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Another Brutal Day?; Will Joe Run?; Black Lives Matter Rant; Nikkei Down Nearly 4 Percent; Bush Blasts Trump On Immigration; Clinton Ad Attacks Jeb Bush; Louisiana Trooper Shot and Killed; Advice From Dave Ramsey. Aired 9-10p ET.

Aired August 24, 2015 - 21:00   ET



UNIDENTIFED MALE: This is CNN Breaking News.

DON LEMON, CNN TONIGHT HOST: Breaking news now. It's 9:00 P.M. on the East Coast, 9:00 A.M. in Shanghai where the market is about to open in the world is holding its breath. Is it the start of a brutal day on the street? In Tokyo, the Nikkei already down, nearly 4 percent.

This is "CNN Tonight, I'm Don Lemon.

We have the very latest on the breaking news from the Asian markets and what it will mean for all of you.

Plus, one candidate could be poised to up-end the race for the White House. We look at those live pictures of the White House now. It's not Donald Trump, the mogul who wants to be your next president just likely looking over his shoulder tonight. And Joe Biden, will the VP jump into the race? And what is Hillary Clinton thinking about all this right now?

Plus, black lives matter and the woman who says yes.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A little girl is dead. You say black lives matter. Her life mattered. Her dreams mattered. Her future mattered, her promises matter. It mattered.


LEMON: We'll speak to this woman. Her video is going viral a little bit later on, on this broadcast.

I want to begin though with the market meltdown and what you should expect for tomorrow.

Joining me now is Mr. Richard Quest, the host of "Quest Means Business" and CNN's international business correspondent as well, by the way.

So, Richard, very brutal day. Lots of jittery nerves out there, what had investors so scared today?

RICHARD QUEST, CNN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: You know, it's simply China and whether the Chinese situation -- we've known it has been dodging, but is it much worse than we thought. Is China's growth that much worse? And it was a classic case. Absolutely classic, where, you know, it only took one person to shout, "fire", and everybody headed...

LEMON: A crowded theater and everyone running off.

QUEST: ... ... to the door.

LEMON: So was it justified though, was it -- was this a correction that was needed, because I heard some people saying the market needed to correct?

QUEST: You got two markets, you're talking about.


QUEST: On the U.S. market, yes, probably did need a correction.


QUEST: It's been some four years since how a really good 10 percent sustained correction. By correction we're not just talking of a dip and up, your talking about the market comes down, regroups and then goes back up again.

This isn't what we have got at the moment. What we've got is turbulence. And now, if you look at other countries and other markets then for example it is much more serious, because there are emerging markets that are being clobbered at the moment, by the oil prices, by the China slowdown and by currencies.

LEMON: OK. So we usually have a little ticker up right during the day and I wish...


LEMON: ... we had it up for the Asian markets...

QUEST: (So up now).

LEMON: ... so speaking of other markets and so what -- so tell us about this, what's happening now in Asia (inaudible).

QUEST: Tokyo is -- well Shanghai just opened...

LEMON: Yes, it is reopened.

QUEST: ... Tokyo is opened. There is the Nikkei -- let me just looking sees the numbers -- down 481 points. It's a loss of about 3.7 nearly 4 percent that's the -- thank you, it is that's the Nikkei at the moment. The Hang Seng open shortly. What is interesting though, is Australia. The old in Australia is not down anywhere near as much. So I think what you're seeing is in Tokyo, is just knee-jerk reaction from New York. Let's wait and see for the next few hours through Shanghai and into Europe. This might be where the cycle breaks.

LEMON: Is everyone watching this, we are looking at this. Is that what everyone who is tuned into the markets watching to see what's happening on the Nikkei right now?

QUEST: Right. Got to be more interesting to see when Shanghai kicks in...


QUEST: ... because that will be the driving force. And they're going to want to see what the Chinese are saying about all of this.

LEMON: OK all right, Richard Quest, stick around. Thank you very much, because we'll continue to follow this as well the markets are now opening in Asia. We'll keep you posted on that.

Let's turn to the latest other this is the other political news. The hot news question is in politics tonight, is it time to start talking about Joe-mentum. Will Joe Biden run for the White House?

Joining me now is CNN senior Washington correspondent and that is Mr. Joe Johns, good evening to you sir. All eyes on the vice president, Joe Biden, will he or won't he jump into this presidential race? President Obama is now weighing in.

JOE JOHNS, CNN SENIOR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT: That's right, Don. President Obama weighing in, essentially giving Joe Biden the green light if he chooses to run according to our Jeff Zeleny. It's a blessing from the White House but it isn't a requirement and it came in two parts today after the lunch between the president the vice president at the White House. Then the press secretary Josh Earnest, giving Joe Biden high praise. Quoting the president as saying, that putting Biden on a national ticket was the best decision the president's made in politics.

And there was more today to add to the buzz when vice president met this evening with former White House communications director Anita Dunn, former White House counsel, Bob Bower who happens to be Anita Dunn's husband and former Delaware senator Ted Kaufman, his a long- time Biden adviser, so a lot of talk today as Joe Biden tries to explore his options.


LEMON: And a lot of meetings it sounds like as well Joe. So what are the next steps for the vice president? Is he planning, what is he planning over the next couple weeks?

JOHNS: More meetings for sure. John King reporting that Biden is starting to expand the schedule of meetings that he's been having and that's going to include meetings with top fundraisers and donors to try to come to some conclusions. People I have talked to who have been part of Biden world for years say the fund-raising piece is been challenging for Biden in the past, because he hasn't always enjoyed it. CNN's reporting that Biden is leaning in the direction of running as opposed to not running but his office says no decision has been made in any speculation the contrary is false, Don.

LEMON: All right so, you know, the question is, what is a Hillary's campaign saying about all of the speculation, Joe?

JOHNS: Well, they're playing nice right now quite frankly, Don. The Clinton camp is choosing their word being complimentary, essentially saying Biden for example is very popular in the Democratic Party in Washington as we know.

The harsher critique comes from people who've been in Biden's circle oddly enough. People who've love him, who know how tough this could be and how hard it is to mount an organization to get the money it takes especially this late. So from those quarters there is still skepticism.

LEMON: Joe Johns, appreciate it, sir. Thank you very much. Now I want to bring in Michael Feldman he is a former adviser to Vice President Al Gore, also democratic strategist Maria Cardona is here, and Buck Sexton national security editor for "The Blaze" and republican strategist Rick Wilson. We've got a very distinguished panel.

We're going to start with you, Maria, Joe Biden has the president's blessing but I means its -- is this late in the game? I mean does he have a path to victory here, if he jumps into this?

MARIA CARDONA, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: It is absolutely late in the game, Don. And I think that is exactly the kind of question that he is pondering right now. Look, I think at the end of the day, the vice president has to think about two things and I think this is just human nature at this point. If there is something we have known about Joe Biden, is that he really does want to be president. He's tried it twice before. And serving as vice president I think has been one of the clearly the highlights of his career. He's been amazing. He's done a fantastic job at it.

I think what he needs to be going through, and I think what we all will be going through is whether at the end of his life, would he regret not doing this even if there isn't a clear path. Even if people around him are saying, look, sure you could get in but you might not win and it might be really tough...

LEMON: And Maria.

CARDONA: ... and you might ruin your legacy, you know, whatever it is.

LEMON: Yeah.

CARDONA: That's, that is I think the calculation that he has to make or...

LEMON: It's also said that his late son...

CARDONA: ... or whether he will regret doing it and then failing.

LEMON: ... its also said that his late son wanted him to run as well.

CARDONA: That's right and I think that is clearly weighing on him...

LEMON: Yeah.

CARDONA: ... as well in terms of looking at this from a very emotional human perspective.

LEMON: OK. All right. Mr. Sexton, you think that Biden jumping in the race could be beneficial to Hillary Clinton, how is that?

BUCK SEXTON, NATIONAL SECURITY EDITOR, "THE BLAZE": Well I think it's going to be a panic move from the Democrats quite honestly. Look Hillary's numbers are really bad. They're bad among some of the core constituencies that she would need if she's going to win the election and there's a lot of traction that's been received from the e-mail issues and some of the other things that have come up with her. I mean she's just not that likable, she's not taking interviews, she's not speaking to the press.

And so, if Biden gets in, in the short term, what it means is that essentially there somebody else for the press to pay attention to, somebody else to take a bit of the heat off of Hillary in the short- term. I mean the longer term play just to have somebody there as a plan B for worst case scenario if in fact, Hillary has real problems from these e-mails, whether is in the classification side or on the Clinton Foundation business side.

They need somebody standing to run. Look what's the purpose of Biden running. He can't run to the left of Bernie Sanders, Bernie Sanders is a socialist. Biden is not going to run as a communist so why would he be getting to the race at this point...


SEXTON: ... what would he offer that is not already there. What he offers is not Hillary and right now that's good for the Democrats because the focus on Hillary has shown that she's not a very strong candidate despite the massive machinery behind...

LEMON: So then Joe Biden jumps in the at last second it saves the Democratic Party. That I think that's, that's kind of what many people are thinking. Mr. Mike Feldman, to you now, my colleague Jeff Zeleny he broke the news on the meeting with Elizabeth Warren and not so secret of meeting right, now Biden is meeting Obama's top trusted advisers you heard from Joe Johns and he saying that, what's his face -- I can't remember. He's reporting that tonight. John King, sorry and Zeleny and John King are reporting this tonight. They seem to be moving very quickly, how do you read all of this? MICHAEL FELDMAN, FMR. ADVISER TO VICE PRESIDENT AL GORE: Well I think -- it goes one with the time frame to Maria's point, it's late in the game. I think all the things that you're seeing Vice President Biden do right now. Talking to donors, talking to influential democrats, sounding off the party, sending signals that he's leaning towards running.

[21:10:02] All of those things are preparing for a run. That's fundamentally different than making a decision to get into the race. And I don't think Joe Biden is doing this to be a spoiler or to be a sparring partner for Secretary Clinton. If he get into this race, it's because he sees a path to the nomination to the presidency. He's been through this before. He certainly is a sitting vice president has earned the right to consider this run. And if he does it, he's going to do it because he sees a path not just (inaudible)...

LEMON: But do you see a path for him?

FELDMAN: Well, I think it is too early to tell, I'm not on the other end into those conversations his having with democratic donors right now or with Elizabeth Warren or with others. It's an unbelievable unique cycle, and no other cycle have -- has a non incumbent, president or vice president been this far ahead and all of the metrics and among all the constituencies that make up the nominating elector the Democratic Party, for sitting vice president to be sitting on the sidelines right now is pretty unusual.

SEXTON: But Don, you know, he tried before and didn't even move the needle I mean the best thing you could say for the 2008 campaign was that his unfavorables were pretty low, because people didn't know who he was. I mean there was no chance. The last time, so we kind of already been here before the idea that now he would be a great candidate on the national stage.

LEMON But things -- Buck, things change, I mean that was then...


LEMON: ... this, this is now, I mean, and people seem to trust him at least, from the polls at more than they do Hillary Clinton. Rick, we've saved the best for last, that's what you would say. If Joe Biden decides to jump into this race and it sounds like he's close to making that decision, what would this mean to the GOP ticket and race for the White House?

RICK WILSON, REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST: Well look I will say honestly in some ways, Hillary Clinton is such a known quantity to us and we've seen the accretion of the negatives around Hillary not just over the e-mail server but the her overall numbers and honesty and trustworthy and her fav, unfav and other head to head numbers have been declining for her.

Joe Biden, you know, although we kind of joke about his the clown prince, all these other things. Joe Biden is affable. He's friendly. He's not a threatening kind of scary Democratic figure to a lot people. So would probably have -- you would probably have to reset a little bit on how you were calibrating against the Democratic nominee if Joe Biden got in the race.

And I think today, it is still speculative that obviously the White House didn't do Hillary Clinton any favors today and they certainly seem to be opening, opening some of the doors that Joe Biden would need to make this decision to move forward.

LEMON: Sounds like...

CARDONA: But there's no other thing that the president could have done. And by the way I just have to answer Buck because I don't know...

SEXTON: Hey, but, listen.

CARDONA: ... what numbers he's looking at.

SEXTON: ... they could have done a lot, they...

CARDONA: The numbers where Hillary Clinton is right now. Any presidential candidate would kill for the numbers that she has right now. And her formidability it was actually quite high.

WILSON: She's losing to Marco Rubio. She's losing to the left.

LEMON: OK all right four at a time, four at a time everyone.


CARDONA: ... how her numbers are going down...


CARDONA: ... she defeats every single presidential candidate Democrat and Republican.

SEXTON: I mean there is only so much spin, Don. There is only so much spin we can take.

CARDONA: Look at the numbers, look at the numbers.

SEXTON: And here they are on there.


LEMON: You guys are going to stand by.

CARDONA: ... about Hillary.

LEMON: And when we come right back, we are going to talk about the Bush-Trump border war. I want to know what you think about this. And who is winning this.

Plus a leading conservative weighs in on the possible Biden run. A leading conservative, Glenn Beck, tells me what he thinks.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) GLENN BECK, CONSERVATIVE POLITICAL COMMENTATOR : Have you seen who you got running? I mean really Joe Biden is -- that's a serious consideration?



LEMON: Jeb Bush on the offensive tonight attacking Donald Trump's immigration plan calling it "catastrophic" back with me now Michael Feldman, Maria Cardona, Buck Sexton, and Rick Wilson. What would I call you guys, my unruly panel?

So Rick, because you are not talking a lot I can't believes you're letting these people talk all over you. I'm going to ask you the first question. I want you take of a look...


LEMON: ... at Jeb Bush earlier today, at the border, he is saying Donald Trump needs to be held accountable for his views. Here he is


JEB BUSH, (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Mr. Trump's plans are not grounded in conservative principles. It would cost hundred of billions of dollars. Is not realistic, it won't be implemented and we need border security to be able to deal with getting this country back on track.

So, I'm not going to get into the issues of what he said and I said. The simple fact is, that his proposal is unrealistic, it will cost hundreds of billions of dollars. It will violate people's civil liberties. It will create friction with our third largest trading partner that's not necessary and I think his wrong about this.


LEMON: So, Rick, we have heard Donald Trump over and over go after Jeb Bush saying he has no energy, people at his rallies are falling asleep and now you are seeing this, I mean this is biting back for Jeb Bush. Is this did someone finally get in there and say, "Hey, man fight back, get in the game." Is this a strategy he needs?

WILSON: Well, look Jed Bush does have to fight back and get in the game but I will say this about, about Jeb. This was not a message that is going to work with the Trump audience, because they believe that -- they really believe that Donald Trump is going to deport 11 to 30 million people and they really believe he's going to build a wall made of solid steel coated with laser turrets , you know, running the length of the border.

That Jeb may be correct about the details, but no one in Donald Trump's, you know, circle, you know, these people have had the Kool- aid and they believe anything that comes out of Trump's mouth. If literally if he told them tomorrow, we will kill and eat everyone who crosses the border they'd go "Yeah, barbecue," they would love it and it just -- it may not be realistic, but that's what they believe and so Jeb...

LEMON: Buck in Rick's...

WILSON: ... is talking backs in numbers and policy.

LEMON: Buck and Mike, don't encourage him, because I don't know where he comes up with this stuff.

WILSON: Everybody is -- Jeb's talking policy, Trump is talking emotion. And right now with a lot of the Republican, the fraction Republican base is with Trump. They're not susceptible to fact.


WILSON: They're not going to listen to you, an argument about the details.

LEMON: Go ahead, Mike.

FELDMAN: No I just going to say I -- look I, I agree with Rick but I don't think that's the audience that Jeb Bush is playing to...

CARDONA: Exactly.

FELDMAN: ... right now. He's looking at the general election and actually...

WILSON: No and no he's not.

FELDMAN: Yeah, no, no. I agree with you on that point. Look, he's gone in the past few days from trying to ignore Donald Trump to engaging him and I actually think that a pretty smart strategy. First of all we're not, tonight -- we're not talking about the rest of the field. We're talking about Trump versus Bush. And Bush has one eye on the general electorate and I think that's pretty smart.

LEMON: And there you go-- there you go, Michael that is pretty smart, because now he's in the game and now talking we're about him.


LEMON: But listen, Rick, I have to say, and you know, we're making a quip about Donald Trump and a barbecue thing, but isn't that the passion and enthusiasm you want from people -- you want people to support you. And if you say, "I have a bridge to sell you over there," they're going to go, "How much?" Don't you want that? Isn't that what you want?

WILSON: Well, eventually you're going to have to ask yourself if Donald Trump can continue to narrowly activate a fraction of the overall electorate the fraction activator for Trump right now is somewhere around 8 percent to 9 percent.

[10:20:11] And you got to ask yourself at some point where are the tradeoffs? Where are the people you are not going to got to?


LEMON: Aren't those the people who go to the polls because they're, you know, they're so upset?

WLSON: Actually a lot of these people, a lot of these people from a lot of this people are probably, and there is a lot of numbers starting to come in on this. They're not as high propensity voters as normal Republicans who go out and marks the snow in Iowa or go out and slog through the snow in New Hampshire who are much more rank-and-file kind of Republicans.


SEXTON: Jeb has a big problem, Don...


LEMON: Buck, quickly because the next one is from Maria. Go ahead, Buck.

SEXTON: Yeah, sure. Jeb has a big problem here, he's one of these GOP candidates that speaks out of both sides of his mouth on the immigration issue. You had the anchor baby issue last week, this week he speaking a policy in sort of nuanced terms. Wherever he talks about comprehensive immigration reform and those the term he uses, by the way same term on Hillary Clinton uses when she speaks about the issue, all of the conservative base here is, is amnesty.

And there's a good reason for that, because he doesn't actually want to go forth with any enforcement mechanisms. He doesn't really want to secure the border. He doesn't really want to do interior enforcement. And so, what this conversations right now within the GOP is there are some who want you pretend that they will do enforcement...


SEXTON: ... and they will actually go forth with the laws as written or add to the laws and there are others who really just want not pathway but a conveyor belt to citizenship.

LEMON: I've got to move on now.

CARDONA: And that...

LEMON: You mentioned Hillary and, Maria, this is for you...


LEMON: ... lets talks about Hillary Clinton. She put out a new attack ad in response to Jeb's trip to the border, take a look.


TRUMP: I will immediately terminate President Obama's illegal executive order on immigration.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Would you appeal Obama's amnesty?

BUSH: Yes.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Can maybe eligible for citizenship?

TRUMP: Legal status.


TRUMP: No citizenship.

BUSH: Legal status but not citizenship.


TRUMP: I used the word anchor baby.

BUSH: Law enforcement so you didn't have these anchor babies as they're described coming into the country.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you regret using the term anchor baby yesterday on the radio?

BUSH: No, I didn't. No, I don't. I don't regret it.

UNIDENTIFED MALE: You don't regret it?

BUSH: No, do have a better term?

HILLARY CLINTON, (D) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Don't let the circus distract you. Most of the other candidates are just Trump without the pizzazz or the hair.


LEMON: So, Ms. Cardona, this all coming just days after Jeb Bush put out a video attacking Trump's immigration plan as catastrophic. Bush is trying to show how different they are. Hillary links the two together. What's your take?

CARDONA: I think its actually very smart right now, because look, I think one of the -- we have seen here in this panel the huge challenge for the Republican Party from moving from a primary into being in an actual, actual electable position for the general election. And that is you cannot get to the White House without at least 40 percent of the Hispanic vote.

So I think the more that Hillary Clinton and Democrats frankly tie the crazy things that Donald Trump has said, which is absolutely alienated the Hispanic community his in above 80 percent of unfavorables with the Hispanic community of the more that he is tied with the rest of the Republican Party which is easy to do right now as he is the standard bearer. The harder it is going to he for who ever the nominee is, even if it is Bush to walk that back... FELDMAN: Well...

CARDONA: ... in the general election with -- with the Latino community.

LEMON: Hey, Mike before -- hang on, Mike, I want to get you in here. It's no doubt the campaigns are getting personal. Trump didn't have any official campaign events but he did have time to release this Instagram video. Here it is.


TRUMP: I've been telling everybody for a long time China is taking our jobs, they're taking our money. Be careful they'll bring us down, you have to know what you doing. We have nobody that has a clue.


LEMON: So Mike, going after the Bush family name is this the way that this race is headed?

FELDMAN: Well sure what you see there is just another opportunistic tactic which is actually very smart on behalf of Donald Trump which is crisis in the markets remind people that you're a -- your economic foundation of your candidacy and try to ride that wave of concern and discontent and he's been doing that quite effectively, so I expect to see more of that.

LEMON: Yeah, next time I want you guys to speak with more candor and to get a little bit more passionate on the show. Thank you.

CARDONA: All right.

LEMON: See you all soon, appreciate it.

CARDONA: Thanks, Don.

WILSON: Thanks.

LEMON: With Wall Street tanking is it time to take your money out of the market just ahead advice from money man, Dave Ramsey.

But up next Louisiana State troopers mourn a colleague who was ambushed by a driver.



LEMON: Tonight state troopers in Louisiana, mourning a colleague who was shot to death allegedly by a driver as the trooper was trying to help. And its Rosa Flores is joins me now of this is -- it's just a horrible story, Rosa. I understand the suspect is now linked to another killing. Tell us the latest.

ROSA FLORES, CNN CORRESPNDENT: You know, you're absolutely right and hearts are very heavy in Louisiana today for that state trooper. But Don, hear this. The story is really unfolding like a murder mystery. Like you mentioned, this suspect is now linked to another killing and here's what police tell us.

They say that this man nearby went missing and his co-workers asked police to do a welfare check lo and behold the man is found dead inside his house. So you're probably wondering how are these two cases connected.

Well, hear this. That person, that individuals found dead inside his house is actually the registered owner of the vehicle that the suspect, 54-year-old Kevin Daigle, drove into a ditch the day he allegedly shot and killed the state trooper.

Now here's what we know from authorities about that particular case. Its Sunday there are calls about a vehicle driving recklessly in Calcasieu Parish and so this trooper, Steven Vincent is out and about doing his job. He notices that there is a vehicle in a ditch. It fits the description, he goes out to see what's going on and this is where investigators say the situation escalated.

Authorities tell us that that suspect, 54-year-old, Kevin Daigle pulls out a shotgun, shoots that trooper in the head. Now there are people nearby and good Samaritans actually go to his rescue and they subdue the suspect right there on the scene and actually handcuff him with the trooper's handcuffs.

[21:30:06] Now of course, he is now charged with first degree murder and, Don, we hear from authorities that those charges could grow as they continue to investigate this other killing inside this house still very early in that investigation. So we, of course, are waiting for more details from investigators as for the trooper's family, Don, he's survived by his wife, and a 9-year-old son.

LEMON: Rosa Flores. Thank you very much I appreciate from the Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, ordering flags at state building flown at half staff until Friday for the death of Trooper Vincent.

We'll keep following this and we will talk more, right now some other fact joining me now is Colonel Mike Edmondson, the superintendent of Louisiana State Police. Thank you for joining us. Wish we could have spoken under better circumstances.

COL. MIKE EDMONDSON, LOUISIANA STATE POLICE SUPERINTENDENT: Thank you, Don. Thanks for having me on the program. I just listened to Rosa. She was spot-on with her reporting that's exactly what transpired. And just the last 24 hours have just been unnerving tragedy. You took a normal see every Sunday afternoon and turned it extraordinary out to a lot of people and certainly the family of my trooper, senior trooper, Steven Vincent, 44, his wife Katherine, son, Ethan, 9 years old.

Don, and I was on the hospital with him. His son just wanted to talk to his dad and talking to Katherine there's just no word I could give her. She just wanted Steven to wake up and that's she wanted to talk to him so great tragedy on my 35 years as a state trooper to watch that video and, to see what transpired right in front of us. It was a horrible, horrible incident. And I watched it on tape.

LEMON: I know how much this is touching people and, you know, Colonel, that's my hometown, my mom's name is Katherine and I can't imagine what this family is going through.

EDMONSON: Port Allen.

LEMON: Port Allen, yeah, that's it. You know, you reviewed this police video from the scenes. What did this video show?

EDMONSON: Well, if Steven was anything, he epitomized what Louisiana State Troopers is all about. Is this badge, it is a privilege. It's not a right to wear it. I don't have a right to wear it. But he wore it proudly for 13 years he was -- 10 years as Lake Charles Police Officer. He was doing everything he supposed to do. I mean his out looking for a suspected drunk driver, he encounters this truck that has gone off into the ditch, he is talking to him and saying you know, sir, I am here to help you won't you step out of your truck. I'm a call, a record to come get your truck out of the ditch and I want to take you somewhere. So his trying to get him to come out, his trying to keep it what police officers do.

We de-escalate a situation. We talk to the person. We talk with him. That's how we teach our state troopers. And he was trying to get him out. And when he went to -- up to the door. The guy pushed it open. Out came out a sawed-off shotgun.

Now, this is a -- this heat the sound off the barrel. This was not to kill birds. This wasn't to scare people. This was to hurt someone and to kill someone. And that's certainly what happened as we watched it unfold in front of us. Thank god for those good Samaritans. I've talked to every one of them, they are heroes.

LEMON: Tell us what they did? Tell us what they did?

EDMONSON: The gentlemen on a jeep I mean -- well, we see on the tape one truck pass by as we hear Daigle talking to my trooper on the ground. And the truck goes by he goes down the road. And he encounters a jeep. And he tells the guy in the jeep. And the guy in the jeep he didn't think second he just took off down the road. Saw my trooper lying on the ground and he jumped out, and grabbed the guy. Wrestled him to the ground and actually took the trooper's handcuffs and handcuffed him along with the other guys that were helping him at that point.

But total disregard for his own safety, he did what very few people would do. Then he got on the radio. We hear him on the radio saying please get somebody here, you have a trooper on the ground. I don't know what condition he is in. He's in bad, bad shape.

And then he renders first aid, I mean, these individuals are just incredible heroes. I got to hug him today. And I got to tell him how much I appreciate him doing that. But, you know, Don, get -- pushing back to -- I took my troopers just one we around the bedside of Steven Vincent as they were disconnecting him. And we talked to him, we prayed with him, we talked about what we encounter every single day as police officers and I told him we honor Steven with our actions.

That's what we do now. We honor him as we leave this room. And we go back to work. We do our business. We are public servants and we're about public safety. And his wife was there with us in that and...

LEMON: Yeah. We can...

EDMONDSON: ... it just something that takes us in a horrible, horrible place.

[21:35:00] And police officers around the country that's what they do. We make a traffic stop. We don't know who we are talking to. We don't know what they have been through, where they have gone, what has happened in their lives. We are just stopping them for a traffic stop. And then we try to keep it from escalating, we talk to them, we teach them, you know, we are stopping you for, for running a red light for speeding.

We tell them why and then we have a conversation with them. And I think that's what's got to take place across the country. We have got to have candid, open conversations about, you know, we as police officers we're trying to do our job. We're trying to learn something from you and we want you to learn something about us. And I think that's where it's got to stop. This was a tragedy that I mean, Steven had a vision, he had a future and that future was not to die as he did so tragically. And we can't forget that and I told his wife, I told his son Ethan, "We're not going to forget your dad. We're not going to let his death be in vain."

LEMON: And we won't.

EDMONDSON: It was very much of a tragedy.

LEMON: We won't forget it either. Yes.

EDMONDSON: And you have to learn that, you know, there's two people died today so very, very sad.

LEMON: Well, we want you to give our condolences to the family. We are certainly thinking about them. And when I come home soon, I would love to meet them. So thank you, Colonel. Thank you very much I appreciate you joining us here on CNN.

EDMONSON: I'd like to do it. Thank you for your time and God bless. We just ask the world put their arms around on troopers, put the arms ground on your police officers. Thank them for the job they do.

LEMON: When we come right back, Black Lives Matter. Activists speaking out on the campaign trail. But not everybody is onboard with this. I'm going to talk to a St. Louis grandmother who took on the protesters in a video rant that is going viral.


[21:40:29] LEMON: (Inaudible) take a seat and watch this segment. Promise you will find it very interesting that Black Lives Matter heard across the country in the campaign trail most recently outrage over the case of Mansur Ball-Bey a young black man who was killed by two white St. Louis Police Officers. Police say he pointed a gun at them before they fired. His family disputes that.

But where is the outrage over another death, the death of Jamyla, 9 year old Jamyla Bolden, killed by a stray bullet in her home as she did her home work. At least one woman is very angry.

I want you to listen to this video from an African-American grandmother named Peggy Hubbard.


PEGGY HUBBARD, GRANDMOTHER OF JAMYLA BOLDEN: Who do you think they protested for? The thugs, the criminal because they're hollering police brutality are you (inaudible) kidding me. Police brutality? How about black brutality? You black people, my black people, you are the (inaudible) most violent (inaudible) I have ever seen in my life.

You're shooting at the police. Police drops your ass, oh, poor, so and so, he died due to police brutality, 127 homicide later, yeah I want to holler the police brutality. Black people, you're (inaudible) joke.

You're tearing up communities over thugs and criminals. You think the police are out here for fun, you think they're out here for games? They're not going to tuck you in. They're not going to give you a cookie and sing you a lullaby and tuck you in. No, they're going to pop a cap in your ass. You shoot at them. They're going to shoot at you.


LEMON: Peggy Hubbard joins me now. How are you?

HUBBARD: I'm good, Don. Thank you for having me.

LEMON: You were mad?

HUBBARD: Yeah, yeah. In the words of Tyler Perry I was ready to take off my earrings.


HUBBARD: Jamyla Bolden, 9 years old, lost her life in her own home doing her home work. Second, third day of school, looking forward to her future and she's killed by a drive-by shooting and it was the wrong house. It should have never happened to anybody and it happened to her, a child.

LEMON: And...

HUBBARD: And that set me off. LEMON: ... because there were no protests for her and little news coverage you said in the area?

HUBBARD: Very little. My husband and I were sitting on the couch watching television. I didn't even know about Jamyla's death, until the next day. We were sitting on the couch, watching television. And they break in to normal broadcasting because there is a full-blown riot in downtown -- no, not downtown but midtown St. Louis in the neighborhood I grew up in, the Walnut Park, Wells Goodfellow -- that area in your city.

And the police executed a search warrant. Suspects are in the house. They're running from the police. Shooting at the police, and the police shot one of the suspects and he was killed.

And from what we understand he had a gun and it was a stolen weapon. Jamyla died the day before. I didn't hear anything on it on the news and I'm an avid news watcher, nothing was reported. It was just a blip. This guy dies, this bad guy dies, and all of a sudden there is a full-blown riot in the neighborhood I grew up in.

And there is nothing for her. And we're hollering Black Lives Matter. He had his chance to matter. He chose his path. He chose his destiny. Jamyla never got her destiny.

She never got her promises. Her life mattered, her dreams mattered, her vision mattered. She could have been the next secretary of state, she could have been the next attorney general, she never got a chance.

LEMON: Where was the outrage over her? You do acknowledge there is police brutality, but you say it pales in comparison to black on black murder, you believe that police reform is also necessary though?

HUBBARD: Yes, I do. I believe police reform is necessary. Look, Don, there's a lot about bad cops out there, granted they are.

[21:45:03] There are a lot of bad cops out there. They should not wear the badge. That make all the other police officers look bad. They do. But you have a lot of good cops out there.

We lost a cop in Louisiana. And I am so sorry for that family's loss because I too am married to a cop. So I know firsthand that the fear. Police officers are there to do a job. Their job is to serve and protect, but their job is not serve, protect and die.

And if they hesitate -- and a lot of these cops here in St. Louis City, they hesitate. They're afraid if they make one misstep, their careers are over and they're going to be the next Darren Wilson. And we have got -- this has got to stop. This is a nationwide -- this is not a St. Louis City problem. This is a nationwide problem. From New York to L.A., this is a problem.

LEMON: Peggy, I want to ask you because you know, people are, do you have a lot of people on your side? I have read a lot about you this weekend. A lot of people on your side, but a lot of people are not on your side as well. You have people calling you critics upon you everything from but a child of God, they are calling you a white man's bed -- and this a harsh language I warn everyone -- the white men's bed wench, even a house nigger. What do you say to them?

HUBBARD: Bite me. I'm not afraid to speak my mind. If they want to say that, knock yourself out. Freedom of speech, but the truth hurts, and they know, deep down inside, they know I am telling the truth. They know I am speaking the word. And the word is we are wrong.

Right now, we are dead wrong. They can call me whatever they want. I can take it. I'm tough. My grandmother raised me well.

So, call me if you will. Call me all the names you want, whatever is going to make you feel better. But I'm not going to stop and I am going to keep speaking for Jamyla. She deserves that, she deserves her voice, her say. And I am going to fight for her. I'm going to make sure nobody forgets her.

LEMON: You remember during the Baltimore riots, there was this one mom who found her son and beat him right there on the street.

HUBBARD: That was my mother.

LEMON: And that was mine too. So, and you know, so hey, say what you want because they're mom was an abuser whatever, but here I am. And I am doing well. And a lot of people who are doing well who had moms like that. But what I have to ask you, did you have an issue with your own family? Did you turn in your own son because he wasn't doing right?

HUBBARD: Yes, we did. Yes, we did. Don, it was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Now let me clarify something. My husband had four children. I had two from a previous marriage. He had four. I raised his children the best we could. He took mine. I took his.

Now, yes, I call him my son, but he is technically as my stepson but I had him for so long. And I tried to do everything I could for him. I saw the signs. I saw the warnings. I saw what he was becoming. How can his father go out and serve and protect and keep people safe when I have a child that is hurting people?

I can't have that. It was a thing about responsibility and accountability. And that's what I was raised and taught on.

LEMON: Yeah.

HUBBARD: So when I saw that he was going down that road and I saw what he did I didn't have a choice. It's my responsibility to make sure my child, that I helped raise, if he has done wrong, I'm going to hold him to that accountability. And that's what we don't have today. We are not holding our children accountable for their actions.

LEMON: I got to ask you this -- because you are a marine, and you served your country.

HUBBARD: Navy, navy.

LEMON: Navy. Sorry. Navy.


LEMON: You served your country well. I want to talk to me about privilege because do you think whites have privilege and advantage over blacks?

HUBBARD: Are you kidding? No, there is no such thing as white privilege. Don, let me tell you a story I have a friend who is right now can't pay the house note, car got reposed, lights got shut off, water got shut off, OK, can't buy food for their children, and they're white. So if there is white privilege, and they're telling me I am no longer black, that I am white now. Sign me up for low-interest loan and get me a credit card because I'm ready to shop.

LEMON: Peggy Hubbard. Thank you.

HUBBARD: Thank you.


LEMON: We'll be right back.


LEMON: Peggy Hubbard's rant about Black Lives Matter. It was on the internet. And then you heard her interview. Joining me to talk about that is CNN Political Commentator Marc Lamont Hill. Go Marc, what do you think?

MARC LAMONT HILL, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: I love black people, Don. Let me start there. So when they stay stuff like that. I break from a place of love. Even if when they say I think it was bonkers. I still say, I love them, we are hurt. White supremacy is traumatic. And some of us are dealing with that trauma right now. So, I'm going to use that to inform her position or inform my analysis of my position.

You know, just to attack the Black Lives Matter movement because black people are dying at the hands so called black on black violence to me is to miss the point. No one denies that black people killed black people that happens, just like white people kill white people. It's something we want to address, it's something we want to repair, it's something that's unacceptable. And that's why people like me and others are on the ground trying to fix that.

But we don't have to attack one movement to support another. We don't have to destroy the fine work that activists have been doing the last year, that's the longest active resistance against police violence or state violence in American history. We don't have to disrespect that to acknowledge the fact that that little girl didn't need to die.

But what happens it some of us get so caught up in the pain and the sort of narratives that get put up on mainstream media that we start rejecting our own instead of accepting our own and being ourselves, that's the problem for me with this woman... LEMON: But Marc?

HILL: ... and then...

LEMON: Go ahead.

HILL: ... respectfully, which...

LEMON: Go ahead, go ahead, because I want -- about quickly because I want to ask you.

HILL: ... and this is a -- then you ask why white support white supremacy it is no such thing as white privilege. At that moment I lost all sort of understanding of her position.

LEMON: OK, so listen, but can you understand maybe she did not articulate. Which a lot of people I think maybe not articulating it well enough and people get upset by it. Because you don't see as much outrage, you don't see a group that coalesced that came together like Black Lives Matter to protest the killings. You and I have about on CNN, you've been on FOX, I mean other networks talking about it for years. And only at 30 lefts, sorry. Don't you understand that, some people don't see why hasn't this happened before, when it's come to that?

HILL: Yeah, I mean, you make a compelling argument. It's just not true. You know black people have been outraged about us killing each other forever. The difference is we don't organize and march against gangs, we don't organize and march against black people killing each other.

LEMON: That's what I'm just saying, that's what I just said.

HILL: No. No. No. No, no, no, we protest it. We just as we don't do it in the same way. We do violence interruption, we do conflict resolution, we do gun buy back program, we try fix structure or problems. I don't march against them, as they were marching against the police. They have expectation; the police will behave different but of course...

LEMON: All right Mark, I got to go. I got to go. As you know I have you back, I'm sorry we we're running long.

Coming up, with the markets in Turmoil, we have finance advice you need for America's favorite money man, Dave Ramsey, plus, will Joe Biden run for president? And what would it mean for Donald Trump? I'll ask Glen Beck, what he thinks.