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Vanished: Missing Plane Mystery; Famous Designer Found Dead in Apartment; Father Bites Nose Off Baby; `Ocean Mom; Attempts to Harm Her Unborn Child

Aired March 18, 2014 - 21:00:00   ET



DR. DREW PINSKY, HLN HOST (voice-over): Tonight, missing plane mystery.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If I were a terrorist and I were watching this, I would get a pretty good, you know, chuckle out of it, unfortunately, because you`re causing what, chaos, confusion and panic.

PINSKY: Could a medical reason explain it?

And celebrity suicide. It`s taken social media by storm.

Then, paying for college with porn. The freshman who`s baring it all is here to take on her critics.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I love porn. It hasn`t been degrading for me.

PINSKY: Let`s get started.



PINSKY: Good evening, everyone.

My co-host is Sirius/XM Radio host Jenny Hutt.

And coming up, celebrity suicide, the death of L`Wren Scott.

But, first up, we are going on now, day 11, still no Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. It doesn`t mean there`s no sign of the plane. Tonight, new information about the timeline and the men at the controls.

Take a look at this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It is mind boggling that 10 days in, no one knows.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This huge plane, 200 feet from one side to the other and this plane managed to make all this movement with no radar picking it up, no people seeing it and nobody seeing it since.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Two systems stopped working during that same rough period, the handover between the Malaysian and the Vietnamese air space.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The systematic approach with which it was shut down, that suggests to me that it was shut down by somebody. No one does anything in a cockpit, I don`t care how small or big the airplane is without the other guy knowing. You don`t go on your own, half the plane is yours, half the plane is mine.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: At 1:19 a.m., someone in the cockpit believed to be the co-pilot makes the last verbal contact with air traffic controllers. And he says the words, "All right. Good night."


PINSKY: Joining us, Segun Oduolowu, social commentator, Carrie Keagan, pop culture expert, Loni Coombs, former prosecutor, author of "You`re Perfect and Other Lies Parents Tell."

First up, I`ve got HLN`s Lynn Berry to give us the latest.

Lynn, go ahead.

LYNN BERRY, HLN HOST (via telephone): Well, Dr. Drew, the thing is that the only information that they have is gives them an indication this was a deliberate act was the fact that the systems were shut off before that last communication from the co-pilot. So, if there`s any duress or problem, the co-pilot would have indicated that.

He didn`t. He said, "All right. Good night." About ten minutes later, that`s when they changed course.

Now, the problem is that this plane could have been going for seven hours. That`s when that last handshake occurred. That means that the area that authorities have to scan is huge, 26 countries involved, 11 countries possibly this plane could have flown over.

And the big question at the press conference this weekend -- is it possible that that last communication, seven hours later, was made from the ground? And authorities said, yes, it is possible if they still had power. And imagine for these people who have a family member on board, the hope that that gives them.

But this is a timeline where if this plane has landed somewhere, it could be used for the wrong purposes. If this pilot was on some sort of suicide mission.

So, every single minute counting, no new information, imagine the frustration we have, the family members you can only imagine --

PINSKY: Just has to be excruciating. Thank you, Lynn.

Let`s break down the information we have.

Take a look at this -- we`ve got, first up, let`s see. Going to put that up? Yes, communication system and transponder was disabled, right? Then air traffic loses the plane. Again, the plane is going from the Thai or the Malaysian air space to the Vietnamese air space or at least air traffic which is precisely when it can disappear.

Final voice communication, "All right. Good night". And then they check in with the Vietnamese air traffic, then the military radar found them off course in the opposite direction. It`s just a huge mystery.

Segun, did you want to say something there?

SEGUN ODUOLOWU, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: Yes, Dr. Drew, as we know, assumptions are the mother of all screw-ups. And it seems like we`re making some assumptions without having all of the facts. What bothers me are: we`re using words like deliberately steered off course. When we say deliberate, it automatically implies terrorism or hijacking or was the pilot on a suicide mission.

But these are things we do not know, and because we do not know them, we start stacking the deck with -- OK, well, if this was a hijacking, this is why. But it may not be a hijacking. We just don`t know. We shouldn`t use words like that.

PINSKY: Got it.

Loni, I`ll get you in a second. Carrie, I saw you nodding your head at what Segun was saying.

CARRIE KEAGAN: Well, I mean, yes, there are so many conspiracy theories out there right now. We don`t really have all the information. It`s quite possible this could have been a terrorist move, that the pilot and the co- pilot actually did try and steal the plane. It`s very possible that that plane then crashed into the water and everyone is, unfortunately, gone.

We just continue know. Crazy for all of this, first of all, to have happened. It`s even crazier for us to just sit here and speculate on things we know nothing about.

PINSKY: Well, now, Loni, go ahead and speculate.

LONI COOMBS, FORMER PROSECUTOR: Well, thank you. We actually do have incoming information. The investigators will go through a process of elimination.

Look, here we have something that`s way too much of a coincidence. Right as this plane is going into this no man`s land between the Malaysian and the Vietnamese air space where they have no contact, we know a couple of things. One they say good night. That`s the last verbal communication. Then the transponder gets turned off. That has to be intentionally turned off by the pilot or someone who knows how to do it. Then, a few minutes later we have this ACARS, the other communication system, turned off assertively by someone in the cockpit or underneath the belly.

There`s too much coincidence there for that to just happen.


COOMBS: Then the plane doing a dramatic turn not to go back to where they came from, which is what you`d do if there`s something wrong with the plane, but they`re going in a different direction. So, there`s all of these things put together. That`s not a coincidence. That`s an intentional act.

PINSKY: Let me bring in Mary Schiavo. She is CNN aviation analyst. She`s an aviation attorney and a former inspector general for the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Mary, you heard my panelists` theories. I`ll throw in another one. Something happened that made the pilot and co-pilot somehow disabled or unable to operate the plane normally and maybe that`s why. What`s your theory?

MARY SCHIAVO, CNN AVIATION ANALYST (via telephone): Well, over the course of working a lot of different cases and seeing a lot of different things go wrong with planes over the years, you know, my theory is still it`s way too early and there`s simply no evidence and mechanical failure should not be ruled out. It would be a catastrophic mechanical failure that would either disorient or disable the pilots. I think that`s a very real possibility.

PINSKY: But, Mary, how do you explain the transponders and all the recording equipment being turned off? What`s the explanation for that?

SCHIAVO: Uh-uh, there`s no knowledge they were turned off. There`s knowledge that they stopped transmitting.

ODUOLOWU: Thank you.

SCHIAVO: Stopped transmitting.

COOMBS: But how do they stop transmitting? What can cause the transmissions to stop? Of those two separate communications systems?

ODUOLOWU: Loni, just remember now --


SCHIAVO: The plane had the catastrophic fires, explosions, any number of things that can happen on a plane. There have been situations where, you know, planes have literally lost all their communications systems. There are many things to explain it. It`s far too early to rule that out.

My second theory would, of course, be a hijack theory where somebody invaded the cockpit.

PINSKY: Segun, have that -- Segun.

ODUOLOWU: May I ask, because like you said it could be mechanical error, do you think then that it is presumptuous of us and for someone like Loni to say deliberate turned off or deliberately steered a certain way without any real hard evidence to support those facts? Everything we`re doing now is an assumption. So, when we go on assumption --

COOMBS: But that`s how you come to a conclusion, you have make presumption --

ODUOLOWU: But when you assume you only look in a certain direction to back that assumption --


PINSKY: OK. Segun, Loni, hold on.

Mary, answer that question, please.

SCHIAVO: Well, no, I think actually when you try out theories, you remember what Edison said before he made the light bulb he found a thousand ways not to make a light bulb. I think trying different theories is very important, but I also think it`s important -- and you don`t have to worry that the investigators will get steered by public assumption.

The investigators know how to investigate because they have to do two things. They have to find what happened and then they have to go one step further, they have to find motive. And right now, there`s not much evidence to go on. So that`s why one of the reasons this is so difficult.

But I can say that they can`t say for certain that it was turned off because they can say for certain that it stopped for whatever reason.

PINSKY: OK. Now, we`re going to have to go to break.

Mary, I wonder if you`ll stay with me for a second. I want to bring in the behavior bureau to see if they have any potential explanations, having looked at the flight crew and the captain, the co-pilot, if there`s something there that can help us out a little bit.

Thank you, panel.

What perhaps a medical explanation, something to look more closely at these pilots and whatever else we can find out about the flight crew itself.

And later, celebrity suicide -- what made this renowned designer take her own life, in a very bizarre, by the way. I`m going to investigate that, too.

Back after this.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Investigators say that somebody steered the plane off course on purpose.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Whether or not it was deliberate. The very fact that it may have been the co-pilot to be the last one to communicate, is that significant? This is what investigators are now looking for.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The Malaysia Airlines CEO said that pilot has to go through psychological tests to get their jobs. In the United States, the FAA requires psychological testing. One pilot says his airline when he applied for his job asked him questions like, do you like your mother, do you hate your father?


PINSKY: I`m back with Jenny.

We`re going to focus in on the pilot and co-pilot of Flight 370, and bring in the behavior bureau, which is Erica America, Z100 Radio personality and psychotherapist, Judy Ho, clinical psychologist, Cheryl Arutt, forensic psychologist. And I still have Mary Schiavo on the phone.

Jenny, you wanted to comment about this?

HUTT: I do. I just have to tell you, Dr. Drew, that I do feel like it`s deliberate. And I have to tell you that every time I get on an aircraft, I go to the cockpit, I introduce myself to the pilots and I ask them if they`re feeling OK, if they have a lot to live for, are they depressed, and have they can drinking. I know it sounds crazy, but I do it in part because I think if they know me, they won`t kill me, because I want to check.

PINSKY: It does sound crazy, I have to tell you, because if they`re drinking they`re not going to tell you. If they`re suicidal, they`re not going to tell you either.


PINSKY: But I do want to go around the horn with my mental health professionals and ask them whether or not they think -- let`s assume this was a suicide, just an assumption, does the fact that he would have taken down all those people with him make it more or less likely? In other words, what kind of person who`s committing suicide will take other people out with them? I say it makes it much less likely.

Erica, your comment?

ERICA AMERICA, Z100 RADIO: Yes, I don`t really think that that -- that is a possibility but it also could be a hijacker.

PINSKY: But stay with my question. But stay with my question.


PINSKY: The fact that he`d have to kill all those other people, more or less likely than a suicide.

AMERICA: Much less likely.

PINSKY: Less likely.

Cheryl, what do you say?

ARUTT: Who is suicidal would be very depressed and care about other people, Dr. Drew. Somebody who wouldn`t care about taking hundreds of people down with him would be more of a sociopath.


ARUTT: I think way, way less likely.

PINSKY: Yes, and we would have had evidence of that through whatever, talking to people on the ground about these gentlemen when we`ve heard nothing of the kind.

Judy, do you agree?

JUDY HO, PSYCHOLOGIST: Dr. Drew, I actually thing that it`s much more likely if somebody is so ill to the point where they want to take their own lives. Mental illness at its greatest point is a very, very selfish disease. You become very self-centered.

And if you`re going to die anyway, why would you care if you brought the rest of the world with you that will cease to exist.

PINSKY: All right. Three on one.

We`re going to look now to some surveillance video of what is believed to be the pilots going through security from YouTube.

Now, while we`re looking at that video, I want to propose to my professionals here the possibility that something medical happened, not so much mental health standpoint, but maybe he had a delirium or maybe one of these pilots or co-pilots had a brain tumor that suddenly became symptomatic and he became violent and became disorganized and turned off the transponders.

HUTT: What?

PINSKY: Who thinks that`s a possibility?

Erica, you say no.

AMERICA: No, definitely not. I don`t think this was a psychotic break or medical --

PINSKY: Yes, but --

AMERICA: Just seems like there`s too much planning.

Listen, I`ve been watching a lot of HLN, a lot of CNN, and all the experts say this is someone very smart. There was a lot, a lot of thought. The transponder was turned off, they circumvented radar, they went too high, they went too low.

PINSKY: All right. OK.

Judy, Judy?

HO: Well, Dr. Drew, I just want to point to something that you showed at the very beginning of this segment, which is that they underwent psychological evaluation. But what does that mean? So, I looked into a couple of reports about what the psychological evaluation consists of. And it`s mostly things like IQ tests and problem-solving tasks. That makes sense because Malaysia along with a lot of other Asian American, Asian or Pacific islander countries really do still stigmatize mental illness.

PINSKY: Interesting. So maybe it wouldn`t get picked up.

HO: That`s right.

PINSKY: Cheryl?

ARUTT: Well, I would have loved to have seen the psychological tests. But I got to say I don`t consider it suicide if you take hundreds of people down with you, it`s mass murder. I`m sorry, but it`s mass murder. And I think somebody who would strategize that way wasn`t in a suicidal state of mind. I just don`t think so.

PINSKY: Mary, you`re still with us. Help us put all these thoughts together that make senses from an aviation standpoint.

SCHIAVO: Well, from the aviation standpoint, from the cases that I`ve worked over the years, I`m very, very cautious about blaming the pilots of this plane rather than intruders or hijackers because I`ve worked many, many cases where the pilots were blamed for horrible things -- you know, crashing the plane, this, that and the other thing and in almost every case it`s been proven otherwise.

I got a pilot blamed for a crash and it was fried wires in the steering column. I had a pilot blamed for a crash in the trim system was mis- rigged. I got a pilot blamed for a crash and it was some other thing out or a rudder hard-over.

So, I`m always very cautious.


SCHIAVO: Sometimes, the evidence shows it`s entirely something else. And I know the families who have had to deal with this until the truth finally comes out.

PINSKY: Mary, thank you very much. Thank you for my panel.

I say these gentlemen do not appear to be someone with mental health history and nor in a mental health crisis of any sort when they got on this plane. You never know what medical issues, but to make a medical problem explain -- to have medical problem explain all this elaborate behavior, pretty tough to do.

So, I come down to the side of what Mary`s saying, that an outside force or, as you say catastrophic failure.

Thank you, panel.

Next up, a world famous designer apparently kills herself. I have some ideas about what might have happened to L`Wren Scott.

And later, a college student that`s footing her bill for school, $60,000, she says, by having sex on camera. She`s here.

And we`ll be back after this.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The fashion world is a much darker place today.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Designer L`Wren Scott was found dead inside of her New York apartment.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It is the assistant who reportedly found Scott hanged.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hanging by a scarf that had been tied to a door knob.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`ve seen her designs on plenty of A-listers, on plenty of red carpet.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Noted fashion designer, the longtime girlfriend of Mick Jagger.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No suicide note was found.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The entire fashion world left reeling by this loss.


PINSKY: Back with Jenny and our behavior bureau, Erica, Judy, and adding Samantha Schacher, host of "Pop Trigger" on the Young Turks Network.

And we`re talking about fashion designer L`Wren Scott who apparently had hung herself in her New York apartment.

Hours before she was found, Scott sent a text saying to her assistant simply saying, come by. Quote, "Come by". No foul play suspected. No suicide note found.

Sam, tell me what else you know?

SAMANTHA SCHACHER, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: Well, for one, Dr. Drew, L`Wren Scott`s alleged suicide is all over social media. So, primarily Twitter. So, of course, you see the outpour of condolences from her supporters, from her fans, from celebrities.

PINSKY: Hey, Sam, I`m looking right now at the #LWrenScott. You can push it up there and it goes on and on and on.

SCHACHER: It is, especially Twitter.

PINSKY: This is my Twitter feed, I`m on my iPad right now. Just goes on and on.

SCHACHER: If you continue to look at that hashtag, Dr. Drew, you`ll see a lot of outrage. And her supporters and fans are absolutely outrage that there`s been a number of headlines that read Mick Jagger`s girlfriend commits suicide. They don`t like the idea that her relationship with Mick Jagger is completely overshadowed her incredible successful fashion design career.

PINSKY: Now, I`ve got two mental health professionals still left behind here on this panel with Judy and Erica. I want to ask you guys this -- she hung herself on a doorknob with a scarf. No suicide note, no reports of antecedent suicidality.

What are your theories, Erica?

AMERICA: Well, we`re just speculating here but there have been reports that her company unfortunately was in debt to the tune of $6 million and that she may have been very humiliated by this. Now, what`s kind of interesting is in her world, $6 million isn`t that much. She had very rich friends. She probably could have asked for help.

But it just shows you when certain people are humiliated and their career is taken away from them, it`s like an ego loss, that is so strong that they see (INAUDIBLE) nothing else.

PINSKY: I don`t know what world Erica lives in, but $6 million is a lot of money, I don`t care who you`re socializing with.

AMERICA: But still --

PINSKY: I`m just saying.

But, Judy, what is your theory?

HO: You know, sometimes people go into this sort of suicidal intent and it`s really a cry for help. Where they take the pills and they call somebody right away, go to the hospital. It`s nonlethal.

What I see about her history is that she really intended to go through with this suicide.

PINSKY: Why? What do you see?

HO: Yes. Well, she dropped a very casual text message, come by. You know what that was for, just for her assistant to come and clean up the mess. That`s all that was for.

And then to actually call her assistant to do that instead of calling a family member last or a loved one, that`s really interesting, too, because that means she was all business about getting this done.

PINSKY: All right. Jenny, go ahead.

HUTT: Dr. Drew, she`s 6`3" and reports are she was hanging from a doorknob, please explain how that works.

PINSKY: Yes. The only time and it`s interesting, somebody on Twitter picked this up just, they speculated exactly what I`m about to say. I don`t know this woman. I have no evidence if this is true.

But I can tell you in any experience, Judy and Erica, listen carefully, when it`s a low hanging, when it`s somebody with a belt or scarf of and attached to something low behind them, in my experience -- by the way, usually males -- in my experience --

SCHACHER: Auto erotic asphyxiation.

PINSKY: That`s right, Sam. Auto erotic asphyxiation, when they lean into the noose and they go too far and they`re out and done.

So if that doorknob were eight feet up, I`d say, OK, suicide. But leaning in to a scarf, come on, guys, what do you think, Judy?


HO: My gosh, it`s like she`s trying to torture herself in the worst way possible before she actually takes her last breath. I don`t really know what was going on that made her so self-destructive.

PINSKY: No, I`m saying. You`re missing my point.

SCHACHER: She was trying to get pleasure out of it.

PINSKY: Sam seems to know what this is, Sam.


PINSKY: You understand what this is. And I`ve had patients die of this. They self-stimulate while they`re asphyxiating themselves. It happens in my world mostly after somebody comes off opiates. I don`t know anything about this woman`s history. But if somebody has been an opiate addicts, they do engage in these kinds of behaviors.


AMERICA: I think that we need more information. I mean, we need to have interviewed her boyfriend, Mick Jagger, her friends, her family. I mean, on Twitter, as far the team, the people that knew her through the design world were shocked. They couldn`t believe it. So, they can`t coincide in them.

PINSKY: Well, Judy, no? Judy, you say no?


HO: I think she seems very, very secretive. So, whatever information we`re going to drag out, it`s going to be coming from a very deep, dark place, because nobody has this information.

PINSKY: Second mystery of the night. We have the Malaysian airline, we have a dead celebrity, we have no answers.

Next up, I do have the Duke University student who is paying for her schooling with porn. She`s here. She wants to know what I think of her business plan.

And later, I`ve got Rob Ford swearing and staggering around in a new video. Rob Ford, the gift that keeps on giving. We`ll show that video to you after this.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There was a substantial amount of blood. It was a fairly gruesome scene.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I come in to a disgusting scene.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The father had actually bit the child`s nose off.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When we couldn`t get the baby to stop crying.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I didn`t see no anger that morning, I didn`t see no stress that morning. He was up playing with the baby.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A third of Tejan`s (ph) nose was severed. Doctors at Oakland Children`s Hospital reattached it Thursday night. He also has a skull fracture and brain hemorrhage, and officials are trying to figure out how his head injuries happened. A week and a half ago, Tejan had swelling and bruising to his face. Anjelica can only think of one possible reason.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That my son has been being hit the whole time.


PINSKY: Back with Jenny and our behavior bureau. Tiffany Sam and Wendy. Now, when the police got to the house, they found the infant`s face covered in blood, found part of the nose on the floor. Father behind bars pleading not guilty to child abuse. Meanwhile, the child has been removed from the home. The one-month-old has additional injuries, including as mentioned in that piece, a skull fracture, brain hemorrhage, I`m assuming inter- hemospheric brain hemorrhage, meaning in the tissue of the brain, and they said a third of the nose was off. Tiffany, what is this?

HENRY: I have a really severe problem with this mom, actually, and I know she`s not the one that bit the child`s nose off, but the child is a month old. I spoke with a pediatrician friend of mine prior to coming on the show, and I asked her how often or how soon should a baby, once it`s born, be brought in for examination. She said within the first couple of days, but certainly if there`s something like a rash, bruising, anything going on, most moms would take their baby in. If anything like that was noticed at a well check visit, or at the first appointment of the pediatrician, the pediatrician would call the police, they would call social services. They would make sure that that baby was taken away from that mom at that time.

This leads me to believe that baby wasn`t taken to the doctor when the mom thought these things were happening and to me that spells neglect.


SCHACHER: Yes, and to Tiffany`s point, you don`t just bite the nose off of a baby.

PINSKY: You don`t just do that? I thought everybody did that. I was confused.

SCHACHER: So my point is, there has to be some sort of prior history here. This is not the first time he abused this child, mark my words. I would love to find out if there are any prior arrests, any other domestic violence charges. I head to re-read the headline of this article multiple times, because I could not believe that it read father bites the nose off his child because the baby was crying. That`s what babies do.

PINSKY: Jenny, let me show you this tweet, it says, it`s from Maria Theresa, "Dr. Drew, this man is clearly mentally ill. What would possess a man to do this to his own child? Sick, sick, sick."

HUTT: It is sick, sick, sick.

WALSH: Low tolerance for stress.

PINSKY: I`ll get you, Wendy, hold on. Jenny, go ahead.

HUTT: What I don`t understand is why teen parents are not required to have some sort of counseling or instruction prior to bringing these babies into the world.

PINSKY: Because we have so much mental health services out there, we have so many resources that we can go ahead and offer those to everybody. We can`t get to them. That`s the problem.

HUTT: It`s so screwed up, Dr. Drew, because there are people who want to bring babies into loving homes, like gay couples, and they`re not allowed to. So this is OK in theory.

PINSKY: Wendy.

WALSH: I want people to understand that the reason why a crying baby is so irritating is it`s Mother Nature`s way of making it go right up our spine and our hair stand on end, so that we will attend to the child and give it love and care. That`s why we don`t like to sit on the airplane next to the crying baby, because we all feel agitated. But this young father, who is only 18-year-old old and the mother 16 years old, clearly had no ability to tolerate stress so his body reacted physically. I am not defending him by any means. Clearly he needs some better coping strategies. But this child was only four weeks old. What Tiffany said was right, should have had a well visit at seven days, 14 days and one month.

PINSKY: But Tiffany, the magnitude of aggression expressed through biting off appendages, that`s over the top. To me, it makes me think of mental illness, it makes me think drugs. And by the way, it`s not that easy to fracture skull and cause hemorrhaging in the brain of a 4-week-old.

HENRY: There`s a part of me that agrees with you, Dr. Drew, but there`s another part of me that`s really sick and tired of hearing every time something happens, we blame it on mental illness. Sometimes people are just mean. Sometimes they`re just hateful. Sometimes they ain`t got proper training. There are some times where it`s mental illness and some time people need to get -- just to get shooken up. I don`t want to curse on national TV. But there are times where it`s not mental illness at all, and these people are just mean. They don`t have training. They ain`t been raised right. They don`t have the proper supports in place, and they don`t know how to handle their anger appropriately.

PINSKY: There you go. Next up, the bizarre story of a woman who stabbed her husband in church, claiming there she`s stabbing him because he was obsessed and worshipping NASCAR. We have the 911 call from the husband, I believe, after he pulled the knife out of his chest. You can find us at any time on Instagram at DrDrewHLN. We will be right back.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: God told me he wanted me in there, so I drove my car through the front doors.

NANCY GRACE, HLN: She plows her Toyota Celica through the front doors of the Providence Church, calls her husband, as soon as he arrives she stabs him in the face.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She felt her husband was worshipping the NASCAR race at Bristol.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She did love to smoke weed. She smoked a bunch of weed, and sometimes when she did, she would start seeing things.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This seems to be for better lack of words, just be talking crazy.


PINSKY: Back with Jenny, Wendy, Tiffany and Leann. We`re talking about Stephanie Hamman, who crashed her car into the church, then lied down on the altar, yes she did, and when her husband came to help her, she woke up a little bit, then stabbed him in the chest with a kitchen knife. He pulled the knife from his chest. He ran home, called 911. Here is the 911 call.


HAMMAN: I don`t know what has got into my wife. She wrecked her car into the church down here. I don`t know what`s wrong with her.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Where did she wreck that?

HAMMAN: I`ve gotten stabbed. Please, I don`t know how bad my stab wound is.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Okay. Calm down and talk to me. Where were you stabbed at?

HAMMAN: I`m stabbed in the chest, right side, high. I think it got my lung. It hurts to breathe.


PINSKY: No kidding it hurts to breathe when you have a knife in your chest. What`s that, Jenny?

HUTT: How did he not say first off, there`s a knife in my chest. How did he lead with something has gotten into my wife.

PINSKY: He doesn`t know what to say.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He`s trying to make sense of it.

PINSKY: Trying to make sense, exactly. Disorganized, does not make sense. He told police she was mad at him for quote, worshipping NASCAR. More craziness. I just wonder, Leann, do you ever want to stab your husband for watching too much NFL or anything? No?

TWEEDEN: Never. But come on, I`m from the South so I understand these people a little bit. NASCAR is like a religion down there. But for this guy to be worshipping NASCAR, in her words, poor guy. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is having a great season so far, so that`s probably why she`s mad because he`s paying more attention to the television than to her. But obviously this woman has an issue. Supposedly she crashed into a church that she said she had just found God and God was talking to her, but the church people are saying she doesn`t even belong to them. They don`t know who she is. She`s just crazy.

PINSKY: Right, she is exactly crazy, and Tiffanie, we can use mental illness in this one, right? We can go ahead and say this is either an acute psychotic episode--

HENRY: I`ll give you this one, Dr. Drew. I will give you this one.

Now the doors of the church are always open or I`ve always been told, so you don`t necessarily need to drive a car into the church. And she`s also saying that God told her to stab the husband. I remember reading in the Bible that it said thou shalt not kill. So I think she`s --

PINSKY: Tiffanie got it wrong. God told her to go lie on the altar--


PINSKY: To smoke week, right. And then the devil told her to stab the husband. The devil told her that. So hearing voices. Hyper religiosity.


HENRY: Tell me this. Which one are you going to listen to, are you going to listen to God or are you going to listen to the devil?

PINSKY: Fair enough, point well taken. Wendy, go ahead.

WALSH: We should not forget about this chronic marijuana use. The reports are that she smoked day and night and she was actually trying to wean herself off of daytime smoking of marijuana. Now, some people, it is a hallucinogen, right, Dr. Drew?

PINSKY: That`s exactly. I`m actually pulling up a Nancy Grace tweet for you guys here. Let me see if I can find it. I can`t get it. I can`t find it. Anyway, Nancy Grace -- I can`t pull it up for you. More evidence against pot. She was supposedly, high, as Wendy is saying, high all the time, claims she had a dream, God said she smoked. Yes, she should smoke more. Here is what you guys are saying. Here is the deal. There`s a possibility that she may have been -- a lot of schizophrenics if this is that, will use nicotine and cannabis to try to deal with their symptoms. So that`s a possibility. But Wendy, your point is also taken that in a very small minority of cases, it has been shown that high cannabis can precipitate a psychotic episode in somebody who is predisposed. That is what you`re referring to, correct?

WALSH: Exactly, and some people just hallucinate on pot.

PINSKY: Yes, but not like this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We don`t know if it was laced with something?

PINSKY: Who said that? Tiffanie? Could be laced? PCP, something like that, could do it, angel dust, people get wildly psychotic with it. Leeann?

TWEEDEN: Dr. Drew, I was just going to say, he`s home watching NASCAR. Obviously his wife is smoking pot all day. He must know that. If he`s not going anything to get her help, he must think it`s okay. Obviously he probably doesn`t think it`s okay now.

PINSKY: Again, she`s young and she is at an age where these major illnesses can emerge. And so it may have gone unidentified for quite some time, or she may have successfully repressed it with some of these things she was using that only ultimately make things worse, ultimately that`s the problem.

Next up, the pregnant mom who drove her van into the ocean has been trying to harm, get this, her unborn baby. She has been, it`s disgusting, but she is now in a psych ward. Should she remain there is the question. The unborn baby in danger. Back after this.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A terrifying scene.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You can see the waves start to swallow the car and pull it out to sea.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A pregnant woman and her three young children are trapped inside.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I saw a little kid in the back like waving his arms around like screaming help, help us.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The mother allegedly drove it into the ocean.

PINSKY: Two hour before she drove that car into the ocean, her own sister made this 911 call.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I need a wellness check. She`s talking about Jesus and that there`s demons in her house.

PINSKY: She had to be admitted to the hospital for a mental evaluation.

She`s pregnant with a florid psychosis. Do we need anything else?


PINSKY: Back with Jenny, Sam, Tiffanie and Taj. That woman had been transferred from jail because, guys, get this, you heard me in that little block there saying she had florid psychosis while pregnant. Now she`s beating herself in the stomach, seven months pregnant, in an attempt to terminate this pregnancy or harm the fetus. Tonight, Eboni Wilkerson is in a psych unit. Taj, your thoughts?

GEORGE: I actually can speak on this subject from experience. When I heard the story, my heart went out to this woman because she`s obviously suffering from severe depression with a case of severe postpartum depression. It`s real.

PINSKY: I`m going to interrupt you. She`s not postpartum. She`s pregnant.

GEORGE: You have to understand, she`s already had three children.

PINSKY: I understand. But by definition to be postpartum, you must be postpartum. It`s the after delivery.

GEORGE: Some women take longer to come out of it.

PINSKY: I understand, it`s by definition not postpartum. But it is a major mental illness during the pregnancy, which is destabilized by this pregnancy for sure.

GEORGE: OK, what about a major case of hormonal out of controlness? She is being attacked by her hormones right now. I understand, because after I had my son, I went through the same thing. My hormones went crazy on me. Through my whole pregnancy, I had problems with my hormones. When I came home, my son cried forever. I did not like him. He didn`t like me. I called my sister and I was like, come get him because if he stays here, one of us is going to get in trouble.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That`s a normal response.

GEORGE: Absolutely. So I think that this judge who has this woman caged in this little cell by herself, I think she`s doing this woman a major injustice, because she`s trapped away with her evil thoughts, telling her you did the right thing, do it again, do it again, do it again. That`s why she`s hitting on herself. She needs to be surrounded by people who she can see, people she can talk to. Medial attention so they can catch her outbursts. I really think they`re doing this woman a major disservice by locking her away. She needs help, she`s going through some kind of depression, a major attack of hormonal pressure.

PINSKY: Tiffanie.

HENRY: It depends on the type of treatment she`s getting in the psych ward in the jail. I`ve worked in a detention center in a psych unit, and I`ve taken people on suicide watch, taken them off. I`ve watched them on psychiatric observation 24 hours a day. That stuff can help for the right type of inmate. This lady seems to be severely mentally ill, and she kind of needs to be in a more of an in-patient setting right now to get stabilized on some medication. She needs to be seen constantly, worked with constantly, getting her on the right medications is key. And sometimes you can`t do that in jail.

PINSKY: Well, she`s not in jail. She`s in the jail psych ward.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well she might as well be in jail.

HENRY: In jail, but in the psych ward in the jail. What I`m saying is sometimes we would have to send clients --

PINSKY: To the psych hospital.

HENRY: -- out to a psych hospital to get them stabilized, and then they come back and they remain on the psych ward.

PINSKY: I got to tell you, it is exceedingly difficult to administer medication to a pregnant woman because the medication can endanger the child.


GEORGE: That`s why I believe that talking is something that she needs to be doing.

PINSKY: You have a point.



PINSKY: Go ahead, Tiffanie and then Sam.

HENRY: Talking is good when your mind is clear.

GEORGE: Right.

HENRY: When you have clients that are severely mentally ill, and floridly psychotic, as Dr. Drew said, sometimes you`re not going to -- you can`t rationally think about the conversation you`re having. Getting her stabilized on meds is key. The other thing I was going to say, Dr. Drew, is that a lot of prison systems and detention centers have psych units, but usually they`re overcrowded with males. There`s usually not a female psych component. There`s usually only a male psych unit.

PINSKY: Sam, what do you say?

SCHACHER: Well, No. 1, her defense team are arguing to put her in the psych ward or into a hospital, but out of the solitary confinement portion. They don`t believe it`s a service to her. They want her to be around mental health professionals, to be around people. But also I was reading the commentary online. And even though we`re all aware that this woman is suffering from a severe mental illness, people are hoping to see her get locked up, throw away the key. People saying she should -- it`s absolutely sad. They don`t -- there`s zero empathy for her and her mental illness and the stigma is here. How do we break that down?

PINSKY: We continue to have these conversations. We have to leave it there however for this story. We`ll have for you in just moments an update on the missing plane, some new information back after this.


PINSKY: Back with Jenny, Sam, Tiffanie and Taj. Here`s something new to think about. The question is, is it for real or is it another hoax or is it a distortion? What is this? It`s from Good Morning America`s website. Fishermen from a village say they may have seen the missing plane the night it disappeared 12 days ago. These fishermen were tuna fishing. The plane was apparently flying very low over the Gulf of Thailand. These men were tuna fishing that night, they were about ten miles out in the sea between Malaysia and Vietnam. The report said this would have been in the plane`s initial flight path, however it was extremely low and heading west, the other direction from its initial plan. So these fisherman, I`ve read this story a couple of times, I`m trying to make sense of it. It`s just being reported now. The fishermen went and reported what they saw to the police, it was so disturbing and unusual to them, particularly the height of the flight. They`ve never seen a plane flying so low. Jenny, do you make anything of this?

HUTT: No. It`s just one more piece of the puzzle that`s not fitting, Dr. Drew.

PINSKY: It`s frustrating. Taj, I haven`t heard you thoughts on this yet. What do you say?

GEORGE: I can`t imagine this being a hoax, and if it is, who do you fight first? I really don`t believe it`s a hoax. To see if anyone saw this plane and reported it and it went nowhere, the report went nowhere, I refuse to believe that.

PINSKY: Again, Tiffanie, they rush home and they report it to the police. The thing hadn`t been reported missing yet. What would have been in it for the fishermen to report that?


PINSKY: Tiffanie, go ahead.

HENRY: I think that`s a good point. I think the best thing to do now is take some steps back and see how viable the story is. I think any lead at this point is a good lead, in terms of it pushes us closer to maybe possibly finding out what must have happened. So follow up on it as best you can.

PINSKY: And Sam, I hope you`ll continue to monitor social media. Even if this sighting is accurate, it still doesn`t add to any of our understanding of exactly how this plane ended up there at a few thousand feet over the sea.

SCHACHER: Absolutely, but I can`t even wrap my head around all of these different theories. The one thing that confuses me is why are pilots allowed to even turn off the transponders in the first place? I don`t see why that would even be an option. They are, obviously.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They`re permitted to?

PINSKY: Yes, they are. I don`t know about permitted, but there`s no tamper proof sort of cover for it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They have the ability.

PINSKY: I don`t think they`re supposed to. But I don`t know. None of the aviation experts have said they should never have done that. They said it`s very strange for them to have done that.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The next time I get on the plane I`m going to ask the pilot that. When is it okay to shut down the system.



GEORGE: I did read, I think on USA Today, they said something about in both the 9/11 crash and this particular crash or accident that all of the transponders were turned off. There has to be something to that, some kind of connection. I still believe it`s foul play.

PINSKY: It does seem like it. The new information coming out tonight includes how these things have to be disabled. There`s one that has to be disabled beneath, as I understand, the cockpit. Beneath the flight deck. That goes along with a coordinated foul play, or a fire that suddenly overcame people. Go ahead, Jenny.

HUTT: Maybe somebody snuck under the belly of the plane in the cargo and started doing stuff there.

PINSKY: Yet a new theory. I am unfortunately beginning to believe -- well, who knows. Today I`m beginning to believe it`s going to be a sustained mystery. We`ll never know. But who knows, if this really was foul play, somebody could show up tomorrow and show up and say and take responsibility for it. Or perhaps if it`s something unimaginable, a plane will show up somewhere and that will keep us --


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Can you imagine if it was your family members?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I can`t imagine if that was one of my family members. I would go insane with all of these different theories.

PINSKY: I agree with you. Keep these folks in our prayers, and reminder for you guys, "Right This Minute" starts right this minute.