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Bieber`s Problem: Is America to Blame?; Is Lindsay Lohan Headed for Trouble?

Aired March 11, 2014 - 21:00   ET



JUSTIN BIEBER, POP STAR: I don`t have of the listen to anything you have to say.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This kid isn`t going to be stopped until he stops himself. Either he gets drunk and kills somebody in his car, or he gets his stuff together.

DR. DREW PINSKY, HLN HOST (voice-over): Tonight, are we to blame for Justin Bieber`s problems? His attorney says, yes, we are.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This kid who did nothing except try to become a success in music has turned his life at times into a nightmare.

PINSKY: I think he`s a brat, but why are we so interested?

Plus, is Lindsay Lohan ready to get back to work? Oprah says yes. I say no. She has an illness that requires ongoing care.

Let`s get started.



PINSKY: Good evening, everyone. My co-host is Sirius XM Radio`s Jenny Hutt.

And coming up, we are all wondering what happened to that missing plane, and many people are afraid to get on aircraft, to fly at all. I can`t blame them.

Before we get into that, what will Justin Bieber`s cocky attitude cost him? Watch him as he reacts to an attorney questioning him for an assault case.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Remember earlier today when I asked you --


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why don`t you listen to what I had to say first, and then maybe you`ll tell me yes or no.

BIEBER: I don`t have to listen to anything you have to say.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I didn`t hear your response. Again, sir.

BIEBER: I didn`t finish.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, I`m sorry. I didn`t want to interrupt.

BIEBER: Oh, really, you didn`t want to interrupt?

Yes and no are (EXPLETIVE DELETED) pretty different.

Guess what? Guess what? I don`t recall.



Joining us, Segun Oduolowu -- Jenny, isn`t that something? It`s amazing.

JENNY HUTT, CO-HOST: That wink, I mean, is amazing.

PINSKY: Segun is a social commentator. I`ve got Anahita Sedaghatfar, defense attorney, Mike Catherwood, my co-host on "Loveline."

Segun, your thoughts on what you see there in Bieber`s behavior?

SEGUN ODUOLOWU, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: Well, if I wasn`t before I`m a Belieber now. I`m actually a bigger fan of the kid than I might have ever been, because I`m at a loss to all of the fake outrage of all these people that are shocked that the spoiled pop star who is 20 years old doesn`t take the deposition seriously. Like enough of the fake outrage.

He`s going to do what celebrities always do. He`s going to throw money at the problem and is really bored of having to be there. And I think that the people that are deposing him, asking him about Selena Gomez, I feel that that is out of bounds and he should take some umbrage to questions about his personal life.

PINSKY: Wait a minute --

ODUOLOWU: He`s there because his bodyguard attacked a photographer. Asking him about his personal life, that`s nonsense. I`m with Bieber.

PINSKY: Anahita, what do you say?

ANAHITA SEDAGHATFAR, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Well, I actually agree with the last part of what Segun said, but, Dr. Drew, I don`t blame Justin Bieber --

ODUOLOWU: As you should.

SEDAGHATFAR: -- one bit. You know who I do blame? It`s his defense attorney in this deposition because he utterly failed to properly defend Justin Bieber in this deposition. And let me tell you why, OK?

He allowed the plaintiff`s lawyer to have free rein over the entire proceeding, to ask entirely irrelevant questions for the sole purpose of harassing and bullying Justin Bieber. That`s totally improper. If I were his defense attorney, I would have vehemently actually objected to these irrelevant questions, I would have instructed my client Justin Bieber not to answer and I would have invited that attorney, that plaintiff`s lawyer, to go to court and explain to the judge why he feels that information about Selena Gomez and Usher is relative to his client`s case. This is a joke.

PINSKY: All right. Now, his lawyer --

ODUOLOWU: I`m so happy right now --

PINSKY: Another lawyer says, guys -- I know you guys are going to have a love fest after this instead of what you usually --

SEDAGHATFAR: I don`t know about all that.

PINSKY: But his attorney says it is all our fault. Our collective fault that Justin lashes out. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He`s virtually assaulted wherever he goes. Once they actually are highly successful, we do almost everything we can to destroy their lives. He has absolutely no privacy. He is harassed by photographers.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This kid who did nothing except try to become a success in music has turned his life at times into a nightmare.


PINSKY: Mike? Mike? You said it was crazy before we went out to that video. But I say that guy is onto something. It`s our fault.

MIKE CATHERWOOD, LOVELINE: He is onto something. He`s onto something in a sense. It`s not the American public`s fault, though. I think he`s just looking for someone to blame.

It`s the fault of the kind of environment that Justin Bieber has grown up in. During his most formative years as a young man, the most formative time in your life when you`re really starting to understand the world around you and where you stand, he was in this near surreal, actually a surreal existence.

I liken it to the fact that I was training the other day with a dummy, a submission dummy, and I was practicing these moves over and over again. It seemed so easy. I was pulling them off so well.

But as soon as I went against a live partner providing some resistance, I was shell shocked because I couldn`t apply any of the techniques I wanted to.

And Justin Bieber has essentially been going through lives in these formative years with no resistance. No defense. No way of getting his bearings on how the world should treat him.

PINSKY: Agree. Hang on.


CATHERWOOD: He`s now been exposed to the ultimate level of resistance.

PINSKY: You`re right. I got to the go to the phone right now. I have Mark Dicowden. He is the voice you actually heard questioning Justin Bieber. He`s the attorney for the photographer who is suing the pop star. We have him here, I believe, exclusively.

Mr. Dicowden, what did you make of the responses you were getting? I know I got Anahita with questions for you. She wonders why the defense attorney didn`t pull him out.

But what did you make of all that?

MARK DICOWDEN, ATTY. QUESTIONED BIEBER (via telephone): Dr. Drew, thank you for having me on the program. In regard of the questions of Selena Gomez, this goes straight to a similar incident of my client who was attacked by Bieber`s bodyguards after my client had taken a photograph of Bieber.

Back in 2012 while Justin Bieber was with Selena Gomez walking around, a photographer took a picture of both of them. Justin Bieber attacked this photographer, as is the norm. Just remember, there`s been appropriately 11 incidents of photographers and people who were physically attacked by Bieber and/or his bodyguards after they have taken pictures.


PINSKY: Mr. Dicowden, I get it. And that`s -- Anahita, that`s directed at you, but before we get back to that, I want to know how you -- I mean, I look at this kid`s response. I can`t believe -- it seems surreal to me.

Didn`t you think, isn`t there some sort of contempt that he can be charged with? I don`t understand the disdain for the process. It`s almost unbelievable.

DICOWDEN: Well, there was a lot of disdain for the process by Mr. Bieber. There was a lot of rudeness and disrespectfulness that came from him. I do expect to have him back and further answer my questions which his lawyers stated they would not allow him to answer.

PINSKY: So, Anahita, if you take what Mr. Dicowden said -- Segun, go ahead. I`m sorry. Segun, go.

ODUOLOWU: Well, if I could really quick for Mr. Dicowden, I mean, I would show you contempt, too. You`re representing basically a vulture. So, like you`re the guy representing the guy who stalks celebrities. I would have disdain for you, too.

And he`s a 20-year-old kid, and you`re asking him about his relationship. To say he shouldn`t have disdain or it`s the norm he attacks paparazzi photographers is to almost in your mind without hearing any of the real facts already have passed a judgment on this kid, which I don`t think is fair.


DICOWDEN: Well, I understand if that were the case, but that`s not. My client is not a paparazzi. He was a news photographer. He was across the street from hit factory in north Miami on a second floor balcony when Bieber directed --

ODUOLOWU: Wait, he`s on the second floor balcony taking pictures? He`s on the second floor balcony? What kind of news is he getting out of a nightclub? I mean, please, sir, let`s be upfront and honest -- what kind of news journalism is he doing from a window?


SEDAGHATFAR: Hold on a second. Dr. Drew --

PINSKY: Anahita, one question and we have to go. Your question?

SEDAGHATFAR: Well, I guess since we can only have one question, I would want to know why you chose to videotape this deposition. Because obviously in California, there`s no requirement. It`s the plaintiff`s decision whether or not to videotape a deposition.

So what was your purpose of videotaping it and then releasing it to the public?

DICOWDEN: I videotape every single deposition that I take, number one. Number two --

ODUOLOWU: And release them to the public?

SEDAGHATFAR: Do you release them to the public?

DICOWDEN: Open access to the courts is the hallmark of our Constitution. One of them. And this is an open process.

Remember, Bieber filed my client`s deposition immediately after it was taken. He released it to the public. That`s number one.

Number two, Bieber filed a motion to ask for his deposition to be sealed off and to be away from public view, away from the media view. He was denied that request.

SEDAGHATFAR: Right. That`s his right to ask --

PINSKY: Anahita, you got to leave it. Got to leave it. I`ve got to take a break.

Next -- Mark, please stick around, if you wouldn`t mind.

I want to put him behavior the behavior bureau who has some questions as well.

And later, I`ve got real fear and concerns as I have for a long time for Lindsay Lohan. Her new show, Oprah`s network, I wonder if it`s the best thing for her. We`ll get into that.

And more after the break.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What is your question?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Should we have it read back?

BIEBER: Well, I don`t know, Katie Couric, you tell me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Have you ever talked with Selena Gomez and discussed your feelings about paparazzi with her?

BIEBER: Don`t ask me about her again.


BIEBER: Don`t ask me about her. Don`t ask me about her again.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Have you ever --

BIEBER: Don`t ask me about her again.


PINSKY: Back with Jenny. That`s, of course, Justin Bieber with the attorney whom with we`ve just been speaking with.

Before we bring the behavior bureau, I want to show you a tweet from Rosie O`Donnell who has sympathy for Justin Bieber, saying, "When I was deposed for hours and hours by an antagonistic lawyer in a B.S. case, I acted much worse than 20-year-old Justin Bieber did. FYI."

HUTT: I love Rosie.

PINSKY: We love Rosie, too. And thank you for that comment.

And it`s very much what Segun was saying, right, Jenny?

HUTT: It is what Segun was saying. But I think the issue is, we look at Justin Bieber and he`s this handsome, talented young guy, and just this disrespectful nature even though it may be warranted is upsetting because he`s so young, like as a layer. Where are his parents? That`s what I want to know.

PINSKY: Well, no, his parents can`t do anything because he`s not that young. That`s what I feel the worse for. I constantly think to myself, what would I be doing if I were this kid`s parents? How would you deal with this?

And by the way, Rosie, I`ve been with a lot of depositions, too, and some were complete B.S. You can`t imagine what doctors get sued for. I had to be respectful and make my way through it.

Let`s bring in the behavior bureau, Wendy Walsh, psychotherapist, author of "The 30-Day Love Detox", Sam Schacher, host of "Pop Culture" on Young Turks Network, comedian and actor from "Breaking Bad", one of my favorite comedians. Everyone knows him from "Breaking Bad," Lavell Crawford, and I still have Mark Dicowden, the attorney who questioned Justin Bieber in a tape you just saw.

But, Sam, I heard you`re chomping at the bit to say something.

SAMANTHA SCHACHER, POP TRIGGER: Yes, I completely disagree with Segun. Surprise, surprise. And I`m sorry, Rosie O`Donnell, I`m a big fan of yours. But there`s know excuse to act the way Justin Bieber did.

Listen, there`s a polite way to decline answering one of those questions. He acted absolutely immature and rude.

And I`m not even talking about the attorney. The way he talked down to the court reporter was absolutely disgusting to me. It made me want to throw up on Justin Bieber. There`s no excuse for that.

HUTT: Wow.

SCHACHER: And, people like Segun, people like Justin Bieber`s attorney who is making excuses --


PINSKY: Hold on, Sam. Hold on.


SCHACHER: Let`s not enable him.

PINSKY: Lavell has reaction. Go, Lavell.

CRAWFORD: I think Justin Bieber, he`s a very pretty man. He got lovely hair. I think -- I think the world hates him because he`s so beautiful.

HUTT: Oh, stop it.

CRAWFORD: In reality, I think he`s saying something dangerous in the music business. The music business is run by the devil. He said he loved Jesus and he`d been getting attacked ever since. I`m telling you.

I mean, I know everybody got their religious facts. But Justin Bieber said thank you, Jesus, and ever since then hell broke loose on him. You know, the devil runs the music industry.


PINSKY: I think he`s onto something. The devil being in the music industry, since he`s hanging around with the guys in the music industry is when he started taking a nose dive, no?

CRAWFORD: No, he`s been hanging out -- he`s helping our brothers. Usher found him. He`d been hanging out, that`s where he gets his attitude from, because at first, he was all nice. Then, all the sudden, he turned into this gangster. He`s attacking paparazzi.

Who is afraid of Justin Bieber? I would whoop his ass. Ain`t nobody afraid of him.


PINSKY: Wendy?

CRAWFORD: He`s dating a Disney girl.

WENDY WALSH, PSYCHOLOGIST: I think you`re onto something. Culturally, as everyone knows, I`m Canadian and we used to take ownership of this young man.

PINSKY: He`s Canadian, too.


WALSH: I think the music industry brung all the Canadian out of him. I really do. He`s not polite. We`re known for being polite. Did you know that?

And he also has this accent and this affect. He should be saying are we going out and about the house? Can we get a few brewskies on the away to the hockey game?

He`s not talking like that. He`s talking like as if he`s from -- I don`t know, like the Bronx or Brooklyn. I don`t know where he gets his accent from.

CRAWFORD: He`s possessed.

WALSH: By the music industry!

PINSKY: He`s with the devil.


SCHACHER: Oh, come on.

CRAWFORD: Canadians have great medicine. They got great medicine and they got weird coins. They got great medicine and weird coins and very strong beer. And he got out that area. He don`t know how to react to American beer and how we do our money and all the hot sex without no protection.

That`s what happened to him. He lost his mind.

SCHACHER: Oh, wow.

PINSKY: All right. Holding on.

SCHACHER: You can`t treat people that way.

PINSKY: Well, listen, but here`s the deal -- I want to give Mr. Dicowden the last word here. He`s the attorney whom you heard questioning Justin in the video tapes we`ve been showing.

Mr. Dicowden, I`m still baffled there`s not some remedy, that somebody didn`t have a remedy for that behavior, even his defense attorney. Do you agree with me?

DICOWDEN: Well, he`s allowed to act however he wants to act. Obviously, the jury will see how he acted at the deposition. The videotape is admissible in court and the jury can see exactly how he answered the questions when he was under oath in a deposition to us.

PINSKY: Do you -- let me ask you this. I`m interrupting you and I apologize. But do you agree with one of my panelists said, that it`s going to be about money when the day is done and he probably knows that already?

DICOWDEN: Well, it`s about justice. But unfortunately in our form of American society all we have is --

CRAWFORD: What is this justice?

PINSKY: All right. We`re going to leave it there.

Thank you, Mr. Dicowden. Thank you for joining us.

Next up, we`re going to have somebody else.

CRAWFORD: What is this justice?

PINSKY: Hang on, Lavell. I`ve got more of you coming up.

Lindsay, who you see there, I`m worried about her new TV show for a variety of reasons. I`m not sure if Oprah -- I don`t know. It`s going to be an interesting conversation. Behavior will be back with their take on that.

And later, the plane mystery everyone is worrying about. It`s fueling fears of flying. I have got some thoughts about why we obsess over these sorts of things.

Be right back.



LINDSAY LOHAN, ACTRESS: Life can be chaotic, but it`s keeping myself calm in the middle of it, which I couldn`t do before.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Paparazzi found you.

LOHAN: Great.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The public is very greedy. They need this quick.

LOHAN: I don`t want them following me to an AA meetings.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you ever feel like you`re a prisoner?

LOHAN: Yes. All the time.


PINSKY: Back with Jenny.

And that`s Lindsay starting her program just four days after completing her sixth treatment for chemical dependency. Lindsay was shooting this TV show for Oprah Winfrey Channel.

Each Oprah and Winfrey talked about what they wished for, what they intended the show to be. Take a look.


OPRAH WINFREY, OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK: What do you want from this? What is your intention? Yes.

LOHAN: Just to be honest and open and, just me.

WINFREY: Just to be you?


WINFREY: OK, because that`s my intention. My intention is to serve as a path for you to be able to do that.

LOHAN: Thank you.

WINFREY: And so if I know that`s what you really want to do, I`m going to call it on you when I feel that you`re not.

LOHAN: Good.

WINFREY: OK, then, we`re going to get along just fine.



PINSKY: Time again for the behavior bureau.

Mike Catherwood is back. Joining us also, Leeann Tweeden, social commentator, Janine Driver, the human lie detector, author of "You Can`t Lie To Me."

Janine, you watched the footage. What did you see from a body language standpoint?

JANINE DRIVER, HUMAN LIE DETECTOR: Well, body language-wise, you see her eyes all over the place. We see that throughout the whole interview.

And her language is what I call in the detecting deception world, Dr. Drew, very squishy language. We often see this with people being deceptive. It`s not really definitive.

And what does it mean to be yourself? Well, what`s the ultimate pay off? Even a life coach would say, OK, you be yourself. What does that then get you?

I mean, I wanted to be just myself. Well, what does that really get you?

So, all we see is some uncertainty. We see some possible deception here in the squishy language. It`s not adding up to a good combination, Dr. Drew.

PINSKY: Which does not surprise me, Janine.

Mike, she`s like an infant. She`s brand new in recovery. Of course she`s lying and distorting and obfuscating and B.S.-ing. That`s what people in early recovery do.

CATHERWOOD: Exactly. Well, it`s what people in early recovery do when they`re not taking their recovery seriously.

PINSKY: Even when they do. Mike, wait a minute. Mike, Mike, Mike, even when they do take it seriously, if they have recovering peers around them, really, you know, calling them out on that stuff because it is so normative early in the program.

CATHERWOOD: No, you`re exactly right, Drew. We`ve talked about it on "Loveline" how I look back at the things I`ve written in diaries and journals when I first got sober. And I truly believed all the things I was writing and I look back on it now and it`s all B.S. It`s completely B.S.

I mean, that`s a testament to the fact that when you`re in that mindset and you`re such a kind of mental turmoil and you`re head is in maelstrom, your head is truly in a maelstrom when you`re coming off a heavy drug use and alcoholism, and then to have, you know, a TV show documenting that is going to make things harder. But I do think that Oprah Winfrey, I do think that Oprah Winfrey`s intentions are pure. I don`t think --

PINSKY: Oh sure.

CATHERWOOD: I don`t think she has any understanding of disease.



PINSKY: No, Leeann. Let me tell you something, it may end up being good for Lindsay. She may see things, she may see herself on camera and go, hey, I`ve got to change this.

Leeann, what do you say?

TWEEDEN: Oh my God. You think Oprah Winfrey is going to change her addiction and her sickness? Are you kidding me? This is Lindsay Lohan`s what? Sixth time in recovery and rehab, and four days after, Dr. Drew?

I would think you of all people would have an issue with this. Since when is Oprah an addiction specialist. Since when is Oprah going --

CATHERWOOD: She`s not.


TWEEDEN: Are you going to shame Lindsay into being better and healthy?


PINSKY: I`m just saying --

CATHERWOOD: She didn`t initiate the show to begin with. That`s the point.

Oprah Winfrey doesn`t have the responsibility --


PINSKY: Hang on. Got to get the last word from Janine.

Go ahead, Janine.

DRIVER: Dr. Phil`s following Lindsay Lohan journey back. He has the word doctor in front of his name. People would be going crazy saying he`s taking advantage. We heard that when Dr. Phil was trying to get interviews supposedly with Britney Spears after her big crash I think because it`s Oprah we get her a pass.

I think it`s poor decision, and body language wise, we`re seeing --

TWEEDEN: I don`t give her a pass.

DRIVER: Lots of deception. I think it`s a big mistake.

PINSKY: My question is, I`m going to bring the behavior bureau and we`ll continue talking about this, which is Lindsay`s fame becoming part of her addiction? But maybe again that`s a way to motivate her to stay in the program.

Now, we also have a video of a little girl trying to help her mother nodding off on a public transportation while everyone else just sits and watches.

We`ll be back with more after this.


PINSKY: She was a really talented actress with a promising career.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She charmed us from the start. A Disney darling.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Just out of rehab for the second time, Lohan is still facing a DUI charge. She was arrested back in July after wrecking her car in Beverly Hills.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We want to see the train wreck.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Lindsay Lohan just can`t seem to stay out of trouble these days. TMZ reporting that police were called after Lindsay got into an altercation with her mother, Dina.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What`s next for Lindsay Lohan after her sixth stint in rehab?

OPRAH WINFREY, HOST: My truth is that I really do want you to win.

LINDSAY LOHAN, ACTRESS: I know that this is my last shot at doing what I love to do.


PINSKY: Back with Jenny, Wendy, Lavell, Leeann. Lindsay Lohan`s life is being exposed to us all in a new TV series on the Oprah Winfrey Channel. In the past year alone, she was charged with reckless driving, lying to a police officer, violating her probation.

You know, Wendy, let me just start with you. Are you concerned about this woman doing this show? And by the way, let me say, before you answer that question, I`m really kind of -- I`m upset with people going oh, it`s Lindsay`s sixth treatment. It takes what it takes for people to get sober. Bob Forrest, one of the most sober guys I know, 22 treatments before he got sober. It takes what it takes. Wendy, your thoughts?

WENDY WALSH, PH.D., AUTHOR, "THE 30-DAY LOVE DETOX": exactly. You know, I`m surprisingly not so concerned about her doing this show. I know that Oprah Winfrey is a very good businesswoman and wouldn`t be doing this show if she knew there were going to be a train wreck ending. I think she wants to have a beautiful story.

I also believe that two things change people`s mental outlook, and they are reparenting and a new change of environment. I`m telling you, if Oprah Winfrey walked in and started mentoring me, my life would change overnight.


PINSKY: I don`t know. Hang on, Lavell, could Oprah change your --

LEEANN TWEEDEN, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: Then nobody would be any addict.

PINSKY: Lavell, how about you?

LAVELLA CRAWFORD, ACTOR, "BREAKING BAD": Well, Oprah -- I think Oprah has great power over White women.


CRAWFORD: I think that she knows how to help White women. She gives them nice prizes under their chair. She takes care of White women. Oprah`s like the leader for White women. I don`t know how she got the job, but she`s good at it, because she never have no -- I ain`t never seen Oprah help Lil Kim do nothing. But she`s --


CRAWFORD: That is true! Who Black did she help? Thank you. Thank you.

WALSH: All the women in South Africa. The girls` school that she owns and run. The girls were --


CRAWFORD: Oh, no! You know what happened down there. You know what happened down there.

PINSKY: That didn`t go so well. Leeann.

TWEEDEN: Dr. Drew, Oprah Winfrey is a businesswoman. I don`t care how much we like her. I don`t care if she thinks it`s going to be a good story, and she thinks she`s going to help Lindsay Lohan. She is paying Lindsay $2 million for a docu-series. It`s all about business. It`s all about getting eyeballs on her channel.

It`s all about selling commercials. So, let`s face it. I`m sure she really is a nice woman, and she really does want to help Lindsay Lohan, but really, she`s not doing it out of the goodness of her heart. She is trying to get people to watch her channel.

WALSH: Oprah doesn`t need any more money. She actually doesn`t need any more success.

PINSKY: Jenny, what did you say?

JENNY HUTT, ATTORNEY: First of all, Leeann, Leeann, Leeann, why can`t it be about both profiting and redemption? Why can`t it be that Oprah really wants to help Lindsay Lohan? And why can`t it be that maybe this change of circumstance and this parenting like Wendy just said?

TWEEDEN: Why Lindsay? Why not Bieber? Why not anybody else that`s in the public eye?

HUTT: Just because it`s going to bring eyeballs means it has to be bad?

PINSKY: Lavell --

TWEEDEN: Well, I`m just saying, I don`t think Oprah is going to cure Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay needs help. She needs --

WALSH: That is right.

TWEEDEN: I think she needs to be with a doctor, not with America`s sweetheart.

PINSKY: Lavell, maybe you can be the new Oprah of my panel. You`re surrounded by White women. Can you help them out here?


CRAWFORD: I mean, I don`t know why my box is bigger than everybody else`s --


TWEEDEN: I don`t know where to go with that.


CRAWFORD: But this is the thing, Oprah is a genius. First of all, she has Tyler Perry. All his shows -- and they never worked on TBS. I don`t know how they`re going to work on her channel. I guess, when nobody can watch it, it probably will stay on longer. That`s why they put Lindsay on there now because her show is a train wreck. They need some White people on the show.

Oprah`s a genius. She`s going to make money off of Lindsay. $2 million going to turn to $200 million for Oprah.

PINSKY: All right. Well, that`s it for this conversation, guys. I`m not sure who said that. Let`s make the last word. Was that Jenny?

TWEEDEN: Leeann. Sad but true.

PINSKY: Leeann, go, last word. I got to go. Real quick.

TWEEDEN: It`s going to make her money.


PINSKY: Whatever it costs Oprah, I hope it doesn`t cost Lindsay her sobriety. That`s all I`m saying.

Next up, disturbing video, and I`m warning you, why didn`t anyone in a bus full of people help this mother and her daughter who`s trying to basically lift this nodding addicted woman or whatever is happening here, just waken her.

Remind you to find us any time on Instragram @DrDrewHLN. We`ll be back right after this.


PINSKY: Yesterday, we reported that a teacher showed an inappropriate video to her middle school students. In a note to parents, the teachers at Forest Heights Middle School in Littlerock, Arkansas explained that an inappropriate picture that was taken on her personal phone was transferred through iCloud to the iPads in the classroom.

We contacted the Littlerock School District, Littlerock School District, and they said that they regret that any inappropriate image was displayed to students and that there was no video, only one image, which was immediately removed. The school district says the teacher will be disciplined, but they`re not at liberty to discuss the details of the case.

I want to bring back Jenny, Lavell and Sam. Also joining us, Cheryl Arutt, clinical and forensic psychologist. And a warning now, about to show you some disturbing video. A woman on a bus appears to be incoherent. She appears to nod off. The people on the bus do nothing, but her poor daughter is struggling. Take a look.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Excuse me. Excuse me.

UNIDENTIFIED KID: Mom, nobody can get through with the bag. Mom, nobody can get through with the bag.


PINSKY: That video goes on for nearly five minutes, and nobody does anything. Eventually, however, child protective services do get involved. The child has been removed from the home, and the mother since posted this on her Facebook page. "I f-- hope all you skumbags out there are f -- happy. I just lost the best thing in the world to me, because people think before they open their mouths." I wonder if Lavell have a reaction to this. Lavell first.


CRAWFORD: Hey, I agree with her, because I`ve done that before with my kids in the car, having to wake me up. You know, nodding off at the wheel.


HUTT: No way!


CRAWFORD: I mean, she probably get her best sleep on the bus.

HUTT: Lavell!

CRAWFORD: Come on!


PINSKY: To be fair, Lavell --


PINSKY: You have, my friend, a little sleep apnea, perhaps? Is that why you fall asleep so easily? Is that you?

CRAWFORD: I get enough sleep. My wife is my sleep apnea because she wakes me up while I`m snoring.


PINSKY: Well, that`s why she wakes you up because you have sleep apnea, loud snoring, that disturbs your sleep.


PINSKY: But be that as it may. Cheryl, this woman on the bus, or whatever this was, the train, in my eye appears to be intoxicated. She looked -- and I suspect opiates. That`s what makes people nod like that. And I`m -- there`s been no legal action against this woman, and I`m speculating she was probably given prescribed opiates that made her do that. What do you say?

CHERYL ARUTT, PSY.D., CLINICAL & FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGIST: It could have been prescribed. Whatever she was given, she had obviously way too much of it. I was hoping this was an episode of "What Would You Do?" where they would said, oh, we just really set this up pretending. This poor little girl was the parent. She was trying to let the people pass on the bus.

She was taking care of the bags. The mom was in no position to take care of her child. It`s heartbreaking.

PINSKY: Jenny, you want to say something?

HUTT: I do want to say something. I don`t know why nobody on the bus said something, took the child, took the mother and the child, called the authorities at that moment as they got to the next bus stop. I don`t know why people stay silent and don`t move, Dr. Drew. Why?

PINSKY: I`m going to show you an example of why I believe this is opiate. This is Steven Adler whom I treated on VH1`s "Sober House." He had a relapse and take a look at what someone looks like on heroin. It looks very familiar here. Take a look.




PINSKY: So, you know, I really do think, unfortunately, it is opiates. Sam, should she be prosecuted? Should there be legal action?

SCHACHER: Well, I just want to see her get treatment. This isn`t her first conviction either, Dr. Drew. And for those of you at home who weren`t able to actually see the video because of the blur, you can clearly tell that she`s just not nodding off because she`s tired or sleepy. You can see her mouth agape. She completely looks incoherent.

And like Jenny stated, I just cannot believe that those people on that bus didn`t try to console the girl, didn`t try to call authorities, didn`t try to follow the mom and the little girl outside of the bus, because clearly, that mother was in no shape to take care of that child. Can you imagine what could have happened to that little girl with the lack of parenting in that moment?

PINSKY: Watch out, Lavell. I think Sam is going on the send the authorities over to your house next time you fall asleep.

CRAWFORD: Hey, look here, man. I`m going to put it like this. She might have been on some kind of medication. But I mean, the girl looked like she`s a teenager. And her mama probably took the opiate because (INAUDIBLE). I don`t know. That girl don`t look eight.


ARUTT: I have a nine-year-old daughter. Believe me, she looks eight or nine years old. The thing that`s tricky is that people want to intervene and protect a child. But listen, if we see abuse, if we see a parent lashing out or hitting a child, sometimes, when we intervene, that child is in more danger because the parents feel shamed and they take it out on the kid the minute you leave. So, we want --


CRAWFORD: Well, I look at it like this.

ARUTT: -- but do it right.

PINSKY: Lavell.

CRAWFORD: I look at it like this. I look at it like this. OK. Now, everybody is seeing mom sleep. They don`t know if she`s on opiate. You got to be Dr. Drew or somebody like that to know that she`s on some drugs. We don`t know. And people don`t intervene because --

SCHACHER: It was clear.

CRAWFORD: You`re saying it`s clear, but a lot of times, it was a bunch of people just like you that (INAUDIBLE) and say what`s wrong with her and go sit down. That`s what people do all the time in America. We`re so desensitize (ph) we`ve got all these videotapes that we can watch and laugh at and get so many views on. That`s where America is right now. Desensitize (ph).

PINSKY: We`re going to leave it right there.

Next up, we`re going to talk about the missing plane mystery. I wonder if it`s made you afraid to fly. It`s made me think twice and maybe think about many of the other disasters that have come along in air travel. We`ll be back to discuss it after this.


PINSKY: Back with my co-host, Jenny Hutt. Now, Jenny, I think everyone is aware that 239 people vanished Saturday when their plane just disappeared in midflight. Since then, I don`t know about you, but a lot of us have become obsessed with air travel, with searches for answers.

HUTT: Yes. Dr. Drew, I`ve always been that way. So, this only makes it worse.

PINSKY: Fair enough.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Breaking news here on CNN. This is a mystery of flight 370.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Air traffic control last heard from the flight as it was headed on course towards Vietnam.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Somebody must have taken control of that aircraft, as you say, in the cockpit and turned it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How does a 777 do that sort of flight for that length of time and nobody raises an eyebrow?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hijack, sabotage, personal issues, or psychological issues?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The two passengers traveling on flight 370 with stolen passports.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have not heard anything from this plane. Could they possibly have landed somewhere? They have traced the last signs of the plane to a very small island.


PINSKY: Anahita, Segun, Cheryl, all back with this. Anahita, do you have a theory about this?

ANAHITA SEDAGHATFAR, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Well, you know, Dr. Drew, I think it`s too soon. Everything is speculation. But with respect to the idea that this could have been terrorism, you know, there are some arguments here. You did have those two men, those Iranian men that flew on that flight with stolen passports.

So, there`s this man, Mr. Ali, who we don`t know his first name, hopefully not related to Miss Ali that comes on this show, but he supposedly bought them these tickets with cash the day before the flight. So, I think there`s an argument that it could be or could not be. But I just think it`s way too spoon to speculate at this point.

PINSKY: Segun?

SEGUN ODUOLOWU, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: Well, I think that, first and foremost, our thoughts should be to the families of the passengers who have yet to be discovered. I mean, Dr. Drew, as a mental health expert, you would know that closure is a big part of the deal and for them to be missing, we don`t know if they`re presumed dead, presumed alive. But with all of those questions, I think that without them having closure, that`s where our thoughts should be.

I don`t think it`s an act of terrorism, personally. Usually, terrorists take credit for their work. So, to hijack a plane would be a big deal --

PINSKY: Unless -- unless, Segun, unless, it`s a trial run.


ODUOLOWU: No. I know where you want me to go. You want to me to say that it`s miraculous. And you know what it will be miraculous if these people are found safe and sound. But when you have no explanation --

SEDAGHATFAR: Do you think that they are surviving, Segun? Segun, do you think they`re still alive? Yes or no? Do you think that these passengers are still alive? Yes or no?

ODUOLOWU: I`ll do you one better, Anahita. I say a prayer every day that they are.

SEDAGHATFAR: Right. Of course. And I think we all hope that they are, Segun, but it`s my understanding that you are saying --

ODUOLOWU: No, I didn`t say hope. I say I pray every day. There`s a difference --

SEDAGHATFAR: -- that they`re still alive.

ODUOLOWU: There`s a difference between hope --

SEDAGHATFAR: I`m thinking about something you said earlier on today. I understand the difference. But my question to you is, do you think the passengers are still alive? Do you want to answer the question?

ODUOLOWU: Yes. Well, I don`t know if they`re alive. I don`t know if they`re dead, which is why with faith I believe that I should pray for them. That`s all.

PINSKY: Segun, this is what it feels like to be Justin Bieber. I want to show you something from the show, a current affair in Australia. They interviewed a girl who had flown with a co-pilot from the missing plane, and she had some interesting things to say. This is from 9 News.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Possibly a little bit sleazy. They invited us - - well, not invited us. They asked us if we could arrange in our trip to stay in Kuala Lumpur for a few nights so they could take us out. Throughout the whole flight, they were talking to us. They were actually smoking throughout the flight, which I don`t think they ought to be doing. I don`t know (ph) for the whole time they weren`t like facing the front of the plane actually flying.


PINSKY: Now, I want this panel to stay with me across the break.

ODUOLOWU: You can`t really buy this.

PINSKY: Hang on. Hold your thoughts, Cheryl. I`m going to go to you first. I want to give everyone a reminder that all new on HLN, the "Detective Files." It`s an examination of real life cases that lets you play detective by answering multiple choice questions about the case you`re watching. Watch "Detective Files" at 5:00 eastern right here on HLN. We`ll be back with my panel`s response right after this.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The families of the 239 people on board flight 370 are clinging to hope. The daughter of the chief steward, Andrew Nari, has been tweeting messages to her father. Calls to ringing cell phones have led some to believe their loved ones are somewhere safe. A father of two from Texas was on board the jetliner when it vanished on Saturday. His brothers told CNN Monday they have not lost hope.


PINSKY: Sad story. Back with Jenny, Anahita, Segun, and Cheryl. I want to show you guys a tweet because -- Segun, you accused us of being insensitive, which is not the case. This is from @travelingheidi. She says, "Exactly the headlines you want to see on Dr. Drew while walking through an airport. Are you afraid to fly now? #twoplanestomorrow."

Heidi, I feel your pain, my dear. I`ve got a ton of travel coming up. My kids are traveling now. That is certainly not our point in having this conversation. But, we do play in a lot of airports. So, my apologies. Airline travel -- and that`s one of the things I want to ask, Cheryl.

You know, we`re about as likely to be caught in an airline catastrophe, probably more likely to be struck by lightning, and yet, we all -- when we see something like this -- it`s true. But we all -- we start thinking that is likely to happen to us.

ARUTT: Yes. And Dr. Drew, planes don`t just fall out of the sky. And I know people want to try to rule out foul play in this situation, but I really don`t think that we can rule it out. I mean, these guys may have left Iran legally, but they switched the stolen passports on the way out of Beijing and that meant that they could enter Europe without being detected.

Why try to sneak into Europe? And second of all, the plane, I think - - come on, the plane -- I`m very sorry, but the plane blew up. And, it blew up in midair without a distress signal.

ODUOLOWU: Wow! Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.


ARUTT: I don`t want anybody to lose hope, but they don`t have any --


ARUTT: But hold on a second. If this were a terrorist, either dry run -- Anahita, OK. Anahita, you want to go. Go for it.

PINSKY: Please.

SEDAGHATFAR: No. I was just going to say, I mean, I`m not -- look, I just said earlier, I don`t know what happened. Everything is speculation, but the facts are that the authorities have conducted an investigation, and they found out that there are absolutely no links between any of these men and any terrorist organization. And it could be --

ARUTT: That is not definitive.

SEDAGHATFAR: They were trying to seek asylum.


ARUTT: If he wants asylum, why sneak into the country illegally? That`s also a perfect cover.

SEDAGHATFAR: We`re talking about Iran. It is a Muslim -- it`s not a democratic regime. So, again, I`m not defending. I`m not making any sort of, you know, I`m not making any sort of definitive statement.

PINSKY: Fifteen seconds, Segun, then we got to go.

ODUOLOWU: No problem. I think that`s a very reckless statement based on fear and borderline racism. Because they`re Islamic doesn`t make them terrorists. You can be Islamic and not be a terrorist. Their actions haven`t proven the plane has blown up --


ODUOLOWU: That`s a horrible statement to make.

ARUTT: That`s not what I said, Segun.

PINSKY: And we`re going to have to leave it right there. Jenny, interesting program tonight. Thank you for standing by me on this. And a reminder that "Right This Minute" begins right this minute.