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The CNN Quiz Show: American Presidents

Aired February 20, 2015 - 21:00   ET


ANDERSON COOPER, AC360 HOST: The "CNN Quiz Show" starts. Enjoy.

Which president is described (ph) and the rest of Hall of Fame? You think you know the answer, find out tonight on the "CNN Quiz Show's: President Edition".

Hey, welcome to the "CNN Quiz Show: President Edition". I'm Anderson Cooper. Thanks for joining us tonight. We'll be testing our anchors' knowledge of all things presidential. And you at home can play along.

Three teams of CNN anchors are going to face of against each other answering historical trivia about U.S. presidents. At stake, a total cash prize of $40,000 will be divided between the charities of choice and also at stake maybe their pride.

You can play along on Twitter too using the hashtag cnnquiz. Let's meet the teams. All right, guys, come on up.

All right. Hosts of "The Lead" and "New Day, Jake Tapper and Alisyn Camerota. What charity you guys playing for?

ALISYN CAMEROTA, NEW DAY HOST: We're going play for great charity homes for our troops.

JAKE TAPPER, THE LEAD HOST: They build specially adapted mortgage free homes for the most severely disabled troops just back from Iraq and Afghanistan.

COOPER: All right. Cool. Again, the winner gets $20,000 for charity, the other two just $10,000 each. Also host of "New Day", Chris Cuomo, host of CNN Tonight Don Lemon. What's charity you guys' on?

DON LEMON, CNN TONIGHT HOST: The Purple Tie Charity that the...

COOPER: I wore it up (ph) last night comparing those to what...

LEMON: No, we're playing for HELP which is a charity that's closest to Chris' family's heart.

CHRIS CUOMO, NEW DAY HOST: HELP USA -- it houses the most homeless in the country. It deals with a lot of veterans, children, single parents as well. So my sister runs it now. My brother started it. So it's a good cause, we feel good about it. A little family pressure too doesn't hurt. COOPER: Hey, are you wearing a pocket square so you can wipe the sweat off your brow?

LEMON: No, he's the answers in there.

CUOMO: I'm expecting crying on both sides of these.

UNIDENTIFED MALE: So good. So good.

COOPER: All right. Hosts of "OutFront", Erin Burnett and host of "Early Start", John Berman, what's your charity?


ERIN BURNETT, OUTFRONT HOST: It helps the most vulnerable children around the world. Right now, they're helping children in Syria and children who were orphans from Ebola in West Africa.

COOPER: All right. Great charities. All great charities. Winning team as I say get $20,000 for their charity. The other two teams get $10,000 each. You guys ready to start?

BURNETT: We're ready.

COOOPER: All right let's play the first game Buzz (ph).

All right. So here is how it works, questions in this round are worth 10 points each. The first player to buzz in gets the answer. Players can buss in before the question is completed. But if you answer incorrectly, your team is locked out from guessing again. You cannot consult with your teammate. You buzz in, you have to answer the question.

You guys ready?



CAMEROTA: Bring it on.

COOPER: Number one, who's the first president born as an American citizen? Jake Tapper.

TAPPER: Martin Van Buren.

COOPER: That is correct.

CAMEROTA: Who else?

COOPER: Number two, president -- number two, President Lincoln is the only president to hold the U.S. patent -- Erin.

BURNETT: Was for what? He holds the patent. He's the only one that holds the patent. That's all I know.

BERMAN: That's a good answer. That's a very good answer.

UNIDENTIFED MALE: That's incorrect.

COOPER: President Lincoln is the only president to hold the U.S. patent. He received the patent for what invention? A, legal briefcase, B, an ax handle, C, a boat lift device -- Jake.

TAPPER: C, a boat lift device.

COOPER: You are correct.


CUOMO: By the way, bell system (inaudible) in shallow water I pushed it...

COOPER: Blaming the buzzer is the oldest game show trick in the buck. You can ring in Don. There wasn't even a question there.

LEMON: Sorry.

COOPER: All right.

CUOMO: Don, (inaudible).

LEMON: It quit ringing every time I'm in trouble.


COOPER: It's like hurting cats. What was Bill Clinton's full name at birth?

BERMAN: (Inaudible) -- it's me?

COOPER: You can't call out. John Berman.

BERMAN: William Blythe.

COOPER: Full name.

BERMAN: William Jefferson Blythe.

COOPER: We'll give you that away.


COOPER: On his property in Melbourne, President George Washington ran what type of business -- the largest in the nation at the time? John Berman.

BERMAN: Whisky distillery.

COOPER: That is correct. Which president was given the last to write three times before taking office? Is it A, Theodore Roosevelt, B, John F. Kennedy, C, Franklin D. Roosevelt. John Berman.

BERMAN: John F. Kennedy.

COOPER: That is correct.

CAMEROTA: Oh, my god, I don't know the answer (ph).

COOPER: Next question, Franklin Roosevelt with the first -- let's try to limit the applause just so we can go rightly quickly...

LEMON: Unless it's for us.

COOPER: ... Franklin Roosevelt was the first president to use an armored limousine, who reportedly with the previous owner of the first car they offered to him. Jake Tapper.

TAPPER: Al Capone.

COOPER: That is correct.

LEMON: You knew that?

COOPER: Number seven, who's the only president to payoff the national debt, A -- John Berman.

BERMAN: Andrew Jackson.

COOPER: That is correct. Number eight, after Abraham Lincoln's death a gang of thieves was busted for trying to steal what? A his hat, B -- John Berman.

BERMAN: His remains, his body, his tomb.

CUOMO: Just keep going.

COOPER: We'll give it to you. His casket. Yes. Number nine, President McKinley was loved by women for his respectful relationship with his wife, Aida. What would he do when she suffered -- Jake Tapper.

TAPPER: He would put a handkerchief over her face.

COOPER: Wow. That is correct.

LEMON: Goodness gracious.

COOPER: Number 10, which performer did not sing at a swearing ceremony at a presidential inauguration? A, Kelly Clarkson, B, Beyonce -- John Berman.

BERMAN: Beyonce. B.

COOPER: That is incorrect.

BERMAN: It's not incorrect. She lip-synced.

COOPER: That is a low blow.

CUOMO: Give him a point.

COOPER: As a Beyonce fan, that is a low blow.

BERMAN: It happens to be true.

COOPER: I will personally disqualify you...

BERMAN: It's a true fact.

LEMON: Don't buzz it.

COOPER: Cuomo.

CUOMO: He should get the point, that's my answer.

COOPER: You can't do that. Which performer did not performer did not sing at a squaring ceremony at a presidential inauguration? A, Kelly Clarkson, B, Beyonce, C, Aretha Franklin, D, Barbra Streisand. Alisyn.

TAPPER: Barbra...

CAMEROTA: Barbra Steisand.

COOPER: That is correct.


COOPER: As a child, the Martin van Buren was the only president to speak English as a second language. What language did he speak at home? John Berman.

BERMAN: Dutch?

COOPER: That is correct. Both he and his wife spoke Dutch. Calvin Coolidge has many pets during his term as a president. Which of the following was not one of his pets? A, Billy the pygmy hippo, B, Ebenezer -- Chris.

CUOMO: Billy the pygmy hippo.

COOPER: That is incorrect. B, Billy the pygmy hippo...

CUOMO: How can I be incorrect?

COOPER: ... sorry -- A, Billy the pygmy hippo, B, Ebenezer the donkey, C, Smokey the bobcat, D, Zachary the horse. Alisyn.

CAMEROTA: Smokey the bobcat.

COOPER: That is incorrect. John Berman.

BERMAN: Zachary the horse?

COOPER: That is correct.

CUOMO: There is no such thing as a pygmy hippo. COOPER: President Bill -- 13, President Bill Clinton set the record for the most what during his time in office? John Berman.

BERMAN: International trip.

COOPER: That is correct. Number 14, since tapped in 1910, every president except one has opened a major league baseball season during their 10 years -- Jake Tapper.

TAPPER: Jimmy Carter.

COOPER: That is correct. Who's the only one not to have done that?

BURNETT: What was the question?

COOPER: Who did not open a season? How many presidents were never elected to their own term? A, three, B, eight, C, five, D, four. Chris.

CUOMO: C, five.

COOPER: That is correct. John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, Chester Arthur were vice presidents when they have elected president, President Ford ascended office after next day (ph).

16, on September 26, 1960, John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon engaged in a first ever televised presidential debate. In what city did that debate take place? A, New York, B, Washington, D.C., C, Chicago, D, St. Louis. Don.

LEMON: Chicago.

COOPER: That is correct. It took place at the CBS broadcast facility downtown Chicago.

CUOMO: That's good.

COOPER: As commander in chief in 1991, President George H. W. Bush oversaw the U.S.-led Coalition Combat Attack Phase of the Gulf War called what? A, Operation Desert Shield, B, Operation Able Century, C, Operation Sharp Edge, D, Operation Desert Storm. John Berman.

BERMAN: Desert Storm.

COOPER: That is correct. President H.W. Bush caused a bit of a flop in March 1991. He banned what from Air Force One? A, broccoli, B, women. Alisyn.

CAMEROTA: Broccoli.

COOPER: That is correct.

TAPPER: Nice. Strong.

CAMEROTA: I know the food answer.

COOPER: Which U.S. president signed the treaty to purchase Alaska from Russia in 1867? A -- John Berman.

BERMAN: Andrew Johnson.

COOPER: That is correct.

LEMON: Jesus, Berman.

COOPER: You guys are on fire. Which one of the presidents...

LEMON: Do you do anything else?

COOPER: ... which one of these presidents did not win a Nobel Peace Prize. A, Theodore Roosevelt, B, Woodrow Wilson, C, Harry Truman -- Jake.

TAPPER: C, Harry Truman. C.

COOPER: That is correct.

CAMEROTA: Oh, men.

COOPER: And that is it for that round. Wow.


COOPER: Erin and John in the lead, 100 points, Jake and Alisyn in second with 80, Chris and Don, up close third with 20 points.

CUOMO: It's early. It's early.

COOPER: It's early. Seriously, in this game anything can happen particularly in this next round. When we come back, the point value doubled in the next round. The Speed Round, the players go head to head. Stay tune.


COOPER: All right. Welcome back to the "CNN Quiz Show: President's Edition". Let's take a look at the players score. Right now in third place, Chris and Don with 20 points.

LEMON: 120 points.

COOPER: No, sadly just 20. Chris, you were blaming the buzzer, though, right?

LEMON: Yeah.

CUOMO: The buzzer

LEMON: It seems it's not working.

COOPER: All right. We'll set on that.

LEMON: You'll see the papers when they're filed.

COOPER: In second place right now, Jake and Alisyn with 80 points. Very nice job there. And in the lead, Erin and John with 100 points.

LEMON: We're contesting one of their points.

COOPER: You're contesting one of their points. All right. Yes. It is still very much anyone's game. Our next game is "Face-Off". Two players face-off against each other. They'll be asked four questions. First player to hit the bell, gives the first shot at answering. Correct answers are worth 20 points each. We randomly drew name to determine the match-ups. First up, you guys ready? Alisyn and Chris, time to face-off. Come on down.

CAMEROTA: All right. Oh, yeah.

COOPER: All right. Your category is Nixon -- President Nixon. Hands behind your back.

CUOMO: Yes. He was president.

COOPER: You're going to count?

CAMEROTA: I'm done.

COOPER: All right. You have to have your hands your back. First person to ring the bell gets to answer the question. Ready?

CUOMO: I feel lost in here eyes.


CUOMO: Listen, I feel lost in her eyes.

COOPER: You can win the audience over doesn't mean you're going to win the game. It's not that kind of game. All right. First person to hit the buzzer gets to answer the question. We only have four questions, 20 points value each. Ready? No.

All right. All right. Hands behind the back. First question. President Nixon appeared on a National Presidential Ticket five times. Who is the only other president to hold this record? A, Grover Cleveland. B, William Howard Taft. C, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

CAMEROTA: Grover Cleveland.

COOPER: Incorrect.

CUOMO: Is there another choice?

COOPER: D, Theodore Roosevelt. Grover Cleveland, Will -- you don't have to buzz again. Grover Cleveland, William Howard Taft, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt.


COOPER: Franklin Roosevelt. You are correct. Nicely done.

CAMEROTA: You don't even know what the answer was. CUOMO: No, but the letter sounded good. It's my name.

COOPER: Number two. Richard Nixon became the first president to visit all 50 states and the first to visit what country in 1972. A -- Alisyn.

CAMEROTA: I keep forgetting that you're going to give the answers. China.

COOPER: That is correct.

CUOMO: But I was waiting for the answers before I answer.

COOPER: You don't have to wait for the answers.

CUOMO: Now you tell me. Thank you, host, very helpful.

COOPER: Oh, yeah. All the rules were explained to you before the game began. Number three, just two left, which of these historic moments was President Nixon not a part of? A, establishing the EPA. B, ending the draft, C, created the FDIC, D, implementing Title IX. Chris.

CUOMO: The draft, B.

COOPER: That is incorrect.


COOPER: That is incorrect. Created the FDIC. Final.

CUOMO: I don't think that was one of the choices. Erin is playing...


COOPER: President Nixon was idolized by a teenager in what 1980's hit TV show. Come one. A, Life Goes On, B, The Wonder Years, Hands behind the back. C...

COOPER: Alisyn.

CAMEROTA: Family Ties.

COOPER: That is correct.

CUOMA: But she didn't have her hand off her back.

COOPER: That was easy. All right. That's it.

CAMEROTA: You are weaseling.

COOPER: Chris, you got one point. Alisyn, you got two. That's 40 points, 20 points for you. Go back to your team. Nicely done.

All right. Coming up next, Don versus John. Guys, come on down. John, Don, come on down. BERMAN: Can I just not do this?

LEMON: Hi everybody. Thank you, thank you.

BERMAN: Give me that next (inaudible).

COOPER: All right. All of your questions will be about deaths, presidential deaths.

BERMAN: Sorry to hear that.

LEMON: Thank you.

COOPER: Hands behind the backs, but you make sure this is in the middle because Chris kept moving it. All right. Just four questions each, 20 points. Number one. A few days before his death, President Lincoln was reportedly overheard reciting passages from which Shakespearean tragedy? Hands behind the back. His favorite, A, Macbeth, B, The Merchant of Venice, C, Othello, D, The Taming of the Shrew.


COOPER: Incorrect. A, Macbeth...


COOPER: That is correct. Macbeth. Number two, President Garfield's assassin reportedly chose his gun, a 44 British bulldog, for what reason? A, it fit into his pocket, B, he felt the president should be shot by a British gun, C, it spoke to him, D, he thought it would look good in the museum one day.

LEMON: No idea. B.

COOPER: That is incorrect. A, it felt -- fit in his pocket, felt...


COOPER: That is incorrect. He thought it would look good in the museum one day.


LEMON: Did you guys know that, guys?

BERMAN: You all knew this.

LEMON: Did you know that, too?

COOPER: Two final...


COOPER: ...questions. While on his deathbed -- hands behind the back. While on his deathbed, President Grant was giving what drug to free his pain. A, opium, B, cocaine, C, marijuana, D, Laudanum. John.

BERMAN: D, Laudanum.

COOPER: D, laudanum. Incorrect.

LEMON: Opium.

COOPER: Incorrect. Cocaine. His throat was swabbed with cocaine solution to ease the pain.

LEMON: That's what I meant.

BERMAN: I knew that worked.

LEMON: I meant cocaine.

COOPER: All right. Final question. What was one of the first two presidential items given to the Smithsonian. A, President Garfield's jacket with bullet hole, B, James Buchanan's handkerchief, C, Ulysses S. Grant's tobacco pipe, or D, President Lincoln's Hat.

LEMON: I don't know. I'll say the pipe.

COOPER: That is incorrect.

BERMAN: I'm going to go with hat.

COOPER: That is correct. John Berman there. All right.

LEMON: Did you know that?

COOPER: Two points for John. Don got zero. Twenty points for each correct answer, so John's team gets an extra 20 -- extra 40 points I should say. Final team, Jake and Erin. Guys, come on down.

BURNETT: This is not fair. This is not fair.

COOPER: It's -- no, you guys...

TAPPER: That was really tough.

COOPER: You're both equally matched. All of those you were tough.

TAPPER: Who walked up there with his hands behind his back?

BURNETT: All right, come on.

TAPPER: I've been practicing.

COOPER: All of your questions will be about the Roosevelts, all right? How do you...

BURNETT: Seriously?

COOPER: Yeah, seriously. You feel confident? All right. Hands behind your backs. Just four questions about the Roosevelts. TAPPER: Those are her major in college.

COOPER: Yeah, that's right.


COOPER: FDR's new deal was to a phrase bar from what famous American author's writing. A, Henry David Thoreau, B, Herman Melville, C, Nathaniel Hawthorne, or D, Mark Twain.

TAPPER: Mark Twain.

COOPER: Mark Twain, yes, from a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court. Which of the following is not a job Teddy Roosevelt held prior to entering The White House as president, not a job? A, New York Police Commissioner, B, Dakota Territory Sherif, C, Park Ranger, D, Governor. Erin.


COOPER: That is incorrect.


COOPER: That is correct. Park ranger. He was not a park ranger. Two final questions. President Franklin Roosevelt reportedly suffered from triskaidekaphobia, which is a fear of what. A, children, B, ghost, C, produce, D, the number 13.


COOPER: That is correct -- the number 13. Number four, final question. On the way to a campaign stop in 1912 this happened and yet Teddy Roosevelt went on to deliver his campaign speech. A, confronted and killed and a bear, B, helped give birth to his child...

TAPPER: He was shot.

COOPER: That is correct. He was shot in the chest. Very good. Nice job. Jake, you got all four correct. That's four points for Jake. You guys go back to your team. 20 points for each correct answer.

TAPPER: Your moment is gone. Come back now (inaudible).

COOPER: All right, let's take a look at the scores. Right now in third place, Chris and Don have forty points. You have put 20 on the board.

Erin and John 140 points, you're in second place.

And taking the lead right now, Jake and Alisyn with 200 points. Nicely done.

Up next -- I love all the smack talking going on.

CUOMO: Can we start over? COOPER: Oh no, we're willing to it. It's all about teamwork coming up. Players give their teammates clues to help them identify a presidential photo, a photo that the guesser cannot see.

Point values go way up again. Opportunity for you guys to come back, Chris and Don.

Stay tuned will be right back.


Hey, welcome back to "CNN Quiz Show". Three teams are competing to win money for their favorite charities.

Remember you can play along on Tweeter at CNN politics using the hashtag cnnquiz.

Let's check out where the teams stand so far. Right now, in...

LEMON: You don't have to do that.

COOPER: ... third place, Chris and Don. I'm not calling it last place. Third place.

LEMON: Right. Push it.

COOPER: Erin and John in second place, 140 points. And Jake and Alisyn taking the lead with 200 points.

Points can really go up though in this round. Come now to play, "Picture This". Teammates have to work together. One person giving clues, the other is guessing. A person, a place, or a thing will pop up at the screen all having to do with presidents, of course. The clue giver has to get their teammate to correctly guess what's on the screen behind them.

You cannot use any part of the word, no initials, no rhymes with. So if the picture say the Abraham Lincoln pops up, you can't say the Abraham Schmecken (ph). You'll have one minute to guess as many as possible, and correct answers are worth 30 points.

Chris and Don, you guys are in last place, you're going to get first. Come on up.

LEMON: Ready?

CUOMO: Can we say like -- sounds like little Limpton (ph).

COOPER: All right, your category is first ladies. Name the wives of the presidents. You have 60 seconds.

LEMON: Really?

COOPER: Yes. First ladies -- the wives of the presidents.

CUOMO: I'm going to get kicked in the stomach this clues. COOPER: 60 seconds on the clock. You guys ready?

LEMON: Ready. Come on.

COOPER: All right, 60 seconds on the clock, go.

LEMON: That's I thought a little bit -- you can't' push it down the airline.

COUMO: Dolley Madison.

LEMON: There you go. She looked at lovingly in his eyes all the time.

COUMO: He's white?

LEMON: The oldest president -- yeah, he's white. The oldest...

COUMO: George Washington Bartholomew's wife.

LEMON: The oldest president. Pass.

COUMO: The oldest president?

LEMON: The oldest president.

COUMO: Give me more clues man.

LEMON: He has a bedroom in the White House. People stay there.

COUMO: Abraham Lincoln.

LEMON: Yes, yes, but his wife. His wife. Yes.

COUMO: Martha...

LEMON: The virgin...

COUMO: Mary...

LEMON: You said the name already.

COUMO: Mary...

LEMON: Tunnel (ph).

COUMO: Mary Lincoln.

LEMON: Yeah, there you go.

COUMO: Mary Lincoln?


COUMO: Oh, heart.

LEMON: Yeah, go ahead.

COUMO: We'll get that.

LEMON: Yes. OK, there's a bridge.

COUMO: Named after her?

LEMON: Yes. It goes to New Jersey. That's -- yes.

COUMO: Close to...

LEMON: New Jersey from Manhattan -- the bridge, uptown.

COUMO: George Washington?

LEMON: Yes, but you -- who's his wife, remember? We're doing wives.

COUMO: I know, but you're supposed to give me a clue about her name, not his.

TRAPPER: The Washington Bridge, wow.

LEMON: Martha Washington.

COUMO: But I wanted her name.


CAMEROTA: Well, that was worth.

COUMO: I wanted her name. Not his name.

COOPER: Yeah, I can honestly say 60 seconds have never felt quite so long, OK.

LEMON: White.

CUOMO: I know.

COOPER: You guys are up to 100 points, you're in second place. All right, now Erin and John, you guys were in second place.


BERMAN: All right. Good.

COOPER: Come on down.

Your guys categories, famous people who were friends with or connected to presidents. All right? Famous people, friends with or connected to presidents. Sixty seconds on the clock, go.

BURNETT: Had an affair with like violent (inaudible) stuff -- had an affair with JFK.

BERMAN: Marilyn Monroe. BURNETT: Yes.

COOPER: Correct.

BURNETT: Pass. Married Angelina Jolie...

BERMAN: Brad Pitt.

COOPER: Correct.

BURNETT: Pass. Married to Beyonce.


BURNETT: Pass. Next, I'm sorry.

COOPER: Correct.

BURNETT: Has a talk show.

BERMAN: Oprah.

BURNETT: Very popular talk show.

BERMAN: Oprah -- Oprah Winfrey.

BURNETT: Bald head, bald head.

BERMAN: Montel Williams.

BURNETT: Man, bald head, white.

BERMAN: Michael Smerconish.

BURNETT: He's a doctor. He's a doctor.


BURNETT: Even more famous than Dr. Oz.

BERMAN: There's no one more famous than Dr. Oz.


BURNETT: Pass. He a famous singer.

BERMAN: Barry Manilow. Frank Sinatra.

BURNETT: No, more modern. In the '50s and '60s, famous singer.

BERMAN: E. Martin?

BURNETT: Priscilla.

BERMAN: Priscilla -- Elvis Presley.


COOPER: Correct.

BURNETT: Had a fight with Tom Cruise.

COOPER: All right. Four rights. Four rights.

All right ...

BURNETT: Dr. Phil.

COOPER: ... 30 points per answer.

BURNETT: Dr. Phil.

BERMAN: I am sorry.

COOPER: 120 points added to the board. Final team, Jake and Alisyn. Guys, come on down.

CAMEROTA: All right. John.

CUOMO: That was so much easier. Low cost category.

COOPER: All right, your category is children of presidents.

CAMEROTA: Oh, boy.

COOPER: Children of presidents, 60 seconds on the clock, ready? Go.

CAMEROTA: Daughter of John and...

TAPPER: Caroline Kennedy?

COOPER: Correct.

CAMEROTA: Daughter of Jimmy.

TAPPER: Jimmy Carter.

COOPER: Correct.

CAMEROTA: Daughter of George.

TAPPER: Jenna Bush?


COOPER: Correct.

CAMEROTA: Daughter of Richard.

TAPPER: Pat Nixon?


TAPPER: Julie Nixon Eisenhower?

CAMEROTA: Close. Daughter of the -- sorry, son of the 40th president.

TAPPER: Ron Reagan, Jr.

COOPER: Correct.

CAMEROTA: Daughter of Gerald.


CAMEROTA: OK, first name is very common.

TAPPER: Mary Ford, Jennifer Ford.

CAMEROTA: Within the Partridge family. I don't know anymore.

Pass. Daughter of Bill and Hillary.

TAPPER: Chelsea Clinton.

COOPER: That is correct.

CUOMO: Really?

COOPER: OK, you have five correct, five correct. Each worth 30 points, that's 150 points on the board.

CUOMO: Our category is so much harder.

COOPER: You guys go back guys. Well let's take a look at the scores right now. Chris and Don 100 points, Erin and John second place 260, Jake and Alisyn...


TAPPER: That doesn't count? That four doesn't count for Patricia Forbes?

CAMEROTA: I don't think it was Patricia...

COOPER: It wasn't Patricia


TAPPER: OK, OK, OK, I don't even know what it was.

COOPER: It was Tricia Nixon.


COOPER: 360 points Jake and Aliysn continuous, but in the lead. Ahead the (inaudible) plays match make. The stakes are getting higher, we'll be right back.


COOPER: Welcome back to CNN quiz show. (inaudible) of CNN anchors to continue to win a total $40,000 with their favorite charities. In third place right now Chris and Don are playing for Help the USA they've got 100 points. Erin and John playing for Save the Children they have 260 points. And leading the pack Jake and Alisyn playing for Homes for Our Troops they have 350 points. And it's got very much to anybody's game.

Our next game is match make. Each will have one minute 60 seconds to match people, pets or things significant to a particular president. The team who makes the most matches in the shortest amount of time wins 40 points second place earns 20 points and third place gets 10 points.

I want to bring down our first team to the magic wall and let's get started. Jake and Alisyn, since you're in the lead, we'll let's go first this time. All right.


COOPER: Let's check this out. These are the three categories. You get to pick one category.

CAMEROTA: What do you like?

TAPPER: Well you're good at the music, right?

CAMEROTA: Yes, but I think we should go with your strongs (ph), thankfully.

COOPER: It was domesticated matters, the box stops here, face the music.

TAPPER: And not going to tell us (inaudible).

COOPER: Could mean anything, frankly, yes.

TAPPER: Let's do the box stop here, I guess.

COOPER: Box stops here. All right the category is currency, here are a list of the presidents. I'm going to press this, another list will come up here you have to link currencies to the presidents. Are you ready? 60 seconds we're going to be on the clock, when I press go -- you guys ready?


COOPER: OK, let me press the time here and again.

TAPPER: OK, Thomas Jefferson is a nickel. Ulysses Grant is a 50. FDR is a dime. Abraham Lincoln a five and William McKinley is a 500.

COOPER: All right you're, let's go over there, let's see the, the man of green. When it lights up green, that means you got it correct. Let's take a look what we got. You got them all right. (inaudible), that too you 20 seconds to (inaudible)

CAMEROTA: Not bad.

COOPER: So I'll add up your score in a moment. Get back. Erin and John are in the second place, so they got to play next. Come on down.

LEMON: Go guys.

BERMAN: I don't know.


BURNETT: You want to (inaudible), you want to (inaudible).

BERMAN: Yeah, well, yeah, (inaudible).

COOPER: All right, you got two categories to choose from, face the music or domesticated matters?

BERMAN: Domesticated matters.

BURNETT: Let's do domesticated matters.

COOPER: All right take a look domesticated matters.

BURNETT: I want some (inaudible), OK.

COOPER: Is this presidential pet. A president's pets, a list of (inaudible) pets or related things. Well will pops it there at the list. 60 seconds on the clock, begin.

BERMAN: All right. Fala is Franklin Rooselvelt.


BERMAN: Millie is George H.W Bush. Checkers is Richard Nixon. Satan is John Adams and Hem is Lyndon Johnson (inaudible).

COOPER: Wow, all right, let's go back over there. Let's take a look at how many you got right. How do you know Satan was John Adams?

BURNETT: I -- that...

BERMAN: Well...

COOPER: It seems that's correct?

BERMAN: I have a good line.

COOPER: You've right. (inaudible), that's very good. It took you 14 seconds. You actually beaten Jake and Alisyn in the amount of time.


COOPER: All right, Don and Chris, guys come on down.

LEMON: Let's go.


LEMON: Which one do you want to go with?

COOPER: Let's see, you're going to face the music in more (inaudible) in line

LEMON: What is it why is it going to be like the middle names of presidents?


COOPER: Presidential instruments. So this is the list of presidents and instruments.


LEMON: Are you for real? Are you kidding me?

CUOMO: Who's on the money?


CUOMO: And now we get what they played? I mean who did we make angry there?


LEMON: I have no idea any of this (inaudible).

COOPER: All I can say is I'm glad I have the agents that I have on both side.

CUOMO: I thought matching the ties that's in.

COOPER: All right. 60 seconds you're going (inaudible).


COOPER: All right. Here's a list of instruments and let's begin 60 seconds.

LEMON: (inaudible) Clinton


LEMON: The harmonica, gees, I have no idea.

CUOMO: Of course you don't.

LEMON: I don't -- I have no idea. Just put it up there somewhere. Do piano Nixon. I don't know, go ahead.

CUOMO: Let's go with...

LEMON: Just do it, because it's time, right?

CUOMO: Yeah, because time is going to make a difference.

LEMON: There you go. Harmonica, piano, you're going to do that for the harmonica?

CUOMO: I don't know. We can move him around. Which one you like?

LEMON: That's good, that's good.

CUOMO: Wait.

LEMON: Are you sure?

CUOMO: No, no, I only know him. Have you -- do you know any of these?

LEMON: No, I don't. I just don't...

CUOMO: Just hit the box, hit the box.

COOPER: OK, what do you have over there? Let's see how many get corrected. Correct ones will pop up green. All right, you got two, you got two. (inaudible) who's playing the banjo, who knew. Thanks guys.


COOPER: Erin and John, got 5 right in 14 seconds, they are on first place. They get 40 points for that game. Jake and Alisyn, got five rights for 20 seconds. That puts them in second place, they got 20 points fort that. CHRIS and Don, got in 2 right in 32 seconds, they're in third place, they got 10 points for that.

Chris and Don 110 points, Erin and John in second place, 300 points. And Jake and Alisyn in the lead with 370 points. This next round is key though, you can put a lot of points on the board, a rapid fire around, it could change everything. We'll be right back.


COOPER: Hi, welcome back to CNN Quiz Show "President Edition". The player to competing for a total $40,000 can be divided among the charities that they have chosen. The teams have wrap up points, there are still time to turn it around and yes, I'm talking about you Chris and Don.

Here is where we stand. Next right now, Chris and Don 110 points, Erin and John 300 points, Jake and Alisyn, they lead with 370, really is anybody's game though. A lot points are (inaudible) ask coming up right now.

The next game is four presidents. Each team will be presented with pictures of four presidents. When I state fact the players take turns saying which president that fact applies to you. Each team will have one minute to get as many correct as possible, each answer will be worth 40 points. So there a lot of points here up for grabs. Let see our players do with this challenge.

All right, Chris and Don because you're in the last place you'll go first.


CUOMO: What happen to the third place? Why did...

COOPER: You're right, you're right.

CUOMO: Thank you.

COOPER: Chris and Don you guys are in third place.

LEMON: Thank you Anderson.

COOPER: You'll go first. I'll ask the first question to the person on the left in each team, so Chris you get the first question. I'll alternate between you two.

CUOMO: He's much more left that I am. Here we go.

COOPER: There's going to be 60 seconds on the clock. Let's put the four presidents up. You have John Adams, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

CUOMO: The John Adams picture is causing a seizure for me right now.

COOPER: So the fact that I'm going to give you statement I'm going to give you applies to one of these presidents, you have to guess which one. 60 seconds on the clock. The goal is to get as many of this right as possible in 60 seconds. Let's begin.

Chris, he signed a controversial law forbidding false, scandalous and malicious writing against the U.S. government.

CUOMO: John Adams.

COOPER: That is correct. Don, he's the first president to deliver a speech on television.

LEMON: Roosevelt.

COOPER: That is correct. FDR, that was correct. Chris, this president appeared on the cover of Time Magazine more than 50 times.

CUOMO: Bill Clinton.

COOPER: Incorrect. Don, the first president to received a black head of state of the White House.

LEMON: That is incorrect. Number five, this president had sibling, Chris, that serve jail sentences.

CUOMO: Bill Clinton.

COOPER: That is correct. Don, first president born in Massachusetts?

LEMON: Adams.

COOPER: Correct. Chris, this president's stamp collection sold for about $250,000 after his dead.

CUOMO: Richard Nixon.

COOPER: That is incorrect. Don -- that's FDR. Don, before becoming president he applied to FBI but never joined.

LEMON: Nixon.

COOPER: That is correct. Chris, which president is deemed by genealogist to be related to 11 other presidents?

CUOMO: Franklin D. Roosevelt.

COOPER: That is correct. Stop. All right, wow. 60 seconds.

BURNETT: Wow, good job.

BERMAN: I think you -- they got John Adams on the black head state and I think that was correct...

CUOMO: In fact that was correct.

TAPPER: ... it was (inaudible). I think that was correct answer.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yeah, everybody knows that.

COOPER: He was the (inaudible) president. So we're going to give you that point. You get a total of seven correct answers, each of those worth 40 points. Let's take a look at score. You're now at 390 points.

LEMON: Justice.

COOPER: All right, time now...


BURNETT: First place.

COOPER: Erin and John your turn. We'll put your four presidents up on the board. Let's take a look, Barack Obama, Andrew Jackson, Lyndon B. Johnson and Abraham Lincoln. Are you ready to play?

BURNETT: OK, we're ready.

COOPER: All right, 60 seconds on the clock. Erin, this president is enshrined in wrestling hall of fame.

BURNETT: Lyndon B. Johnson.

COOPER: Incorrect. Lincoln. John, he was target of the first attempted to the presidential assassination.

BERMAN: Andrew Jackson.

COOPER: That was correct. Erin, the first president to appoint an African-American to the Supreme Court.

BURNETT: Lyndon Johnson.

COOPER: That is correct. There the Marshall. John, he's the tallest U.S. President.

BERMAN: Abraham Lincoln.

COOPER: That is correct. Erin, the only president to take the oath of office from a woman.

BURNETT: Barack Obama.

COOPER: Incorrect, Johnson. John, this president set the last Thursday in November the official day for Thanks Giving.

BERMAN: Abraham Lincoln.

COOPER: That is correct. Erin, he had pet ape named Tata.

BURNETT: Lyndon Johnson.

COOPER: Incorrect. President Obama. John, he's the second tallest president.

BERMAN: Lyndon Johnson.

COOPER: That is correct. Erin, gave way thousands of toothbrushes with presidential seal as White House gifts.

BURNETT: All right, Lyndon Johnson.

COOPER: That is correct. John, this president frequently told jokes even though he suffered from deep depression.

BERMAN: Abraham Lincoln.

COOPER: That is correct. Erin, it said that his president could bench press 200 pounds. You can answer it?


BURNETT: Lyndon Johnson.

COOPER: Incorrect, Barack Obama. All right.

CUOMO: 200 pounds?

BURNETT: Barack Obama (inaudible) 200 pounds.

(CROSSTALK) COOPER: All right, seven correct points worth seven correct answers 40 points each. You're now up to 580 points.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There goes the lead.


TAPPER: No, you're great, you're great, your great.

COOPER: All right, the pressure is on for Jake and Alyson.

TAPPER: I have to say, but John Berman was -- did he only say Abraham Lincoln every question?

COOPER: Pretty much, yeah. Yeah, he got them -- they were all right.

TAPPER: That's interesting.

BURNETT: This is the guy who got the money thing, and you...


CUOMO: Who -- which face is on the money, you know. Holly.

COOPER: That wasn't pretty easy one. All right, let's take a look at your four presidents. The funny -- they were all the same president wasn't it.

BURNETT: That was it.

COOPER: Jimmy Carter, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, Ulysses S. Grant. All right, 60 seconds on the clock. Jake, I'll start with you. Jake, he was president of college before entering the White House.

TAPPER: Dwight D. Eisenhower.

COOPER: Correct. Alyson, he was the first president born in a hospital.


COOPER: That is correct. Jake, he served five years of president of labor union.

TAPPER: Reagan.

COOPER: That is correct, Screen Actor's Guild. Alyson, the first president to point in African-American executive assistant.


COOPER: Incorrect, Eisenhower. Jake, his nickname was unconditional surrender.

TAPPER: Grant. COOPER: Correct. Alyson, after bad investment he became bankrupt after his presidency.


COOPER: Correct. Jake, he appointed to first female Supreme Court justice.

TAPPER: Reagan.

COOPER: That is correct. Alyson, he was the first president to have a televise news conference -- press conference.

CAMEROTA: Eisenhower.

COOPER: That is correct. Jake, upon graduation from west point this president was...

TAPPER: Grant.

COOPER: Correct. Alyson, collected bottles and arrowheads.


COOPER: Incorrect, Carter. Jake, he reportedly smoked 20 cigars a day.

TAPPER: Grant.

COOPER: That is correct. Alyson, this president had seven year career in the navy.

CAMEROTA: Eisenhower.

COOPER: Incorrect, Carter. Jake, the president to telecast in (inaudible) the first president to telecast (inaudible).

TAPPER: Eisenhower.

COOPER: That is correct. All right, we got 10 corrects. We got 40 points each obviously 400 points. 770 points and takes the lead, once again. That's where the score are right now. When we come back our final round, the big one, the big bet, one question for each team. During the break they'll decide how much to wage it. It all comes down to this. Stay tuned.


COOPER: All right, welcome back to the "CNN Quiz Show: President's Edition", this is it, this is the final round. $40,000 on the line for three charities, Homes for Our Troops, Help USA and Save the Children. First place will get $20,000 to the charity of their choice, second and third place, each get $10,000.

Let's recap the scores, Chris and Don in third place out of three, 319. Erin and John, 580 points in second place, and in the lead right now Jake and Alisyn with 770 points. But it all comes down to this, the big bet. Each team will get to chose from our group of presidents and then I'm going to ask them a question that relates to that president or his administration.

During the break the teams decided how much they're wager, if they answered their question correctly of course they earn the points they bet, if they get it wrong they lose those points, they're going to have 20 seconds to come up with their answers. And this time they can't consult with their teammates. It's anyone's game right now so, let's get to it. You guys, ready?


COOPER: All right, Chris and Don, you guys are third place, you're going to get first pick of these presidents, just take a look at the presidents, what your options are, Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon or Lyndon Johnson. Which president to you chose?


CUOMO: Reagan?

LEMON: OK, we'll do Reagan. President Reagan.

COOPER: All right, you're going to have 20 seconds to give the answer, I'm going to show you a video first and then I'll give you the question.


RONALD REAGAN, 40TH U.S. PRESIDENT: I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience.


COOPER: That was Ronal Reagan in his second presidential debate in the 1984 election. Reagan won the election by a landslide. What was the only state that Reagan lost to his opponent Walter Mondale? You have 20 seconds.


COOPER: Are you ready with you answer? What's your answer?

LEMON: Are you sure? We're going to say New York.

COOPER: That is incorrect.

LEMON: Is it...

COOPER: The only state...

LEMON: ... Minnesota?

COOPER: ... Reagan lost to his opponent was Minnesota. LEMON: Yes, that was his answer.

COOPER: That is where Walter is from. He won his home state of Minnesota. He won it by 3,761 votes. Let's take a look at much you wager.

LEMON: Zero, no we bet the house.

COOPER: You bet the house.

LEMON: Yeah.

COOPER: Meaning you bet everything.

LEMON: Yes everything.

CUOMO: Yes that's what we meant and -- we bet everything. I'm going to say it again.

LEMON: All the time I didn't listen to him, he got it right.

CUOMO: All of it. All of it, we bet all of it, Anderson.

COOPER: You go down the zero. All right, Erin and John, the remaining president available to you are John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson.

BERMAN: What do you think?



BURNETT: OK. Kennedy.

COOPER: OK. We're going to show you a video and ask the questions.


JOHN F. KENNEDY, 35TH U.S. PRESIDENT: Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans.


COOPER: That of course is John F. Kennedy's famous inaugural speech. In order to get the Democratic Party's nod to be their candidate, he had to beat other nominees, name one.

That was is John F. Kennedy's famous inaugural speech. In order to get the Democratic Party's nod to be their candidate, he had to beat other nominees, name one.

BERMAN: I don't understand the question.

COOPER: In order to get the Democratic Party's nod... BERMAN: Past nominees, future nominees.

COOPER: Yeah, to beat out other people at the convention, people at the convention.

BERMAN: At the convention. Lyndon Johnson.

COOPER: That is correct. Lyndon Johnson.

LEMON: You didn't even take 20 seconds.



COOPER: Let's take a look at how much you wager. You wagered everything, you bet the House? All right. So you got 1160. It al boils down to Jake and Alisyn.

COOPER: You only have two categories, Richard Nixon or Lyndon Johnson?

TAPPER: We'll go with Richard Nixon for $200.

COOPER: All right, let's take a look at the video.


RICHARD NIXON, 37TH U.S. PRESIDENT: I welcome this kind of examination because people have got to know whether or not their president is a crook. Well I'm not a crook, I've earn everything I've got.


COOPER: That was a press conference. That was Richard Nixon in a press conference November 17th 1973 denying his involvement in the Watergate coverup. The President resigned of course less than a year later. What was the name of the secret informant known as Deep Throat that worked with reporters to bring down the President?

The name of Deep Throat that worked with reporters to bring down the president?

OK, answer.

TAPPER: Who? It's Mark Felt.

COOPER: That is correct. Now let's take a look at how much you wager. 400 points, that brings you 10 points above, so you get a 1170. Jake and Alisyn, you guys win.


BERMAN: Beyonce tipped the scale. You all know it's true. You all know the truth. COOPER: All right, Jake and Alisyn gets $20,000 for their charity, Homes for Our Troops. Erin and John get $10,000 for Save the Children and Chris and Don...

LEMON: Do we get anything...

COOPER: ... get $10,000 for HELP USA. Your charity gets $10,000.

That's it for us, thanks you very much for watching. I want to thank our studio audience. Have a great evening. Good night.