympics; Dropping Temps Pose Dangers To Many Across Midwest; Marlise Munoz Still On Ventilator; Wall Street & Market Update; French President Francois Hollande And Longtime Partner Valerie Trierweller Split

Aired January 26, 2014 - 6:00   ET



CHRIS, WITNESS: He shot her and then you know 10, 15, maybe not even 10 seconds later, I heard the second gun shot.


VICTOR BLACKWELL, CNN ANCHOR: A man starts shooting in a mall in Maryland, two people are killed. We now know the names of the victims, and new details about what the shooter was carrying.

CHRISTI PAUL, CNN ANCHOR: And if you heard, another Royal Caribbean cruise is plagued by illness this morning. More than 300 people are sick, and now the CDC is getting into the investigation.

BLACKWELL: She's packing up and moving out. The French first lady bidding adieu after a split with Francois Hollande, but for the French, this is deja vu. Your "New Day" starts now.

PAUL: (Inaudible) up a little French there.


PAUL: You've got the accent going so well.

BLACKWELL: It's all the French I know.


PAUL: You and me both.


PAUL: Good morning, everybody. I'm Christi Paul, we're glad to have you here with us on this Sunday.

BLACKWELL: I'm Victor Blackwell - 6 o'clock now here on the East Coast. This is "New Day Sunday".

PAUL: And you know we have to start this hour with the latest information on this horrific mall shooting that we were watching in suburban Baltimore.

BLACKWELL: Yes, police say the shooter was armed with two crude explosive devices made with fireworks and a large amount of ammo.

PAUL: Police say he shot these two people. Take a look here at the victims - both employees at a skate shop. And that was before he shot himself. Now, for hundreds of shoppers, you can imagine this was a chaotic, panic rush for cover after they heard the shots.


LAUREN STAPLETON, WITNESS: I was downstairs in the food court getting something for my boss, and all of a sudden it sounded like somebody had dropped a brick off the top ledge and I heard somebody say "shots fired." So I grabbed a kid and I looked-three people fell to the ground. Grabbed the kid and ran, had the mother follow me.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: People were running either straight down the mall corridor or just running into stores. And I didn't know how safe it would be to just running in the open, so when I saw people running into that store, that's where I went. We were in the back of the store in the fitting room area, I mean, literally just - you know - and where do you go? You're in a fitting room area.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You know, if someone's going to come in, you're still just as vulnerable.

BLACKWELL: CNN's Erin McPike has more for us now from outside the mall in Columbia, Maryland. Erin.

ERIN MCPIKE, CNN GENERAL ASSIGNMENT CORRESPONDENT BASED IN WASHINGTON BUREAU: Christi and Victor, the Columbia Mall was crowded with shoppers, all here at 11:15 on this Saturday morning and they took cover immediately when a series of shots rang out and terrified so many people here because the shooting took place at a second-level store that overlooks the food court. Well, police said the male shooter fatally shot two young adults - 21-year-old Brianna Benlolo and 25-year-old Tyler Johnson, both of Maryland and employees of Zumiez, a skateboard store in the Columbia Mall.

Authorities say the shooter then took his own life but they couldn't identify him hours after because he had so much ammunition on him, that they needed special teams to come in to make sure he didn't have explosives too. Well, a federal investigator told CNN that this incident could be a domestic dispute, but the investigation, of course, is just beginning. Now, federal officials warn that it was not a mass shooting, but more of a target-ive - a targeted - event. Five others were injured, one of a gunshot wound, and all five were treated and released Saturday afternoon. No word yet on which this mall will reopen. We obviously will find out some more details on that in the coming few days. Christi and Victor.

BLACKWELL: All right, Erin McPike in Columbia, Maryland for us. Thank you. Now, one witness told CNN affiliate WJZ the shooter may have come out of a dressing room wielding that shotgun.

PAUL: Yes, and says that he may have been the last person that spoke to Tyler Johnson - one of the victims.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He didn't come in through the front door - or the front entrance. It was either through like the back store room entrance or he just emerged out of the - one of the dressing rooms on the right-hand side. He shot her and then you know 10, 15, maybe not even 10 seconds later, I heard the second gun shot. I basically just like scrambled out of the store on my - on my hands and knees right by the male employee who was down on the ground. So, I yelled shooter call the police and I just kept yelling that and people just started running.


BLACKWELL: Well, police say a third person who was shot in the foot was not even in the store. She'd been on the level below the store - her injury not life-threatening.

PAUL: OK, let's move to Russia now and the upcoming Winter Games because Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says the U.S. wants to help Russia protect athletes and spectators at the Sochi Olympics, including, of course, thousands of Americans who are going to be there just to watch.

BLACKWELL: Yes, but so far he says that Moscow has not asked for any specific help - that's even though there are increasing concerns about possible terror attacks. Now, Russia is putting on a show of force, deploying 40,000 heavily-armed police and security officials to Sochi.

PAUL: CNN's senior international correspondent Nick Paton Walsh is in the Olympic host city. Hi, Nick.

NICK PATON WALSH, SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT FOR CNN INTERNATIONAL: Well, we know the U.S. State Department's telling Americans to be careful when they come here. We know some American athletes are worried about whether or not their nearest and dearest should come to Sochi to watch them compete. But also we learned on Friday that the U.S. State Department has been warning American athletes not to look too American when they venture out of the ring of steel that I'm standing near where the Olympic venue and villages - that they venture out wider into southern Russia.


MARIE HARF, U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT SPOKESWOMAN: The U.S. Olympic Committee, I think, had discussed with its athletes as part of how to sort of stay safe and things to look out for as part of the Games. This issue about - you know - just being careful where you wear U.S. logos or things like that. This isn't unique to Russia, to be clear. We generally give this kind of guidance around big international events, particularly if there is some kind of threat like we've seen here. WALSH: I have to say, we've seen a quite beautiful day here. The sun shining, a stunning backdrop of the mountains and today we began to see some of the restrictions on the roads around (Adler) where the Olympic venue is and Sochi come into place, making it hard to move around. They're going to have to sort that out with the police before tourists finally arrive, and that's part of the dragnet they're putting in place here.

Russia's trying to lighten the mood. On Friday they released the business partner of a key Putin critic as bid - excuse it - a series of amnesties made them look softer on their political opponents. But despite that, it's still security that's the number one question on everybody's mind. They're going to have to make everyone feel an awful lot safer in the less than two weeks ahead to make a really properly joyous atmosphere for those Winter Games. Nick Paton Walsh, CNN Sochi.

PAUL: Nick, we appreciate it. Thank you so much for the report.

BLACKWELL: Hundreds of people aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship are sick. Officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - they plan to board the Explorer of the Seas today - that's in St Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. They're going to try to figure out what caused this. Now, the CDC says 281 of the more than 3,000 passengers and 22 crew members are ill. The ship left New Jersey on Tuesday - Cape Liberty there - and it skipped a stop in Haiti then went straight to San Juan, Puerto Rico to be sanitized before heading to the Virgin Islands.

PAUL: See, I'm thinking that a lot of you in the Midwest and the Northeast are thinking, 'I'd go to the Caribbean even on a sick boat right now.'

BLACKWELL: Take the chance. You know -


BLACKWELL: -- there is though a blizzard warning in effect --

PAUL: Yes.

BLACKWELL: -- for at least four states including Minnesota, Iowa as well. Places like North Dakota could get close to six inches of snow by the end of the day.

PAUL: Oh, and all you folks in Chicago. You know how to handle the cold, but look at the runners braving arctic temps yesterday in this half marathon. I'm just wondering how much colder it's going to get there.

BLACKWELL: This is amazing.

PAUL: They know what they're doing - they train in it for heaven's sake. Let's bring in meteorologist Karen McGinnis who's with us today. Hi, Karen. KAREN MCGINNIS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: Hey, Christi and Victor. It is viciously cold outside across the upper Midwest. Look at the temperatures we're expecting for this afternoon, mostly in the teens, but the wind chill factor's going to be worse than that. Chicago, if you make it to 30 degrees, that'll be just about it. I think maybe upper 20s, and New York, it's going to be about 24, but look what happens over the next several days. High temperature Minneapolis will be -7, and for today, there's a clipper system that's moving through, and as a result, those wind chill factors are going to be dangerously cold. Wind chill factors could make it feel like 30, 35 degrees below zero.

For New York City, coming up for Tuesday - daytime high 18 degrees. Now, typically in New York City, we would see a high right around 37, 38, but this season has been anything but typical. Across the Midwest as that frontal system sweeps through behind it, the winds are still going to be very gusty. And not to be outdone, across the Southeast - look at this - Atlanta, temperatures in the 50s, both for Sunday and into Monday. But by Tuesday, readings in the 30s. That doesn't sound like the Caribbean, but compared to the Midwest and into the Great Lakes, that's a little balmy. Even all the way down into portions of Florida and New Orleans, temperatures drop down in the 30s. Christi, next hour, and Victor, I'll talk about what we might expect for the all-important Super Bowl game.

PAUL: And everybody's wondering about it. Karen McGinnis, thank you.

BLACKWELL: Still to come, two days after a judge said that she should be taken off breathing machines, a brain dead woman in Texas is still on them as the family waits to see what will happen next.

PAUL: And another possible data breach to tell you about. This one, yes, at Michaels. Details next.


BLACKWELL: Investigators say a lit cigarette may have sparked the fire that's now being blamed for killing ten people right at an apartment complex for the elderly. (Inaudible) 22 people are still missing and presumed dead after the fire Thursday. The crews reportedly have been using a vapor machine to melt ice as thick as two feet. This formed as firefighters doused the building with water of course. A special Mass will be held today for those victims.

PAUL: And, gosh, more excruciating waiting today for a grieving family in Texas. I mean, it's been two days now since a judge ordered a brain dead pregnant woman removed from breathing machines. This is what her family says they wanted. But this morning, Marlise is still on a ventilator. Attorneys for the hospital and the family agree that Munoz is brain dead and her fetus is not viable. But the hospital could still appeal under a state law that forbids removing life- sustaining treatment from a pregnant patient.

PAUL: Nick Valencia's outside the hospital in Fort Worth. Good morning, Nick. NICK VALENCIA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hey, good morning, Christi and Victor. At this point it is wait and see for the family of Marlise Munoz after a judge ruled on Friday that the hospital here behind me has until 5 p.m. on Monday to decide whether or not they will abide by the judge's decision to take Marlys Munos off a ventilator or if they will appeal. Now, the hospital has maintained all along that they were simply abiding by a state law and that they did nothing wrong in their interpretation of the law. An SMU professor who co-wrote the law says the hospital got it all wrong.

TOM MAYO, SOUTHERN METHODIST UNIVERSITY LAW PROFESSOR: I don't see how we can use a provision of the law that talks about treating or not treating a patient in a case where we don't really have a patient. And that's not a question of philosophical speculation, dead is dead, in Texas and in all 50 states.

VALENCIA: And it was a very emotional day in court for the family having to relive the very graphic details that emerged from court testimony. And attorney for the Munoz family addressed the media after leaving the courthouse.


HEATHER KING, ATTORNEY FOR MUNOZ FAMILY: This was a sad situation all the way around. We are relieved that Erick Munoz can now move forward with the process of burying his wife.

VALENCIA: Erick Munoz, the husband of Marlise Munoz, has not been talking to the media since very early on in this case. We're waiting to hear comment from him, but at this point, what he has said is that the hospital is essentially in his words "conducting a science experiment" on his wife and he doesn't understand why they refuse to remove her from the ventilator. Victor, Christi.

PAUL: All right, Nick, thank you so much for (inaudible) for us down there in Fort Worth.

BLACKWELL: All right, if you shop often at Michaels., listen. The crafts chain may be the latest victim of hackers. Now, the company has not confirmed the security breach yet.

PAUL: But, you know what, it does say it learned of possible fraudulent activity on of some of its customers' payment cards and just wanted to alert them in time. And you know what? Starting today, people, it's going to cost 49 cents to mail that first-class letter - oh, yes, the 3-cent jump is the biggest increase in more than a decade and it comes as - really as - fewer of us - fewer Americans - use (in) snail mail to pay bills and keep in touch. Now, one way around the hike is those forever stamps. You buy them at the current rate and they're valid forever, even if the price goes up.

BLACKWELL: But if you haven't purchased them before now, you're buying them at 49 cents each, I guess.

PAUL: I've still got some -

BLACKWELL: You still have yours?

PAUL: -- but you know what when I run out, I'm going to have to buy them at 49 cents.

BLACKWELL: I still write checks.

PAUL: So does my husband.

BLACKWELL: I still write checks.

PAUL: My husband pays the bills and he does the same thing.

BLACKWELL: Hey, a big week in the financial world. The Federal Reserve will have a new person in charge.

PAUL: Yes, Wall Street is really keeping its fingers crossed we have a better week this week than last. Alison Kosik is following all of that for us.

ALISON KOSIK, CNN BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: Hi, Victor and Christi. It's a jam-packed week on Wall Street. Here are the things that's happening, so we're going to be watching. Ben Bernanke says farewell to the Federal Reserve. His term as chairman ends on Friday. Janet Yellen is taking over the top spot, the first time a woman is leading the more than 100-year-old bank. But before Bernanke leaves, he'll preside over one more monetary policy meeting next week.

Also this week, we'll get the economy's report card. GDP will be released for the fourth quarter and all of 2013. If the economy grew at a 3 percent pace last year, it will be the strongest since 2005. But that could be tough, especially since growth might've been hit by the 16-day government shutdown. Big-name earnings are up this week, notably Apple and Facebook. Wall Street always watches to see how many iPhones and iPads Apple sold during the key holiday period.

And, finally, Wall Street will check its crystal ball. It's the final trading week of the month, and according to what's called the January barometer, how stocks do in January predict how they're going to do for the entire year. The "Stock Trader's Almanac" says it's right almost 90 percent of the time. Victor and Christi, that's what's coming up on Wall Street.

BLACKWELL: Yes, a jam-packed week indeed. Alison, thank you.

PAUL: All righty, so just think about it, a week from today you're going to be in Super Bowl heaven.

BLACKWELL: It's coming. And the game is in New Jersey, but why is New York getting so much attention before the big match up?


BLACKWELL: Here's something you don't hear every day - Dodger Stadium hosted its first-ever outdoor hockey game last night.

PAUL: Joe Carter -- have the video to prove it too. JOE CARTER, CNN SPORTS CORRESPONDENT: I wish I was there - that would've been so cool to see. I tell you what, the NHL has had a lot of marketing fails over the years - you know, drawing an attractive fan - a new fan - to the game. But I have to say that this is a genius marketing idea by putting these games outdoors in certain cities. And this is the first time that we've ever seen one in L.A.

PAUL: Yes.

CARTER: I mean, you think of that - temperatures in the 60s while watching hockey outdoors. But I'll tell you what, the ice, believe it or not, held up pretty well. And this was more than a hockey game because it was in L.A. Of course it was a spectacular event - look at those pictures. Absolutely beautiful. They even had the old-school rock band KISS performing before the game.

PAUL: Awe , look at that.

CARTER: Isn't that neat? The USC marching band was there which is pretty cool. They even had beach volleyball, believe it or not. -


CARTER: -- on the side of the ring. An NHL legend, Wayne Gretzky was there to drop the puck. But 55,000 people filled that stadium.

PAUL: Wow.

CARTER: Traditionally there's about 17 to 22,000 that watch a hockey game indoors, but as far as I could tell - what I saw - is that this is a total success - this outdoor stadium. The Ducks beat the Kings three/nothing in this game. Now, there's going to be three more outdoor games There's going to be two in Yankee Stadium, one today, one on Wednesday, and then one at Soldier Field in Chicago in March. So they're going to have - they have five basically this calendar year in four different locations. Let's take a look at golf. The world's number one golfer, Tiger Woods, he has a rare day off today and that's' because he missed the cut. - the Farmers Insurance Open. Now, in this tournament, there are two cut lines - there's one on Friday which is traditionally what happens in most tournaments, and then there's one on Saturday. Well yesterday, he missed that Saturday cut which is the first time he's done that in his career. He basically blew up - he shot a 79 which equals his second worst round as a professional. And this comes as a big shock because on this course, Torrey Pines, Tiger Woods has won this tournament eight times before. So for him to shoot a 79 today, obviously that's why we're talking about it. But I'm sure he'll tune up his game and be just fine throughout the rest of the season.

And trending this morning on - this is a huge story - how far - the question is - how far would you go to win playoff tickets? Well, you see this woman here - a Seattle woman shaved the side of her head and then got a 12th man tattoo in the same area. The 12th man is - you know - they're famous Seattle Seahawks fans being known as the 12th man because they're so loud and they're so into the team - PAUL: Awe - look how big that is.

CARTER: This was a radio promotion. But get this - the girl did not win the playoff tickets because she was beat by a guy dressed in a Seahawks Batman suit.



CARTER: Yes, she did not win. But get this - her friends are smart. They put together a YouTube video, and she's basically begging Ellen, the talk show host, to get her Super Bowl tickets, and if Ellen comes through with Super Bowl tickets, she said she's going to shave the other side of her head and tattoo Ellen on the other side of her head.

PAUL: Oh -


PAUL: -- you know what - that's (inaudible) when the hair grows back --

BLACKWELL: Yes, I mean, it grows back -

PAUL: -- and then they won't see it.

BLACKWELL: -- so she's good.


PAUL: Not that I'm taking away from what you did, because that's pretty impressive - or, (inaudible).

CARTER: I think she's into the tattoos because she had some on her neck and she had some on her arms -

PAUL: Right.

CARTER: So, she's into them, but yes.

BLACKWELL: How does a Seahawk (inaudible) Batman suit beat that tattoo on the side of your head.

CARTER: That's a whole 'nother game, I don't know.

PAUL: They ought to talk to those judges.


PAUL: Thanks, Joe, so much. So, the countdown begins. One week away from the Super Bowl now.

BLACKWELL: Yes, and this year's game will take place at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. But you wouldn't know that if you walked around town. PAUL: CNN's Alexandra Field has the story for us. Good morning, Alexandra.

ALEXANDRA FIELD, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Christi, Victor, the Super Bowl's host city says it's being overshadowed by nearby New York City. Officials say they thought they were going to have a big chance to promote East Rutherford, New Jersey, but they say, no one's giving them the opportunity. Amid all the excitement, there's a little confusion.


TERRY BRADSHAW: I'm going to Super Bowl XLVIII in New York. Congratulations!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I can only send one of you to cover the game in New York.


FIELD: This is MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, the host of Super Bowl XLVIII.

JAMES CASSELLA, MAYOR OF EAST RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY: Tell them they better get a geography lesson.

FIELD: Did you think this would put you on the map?


FIELD: It's a small town, just 9,000 people.

RON SIMONCINI, EAST RUTHERFORD TAILGATE PLANNER: The stadium is right down here - less than a mile away.

FIELD: A detail that looks to some as if it's been overlooked.

CASSELLA: I was just talking to a radio host in Seattle and he didn't even realize that the stadium was in New Jersey until a couple of weeks ago. That says something.

FIELD: In New York City, the NFL is transforming Times Square into Super Bowl Boulevard. But in East Rutherford, there isn't a single banner in sight - only one small sign that the mayor had to order himself. And because it uses the trademark phrase 'Super Bowl,' the NFL could object.

PAUL: What happens if you're told to take it down?

CASSELLA: Well, I think it would be pretty dopey of them to tell us to take it down.

FIELD: Do you feel like you're left out in the cold here at all?

CASSELLA: I'm used to it. Ah, you know -

FIELD: That sounds like a little New York/New Jersey rivalry, doesn't it?

CASSELLA: Yes, yes, yes, yes, you kind of - you're kind of used to it and you know you accept it. Life goes on.

FIELD: Hey, is there a little New York/New Jersey rivalry playing in here? How would you answer that?

SIMONCINI: Well, my PR answer is I'm sure glad I'm next to the biggest city in the world, because that's how I make my living. But my New Jersey answer is I'd like to kick them in the shins.

FIELD: Town officials say there's been no effort to promote East Rutherford. But the NFL insists that New Jersey isn't getting the short straw, telling CNN there are more activities in New Jersey than New York. Players are staying in Jersey City. Training and media appearances will be held in-state come game day. The mayor says his town will feel proud even if East Rutherford has taken a back seat - even though the mayor will have to find his own seat.

CASSELLA: I also will probably be sitting in my lounge chair - my recliner - watching the game.

FIELD: People in East Rutherford are still looking forward to celebrating the big day. They have plans for a block party in the middle of town, and of course it will complete with some New Jersey cover bands. Christi, Victor.

PAUL: Alexandra Field, thank you so much. They'll make it work.

BLACKWELL: Tens of thousands of seats in that stadium - they can't give two to the mayor?

PAUL: Got me.

BLACKWELL: He'll be sitting at home?

PAUL: You've got me.

BLACKWELL: Come on. The French first lady is bidding au revoir to the presidential palace. She's moving out. After the break, how she and President Francois Hollande ended up in Splitsville.

PAUL: And, oh, you've been waiting for this, haven't you music lovers? The Grammy Awards - they're tonight. Our experts are weighing in on what they think's going to happen.


PAUL: All right. You've made it to 6:30 already on a Sunday morning.

BLACKWELL: You're ahead of the game.

PAUL: Yeah, I'm Christi Paul.

BLACKWELL: I'm Victor Blackwell. Here, five things you need to know for your new day. Up first, police now say the gunman who killed two people and then himself at a mall in Columbia Maryland was carrying crude explosives made from fireworks. And they say that he was heavily armed as well. And police have not yet identified the shooter, but a 21-year-old woman and a 25-year-old man were both employees at a skate shop were killed.

PAUL: Number two, Egypt's interim president is expected to address his country today. This is one day after protesters filled the streets. Now, a lot of the demonstrations proved violent. Ministry officials say at least 49 people were killed and supporters of ousted president Muhammad Morsi clashed with security forces on the third anniversary here of Egypt's Arab Spring revolution.

BLACKWELL: Number three, the French president and the first lady are calling it quits. This happens after weeks of speculation over tabloid reports that Francois Hollande was having an affair with the prominent French actress. The couple confirmed that they're going to split up in separate public statements yesterday.

PAUL: Number four, you've been waiting for it. The Grammys are coming for you tonight and you're in for one heck of a concert. We're talking about Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Daft Punk, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Jay-Z and Beyonce, oh, the list just keeps going and, of course, we're just going to have to wait and see who walks off with the big prizes. But you'll enjoy it in the meantime.

BLACKWELL: Of course, we will. Number five, President Obama is getting ready to give his State of the Union address. That's on Tuesday night. And he's trying to recover political ground after a rough couple of months that saw his approval ratings dip to 43 percent. Now, a senior adviser says the president will lay out proposals to grow the economy and help middle class workers get jobs.

PAUL: OK, we need to get back to, you know, this mall shooting yesterday that was just the latest attack in the string of shootings across the U.S.

BLACKWELL: On Friday, one student was shot and killed at South Carolina State University.

PAUL: On Tuesday, there was a student who was arrested, accused of shooting and killing a classmate in front of witnesses out of Purdue University building.

BLACKWELL: On Monday, a student was shot and critically injured at Widener University. That's near Philadelphia.

PAUL: None of the attacks are considered mass shootings and in cases such as yesterday, the motive just is not clear here. But let's bring in our HLN law enforcement analyst, Mike Brooks.

BLACKWELL: Yeah, we have got Mike Brooks here. And Mike, good to have you with us this morning.


BLACKWELL: Help us understand this. So, we talked about not just the weaponry, not the shotgun but also the explosives.

BROOKS: Yeah. It seems that the crude explosives were made out of fireworks. So, you know, we don't know what this guy was going to do, if he would use them as a diversion. Now, because you don't know what was going on in his mind to begin with that brought him to that mall, which seemed like a targeted shooting on the second floor of the mall in Columbia. But no, he didn't use them, but, you know, we've seen crude explosives used in other shootings that we've seen over the last number of years. And this week, it was crazy. It was just nuts because it seems like we're having one almost every single day. And I was almost (inaudible) when we had the one - the Oklahoma - the University of Oklahoma.

PAUL: Yes.


BROOKS: And then, you know, then Purdue right before that. What was going on? It was crazy.

PAUL: Well, I want to ask you about that, because there seems to be, I don't even, I hate to call it a trend, but maybe these people feel emboldened to go out and do things publicly because this thing at the mall does still seem to be targeted at these two people.


PAUL: But why are we seeing so many things happen in public places? I mean has something changed in people's heads that they think this is just how I can do it now?

BROOKS: Well, you know, these shootings that we saw at the colleges and at the mall, it wasn't someone walking into the mall and shooting everybody that they saw.

PAUL: Right.

BROOKS: They all seemed like they were targeted. You know, so, with a lot of people, you never know what the shooter is going through. But many times something happened within the last 24 to 48 hours before the shooting that kind of kicks it off for them. Some precipitating of that happens. That's what we usually see. When I was a hostage negotiator and when I was talking to people, you always - when I was talking to them, you'd always see that something happened, usually 24 to 48 hours before that that brought them to that particular state. So, you know, is it something that somebody wants to send a message and someone here - carrying out a vendetta against someone in these shootings that we saw at the Universities and the mall? We don't know. We don't know the motive on all the shootings yet. We don't know the motive for sure yesterday, but, you know, right when it happened, I was on air on CNN and we were talking about it and it sounded to me it was targeted, possibly domestic and we still do not know a motive as of yet.

PAUL: But would you say people are emboldened now to be doing this so publicly as opposed to, you know, dealing with themselves and their private lives behind closed doors?

BROOKS: You know, we see shootings every single day across the country, you know, where people are shot in their houses and apartments. You know, it's murder suicide. Same kind of thing. But these were carried out publicly. Why? We don't know.


BROOKS: Because but usually, as I said, there are some precipitating event that happened right before that and they were coming out there to send a message to someone.

BLACKWELL: Mike, when I leave my house and most people have this. There's this check list. I got my keys, got my phone, I like unplugged the iron.

BROOKS: Right.

BLACKWELL: Do we need a check list as we head into a mall and airport, we need to think, where is the safest place to hide and those things as we go into these public places?

PAUL: And where is the safest place to hide?

BROOKS: Well, you know, I always talk about when no matter where you are whether you're at the beach, whether you're at a movie, at the mall, situational awareness. Be aware of your surroundings. When you go in and you go into a restaurant. As a former cop, I always like to sit with my back to the door seeing people coming in and out, so I have a pretty good picture of everything. But normal people when they go in, just take a look. When you come in, you know, when you go to a movie, right before the movie, to tell you, look where the exits are. In case you need to get out. You should be doing this wherever you go. Look, you don't have to walk around scared all the time, but just have a little bit of situational awareness. You know, and know what's going on around you. And as we always say, if you see something, say something. Absolutely. And that goes anywhere you are. If something tells you in your gut that something just doesn't feel right, let somebody know about it.

BLACKWELL: Because so many times after these shootings you hear from the witnesses, I saw the man there, he was wearing all black clothes or he was wearing something unusual, but I didn't say anything. It just seemed weird to me.

PAUL: People are too afraid to speak up. They don't want to incriminate anybody.

BROOKS: No, and one of my cousins was on the way into the mall yesterday. One of my cousins was on the Colin Camp, was on the way into the mall yesterday, and as she was getting there, somebody told her, hey, there's shots going on inside it. So she turned around and left. My mom called me last night to tell me, yeah, Colleen was on her way into the mall.

PAUL: Thank God she's all right. BLACKWELL: And that's the truth.

PAUL: Thank you so much for being with us.

BROOKS: Good to be with you.

PAUL: And I know you're coming back and I want to talk to you more about that, you know, gut feeling stuff.

BROOKS: Absolutely.

PAUL: We want to talk more about that a little bit.


BLACKWELL: All righty.

A high-profile breakup in a city known for romance.

PAUL: The president of France is a bachelor again. Ladies, just in case you're interested. After the break, though, we're going to give you - I guess we've got all the dirt we found out on Francois Hollande's messy breakup.


BLACKWELL: oh, breakups are tough, aren't they? Well, this one is pretty tough because it's so high profile. I'm talking about the relationship between the French president Francois Hollande and his first lady.

PAUL: Yeah, after weeks - you know, there'd been these rumors all over the place by tabloid reports that Hollande was having an affair with a prominent actress. Well, now the president of France announced, he has quote - this is a quote from him, "Ended my shared life with Valerie Trierweller." The first lady tweeted a message to the staff of the presidential palace as well saying that she would, quote, "never forget the devotion or emotion at the time of leaving." And I understand she just very discreetly - we're just getting word, very discreetly left France, got on a plane to go to Mumbai just in the last, I don't know when, hour.

BLACKWELL: No, this was a preplanned trip, but ...

PAUL: Mumbai.

BLACKWELL: She's off now to India. Joining us now to talk about this, CNN editorial producer Nadia Bilchik. Nadia, I mean there've been these whispers and questions and accusations. Finally, some answers about this relationship with the president.

NADIA BILCHIK, CNN EDITORIAL PRODUCER: Well, to really understand the scenario. Can we look at all the players? So, I want to show you a photograph of the three women in Francois Hollande's life.

BLACKWELL: Oh, boy. BILCHIK: So, on your left you've got Segolene Royal, and she's the mother of his four children, his long-time partner around 30 years. Then in the middle you have Valerie Trierweller who as of yesterday became his ex-partner. They have been together for about seven years. He left Segolene Royal for Valerie Trierweller and she's actually credited with assisting him becoming president. And then you have the alleged girlfriend Julie Gayet on the far right. So, these three women, and she's the woman, Julie Gayet that he was taken pictures of visiting on his scooter with his helmet on. And that just he visiting the girlfriend. So, he left, take a moment to think about this. He left the partner of 30 years.

PAUL: Right.

BILCHIK: For his partner, he's now left the partner for supposedly the girlfriend.

BLACKWELL: Were either the first two partners legally wives?

BILCHIK: No, he's never been married. But I suppose after 30 years it would become ....

BLACKWELL: A common law wife.

BILCHIK: And then his partner, again. And she became, Valerie Trierweller the premier dame, the first lady of France.

PAUL: Well, yeah, I mean think about it - this would be such a scandal in the U.S.

BLACKWELL: Oh, yeah.

PAUL: For one, with all the women and two, you wouldn't have a president in our country living with somebody he is not married to in the White House. And they would not be allowed in.

BILCHIK: In France. Exactly. Look at Sarkozy. Sarkozy in 2007 five months into his presidency leaves his wife, divorces her and marries Carla Bruni and, of course, very famous of all French presidents for having affairs, is Francois Mitterrand, so Mitterrand, in fact, had a love child with his mistress and at the funeral there you have wife, mistress, love child. But Mrs. Mitterrand always said about Francois's affairs, she said, "At the end of the day, just remember, I am still Madame Mitterrand."

BLACKWELL: You know, I find the timing so interesting because the announcement comes one day after Hollande met with Pope Francis. So he announced the end of the relationship and he has got a visit to the U.S. and the White House coming up soon.

BILCHIK: February 12th. He will meet with Michelle and Barack Obama and, of course, Valerie Trierweller was supposed to accompany him as premier dame, first lady of France. Now, remember, in France it's not an official title. So, here Michelle Obama has a staff, there she doesn't. But I was thinking about Valerie Trierweller on my way in this morning. Here she was so looking forward to this visit. She was supposed to go to India in official capacity today. She's now going as a private citizen. But can you imagine, knowing that your partner is having an affair on an alleged affair and having it to play out so publicly and being the woman who supposedly has been instrumental in getting him elected. She even changed his suits and his hair. And so, she must be going through a very, very tough time right now.

BLACKWELL: However, is it - you said she's the woman for whom he left the first for her.

BILCHIK: He left Segolene Royal.


PAUL: So, you're thinking karma?

BLACKWELL: Listen, the way you get them is the way you lose them.


BLACKWELL: The way you get them is the way you lose them.


BILCHIK: Now, will he be alone at the White House? Supposedly he will.


BILCHIK: Will it be with Julie Gayet or will he find someone else by then?

PAUL: It would be quite more - at this point. Would it match to bring somebody else? We'll see.


PAUL: Editorial producer Nadia Bilchik, thank you so much.

Walking us through that.

So, guess who is performing at the Grammys tonight?

BLACKWELL: Yeah. "The Beatles": Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr taking a stage on music's biggest night. Oh, I can't wait. It's coming up next.


BLACKWELL: 12 minutes to the top of the hour now. Let's take a look at what is in store for this week ahead. Tomorrow this heartbreaking story in Texas. The court deadline for the hospital to remove a brain dead woman from a ventilator and a feeding tube. The machines there in the hospital. Now, the company that runs the hospital, they fought to keep her heart beating because she was pregnant, but the family argued that Marlise Munoz was dead and the fetus was not viable. On Tuesday, President Obama his sixth State of the Union address is expected to address immigration reform, Income equality and lay out a modest agenda for the next year.

Coming up on Wednesday the Federal Reserve will give a decision on what to do with the interest rate. It's also the last meeting for outgoing chairman Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen will become the first woman to head the Federal Reserve.

Then on Thursday, get ready to see the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. Well, again, the CNN films "The '60s: British Invasion" will air.

And Sunday the big game, the Super Bowl. Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos for face off at MetLife Stadium, as we said a moment ago, not in New York, but in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Get it right. Christi?

PAUL: All right, hey, it's tonight. 56Tth Grammy awards. Everybody is waiting, I know. Big draw of the evening, you were talking about it, Victor, "the Beatles." Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr performing tonight. They'll receive the lifetime achievement award and, of course, there's this all-star lineup. We have got Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Madonna. Well, let's bring in, I'll tell you what, a woman who could show them a few things on the red carpet.

Wow, Ebony Steele co-host of the Ricky Smiling (ph) money show, and Jimmy Alexander, co-host of Star 94's "Mornings with Cindy and Jimmy." Thank you both for being up early on a Sunday, my goodness.

All right, so, what do you think? Will they perform together, do you think?

EBONY STEELE: Here's the deal, I think me and Jimmy were talking before the show, and this year with the Grammys, it is actually all about the performances and not so much what mom gets to put on her mantelpiece so much. You have the Beatles coming back, you've got some of these - gosh, and when you talk about Beyonce and Jay-Z, there are certain people who will tune in. Who cares about the awards? They just want to see these performances.

PAUL: At the end of the day, does it matter who wins?

JIMMY ALEXANDER: I think five, six years ago they changed the way the Grammys were. They would show who won best polka music, and I'm not kidding. And no one really-


PAUL: Not that there is anything wrong with polka, people. We're not taking a shot at you.

ALEXANDER: Okay, there's nothing wrong. OK. Anyway, they said this is a concert and people want to see stars and performers. When you see Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr together, that is impressive. And the only way I think it could be better if two things happen. You can either have Miley Cyrus come out and she can twerk with Ringo, or you have Kanye go, I'm Yeezus, move out of the way. Be great, I'm not kidding.

STEELE: I could see him snatching the mike and saying the same thing about Beyonce's album. She didn't even really - (inaudible), wait a minute, come on, Yeezus, she's not nominated this year.

PAUL: What about Macklemore and Ryan? These guys don't even have an agent and they don't have a producer, a record company behind them.

STEELE: Their first song "Thrift Shop" is really true because they used to shop at thrift shop. Literally. I have to say this, and it may be unpopular, but it's true, no offense, I call this the year of the right white boy. When you talk about Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke, there are so many people that are on this docket and I see them doing really, really well.

ALEXANDER: I am hashtagging that. The year of the white boys.


STELE: You're in this year. You're in.

ALEXANDER: No, this year I'm out. But that's a different story altogether. The great thing about the Grammys, you see performers who you wouldn't put together. I think--

PAUL: So, will we see Beyonce with Madonna?

STEELE: That's going to be a great surprise. I think they're throwing these names out there, and I think we'll be surprised as to how some of these people-

PAUL: How they pair up?

STEELE: Yes, how they may pair up and collaborate together.

ALEXANDER: I read Robin Thicke and Chicago are going to be together tonight.

PAUL: You did not.


STEELE: Are you making stuff up?

ALEXANDER: Would I lie to you? No, I would not lie to you.

PAUL: Robin Thicke and Chicago?

ALEXANDER: I kept reading it over and over. Is this a joke? Is this a joke? But they put performers that you wouldn't automatically put together. That would be a show. Now, if Madonna and the material girl and then the Queen B, Beyonce, got on one stage, I think that would explode.


STEELE: That would really do it, especially if we added Nicki Minaj or somebody like that. That would be a whole another story.

ALEXANDER: Those egos on one stage.


PAUL: What about Jay-Z? He is nominated in nine categories, but none of the big ones. Are you surprised by that?

STEELE: I think that happens sometimes. Sometimes when you have an album in a year that comes out and you have so many new people, and new -- you have to think about it, we're in a microwave society now. Everything's quick. So many people turn out from just being on Youtube or the Internet, and that sometimes -- you have to think about the academy and the people who chooses the awards. When you balance that all out, he leads with nine nods, but I wonder how many nods he is really going to have at the end of the night.

ALEXANDER: The history of the Grammys, they pick the strangest songs as best record. If you go back in the '70S, "Afternoon Delight" won all the awards. That was one album. Christopher Cross, "Sailing," that won all the awards and then he was gone. Somebody like Justin Timberlake. Has he won a lot of Grammys? I think tonight you'll see him win a lot of stuff, but not the major awards.

STEELE: And then people like Bruno Mars who is performing at the Super Bowl, some of the categories he's in because he has so much visibility right now. You wonder, is he going to win simply because of that? You just have to think about those things.


PAUL: We didn't even get to talk about who will be on the naughty list, we ran out of time. That's okay, we'll have you come back.

ALEXANDER: "Downton Abbey" is on tonight. Hashtag, gaymanproblems.


BLACKWELL: "Housewives" is also on tonight. "Housewives," "Downton Abbey."


PAUL: I'm so excited. I just realized my co-anchor watches "Housewives."



PAUL: Thank you for being here. Come back any time. We had so much fun. BLACKWELL: Let's talk movies. Leonardo DiCaprio, movie star, put him on television, cameo on "Saturday Night Live" last night, and he has a special formula to help Jonah Hill with his stage fright. Wait until you see this, coming up next.


BLACKWELL: This is funny. Actor Jonah Hill hosted "Saturday Night Live" last night and has been nominated for an Academy Award for his performance opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in "The Wolf of Wall Street."

PAUL: But he comes out bragging about his own role in the movie and says DiCaprio got the role because Hill asked Scorsese to add him in, only to realize DiCaprio heard every word he said.


LEONARD DICAPRIO, ACTOR: Why don't you just be honest about what you're doing right now. Seriously.

JONAH HILL, ACTOR: I was like being a big shot.

DICAPRIO: What did we say about acting like a big shot in public like this?

HILL: We said that like, like I shouldn't do it. Like I shouldn't do it, ever.

DICAPRIO: Right. And what should you do instead?

HILL: Just like try to like be the best version of me or whatever. Hey, Leo, remember when we were on set and I would get really nervous?

DICAPRIO: Yeah, yeah, I remember.

HILL: Can we do the thing that we always did every day, the thing that made me feel safe?

DICAPRIO: Is it going to help you be less nervous?

HILL: Yeah.

DICAPRIO: Yes, sure we can do it.

HILL: Thanks, man.


PAUL: Oh, my goodness.

BLACKWELL: I love it. I loved Jonah Hill since "Super Bad." Hilarious.

PAUL: That is awesome.

Thank you so much for starting your morning with us. BLACKWELL: The next hour of "New Day" starts right now.