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Kissing Congressman Caught on Tape; Nearly Naked Girl Rampages McDonald`s; Body of Young Woman Found in Indiana Lake; Nursing Home Sued Over Male Strip Show; Biology Teacher Arrested for Sex with 14-Year-Old Student

Aired April 8, 2014 - 21:00:00   ET



DR. DREW PINSKY, HLN HOST (voice-over): Tonight, a kiss that rocked the halls of Congress and wrecked lives.

Then, a physician missing for months. Has she been found?

Plus, a naked woman tears up a McDonald`s, strippers in a nursing home, and back seat sex between a teacher and his underaged student. Let`s get started.


PINSKY: Hello, everybody, I`m joined tonight by my co-host, Jenny Hutt from Sirius XM radio. And we begin with breaking news -- the woman accused of killing her lover with a stiletto, there she is, she has now been found guilty of murder. Remember, she struck him at least 25 times in the face. The jury, Jenny, deliberated for just two hours.

JENNY HUTT, CO-HOST: That`s fast, Dr. Drew, but I`m not surprised, because she was a murder!

PINSKY: I know. She went nuts with the stiletto. I learned stilettos are dangerous, so be careful, gentlemen.

On to the first story -- this story makes me sad. A married Congressman who campaigned on family values, caught on camera making out with one of his staffers. She`s married. They knew each other. Both couples knew each other for a long time. Take a look at this.


REP. VANCE MCALLISTER (R), LOUISIANA: Hi, I`m Vance McAllister, just a regular guy running for Congress.

JOHN BERMAN, CNN ANCHOR: In Louisiana, a Republican Congressman is asking for forgiveness from his wife, his family, and his constituents.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "The Ouachita Citizen" says shows McAllister kissing a married woman on his staff.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But it wasn`t his wife that he was smooching, oh, no.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Instead, a congressional staffer.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:: "The Ouachita Citizen" doesn`t explain how they got the video, believed to have been taken inside McAllister`s office in December.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Made headlines at the president`s State of the Union address earlier this year --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: -- by inviting "Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson.

WILLIE ROBERTSON, "DUCK DYNASTY": Vote for my good buddy, Vance McAllister.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A compromising image for a southern Republican, who ran on family values.

MCALLISTER: I`m not a career politician, and I don`t want to be.


PINSKY: But you`re behaving like one. Joining us, HLN`s Lynn Berry, Segun Oduolowu, social commentator, Anahita Sedaghatfar, our defense attorney. Anahita, he`s only been in office four months, then the scandal. Should he resign?

ANAHITA SEDGHATFAR, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: No, he shouldn`t resign, Dr. Drew. This is not the first time we`ve seen this headline, OK, politicians cheat just like everybody else. It`s not like he did anything illegal here.

PINSKY: How dare you?

SEDGHATFAR: Well, it`s the truth. Because, Dr. Drew, if we were going to eliminate every single politician that committed adultery, then it would be literally ghost town in Capitol Hill. So I agree what he did was so hypocritical, it was reprehensible; he ran on this platform of family values and Christian values, but he doesn`t resign. Let his constituents make the decision as to whether or not he should stay or go.

PINSKY: Anahita, I am surprised. The president today went on about the double standards for women. Lynn, the staffer, a female, was caught; she resigned, he keeps his job. Double standard, what`s going on here?

LYNN BERRY, HLN: Well, of course, because women that cheat are considered sluts, men who cheat are considered just guys who cheat, because guys cheat, right, just like what Anahita said, they cheat.

What`s interesting is did you see this video? I mean, a Hollywood director could not have scripted this better. It is positioned perfectly, there are multiple viewpoints that they have. They could not have more of a pot of gold in their hands. The question is who was it that handed it over to the newspaper?

Here`s what`s interesting, the owner of the building says he only has eight employees. Only one other employee has access to these tapes. It was not the two of them, so the McAllister team are the only other people that have access to this video, so they believe -- the owner of the building believes it`s one of McAllister`s own that could have leaked this video.

PINKSY: Jenny, judging by the passion on display there, do you think they have footage of more explicit behavior?

HUTT: Yes, Dr. Drew, I don`t think this was just a kiss, this one kiss. There`s just no way, but I don`t think he needs to resign either. I think his wife is not going to be happy with him, her husband`s not going to be happy with her. And it`s too cliche.

PINSKY: Let me get this straight, are you guys blaming the woman, is that`s what happening here? Segun, back me up on this -- as a male, I`m really pissed at this guy, I think the ladies are taking aim at the males here.


HUTT: No way.

SEGUN ODUOLOWU, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: Well, Dr. Drew, I was reluctant to enter the conversation as the hens were cackling, but come on, you basically said all men cheat. You said all men cheat, that the women --

SEDGHATFAR: It`s a figure of speech. Not grounds to have this guy resign. How about focus on the work he`s doing in Congress and then make a decision as to whether --

PINKSY: You guys should know -- hang on, Segun, one second, our Facebook is lighting up, I`m being told, with people saying our panel is blaming the woman. So Seugn, go ahead.

ODUOLOWU: Thank you. Yes, I find it very interesting that all the women on here are saying, you know, men cheat, but the woman`s a slut and she has to resign and all this kind of stuff.

HUTT: Who called her a slut?

PINSKY: You said that`s what they`re called, you said that`s what women are called that cheat.

ODUOLOWU: Are you all forgetting what you`re saying in stages?

SEDGHATFAR: We`re not calling her a slut. We`re saying that in society, unfortunately, women are deemed sluts, but for men, it`s just like, oh, he`s just being a man. I`m not saying that`s right, but what I`m saying is that he shouldn`t resign over this. If that was the case, every politician should resign then.

ODUOLOWU: No, no, no, he should resign, Anahita, because the platform he ran on was one of family values, so he`s the biggest hypocrite.

PINSKY: Let me play you a tape. Hang on, I want to play you guys a tape, if the producers would put that type up for me, of what his campaign ads looked like, and then after that, out of this ad you`re going to see -- I want to talk about all the people these people have hurt. Look at the ad.


MCALLISTER: We have a big family breakfast every Sunday before church. Kelly does the cooking, and I do the dishes.


MCALLISTER: OK, OK, so mostly I do the eating, but it`s here in this house Kelly and I work to instill the values of faith, family, and country in our five children. You can count on me to take those values to Washington, defend our Christian way of life, protect the unborn, and be right back here every Sunday.


ODUOLOWU: Thank you, see, that`s the problem right there. That`s the problem right there.


PINSKY: Hang on.

ODUOLOWU: That`s the problem right there.

PINSKY: Everybody hold. You got to listen. Not only is it hypocritical, Segun, as you say, but it`s a direct attack on all those children you see there, as well as whatever children were involved in the other couple`s lives.

Here`s the husband`s quote. He says, quote, "I`m just freaking devastated by the whole deal, man. I loved my wife so much. I cannot believe this. I cannot freaking believe it. I feel I`m going to wake up here in a minute and this is all going to be a bad nightmare. He," the Congressman, "has wrecked my life. we`re headed for a divorce."

I`m going to leave it there. Hang on, panel, I`ve got to go to break. I have to go out. Next up, bringing up the behavioral bureau, question, should an elicit kiss necessarily mean the end of the marriage? What about those kids, couldn`t they recommit, couldn`t we find a way to heal this thing?

And later, by the way, I`m not forgiving him. And later, naked rampage at a McDonald`s. This woman showed up in a thong, she has no clothes on, and she tears the place apart -- and then stopped long enough for a little snack by the McFlurry machine. You`ll see that in a minute.

HUTT: At least she`s in a thong, Dr. Drew.

PINSKY: Back after this.



REP. JACKIE SPEIER (D), CALIFORNIA, : Regrettably this week, another one of our colleagues was discovered engaged in inappropriate action with one of his staff.

FEMALE REPORTER: Another Congressman caught canoodling with a woman who is not his wife.

MCALLISTER: There`s no doubt I`ve fallen short and I`m asking for forgiveness.

SPEIER: This is the Congress of the United States of America. This is not a frat house.


PINSKY: And I`m back with Jenny and now a behavior bureau, which includes Tiffanie Davis Henry, HLN contributor and psychotherapist, Samantha Schacher, host of "Pop Trigger" on the Young Turks Network, and Wendy Walsh, psychologist, author of "30-day Love Detox."

The kissing Congressman getting a huge reaction on our Facebook page. The woman in the video, married; her husband devastated. You heard from him in the last break. Tiffanie, he says that this marriage is headed for divorce. I`m looking at a ton of kids here, why does this have to end in divorce?

TIFFANIE DAVIS HENRY, HLN CONTRIBUTOR: Well, it doesn`t, Dr. Drew. A lot of times when I see couples and they`ve had affairs, one or both parties have had affairs, sometimes they say will the affair is the best thing to happen to our marriage in terms of it woke us up, it let us know we weren`t paying attention to certain things.

And one of the questions I always ask couples or individuals when they`ve had an affair, what was it you were getting from that outside relationship that you weren`t able to get in your marital relationship? And it`s astounding what they come up with. So who knows what the affair meant to both parties, but, obviously, the problems lie at home.

PINSKY: Wendy, I agree completely with Tiffanie, so often the affair is a symptom is something wrong in the marriage and it`s an opportunity to heal it. For god`s sakes, on behalf of those kids, make that commitment if you can`t commit to your job as a congressman without screwing around.

WENDY WALSH, PSYCHOLOGIST: Yes, Dr. Drew, you know that my brand, that`s all about love, is not so much about having hot romantic sex for couples, it`s about creating healthy nests for kids. And long-term monogamy is filled with phases and stages and people have to get through the hard times. They only sign up for it for about 18 years or so with each kid.

And I`m concerned because this is a politician. And if he doesn`t have the grit and the resiliency to get through a little monogamy, how is he going to deal with all of our problems as a populous?

PINSKY: Thank you. And Sam, Sam, for god`s sakes, this had to be so upsetting. I`m looking at, literally, who knows how many kids the other couple have, there may be ten people being harmed by this behavior. But my question to you, Sam, cameras everywhere, social media sees everything, this guy is in the public eye -- what is he thinking?

SAM SCHACHER, HOST, "POP TRIGGER": I know, Dr. Drew. In this day and age, we are always watched, especially if you`re in the public eye. Why would you even risk that when somebody always has a smart phone or there`s a surveillance camera or there`s just an intern; you almost have to always act as if somebody is watching you. But in this case, I think that they were blinded by lust, unfortunately, and that outweighed the risks and the consequences.

PINSKY: But Sam, apparently these two couples have known each other for years and years. They were close friends.

SCHACHER: They`re friends! That makes it that much more disgusting. I know.

PINSKY: It`s a quadruple violation. Professional -- my licensed pros on the team, Tiffanie and Wendy, why -- you saw the last panel. The women were subtly blaming the woman, did you pick that up? And why do you think that was happening?

HENRY: What I thought what was more interesting is the quote that you closed out with, Dr. Drew, how the husband of the mistress, or of the wife -- yes, OK, whatever -- she, her husband is saying he ruined my marriage, he wrecked my life, he`s the reason why we`re getting a divorce. My problem is, he wasn`t married to the Congressman. He`s married to this woman, and this woman made the vows to him, and this woman is the one who broke up their happy home. So get -- put the blame where it should be. Both of them cheated, but she was married to him.


PINSKY: The guy broke a bro code, but Wendy, Tiffanie`s blaming the woman, too. Do you see what I`m getting at here?

HENRY: I`m not blaming the woman!


WALSH: It takes two to tango, that`s what she`s saying.

PINSKY: What you guys are doing; it`s what you`re doing.

WALSH: There is a sexual double standard in our culture that says if women have sexual freedom and just have sex for pleasure, some how they are sluts and they`re enticing men, and yet men will be men. However, I want to point out something else, another sexual double standard that I love. The reason so many guys are being busted is because now there are so many women in media and so many in Congress, and we are now the watch dogs. Whereas back in another day, JFK could have an affair with Marilyn and the boy`s press club could go nudge, nudge, wink, wink and nobody --

PINSKY: And, Tiffanie, I hope you know, I`m having fun with you, but I think what --

HENRY: I`ve got my eye on you, Dr. Drew.

PINSKY: I know you do. I know you do. As I say, you guys always say things that scare me eventually, so thankfully you`re in Atlanta right now.

Anyway, but Jenny, what Wendy is saying is really interesting to me. I thought the same thing when we came in from the break, it`s the women that are setting Congress straight. They`re the ones going, come on, guys, let`s be professional. It`s the United States Congress.

HUTT: I agree! I agree, and I`m just going to go back to you were saying we were calling her a slut. I don`t think a woman who has an affair is any more at fault or any more wrong than the man who`s having an affair when both of them are married to other people. So I don`t think it makes a woman a quote, unquote, slut. I think it means she`s having an affair and cheating on her husband and that`s not really OK.

PINSKY: I think, well, Sam, go ahead.

SCHACHER: Dr. Drew, just going back with the fact that an affair is a symptom, obviously, of what`s going wrong with the marriage --

PINSKY: Something wrong in both marriages, both marriages.

SCHACHER: Of course. Then why can`t people, when they notice something is wrong with their marriage, go and seek help first rather than cheating? There`s so much damage that goes on.

WALSH: Come on.

SCHACHER: I`m just saying.

WALSH: If only we were that self aware.

PINSKY: We have a lot of show ahead. I see it`s so funny --


SCHACHER: Wendy, are you kidding me.

PINSKY: No, but Sam, Tiffanie, Wendy, and I are all smiling when you said that because we wish we lived in that world. People don`t really --

HENRY: I would be out of business, Dr. Drew. I would be out of business if we lived in that world.

PINSKY: Sam, think of it this way -- the affair is a symptom, and until you develop symptoms, you don`t know there`s trouble. They may not be aware of it.

SCHACHER: I don`t buy that, Dr. Drew, I don`t. I think that if you`re seeking out for something from somebody else, clearly, there is something wrong with your marriage. Why not try and fix it?

PINSKY: I agree. Well, that something wrong may be he couldn`t get his needs met and couldn`t speak up about it. And before he knows it, the behaviors ensue. But, Sam, what would you do --

HENRY: Or that he or she did speak up about it and their partner didn`t listen and receive the information.

PINSKY: That`s right. Tiffanie has a good point, he may have spoken up and not gotten a response that was adequate for him. But, Sam, would what would you do if this happened to your husband and then we`ll close?

SCHACHER: Oh my gosh, if I had kids, I would hope that I`d work it out, and he might have a black eye.


WALSH: Good girl. Good girl.

SCHACHER: Kidding!

PINSKY: Sam, I know you well enough to know it would not be his face he`d be working on.

Anyway, next, this may be the video of the year, a naked woman goes on a rampage at McDonald`s. Do you think she wanted -- look, it`s more of a Blizzard than a McFlurry here with this lady.

And later, a nursing home party with male strippers and demented elderly patients. Yes. After this.


PINSKY: Back with Jenny and the behavior bureau, which includes Sam, Wendy, and joining us, Jenni Pulos, star of Bravo`s "Flipping Out," also she`s the author of "Grin and Bear It".

A video posted to has gone viral, and when you see it, you`ll understand immediately why. We will show it to you now. It apparently shows a crazed, topless woman destroying the interior of McDonald`s restaurant. At one point, she heads on over to the soft-served ice cream machine and uses it like a faucet and turns it into a self-serve ice cream machine by sticking her head under the machine and just going at it. She just tears the place apart. Sam, what do you know?

SCHACHER: Well, maybe she`s a disgruntled employee, Dr. Drew.

PINSKY: I think it`s a little more.

SCHACHER: I know when I`ve been fired from jobs, I`ve often stripped to my underwear and thrown tantrums, too.

PINSKY: Again, further concern for the well being of your husband, should he ever transgress.

SCHACHER: Oh, my gosh, obviously, something is wrong with her, whether it is drugs or maybe she`s mentally unstable. Maybe Wendy, our clinician on the panel, knows the answer to that.

PINSKY: OK, Wendy, I would say either, as Sam said, either a drug-induced psychotic state as schizeno-form psychotic state, or a manic state. Looks kind of manic-y to me. What do you say?

WALSH: I would actually, I e-mailed that to your office today, one of those three is exactly what I said. I think, though, really, there is a chance that maybe her boyfriend is the manager there and he cheated on her, because this is what it feels like to be a wife cheated on or a girlfriend cheated on -- just referring back to the old one. But no, chemically going on here, whether it`s self-induced or something that happened organically with her.

PINSKY: Now, sort of the -- conveniently I`VE got Jenny P on this panel, who happens to be the host of a real estate show called "Flipping Out," and I thought this would be a great opportunity for Jenni to talk about somebody flipping out on this LiveLeak video we`re watching here. What do you say, Jenni?

JENNI PULOS, HOST, BRAVO`S "FLIPPING OUT": I say, honestly, Drew and panel, this is incredibly sad. I think that with so much social media and access to just posting things and immediately having things online, it breaks my heart. This is somebody`s child -- and as a new mother, I take to that. This is someone with a family. And how do we respond to those people, you know? The outcry, too, is about what the damage is after something like this happens. And, you know, I`m not loving it. And I think that it`s -- it`s so upsetting, and I am an a reality show where I`ve seen a lot of things and been humiliated by it, and how do you bounce back from that? It`s incredibly hard. Obviously, I don`t diagnose what`s going on here, but it seems incredibly sad what is going to transpire around this person that is loved.

PINSKY: Jenny H, do you have any other feelings?

HUTT: First of all, I feel really bad about myself right now, Jenni P, so thanks, because I really was focusing on the fact that she`s got a great body at least, and to me, that`s the silver lining.

PINSKY: Sam, do you know how old she is?

SCHACHER: I don`t know how old she is. I didn`t see that in the report, no. It looks like she`s in her late 20s.

PINSKY: Here`s the thing that Jenni stirs for me, Jenni P, is we`re looking at a medical problem, just like if we were looking at somebody with appendicitis or a stroke, it`s a brain misfire. It`s sad when somebody gets sick, right, Wendy?

WALSH: Right. If we were looking at video of somebody with a physical disability struggling, maybe fallen out of their wheelchair or having an epileptic seizure, we would not be laughing.

PINSKY: Same thing; it`s the same phenomenon.

WALSH: It`s again because there`s nudity involved, and in our culture and especially on the Internet, we love nothing more to see a naked woman for free. So I think it makes people make light of it, but the real problem is, you`re right, the aftermath, Jenni P, of what is going to happen in her life because of this public shaming is the thing we should be concerned about as mothers.

PULOS: Yes, and I also, I think that, you know, for the moment, why did those people not go out and help her, you know? What happened after this? Did someone go and try to --

PINSKY: What happened after, I guarantee what happened, is the cops arrived. I mean, that`s certainly what people do. They call police and in the meantime they document what`s going on. Listen, for the people that feel guilty --

SCHACHER: She was raging. But she was maybe dangerous.

PINSKY: We are lying if we don`t say, honestly, it`s funny watching people act like that, but it`s also sad. It`s sad when they get to that point where somebody`s ill that way, and that`s the point we`re making. Next up, a beautiful -- go ahead, Jenni, finish up.

PULOS: Yes, one more thing. I just want to say, I feel like we`re in a rushed judgment. We need to have empathy, need to have empathy for people. It`s very important.

PINSKY: Agree. Agree.

Next up, hang on, a beautiful young physician disappears mysteriously. The thinking is now she has been found. It is a tragic ending.

And later, what sort of teacher has sex with a 14-year-old girl in a car at the school? Back to talk about that after this.



FEMALE REPORTER: She was last heard from on December 5th. Her car was found in Indiana, but no sign of her.


IRENE PATRICK, MOTHER OF MISSING MEDICAL STUDENT, TELEKA PATRICK: It is scarier that they found the car and they did not find her.


MALE REPORTER: On the night Teleka Patrick disappeared, Sheriff Rick Fuller said she was acting strange and erratic.

FEMALE REPORTER: Just hours after she was captured on this surveillance camera, authorities found her car abandoned with a flat tire off Interstate-94 in Porter, Indiana.

MALE REPORTER: Investigators found this is not the first time she showed delusional behaviour and even disappeared.


IRENE PATRICK: We are desperate.



PINSKY: Back with Jenny, Tiffani, Segun, and Anahita. Is there something sinister behind the disappearance of this young physician, Teleka Patrick? The body of a young woman was found in an Indiana Lake this week. Teleka`s mother believes strongly this is the body of her daughter.

What she does not understand is how this happened, what ended up happening, why she is dead. Investigators are looking into videos that Teleka posted online. Apparently, they are directed at some unknown love interest. Take a look at this.


FEMALE REPORTER: Investigators are examining new YouTube videos of Teleka Patrick serenading an unidentified love interest in their search for clues in her disappearance.




FEMALE REPORTER: In the video she apparently shot herself, Teleka repeatedly referred to someone as "Love" and "Baby."





PINSKY: Now, Teleka`s family say they have no idea who she is even talking to in these videos. Tiffanie, I also looked into her past and apparently there is been concerns about her mental health. People have advised her to see people. We have really what might be very similar kind of a syndrome to the woman who is in the McDonald is, just a different manifestation.

HENRY: Yes. It is really unsettling. There was the history of delusional behaviors, and then there is also this history, there was a restraining order -- protective order filed by Pastor Marvin Sapp, who said that she had been stalking him, and that was back in September.

It does not necessarily surprise me that the family or friends do not necessarily know who she is talking to in the YouTube videos. I mean, there are a lot of people I might have dated or other people might have dated that I may have not mentioned to my parents, but I think that it is important to note that with the history, coupled with the disappearance, coupled with her car being found, and you know, her body in the lake, I think it all is very, very fishy and probably all adds together to something pretty sinister going on.

PINSKY: Jenny?

HUTT: Right. So, Dr. Drew, do not you think that some of the time when stalking happens that is because a relationship that was real did not work out and then this time I am going to say the woman, freaks out and stalks - -


HUTT: -- and so the resulting restraining order? Not always comes out of the ether, right?

PINSKY: Well, there is different kind of stalking. There is psychotic stalking where the person does not have any knowledge that eventually -- people where there is kind of a psychotic quality, they believe they have a special relationship with somebody.

In this case, it was a local pastor, as Tiffanie said, he is a well-known gospel singer, a man named Marvin Sapp. And, she apparently wrote over 400 letters to him. And, he had to get a restraining -- There he is in this video here.

Now, Segun, Anahita, you guys, always go towards the sinister. I think she, you know, this was a major psychiatric disturbance, I think she may have well killed herself or done something sort of dangerous, and had a misadventure, what do you guys say?

ODUOLOWU: Well, Dr. Drew. I let --

SEDAGHATFAR: Well, I think -- Dr. Drew, I think that this is an obvious --

ODUOLOWU: Go ahead, Anahita.

SEDAGHATFAR: Sorry. Thank you, Segun.

ODUOLOWU: Ladies, first.

SEDAGHATFAR: I was just going to say -- Thank you. That is very kind of you. Wow, Segun. No, Dr. Drew, I think this is definitely some type of undiagnosed mental illness going on. And, like you guys mentioned before, she had an ex-husband who came out and said that he left her because she refused to get mental health treatment. And, then you have this whole issue of her stalking.

And, something interesting that you did not mention, though, is that there was an individual, I think he was a bus driver on the night that she disappeared, who said that she was acting delusional, saying that she was being followed and she wanted to fall off the grid. So, you know, she was kind of ducking down even though there were no cars. So, maybe this was not something sinister. Maybe she was just trying to escape or was paranoid and jumped in --

PINSKY: Well, Anahita -- right, right, paranoid or what people do not realize that bipolar, this kind of has a manic flavor to it --


PINSKY: -- And, bipolars are more likely to kill themselves when they are manic, when they are depressed. And when thinks about depression being the time where somebody likely to kill themselves. But with bipolar disorder it is actually slightly more likely when they are manic. But, Segun, I am sure you will leave us with some sinister thing we have not thought of yet.

ODUOLOWU: Well, no -- Well Dr. Drew, the most sinister thing is unfortunately there were telltale signs, and unfortunately, in the black community, mental health is not reported enough. Her family had multiple cases of her, you know, disappearing before, things like this should have been warning bells.

And, the fact she is now, you know, missing, this could possibly be her in a lake. It feels like, you know, crying wolf and it makes me angry because it could have been prevented when she started displaying signs, you know seek mental health --


ODUOLOWU: -- And, her being a doctor herself. It is just so sad.

SEDAGHATFAR: Yes, even in her job. Yes. Even in her job, Dr. Drew. I mean --

PINSKY: That is the point. I do not understand why her employer did not report it. That is right, psychiatric resident.

SEDAGHATFAR: Psychiatric hospital. Are they able to hide their illness in some ways?

PINSKY: People can hide stuff. Listen, she may have been referred for treatment. We do not know exactly. But, yes, she is a psychiatric resident. They should have been able to detect it --

ODUOLOWU: It could have been prevented.

PINSKY: -- And, just because she is a psychiatric resident, does not mean she cannot get psychiatric illness. It is literally like saying if you were an oncologist you could not get cancer. Yes, doctors get sick.

And, Segun, your point is very well taken. I think it is people, the community accepting and trusting the care, even though she was a physician, the people she worked amongst, maybe she had trouble even trusting their care. It is very interesting. Thank you, panel.

Next up, what were young male strippers doing in a nursing home? Look at that, that is an old lady that he is addressing there. And, maybe Jenny we will talk about that, maybe you can start -- we will figure it out. And, later, cops say this man admitted having sex with a ninth grade student at a Christian school. We will get back to that after this.


PINSKY: back with Jenny Hutt, Tiffanie, Jenni Pulos and joining us Leeann Tweeden, social commentator. Now, the story at hand is a nursing home being sued because of this, a male strip show.

An 85-year-old Bernice Youngblood was photographed slipping dollar bills into the underwear of that man, you see her there. Allegedly, that man hired by the nursing home staff. Her son found the picture during a visit. He calls the incident vile, but a nurse reportedly referred to it as, quote, "An entertainment event done in good faith," unquote. Leeann, what say you?

LEEANN TWEEDEN, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: You know, I have to feel for the family here. If I had somebody in a nursing home, I would at least expect a phone call. Now, look, she probably has not had that kind of excitement in 30 years, I get it, let is not be too prudish.

But, I mean a phone call to the family instead of her son finding it. I mean he did take it offensively and he did say she was a health care worker. He is saying, the son said, that she found it disturbing to herself because it was not really what she wanted to do. She did have dementia. So, I do not know how lucid she really is.

PINSKY: All right. So, I see Jenny Hutt and Leeann are reserving beds at this nursing home, should that day ever come for them. I see a smile on Tiffanie`s face. What say you?

HENRY: No. Dr. Drew -- Well, I think that sometimes we forget, you know, with aging, with illnesses, people who think that once you get a certain age, your sex drive is supposed to plummet, and that is not necessarily the case. If grandma was consenting, if she wanted to be there, if she wanted to tip for the strip, I do not have a problem with it.


PINSKY: Tiffanie, is this --

HENRY: If he was made to be there --

PINSKY: -- hang on. If we are judging this, are we being prejudicial against age? Is this ages by saying, "They should not have strippers. Who are they to have strippers, they are old people?"

HENRY: I mean -- it looks like from the pictures, it looks like she is voluntarily putting the dollar bill in his tighty whiteys. Now, if someone was making her do that or forced her to be there, then yes, I have a problem with that --

PINSKY: All right. OK.

HENRY: -- but if she is having a good time, you know what? Tip for the strip, grandma. Tip for the strip.

PINSKY: Jenni Pulos, your opinion?

PULOS: In the `50s we could not say the word "Pregnant" on television, right, and this last week I just had my baby. So, I am not saying it has not changed. And, again, I do agree, I guess, if they are enjoying it. But, I think this could give grandma a heart attack. I do not know.

PINSKY: What a way to go, though. Jenny Hutt, how about that? Jenny Hutt, what say you?

HUTT: Wait, here is what I love about this. I love that the son found the picture, because you know that mother at one point found some kind of picture like that or something on a screen somewhere from her son. It is like the tables are turned, Dr. Drew.

PINSKY: All right. Here is the problem, here is the problem. We are having fun with this, but here is the problem. This woman had dementia. She may not be able to render consent. There are a lots of people in nursing homes that are incapacitated. They are not in the position -- they do not have power of attorney over their own body or health care.

It is the family that has that and the family -- hang on, the family has to be consented in those situations. So on the phone, I have Vess Mitev. He is the attorney for the Youngblood family, the woman who we have seen in the pictures is Ms. Youngblood. So, Vess, what is the most upsetting feature of what happened here for the family?

VESS MITEV, YOUNGBLOOD FAMILY ATTORNEY: Well, doctor, the most upsetting thing is that this lady was an 85-year-old woman who spent her entire life helping other people. She was a home health care worker. And, they put her in the nursing home and they had a right to expect that her dignity would be upheld, and it was not. And we can be as flip and glib as we want about it, but this lady, she is in a wheelchair. She did not have the capacity, the physical capacity, doctor, to ward off these advances.

PINSKY: What about -- in a nursing home, I have never seen them so much as grab a Kleenex without consulting with a power of attorney.

MITEV: Correct.

PINSKY: What was that all about?

HUTT: Where were the workers?

PINSKY: What happened was, doctor, they were doing this for their own amusement. They were treating these people, including Bernice, basically like puppets. That is what happened here. That is why it is not so funny. It is just not.

Because, if it was my mother or your mother, we would not want this and certainly, we would not want this being swept under the rug and only find it when the son happened to reach inside a drawer and found this picture.

PINSKY: And, what is the defense the nursing home is providing?

MITEV: They are saying this was an activity that was voted on by members of an advisory counsel made up by members of the nursing home, which is as absurd and illogical as it sounds. Because, you know, these people, who knows what ailments they suffered in.

They do not have access to a phone. They could not just call up a stripper. It just does not make any sense. The nursing home is own attorney said, well, we would not let anybody in that was not a good activity for our residents. It just makes no sense. Strippers in a nursing home, we cannot have that. We just cannot.

PINSKY: Leeann, did you have a question here? I see you leaning in.

TWEEDEN: Well, you know, I read what you guys were trying to bring to court against the nursing home. You said -- you say she could have been in grave physical danger. How so, what is that defense?

MITEV: Well, she could have been. For all we know, she was, the hulking muscular man thrusting in her face. I mean this woman, if you would seen her, she is small. She is frail. She is 85 years old, and again, she is in a wheelchair. She is completely incapable of consent.

So, assault as the legal definition is, is being placed in imminent physical harm of an offensive bodily conduct. And, as she told the press today, she did not want this. She felt terrible. She felt threatened. She felt she was about to be harassed. That is exactly what assault is.

PINSKY: Tiffanie, question?

HENRY: Well, at this point, I know that she feels -- she felt she was threatened. She feels ashamed. She feels embarrassed. Could part of that be we are talking about her in this case on a national level? Because I would imagine as an 85-year-old woman, I would be mortified that this type of thing, if I was that person, would be --

PINSKY: Her dementia is pretty significant. She has had cerebral vascular events -- that is the whole point here is that she is not in a condition to render consent for something like this, is it not, Vess?

MITEV: That is exactly right, and that is why elder abuse is a felony in New York. It was called Kathy`s Law. It was enacted in 2011. It is meant to prevent exactly such types of perverse abuses and that is what we are really talking about here, doctor.

It is not this -- As I said, flip and glib and fun bachelorette parties. It is being a puppet for somebody else is amusement, and if you had seen this woman, your heart would literally break. She is as frail and as fragile as you get, and the only thing that is strong about her still is her spirit at 85.

PINSKY: OK, we will leave it there. Thank you for joining us, Mr. Mitev, and we will follow this story. Next up, we have another disturbing story, a biology teacher under arrest for having sex in a car with a 14-year-old student. Reminder, you can find us any time on Instagram @dr.drewhln, back after this.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE SPEAKER: Mr. Beasley? Accused of having sex with a 14- year-old girl, a student.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: He is known as Mr. Beasley, the high school biology teacher here at Zion Lutheran Christian School. Investigators say Beasley was caught in the act by a lighthouse point police officer with a 14-year-old girl.

According to the police report, Beasley said the two have had sex numerous times since Valentine`s Day in his car and his apartment. He also said the two kissed on several occasions at the school. Police say he admitted he was the teen`s teacher.


PINSKY: Back with Jenny, Segun, Leeann, and Sam. Mr. Beasley, A 24-year- old biology teacher at a Christian school. Police say they caught him with a 14-year-old girl. His student, in the back seat of a car, and then when cops showed up, she was naked from the waist down, and he rushed to get dressed. Sam, anything else we know here?

SCHACHER: Yes. He admitted to investigators that he was performing oral sex on the girl and likely just heard they have been in a relationship since Valentine`s Day.


SCHACHER: And, Dr. Drew, they also searched his cell phone. They found video of him masturbating, as well as a picture of his penis, which he sexted to the girl. And, he has been charged with nine counts of sexual battery by custodian. He has been released from jail on $92,000 bail and he has been fired, thank God.

PINSKY: Segun, your thoughts as a teacher. It is got to break your heart.

ODUOLOWU: Well, as a teacher, Dr. Drew, it does, as a man, even further. I mean how can you prey on a 14 year old? This Judas at a Christian school no less, to take a girl in the back seat of a car, to sext her, to admit to having sex. But, what bothers me the most is that he said we had a relationship.


ODUOLOWU: She is not old enough to understand --

PINSKY: I know, that is so sick. It is so sick! So sick!

ODUOLOWU: Crucify him. He should be crucified. If there was any justice, he would be crucified.

PINSKY: Leeann, what say you?

TWEEDEN: You know? -- hopefully, one day, if my husband and I have a daughter, I would -- I do not know what I would do, but I might kill a guy if he did something like that to my daughter.

SCHACHER: He is a freak.

ODUOLOWU: He should be killed!

TWEEDENT: Gets my goat, to think you are sending your child to a private Christian school, right? Right here, I have got the Zion sheet. You are paying over $10,000 a year to educate your child in high school. Not to be raped by a teacher. And, I am sure that 14 year old, I have even heard on social media today people talking about oh, young girls are dressing more provocative today. I do not care.

PINSKY: Please! Blaming the girls. Here we go again! Started this show blaming the women, now we are ending blaming the women again.

ODUOLOWU: Wait. Dr. Drew, can you say that again. She was raped. There was no relationship. She was absolutely raped.

PINSKY: She has not rendered consent. This was not a relationship, the teacher is very sick, but he should have gotten help before he harmed another person.

TWEEDEN: Can you look at that before and after picture.

PINSKY: Chemical castration. I have to read the statement from the headmaster of the school. It says, "Our primary concern is always the psychological and physical safety of our students." Next up, I have parents -- a parent with us angry with the teacher and others, of course, are furious with the teacher. As I said, one mom is here. We will talk to her after the break.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE SPEAKER: It is kind of traumatizing, but you hear that kind of stuff every day. Hopefully, hopefully, he is innocent.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE SPEAKER: I feel like I could trust to bring my grandson here. Now I will be more cautious, I think.


PINSKY: Back with Jenny, Segun, Leeann and Sam. Joining us exclusively is Ms. Wells. She has children at the school. Ms. Wells, what did you think when you first heard this, and what are other parents saying?

MISS WELLS, A PARENT OF STUDENT AT ZION LUTHERAN CHRISTIAN SCHOOL: Very upset. Very upset. I was very upset. Reason being for me, number one being upset, is that I was never contacted, never received an e-mail, never received a phone call. Never still today, as today`s date, I am still not contacted.

They spoke to my children and have not spoke to me. I am a person that was molested. I was that child. So, you know, and I have a problem with an adult speaking to my child before I can speak to my child. What if it was my child? I do not know --

PINSKY: This must be -- this must be incredibly re-traumatizing to you. You must have difficulty sending your child into that school. It must feel awful all day long.

WELLS: Yes, yes, yes. Yes.

ODUOLOWU: Ms. Wells, if I may ask you a question, or actually, not even a question. If I may say, as quickly as you can, remove your kids from that school, because it feels like it is a cover-up. You are right, you should have been contacted. Not only is the teacher treating the children bad, but that administration would bring the kids into a room and talk to them without parents` consent, I cannot have kids there. You should not have your kids there.

PINSKY: Segun, we have not independently confirmed claims. So, please -- Yes, I can understand that she would have very, very strong feelings about this. What are other parents saying, Ms. Wells?

WELLS: They were not contacted. I have e-mails that I have reached out to other parents just to ask that question, was they contacted, and I actually told the parents they need to speak to their children, because their children was spoken to before they can even speak to their children.

PINSKY: Anyone else on the panel have a question for Ms. Wells? Sam, go ahead.

SCHACHER: Yes. Ms. Wells, have there been other incidents at this school?

WELLS: Yes, there has been other incidents at the school. You can look it up, actually. You can look it up, Zion Lutheran. You can look it up.


ODUOLOWU: Run, Mrs. Wells, run.


WELLS: You know, it is funny to me, because it is a Christian school, and I need to know why the door was opened. If we are in prayer, you know, you are calling us at home at 6:00 p.m. for us to pray over the phone and hitting every parent at one time, why did not you call me with the same voice message to tell me that it was a teacher having sex with a child? Remember, this is a child.

SCHACHER: Yes, exactly.

PINSKY: And, by the way, Facebook and Twitter is blowing up about you guys talking about or blaming women or anybody blaming women or young girls for these --

ODUOLOWU: It is appalling.

PINSKY: -- these incredibly unfortunate events. Leeann, you got like 20 seconds.

TWEEDEN: Ms. Wells, I just read that you had heard another parent had taken their kids out last year because they had heard that another teacher had been having sex with a student. Were you able to research that at all or did you go to the school?

WELLS: I have proof of this, and only reason why my kids are still in the school, because I cannot get my money back.

PINSKY: Ms. Wells, I thank you, my dear. Thank you for joining us. "Forensic Files" is next. Family ties is the program. Skin cells revealed the identity of an ex-murderer. "Forensic Files" starts right now.