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Justin Bieber Faces Assault Charges in Toronto; NFL Does Outreach Ahead of Super Bowl Sunday; Internet Beer Ad Pokes Fun at Super Bowl; Take a Pre-Game NYC Culinary Tour; Doctor Suggests Healthier Super Bowl Snacks; Woman Wears Risque Beyonce Outfit on Streets of NYC; The Business of Being Peyton Manning

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JOHN QUINONES, ABC NEWS: I`m John Quinones with ABC News. Join us next time for another edition of "WHAT WOULD YOU DO?" on HLN.

A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Right now on SBT, breaking Bieber news. Justin Bieber sparks a frenzy outside a Toronto police station after being charged with assaulting a limo driver. We are in Toronto with the latest.

MIKE GALANOS, HLN ANCHOR: I`m Mike Galanos, coming to you from Super Bowl Boulevard, where a very different frenzy is about to unfold. We`ll have it for you. SBT starts right now.

HAMMER: Hello, and thank you so much for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. And I am very pleased to welcome my guest co-hosts, HLN`s Christi Paul and HLN`s Mike Galanos, who is right there on Super Bowl Boulevard in New York City`s Times Square. Our Super Bowl countdown coverage is coming up in just a moment.

But we`ve got to get to this first, the brand-new, big, breaking Bieber news. And Christi, here we go again.

CHRISTI PAUL, HLN ANCHOR: Do you believe it? I mean, he went from the states. Now it`s kind of merged all the way over into international territory.

A frenzy in Toronto this time. Justin Bieber turned himself in to face assault charges, accused of roughing up a limo driver this time around. This comes, of course, just a week after his arrest in Miami Beach on charges of DUI and resisting arrest, A.J.

HAMMER: He`s got all of North America covered, Christie.

CNN`s Jason Carroll in Toronto for SBT. Jason, quite a sight there last night when the Biebs surrendered.


HAMMER: What`s going on.

CARROLL: Incredible when we say that scene from last night. Much different from what we`re seeing outside the hotel where he had checked in. Things looking pretty calm. Much different scene from what we saw last night. A huge crowd gathered to see Justin Bieber deal with the law once again.



CARROLL (voice-over): One week, two countries, two arrests. Justin Bieber in trouble with the law. Again. Turning himself into Toronto police Wednesday night amidst a crush of paparazzi and screaming fans.

The pop star facing an assault charge in connection with the hitting of a limo driver several times in the back of the head last month.

Bieber`s lawyer telling CNN, "Our position is that Mr. Bieber is innocent."

Bieber himself seemingly unfazed by the negative publicity.

JUSTIN BIEBER, POP STAR: What`s up, guys? Justin here.

CARROLL: Posting this video to Instagram just minutes before his arrival at the police station Wednesday night. The superstar now facing potential legal battles in three jurisdictions.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. Bieber, you are charged with the following.

CARROLL: In Miami Bieber`s lawyer has filed a not-guilty plea to charges of DUI, resisting arrest, and driving with an expired license after he was arrested last week for alleged drag racing.

Meanwhile, detectives in Los Angeles say they are tightening up their case against Bieber in the alleged egging attack of his neighbor`s home, with prosecutors expected to announce as early as next week if Bieber will face felony vandalism charges.

Is Bieber out of control? Some legal analysts say the outrage over his behavior has been blown out of proportion.

MARK GERAGOS, CNN LEGAL ANALYST: I don`t know that he`s out of control. He`s a 19-year-old kid with more money than he knows what to do with.

CARROLL: His detractors have had enough of his antics, with over 100,000 people signing an online petition calling for the Canadian teen to be deported from the United States.

How will Bieber behave going forward is unclear. His fans say they`re confident he can handle whatever comes his way. "Confident" just happens to be the title of the song from his latest video, released just yesterday.


CARROLL: And Bieber was released after being in custody for just about two hours. He faces that -- that misdemeanor assault charge. And because it is basically a misdemeanor, if convicted he faces, very little. if any. jail time, A.J. His next court appearance here in Toronto, scheduled for March 10.

HAMMER: And I`m sure it will be a madhouse, as well. I want to take a another look at the madhouse that was the scene last night at the police station when Justin had arrived. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did you attack the limo driver?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey, hey, Justin!


HAMMER: OK, I`m looking at this, and I`m getting nervous for everybody`s safety. How crazy was it, Jason?

CARROLL: Yes, the police basically had to lock arms in order to sort of carve a path in order to get through all the fans that had shown up. Just about 100 of Bieber`s fans showing up to get a glimpse of everything sort of going on. It was a madhouse, just a crush of people.

But once again, it just shows how popular this 19-year-old, how much attention he receives. Not just in the United States but here in his home country, as well.

PAUL: God, it`s got to be so surreal for him and surreal for us, looking at it. Wondering how anybody even lives like that. You know, Michael Jackson did it. And there`s always been that comparison.

But let`s bring in CNN legal analyst, Sunny Hostin, in New York with us and CNN digital reporter Alan Duke, who is in Hollywood right now.

And Alan, as I understand it, you`ve got some new developments in Bieber`s other cases. What are you hearing?

ALAN DUKE, CNN DIGITAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, the Miami Police -- Beach police are telling us that the lab test on the urine taken from Justin Bieber right after his arrest a week ago showed that he was smoking marijuana. And he had Xanax, a sedative, a benzo -- benzodiazepine, in his system. Now, did he have a prescription for that? He told the police his mother gave it to him. And medical marijuana is not legal in Florida. And this is all evidence toward his drunken driving charge.

HAMMER: Of course, he did mention to the police that he had taken prescription meds and had smoked marijuana. So it would have been funny to find no test results.

DUKE: Still not legal.

HAMMER: Yes, it`s still not legal. But -- but it`s, you know -- it`s just confirmed what he had already said.

Sunny Hostin, you look at the crimes that Bieber is accused of. And when you really flesh them out, none seem to carry the possibility of any real jail time. So, ultimately, let`s say they stick. Are we looking at some slaps on the wrists here, basically?

SUNNY HOSTIN, CNN LEGAL ANALYST: Well, you know, I think it depends on how prosecutors react to sort of all of these different cases. Because I think that this DUI case in Florida is very, very serious. I mean, you`re talking about someone who`s driving under the influence of not only alcohol but marijuana and Xanax, as well. And driving a Lamborghini. I mean, that`s a recipe for just a disaster. I mean, someone could have been killed in an accident like that.

And then I think when you look at the fact that he`s been terrorizing his neighbors in California by, you know, racing throughout his neighborhood. There have been allegations of that. All-night wild parties. Now vandalism of his neighbor`s house. And now you`re looking at assaultive behavior in Canada.

Taken altogether I don`t know that those will be slaps on the wrist. And I don`t think that they should be slaps on the wrist.


HOSTIN: Because if you look at Lindsay Lohan, I mean, we talked about her spiraling out of control. We don`t hear that much about her, because the justice system stepped in and said, "Hey, guess what? As a society, we don`t accept kind of this behavior."

Chris Brown, Justice Department, justice sort of stepped in, rather, and said, "You can`t do this kind of stuff, Chris." Well, guess what? He`s in rehab getting the care that he needs and the treatment that he needs.

And I hope that that`s what is going to happen to Justin Bieber. Because this attitude that we saw with Mark Geragos -- "Hey, he`s just 19 years old..."

HAMMER: yes.

HOSTIN: ... that`s ridiculous. I mean, that`s enabling him.

HAMMER: To that -- to that point, I think anybody who says it`s excusable, because he`s a 19-year-old and all 19-year-olds do this, that doesn`t in any way excuse behavior that puts other people`s lives in jeopardy.

HOSTIN: Thank you. Exactly.

HAMMER: That`s what has gone on in a few of these situations.

And I`m thinking now he doesn`t seem too phased. When he was first being arraigned, I thought maybe this was affecting him. The name of his new music video that he released last night is called "Confident." And it was just minutes before he turned himself in that he posted this Instagram video for his fans.


BIEBER: Is the camera on? Oh, yes, it is. What`s up, guys? Justin here. "Confident" is out right now on Vevo and YouTube and everywhere else. So go get it. Go look at it. Go comment.


HAMMER: Alan, are Bieber and his inner circle taking this seriously at all?

DUKE: Oh, certainly they are.

I want to pose a theory here. I think that Justin Bieber wants to take a break from his career. Keep in mind, Chris Brown and Lindsay Lohan`s careers significant slowed down with their arrests. Five years later, they`re both dealing with it. Chris is in rehab now.

Justin Bieber has been working quite a lot since he was about 13 years old. Maybe this is his way of trying to get a slowdown.

HAMMER: This certainly has become a huge PR nightmare. I know his fans are still out there, at least some of them, still supporting him. But it`s not good news. I am hearing about a lot of people who now want nothing to do with him. We`ll see how it plays out.

Sunny, Alan, thank you very much for being with us.

Well, Justin Bieber isn`t stealing all the frenzy in town. Of course not. We`re talking to the stars who are all worked up into a frenzy over the Super Bowl.


ANNA KENDRICK, ACTRESS: I was really excited to make a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) commercial, and then, you didn`t have the money or permission to make a (EXPLETIVE DELETED), to even say the words (EXPLETIVE DELETED).


HAMMER: SBT talks to Anna Kendrick about her hilarious Super Bowl ad. Just another reason we love Anna.

Being Beyonce. So a woman inspired by Beyonce`s sexy Grammy get-up takes to the streets of New York City and dresses just like B. She`s right here. She`s revealing her revealing story.

This is a special edition of SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SBT. I`m A.J. Hammer, along with HLN`s Christi Paul. There`s no stopping it, Christi: we are getting full-on into the frenzy over the big game.

PAUL: You know it. I mean, even amateur football watchers, right, are in on the excitement of the Super Bowl. This Sunday, remember.

And HLN`s Mike Galanos, look, I mean, he`s no amateur, people. He knows his way around a football field. This I know. But he is getting some help from a real pro. So Mike is on Super Bowl Boulevard in New York City.

How`s it been, Mikey?

GALANOS: Well, I`m like a kid out here. You said it, Christi, I love my football. I`ve met Joe Montana, Drew Brees, Ronnie Lott, I mean, all but a who`s who of football walking past me.

And speaking of which, one of the game`s greatest kickers ever, Adam Vinatieri of the Colts, gave me of a one-on-one lesson on how to kick a field goal.

Now, it`s all part of a -- working (ph) with the NFL. It`s the NFL "Play 60" to get our kids off the video games, get them up and moving, and kicking field goals is a great example. Right behind me here, Super Bowl Boulevard. Fans are going to be kicking field goals all week.

So he gave me the one-on-one tutorial: where to kick that ball so you can send it through the uprights. And it works. I drained that. Although you had about a 15-yard kick. That`s less than an extra point. But I still made it, guys.

HAMMER: Unbelievable. Look at you out there. Look at him go. You`re the man.

Here`s what I have -- here`s what I have to know, especially when I see the sun shining behind you, Mike. There`s got to be buzz, after all of the people freaking out over the cold weather. There`s got to be buzz about the fact that it`s warm enough, and the temperatures are actually going to be in the 40s on Sunday.

GALANOS: Yes. You know, and everyone is like, that was just a blip. It is going to get warmer as the week goes.

And truth be told, not a lot of the Seattle Seahawk and Bronco fans have made the trip. Who`s got money to, you know, buy a Super Bowl ticket and spend a week in New York? So they start arriving today into Thursday, Friday and into the weekend and up until the big game.

Right now, it`s a lot of New Yorkers, New Jersey-ites, who are just loving the experience. And I had a chance to talk to some of those folks. We`ll have that in a little bit.

HAMMER: They can leave the polar wear at home.

All right, Mike. We will check back with you for all of that.

The championship match-up is only one part of the Super Bowl, of course. Forty-three advertisers have shelled out incredibly big bucks and pulled out all the stops to get your attention while you`re watching the Super Bowl on TV.

But then there are others who are hoping, Christi, that pure Internet buzz is going to do the trick.

PAUL: I think it`s working for this one. Have you seen it, A.J.? It`s hysterical.

Newcastle Brown Ale teaming up with the hilarious actress Anna Kendrick in an anti-Super Bowl spoof ad. Kind of hoping to score a touchdown online, so to speak. So SBT producer Mara Raphael just went one-on-one with Anna about the beer ad that already has everybody buzzing.


MARA RAPHAEL, SBT PRODUCER: So you have a hysterical commercial out for Newcastle Brown Ale online. It`s on We have to take a look. Let`s take a look.

KENDRICK: I was super excited to make a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) commercial with Newcastle, but then turns out they don`t have the money or permission to make a (EXPLETIVE DELETE) commercial. They can`t even say the word (EXPLETIVE DELETED), (EXPLETIVE DELETED), (EXPLETIVE DELETED). It`s bleeped. I don`t think they can say, like, (EXPLETIVE DELETED) game, (EXPLETIVE DELETED) game. I don`t think you can`t mention football like in any capacity.

How the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) are you going to make a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) without saying the words?

Hi, Newcastle Brown Ale, the only beer that ever promised me a high-paying role in a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) commercial and then backed out at the last (EXPLETIVE DELETED) second like a bunch of (EXPLETIVE DELETED). Suck it. Suck it.

RAPHAEL: So funny. It`s really funny. Have you got a lot of feedback about it?

KENDRICK: Yes, I mean, people really like it. A lot of my guy friends have been texting me today. Like, they think it`s really funny. So I`m happy with that.

RAPHAEL: You get to be a girl in a beer ad. That`s pretty cool.

KENDRICK: Yes, I get to be a girl in the beer ad as if they didn`t make the beer ad. I mean, Newcastle has got a pretty good sense of humor about themselves, though. It`s kind of funny.

RAPHAEL: You get to make fun of the whole Super Bowl...

KENDRICK: Yes. The more -- the more I made fun of Newcastle, the happier Newcastle was, like, as a brand. Which I was pretty impressed with.

RAPHAEL: I love how you just come out and make it pretty clear that celebrities want to do commercials for the Super Bowl to make money.

KENDRICK: Oh, yes. That`s the only reason that anybody has to do anything, is money. I mean, art, what are we talking about?

RAPHAEL: You don`t drink a lot of Newcastle beer? Or maybe you do? I don`t know.

KENDRICK: I think it`s swill. I think it`s garbage.

RAPHAEL: Are you going to be having a big Super Bowl party with Beyonce and all of your new Hollywood friends you made at the Grammys?

KENDRICK: Yes, probably. We are all besties now. And actually, Beyonce and Katy Perry are hanging out at my house right now. And they`re making nachos, and they`re like calling me, like, "Anna, where are you?"

I`m like, "Guys I know that we`re new best friends, but like, cool it." Seriously.

RAPHAEL: Like, they`re asking you to babysit Blue Ivy?

KENDRICK: Yes, I know.

RAPHAEL: ... if you have time to come over.

KENDRICK: I know, basically, Blue Ivy is -- she just loves me. She just loves, you know, my like, nurturing babysitting style. Basically.

RAPHAEL: You`re the new godmother.

KENDRICK: Pretty much.


HAMMER: Yes, Anna Kendrick is Blue Ivy`s godmother. Can you imagine, Christi?

PAUL: Oh, my goodness. No. Blue Ivy would be in for a lot of laughs. No doubt about it. But we do want to thank Anna and Mara Raphael, though.

HAMMER: A lot of fun.

All right. The Super Bowl sets the stage for the biggest stars in sports and Hollywood. Peyton Manning, a star among stars. Super Bowl champ in the race for yet another ring. What`s the secret of the Manning bonanza? Special report`s coming up.

Plus, being Beyonce. A woman takes a page out of Beyonce`s book of sexy. What`s it like to be Beyonce for a day? We speak with the woman who tried it.

You`re watching a special edition of SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SBT. I`m A.J. Hammer along with HLN`s Christi Paul, and we are talking Super Bowl frenzy.

PAUL: Yes, I think we can all agree: few people are more excited about the big game than HLN`s Mike Galanos, which is why he`s got such a front-row seat. And he`s back with us from Super Bowl Boulevard right in the heart of New York City.

Obviously, Mike, in some pretty darn good company right now, too.

GALANOS: You better believe it. We`re with Dirty Bird himself, Jamaal Anderson, taking us way back. Good to see you.


GALANOS: He lived it. He was a star for the Atlanta Falcons, played in this game, gives us that unique perspective, having been here. We`re soaking in all the atmosphere. Super Bowl Boulevard, behind us. Does this bring back memories?


GALANOS: Talk to me.

ANDERSON: You hear him. Bronco, Bronco fans. You know, it`s crazy, because we played against the Broncos in the Super Bowl. So, I mean, it`s kind of interesting to be back here. I saw John Elway. I saw Terrell Davis.

It`s New York City, man. Obviously, Super Bowl Boulevard right here in Times Square. There is a lot going on down here. And I`m looking forward to the game.

GALANOS: You mention the who`s who. Football players, some of the greatest ever here.


GALANOS: Celebrities are here. Who are you hanging with?

ANDERSON: I`m hanging with a lot of people. Tonight there`s the FOX party, and Michael Strahan (ph) hosts that. FOX Sports and whatever they`re doing.

And then J. Cole the other day performed. And then, from here, Boomer Esiason is doing a nice event. There`s a ton of football and celebrities. I just saw some of the guys from "Seinfeld."

GALANOS: There you go.

ANDERSON: So I`m headed back over there.

GALANOS: Enjoy it. It`s a great time.

ANDERSON: So much going on.

GALANOS: OK. Let`s talk a little bit of football. Best defense, Seattle, Richard Sherman. Best offense, Broncos, Peyton Manning. How is this one going to play out?

ANDERSON: I`m changing every day. I`m serious, though. I`m serious. When you think about it, it`s been a while since we had a No. 1 offense and No. 1 defense.

Peyton Manning has been unbelievable. Obviously, the Broncos have so many weapons. I love the way they played so far this year. I just feel like it`s weird. You know, Seattle is like -- Seattle just -- they have a different mojo, you know, Marshawn Lynch. I know they have not produced offensively like they`re supposed to, but the No. 1 defense, Richard Sherman. I`m an NFC guy. I don`t know.

I`m changing every day. But I`m telling you right now, Mike...

GALANOS: Did you see that? He strung us along for "I don`t know."

ANDERSON: I`m still sticking with Seattle. I`m saying Seattle.

GALANOS: Seattle, OK. You got a score, real quick?

ANDERSON: Give me -- because of the weather, give me a 24-18.

GALANOS: Twenty-four, 18 Seattle.

ANDERSON: Twenty-four, 21.

GALANOS: Jamaal Anderson, a great Atlanta Falcon. Enjoyed himself. You heard it. It`s party time.


GALANOS: Super Bowl Boulevard is rocking, guys. Back to you.

PAUL: My gosh, ready for it. Mike and Jamaal, thank you so much. We appreciate it.

And you know, from dreams of being Super Bowl champs to dreams of becoming the hottest star on the planet. One woman took her admiration for Beyonce to a whole new level. Coming up, we`re talking to the woman -- you see her there -- who took to the streets in New York City, dressed like Beyonce in that super-sexy Grammy costume. And she wore it well. Didn`t she, A.J.?

HAMMER: She did, and it was 14 degrees out when that woman was wearing it.

All right. Look at what we`re seeing now. This is what we`re getting ready for, truly, on Super Bowl Sunday. We`re going to pig out. What`s a Super Bowl party without all these sinful snacks? We`re taking your favorite guilty pleasures to the doctor. Yes, and there he is, Dr. Travis Stork right here. He`s going to help us out. We need to eat some treats without getting out of control. Right? Or maybe not.

You`re watching a special edition of SBT on HLN.



GALANOS: Sixteen ounces of beef, oh, man. All right. Peyton`s Po` Boy, the challenge is set. Look at that. Mmm.


HAMMER: Yes, you enjoy that, Mike.

Right now on a special Super Bowl edition of SBT, let`s get this party started. We`ve got Super Bowl Boulevard covered. And we are putting you at the center of the fan frenzy.

The big game, of course, means big eats and lots to drink. But TV host Dr. Travis Stork is here to help you and I stay in super shape after super- sized portions on game day.

A special Super Bowl edition of SBT continues right now.

Welcome back. Thanks a lot for tuning in. I`m A.J. Hammer, along with my co-host, HLN`s Christi Paul is in Atlanta. And of course, it`s a Super Bowl bonanza right now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Christi, I`m feeling the hunger pangs already.

PAUL: Yes. I kind of treat the Super Bowl like some people treat pregnancy. I`m going to eat whatever I want...


PAUL: ... because for me, it`s only one day.

HAMMER: Yes, I do go a little crazy, as you`re about to learn. But I think HLN`s Mike Galanos is about to make us all hungrier.

Mike, you had the tough job of testing out some pretty good Super Bowl cuisine. How`s that working out for you?

GALANOS: A.J., it`s incredible. I mean, what Christi said I`ve been doing all week. We tweeted out #mynyc. And our viewers flooded us with suggestions: "Go here for the burger. Go there for the shake." So we tried to test it all.

Zoned in on a place called Foley`s. Great bar. And you saw the burger. That`s the Richard Sherman Big Mouth Burger. And the Peyton Manning Po` Boy, among other items there. And you`ve got the doctor there. I feel like this is a kind of ambush interview. But let`s eat.


GALANOS: Thank you, our viewers. It`s the hash tag mynyc. You sent us great places to go to, and here we are, Foley`s. Shaun is with us. Good to see you, Shaun.

All right. So let`s check the menu here. Seahawks/Bronco. We`re equal opportunity here. We`re not trying to pick sides. So Richard Sherman`s Big Mouth Burger. What does that entail?

SHAUN CLANCY, OWNER, FOLEY`S PUB AND RESTAURANT: Not to say you have a big mouth. But we just happen to have one.

GALANOS: Wow. How much beef is on there?

CLANCY: Sixteen ounces.

GALANOS: Sixteen ounces. It`s nice, juicy there.

CLANCY Don`t let your cardiologist know about it. So in the spirit of equal opportunity. We do balanced diet. We have a little pork, the other white meat. And that is Peyton`s Po` Boy. Barbecued pulled pork with coleslaw, my mother`s own recipe.

GALANOS: Looks good.

Well, our viewer, Stephanie, thanks to you. You`re the one that tweeted out, "Come to Foley`s." Here we are. It`s time to dive in.

Let`s start with the Richard Sherman Big Mouth Burger. Sixteen ounces of beef. Mm, oh, man. All right, Peyton`s Po` Boy, the challenge is set. Look at that. Nice pork. Mm.

All right, I`m ready to make a pick. Love the burger. Cooked to perfection. But for uniqueness, I`m going with Peyton Po` Boy. You know what I think it is? Your special slaw. So it`s Peyton`s Po` Boy by a nose.


HAMMER: It`s like you`re in New Orleans, Mike. I mean, it`s fantastic. Enjoying a po` boy in New York City. And I know Foley`s, of course, as a New Yorker. I`ve only been there to drink. Do they have any healthy options on the menu that would work for me?

GALANOS: Man, maybe that slaw. Maybe that -- No, I think there`s mayo in the slaw. So you`re hurt all the way around, A.J. Give in. Just give in.

HAMMER: Yes. What did I say to you last time I saw you in person, Mike? I said, wow, look at the great shape you`re in. You had lost a lot of weight. So I`m having fun watching you gain it all back.

Christi, I mean, look at what`s happening there right before our very eyes.

GALANOS: Talk about backsliding, my goodness.


GALANOS: Again, I`m going to need the doctor`s help. How am I going to manage all of this? Because I`m not done yet. That was just an appetizer.

HAMMER: All right.

PAUL: We`ve got a couple days to go.

HAMMER: We`ll let you off the hook. Because after all, it is a Super Bowl frenzy. It is a big celebration.

And, for me, normally, I am, as I`ve said, a very healthy eater. I eat pretty good foods. I tend not to overindulge. But I will tell you, I`m the first to admit that on Super Bowl Sunday, like the two of you, all bets are off. You put it in front of me, there`s a pretty good chance I`ll eat it or especially drink it.

But I know that there has to be a smarter way to feast during the big game without overdoing it. So I asked Dr. Travis Stork, who hosts "The Doctors" and has just released a fantastic new book -- this is it -- called "The Doctor`s Diet." I asked Travis to put our Super Bowl snacks to the test.


DR. TRAVIS STORK, HOST, "THE DOCTORS": First of all, obviously there are always going to be special days like Super Bowl Sunday where people are going to indulge a little more than they normally do. But you know, there are some simple little things that people can do.

They didn`t have to necessarily give up the nachos, for instance. But they can make the nachos a little healthier. But they can actually make the nachos a little bit healthier. Instead of, say, putting sour cream on top of the nachos, substitute in Greek yogurt. Get a little protein there, some other goodness.

And also people forget, you don`t always have to fry foods. You can actually bake them. And oftentimes they taste just as good.

And it`s remarkable. One of the things I always talk about -- I talk about in my new book -- is if you re-create your favorites to make them a little healthier, you can actually enjoy more of them and not feel the guilt.

HAMMER: Yes. It`s so simple. And that`s how I try to live my life just about every day. Particularly on weekends. If I`m going to go crazy and have chicken wings, I`m going to put them in the oven instead of throwing them in a fryolator.

But you mentioned the snacks that people love. And there are a few of them here that I want to mention from our SBT team, who picked their favorites.

First of all, hot wings with blue cheese. And I think you have a good suggestion with baking rather than frying. How else would you make this less bad for you?

STORK: Well, I think baking, and here`s the deal. Hot wings, that hot sauce actually has a lot of benefits. Capsaicin, which is what makes it hot, actually boosts your metabolism temporarily.

So you`ve got to be careful. The blue cheese sauce oftentimes is this highly processed blue cheese sauce. I`d much rather people actually eat some real cheese with their hot wings. And real cheese actually is not that bad for you, if eaten in moderation. But it`s when we get into these really processed foods where we really start to see some bad effects when it comes to our health.

And one of the big messages I`m talking about right now with my new book is real foods, for the most part, when you eat them in moderation, just don`t have the same bad effects on our overall health like the processed foods do.

HAMMER: OK. So then, in the instance of alcohol, because of course, you know we can`t have Super Bowl Sunday without the beverages. A lot of beer, wine and margaritas are flowing. First of all, which would be your pick for the healthiest? And second of all, I`m guessing if you`re thinking we`re making a margarita instead of getting a processed mix, you know, actually take some limes and mash them up yourself?

STORK: Yes, you know, I`m not a teetotaler. I actually enjoy a drink on Super Bowl Sunday, as well. And you just have to decide what do you look to drink?

Now, what`s interesting is, if you look at a glass of red wine, hey, red wine actually has some potential heart health benefits. We`ve looked at beer. People who consume beer in moderation, it can have some health benefits.

When we run into trouble is when we start talking about, say, margaritas. The mixers can be so high in sugar that you can get 1,000 calories just from drinking the mixer alone with your tequila. So take the tequila, go ahead and put it over some ice. But really use natural ingredients. Like, hey, if you want to use a little sugar, fine. But pouring some lime juice in there and maybe adding a little bit of seltzer water. You can actually get basically the same benefit and enjoyment of a margarita without all those excess calories.


HAMMER: The fresh lime juice and agave, instead of sugar, for me. What`s your big indulgence on Super Bowl Sunday?

PAUL: Well, it`s not going to be a margarita. I can tell you that right now. A thousand calories? You know, I was going to do some -- I was going to do, like, lasagna. I was talking to my girlfriend about it, who`s coming over. And my husband`s like, "You can make it, but I`m having wings, beer and pizza."

HAMMER: Portion control.

PAUL: yes.

HAMMER: Just keep in mind the portion control.

All right. While you`re stuffing your face with the healthy snacks, of course, you probably see quite a few ads featuring this guy, Peyton Manning, who is everywhere. Commercials, TV shows, and, oh, yes, his day job on the gridiron. It pays to be Peyton. And we`re revealing what kind of bank he is really making.

Plus, you have got to see this. Beyonce`s eye-popping Grammys outfit. Totally not safe for work? Or is it? Find out what happens when a woman braves the streets of New York as Beyonce`s twin.

You`re watching a special edition of SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Now it`s "Geico`s 15 Minutes of Fame."

So Beyonce brought some serious heat to her Super Bowl halftime show last year. You remember this. She was wearing that sultry leather and lace number. Well, she did it again with that ultra-sexy lingerie look that she brought to the stage at the Grammy Awards.

It was a look that was so inspiring one woman brought her own Beyonce-like outfit to the streets. She went out in New York City to see what the reaction would be. There she is.

It is Ruthie Friedlander. She`s deputy editor for She just wrote all about her Beyonce experience.

It`s nice to see you.


HAMMER: I love that you did this.


HAMMER: But I wonder how it came about? Were you just watching Beyonce chair dancing in this risque lingerie and said, "Hey, that`s something I`ve got to do?"

FRIEDLANDER: Yes, I mean, we were in the office, all my staff and I. We were watching the Grammys. And we could not believe how sexy and amazing the performance was and how amazing her and Jay-Z looked together. And we were kind of all sitting around, talking about, like, how would that feel to, like, feel that empowered and dressed like that?

And the next day we all kind of came into work talking about it still and, you know, looking at all these articles about it. And I just kind of was like, I`m going to do this. Why not? So...

HAMMER: As a social experiment or would you personally feel it? When you decided to do it, did you decide "I`m going to write about it"?

FRIEDLANDER: You now, I think that at first it kind of was a joke. We were talking about it, like, what would that feel like?

And then I called in a bunch of products. So I actually called Jennifer Fisher, who makes the real earrings that she wore.

HAMMER: All right.

FRIEDLANDER: And then I called in my friends at Florida Mall (ph), who made this amazing cat suit. And then it kind of felt real. So I was like, "I have to write about this." And it`s going to be such an experience.

HAMMER: It`s so fun looking at you in these pictures, out and about in New York City.

FRIEDLANDER: Yes. That`s the elevator that I go into every day.

HAMMER: You`re going to work.


HAMMER: You`re taking the subway.


HAMMER: But you did it on the coldest day.


HAMMER: One of the coldest days we`ve had. It was, like, 14 degrees. What, are you out of your mind?

FRIEDLANDER: It was. You know, I am a little out of my mind. You know, it was cold. But we wanted to make sure that it was super timely. And it was kind of like, the idea happened and I had to run with it.

HAMMER: So here`s the thing. Beyonce is wearing this onstage at the Grammys. I mean, I get it you want to talk about what would it feel like to feel that empowered.


HAMMER: It`s a whole different thing when you`re going out and people are looking at you like, "That`s how this woman must be -- what the heck is going on?" And we see this guy, he`s looking like -- well, he actually is very interested.

FRIEDLANDER: Yes, he was.

HAMMER: Tell me about the reactions you got.


HAMMER: Because I imagine some of them were pretty nuts?

FRIEDLANDER: It was -- you know, it was interesting. At first people completely ignored me. So I went into Starbucks, and people were pretending not to see what I was doing. It was...

HAMMER: Of course. New Yorkers.

FRIEDLANDER: Yes, I thought, like, "I guess they`re used to this, maybe."


FRIEDLANDER: And people were actually really nice about it. A few guys thanked me. They said, "Thank you so much for my day."

HAMMER: You said thanked, not spanked. OK. I don`t know.

FRIEDLANDER: No, I did not get spanked.

HAMMER: Good. Well, you don`t know in New York either.

FRIEDLANDER: You don`t. But they did say thank you. A bunch of guys said, "I had a great day now."

But the best reaction came from these two female cops that I came across. My subway card didn`t work, because the machines were frozen because it was so cold. And they let me in for free. They said anyone dressed like Beyonce can go take the subway for free.

HAMMER: OK, so they got that it was the Beyonce thing...


HAMMER: ... without you even saying so?

FRIEDLANDER: Well, we talked about it. They were like, "Are you a model?"

I said, "Absolutely not, but thank you."


FRIEDLANDER: They told me that they loved "Elle" when I told them that I was writing for "Elle." And then they let me go for free.

HAMMER: How much fun. I do have to ask you, will you ever do it again, just for yourself, not necessarily to write about it?

FRIEDLANDER: I will say that I did feel super sexy in that outfit. And I felt really great about my body, which I was worried about. I was worried that I was going to feel really exposed and, like, weird.


FRIEDLANDER: I don`t think that I will be wearing a full lace body suit in public.

HAMMER: In the middle of winter.

FRIEDLANDER: In the middle of winter. Perhaps not again. But I do feel like -- you know, I felt really great about my body. And I did wear something, you know, maybe a little tighter than I would out to work.

HAMMER: Well, how much fun.


HAMMER: Nice. It did empower you.


HAMMER: It`s a great story. Thank you for sharing it.


HAMMER: Appreciate it.



PAUL: Ruthie rocked it. She looked great.

OK. So you know, Peyton Manning is heading into his third Super Bowl. Who need another Super Bowl ring, right? Well, find out why the business of being Peyton Manning is worth its weight in ultimate NFL bling. It is the power of Peyton next.

You`re watching a special edition of SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: And we are back with a special Super Bowl edition of SBT. And at this point, the countdown to the big kick-off can be measured in hours.

HLN`s Christi Paul is with us from Atlanta. HLN`s Mike Galanos right here in New York City on Super Bowl Sunday -- Super Bowl Boulevard, rather.

And Mike, look, you`re in my town now. You always see strange things in New York City, but what`s the weirdest thing you`ve seen down there on the boulevard since you got here?

GALANOS: Wow. Well, I had the proverbial Naked Cowboy sighting in 10 degree weather. I think I`ve got to go back to media day, and you`ve got the lady in the see-through fishnet dress, and then you`ve got the guy wearing the Mozart outfit. So all of that kind of just added to the spice of Super Bowl XLVIII, New York style, A.J.

HAMMER: It`s not very unusual. I see those people on the subway all the time.

Another dude that we`re going to see an awful lot of, love him or hate him, Peyton Manning`s star power shines far beyond the gridiron. Right, Mike?

GALANOS: And most love him. He`s self-effacing. He`s not threatening. He -- we`ve seen him on "Saturday Night Live." He`s funny. And all of that equals dollar signs. Here`s more now with our colleague, Christine Romans, about the business of being Peyton Manning.


CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Football is a family business for Peyton Manning, and business is good. Peyton`s dad, Archie Manning, and brother Eli played football for Ole Miss. Both went on to play in the National Football League, with Eli leading the New York Giants to two Super Bowl championships.

But Peyton didn`t follow in his family`s footsteps, passing up Ole Miss to play for the University of Tennessee, breaking dozens of collegiate records along the way.

In 1998, Manning was selected first overall in draft by the Indianapolis Colts. He signed a six-year, $48 million deal and quickly turned the struggling team around. Not bad for a first job.

In 2007, Manning finally silenced his critics and won his first and only Super Bowl ring to date.

But even Peyton Manning is expendable in the violent world of professional football. After signing a five-year, $90 million contract in 2011, manning went under the knife for a neck injury. The quarterback who`d never missed a game was out for the season.

And then the unthinkable. As Manning was nearing a $28 million bonus...

PEYTON MANNING, NFL PLAYER: I leave the Colts with nothing but good thoughts and gratitude.

ROMANS: But this is not an unemployment story by any means. Peyton quickly joined the Denver Broncos, signing a five-year, $96 million deal.

MANNING: I`m very excited to begin the next chapter of my playing career with the Denver Broncos.

ROMANS: And the Broncos got what they paid for: a trip to the Super Bowl for the first time in 15 years.

MANNING: That guy is pretty good, if you like 6`5", 230-pound quarterbacks. Laser, rocket arm.

ROMANS: You don`t have to be a football fan to get your fill of Peyton. He starred in commercials for DirecTV, MasterCard, Gatorade, Oreos, Sprint and Buick, just to name a few.

MANNING: I appeared in half of America`s television commercials.

ROMANS: The quarterback brings home an estimated $13 million in endorsements a year. Add that to the 18 million No. 18 makes on the field. That`s 31 million bucks, making Manning the eighth highest-earning athlete in the country.

MANNING: Get away from that guy. Listen, please.

ROMANS: Manning doesn`t keep all that wealth to himself. As soon as he joined the NFL, he started the Payback Organization to help fund at-risk children. He helped provide the Peyton Manning Children`s Hospital in Indianapolis and provides scholarships to Tennessee students every year.

Manning is 37 years old, and rumors of retirement grow louder. And what a swan song it would be: a record-setting season followed by a second championship to match little brother Eli. The Mannings hope the business of being Peyton is once again super.


PAUL: Very nice, and you know, Peyton has gotten a lot of attention, too, for using "Omaha" as a play call during games, right? Well, this is the thing: the Omaha Chamber of Commerce is pledging $1,500 to Peyton`s charity every time he yells "Omaha" during the Super Bowl. And Mike, I think it has something to do with the way he pronounces it. Isn`t it "Oma-HA!"

HAMMER: Omaha, yes.

GALANOS: Omaha, and he`s screaming out there. It was like 20-plus- thousand dollars for charity. It`s great.

And one other thing. You know, he mentioned retirement there. He`s addressed that all week, saying he does not want to retire. If the medical reports are good, the business of being Peyton Manning will include more time on that football field.

HAMMER: Pretty clear he doesn`t have to work another day in his life if he chooses not to, though.

One thing New Yorkers know how to do is put on a great party in Times Square. You are watching a special edition of SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SBT. I`m A.J. Hammer, along with HLN`s Mike Galanos. And if you weren`t pumped up about the big game before, well, I hope we have given you throughout this last hour a super high injection of high-powered enthusiasm from the center of the football universe.

Mike, I know you`re feeling it down there on the boulevard.

GALANOS: Oh, it`s great. Like I said, I feel like a kid out here. Not only do you see the athletes, but just hanging with the people. Everybody is all fired up, because the game is basically here, New York/New Jersey hosting it. And you see a lot of folks from New York and New Jersey just loving what they`re calling, really, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Let`s listen to what some folks have to say.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is New York. New Jersey, I`m sorry. It is exactly what it`s supposed to be. It`s supposed to be exciting. It`s supposed to be packed with crazy people and fans. And there`s no other place you can have the Super Bowl where you can see so many Seahawk fans.

When do we get this chance again? She`s from Tacoma, Washington. When does she get it? They brought the Super Bowl to her. When do we get a better chance than this?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You must be happy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m thrilled, thrilled. Like I can`t -- can`t wait!


GALANOS: Hey, A.J., you see that nice lady and that nice smile? Seconds later she was screaming at a Bronco fan. It was funny; it was great.

HAMMER: You know, I mean, it really is interesting being here in neutral territory, and it being in our back yard, basically. What do you see more of down there on the boulevard? Are you seeing more Seahawks fans or are you seeing more Broncos fans?

GALANOS: More Seahawks. I mean, they`re bringing in energy from the Pacific Northwest. Now, that`s not to say Peyton Manning and the Broncos aren`t going to be ready for all that Seattle is going to bring. But the Seahawks are bringing it right now.

HAMMER: Now, Christi, have people been asking you all week over the last couple of weeks what your pick is? And will you reveal that to us right now?

PAUL: I have to say I`m going with Denver, just because I like Denver. Nothing against Seattle. I just happen to love the city of Denver itself.

And I love listening to Mike out there, because there`s always people yelling behind him. I have to give him kudos. I don`t know how he`s kept his composure with the way people have been screaming at him.

HAMMER: Yes, it`s been a long day for you there, Mike. Are you able to reveal your pick? Have you been able to do that?

GALANOS: Yes, I`ll do it. I`m going to go Denver. I think this is -- Peyton Manning`s going to author one of the best seasons ever. They win it 28-20. Manning, a touchdown late to seal it.

HAMMER: And nobody attacked you from behind when you said that. Look at that.

GALANOS: Doesn`t really count. He`s a Broncos fan; he`s good with that.

HAMMER: I find as a New Yorker, well, you guys don`t live in any of the hometowns of these teams, but I have found it with it is best to be neutral.

But it`s been great fun, hanging with both of you. Mike, great job out there. Thank you so much.

And thank you for watching.

GALANOS: Thanks, A.J.

HAMMER: I`m A.J. Hammer, along with HLN`s Christi Paul. You can catch SBT every Monday through Thursday at 11 p.m. Eastern.

And of course, HLN continues right now.