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Justin Bieber Arrested; Teacher`s Aide Under Fire for Revealing Photos; Social Media Stars Respond to Bieber`s Troubles

Aired January 30, 2014 - 21:00   ET



DR. DREW PINSKY, HLN HOST (voice-over): Tonight, Justin Bieber arrested in two countries. Testing positive for two drugs. Who is to blame? The behavior bureau is taking sides.

Plus, this teacher`s aide suspended for being too sexy. She`s here exclusively with us and the racy photos that got her in trouble.

And our series "Hooked on Social Media" continues.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m going to be on TV with Dr. Drew. The doctor wants to be when your doctor grows up.

PINSKY: Let`s get started.



PINSKY: My co-host is attorney and Sirius XM Radio`s Jenny Hutt.

And, Jenny, it`s good to be back on the air. The weather in Atlanta kept us off the air for two straight nights.


PINSKY: Unbelievable. We cannot do this without our colleagues there in Atlanta. They were a little busy doing things like trying to get home and making sure their families were safe.

Poor Atlanta got slammed, the governor today apologized. I don`t know if you saw that.

I know you in New York are used to this kind of thing, Jenny.

HUTT: We are. I think that`s what happened in Atlanta. I think they weren`t prepared for what happened. It`s unfortunate. Why would they be? This isn`t what happens there.

PINSKY: I got to say, too, I got to back the governor. He would have been slammed either way. What if he had called out an emergency and tons of taxpayer dollars were spent and it turns out to be nothing. So, they`ve got refine their system a little bit.

Coming up, was a teacher`s aide suspended for being, get this, too sexy? She`s here exclusively with us.

But, first, more on the trouble for Justin Bieber. Take a look.


JUSTIN BIEBER, SINGER: What`s up, guys? Justin here.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: One week, two countries, two arrests.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Justin, did you attack the limo driver? Did you attack the limo driver?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Now facing potential legal battles in three jurisdictions. He was arrested last week for alleged drag racing.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He`s still under investigation for allegedly pelting his neighbor`s house with eggs.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Miami Beach police reporting indicates Bieber had marijuana and Xanax in his system.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I have one more, on Justin Bieber.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, not what I expected.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: On the White House Web site, there was a petition. Could he be deported?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I will check and see what is publicly available information on that.


PINSKY: Joining to discuss: Lynn Berry, HLN anchor, Segun Oduolowu, social commentator, Anahita Sedaghatfar, defense attorney, and Sean Klitzner, actor and comedian.

TMZ`s Dax Holt is here as well.

Dax, where is Justin Bieber right now?

DAX HOLT, TMZ (via telephone): Where is he? He`s in a bunch of trouble, that`s where he`s at.

I mean, let`s be realistic, you know? Finally, got the toxicology report in. And I think that`s what people have been waiting for, to see what was in his system, because clearly, it wasn`t a lot of booze like the cops had initially reported.

He had barely any booze in his system. And so, we found out that, yes, he had the Xanax, the THC, the marijuana, but tested negative for cocaine, albeit it`s meth and other drugs.

You know, you got that one instance going down in Miami. Then you`re looking at Toronto where he`s got a whole other case going on where he had to go check himself in yesterday afternoon for this assault, and the cops are looking at him going what`s the deal?

The limo driver is claiming that there was some kind of altercation that happened in the back of the limo. Apparently, they`re saying that Justin hit the driver multiple times in the back of the head. Then by the time the driver pulled over, called the cops, he fled from the scene.

So, now, you`ve got two different things going on in two different countries, and then the egging case where they really can`t tie him to that because they can`t find any evidence.

PINSKY: And, Dax, I read the police report on the driving under intoxication. And it did -- the document very clearly had almost no alcohol in his system, but they also documented that he was very intoxicated. He couldn`t pass the field sobriety test.

So, that`s where they started looking for other reasons for the intoxication and that`s where the Xanax turned up. Is that accurate as you understand it?

HOLT: Yes, that makes sense. I think that if he was out of control, but the problem here -- I`ve got to say one thing. The problem is they said that the car reeked of booze. Neither one of those drivers -- I mean, Justin had very little booze and Khalil had nothing in his system. So, I don`t know why they said the cars reeked like booze.

PINSKY: Interesting. Thanks, Dax.

Lynn, what is up with this petition to deport Bieber? I guess that was a government official being asked that in a public forum, which is kind of weird.

LYNN BERRY, HLN HOST: This was a State Department briefing that they asked that question. And you saw there the spokesperson shocked, as we are, that they even had to deal with this. This is a Web site We The People. We can start a petition for anything.

I can start a petition that everybody wears glasses. That means there are probably will sign --


PINSKY: Only in night time, Lynn. But in daytime, Lynn, you don`t wear glasses.


BERRY: Exactly. Somebody tells me everyone would work at Dr. Drew. But it takes a hundred thousand signatures for the president to have to issue a response, his own rules. Well, it has 112 signatures saying he`s a threat to public safety, saying that he`s reckless and destructive and more importantly, that he is a terrible influence on our nation`s youth. Some dad or mom probably started this.

I don`t know if I disagree with that. But nevertheless, the president is going to have to look at this and issue some sort of response, based on his own rules.

PINSKY: Anahita, is that realistic?

ANAHITA SEDAGHATFAR, ATTORNEY: No, Dr. Drew, let`s put this into perspective here, OK? I mean, I`m not trying to defend Justin Bieber. I`ve said all along he has to be held accountable for his actions. If he did something illegal, he should pay, he should serve time, whatever.

But deportation? Come on. I mean, first, he has to be convicted of felonies, number one. Number two, they have to be crimes of moral turpitude. It has to be like, murder, or rape, sexual assault. This isn`t it. This is not grounds for deportation.

PINSKY: Segun, you agree?

SEDAGHATFAR: I think this is so out of control.

ODUOLOWU: Well, Dr. Drew, I don`t think it`s grounds for deportation. But I want to take a different tack. Instead of highlighting all the negative of this young adult, let`s highlight and accentuate the positives of some young adults.

I know countless kids the same age as Bieber doing great things. I mean, there`s Dylan and Ryan Silverstein, University of Michigan, 3.0 GPA or higher. Ben McKindle, University of Glendale, 3.0 or higher.

SEDAGHATFAR: No one cares about that.

ODUOLOWU: No, but here`s the point, but because we don`t accentuate the positive, we get cases like Bieber.

PINSKY: Yes, unfortunately, Segun, just while you were talking a couple thousand people turned their TVs off. That`s the problem. People don`t watch this.


ODUOLOWU: I bet you, I bet you --

SEDAGHATFAR: No one cares about the positives.

ODUOLOWU: There`s the thing, then what are we doing to help other than just listing all of his bad things? We`re talking about deportation of a pop star.

SEDAGHATFAR: You`re saying we again, though, Segun. Why do you keep saying we? You`re putting the onus upon society.

It is not our responsibility, Segun. It is the responsibility of his parents, the adults in his life and possibly the judicial system.

PINSKY: Hang on, Anahita. Hang on, Segun.

I want to get from Sean.

Sean, what did you say about Bieber on YouTube? And try to clean up the language.

SEAN KLITZNER, COMEDIAN: Of course, I broke it down. And here`s the bottom line, all right? He peed in a bucket, he made it rain $75,000 in one dollar bills at a strip club, he threw eggs at a house enough to cause $20,000 worth of damage and at 4:00 in the morning, he got a yellow Lamborghini, blocked off the roads and he drag raced.

Justin Bieber is awesome! Can I say it freaking? He`s freaking awesome! If he was the lead character of a movie, we`d be dressing up like him for Halloween, OK?

ODUOLOWU: Theater of absurd. All we keep doing is trying to judge a kid that all of us on the panel are too old to do that anyway.

BERRY: Hey, wait a second, Segun.


BERRY: Don`t start calling us old, OK?

ODUOLOWU: Nineteen-year-old Justin Bieber, his actions are no different than a lot of what we have done, egged houses. You are judging him through your own eyes and you can`t really see it.


PINSKY: Anahita, hang on. I want to hear from Jenny.

Segun, just to put a little code on your usual diatribe, should we be ashamed? Should we be ashamed of ourselves?

ODUOLOWU: We should all be ashamed of ourselves.

SEDAGHATFAR: I`m not ashamed.

HUTT: First of all, to go back to the deportation petition, first of all, it`s absurd, the kid should not be deported. Second of all, if President Obama even thought to do that -- his girls, his daughters would never speak to him again. So, that`s just not going to happen.

ODUOLOWU: The girls are not fans of Bieber, I`m pretty sure.

HUTT: And then, second of all -- of course they are. Every girl, every teenager loves Justin Bieber.

ODUOLOWU: No, no, no, no, no.

HUTT: People with that much access at that age might do stupid things and there you go.

PINSKY: That`s the question.

KLITZNER: But who cares? The kid is an anomaly here.

Let me say one thing, the kid is an anomaly here, OK? There`s not -- we don`t have a nationwide epidemic. There`s not thousands of kids doing what he`s doing. All right?

By 19, yes, the kid has a god-like complex, we get it. But let him be. Wake up every morning and look for what Justin Bieber did last night and enjoy it. But that`s all we can do.

PINSKY: We`re going to keep this -- hang on, panel. Thank you very much, guys.

Up next, we have Justin`s friend who has known him since he was 13 years of age. That friend will join me with her take.

And later, the young woman suspended from her teaching job because of these photos and many more like them. Too provocative. She joins us when we come back.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is Bieber out of control? Some say the outrage over his behavior has been blown out of proportion.

HUTT: The parents are supporting his endeavors. His father was involved in this drag racing!

PINSKY: I hate to point fingers at the parents in situations like this. This may just be the beginning of drug addiction in a young adult.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How Bieber will behave going forward is unclear.


PINSKY: Back with Jenny, talking about Bieber`s bad behavior. I`ve got a tweet for you, Jenny, if you guys would throw that up there right now. If I can get to it I`ll tell you what it is. There it is.

"Justin Bieber spits on his fans and laughs about it, how does that make him awesome?" That is from Kay.

HUTT: It makes him gross, oh.

PINSKY: Gross?

Well, time for behavior bureau. Samantha Schacher, social commentator, host of "Pop Trigger" in Young Turks Network, Wendy Walsh, psychologist, author of "The 30-Day Love Detox", Leeann Tweeden, social commentator, and Jennie Ketcham, author of "I Am Jennie".

And if you would like to join the conversation, you can tweet us right now @DrDrewHLN, #behaviorbureau.

Bieber`s manager, Scooter Braun tweeted this, quote, "For all those laughing, Jeremy Bieber and Pattie Mallette love their son. Stop passing judgment on the situation you don`t understand."

Jennie Ketcham, we really don`t know what is going on there. I don`t like taking aim at the parents. What do you say?

JENNIE KETCHAM, AUTHOR: You know, the parents are responsible to a certain extent, but they`re responsible for a long time ago. I mean, socially, they should have been protecting him from the mess that is fame and stardom from the very beginning. I mean, they`re not responsible for his actions now because he`s an adult and he should be held accountable.

But, you know, there`s a problem with his dad partying with him like that. I mean, where are the boundaries?

PINSKY: Yes. And that`s a symptom, I think you would agree with me, of what probably you`re talking about long ago with the kind of parenting he needed to help him developmentally kind of perhaps wasn`t there.

Leeann, given that people are blaming the parents in the present, it`s really the legal system in the present needs to bring him down. Not the parents. He`s an adult.

LEEANN TWEEDEN, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: Absolutely, he`s an adult. We talked about this. People try to say, well, he`s just 19 years old. You`re an adult in the United States at 18 years old.

What I say about the thing about the parents, you are brought up, you are raised a certain way. Your parents instill things in you. They instill morals and values and how to be a good person, right from wrong.

Sure, everybody makes mistakes. But you should be brought back around to thinking, OK, that`s not how I was raised.

You know, I`m 40 years old. How I was raised when I was a young child is how I still am today. There is no excuse. Somewhere, there was a lapse of judgment in his parents. For his 38-year-old father now to come back and egg this behavior on and be part of his posse, that`s not being a parent, that`s being a friend. And, obviously, Justin is going down the wrong road.

PINSKY: That`s another way of saying exactly -- Wendy, you have a different point of view?


PINSKY: Well, hang on, Wendy. I was going to point out that what Leeann says is that jenny was saying using different language meaning there aren`t good boundaries between father and son and that probably was there a long time ago and persists today.


WALSH: Well, when you use the example of early life morals are what are exhibited in midlife, I want to remind you that your parents never gave you to the entertainment industry. Remember, this was a young single mom with stars in her eyes and Scooter Braun and Usher and everybody else in the Atlanta music scene took her little 12-year-old boy and she really didn`t have the social power against these kinds of people.

So, they`re as much to blame for how he was raised as his parents.

PINSKY: Interesting.

TWEEDEN: I`ve been in the entertainment business since I was a kid, too -- maybe not at his level. But I still -- my parents would take me out of anything if I was bad, if I had bad grades. That`s not an excuse.

PINSKY: Interesting.

I want to bring in now DJ Lady La. She has known Bieber since she was 13.

I hope you have heard this conversation. Do you want to shed light on what you saw when he was a younger kid?

DJ LADY LA, HAS KNOWN BIEBER SINCE HE WAS 13 (via telephone): Yes, I would love to. From my perspective, I mean, he came in at 13 to our radio station and would play games and hang out, was a happy, bright little kid.

And from my understanding, I got all good things from his mom as a parent. Strong Christian woman, was right there, holding his hand telling him no, yes, you can have that Twizzler, no, you can`t, right there with his schooling. He would act up sometimes and she would put him in his place right there and then on the spot.

So, I can`t really speak for his mom. I wouldn`t say his mom was the problem. I think that once he crossed that threshold of 18 and becoming an adult, a power switch happened. And now, he has the power and he`s telling people who can and can`t be around him.

And I can`t blame his mom for that.

As far as dad, I don`t know his dad, but I did see him partying with him and whatnot. I`m sure the friend versus father thing is part to blame. But I can`t say that for his mom.

PINSKY: Hang on. Thank you for the comment. I want to show you Justin`s mom who was here on this program talking about her history of sex abuse and substance abuse and, Sam, I want you to comment. Take a look.


PINSKY: You got deeply into substances. But I was telling you, I don`t thing you`re a drug addict.

PATTIE MALLETTE, JUSTIN BIEBER`S MOM: Yes. You know, during the time I definitely abused drugs and alcohol. And for me, it was a way of self-medicating from all the childhood pain.

PINSKY: Gluing yourself back together.

MALLETTE: Somewhat, and just escaping reality.



PINSKY: She, Sam, survived sexual abuse. She was using a lot of substances and she tried to commit suicide. She`s had treatment, she`s recovered.

It doesn`t seem she`s an addict. That doesn`t mean the gene is not in this kid.

What do you say, Sam?

SCHACHER: No, I agree with you. I wasn`t aware of that. So, obviously, there`s some family history there. But I think the caller really hit the nail on the head, Dr. Drew. Up until the past -- just up until recent, this past year, Justin Bieber has really engaged in some crappy behavior and nobody held him accountable until as of recent. So, it led to him being more entitled. It led to him feeling more invincible, above the law.

And, finally, now that he`s being held accountable for his actions, hopefully, he can re-evaluate himself and the people around him and humble himself. And, yes, like others have said in the previous panel, we`ve all made mistakes, but the difference is, we`ve paid for our mistakes and therefore learned from them.

But Justin Bieber has yet to pay for his mistakes. At least now he`s starting to.

PINSKY: Hang on now. I want to I know you all want to say, but, Jennie Ketcham first.

Jennie Ketcham, what do you say?

KETCHAM: Well, first of all, I don`t think it`s an issue of Lady DJ saying we`re blaming the mom. Nobody`s blaming the mom. You know, he`s an adult and he`s made choices.

But I don`t think he`s being held accountable at all. Look at the way we`re reacting to it. Oh, this poor kid.

I mean, if Richard Sherman had done half of the things that Justin Bieber did, you can bet that he would be in jail and not playing in the Super Bowl this coming Sunday. I mean, that is for sure.

This kid is privileged. And between the race and the class thing, he`s going to get off, no problem. It will be Lindsay Lohan all over again and we`ll watch him spiral down the tube. It will be a shame.

PINSKY: And, Jenny Hutt, I think what Jennie Ketcham is really hitting the nail on the head with is that`s what causes us to watch and causes the outrage.


HUTT: Well, yes, I think Jennie Ketcham is right on. I think there`s definitely an issue her that he is this privileged white boy, and he`ll get away with a lot of stuff that somebody else wouldn`t get away with. And that`s not really right, Dr. Drew.

TWEEDEN: Dr. Drew --

PINSKY: Who was that? Go ahead, Wendy.

TWEEDEN: It`s Leeann.

PINSKY: Go ahead, Leeann.

TWEEDEN: I think that Bieber needs to surround himself with better friends.


TWEEDEN: I think when you`re surrounded by bad people, you start to make bad choices. And we`ve seen over the last year he started hanging out with these rappers and these different guys and his little crew, and flying them in private jets.

KETCHAM: And his dad! What about his dad?

TWEEDEN: Well, exactly, that too. But the dad is obviously not a role model, we know that by now because dad`s hanging on the coattails the as if he`s part of the posse, too. He needs better friends.

PINSKY: Hang on. Got it.

Wendy, last thought.

WALSH: Well, I think that he lived in the land of no-noes for a very long time where rich men basically owned him, propped him up, did whatever they needed to so that the money could keep flowing.

And now, they`ve turned him out to the wolves. He`s 18 and the law says he can do what he wants and he`s not prepared for it.


PINSKY: I agree. Wendy -- camera on me for a second.

And the biggest concern is, with that money flowing, it`s hard for people to take the time out and do the work, to get the treatment that they need. If he keeps working or tries to get special or some sort of care that allows him to keep working, this is not going to turn out well -- if, in fact, this kid needs care, which we`re all beginning to think he does.

Next up, was a teacher`s aide suspended for being too sexy? She joins us exclusively.

And later, we`re looking at the people who are shaking up social media, beginning with Internet celebrities like Caleb Nation and men`s lifestyle blogger (INAUDIBLE). They will join us with their takes on Justin and their latest viral videos and more.

We`re back in a moment.



PINSKY: The teacher`s aide was placed on paid leave for posting some intense photos of herself on Instagram and Facebook.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She`s not marketing herself as a teacher in this capacity. She`s saying here, I`m a model.

SCHACHER: You have to have your social media image match your professional image.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: As long as she`s not dressed like that at work.


PINSKY: Before we get on to the teacher`s story, I want to read a tweet from the Justin Bieber conversation we had. It`s from Lisa Phipps whose Twitter handle interestingly is @rockemmamthreegirls (ph).

"Disgusted, you think we should leave him alone? What if he kills someone?"

And when I saw him running around with that ATV, that occurred to me. I thought, wow, if he really becomes reckless and really thinks he`s above consequence, something bad could happen to him or someone around him. Don`t you agree?

HUTT: I do. I don`t think anyone on our panel is saying leave him alone. I think we`re saying, get the kid some help before something disastrous recurs.

PINSKY: Which is the constant refrain we have here with this program. Yet we end up reporting on terrible things asking, why didn`t they?

All right. Now, we`re going to switch to a conversation about Kaitlin Pearson. She`s a teacher`s aide who moonlights as a model. Someone apparently anonymously sent a package of her photos, provocative ones like the ones you`re looking at here, to the school district and the local newspaper.

HUTT: Wow.

PINSKY: She was suspended from her job as a teacher`s aide in a special needs classroom, but this week she`s back to work. We`re going to talk to Kaitlin in just a second.

But first, let`s bring back Lynn, Segun, Anahita and Sean.

The school says they`re OK with this. Nothing wrong happened.

Anahita, do you agree?

SEDAGHATFAR: Well, Dr. Drew, I`m the first to say if you`ve got it, flaunt it. But she`s a teacher of elementary school kids. No, teachers should be held to a different standard. OK? You shouldn`t be posting -- I`m sorry, but you shouldn`t be posting half naked pictures like that all over the Internet for the world to see.

PINSKY: All right, OK, got it. Segun?

SEDAGHATFAR: I wouldn`t want my kids in her class. I wouldn`t want my kids in that class.

PINSKY: Segun?

ODUOLOWU: Well, you know what, Dr. Drew, the biggest thing is credibility. And as a teacher, you`re only as good as your word. So, yes, she did something on her private time but once it became public, she should be fired on the spot. One for poor judgment. You put it -- it was on a social media network that anyone could access. The fact --

PINSKY: All right. Sean, what do you say?

KLITZNER: We should deport her. Get her out of the country. Come on. I mean, look --

PINSKY: Get a website out.

KLITZNER: Yes, right, let`s get the petition signed.

So, she put pictures up on her social media, like who cares? I think the big problem is that she stated that she`s a full-time employee, which means her job first was to be a school teacher. So once again we have this expectation that you`re a school teacher, you have to follow these rules. It`s like, but, if she wants to be a model, how else is she going to do it?

PINSKY: OK, Lynn, there`s no consensus. I want to hear from Lynn.

Lynn, go ahead.

BERRY: You know, she was on paid leave while the school administrators investigated to see whether or not she violated any terms of her teaching contract, and she didn`t.

The funny thing is the community actually in large part is supporting her saying what she does on her private time is none of our business. And these are elementary school kids. That`s what surprised me the most.

If I were a parent, Anahita, I`d be right there with you. I would pull that kid out of that classroom.

PINSKY: Except, except, hang on.


HUTT: I have kids.

PINSKY: Anahita, you have a crazy theory about Kaitlin posting these pictures. Before I go to Kaitlin, I want you to tell me that theory.

SEDAGHATFAR: Well, here`s the thing -- when I read the story, I was a little bit skeptical because I`m thinking, OK, so someone sends an anonymous package with her pictures to the school and to a media outlet. OK?

And she`s just a teacher`s assistant. Not that there`s anything wrong with that, but she`s not like a principal or superintendent of the schools. And so, she`s trying to be an aspiring model. She`s marketing herself all over the Internet. She has a model mayhem account.

To me, it seems like a publicity stunt. She`s agreeing to do media interviews now. I would ask her, are you trying to find out who this anonymous person was who was sending you`re pictures all over the place?

PINSKY: All right. Let`s ask that question.

Kaitlin Pearson joins us right now.

Kaitlin, how about Anahita`s theory that you aren`t so happy about this and who was that anonymous person do you think, if you could talk about it on television?

KAITLIN PEARSON, TEACHER`S AIDE & MODEL (via telephone): Hello, Dr. Drew. I`m not doing any sort of stunt. I was pulled aside one day when I was in class and I was told that these images were sent to the school. And then a few days later, I was aware that they were sent to media.

I`d had no idea that they were sent to the media --

PINSKY: How did you react and were you concerned how parents might react to this? What would you tell them?

ODUOLOWU: Serious?

PEARSON: Well, my images are no different than a Victoria`s Secret model.

ODUOLOWU: Yes, but the Victoria`s Secret models aren`t teachers. Are you serious? Like you can`t really be serious?

HUTT: Segun.

SEDAGHATFAR: That`s disingenuous.

ODUOLOWU: Like, you can`t really be serious.

HUTT: Segun.

SEDAGHATFAR: That`s disingenuous.

ODUOLOWU: You can`t be serious.

SEDAGHATFAR: You know, Kaitlyn...

ODUOLOWU: You cannot be serious.

SEDAGHATFAR: Kaitlyn, with all due respect, the reason why I found it suspect -- and I`m not saying that you`re a liar. It`s just that you`re out there defending what you`re doing, still. I would think that you would have at least a little bit of humbleness and a little bit of remorse. Maybe it`s not appropriate to be posting these on public sites.

PINSKY: Or, Anahita, before she responds, maybe she thought it was appropriate. So Kaitlyn, go ahead.

ODUOLOWU: How about with all disrespect for what she did? You`re a teacher of young minds. How about all disrespect?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So how is she supposed to get into modeling? If she wants to model, what, she`s supposed to change her name?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You pick one or...


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She`s going to pick modelling as a full-time job?

HUTT: Does anybody want to hear from Kaitlyn?

PINSKY: Yes, I want the hear from Kaitlyn, exactly. I`m trying to control you guys. Kaitlyn, please, have at it.

ODUOLOWU: Should be fired.



PEARSON: I just want to let everyone know that I`ve been modeling for two years before I even got the job.

PINSKY: Before the teaching job?

PEARSON: So I was not aware when I started modeling that I was going to be offered a paraprofessional job.

PINSKY: And did you try to protect, you know, or did you tell the school? Did you have concerns about these things being out there? Did you -- did you appreciate there`s a problem here between, you know, your professional job and how these pictures might be perceived?

PEARSON: Well, the images are going to be perceived how one`s going to perceive them. But...

HUTT: Guys, can I...

PEARSON: ... I was keeping them 100 percent separate out of my life.

ODUOLOWU: But you put them on social media. That`s a bold-faced lie.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Segun, Segun, hold on, buddy.

HUTT: You guys.

PINSKY: You guys are blowing up.

HUTT: You`re ridiculous.

PINSKY: Jenny, go ahead. Jenny, go ahead. Jenny Hutt.

HUTT: First of all, you`re all ridiculous. She`s a beautiful girl who`s moonlighting as a model. Who cares if she`s in lingerie? She`s doing something legal on the side.

And you guys are all being -- I don`t even know, like so over-the-top prudish about it, it`s bizarre.

I am a mother. I have two kids in school. And if their teacher had some pictures online that were legal and not pornography, I`d be OK with it. Who cares?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I can`t believe it. We agree, Jenny. We agree!

SEDAGHATFAR: ... that you would take that position, that is shocking.

PINSKY: All right.

HUTT: Why is that shocking?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So Kate Upton can`t be a teacher? Kate Upton`s not a role model?

PINSKY: I`ve heard shocking things from all of you, and I`m expecting, again, Segun to shame me before we`re done with this segment. But Kaitlyn...

ODUOLOWU: No, no. Dr. Drew, it`s not about shame, but she should feel some shame. You work with young kids.


HUTT: She should not feel shame.

PINSKY: All right. Kaitlyn`s going to stay with me, I hope. And I want to bring her over to the Behavior Bureau for more on this story. So hey, thank you, panel. Good job.

And later, our series, "Hooked: Social Media Stars" continues with the Internet celebrity Kaleb Nation and Joe Miragliotta, those two guys you`re looking at there. They`re the gentlemen behind the men`s -- oh, he, Miragliotta`s behind the men`s lifestyle blog Joe`s Daily.

Back in a moment.


PINSKY: Back with Jenny Hutt and Kaitlyn Pearson. We`re talking about a teacher`s aide who was fired for posting provocative modeling photos of herself online before she even became a teacher. I want to show you Kaitlyn -- Just give me, me and Jenny for a second here, because I want she and I to talk to Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn, are you still with me?

PEARSON: Yes, I am.

PINSKY: OK. Thanks for hanging on. I know you felt very attacked in that last segment. I want to read for you, show you a tweet, give you a sense of how people out in the world are feeling about this.

Shelly`s Hostage says, "Brah (ph), who are these people? They`re really negative, judging the teacher woman but approved of Justin`s behavior. LOL #crazy."

So you have a good deal of support out there.

HUTT: You do.

PINSKY: And what I want to do -- and I know this was upsetting to you, and I apologize that you felt that way. But let`s work our way through this. I want to bring in the Behavior Bureau with Sam, Wendy, Leanne and Jennie K.

And as good fortune would have it, Jennie Ketcham, you are the perfect person to be talking to Kaitlyn today. You want to tell your history. You`re right. I mean, Jennie Ketcham is going to be a professional -- going to be a psychologist. And if people start to look back on social media in her past, they`re going to find some stuff. Explain, Jennie.

JENNIE KETCHAM, AUTHOR: Yes, yes. So Kaitlyn, just so you know, I come from the adult business. I spent the first eight years of my adult life in the adult business. And I actually got the majority of my very first jobs through Model Mayhem, which probably would have meant the last panel go insane.

But I can totally identify with you. And I understand how it is to want to be a model and to want to pursue this dream and to be willing to do some things that are a little bit more risque.

And you know what? You are young and you are beautiful. And you have the perfect physique to go ahead and experiment in that modeling world. And I think it`s really important that going forward, you know, just like I have to be very aware that at any point, anybody in my life can try and throw my past -- no matter how OK with it I am, somebody can try and throw my past back in my face. It might be the same with you. And it looks like it is, you know.

But that doesn`t mean that what you`re doing is wrong. It doesn`t mean that what you`re doing is illegal or immoral, or should -- you shouldn`t feel ashamed or anything like that.


KETCHAM: But it does mean that you`re going to have to be really, really careful.

PINSKY: Sam, I`m going to have you respond in a second, but first, I want Kaitlyn to respond to Jennie`s comments. Go ahead, Kaitlyn.

PEARSON: Well, thank you so much for saying that. That`s really made me feel a lot better. I`m not ashamed of my modeling. And I couldn`t even get one single word in with the last panel. They pretty much attacked me.

PINSKY: Well, they were onto their own thing. You understand. Jennie`s telling you, though, you got to be careful.

PEARSON: I just really -- I just really agree with that tweet, like here I am, you know, keeping my modeling life out of the classroom. And out of everywhere. And all of a sudden, like, an anonymous person sent in these images. I had no idea. And now I`m all in the news and now I`m a horrible person. Is a mother who models a horrible person?

SAMANTHA SCHACHER, POP CULTURE COMMENTATOR: No. No, Kaitlyn, you`re not a horrible person.

PINSKY: Sam, go ahead.

SCHACHER: Kaitlyn, do not feel ashamed. You`re not a horrible person. Haters are going to hate. OK. So just know honestly, Kaitlyn, the previous panel, I`m appalled by what they were saying to you. I felt like they were attacking you.

KETCHAM: Totally. Yes, totally.

SCHACHER: What you need to remember, you need to remember that you are a great teacher, from what I`ve read. Your community and your students love you. They investigated you, the district, and they had -- they brought you back on.

The only thing that I would say is just remember that your social media persona is going to leak into your professional brand, and it looks like that you want to be a model. So therefore, what are you supposed to do? Your hands are tied. You`re trying to get your modeling career started out, and so you need to put those images up there. So maybe just be like right up front with your employer from this point forward.

PINSKY: OK, Sam. I want to get a couple more comments. Wendy -- Wendy, your thoughts, and then Leeann. Wendy first.

WENDY WALSH, PSYCHOLOGIST: Yes. I really want to put this in context for this young lady. And I`m certainly not sitting here as an angel. I spent many years modeling, and if you spent some time online you`d find some sexy stuff and who wants to see that of a now-50-year-old woman. But I will say this...

PINSKY: Except half our audience is now running to their computers, Wendy. I`m just saying.

WALSH: And it`s very difficult to erase things once they`re out online, even if they`re from years ago.

But, having said that, I want to put into context what the outrage is about, what the rage is about. I`m also a mother of young girls. I see how our media and our online world sexualizes young girls so easily.

If I knew that their teachers or their coaches, who they look up to as major role models, were setting this example, it would start to make me feel squeamish, because I see what the advertising world is doing.

And -- but I also want to say that part of female to female competition for mates anyway in a culture is that we love to sort of put down those that are more attractive than us. So I just want you to understand where it`s all coming from.

PINSKY: Well, that -- that is why I assembled this attractive panel, so you don`t have to have that piece in the middle of all this.

Leeann, last words.

LEEANN TWEEDEN, MODEL: Kaitlyn, just do your thing, girl. I`m a model. I`ve been on the cover of "FHM," "Maxim." I`ve been in "Playboy." I was the celebrity person in their December issue years ago. Whatever.

You`re a smart girl. You obviously have a job, and we appreciate that. I know you`re trying to be a model. Just do what you`re going to do.

I see where people have a hard time thinking that your elementary school kids are looking. But if elementally school kids are looking at Instagram, the parents are giving them, you know, smartphones to look at Instagram.

PINSKY: Too much freedom, yes.

TWEEDEN: Way too much for a younger...


PINSKY: I`m running out of time, guys.

WALSH: They`re all on Instagram with each other. I take exception to that. I take exception.

PINSKY: Hang on. Hang on, wait. I can`t let you. I`ve got to give Kaitlyn the last word. Kaitlyn, have at it. What do you say?

PEARSON: Well, just in defense of myself, before all this happened, the school had no reason to Google me. I passed everything. I have a college degree. I passed my Corey (ph). You know, there was no reason for the school to be like, "Oh, she`s going to do some sort of harm."

PINSKY: But Kaitlyn, I think one of the lessons here that other people could take away is that your employers may well Google you. That`s just part of what people do these days.

SCHACHER: Almost everybody does nowadays.

PINSKY: And so -- so this -- I hope you learn from this, and I hope - - we wish you success. And thank you for joining us Kaitlyn. We really do appreciate it. You OK?

PEARSON: Yes. I`m great. And thank you guys so much for cheering me back up.

PINSKY: All right. You bet.

Next up -- thank you, panel. Internet celebrity Kaleb Nation and lifestyle blogger Joe Miragliotta will join us with their thoughts on Bieber and the latest viral videos. Do not go away.



KALEB NATION, INTERNET PERSONALITY: Hey there, I`m Kaleb Nation, and the weirdest thing just happened to me. I was casually watching television, and then during the commercial suddenly I saw this.

ANNOUNCER: Dr. Drew introduces you to the stars of social media.

NATION: Hey, that`s me! If you haven`t seen my endless tweets about it, I`m a guest on DR. DREW ON CALL this Thursday, January 30, on HLN, and you should totally watch.

They haven`t told me what the topic is yet, but no matter what it is, you can be sure there will be probably a lot of hand movements from me and maybe I`ll probably make this face.

I`m going to be on TV with Dr. Drew. The doctor your doctor wants to be when your doctor grows up.

JOE MIRAGLIOTTA, LIFESTYLE BLOGGER; This is the show where I talk about...


PINSKY: Back with Jenny and Segun and Sam. It is time for our series "Hooked: Social Media Stars."

HUTT: I love that guy.

PINSKY: I do love that guy. There he is right now, joining us. Kaleb Nation, we just saw him on his own YouTube channel, which is the host, Kaleb Nation. Do that face for me, Kaleb.

NATION: My weird face?

PINSKY: Oh, yes. Just get it done. OK. You got it done.

NATION: Do you want to know the story behind that face? It`s been seen over 100 million times in, like, five different music videos, because every time I`m in a music video, they want me to do that face.

PINSKY: We don`t want to be left out. And I`ve got Joe Miragliotta. He is also a YouTube star and men`s lifestyle blogger at

Got any weird faces to do for me, Joe? No?

MIRAGLIOTTA: I don`t. I can`t compete with Kaleb. He`s too good.

HAMMER: Now Kaleb just posted a music video about Justin Bieber called "Run, Bieber, Run." And my question is, are you, Kaleb, a Bieber apologist?

NATION: Oh, gosh, that`s a long -- I actually made that video probably like three or four years ago. As you can see, I have the Justin Bieber hair back then. Now I kind of do the more, like the One Direction hair thing, going up now. I don`t know.

Like, I was looking at this, like watching everything that was going on earlier. And like a lot of people were saying on the panel, Justin Bieber, we`re holding him to such a high standard right now.

And I understand, like, his DUI is terrible. That -- he deserves to have, you know, consequences for that, as well. But he is a guy that has been, since he was 13 years old, he`s an industry. He`s not even treated like a human. All these people have their jobs based on him, and he has all this pressure. And now he`s 19 years old. He has so much money he can do whatever he wants. And yet we expect him to be an angel when there`s photographers watching him 24/7.

PINSKY: Fair enough.

NATION: It`s difficult.

PINSKY: Fair enough. And Joe, I`m going to ask you. Most of our Twitter followers responded to that -- the teacher who we were talking about in those last blocks, who had posted provocative pictures of herself, saying, "Jeez, you`re excusing Bieber, but you`re attacking the teacher."

What were your thoughts on the teacher? You`re a men`s blogger. What -- how do you think the men would respond to that? I`m obviously loading that question. What do you think the guys would think about that teacher?

MIRAGLIOTTA: Well, to be honest with you, my first thought was, "Wow, I wish I was on that panel."

But to be honest with you...

PINSKY: I bet you wish you could be in the classroom. Just saying.

MIRAGLIOTTA: Well, that, too. I mean, let`s be honest. I mean, we grow up in a different world with social media now. And unfortunately, she got caught sharing provocative photos.

But to be honest with you, would our TA`s back when I was in high school be doing the same thing? Probably. And I hate to -- I shouldn`t automatically assume that. But things are so different now that there`s social media, that it doesn`t really surprise me.


PINSKY: Sam, thoughts?

SCHACHER: Yes. No, I agree. And Dr. Drew, we can`t compare Justin Bieber`s behavior -- DUI, hitting a limo driver, peeing in a mop bucket -- with somebody that`s posting provocative, racy photos. I think at the end of the day, she just has to be aware that her -- her professional image should match her online image.

PINSKY: I don`t even know how you juxtapose the notions of peeing in a bucket and provocative photos. But you`re doing -- hold your thoughts for a second. What I`m going to do, I`m going to go to break, and I want to -- the next segment, I want to dedicate to a game that Kaleb created about -- well, you compared, what,ro Justin Bieber and Rob Ford?

NATION: Rob Ford, Toronto mayor.

PINSKY: Yes. Jenny, back in the day Adam Carolla and I had a game we called Germany or Florida. Whenever anything really macabre happening, we`d go, OK, Germany or Florida, which is it? And Florida has obviously moved way into the lead...

HUTT: Oh, gosh.

PINSKY: ... on this program. But we`ll do Kaleb`s game, all of you. And Segun, I`ll let you ring in first, after this.

And a reminder: you can find us on Instagram, @DrDrewHLN. Be right back.



NATION: Hey, there. I`m Kaleb Nation.

MIRAGLIOTTA: This is Joe from, and this is the show where I talk about the...


HUTT: I don`t hear any show.

PINSKY: Back with Jenny, Segun and Sam. We continue our series, "Hooked: Social Media Stars" with our guests Kaleb Nation and Joe Miragliotta.

Quick tweet to Kaleb: "Tell Calum" -- I think she means Kaleb -- "I love him. That Justin Bieber speech was spot on. So much respect."

So there you go, Kaleb.


PINSKY: Your first love from my audience.

NATION: Thank you.

PINSKY: Now I want to give you the floor and let you be the host of your new game, Justin Bieber or Rob Ford, and the panel responds. Go ahead.

NATION: All right.

PINSKY: We have two minutes. Two minutes. And when I say we`re out of time, we are out of time.

NATION: Yes, sir, Dr. Drew. Justin Bieber or Rob Ford. The way you play this, is it`s either Justin Bieber or Rob Ford, who is the mayor of Toronto. And you guys have covered him a lot.

Question No. 1, who was thrown out of a nightclub for trying to bring in underage girls? Justin Bieber or Rob Ford?

PINSKY: Segun.

SCHACHER: Justin Bieber. Oh!

PINSKY: Segun. I`m giving it to Segun first.

ODUOLOWU: I`m going to guess it was Bieber.

PINSKY: Sam and Segun say Bieber. I say Bieber.

HUTT: I think Bieber.

MIRAGLIOTTA: I`m saying Rob Ford.

NATION: Justin Bieber.

PINSKY: There we go.

NATION: So second question. You want No. 2? All right.

PINSKY: I want No. 2.

NATION: Who was recorded in a phone call promising a friend that he would bring him OxyContin, Justin Bieber or Rob Ford?


PINSKY: Rob Ford.

HUTT: Rob Ford.

NATION: Rob Ford.

PINSKY: Kaleb.

NATION: That was easy.

PINSKY: Got to make these things much harder. You got a tough one for us?

NATION: I don`t know. Who was just busted for, like, driving DUI a few days ago? Oh, dang it, that`s an easy one.


PINSKY: Bieber. That`s both of them, I think. It`s where we`re headed. But...

NATION: Yes. Pretty much.

SCHACHER: We all win.

PINSKY: Let me ask, do I have time for Sam to throw to that viral video she has real quick? Do we have time for that?

All right, Sam, go ahead and throw to that train video that you want to show us.

SCHACHER: OK. All right.

PINSKY: Real quick.

SCHACHER; Well, if you live in a city you are familiar, you know, with there being a subway system and that desperate feeling of trying to catch that last train home.

Well, this woman in Australia could not wait any longer. Watch.

PINSKY: Oh, my goodness.

SCHACHER: OK. So you see them talking. It`s actually on a Wednesday night, 11 p.m. And they are chatting. They go and approach the train. We still don`t know what they were talking about. So they`re talking about something.

HUTT: Oh, my gosh.

SCHACHER: And then all of a sudden, she leaps onto the empty carriage. And Dr. Drew, she misses. So she misses that empty carriage. Right now she`s actually underneath the train.

HUTT: Oh, my gosh.

SCHACHER: She`s stuck underneath in between the tracks. Her friend clearly is pacing back and forth, nervous. His fears are confirmed right here when you see he lying motionless.


SCHACHER: And -- I don`t want to -- and then boom, she pops up.


SCHACHER: She actually has very little injuries, Dr. Drew.

HUTT: Wow.

SCHACHER: She has some stitches on her head, some stitches on her back.

HUTT: Oh, my gosh.

SCHACHER: The police are saying that they are shocked that not only did she survive, but they`re shocked of her stupidity.

PINSKY: She fell...

SCHACHER: I mean...

PINSKY: The stupidity, I`ll grant you that.

MIRAGLIOTTA: Wait, wait, wait, wait.

PINSKY: Wait, I can`t wait. I`ve got to go, guys. "Last Call" is next. Maybe keep the panel up for the "Last Call."


PINSKY: It is time for "The Last Call," and it goes to Joe to finish his thought. Go, Joe.

MIRAGLIOTTA: Fantastic. Well, my thought was two things. One, was she intoxicated? Because I don`t know if that ever came out in the news. But I mean, she looked literally, when she was jumping onto the train, she looked like Shaquille O`Neal going to the free-throw line. So I was a little confused by that.

And second, and I don`t mean to be rude about it, but her friend wasn`t even trying to help her. Even -- did you notice he backed up when she got to -- I don`t know about you, but if I got run over by a train and I was getting up, I`d hope a friend would jump down or at least reach over.

PINSKY: Or you`d hope they`d stand there, like, "Oh, my God, oh, my God."

MIRAGLIOTTA: He backed up.

PINSKY: It did seem a little funny. I agree with you.

MIRAGLIOTTA: He backed up.

PINSKY: Guys, I`ve got to go. Time`s running out. Thank you, Drew`s -- extra (ph) panel.

Thank you for watching.

"WHAT WOULD YOU DO" starts right now.