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[14:00:13] BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN ANCHOR: Hi there. I'm Brooke Baldwin, and you're watching CNN here. I'm live in Washington, D.C., today, and we bring you this story straight out of our nation's capital. Breaking news involving a big name. Listen, this word's getting thrown around a lot today, let's just use it, bromance playing out right in front of Capitol Hill. Republican presidential candidates, these are two men, obviously, vying for their party's nomination, sort of coming together. You have Donald Trump and this man here, Senator Ted Cruz, and just wrapped, just spoke in front of thousands of people actually who showed up, gathered for this big real on The Hill's west lawn.

They may be rivals in this race for the White House, but they are standing together at this stop the Iran deal rally. The deal to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons is expected to go through, and this week it has garnered enough support to withstand any opposition in Congress. But that, obviously, did not silence either Cruz or Trump today.


DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: If I win the presidency, I guarantee you that those four prisoners are back in our country before I ever take office. I guarantee that. They will be back before I ever take office because they know that's what has to happen, OK? They know it. And if they don't know it, I'm telling them right now.

So, I have a story that just came out an hour ago, and as President Obama calls him very routinely, he calls him the supreme leader. Our president is calling the person who is really the boss in Iran "supreme leader." And I look at people shaking their head, they can't believe it. But it just came out a little while ago. He said, Israel will not exist in 25 years. Think of that. He just said this. He also said, very strongly, very, very strongly, that this is the end of our dealings with the United States. We want nothing more to do with them. We're not going to do anything right here. We made this deal. It's a phenomenal deal. We're not going to deal with the United States anymore, and it's what he just said. And this was a very short period of time ago.

So, they rip us off, they take our money, they make us look like fools and now they are back to being who they really are. They don't want Israel to survive. They will not let Israel survive with incompetent leadership like we have right now. Israel will not survive. And then when it's all done or they think it's all done, they come out with these unbelievable nasty statements that Israel won't be around in 25 years and that we have no dealings and we will have no further dealings with the United States. Now the people that we were negotiating with and were working on the sanctions with, including, and as an example, Russia, who's sending - selling tremendous missiles to Iran, you know that, ballistic missiles, being sold. All of these countries, all of these countries are going to do business with Iran. They're going to make lots of money and lots of other things with Iran. And we're going to do and we're going to get nothing.


SEN. TED CRUZ (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: If you vote to send billions of dollars to jihadists who have pledged to murder Americans, then you bear direct responsibility for the murders carried out with the dollars you have given them. You cannot wash your hands of that blood. And let me say to Republican leadership - well, hold on. I come not to bury Caesar, but to praise him. I want to give a path forward. There are two men in Washington, D.C., who can defeat their - this deals. Their names are Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker John Boehner. Under the terms of the Corker/Cardin Review Legislation, the clock does not begin ticking until the president hands over the entire deal. And he has not handed over the side agreements. What that means is that all that has to happen is for Mitch McConnell and John Boehner to say, the congressional review period has not started. Under federal law, it is illegal for Obama to lift sanctions.


[14:05:08] BALDWIN: All right, so those two men just wrapped up speaking. Now I have our chief political correspondent Dana Bash in the thick of things there on Capitol Hill. Also joining me our chief national security correspondent Jim Sciutto and our global affairs correspondent Elise Labott.

So, welcome, of course, to all of you.

And, Dana Bash, you're in it, so let me just go to you first. I feel like the story is almost twofold. It's like, on the one hand you have these two Republican, you know, what should be political rivals, right? They want their party's nominations. Here they are coming together. I don't know if this is just about scoring points. You answer that. And, two, what was Donald Trump getting at by bringing up the president and the ayatollah and Israel there? What was his point?

DANA BASH, CNN CHIEF POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT: What was his point? I think what he was - I'm going to try to be the Trump whisperer here. Let's see how I do. I think what he was trying to say was, just in a nutshell, that he will be better for Israel than Barack Obama is. And did it in typical kind of Trump speak. And that was red meat for this crowd and then some.

I mean this is a crowd where you have signs all around, not only supporting Israel, but arguing that, as you just heard from one of the two, that by giving Iran back its money, you're basically funding its terrorism, alleged terrorism, against Iran and other - I mean Israel, rather, and other countries in the west.

But, you know, back to the whole question, Brooke, about these two men and why they even appeared together at this rally considering the fact that they are competitors, Ted Cruz basically invited Donald Trump. His people told me that he all but admitted that to me just a few minutes ago and it's because he says, look, he brings crowds and it's good to have -

BALDWIN: He brings TV cameras.

BASH: And he brings TV cameras and it's good to have a united front on this issue and other issues.

But when it comes to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, it's important to note that, you know, they're all kind of on the same page on the Republican side about not liking this deal. The question is, they're running for commander in chief. If they - any of them becomes the president, what are they going to do about it? And they very much differ on that issue. Ted Cruz says rip it up on day one, but not Donald Trump. I asked him about that. Listen to this.


TRUMP: I'll tell you that this deal, if I win, will be a totally different deal. This will be a totally different deal. Ripping up is always tough. Don't forget, we lost all of our so-called allies in the deal. They're all making a lot of money. We're not making anything. They're all selling missiles and getting involved in Iran, using the money that we gave to Iran. I will do something that will be very strong.

BASH: You and Senator Cruz seem to have an unusual relationship when it comes to Republican competitors. Why do you have this bromance?

TRUMP: Well, it is a little bit of a romance. I like him. He likes me. He's backed me 100 percent. When I came about illegal immigration, he was the one person that really - and there were a couple of other of the candidates - but Ted Cruz was out there and he really backed me very strongly, as you know, as well as anybody else, and I always respected that. I thought that was very nice. And he actually asked me to get along here, come along, and I guess he figured that it would - it would be crowded. We certainly have gotten a big crowd.


BALDWIN: Bromance with a "b."

BASH: I said bromance. He took it as romance. You can do with that what you will, Brooke.

BALDWIN: Right. Right.

On that note, obviously we're also heard, Elise, from Secretary Kerry today saying, listen, they can rally all they want, the deal is done. What did Secretary Kerry say essentially, Elise? ELISE LABOTT, CNN GLOBAL AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT: Well, that's

essentially what he says and it's what you also hear from officials privately that - that basically a lot of people, you know, officials feel, even Republicans, kind of know that this deal is going through. They know that they say that this is the best thing for the world, for Israel, for the United States and that the U.S. administration really feels, Brooke, that once this deal is implemented, they believe that Iran will live up to its end of the bargain and all of this kind of talk surrounding the campaign will all be for nothing because the deal will go through and nobody is going to rip it up on day one.

And it's pretty impossible that that would happen. It's not going to be possible to change the deal. It's not going to be possible to rip up the deal because the rest of the world, who is very eager to do business with Iran, as Donald Trump just said, is not going to backtrack and is not going to renege on the deal. So this deal is going through with the United States it seems now that the administration has the votes with the U.S., even if the U.S. were to backtrack in a new president, it would still be going through, Brooke.

BALDWIN: Well, we should also point out, Hillary Clinton, this morning here in Washington, she weighed in on this and, Elise, let me ask you about that in just a second.

But, Jim Sciutto, to you, you know, Dana Bash was pointing out the different pieces of red meat that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz sort of waved out at this crowd of supporters on The Hill. My question to you is, I'm looking at this, too, through the glass of a week from today. I mean here they are drumming up support. A week from today, they will be on a stage in Simi Valley, California, at the Reagan Library, part of our CNN Republican presidential debate, and, you know, listen, Donald Trump, I mean just hearing the post-game right after he spoke, Ana Navarro obviously not at all a fan of Trump saying, you know, light on substance, heavy on insults. Heard a lot about losers and winning. How will he fare next week on that stage when asked tough questions about foreign policy?

[14:10:33] JIM SCIUTTO, CNN SENIOR NATIONAL SECURITY CORRESPONDENT: Well, on some of these issues the message is going to be the same. It's going get tougher, right, and that's been his message on Iran, that if I were president, Donald Trump, I would be tougher. I would get a better deal. I would negotiate it. And he'll say the same thing with China. If I were president, I would tougher on China. They wouldn't be able to attack, you know, carry out these cyber attacks and devalue their currency. I would kick President Putin out of Ukraine. I mean that's essentially the message.

And it's not - it's not unique actually in the Republican field. That's essentially the message from the other candidates as well on all those issues. The question is, in that debate, will they go the next step and explain how they do that and actually get results from being tougher, right? I mean Elise made the point that you can renegotiate this. You could try. I mean well this deal has essentially left the station. I mean you could change the policy with Iran, but you won't have the same coalition of allies with you, the European - the ship's already sailed for the Europeans, China, Russia, you know, they're moving on as well. So you could do the policy again, but you wouldn't have those same allies.

You know, the same question holds for a China or a Russia. You can get tougher, but how do you then get results?


SCIUTTO: And that will be the question in that debate. Will you hear that same rhetoric or will you hear a plan for moving forward? And, frankly, this early in a presidential race, you know, chances are probably pretty even as to whether you're going to get to that level.

BALDWIN: Yes. Elise, just quickly, to button this up, you know Hillary Clinton knows that this deal has left the station. What - you know essentially this morning she said what?

LABOTT: Well, she kind of took credit a little bit for, you know, getting Iran to this point, not only with helping build the sanctions that got them to the table but also her aides were the ones that started secret talks, but then kind of took it one further and said this deal is strong. I support it, but there needs to be a lot of other things to kind of shore up support for Israel, support for gulf allies in terms of counting Iran's other activity in the region, against Hezbollah and against Hamas, and I think she offered a lot more specifics even than we've heard necessarily from this administration about what you do to do that, Brooke. So she laid out a kind of five-point plan about how you implement the deal, the deal plus, and I think this, in a way, was also how - able to help her pivot from the widening e-mail controversy.

BALDWIN: Which we'll delve into later on this hour. For now, Elise Labott, thank you. Jim Sciutto, thank you. And just a reminder to everyone, Jim Sciutto in for Erin Burnett tonight, 7:00 Eastern here on CNN. My friends, thank you.

Just a reminder to all of you, as we mentioned before, the Republican presidential candidates, they are facing off in back-to-back debates. Watch next Wednesday night, September 16th, at 6:00 and 8:00 Eastern only here on CNN and tell us what do you want to hear from these candidates? Send us tweets. Tweet us your debate questions using #cnndebate.

And tomorrow, I should also note, Donald Trump himself live on CNN, 7:00 in the morning. Later in the day, Jeb Bush will be live on "The Lead" with Jake Tapper, 4:00 Eastern. Do not miss those interviews here on CNN.

Coming up next, all eyes on Apple today. New gadgets. Unveiling new products. It's already generating huge buzz. We'll walk you through some of the big surprises thus far.

Also, a refugee crisis at its breaking point and CNN is there on the front lines walking alongside families, sharing their remarkable stories. We'll actually speak with somebody live who welcomed one of these refugee families into her own home. What that experience was like, straight ahead.

And the tragic fallout after a Baptist pastor's name is linked to the adultery website Ashley Madison. How his family is now responding.

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[14:18:33] BALDWIN: So we've still been listening in to this anti-Iran nuke deal rally that's been happening on Capitol Hill. Obviously this is a face you recognize, Sarah Palin. She's speaking right now.

But I want to turn your attention, we mentioned Donald Trump and Ted Cruz spoke moments ago. So she's speaking and something just happened, a little bit of a scuffle involving a protester. Roll it.


SARAH PALIN (R), FORMER ALASKA GOVERNOR: The whole premise of this thing, it's wrong. We're negotiating with the braggadocios number one state sponsor of terrorism.


PALIN: Good.


PALIN: Obama never even clinched a fist against a wicked regime where anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial is official ideology and with state-sanctioned torture and killing of women just because they're women. Well, stoning, amputations, those things that are just national policy and what has changed? Nothing's really changed except Hillary Clinton, back then, she insist that Iran is seeking nukes, but now she says, ah, that's OK. She spins faster than one of those thousands of Iranian centrifuges.

[14:20:02] The blood of U.S. soldiers is on the ayatollah's hands and we dare shake that hand in negotiations. Our sons and daughters -


BALDWIN: That was the moment obviously our cameras caught. Our cameras pulled out. You saw a gentleman being pulled away presumably by Capitol Hill police. Sarah Palin continued on speaking. Don't know if he was arrested. Don't have many details about who he was. We'll hopefully work on that and get it for you. Again, this is happening right now there on Capitol Hill.

It is September, which means new Apple products. Right now in San Francisco, the folks at Apple are unveiling their latest and greatest. And just moments ago, they showed off the new and improved Apple TV, new iWatch models and a much, much bigger iPad with a 12 inch screen. You have the Apple pencil. That event is still happening. We're waiting to hear about the iPhone.

So let me bring in digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong and CNN's senior media correspondent, host of "Reliable Sources," Brian Stelter.

Great to have both of you on.

Mario, it's been far too long. So nice to - nice to talk to you.

Let me begin, before we get to the Apple pencil, which has totally, you know, peaked my curiosity, the Apple TV, did I read something about talking to your television or integrating Siri? Is this like - this feels like "Back to the Future."

MARIO ARMSTRONG, DIGITAL LIFESTYLE EXPERT: Yes, we still have to do our own laundry. Unfortunately, there's no robots in the house yet to handle that.

BALDWIN: Too bad, too bad.

ARMSTRONG: But we can talk to Apple TV using Siri. Now, this is a technology where you can do voice search so you can say an actor's name or a particular movie and it will search across all of its library, iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Showtime and more to be able to find that. You can even do a category. Hey, I have some nieces and nephews coming over or I have a birthday party with kids, what's a good thing to play and it will make recommendations based off of your voice.

BALDWIN: Wait, wait, so instead of using the actual remote control, we just sit and talk to the screen?

ARMSTRONG: You have both now. So you still have the remote control, although that's been upgraded, too, with something called Touch. So now instead of like pointing and clicking, you can actually just swipe left to right or up down or you could just opt to just use your voice if you want to.

BALDWIN: Dude, 2015, Marty McFly.

ARMSTRONG: Yes, right.

BALDWIN: Brian Stelter, I know you're nerding out over this, our senior media correspondent.


BALDWIN: And then also just, I mean I don't know if I'm so behind the eight ball as far as not having an Apple TV yet, but how is this changing our, I don't know, TV habits?

STELTER: You know, there are so many companies that want to influence the way you're watching TV in the living room right now. Apple is one of them. And some of these announcements today are just playing catch- up. Right now Comcast already lets you talk to your TV. Amazon already lets you play games on your TV. But Apple is so influential because obviously it sells so many tens of millions of products that whatever they do, whenever they do it, it makes big waves, so more and more people are going to be interested now in buying this Apple TV, which essentially makes the interface on your TV easier to access, makes it easier to navigate, improves the viewing experience. It is their vision for the future of TV and they're making a big step forward with it today. BALDWIN: OK. Mario, back to you on this iPad.


BALDWIN: I mean why - why make it so much bigger? I thought we all liked having compact little devices that we have?

ARMSTRONG: Exactly. Exactly. Because my - as Brian mentioned, it's Apple. They - they are one of the few companies that can actually get away with making adjustments or even in some cases minor adjustments to things and it all of a sudden become a big deal. As Brian pointed out, Amazon and others have already had voice search and another - capabilities. But when it comes to the iPad, no one's really done a tablet as good as the iPad, hands down. So they came out with an iPad Pro, which to me is really more focused on the business audience and enterprise. It's a little bit big and almost 13 inches, but this thing is powerful, like almost as powerful as a laptop or desktop computer. In some cases they're saying 80 percent faster than some PCs that have been out in the last four months.

So this is a big deal. It's going to start at about $799. But what I saw today, the productivity tools, the drawings, architectural design, things that you could do with that pencil now on the screen was amazing to me. It kind of blew -

BALDWIN: That's what I - I was saving the best for last, Apple pencil. What - what is the functionality of that?

ARMSTRONG: Yes, technically speaking, it is a stylus.


ARMSTRONG: But this stylus, it's different than any other stylus you may have used before because it actually interfaces with the Apple - with the iPad differently because when you - because there is something called "force touch," the pencil can detect, are you doing a light touch on the screen, meaning do you want a thin line, or are you pressing down very hard, meaning you want a very thick line. So this opens up a lot of ideas and applications and uses. Everything from health care, to design and architecture, to doing documents and presentations.

BALDWIN: Pretty cool. Pretty cool.

Mario Armstrong, thank you. Brian Stelter -

ARMSTRONG: I think overall -

BALDWIN: Go ahead. Go ahead.

ARMSTRONG: Overall I'd - emoji.

BALDWIN: Say it again.

ARMSTRONG: Overall I'd give them this emoji.

BALDWIN: Emoji pillows. I - who comes up with this stuff? Thanks, fellows. Appreciate it.

Next, running for their lives. One analyst who has covered decades of war and terror says he has never seen anything like this crisis. My next guest actually took in an entire refugee family. We will hear directly from her coming up.

[14:25:12] Also ahead, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush stepping into the spotlight on late night TV. The debut show with Stephen Colbert. He does everything from mock Donald Trump to criticize his brother. Tried to make some jokes. Did they fall flat? Did they work? That's next.


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