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ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: After she was finally captured by police, (inaudible) kidnap (inaudible) occupation was, do you think you know the answer find out tonight on "The CNN Quiz Show, 70's Edition".

Hey there and welcome to the CNN Quiz Show 70's Edition. I'm Anderson Cooper. Tonight, we're going to be testing our CNN anchors knowledge of the 1970s.

Three teams face off against each other, answering historical trivia about the infamous decade, everything from news to pop culture, Watergate to disco, Vietnam to Star Wars, at stake a total cash prize of $40,000 to be divided between the charities of their choice, also at stake perhaps a little bit of their pride.

You can also play along at home on Twitter use the #CNNQUIZ. Now, let's meet the team, all right, let's a take look who we got.

All right, team number one, host of "The Wonder List", Bill Weir and host of "New Day", Alisyn Camerota.

Now, before I ask you what charity you're playing for, I just want show every America what you look like in the 1970s.



COOPER: Let's take a look, shall we.



COOPER: Yes. Which is which? Oh, I love those pictures. All right, what charity you guys are playing for?

CAMEROTA: Well, we want to do something for the 1.7 million children who were affected by the earthquake in Nepal.

WEIR: Right. And so UNICEF has been in that country for 50 years.

COOPER: Right.

WEIR: Food, medicine, shelter...

COOPER: That's great.

WEIR: Let's not forget those kids.

COOPER: All right, playing for UNICEF and for Nepal.

Team number two, host of "Quest Means Business" Richard Quest...


COOPER: ... and host of "CNN Newsroom"...


COOPER: ... Brooke Baldwin, let's see what you were doing in the 70s. Wow. All right, Richard Quest what was Hogwarts like? What charity are you guys playing for?

BALDWIN: Lot of young people on this country, you know, their parents don't have homes and so we wanted to give to this national non-profit StandUp For Kids.


COOPER: Team number three, host of "CNN Tonight" Don Lemon...


COOPER: and host of "Early Start" and "At This Hour" John Berman...

LEMON: Who is who in that picture?

COOPER: Take a look -- in 1970s.

LEMON: Wow. Look at the (inaudible) cap.

COOPER: Your charity is the Tom Joyner Foundation.

JOHN BERMAN, "EARLY START" and "AT THIS HOUR" HOST: The Tom Joyner Foundation, yeah.

LEMON: Tom Joyner Foundation which is near, near to my heart. And it supports to certainly black colleges and universities like HBCUs. It support to give some endowments and it helps the campuses and the facilities. $65 million raise so far 200,000 students helped.

COOPER: All right. Well, let's get how much of yesterday. The winning team gets $20,000 for their charity, the other two teams get $10,000 each. Let's get started the first game is Buzz.

BALDWIN: I'm ready.


COOPER: Questions in this round worth 10 points each. The first player to buzz in, gets to answer, players can buzz in before the question is completed. But if you answer incorrectly, your team is lock out from guessing again. No consulting with your teammate, for instance if Bill buzzes in, Bill has to answer. Everyone ready?



COOPER: All right. Leaked in 1971 to The New York Times, Pentagon - Bill?

WEIR: The Pentagon...


WEIR: ... papers, the Pentagon Papers as...

COOPER: Incorrect. Leaked in 1971 to the New York Times, the Pentagon Papers were originally commissioned by whom? Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, Robert McNamara, Henry Kissinger? Richard?

QUEST: McNamara.

COOPER: That is correct.

Passed by Congress and ratify in 1971, what did -- John?

BERMAN: Voting Age to 18.


BALDWIN: And so it began.

COOPER: That is correct.

BERMAN: Thank you.

LEMON: 26 points (ph).

COOPER: Mary Ann Vecchio was a 14-year-old runaway infamously captured in a Pulitzer Prize when he picture It where? A, J. Edgar Hoover's funeral, B, Nixon Inauguration, C, Kent State Shooting, D -- Bill?

WEIR: Kent State Shooting.

COOPER: That is correct.

After being arrested for cocaine charges, political activist and Yippie founder Abbie Hoffman went underground and adapted what alias? A, Larry Under, B, al-Abama, C, Terry Aki, D, Barry Freed? John?

BERMAN: D, Barry Freed.

COOPER: That is correct. He also had plastic surgery. Political bumper stickers who were all the range in the 1970s, fill in the line for this famous bumper sticker popular during the Watergate scandal, "Don't blame me I'm from...

BERMAN: Massachusetts.

COOPER: That is correct.

BALDWIN: How the Massachusetts is the answer?

COOPER: The governor was the carried (ph) Massachusetts, the only state who carried (ph).

Upon his resignation, Vice President Spiro Agnew paid back taxes and legal fees with the help of an estimated $200,000 loan from whom. A, Richard Nixon, B, his mother, C, Ronald Reagan, D. Frank Sinatra? Alisyn?

CAMEROTA: Frank Sinatra.

COOPER: That is correct.



COOPER: Actually got (inaudible) his autobiography to Sinatra.

[19:05:00] Gerald Ford was won as vice president on December 6 in 1973 and in his remarks afterward said this famous quote, "I am Ford not a blank". Is it A, Chevy, B -- John?

BERMAN: (Intel)

COOPER: Incorrect.

A, Chevy, B, Nixon, C, Crook, D, Lincoln.


BALDWIN: Lincoln?

COOPER: That is correct.


COOPER: Betty Ford is said to be one of the most candid first ladies in history, which issue did Betty Ford not support publicly? Equal rights amendment, A, B, ending the draft, C, mental health care, D, abortion rights.



COOPER: Ending the drafts, that is correct. The 1972, Munich Olympic games was suspended for day after a terrorist attack by a Palestinian group. That left 11 Israeli athletes and coaches dead, what was the name of that group? A, Fatah, B, Hamas, C, Black September?


WEIR: Black September.

COOPER: That is correct.

In 1972, Jane Fonda spent two weeks in North Vietnam. She was called the traitor after she was photographed doing what? A, Riding in a tank -- John?

BERMAN: When she was seen with a missile. They arm up near a missile.

COOPER: That is incorrect.

A, riding in a tank -- Bill?

WEIR: Sitting on an anti-aircraft battery.

COOPER: That is correct.

CAMEROTA: Oh, good job, Bill.

COOPER: Very well done.

CAMEROTA: You are good.

COOPER: He subsequently said that posing on the gun was an unforgivable mistake. Which prominent 1970s figure is quoted as having said, "Somebody is going to get me one of these days, I can just see a little guy out there that nobody is paying any attention to. He reaches into his pocket and outcomes a little gun." A, John Lennon, B, Richard Nixon, C, Gerald Ford, D, George Wallace?


WEIR: John Lennon.

COOPER: That is incorrect.


BALDWIN: George Wallace.

COOPER: That is correct.

On May 15th, 1972, Alabama Governor George Wallace was shot by whom?


BERMAN: Arthur Bremer. COOPER: That is correct.

BALDWIN: Oh, I want jeopardy.

COOPER: That's a good one. When the -- John Berman did recently when jeopardy.

When the death penalty was abolished in California in '70s, whose death sentence was converted to life in prison? A, Ted Bundy, B, Charles Manson, C, Angela Davis, D, Billy Dean Anderson. Don?

LEMON: Charles Manson.

COOPER: That is correct.

Last question, after her arrest when asked while being booked, what did Patty Hearst state was her occupation? A, Freedom fighter, B, bank robber, C, The people's liberator, D, Urban guerrilla?


WEIR: People's liberator.

COOPER: That is incorrect.


QUEST: Urban guerrilla.

COOPER: That is correct. Wow, very close game, that does it for round one. The score so far are tied. Richard and Brooke with 40 tie with Bill and Alisyn, also with 40, Don and John with 60. It is anybody's game at this point, all right.

When we come back, the point values double as the players go head to head. Stay tuned.



COOPER: All right. Welcome back to the CNN Quiz Show, '70s edition. Let's take a look at the players' scores as a very close game. Bill and Alisyn, 40 points, Richard and Brooke, also 40 points, Don and John in the lead but only with 60 points and it's still anybody's game.

Our next game is called "Face Off". Two players from opposing teams face off against each other. They'll be asked four questions. First player to hit the bell gets the first shot at answering, correct answer are worth 20 points each with your names out of hatch (ph) to determine the match up. First off, Richard and Don, time to face off, guys.

BALDWIN: There you go.


BALDWIN: Go, Richard.




LEMONS: I think they help you. I'm sorry.

COOPER: No pushing. No pushing. All right. No, no. Here we go.

QUEST: You can have all the help you need.


COOPER: You're feeling cocky here. You're feeling confident, your hands behind your backs. Your category are innovations of the 1970s, ready?

QUEST: All right.

COOPER: Just four questions, on the campaign trail in 1976, Ronald Reagan's life was saved by what, 1970s invention, A, kevlar vest, B, defibrillator, EpiPen, D Heimlich maneuver.


QUEST: Kevlar vest.

COOPER: Incorrect.

LEMONS: I'm going to say the EpiPen.

COOPER: That is incorrect as well. It was the Heimlich maneuver. Reagan choked on a peanut. We'll move the bell back at the center.

What was the original name of the Sony Walkman when it was released in the U.S. in 1979? Was it A, Soundabout, B, Moovin Groovin...

LEMONS: Soundabout.

COOPER: That is correct.

BERMAN: Donny, Donny ball game.

COOPER: All right.

Although they were trying to create a strong adhesive for the Aerospace industry in...

QUEST: Post-it Note.

COOPER: Very good.

BALDWIN: Yes. What?

COOPER: 3M accidentally created the Post-It Note. Final question, what was not one of the features of 1977's revolutionary Apple II home computer. A, plays games, B, displays color graphics...

LEMONS: Plays games.

COOPER: That is incorrect. C...

QUEST: So, let's take our time.

COOPER: Yeah. A, plays games, B, displays color graphics, C, uses mouse, D, keyboard in a case.

QUEST: It's either mouse or I'll take the other one, D, keyboards in a case.

COOPER: It was mouse. Incorrect, I'm sorry. All right, not too bad.


COOPER: He ties you. He's got one, 20 points, his correct answer.

QUEST: I got it. I got it.

Good game. Good game. Good game.

COOPER: It is now Bill versus Brooke. Please come on down.

WEIR: All right.

BALDWIN: Got it.

COOPER: All right. Welcome, still confident?

BALDWIN: Come on, Bill.

WEIR: You know, last night, I put my $6 million (inaudible) lunch box under my pillow.

COOPER: (ph), yeah.

WEIR: Just let it sip in.

COOPER: Helping Steve Austin would help you somehow.

WEIR: Exactly.

COOPER: All right.

BALDWIN: I didn't need that.

WEIR: Yeah, right.

COOPER: All these questions will be about the sexual revolution.



COOPER: Interpret (ph) that as you will. Hands behind your back, all right.


COOPER: All right. No touching in this, please.

Published in 1972, the graphically illustrated book, "The Joy of Sex" sold over 12 million total copies, who wrote it? A, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, B, Dr. Alex Comfort, C, Virginia Johnson, D, Dr. William H. Masters?


BALDWIN: The last one?

COOPER: That is incorrect.

BALDWIN: Did you read this, Bill?

WEIR: Yeah.

COOPER: A, Dr. Ruth Westheimer...

WEIR: I learned most what I know.

[19:15:00] COOPER: B is Dr. Alex Comfort, C, Virginia Johnson, D, Dr. William H. Masters.

WEIR: It was B, Comfort.

COOPER: That is correct.

BALDWIN: Here we go.

COOPER: In June 1970, the first gay pride marches were held to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Stonewall riots, who owned the Stonewall in at the time of the riots? A, Drag Queens, B, the Mafia, C captain and the police force, D, the mayor.

BALDWIN: Guess, so really.


WEIR: I'm going to say, the Mafia.

COOPER: That is correct. Yup. The Mafia own a lot of bars back then.

Which country starts saying about contraceptives for married women in her 1975 hit song tilted "The Pill"? A, Dolly Parton, B, Tammy Wynette, C, Tanya Tucker, D, Loretta Lynn.

BALDWIN: Loretta Lynn.

COOPER: That is correct.


COOPER: Good job.

Which nickname did conservatives to Betty Ford after a famous 60 minutes interview where she discussed abortion, pre-marital sex and marijuana? A, No Lady, B, Bye-bye Betty, C, Battling Betty, D, Betty Boo.

BALDWIN: Bye-bye Betty?

COOPER: That is incorrect.

WEIR: Can I get them again?

COOPER: Yes. A, No Lady, B, Bye-bye Betty, C Battling Betty, D Betty Boo.

WEIR: What did she guess?


BALDWIN: You got to listen you go.

WEIR: Bye, bye Betty.

BALDWIN: That's what I guess.

WEIR: That's what you guess?

QUEST: Yes, yes.


WEIR: How could I have done what happened?



COOPER: And the correct answer was No Lady. All right, Bill, you got two, Brooke you got one...


COOPER: ... 20 points for each answer, you go back.


COOPER: OK. Final team Alisyn versus John come on down.

CAMEROTA: I do know it, unfortunately I do. Yes.

COOPER: All right. Now, all of your questions will be about 1970s movies.


COOPER: All right. And John, I should remind as we like to remind everybody because (inaudible) business cards, he just won Jeopardy.

WEIR: Celebrity.


BERMAN: Celebrity.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Celebrity Jeopardy.

COOPER: He already done down celebrity version of John.

BERMAN: Alisyn Camerota is the returnee champion of The CNN Quiz Show.

COOPER: Yes, you're right.

WEIR: Whatever.

COOPER: I will point out that I have won Celebrity Jeopardy two out of three times. Anyone else win Jeopardy? No? No one else just John and I?

WEIR: That's OK.

CAMEROTA: CNN Quiz Show anybody?



COOPER: All right. All right, hands behind your backs, four questions.

Until Michael Jackson's "Thriller" surpassed in the '80s the soundtrack to what 1977 film -- John?

BERMAN: Saturday Night Fever.

COOPER: That is correct, reigned as the top selling album in history.

Which actor did not earn an Oscar nomination in the 1970's for their respective movie? A, Al Pacino of Dog Day Afternoon, Dustin Hoffman for All the President's Men, C, John Travolta for Saturday Night Fever, or D, Sylvester Stallone for Rocky.

BERMAN: It's Stallone for Rocky.

COOPER: That is incorrect.

Which actor did not earn an Oscar nomination in the 1970's for their respective movie? CAMEROTA: John Travolta.

COOPER: That is incorrect. Our correct answer is Dustin Hoffman for All the President's Men.

And number three, Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito and Vincent Schiavelli, all play inmates in the 1975 film "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and all three actors ended up playing villains in what film series?

BERMAN: Batman.

COOPER: That is correct, well done.

LEMON: Nice.

COOPER: In what city was the 1972 film Cabaret set? A, Paris, B, New York, C, Berlin, D -- yes?


COOPER: That is correct.

WEIR: Yeah.

COOPER: Nicely done. Alisyn you got one point, John you got two points. You can go back to your respected teams, nicely done, all right.

Let's take a look at the scores, still a very close game. Richard and Brooke are in third place right now with 80 well, not far behind, Bill and Alisyn 100 points, Don and John in the lead but only with 120 points. It is still anybody's game.

Coming up next, all about team work. Players give their teammate clues to help them identify a person in a photo, a photo that they guess or cannot see in point values go way up against. Stay tuned.



COOPER: Welcome back to the CNN Quiz Show 70s Edition. Three teams are competing to win money for their favorite charities.

Remember, you can play along on Twitter @70cnn. That's the address, use the #CNNQUIZ.

Let's see what's the team stand so far. Right now, Richard and Brooke, now with 80 points in third place, Bill and Alisyn, very close -- in front of them with 100 points, Don and John in the lead with 120 points. As I said before, it is a very, very close game.

Time to play "Picture This". Teammates have to work together. One person giving clues, the other is guessing. A '70s personality will pop up on the screen. The clue-giver has to get their teammate to correctly guess who that 70s personality is. You can't use any part of the person's name. No initials. No rhymes with. You'll have one minute to guess as many as possible correct answers are worth 30 points. Are you guys ready?


COOPER: All right, Don and John, you are first place, you're going to (inaudible).

All right. The category is Studio 54. And I just -- little on fact, my mom took me to Studio 54 when I was 11 years old.

LEMON: That's illegal Anderson.

COOPER: Yes. I was...

LEMON: Did you drink?

COOPER: I was raised by wolves. That's it why.

COOPER: OK. So let's put 60 seconds on the clock. You have to start to give as many names as possible. The theme Studio 54, famous people who hang out at Studio 54, go.

LEMON: Oh, cabaret.

BERMAN: Liza Minnelli.

COOPER: Correct.

LEMON: A Campbell's soup.

BERMAN: Andy Warhol.

COOPER: Correct.

LEMON: Married to Mick.

BERMAN: Jerry Hall (ph).


BERMAN: Bianca Jagger.

COOPER: That is correct.

LEMON: Blue Lagoon.

BERMAN: Brooke Shields.

COOPER: Yes. That is correct.

LEMON: He wrote a book. Movie came out. Talk like this, famous...

BERMAN: Truman Capote.

COOPER: That's correct.

LEMON: Wrap dress.

BERMAN: Diane Von Furtsenberg.

COOPER: Correct.

LEMON: Let's see, jeans, designer jeans.

BERMAN: Calvin Klein.

COOPER: Correct.

LEMON: (Inaudible), Violet eyes. Michael Jackson's good friend, older...

BERMAN: Elizabeth Taylor.

LEMON: Correct.

LEMON: Oh, pass. Owner.

BERMAN: Ian Schrager. Steve Rubell.

COOPER: Yes. Correct.

[19:25:00] LEMON: (Inaudible) baby. Drive it in with me...

COOPER: That last one, I actually saw her perform (inaudible)...

BERMAN: Grace Jones.

COOPER: Grace Jones.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. That was good. That was hard.

COOPER: Yeah. That is hard. Also the other one skipped, was -- if I said Star Wars.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yeah. Carrie Fisher, yeah.

COOPER: All right. You got nine correct. Each point is worth 30 points. So, you have 390 points. Nice job. Bill and Ali, you were in the second place. It is your turn.

WEIR: Let's do this.

COOPER: All right. Your category is talk show host and sidekicks of the 1970s.


COOPER: All right. It is your talk show host and sidekicks of the 1970s. 60 seconds on the clock. Go. WEIR: Daytime talk show, long microphone...

CAMEROTA: Phil Donahue.

COOPER: Correct.

WEIR: And Kathie Lee.

CAMEROTA: Regis Philbin.

COOPER: Correct.

WEIR: King of Late Night. He is...

CAMEROTA: Johnny Carson.

COOPER: Correct.

WEIR: Interviewed Richard Nixon in his long series...

CAMEROTA: Bob Walters (ph)?

WEIR: No. In winter, this covers the ground.

CAMEROTA: Snow -- Frost -- David Frost.

WEIR: Yes.

COOPER: That's correct.

WEIR: Very erudite, limp guy...

CAMEROTA: Tony Rose (ph).

WEIR: No, no. First name is -- let's pass -- let's pass.

COOPER: Probably best.

WEIR: Look for Al Capone's vault, he's a journalist.

CAMEROTA: Geraldo Rivera.

COOPER: Correct.

WEIR: He is -- he created the wheel of fortune, big...

CAMEROTA: Merv Griffin.

WEIR: Yes.

COOPER: Correct.

WEIR: Another Daytime talk show host -- let's pass -- let's pass. Later, later...

COOPER: Nicely done, nicely done. You got right. Six, two of them you skipped Dick Cavett, only few would have done that and the second one with Mike Douglas on the talk show host.

CAMEROTA: Yeah. That was...

COOPER: There you go. All right, you got six correct, each is worth 30 points. ]

CAMEROTA: Great job.


LEMONS: That was great.

COOPER: Six correct, each is worth for 30 points, 280 points on the board. Finally, last team Richard and Brooke started this round in last place. Let's see what you can do here. Come on down.

BALDWIN: That's our favorite, the Brit and the gal born in 1979.


COOPER: The Brit -- this is going to be a tough category.

QUEST: Just be gentle with me.

COOPER: Your category is major athletes of the 1970s.

LEMONS: Yeah. Just skip right over that.

BALDWIN: We got this, Quest.

COOPER: All right.

QUEST: I'm good, yeah. Focus.



QUEST: We can do this.

COOPER: Major athletes...

QUEST: Who are you?

COOPER: ... of the 1970s, 60 seconds on the clock, ready, go.

QUEST: Battle of the sexes.

BALDWIN: Billy Jean King.

COOPER: Correct.

QUEST: Boxer. He won the...

BALDWIN: Muhammad Ali.

COOPER: Correct.

QUEST: Swimmer, lots of gold medals at the Olympics. He...

BALDWIN: Pass, pass. Sorry.

QUEST: What I'm doing? OK.

BALDWIN: Speeding, speeding...



QUEST: No. OK, First black winner of Wimbledon.

BALDWIN: Arthur Ashe.

COOPER: Correct.

QUEST: He's just changed from one side to the other.

BALDWIN: Bruce Jenner.

QUEST: The name that we've been talking about. The name that we keep...

BALDWIN: Hank Aaron right there.


COOPER: Correct.

QUEST: Pass.


QUEST: Good Lord.

BALDWIN: Let's go, Quest.

QUEST: Pass again. There's no way. Oh, yes. Now in prison, long car drive, extremely murder...

BALDWIN: Charles Manson.

COOPER: OK. Very close. I though you're going to have it with Mark Spits. He was spitting.

BALDWIN: Well done.

COOPER: The other one is you can get Dorothy Hamill, you passed on.

BALDWIN: Figure skater.

COOPER: Terry Bradshaw as well.

QUEST: Skater.

COOPER: Terry Bradshaw as well. All right. You got five correct, each worth 30 points. You got 230 points. So, right now, you were in the last place with 230 points Richard and Brooke, 280 points for Bill and Alisyn in second place, Don and John started to pull ahead with 390 points. Still, it is -- anybody's game. Ahead a rapid fire round. Anyone can take the lead.

Stay right there.



COOPER: Hey, welcome back to the CNN Quiz Show, 70's Edition. Three teams of CNN anchors are competing to win of total of $40,000 with their favorite charities.

In third place right now, Richard and Brooke playing for StandUp for Kids, they've got 230 points. Next, Bill and Alisyn playing for UNICEF with 280 points, leading the pack right now, Don and John playing for the Tom Joyner Foundation, they have 390 points.

Next game, all for one, each team will be presented with a set of four classics from the '70s, when I state a fact players then take turns saying which of the four that fact applies to. It sounds confusing, it's actually not.

Each team will have one minute to get as many correct as possible then will each answer, each answer will be worth 40 points. So we're going to put pictures on the board let see how our players do with this first challenge. OK, all right.

First one, Richard and Brooke, you were in the last place so we're going to start with you. You get first crack at this your set is for 1970s bands.

We put pictures of the bands on the board, Bee Gees, ABBA, Led Zeppelin and Eagles, those are the four bands all this questions will relate to. You have to guess which one the question...

QUEST: Yep, yep, yep.

COOPER: ... applies to.


COOPER: Put 60 seconds on the clock, ready, go.

Richard, in 1973 this band toured in a bowing 720 airplane name the Starship?

QUEST: Eagles.

COOPER: Incorrect, Brooke, it was Led Zeppelin, even, Brooke, even after $1 billion offer several members of this band said they'll never reunite?

BALDWIN: Bee Gees.

COOPER: Incorrect, ABBA. Richard after concerts, this band hosted (inaudible) Hotel parties they called "The Third Anchor"(ph).

QUEST: Led Zeppelin.

COOPER: Incorrect, Eagles. Brooke, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton's mega hit "Island in the Stream" was written by this group.

BALDWIN: Eagles.

COOPER: Incorrect, Bee Gees. Richard, a member of these bands father was a soldier for Nazi Germany?


COOPER: That is correct. Brooke, if the original name of this band was the New York Birds.

BALDWIN: Led Zeppelin.

COOPER: That is correct. Richard, the original members of this group perform was the backup band to Linda Ronstadt?

QUEST: Led Zeppelin.

COOPER: Incorrect, Eagles. Brooke, it's been reported that Nelson Della once declare this group his favorite part pop band.


COOPER: That is correct. Richard, this group disbanded after its drummer die of an alcohol-related death.

QUEST: Eagles.

[19:35:00] COOPER: Incorrect, Led Zeppelin. All right, you start to get coming back towards the end, three correct answers each ones worth 40 points, you got the 350 points, for Alisyn and Bill, you are in second place are.

QUEST: Can we talk that most them are the Eagles...

COOPER: All right, that's stressful.

Your set is for 1970s movies. Let's take a look at the movies right on the board. Jaws, Star Wars, Rocky and Superman. You got about 60 seconds on the clock. All these questions will relate to these four movies.

Bill, the "The Godfather" (inaudible), Mario Puzo also wrote the original screenplay for this film.

WEIR: Superman. COOPER: That is correct.

Alysin, Al Pacino admitted he turned down a role in this film?


COOPER: Incorrect, Star Wars.

Bill, this film won the best picture of Oscar in 1977 bidding taxi driver and network.

WEIR: Star Wars.

COOPER: Incorrect, Rocky.

Alisyn, Rob Redford, Neil Diamond, Warren Beatty were all considered for lead in this film?


COOPER: Incorrect, Superman.

Bill, until Star Wars was released, this movie was the highest grossing movie in U.S. history?

WEIR: Rocky.

COOPER: Incorrect, Star Wars.

Alysin, after Rocky, Sylvester -- excuse me, Jaws, after Rocky, Sylvester Stallone lobbied for but loss out on a lead role in this movie?

CAMEROTA: Superman.

COOPER: That is correct. Bill, released in 1975, this movie is credited with creating the tradition summer blockbusters?

WEIR: Jaws.

COOPER: That is correct. A variation, Alysin, of the line, "I have a bad feeling about this", appears in this movie -- and all it sequels. Give me an answer?

CAMEROTA: Star Wars.

COOPER: That is correct.

WEIR: Yes.

COOPER: That is nicely done. You got four correct answers, each one worth 40 points. You're going up to 440 points.

Time for Don and John, you have been in the lead. Your set is for the 1970s TV shows, for the 1970s TV shows. Let's take a look. All in the Family, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Carol Burnett Show, Saturday Night Live.

You watch live TV in the '70s?

LEMON: I did.

QUEST: Yeah. In Hogwarts, they didn't have TV.

COOPER: Good day, Richard.

CAMEROTA: That's good.

COOPER: Put too soon, I'm sorry. A little tender over here now, I know. Let's put 60 seconds on the clock.

Don, a character on this show defended herself from a rapist with a birthday cake.

LEMON: All in the Family.

COOPER: That is correct.

John, the lead actors in this TV series ended the show in its 11th season even though CBS wanted to renew it.

BERMAN: Carol Burnett Show.

COOPER: That is correct. Don, two actors in this show had previously appear in the film Change of Hobbit with Elvis Presley? Change of Hobbit with Elvis Presley.

LEMON: Mary Tyler Moore Show.

COOPER: That is correct.

John, the Muppets appeared in this show's first episode?

BERMAN: Saturday Night Live.

COOPER: That is correct.

COOPER: Don, Sammy Davis Jr. recorded an orchestral disco version of this show's theme song, an orchestral disco version.

LEMON: All in the Family.

COOPER: That is correct.

John, President Joel Ford appeared on this show.

BERMAN: Saturday Night Live.

COOPER: That is correct. Don, Harrison Ford and Mickey Rooney both turned down roles in this show were they was too offensive.

BERMAN: All in the Family. COOPER: That is correct. A cast member from this show, earned a number one spot on the billboard hot 100 for her song, "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia", John?

BERMAN: The Carol Burnett Show.

COOPER: That is correct. Don, this show earned a record breaking 29 Emmy Awards.

LEMON: All in the Family.

COOPER: That is incorrect.

BERMAN: Oh, come on.

COOPER: Finally. Mary Tyler Moore. That was the correct answer.

All right, eight of these is correct, very nicely done.


COOPER: Those are worth 40 points each. You go up to 710, taking a commanding lead right now. So let's take a look at the scores.

In the last place...


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That's it. I tried no precedence last time.

COOPER: I won't call it last place. I'll say in third place and third place, Richard and Brooke...

CAMEROTA: Thank you.

COOPER: 350. Bill and Alisyn 440, and Don and John with 710 points.


COOPER: Ahead, the team moved to magic wall play match make, the stakes are even higher.

Stay tuned.



COOPER: All right. Welcome back to the CNN Quiz Show 70s edition.

The players are competing for a total of $40,000. It'll be divided among the charities they've chosen. The teams rocked up points. There is still time through to turn it all around. Here's where they stand. Let's take a look.

In third place right now with 350 points, Richard and Brooke, Bill and Alisyn in second place, 440 points, and Don and John, a big lead right now with 710 points. And there's the opportunity to get some big points on the board (ph).

Our next game is called Match Make. Each team will have one minute to try to complete a match game. The team who makes the most matches in the shortest amount of time wins 150 points. Second place earns 100 points, third place gets 50.

Let's take a look of our first team, let's bring them down to the match floor and let's get started.

Don and John, since you're in the lead, I let you go first. Come on down.

LEMONS: No pressure.


LEMONS: I'm up here, right? I'm (inaudible).

COOPER: All right. These are your three categories, a matter of time, the beginning of the end, sex, lies and audio tape. There's the three categories.

BERMAN: That makes me nervous.


BERMAN: Time -- a matter of time.

COOPER: Sex, lies...

BERMAN: No a matter of time.

COOPER: That makes you nervous.

BERMAN: It's the audio tape that really makes me nervous.

COOPER: OK. All right.

LEMONS: Or the video tape.

COOPER: A matter of time. It is a matter of time. Is timeline, match the event the year it took place. So matching the events the year it took place. So...


COOPER: ... these were the events.


COOPER: You have 60 seconds on the clock.

BERMAN: I got all.

COOPER: Ready?


COOPER: And here -- and let's go. Sixty seconds.

BERMAN: '79, Three Mile Island.

LEMONS: Three...

BERMAN: '73 is Roe versus Wade.


BERMAN: '77 is -- '75 is Jimmy Hoffa Disappears. '78 is Jonestown.

LEMONS: '77 is Elvis Presley. All right.

BERMAN: '77 is Elvis Presley.

COOPER: Are you sure about that?


LEMONS: I know, Elvis and Jonestown. That was it.

COOPER: John, have you been studying?

BERMAN: I was alive from (inaudible). The Three Mile Island, the radiation. Yes.

[19:45:00] COOPER: You were clearly not experimenting with Quarlos (ph) in the 1970's. All right, let's take a look. You got them all right. Very nicely done. 19 seconds. Bill and Aly, you are in the second place. Come on down.


WEIR: So what's the time here again?

COOPER: Two categories left, the beginning of the end, sex lies and audio tape (ph).

CAMEROTA: We want sex, lies and audio tape.


COOPER: All right. I like the way you think. This -- sorry, this category you have to match the person to the scandal all right.



COOPER: You have to match the person to the scandal.

WEIR: How much time do we have to beat? COOPER: Well, it's a 19 seconds.

WEIR: Oh, my god.

COOPER: Yes. So these are the person, you have to match them to the scandals. Here the scandals, we're going to put 60 seconds and go.

WEIR: G. Gordon, Liddy's Watergates.


WIER: Daniel Ellsburg is the Pentagon Paper.


WEIR: Tax evasion, Spiro Agnew.


WEIR: Rights.


WEIR: Polanski sex scandal, Samantha Geimer.


WEIR: And Patty Hearst kidnapping, right?


WEIR: Let's do it.

COOPER: All right. Wow. You got it, you got it. I can't feel a confident.


WEIR: Oh, not at all.

COOPER: Let's take a look, how many correct answers you got them all.

WEIR: Yeah.

COOPER: Very nicely done.


CAMEROTA: How many seconds?

COOPER: I got this you beat them by one second.

CAMEROTA: Oh good job. That's great.

COOPER: OK, Richard and Brooke, come on down last category.

QUEST: That's their job that was really good. Oh, we have a choice.

BALDWIN: What should we choose? What should we choose?

QUEST: Let's think about this.

COOPER: The category your category is, the beginning of the end.

QUEST: It more ways than one.

BALDWIN: Switch in here.

COOPER: Beginning of the end is Watergate players. You have to match the person to their role in Watergates.

BALDWIN: You remember that time? You remember that era really well, right?

COOPER: Did they allow you to read papers at Hogwarts in the '70s? No?

QUEST: At least, the hunted education.

BALDWIN: No, oh yeah.

COOPER: All right.

QUEST: Oh god, this is (inaudible).

COOPER: Take a look at the Watergate players.

QUEST: Oh, god.

COOPER: And you have to match the persons to their role in Watergate. Here's their role and 60 seconds starts.

BALDWIN: OK. Washington Post reporter.

QUEST: Was (inaudible). Special prosecutor was -- he was the one who's fired, the burglar was I think that one (inaudible)...

BALDWIN: I don't know that one.

QUEST: ... district court judge was that one and the president's council -- no, Elecman (ph) is the burglar, and the court -- I think I've got those two the wrong way around. I think I've got them in the wrong way around but go for it anyway.


COOPER: Oh, all right.

BALDWIN: Do we know our Watergate?

COOPER: We'll take a look.

BALDWIN: Come here. Come here. Come here. QUEST: Yeah, I got the way around.


QUEST: Not about five...

COOPER: You have...

QUEST: ... we about five.

COOPER: You had it correct. You had it close and then all right.

QUEST: Suppose what just don't destroy me.

COOPER: It took you 29 seconds.


COOPER: 29 seconds.

QUEST: We just need in (inaudible).

COOPER: So team Bill and Ali, they got five right in 18 seconds, so you win this round with 150 points go up to 590 points. Team Don and John, you got five right in 19 seconds, you get 100 points added to your score so you got up to 810 points, Richard and Brooke got three right in 29 seconds, your still in third you get 50 points, you have 400 points now.

When we come back it all comes down to our final round, a big bet. One question for each team then to break, they'll decide how much are they're going to way (inaudible) and really does all come down to this.

Stay tuned.



COOPER: Hey. Welcome back to CNN Quiz Show 70s Edition. This is the final round. It all comes down to this $40,000 on the line for three charities, UNICEFS, StandUp for Kids and the Tom Joyner Foundation.

First place gets $20,000. Second and third place will each get $10,000.

Let's recap the scores. Richard, Brooke in third place right now with 400. Bill and Alisyn, 590 in second place. Don and John commanding lead at 810 points.

Our last game is The Big Bet. Each team will get to choose from a group of four iconic events from the 1970s and I'll ask question that relates to that event.

During the break, the teams decided how much they want to wager. If they answered the question correctly, they earn the points they bet, if they get it wrong they obviously lose those points.

They'll have 15 seconds to come up with the answer and they can consult with their teammate. So you can consult with your teammates this time. You're allowed to do that. It's anyone's game. Let's get do it. All right. Let's take a look.

So Richard and Brooke you're in third place. So...

QUEST: What?

COOPER: You're in third place so you get to go first pick. Your options are the Patty Hearst kidnapping, the Iran hostage crisis, Nixon resigns and "The Godfather". Those are the four options you have to choose from. Which one do you want to choose?

QUEST: We're going to go with Iran hostage.


COOPER: All right. Let's take a look at some video.


JIMMY CARTER, FMR. PRESIDENT UNITED STATES: For all Americans, our constant concern is the well being and the safety of fellow citizens who are being held illegally and irresponsibly hostage in Iran.

The actions of Iran have shocked the civilized world.


COOPER: That was obviously President Jimmy Carter in 1979 speaking about the hostage crisis. In January that year, following violent protest against his regime, the Shah fled Iran and traveled initially to what country?


What country did the Shah initially traveled to?

QUEST: So better it was I think it is France.


COOPER: That is incorrect. I'm sorry.

BALDWIN: Was it Saudi Arabia?

QUEST: Saudi Arabia?

COOPER: No. The correct answer is Egypt. Initially traveled to Egypt, did end up in the United States. All right, let's take a look how much did you wager?

QUEST: Almost lost...

COOPER: Almost all of it, all right 399 points that takes you down to one point.


BALDWIN: We won. Number one.

COOPER: Whoa you're number one, you're number one. OK. Bill and Alisyn if the remaining events you are able to choose from the Patty Hearst kidnapping, Nixon Resigns or "The Godfather"?

WEIR: I think we're going to go with "The Godfather", one of my favorites.

COOPER: Let's take a look at the video.


DON CORLEONE, "THE GODFATHER: CHARACTER: What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully? If you'd come to me in friendship, this scum who ruined your daughter would be suffering this very day. And if by some chance an honest man like yourself made enemies they would become my enemies. And then, they would fear you.

BONASERA, "THE GODFATHER: CHARACTER: Be my friend... Godfather.


Some day, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to do a service for me. But until that day, consider this justice a gift on my daughter's wedding day.


COOPER: All right, that was the 1972 movie "The Godfather". Many different people were considered for the role of Michael Corleone one actor said turned down the role because the time he felt "Italian should be Italians.' He went on to win an academy award for best actor in 1976 playing an

Irish-American who is the actor?


Turn down the role of Michael Corleones saying Italian should be Italians. Who went on to win the academy award for best actor in 1976 playing an Irish-American?


Ten-second is done. Your answer?

WEIR: (Inaudible) complete blank.

COOPER: I need no more consulting.

WEIR: OK, all right. All I can go with is who is also on this one but it doesn't make any -- all I can think of is Robert Duvall, you know, that's all... COOPER: That's incorrect. The correct answer is Jack Nicholson. All right, let's take a look how much you wagered.

WEIR: We're number two.


COOPER: So we have Don, John, you are in the lead as of now depending on your bet you could still lose it all I suppose if you did something crazy. Patty Hearst Kidnapping or Nixon Resigns?

LEMON: He likes Nixon I like Patty Hearst it's, you know...

COOPER: Well you...

LEMON: We'll do Patty Hearst.

COOPER: OK. Patty Hearst Kidnapping it is. Let's take a look at the video.




COOPER: So that was the audio from the Patty Hearst in April 1974. After she was eventually captured Hearst was put on trial for armed robbery. Who is the well-known attorney who represented her for the majority of the trial?


COOPER: All right the answer?


Famous attorney who represented her.

BERMAN: That part I don't know.

LEMON: I think we -- we think its F. Lee Bailey.

COOPER: That is correct. How much did you wager? 371 points that brings up to 1181, you guys win the game. Congratulations, nicely done.

You are the winner, the Tom Joyner Foundation gets $20,000, $10,000 for Bill and Ali will go to UNICEF and Richard and Brooke you get $10,000 for Standup for Kids, all great causes.

Everybody gets some money for their organization. I want to thank all out players, I want to thank everybody in our studio audience here. And I want to thank all of you for watching. Good night.