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Teacher-Student Underage Sex Scandal; 16-Year-Old Survives Flight in Wheel Well; Man Shoots Wife of 56 Years for Nagging; The Lindsay Lohan`s Bombshell; Judge Rants at Convicted Criminal

Aired April 21, 2014 - 21:00   ET



DR. DREW PINSKY, HLN HOST (voice-over): Tonight, teacher/student sex, secret tryst in the back of her truck. She says they`re in love. Cops say she`s a predator. Our behavior bureau is on the case.

Plus, did a father kill his own child so he could focus on video games?

And a husband kills his wife of 56 years because she nagged him.

Let`s get started.



LAUREN LAKE, GUEST HOST: Good evening. I`m Lauren Lake from "Paternity Court", sitting in for Dr. Drew tonight. Samantha Schacher joins me.

Now, coming up, the Lindsay Lohan bombshell that Twitter is still talking about. A miscarriage. But who was the father? You`ll hear from Lindsay`s mom.

But, first, a Florida teacher is in a ton of trouble tonight after police say she had sex with her underage student as many as 30 times. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ms. Fichter, you`re supposed to report to pretrial services by 8:30 a.m., the morning following your release.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Fichter is charged with having a sexual relationship with her students that ended in a pregnancy and abortion. The victim is 17-year-old Florida Aerospace Academy student. Investigators believe their encounters happened as many as 30 times.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The arrest affidavit says the relationship started last November. The report details numerous sexual encounters that she had in a teacher`s truck. Police said the boy`s mother found text messages her son and teacher sent to each other.


LAKE: We should mention the teacher`s lawyer, a private attorney, told us no comment. What else do you think he`d say?

Now, joining us, Mike Eiglarsh, attorney at, Michelle Fields, correspondent for PJ Media, and Loni Coombs, former prosecutor and author of "You`re Perfect and Other Lies Parents Tell."

Welcome, panel.

Now, Sam, tell us, this isn`t the only alleged victim this woman has had.

SAMANTHA SCHACHER, CO-HOST: Nope, nope, no, Lauren. Back in 2012, a mother found Facebook messages with her son and the teacher. She alerted the sheriff. The sheriff then investigated the matter and found no sexual or physical misconduct so there was no charges.

Meanwhile -- I have her court documents right here. Meanwhile, in 2008, she resigned from a school after getting suspended for her inappropriate involvement with another --

LAKE: In 2008?

SCHACHER: In 2008, different school, different district. And get this, she told one of the teachers she had feelings for the student. This student was an eighth grader. She also insinuated to another student, another eighth grader she wanted to have sex with this eighth grader then that one teacher where she --

LAKE: What?

SCHACHER: I know. One teacher who she could or confided in she had feelings for the student , she said she had a dream object the kid. The teacher asked her about, and, quote, she said, "Oh my goodness, it was a good dream."

LAKE: Well, wait a minute, is that what`s going on in the teacher`s lounge? I`m sorry. This is a problem.

Mark, I`ve got to ask you. You have the tough task to defend her and your state. What say, counselor?

MARK EIGLARSH, ATTORNEY: Well, all right. Well, first of all, she`s facing seven separate counts, each of one of them is second degree felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison. I do the math. She`s facing 105 years in prison.

A good place to start is, she doesn`t deserve 105 years in prison. No matter what time she gets, she`s looking at being convicted --

LAKE: What does she deserve? What does she deserve, Mark?

EIGLARSH: What does she deserve? Your compassion, your open mindedness.

LAKE: Compassion?


LAKE: Hold on. Loni, wait.

EIGLARSH: You asked me to defend her. Hold on one second here. She`s going to be a registered sex offender for the rest of her life. She`ll be a convicted felon.



LAKE: Wait a minute. Loni, I want you to jump in on this. Loni, the cops say she had no regrets about her affair with a 17-year-old, only about having an abortion. Now, weigh in on that.

COOMBS: Right. I`ll tell you, Lauren, unless she`s put away for a long time, she will continue to target these children.

She is a sexual predator. She goes from one child to another. She thinks she`s one of the kids. She`s one of the students.

She`s telling everybody about fantasies she`s having. She has no understanding of how inappropriate and sick and unhealthy this is. When this victim, the latest victim`s mother found out about this, she called this woman and she said, I want to tell you all about it. She tells the victim`s mother and says, "I`m in love with your son. I want to be with your son."


LAKE: This is disgusting.

COOMBS: That`s exactly right. She needs to be put away.

LAKE: OK. We got a statement from the school where the most recent cases of alleged abuse took place. Now, look at this. She`s been suspended, wait for it, with pay.


LAKE: Michelle, your thoughts?

MICHELLE FIELDS, PJ MEDIA: We`re basically rewarding her for being a pedophile. I mean, this woman needs to have her teaching license taken away and needs to be thrown in the slammer. What bothers me, though, why didn`t the other, the middle school where the first incident happened in 2008, why didn`t that school go to authorities about this woman?

They have a legal obligation in 30 days to go to the Department of Education and tell them about this situation. And they never did that. They never did that.

EIGLARSH: Can I ask all of you something? Can I ask everybody here something?

OK. Obviously, as a fake defense lawyer, I wouldn`t minimize her actions. They`re abhorrent. She admitted to it.

But here`s the question, does it bother you more that he`s 17. If he was 18, it would be legal, number one. Or does it bother you more she`s someone in authority? She`s a teacher. What bother you the most? And why --


COOMBS: Both, for me it`s both. The fact she`d been doing the same thing with an eighth grader shows me she preys on whatever children she has access to. She has no age boundary, it doesn`t matter that he`s 17.

EIGLARSH: Let`s get her some treatment.

COOMBS: She needs treatment. Well, she needs treatment. She also needs to be held away from these children. She`s not going to be able to stop herself.

LAKE: Exactly, and while she`s getting treatment, she doesn`t need to be getting paid.

SCHACHER: No, exactly. Take away her pay, please.

LAKE: So, going forward, I mean, you know, let`s really think about this. Mark brought up a good point. What do you think this is? Female on male, do you feel like that plays a role? That it`s a female to a male instead of male to female?

SCHACHER: Well, there`s a double standard.

LAKE: You think so?

SCHACHER: Absolutely. Just read the comment section underneath any article that is commenting on this, any media outlet and you will see people who comment on her looks, you will see people say, I wish I was a student like that and had a hot teacher have sex with me. It`s absolutely disgusting the double standard.

LAKE: Wow, I`ve got to read some of these tweets.


LAKE: Look, coming up next, older female teachers, younger male students. This is what we`re talking about. Why are there more and more cases like this?

The behavior bureau is here.

And later, stowaway survival. How did a teenager make it across the ocean trapped under a plane at 30,000 feet?

Back after this.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Fichter was under investigation in 2012, after a mom contacted the sheriffs office after saying she found inappropriate Facebook messages between the teacher and her son. The boy`s father says the communication between Fichter and his son was just wrong. An investigation that they conducted back in 2012 found no evidence of sexual or physical misconduct. So, no charges were ever filed.


LAKE: I`m Lauren Lake, sitting in for Dr. Drew tonight.

Back with Samantha Schacher. We`re talking about that 29-year-old female teacher accused of having sex -- lots of it, I might add -- with three, maybe more boys.

Sam, we`ve been getting a lot of tweets about this. What are you hearing?

SCHACHER: A lot of action, in fact. We just talked about the whole double standard, right? Let me read a tweet from Harry Doyle. He tweets, "Chill out, panel, she needs medical help, not jail, the kid`s 17, not a victim. He`s a hero."

LAKE: What? OK.

SCHACHER: There`s a lot those tweets, Lauren. This isn`t -- this isn`t the only one. Let me just say that.

LAKE: I got to bring in the behavior bureau.

Now, Erica America is here, psychotherapist and Z100 radio personality. Dr. Judy Ho, clinical psychologist and Tiffanie Davis Henry, psychotherapist and HLN contributor.

Welcome, ladies.

Now, don`t forget, if you want to join the conversation, you can tweet us right now @DrDrewHLN, #behaviorbureau.

So, police describe this woman as fitting the classic mold of a predator.

Judy, tell me your thoughts.

JUDY HO, PSYCHOLOGIST: Well, the problem is there really is no mold of a classic predator, but there are some common characteristic. And what we see oftentimes is somebody who is quite lonely in their own social life and also somebody who actually is very, very nice and easy to get to know, and seems like they really, really care about these children and teens that they work with.

Otherwise, how would they get close to them? What you said earlier, Sam, about the tweet you read, and how that is the idea against female sex predators, that just drive me crazy because it`s exactly that feeling, that idea that people think, hey, what are these boys complaining about? They`re a hero. They get to sleep with a hot teacher.

That is not OK. They should be punished in the same exact way as male sex predators and they are causing as much harm to their victims as much as male sex predators are causing.

LAKE: Well, you know what? I agree with that.

Let`s take a look at some of the female teachers caught in the act with underage boy. Like Debra Lafave. Remember her? Her lawyer said she was too pretty to be behind bars.

And remember Mary Kay Letourneau? She was very public about her affair.

Now, Erica, we talked about this earlier, but is this female on male abuse thought of as less violent in some ways? I mean people say he`s a hero.


ERICA AMERICA, Z100: Yes, they definitely think it is. I agree with Judy. I think it`s just as bad and a form of pedophilia with this particular case.

But the reason is that a number of things. Usually there`s no physical restraint. Many times the person is willing like the 17-year-old. But you have to remember that there`s long-term and short-term effects of sexual abuse, no matter if the victim is willing or not.

So, a lot of times teenager brain are not developed fully and they are not at a position to make decisions about sexual relationships at that age. So, they`re being taken advantage of in a number of ways and this is really serious. Especially with someone who`s had -- been a multiple offender with a 13-year-old.

So, I think also the kid`s 17, people are like, eh. But she`ll go down as far as 13. She can`t control herself.

So, not only does she need jail time but needs serious treatment or she`s going to do it again.

LAKE: What`s so scary, how many of us have been in school as a young kid and have a crush on your teacher? You don`t expect it to go anywhere. It`s an innocent crush. This is scary.

Now, Tiffanie, I have to ask you, do we need a better system with the schools? How can we better profile these types of predators? This is scary.

TIFFANIE DAVIS HENRY, HLN CONTRIBUTOR: Yes, I think we need two things. We need a better system at school, and we need better system at home.

First of all, with the schools, I think there should be some kind of mechanism, some kind of control in place, if a teacher has an allegation like this and move from school to school to school, that record should follow them and be followed up on, and these teachers should have an open record where anybody can go in and look and see what my child`s teacher has a history of, what are the complaints?

And at home, I give kudos to this mom, because she was very diligent about going through her son`s phone, looking at his text messages, looking at account, and that`s how she figured out this teacher was a person who had all these aliases and invited this teacher to her home. Come talk to me. I`m surprised she got out of that house alive, is what I`m surprised.

LAKE: Judy, you have something to add, Judy? Do you have something to add?

HO: Yes, I did, Lauren, because you know what? Psychologists don`t have to test teacher. There`s no mandatory testing of teacher because they just assume these people want to work with kids who must have the best intentions.

And guess what? This is an example when they`re not and this happens all the time. The other point that I wanted to make is, you know, when you said this person is too pretty to go to jail, you know what? That happens all the time. People who are cute, who are attractive, get lighter sentence. It`s been proven over and over again.

LAKE: Unfortunately, I know you`re telling the truth. I`ve been in the courtroom for year. You`re right. Pretty often wins.

Now, next, dad`s got a crying baby and wants to keep playing his video games, so police say he killed the child. This is ridiculous.

And later, the Lindsay Lohan bombshell that blew up Twitter. Now a miscarriage she`s talking about shortly after rehab. We`ll hear from her mom, Dina, after this.


LAKE: I`m Lauren Lake, sitting in for Dr. Drew tonight, joined by Samantha Schacher.

Cops say a 24-year-old father has confessed to killing his infant son. His crying baby was apparently preventing him from playing video games. Yes, I said video games.

Sam, give us the detail.

SCHACHER: This story is nauseating and infuriating, Lauren.

So, yes, this father, and I use this term very loosely, in quotes, this father was playing video games and his baby was crying. That`s what 1- year-old babies do.

So, he took his hand, and he places his hands over the child`s mouth and nose for three to four minutes he told investigators. Then he moved the child to the crib and placed blankets on the child`s face and body preventing the child from breathing, then he goes in and continue to play video game. He watches three episodes of the TV series "Fringe" and checks opt baby five hours later, surprise, surprise, the child is blue and unresponsive.

My question to you, Lauren, is he under charged?

LAKE: This is awful.

SCHACHER: Third-degree murder is his charge. Why is it not first-degree murder?

LAKE: Well, look, I`m sure they`re looking at whether or not there was an intention to kill, whether it was premeditated. But the problem is, this is so disgusting.

Let me bring my behavior bureau in as well. I`m about to go off.

SCHACHER: Please do.

LAKE: OK. Erica, Judy, and Tiffanie. You see me. I`m about to go off.

HENRY: And you should go off.

SCHACHER: Infuriating.

LAKE: Look, Erica, he held his hand over the child`s mouth for three to four minutes suffocating the baby. What in the world? Video games?

AMERICA: We talk about a lot of disturbing stories on Dr. Drew on HLN. But this is particularly heinous.

I mean, I want to believe this guy was so insanely intoxicated or intellectually challenged that he could do such a horrible thing. But you know what? I don`t think it`s any of them. And nothing less than first- degree murder is appropriate for this case.

You guys agree me?

SCHACHER: I agree.

AMERICA: I think this is absolutely horrible. If there were aliens and they looked down on humans and said that humans were horrible, he would be the example of that, like this is insane.

LAKE: Now, Tiffanie, look, what do you think? Do you think he meant to kill the baby or do you think it was an accident?

HENRY: Well, I think he`s definitely not the brightest candle on the cake because what you know if you put your hand over the baby`s mouth and nose and then if you put blankets over the baby, not only putting blankets under the baby but he tucks them underneath the baby, so the baby couldn`t move, so that the baby couldn`t claw her way out.

There was no way for this baby to breathe. So common sense tells us that this baby would not have been able to breathe. So, at the very least, he is not -- his chronological age is 24, but his mental age I`m sure of it --

LAKE: Jump in, Judy. Jump in. I see you waving your hand. Jump in.

HO: Thanks, Lauren.

You know what? This is really a despicable act. At the same time, it`s not an uncommon act. I don`t know if you guys knew, but on Thursday when the news broke, that`s when it happened here. In Korea, the same exact thing was happening with a father there. He killed his infant son so he could go to an Internet cafe and play video games. He even handcuffed (ph) his son and put him in a thrash bag and carried him out without the trash.

OK. And do we forget the 2009 case where a couple was playing an online video game raising a virtual baby and let their baby die, their actual baby die as they were raising their virtual baby on this online game?

So, this is unfortunately not uncommon anymore and this is an addiction. It`s been talked about among psychologists.

Gaming addiction is a real thing. And we cannot wait for more of these things to happen to dedicate more work and treatment.

LAKE: That`s interesting.

Erica, jump in.

AMERICA: Yes, I just want to say I know we`ve brought this up before and it`s an impossible thing to even discuss. But should there be some test to become a parent? Should someone who has rape convictions or was a video game addict, all sorts of things?


LAKE: Preach, honey. They can come to maternity court and administer that test.

SCHACHER: You`re absolutely right, Erica. He has a criminal history of rape and trespassing. So, why was he allowed custody in the first place? And where is the mother?

HO: That`s right. The mother wasn`t even there.

HENRY: Well, that`s an interesting question. That`s an interesting question because in the report we read, the mom actually told police at the same time the father admitted to doing all this they put the baby in the crib at 7:00 and the baby was alive. But after the guy got to the -- after the father got to the police station, that`s when he started to reveal, oh, yes, we were playing video games.

So, actually, the mother actually lied at first saying she was there. I don`t believe she was. Anybody can be a father. But not everybody should be trying to be alone with a child especially when you got video games and other things on your mind.

LAKE: Very quickly, Judy.

HO: Remember the timetable, too. This happened around 1:00 a.m. where he stayed up all night playing video games and watching TV. So, again, this is like an addictive pattern. Not even sleeping it`s so addictive.

SCHACHER: Well, he`s evil, too. I mean --


LAKE: Why in the world do you have to put the blanket over the child? This doesn`t make sense. And then five hours later? I`m the mother of a 3-year-old. I still check on my baby when he`s napping every 30 to 45 minute to make sure they`re sleeping right, or what? This is just disgusting.

All right. Next, a teenage runaway hops on a plane without a ticket -- get this, or a seat. How did he survive in the wheel well?

And later, an elderly woman shot dead. Her husband says it was her nagging that made him do it. You`ll hear from the man`s granddaughter exclusively.

Back after this.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A 16-year-old boy managed to smuggle himself into the wheel well of a jetliner.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And a teenager accused of sneaking out to a tarmac riding in the landing gear for five hours.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And flew multiple hours from San Jose, California, all the way to Maui.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How that young boy was able to survive at a high altitude for a long period of time. He was able to survive the trip halfway across the Pacific Ocean.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Because of the altitude, you have minus 40 degrees C, around minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And being 38,000 feet up in the air.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Very limited oxygen. He passed out and that, in fact, may have saved his life.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ground crews in Maui found him wandering on the tarmac dazed and confused.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Anyone climbing up into it that isn`t familiar with it, who isn`t an engineer, as a stowaway, could be putting their hand on a hydraulic line or electric.


LAKE: Welcome back, I`m Lauren Lake sitting in for Dr. Drew tonight. I`m here with Samantha Schacher. Now we`re talking about a 16-year-old who caught a flight from California to Hawaii by hiding under the landing gear. Now, look, here`s how we think he got on the plane. OK. You ready for this?

SCHACHER: Animation (ph) again.

LAKE: A real good one. Right? Jumps the fence. Sneaks into the plane`s wheel well. You see him climbing in. Flies all the way to Hawaii, five hours, and is alive when the plane lands. But this is the best part. Guess what he had on him?


LAKE: A hair brush.



LAKE: That`s all he had on him?

SCHACHER: No wallet. Nothing else. No ID, no money, no passport -- a hairbrush?

LAKE: When I land in Hawaii, child, I got to make sure my hair is laid (ph), because I know the cameras are going to be -- what was he thinking? Now you got to look at this. Now on "AC360", Gary Tuchman, he re-enacted this. So you`ve got to see this part.

SCHACHER: Oh this is better than our animation, for sure.

LAKE: Thank God for Gary. OK, Gary is going up.

SCHACHER: He`s struggling. Looks like it`s more difficult than I would imagine. Earlier I said that people were reporting that it`s not too difficult.

LAKE: So I`m a little nerve because when I`m on the plane, it`s all sorts of people waving things all around. Why can`t anybody see him doing this?

SCHACHER: Right. You definitely security breach. That`s for sure. And look at all of the technology in there, all of the equipment in there. If you tamper with that, that can definitely jeopardize the flight of the plane. It could go down.

LAKE: I mean, how can you even think you need to be up in there? Was it a suicide? I mean, was he going to die if he died and lived if he lived? What would you even -- what would possess you get inside a cavity like that?

SCHACHER: Right, it`s insane, it`s insane.

LAKE: That`s a miracle.

SCHACHER: I can`t imagine.

LAKE: OK, I got to bring back in, too, bring back my legal panel, Mark, Michelle, Loni and we have on the phone CNN correspondent Dan Simon. Dan, I have to ask you first, I want to know the latest on this, because this sounds insane when we`re just talking about it. What would possess this child -- OK, you run away from home, how about a friend`s house? How about a neighbor?

DAN SIMON, CNN CORRESPONDENT (via telephone): It`s a great question. What he told the FBI is that he got into some kind of an argument with his family and, I don`t know, then just wandered to the airport. It`s pretty incredible on a few different levels, what you have here. You have the security issue with the boy hopping a fence at the airport and that raises a whole host of security concerns. If a kid could do it, then a terrorist could do it and could conceivably put a bomb in the wheel well.

SCHACHER: Right. How did he survive, though?

SIMON: Well, you talk to medical experts and nobody can give you a definitive reason, but this is a little scientific, but one medical expert we spoke with says what probably happened is that his body temperature dropped to the point where he didn`t need much oxygen, almost like a bear in hibernation is the analogy they gave.

SCHACHER: What? What?

SIMON: So he was unconscious during the flight. We know that. And what`s also incredible is the plane lands and he`s still unconscious for approximately an hour. And at a certain point he just sort of woke up and climbed out of the wheel well. That`s when he was confronted, of course.

LAKE: This is incredible. Michelle, go ahead. I see you waving your hand. Jump in.

FIELDS: I`ve got a question. When I heard this story, and I think when a lot of people read this story, their initial reaction was "I don`t believe this." Are the authorities showing any skepticism to his story? Or are they just buying it, they`re saying that`s absolutely true?

LAKE: That`s a great question. That`s a great question. Dan, are people saying this is impossible, unbelievable?

SIMON: The FBI says it happened. And they`re basing that on two things. One, on the credibility of the kid. They interrogated him, essentially, and they say he`s credible. But number two, they apparently have video surveillance of him at the San Jose airport hopping over this fence.

LAKE: Wow. Wait, Mark, I want you to jump in here. Because what does this say about security at the airport? What do you think about this?

EIGLARSH: Well, here`s what I think on a personal level, OK? When I travel, they make me throw away from my personal carry-on my expensive hair products because it`s an ounce or so over what they deem as safe.

LAKE: Right.

EIGLARSH: Yet a teenager, or a terrorist for that matter, has unbridled access to a crowded airline.

SCHACHER: Mark, do they have you throw away your shaving cream, too?

LAKE: You know what, Mark`s not lying.

SCHACHER: I like it. I like the scruff.

LAKE: Mark`s not lying because I`m still a little bit bitter. Last night I had to throw away my hummus. I`m like, do you know how hungry we are on these planes?

EIGLARSH: Well, Lauren, hummus is the food of terrorists. That could be a problem. That`s a problem.

LAKE: This is absolutely insane. Look, this boy, he hasn`t been charged with a crime. Look, I got to say, I think we need to start charging people. This is so scary and such a security breach. And who knows, what if he would have touched something, dislodged something? People`s lives were at risk. I don`t think we should talk this lightly. Loni, what do you think?

COOMBS: Well, yes. A lot of people are saying we need to send out a message of deterrence so other kids don`t do this. But I think we`re also hearing that the fact he even survived this is pretty much a miracle. My understanding is there`s video of him getting on. They also have video of him coming out in Maui, so they`re saying, OK, he must have done it. But even the fact his body was able to go into this hibernation, another kid did this just flying from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Boston, and he died. And another person did it, he fell out of the wheel well when it opened and died. And this kid was unconscious when they landed.


LAKE: I got to let Michelle get the last word. Go ahead, Michelle.

FIELDS: I think it`s also important to figure out what this child was running away from. I mean, for you to do something like this, you had to run away from something very extreme. So authorities need to figure out what that is and they need to get this boy some help.

LAKE: Well, I have a tip. Next time you`re running away from something, run to somewhere where you know where you`re going. There`s no telling where this plane could have gone. I mean, really.

All right. Next, a couple is married for 56 years until he shoots her for nagging. A family member joins us exclusively.

And later, a judge unloads on a convicted killer. It`s the viral video you`ve got to see. More after this.


LAKE: Welcome back. I`m Lauren Lake in for Dr. Drew tonight. Back with Sam and Erica, Judy and Tiffanie. Now, more of you have tweeted about this story tonight than any other. This man is behind bars accused of shooting and killing his wife. He says she wouldn`t stop nagging him. Sam, give us the details on this.

SCHACHER: Yes. Sad and bizarre story. So Jack Lang, 76 years old, he`d been married to his wife June for 56 years. He told police he shot her because she was giving him hell. They were at a nearby casino having lunch, he felt sick, she called him a baby, they returned home. And that`s when he told police he lost it; he shot her while she was in bed. He also attempted to shoot himself multiple time, grazed his forehead and he --

LAKE: Oh, he tried to kill himself, too.

SCHACHER: Yes. And he may be looking at life in prison.

LAKE: Oh, this is awful. Let`s bring back the behavior bureau. Erica, Judy, and Tiffanie. Now, Judy, lots of viewers are tweeting us asking us if potentially some form of dementia could have played a role in this shooting. Now, is that a possibility? Because this just seems bizarre.

HO: It`s definitely a possibility, Lauren. Actually when people get into the phases of dementia, as they progress, there are marked behavioral change. They become more aggressive at times. There is a lot less impulse control. And so unfortunately there was a gun in the house and it escalated much further than if there wasn`t a gun in the house. Because maybe he would have just slapped her or hit her, not that that`s so much better but at least he wouldn`t have shot her.

So dementia definitely plays a role here. I have seen this in some of my own patients where, as they progress in their dementia, their behaviors become more and more erratic.

LAKE: Wow. That is so sad. Now joining us on the phone is Jack Lang`s granddaughter, Hillary Lang. Ms. Lang, we are so sorry for your loss. How is your family doing?

HILLARY LANG, GRANDDAUGHTER OF SUSPECT (via telephone): Thanks for having me, first of all. My family isn`t doing that well, honestly. This is, as you mentioned, this is definitely dementia. Totally a very isolated incident that couldn`t have gone any worse, and completely unexpected. This is nothing like we`ve ever seen before. He`s never laid a finger on any of us. My dad was just sayinghe never spanked him or anything as a kid.

LAKE: Erica, you have a question for Ms. Lang?

AMERICA: Yes, I was just going to say, and I`m totally open to hear it, but I would have thought that there would have been some history of anger or depression, he was taking care of a wife who was blind, right? So that might have brought upon a lot of stress. I`m just wondering if it wasn`t a one time nagging thing, that it sort of was kind of building up and up and up, and maybe combined with the dementia, like you guys are saying, that`s kind of what took it to this place?

LANG: Maybe, but our family has had a history of -- I know Grandpa has had serious depression in the past. And I know that alcoholism has run in our family, but that is not related to anything that happened here. Even when he was, like -- occasionally he had an episode a few months ago where he was so depressed, he drank a little too much combined with the dementia, and even then he didn`t do anything to my grandma. He never touched her; he never said a word. He didn`t abuse her in any way. So for this to happen was as shocking as it can be, honestly.

LAKE: Wow. What is your family doing to help him now? What`s happening? Is he in --

LANG: Yes, he`s in the Milwaukee County jail right now. My dad -- it`s been impossible to schedule a visit. We somehow, by the grace of God, got to -- my dad talked to him Saturday with my uncle, my grandpa`s brother. And they only -- that was the messed up thing is they tried to -- they couldn`t see him in person. The only one that could was the minister. My grandpa -- my dad try to video call him, but the video call system in the jail was down, so they had to share a three-foot phone cord between the two of them and there were people yelling, he said. They could hardly understand.

LAKE: Oh, Tiffanie.

LANG: Yes. Sorry?

LAKE: I`m sorry. Tiffanie has a question for you, Ms. Lang. Tiffanie, what did you want to ask?

DAVIS: Well, I know that -- I think one of the most important things for us to remember, and everyone out there that has a loved one with dementia to remember, is that their perception is their reality. And it may not be the reality of the situation that was going on. Is it possible that your grandfather felt as though mom -- his wife was nagging but maybe she was maybe just teasing him a little bit or being playful and he took it in a way that just, it wasn`t meant to be? But that`s just how he felt.

LANG: Yeah, the only word that I can use is delusional. Exactly that he`s convinced himself -- like I said, he`s, you know, he`s lost it. And when I was a kid, he raised us, you know, my brother and I until I was probably eight. My dad was always, you know, working. My mom was working. And, I mean, they never -- if they felt like he would have been violent, they would have never left us alone with him.

LAKE: Right. Exactly. Ms. Lang, we have to say we are so very sorry for your loss and will keep your family in our thoughts. And take care now, OK? Thank you for joining us.

LANG: Thank you.

LAKE: Sam, that was so awful.

SCHACHER: Heartbreaking. He had a history of depression. I`m curious if know if -- if -- if he had undergone treatment for his depression and dementia. My heart -- I think of my own grandpa. My heart breaks for her.

LAKE: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Well, we`re going to take a total turn. Next, Lindsay Lohan`s latest stunner. Now her mom speaks out about her troubled daughter`s miscarriage.

Reminder, you can find us any time at Instagram, @drdrewhln. Make sure you put that, @drdrewhln, and we`ll be back right after this.



ANDY COHEN, BRAVO: Recently an alleged list of your alleged former conquests was -- was leaked or published, OK? How -- how accurate was the list?

LINDSAY LOHAN, ACTRESS: That was actually my fifth step in AA at Betty Ford. And someone, when I was moving during the OWN show, must have taken a photo of it. And so, that`s a really personal thing, and that`s -- it`s really unfortunate.


LAKE: I`m Lauren Lake in for Dr. Drew tonight with Samantha Schacher.

Now that was Lindsay Lohan confirming to Bravo`s Andy Cohen she was intimate with 36 men. The recently revealed list contains some very well- known names, I might add. Then came this revelation on her docuseries, which airs on OWN. Watch this.


LOHAN: No one knows this. And we can finish after this. I had a miscarriage for those two weeks that I took off. That`s why on the show when it says she doesn`t want to come down, she doesn`t want to come down, I couldn`t move. I was sick. And watching this series, I just know how I felt at that moment. I`m like, oh my God, this is -- this is really sad, like, who is helping her?


LAKE: Back with the behavior bureau, Erica, Judy, and Tiffany. Yeah, Judy, I got it out. Judy.


OK. So many of you don`t even believe she had a miscarriage. I got to do a show of hands. Who believes she actually had a miscarriage?



LAKE: One? Erica, just you?


LAKE: Only you?

AMERCIA: So I first want to say I`m really rooting for Lindsay Lohan. I want her to do better. I want her to deal with her addiction, which is a very, very hard struggle. Many people understand this.

What I don`t -- what I feel like this is a topic that`s so raw and personal to a woman, that it shouldn`t really have been brought up. That`s the only thing I`ll say. So I`m wondering why she actually said it. I know that she didn`t want to seem that she just took two weeks off from shooting so she was trying to, kind of, explain. But I think that`s something that should have been held back, especially in light of the sex list that unfortunately was sent out, as well.

LAKE: What about -- what about just a medical condition? What about experiencing some medical --

SCHACHER: Well, here`s the thing. I feel like the stakes were high in the sense that she`s received a whole plot of pushback for doing this reality show. If you watch her docuseries, I should call it rather -- if you watch the docuseries, you do see her habitually show up late, not even call production, not even show up, period.

And a lot of people were questioning her saying, "Hey, you want to be this actress and -- and have the respect of being a professional actress that shows up on time, no one trusts you anymore." So that`s why people don`t believe her now because now she`s coming out saying this is why.

LAKE: Well, it`s a classic girl who cried wolf. I mean, that`s what I feel like it is. So many shady stories. So many lies. I mean, weigh in here, Judy.

HO: You know, just like what Sam was saying, this is not also the first time that this has happened. She has had a long track history before this docuseries of showing up late, not really doing her job on set, coming intoxicated.

And you know, unfortunately, she`s a beautiful, talented, charismatic young woman. But she`s not being really honest about her addiction yet, Her addiction, I think, is actually what`s leading to maybe some of more of this impulsive sex life that she appears to be having. I think the two are related. And she`s still not really coming clean with all of the different substances she`s actually addicted to, and that`s a problem.

LAKE: Well, speaking of addiction, Tiffany, now, do you think she`s a sex addict?

HENRY: Well, I think to Judy`s point, there certainly is some problem with impulse control and certainly she does have an addictive personality. And she kind of was set up for failure just being -- just being -- just coming from that family and really struggling with her parents` relationship and the model that they`ve shown her. So it wouldn`t be surprising to me that she would look for love in all the wrong places over and over and over again.

I think that if this -- if this claim of having a miscarriage was true, then she`d have a legitimate reason to say, "Hey, guys, can we suspend for a week? I`m going through some things medically."


LAKE: Called grow up, you have a job. You know, you have to call and tell them. Weigh in, Erica. What did you want to say?

AMERICA: Yeah, I just want to say I really think she needs to take a significant amount of time to herself to really to get that self-honesty that it takes to work a 12-step program. As long as she`s trying to entertain and be in the spotlight, and she should be in the spotlight eventually, but she needs the time right now.

SCHACHER: And I don`t like the idea the docuseries, watching her, documenting her just so fresh and raw out of rehab.

LAKE: This girl has been in a hurry going way too fast for way too long.

Now, coming up next, a judge tells a convicted criminal he hopes she dies in jail. We`ve got the viral rant. Back after this.



UNIDENTIFIED JUDGE: You gutted him like a fish (inaudible). You were relentless, you stabbed, you stabbed, you stabbed, you stabbed, you stabbed until he was dead. You put in 11 more to make sure he was good and death. I hope -- I agree with the family, I hope you die in prison as well. You know, if this was a death penalty state, you`d be getting the chair.


LAKE: I`m Lauren Lake sitting in for Dr. Drew tonight here with Samantha Schacher.

The courtroom erupted in applause after that judge`s outburst. The killer who stabbed her boyfriend was reportedly disrespectful when the victim`s aunt was speaking. Now let`s bring back Mark, Michelle, and Loni. Mark, I gotta get your reaction?

EIGLARSH: Listen, for Judge Judy, it`s appropriate. For the real world in court where I`m practicing every day, I`d like my judge to be more even tempered and not emotional, so that their decisions and their actions don`t lead to reversal of cases in the future. I understand --

LAKE: Wow, Michelle, you seem to disagree. Michelle, what do you think? Give it to me fast.

FIELDS: This -- this judge just said what everyone was thinking, OK? This person is disrespectful. They stabbed this individual multiple times to death, and then they don`t have any remorse.

He gave the personal opinion after the sentencing. It wasn`t before the sentencing. I don`t see a problem with it. I think if anything, the judge should get a raise.

LAKE: How about you, Loni? Ten seconds.

COOMBS: Totally understandable, but absolutely inappropriate for the judge to do that. You can`t act like that as the judge.

LAKE: How about you, Sam?

SCHACHER: I say hallelujah. Where is a judge like this in the Casey Anthony trial? Where is the judge like this is the Jodi Arias trial? I -- I praise this judge.

LAKE: Well, look, I am TV judge. I have to say, right emotion, wrong language, all right?

That`s going to do it tonight. Thank you, Sam, and thank you, panel. And thank you, Dr. Drew, for allowing me to sit in your chair tonight. "FORENSIC FILES" is next.