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American Teenager Beaten; Great White Shark Attacks Swimmer in California; Netherland Advances to World Cup Semis After Shootout

Aired July 6, 2014 - 07:00   ET


REPORTER: This is the man ISIS has identified as their leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

"You should take up jihad to please God and fight in his name and you will be rewarded with heaven and paradise."


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Maybe he got bit.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I heard screaming curls that was like nothing heard before.


ALISON KOSIK, CNN ANCHOR: Good morning. I'm Alison Kosik, in for Christi Paul.

VICTOR BLACKWELL, CNN ANCHOR: I'm Victor Blackwell. It is a pleasure to be with you this morning. Seven o'clock here on the East Coast and this is NEW DAY SUNDAY.

We are starting with breaking news this morning. A Florida teenager who was beaten and jailed in Jerusalem will be released from custody.

KOSIK: Fifteen-year-old Tariq Khdeir appeared in court in Jerusalem a short time ago. His beating sent shock waves around the world. Now, we warn you, the video is really disturbing to watch. And here you see two masked men pummeling, kicking the 15-year-old in the head.

This happened last week one day after Tariq's cousin was kidnapped and killed. His family says the attackers wear the uniforms of Israeli security forces. The men carry his limp body away.

BLACKWELL: CNN's Ben Wedeman joins us now live from Jerusalem. Ben, you spoke with this teenager's parents. What did they tell you?

BEN WEDEMAN, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Actually, I just spoke with Tariq himself. He was just released moments ago and driven away with his mother and father. Now, what we saw was he still had a big black eye on his right --

on his right eye. He said that he can't really remember what happened. He just remembers being beaten and then he fainted. But now as I said, he has been released. According to the conditions of his release, his family has to pay 3,000 shekel fine, that's almost $900.

He will be under house arrest, but not in his neighborhood Shuafat. He will be staying with relatives in the adjacent Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina. Now, he hasn't actually been charged with anything but as long as the investigation goes on, he has to stay here. However, if there is no charge within nine days, he will be able to return to the United States.


WEDEMAN (voice-over): Images captured on a cell phone show two masked men in uniform beating a prone figure, then kicking him repeatedly in the head. The prone figure is Tariq Abu Khdeir a 15- year-old American citizen from Tampa, Florida, on summer vacation with his family in Jerusalem. His cousin is Mohammed Abu Khdeir, whose charred body was found Tuesday morning in a forest west of Jerusalem, whose death sparked violent clashes between Israeli police and Palestinian protesters.

Tariq was among the protesters but not in the clashes his parents insist.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I ask my son, did you throw rocks? He said no.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He didn't have to throw rocks. He is Palestinian in front of his neighborhood, hanging out with his relatives and after you know, there's protests and stuff because of the murder and -- because of this murder, of course, everybody is angry.

WEDEMAN: The family lawyer took these photos of Tariq after he was arrested. His mother could barely recognize him.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's attempted murder to me.

WEDEMAN: Tariq is a typical teenager. He takes selfies, and among his friends, his nickname is "Fish", after his favorite hobby.

Palestinians have long complained of a pattern of rough treatment by the Israeli police and double standards when it comes to justice, says Bill Van Esveld of Human Rights Watch.

BILL VAN ESVELD, HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH: Well, the concern is that we've got plenty of evidence that this child of 15 was brutally beaten by Israeli law enforcement. And instead of the law enforcement officials responsible for the beating being questioned and detained the child who is the victim is being questioned and detained.

WEDEMAN: Israel's justice ministry is launching an investigation into the incident, the government spokesman acknowledge what appears to have happened to Tariq was illegal.

MARK REGEV, ISRAELI GOVERNMENT SPOKESMAN: Obviously, it's forbidden under Israeli law to beat up a suspect who has been handcuffed to something like that, that should not happen.

WEDEMAN: But it appears that it did happen.


KOSIK: Ben, tensions in the region really started heating up when three Israeli teens were kidnapped and killed and then a Palestinian teenager was killed, and now the beating of this American teen. Are you sensing a shift in the mood there that there could be an up rising around the bend?

WEDEMAN: Well, that's what we thought, but however, yesterday and today, things have been relatively quiet. They -- that may be simply a function of exhaustion. But the reasons for frustration and anger on both sides are still there. You still have daily rockets fired out of Gaza by Hamas, and you have Israeli airstrikes in return. You still have the brewing anger over as you said, the death of that young man Mohammed Khdeir and, of course, this very publicized beating of this young American Palestinian.

And, of course, Israelis are very angry over the kidnapping and murder of those three teenagers whose bodies were found last Monday afternoon. So, it is a very volatile combination of elements at the moment. We've heard the Israeli prime minister calling for calm and it does appear that there is no desire for an escalation between Israel and Gaza at the moment so we have to watch the streets and see how things turn out. As I said, yesterday and today so far, relatively quiet.

BLACKWELL: All right. Ben Wedeman in Jerusalem for us -- Ben, thank you so much.

KOSIK: The U.S. State Department calls the attack on the teenager troubling.

BLACKWELL: Yes, it's demanding a speedy investigation into what happened.

CNN's Sunlen Serfaty joins us now live from the White House.

Sunlen, they went beyond just the single word "troubling". Tell us more about what we're hearing from the State Department.

SUNLEN SERFATHY, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Victor and Alison, strongly worded statement by the State Department say they are condemning this incident and saying they are gravely concerned. This yesterday State Department message says, quote, "We are profoundly troubled by reports that he was severely beaten while in police custody and strongly condemn any excessive use of force. We are calling for a speedy, transparent and credible investigation, and full accountability for any excessive use of force. We reiterate our grave concern about the increasing violent incidents and call on all sides to take steps to restore calm and prevent harm to innocents."

And in Tampa, Florida, where the teenager lives, anger and sadness from his relatives there. Here's what they had to say.


AMNEH ABU KHDEIR, TARIQ KHDEIR'S COUSIN: He's like a son to me. I can't imagine that he got beaten like this. What kind of feeling his mother had now? I think of her a lot. Really we don't sleep these days. Why Tariq, why him, any child?

SUHAD ABU KHDEIR, TARIQ KHDEIR'S AUNT: He has every right to be there, every right. This is his cousin. They made him drink gasoline and set him on fire, in retaliation to what? Are their lives more expensive than ours? Apparently so because it's everything sometimes whenever something happens to them it's in retaliation for what we did. Why is everything happening to us? It's never going to be said that it's in retaliation. We'll always be second class citizens over there.


SERFATY: And his family does say that he was involved in some of the protests against -- about his cousin but they claim that he was not involved in any of the clashes, Victor and Alison, with the Israeli security forces there.

KOSIK: OK. Sunlen Serfaty, thank you.

BLACKWELL: This morning, a fire that killed a New York City firefighter is under investigation. Mayor Bill de Blasio says 14- veteran Lieutenant Gordon Ambelas got trapped in a Brooklyn high rise.


MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO, NEW YORK CITY: He was found unconscious in the apartment by his fellow firefighters who removed him and tried to revive him along with EMS personnel. He was transported here to Woodhull Hospital, but unfortunately he could not be saved.


BLACKWELL: Ambelas was married. He was a father of two. He was just honored for saving a 7-year-old boy who got stuck in a roll down security gate. Four others, including two firefighters, were injured in last night's fire as well.

A California man is just thankful to be alive this morning after he was attacked by a great white shark.

KOSIK: It happened yesterday off Southern California's Manhattan Beach. A fisherman hooked the shark while fishing from the pier and the swimmer came by at exactly the wrong time.

Melissa MacBride of CNN affiliate KABC has more.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Maybe he got bit.



MELISSA MACBRIDE, KABC REPORTER: Reaction from the pier after a swimmer is bitten by a shark struggling to get free from a fisherman's line 200 yards from the pier.

JEFF GARNEVICUS, WITNESS: I heard some screaming curls that was like nothing heard before.

MACBRIDE: Jeff Garnevicus was surfing near the pier and paddled over to help. The swimmer was with a group of long distance swimmers trying to help their friend.

GARNEVICUS: Paddle board happened to get to him before I did. He had a bigger board than I did and started to yank him up as everybody tried to get him on the paddle board. That's when we noticed the big gouge out of his side.

MACBRIDE: L.A. County life guards say the 40-year-old swimmer has moderate injuries from the teeth of a 6 to 7-foot-long juvenile Great White.

CAPT. TRACY LIZLOTTE, LOS ANGELES COUNTY LIFEGUARD: When I saw the injury, it wasn't a full size bite and it was on the torso just under the arm.

MACBRIDE: Great Whites are common in the waters off Manhattan Beach. Eric Martin who works at the Roundhouse Aquarium on the pier says that this may have been what's known as a response bite.

ERIC MARTIN, ROUNDHOUSE AQUARIUM: It's where the shark is hooked in the lip and he's trying to shake the hook, his mouth is opening and closing, opening and closing, shaking his head. And when he's doing that, of course, his teeth are coming out and we think the swimmer just happened to be at the wrong place at the, say, wrong time.


KOSIK: Our thanks to Melissa MacBride with our affiliate KABC for that report.

BLACKWELL: So, after all of these bouncing houses have been swept up and blown away, would you still hop into one?

KOSIK: Guess what? It happened again. And wait until you hear what happened just before the bounce house went airborne. And remember this?

(BEGIN AUDIO CLIP) DONALD STERLING: I'm not incompetent. You are you (EXPLETIVE

DELETED) you stupid (EXPLETIVE DELETED) doctor.


BLACKWELL: Well, either way you can bet incompetence will come up as the Sterlings head to court tomorrow. At stake, the future of the L.A. Clippers.


BLACKWELL: It's happened again. It has happened again. This time it's an inflatable slide that flew away as people celebrated Independence Day at a carnival in Nevada. This slide just passed a safety inspection.

KOSIK: This is scary.

Elias Johnson with our affiliate KRNV has more on this.


ELIAS JOHNSON, KRNV REPORTER: We all know what goes up must come down.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Big gusts of wind came through and picked it up and took it away.

JOHNSON: And the bigger an object is -- in this case, a giant inflatable slide -- the harder it falls.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I saw it about 100 feet in the air.

JOHNSON: Moments after passing its safety inspection and just about the kids area play area opened for the Nugget Fourth of July celebration, a witness captured this cell phone video of the big blue slide going airborne.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Perfect time, nobody on it. Nobody -- no kids were involved in the area.

JOHNSON: But the wrong place, wrong time for three adults injured during the take-off and taken to the hospital for minor injuries, several others were treated at the scene as well.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We had a couple of minor injuries from patrons that were standing by from the moving slide. So, fortunately, nothing serious. The kids' area is now open.

JOHNSON: Open and as the Nugget president and CEO Carlton Geer says ready to celebrate our nation's birthday, safely on the ground.

CARLTON GEER, NUGGET PRESIDENT & CEO: Absolutely. This has to put a damper on the festivities at all.

(END VIDEOTAPE) KOSIK: I'm thinking, I would think twice before putting my kids

in there.

BLACKWELL: And there are some people who can't wait to get to the --

KOSIK: They are fun but I don't know. I really have to think twice.

BLACKWELL: Not fun off the ground, right?

KOSIK: No. Our thanks to Elias Johnson from our affiliate KRNV for that reporter.

BLACKWELL: And now that Hurricane Arthur has moved out, the warm temperatures are about to move in.

KOSIK: So how hot is it going to get as we head into next week? This week actually. Let's bring in meteorologist Karen Maginnis.

KAREN MAGINNIS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: Well, it is going to be steamy over the next several days. We've got some thunderstorms also to tell you about as well in the Midwest. They don't need more rainfall. They have been saturated.

But we did see a severe thunderstorm watch earlier today across Minnesota. And the risk is across Midwest today, encompassing Minnesota, Wisconsin, all the way down into central and western sections of Illinois.

In the forecast, this is what we're looking at. Area of low pressure across the Great Lakes region, right along the frontal boundary we'll pick you are more showers and storms into Monday. But it moves further east and south through the Ohio River Valley.

And let's look at New York City this morning. You're expecting mostly sunny skies. Look at that beautiful freedom tower, all 1,368 feet of it.

For this afternoon, New York City, your temperatures in the upper 80s, and then by Monday you're looking at low 90s coming up. And Washington, D.C. is going to be equally, if not more hot than New York City with temperatures expected to go well into the 90s over the next several days, 96 coming up for Monday afternoon. That's about 8 degrees above where it should be for this time of year.

And look at Minneapolis, only about 77. That temperature is way below normal as we go into Tuesday as well. But still hovering around that 90-degree mark in New York City. What about the temperatures we look for Monday? Well, in the Deep South, lots of 80s and 90s, so pretty steamy weather.

And in Las Vegas, they saw a smidgen of rainfall after 125 days, that was on July 4th. Finally, after 125 days. Back to you, guys.

BLACKWELL: Yes. Nice temperatures though. I'll take the hot days.

KOSIK: Me too. Me too.

BLACKWELL: Karen Maginnis, thank you.

KOSIK: Brazil's star player rushed to the hospital after taking a nasty blow during their World Cup game.

BLACKWELL: Now, Neymar has a message for his fans and teammates.

Laura Rutledge is up next -- Laura.

LAURA RUTLEDGE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Devastating for Neymar and Brazil. I have the latest on how long he will be out.



BLACKWELL: Good morning, Washington, D.C. A live look at the Capitol building as we listen to some Sinatra. Twenty minutes after the hour. Gorgeous day today, mostly sunny, a high of 88 degrees.

KOSIK: Looks a little hazy though.



BLACKWELL: Why you got to do that? Such a good run there.

KOSIK: Sorry. This time of year?

BLACKWELL: I'm going to enjoy it for you, D.C.

Hey, Let's talk about Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius. His trial is nearing the end.

KOSIK: Testimony could end as soon as tomorrow after the prosecution cross-examined a sports doctor who treated Pistorius. It's believed he is the final defense witness in a trial that began in March.

BLACKWELL: Now, Pistorius is charged with murder in the death of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. But he says he shot her accidentally mistaking her for an intruder.

To another courtroom drama, the NBA's most notorious power couple due in court tomorrow.

KOSIK: Donald and Shelly Sterling set to face off over the $2 billion deal to sell the Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

BLACKWELL: Yes, it's not clear how a request by Donald Sterling's lawyers just before the Fourth of July holiday for a federal court to take over the case could impact the proceedings.

KOSIK: Alexandra Field is following this legal saga.

Good morning, Alexandra.


ALEXANDRA FIELD, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Alison, Victor, a $2 billion deal on the line. The fate of the L.A. Clippers organization hanging in the balance as Shelly and Donald Sterling head to trial. At issue, whether Shelly Sterling has the right to sell the Clippers without her estranged husband's consents now that she's accepted a $2 billion bid from former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

Shelly's attorneys will ask the court to uphold the deal arguing that she controls the family trust which owns the Clippers because doctors found Donald Sterling mentally unfit. Donald's lawyers will argue that Shelly is improperly trying to take control of the Sterling family trust. Sports analysts say the ruling will have significant implications for the NBA, which has been working to oust Donald Sterling since his racist rant went public.

RICK HORROW, BUSINESS SPORTS EXPERT: This is probably one of the most important processes we've had in pro sports and the trial is part of that. You have a league that's actively involved in avoiding banning an owner for life and taking his franchise away because a white knight has stepped in and paid $2 billion for franchise, an astronomical number under the circumstances, in a league that wants to continue to move forward and increase its franchise values to over a billion dollars for each participant and it ripples to all sports.

If this is undone, it has significant consequences for the Clippers, for the NBA, and in fact for all pro sports.

FIELD: The trial starts Monday, it's expected to last four days. If the court finds Shelly Sterling acted within her rights in selling the team, the NBA could approve the sale during a meeting scheduled for July 15 -- Alison, Victor.


BLACKWELL: We'll be watching. Alexandra Field, thank you so much.

After more than two hours of play, a last-minute and historic substitution keeps the Netherlands alive in the World Cup.

KOSIK: Laura Rutledge here with the "Bleacher Report", on more of that gamble that seems to have paid off.

RUTLEDGE: Well, nothing like a penalty shootout to get your heart racing. The Netherlands survived a crazy one with Costa Rica. They advance to the semifinals where they face off against Argentina.

Now, it looks like the unconventional Dutch coach Louis van Gaal has ice in his veins or maybe a little luck on his side. In the final seconds of extra time, van Gaal had Tim Krul replaced Holland's starting goalkeeper. And his risk was rewarded when Krul produced two crucial saves.

So, it's not like this is extremely rare. This is the first time a coach brought on a goalkeeper for the sake of the penalty shootout. I'm sure he is real glad that paid off.

Brazilian star Neymar admits he is devastated to be out of the tournament after suffering a cracked vertebrae in Friday's quarterfinal win over Colombia. Yesterday, he sent out this emotional video message to his fans fighting back tears, Neymar urged his teammates keep on fighting, he said his World Cup dream hasn't ended yet. It's just suspended.

Brazil's team doctor says it will not cause long term problems to Neymar as a player or a person. That's great news. And the healing period is expected to last from three to six weeks. So, doctor says no surgery is need, just painkillers, a special belt and rest will be necessary for recovery. Best wishes to Neymar.

Now, one of the favorites to win the Tour de France won't start in today's second stage and could pull out of the race entirely. Mark Cavendish was yards from the finish line when he crashed yesterday. His team says he suffered a shoulder injury. No broken bones. He is in a lot of pain. I believe it after that crash. Cavendish won bicycle racing's most prestigious in 2011.

It could be a day for the history books at the men's Wimbledon final. That's because Roger Federer is going for his record breaking eighth Wimbledon title, but he'll have to get past top-seeded Novak Djokovic. And some have said Federer is past his prime. He's only 32, by the way, but he would be the oldest Wimbledon champion since Arthur Ashe in 1975.

You can never count out the Fed on his favorite surface. He will definitely be the sentimental favorite. I think it would be nice to see him win.

BLACKWEL: Seven's great. Eight would be historic.

RUTLEDGE: Exactly, making history.

KOSIK: But Neymar may be out but he has a following. I think the momentum is going to continue.

RUTLEDGE: Just the fans outside the hospital when they found out where he had been taken, it really shows the support he gets from Brazil.

BLACKWELL: All right. Laura, thank you so much.

RUTLEDGE: Thank you.

KOSIK: Thanks.

He is one of the most feared men in the Mideast right now. BLACKWELL: And now, a new video shows the man purported to be

the leader of ISIS, one that is striking fear in the march across Syria and Iraq.

Plus this.





KOSIK: A swimmer who is no stranger to the ocean gouged in the stomach by a great white shark as other swimmers rush to rescue him.


KOSIK: Bottom of the hour now. Welcome back. I'm Alison Kosik, in this morning for Christi Paul.

BLACKWELL: I'm Victor Blackwell.

Here are five things to know for your NEW DAY.

Number one now, a Florida teenager who was beaten in Jerusalem is being released from custody after a court appearance today. But he must pay bail and must remain under house arrest for nine days while the investigation continues. But the 15-year-old's family says he was pummeled and kicked in the head by Israeli police last week, just one day after his cousin was kidnapped and killed.

KOSIK: Number two, 11 people died and one survived when a small plane belonging to a private parachute crashed in Poland this weekend. That's according to state news.