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An Admitted Pedophile Says We Must Learn to Accept People Like Him; Women Sharing Abortion Experiences on Twitter. Aired 9-10p ET.

Aired September 23, 2015 - 21:00:00   ET


DR. DREW PINSKY, MD, HOST "DR. DREW ON CALL": Tonight an admitted pedophile goes public. He says we must learn to accept people like him.

Can we? Could we? Plus hashtag shout your abortion. Women are sharing their experiences on Twitter and making a lot of other people angry. And

it all starts right now at the top of the feed. A man claiming to be a pedophile wrote an article for the website Salon, in which he confesses to

be sexually attracted to children, but never acting on these urges. He will join me in just a few minutes. But first, here is part of what he

writes. Take a listen.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: To confess a sexual attraction to children is to lay claim to the most reviled status on the planet, one that effectively ends

any chance you have of living a normal life. Yet I`m not the monster you think me to be. I`ve never touched a child sexually in my life and never

will. Nor do I use child pornography. So, please, be understanding and supportive. It`s really all we asks for. Treat us like people with a

massive handicap we must overcome, not as a monster.

PINSKY: Joining me AnneElise Goetz, attorney and host of "Your Life and the Law" podcast; Rolanda Watts, host "Sundays with Rolanda," podcast as

well; Ryan Sorba, head of the Young Conservatives of California and legal consultant; and Bethany Marshall, psychotherapist. So, Rolanda, I`m going

to sit you on this hot (inaudible) first. Sympathy for this guy?

ROLANDA WATTS, HOST "SUNDAYS WITH ROLANDA," PODCAST, LOS ANGELES: No. I think it took a lot of courage for him to come out because this is one of

the most, as he even admits, one of the most vile positions you can have in society. And I just, you know, but, but at the same time, I`m happy to

hear -- just to hear that side of the story so we know what`s out there. I think that it`s real. What concerns me is he says I haven`t molested a

child. My concern is that if you hang out at the barber shop too long, you`re going to get a haircut. And so part of my concern is that where

does that go? I mean.

PINSKY: That`s my concern too but, AnneElise, legally he has no problem, in indeed he`s been honest and he`s not acted on his impulses. And should

we -- I`m just being polemic here, being a devil`s advocate, but should we applaud a guy that has -- you know, was sexually abused, has these

orientations, and manages to control them.

ANNEELISE GOETZ, ATTORNEY AND HOST OF "YOUR LIFE AND THE LAW" PODCAST, SAN DIEGO: First off, yes. Legally, we don`t have a crime right now because

in this country it`s not a crime to consider doing something that`s illegal. It`s not a crime to think I may rob a bank. You have to go to

the bank and rob it. That`s where the crime occurs. With this guy, not only has he not committed a crime, I think it`s interesting his approach.

I think that there is more -- he`s actually helping other people to prevent them from committing crimes. Because if you think about it, you know, what

they`re doing is getting ahead of the problem. They`re getting ahead of -- we don`t want them in jail, we don`t want them in jail. We want them not

committing the crime in the first place.

PINSKY: Except, except, Bethany, what`s the average age or most common age at which this comes on, when somebody`s going to act out with these sexual


BETHANY MARSHALL, PH.D., PSY.D., L.M.F.T., BEVERLY HILLS AND PASADENA, CALIFORNIA: The most common age of a child molester is age 13. And why

guy -- what, what age did this guy say he was when he first really started realizing his sexual proclivities? Thirteen years old. You know, Dr.

Drew, I`m afraid that we`re glorifying pedophilia because you and I both know, when a person is compulsive, what do they do? They wrap their whole

lives around the compulsion. An alcoholic works in a bar, a pedophile works in a school. What does someone who has an orientation towards

children do if they`re going to rationalize and idealize their behavior? They`re going to write articles about.

PINSKY: I heard Rolanda say they go to the barbershop.

MARSHALL: They`re going to write an article about. They`re going to go, they`re going to join online communities, all the things this guy has

talked about. So I worry that this -- that we`re calling it a sexual orientation, but it`s a compulsion.

PINSKY: OK, so there are differences between a sexual orientation, sex addiction that goes to this, and sexual impulses that are -- suddenly

they`re overcoming somebody at a certain period of their life. These are three different categories. He`s saying this is a sexual orientation, like

being heterosexual, like being homosexual. It`s not something that can be changed. Is that accurate?

MARSHALL: He`s saying it`s a orientation fixed from birth, which some of the research is showing now. It`s hard to measure because, you know,

children don`t have sex or look at pornography or all the things that we might use to measure sexual orientation. So we really don`t know. But,

but an orientation is different from a compulsion, and one of the things we know about pedophiles is that they are often compulsion -- compulsive. By

the way, pedophilia is where there`s more than five years age difference between the perpetrator and the victim, and the victim is prepubescent. So

let`s call him someone who, who has a sexual orientation toward children. We don`t know if he`s really a pedophile.

PINSKY: I`m going to bring him in. He`s -- the name is Todd. This is the man who wrote the article. He says he is a pedophile. He`s a moderator

for a website Virtual Pedophiles, V-I, And, Todd, you were a young teenager when you first realized you were attracted to children. Is

that accurate?

TODD: That`s correct. I was 13.

PINSKY: And what, and what did you do to combat this? How, how are we.? I mean I think some people would be skeptical when you say I`ve controlled

these urges.

TODD: Well, when I was 13, I repressed a lot of it. I kind of felt like it was a, a -- you know, it was something that I would get past eventually,

and I didn`t really dwell on it too much.

PINSKY: And, Todd, you had sexual abuse in childhood. Is that accurate?

TODD: Yes.

PINSKY: And, and you became a drug addict also, right?

TODD: Yeh, but that had to with when I was depressed and.

PINSKY: Well, but being unregulated, being traumatized, that, that`s -- you know, most, I would say 100 percent of my patients, well, for sure. If

you had a bad enough addiction that you needed to see me when I was running a program, you had physical or sexual or both abuse in childhood. That`s

just the way it goes. But, but -- so drug addiction is set up by this many times. My question then is how do you know what you did when you were


TODD: Well, I never got that high. I took a few hydrocodone just to kind of deal with the pain. I was working out every day, you know, so I was in

physical pain a lot from that because I was depressed. And, you know, when you`re depressed, you -- your brain doesn`t deal with the, or doesn`t

produce the chemicals that alleviates pain.

PINSKY: Todd, Todd, I want to get some info from our audience here, if you don`t mind. Yes, sir, go ahead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I just have a question about what support exists for that? If we`re saying that it is like alcoholism, is there programs, is

there support to prevent people that have come out as saying this is something I`m inclined towards?

WATTS: I think that`s part of the issue. That`s the main thing.

GOETZ: So what do you do? I think it`s creating the community. He`s creating a community so if you have these feelings, as opposed to acting

out on them, which is a horrible crime, that means that a child is being put in that position, you go to this community and you try and work through

with other people.

PINSKY: Yeh. And that`s your.

WATTS: And it`s also dealing with the mental health issues that we don`t deal with in this nation well.

MARSHALL: Is he going to the community for treatment, or is he going to talk about having sex with children? It`s like a drunkalogue at an AA


PINSKY: Well, tell us about Virtuous Pedophiles. Is it a place to support people in their containment of these behaviors? Todd?

TODD: (inaudible) we, we deal with a lot of different issues surrounding pedophilia and sometimes issues that are kind of tangential to that, aren`t

really pedophilia itself. But basically it`s a support community. We, you know, we`re trying to help people stay legal, stay moral.

PINSKY: But, but let me just say, I -- listen, Bethany, I, I know a lot of people that treat sex addiction who take pedophile (sic) and try to help

people before they hurt somebody else. It takes an army of professionals to do that. I`m not so sure I want a group -- it`s one thing with a group

of people who are trying to stay sober in a 12-step community and support each other. It`s another when people have really dangerous criminal

impulses and they`re with a supportive sort of group of non-professionals. It (inaudible).

MARSHALL: There are certain people you do not put together in a group. You don`t put people with eating disorders `cause they give each other tips

on how to throw up. You don`t put people who are anxious together because they all get anxious together. People who are suicidal, want to jump off a

bridge. Do you put people who have a fixed sexual orientation towards children in a group and expect them to monitor each other? I have

questions about that.

PINSKY: Yes, ma`am.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: My friend is a psychologist. She works with pedophiles. And she believes, unfortunately, that there`s no cure.

PINSKY: Well, that`s I think what Todd would agree with you. But there`s a way to prevent the behavior is what he`s saying. And I guess we`re

having technical problems right now, but I don`t think any of us disagree with what her friend would say.

MARSHALL: You know, we don`t disagree but maybe what would be nice would be if these groups became a little bit more regulated, if there were

certified counselors.


MARSHALL: .but they weren`t online, you know, where secrecy tends to breed. And so because when are they going to cross the line from

orientation towards impulsivity. Dr. Drew, you and I know that pedophiles are usually compulsive.

PINSKY: Yes. Oh, it`s very difficult. Listen, heterosexual impulses are -- it`s hard, you know what I mean, Ryan? It`s hard for anybody.


have a long history of -- on the Internet -- of talking about this issue. And because he has that long history of talking about this issue on the

Internet, it makes me, you know, wonder what are his real motivations?

PINSKY: Well, I`m hoping.

SORBA: Is he actually trying to normalize this behavior?


SORBA: Is that an undercurrent of his motivation?

PINSKY: That`s something that Beth is worried about too is trying to validate the feelings. Which is, if it ends up with the behavior`s not

manifesting. I just, again, without a real professional.

SORBA: They`re playing a victim there.

PINSKY: We got to take a quick break. Later on I`m going to shou -- we got something called shout your abortion. It`s a hashtag. It`s generating

a lot of heat on Twitter. We`re back with that after this.


TODD: At times I`ve wondered why I`ve even bothered to stay legal. Maybe prison would be better, even at the risk of getting shank as a short eyes.

At least then it would be all over with. But, alas, I could never hurt a child, no matter what. Some small part of me still holds out hope that

things will go back to normal, or as close to normal as a celibate pedophile with little prospect of a future can get.




TODD: I was about 12 when the first inklings of a sexual preference bubbled up in me, though at the time I thought little of it. As I turned

13, it occurred to me that what I initially took as a phase had become to solidify into something more troubling.


PINSKY: That was an excerpt from an article written for Salon by a man who says he`s a pedophile, but says he has never acted on any of these urges.

I`m back with AnnaElise, Rolanda, Ryan, Areva, Bethany, and Todd, the gentleman who wrote this article. AnnaElise, you said something during the

break about Todd`s little community he`s developing.

GOETZ: We were discussing beforehand that it`s an unregulated community. But that`s an important start. I want them talking to someone. I want

them knowing they`re not the only person and, frankly, creates accountability, right? I`d rather have them talking to someone than doing

nothing and committing a crime. Because once we see them, once the legal system sees them, then a child has already been injured. And we want to

get ahead of it. And this organization, it does something as opposed to nothing.

PINSKY: Yeh, right. Areva?

AREVA MARTIN, ATTORNEY AND AUTHOR, LOS ANGELES: I don`t see where this accountability is. I don`t know what you`re talking about when you say

accountability. You have a bunch of pedophiles online talking to each other and, as the doctor said, that`s the worst thing you can do is put

these people together where there`s no accountability. And (inaudible). I think we`re talking about kids, and when we talk about kids and protection

and safety of kids..

PINSKY: Yeh, yeh.

MARTIN: .I think we go above and beyond.

PINSKY: We should, and we should, right?

MARTIN: We don`t take any chances. We take no risks. We don`t leave them in the hands of individuals like this who are not being regulated by

professionals. This is scary to me.

GOETZ: There is accountability because he`s published an article. I know him, I see him, he`s on television right now. So if he, if he moves into

my neighborhood, I know that he is struggling with this, and I know how to handle. He`s not sneaking around in a dark corner, he`s, he`s on

television. That`s accountability.

PINSKY: And, and Bethany and I agree with Areva what you`re saying. But what AnnaElise is raising is we need to do better, we to do more, and we

need some -- and if we can collect some objective evidence that a support network is useful, by all means let`s do that. We don`t think so.


MARTIN: Hold on, you identified one person. We don`t know who all the people are that are part of this network.

MARSHALL: That`s right, and they`re online.

MARTIN: It`s ridiculous.

MARSHALL: But let`s say you`re suggesting like 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous, they started as an unregulated group, right? OK, so it`s an

unregulated group. Now they`ve gained steam, traction, and they actually help people. But alcoholics find their disease state painful. When you`re

attracted to children, that`s not necessarily a painful state of affairs. It`s -- one`s sex drive is pleasurable. So can, can a group of people who

are unregulated, who are attracted to children, gather together and learn to monitor themselves. Doctor, (inaudible) talk about egosyntonic versus

egocentronic behavior.

PINSKY: I get you, I get you. Which is that, that -- they some are in distress over their impulses.

MARSHALL: That`s true.

PINSKY: To be fair. But sometimes they have no conscious. They see what they`re into and they just sort of push, push back the guilt rather than

push backing -- push back the impulses. Can they be.? You would say that pedophilia cannot be cured. Is that accurate?

MARSHALL: Well, I`m straight. Can that be cured?

PINSKY: Right.

MARSHALL: You`re straight. Can that be cured? No one`s sexual.

PINSKY: Not for me. Ryan?

SORBA: I, I don`t necessarily agree that this is a sexual orientation that can`t be changed. I mean my point of view is that our feelings are fluid,

they change. We can be conditioned to feel this way or that about that or this. And so I think that this is something that is learned, I think that

a lot of the time these individuals were molested as kids, as Todd was, and they become fixated on it. There`s something called imprinting in which a

child`s first sexual experience.

PINSKY: No, no, no, no, no.


PINSKY: No. That`s way too.

SORBA: Tens.


MARSHALL: You`ve got two doctors saying that the sexual orientation (inaudible) doctor when it comes to giving a diagnosis.

SORBA: But, listen, here`s what scares me, here`s what scares me. These folks are.

PINSKY: Imprinting is a very simple sort of.

SORBA: Kudos to Areva for her comments here because these folks are unregulated, we don`t know who they are, we don`t know what they`re capable

of behind closed doors, and we (inaudible).

PINSKY: We agree, we all agree with that. That`s our, that`s our gravest concern, for Bethany. Yes, ma`am.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Actually I disagree and you`re saying we don`t know who they are. You`re right. A lot of times these pedophiles, the

pedophile umbrella is basically bigger than this man that is coming up saying I have a problem. There are seven -- there are 18-year-old boys

that have 17-year-old sweethearts. They get caught, they`re pedophiles. There are men that are dating women. They go out to a nightclub. They`re

minding their business. They meet a girl lying about her age in the nightclub. They don`t know, but they`re labeled pedophiles.

PINSKY: But, but to be fair.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: They`re not running around sneaking after women.

PINSKY: That`s a legal issue. Right, that`s a legal issue. Those guys aren`t going to Todd`s group. These are guys that identify.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Right. So this guy`s.. Exactly, this guy`s clearly saying, I need help. So it`s like really, if we don`t do anything about

him and he`s literally saying, hello, red flag, I got an issue here, and we do nothing.

WATTS: And where is the help before there is an offense? I think that`s we need to (inaudible). Once again, our mental health issues are -- come

to fore, and, and we don`t want them to (inaudible).

PINSKY: That`s what I. Let me ask Todd if he`s ever had any therapy or any sort of professional intervention. Todd, have you?

TODD: I have dealt with therapists and largely they, they don`t really know how to deal with the issue. I don`t think they`re very well trained

in that issue.

PINSKY: Well, I would disagree with that. I, I, I`ve -- well, maybe you`ve selected people or maybe your insurance have sent you to people that

don`t have familiarity, but there are armies of people. It`s such a common thing.

SORBA: Dr. Drew, what scares me is there`s an organization in the Internet called B4U-ACT, and it`s a group of pedophile advocates who play victim and

they go around having pseudo intellectual conferences. And if you go to those conferences like Matt Barber did, from Liberty University, and

recorded on video these individuals making a lot of really questionable statements about children. And if you`re out there, go to

They`re making the same comments that Todd is making now, they`re making themselves out to be victims but, in reality, they`re pedophile activists

and advocates.

PINSKY: Yes, sir.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: One positive thing about this guy, by coming and saying this, is it`s no longer just a sickness. He is choosing not to do it. So

all the other pedophiles that, you know, act on their impulse and saying, oh, I can`t help it, you`re lying. This dude`s been doing it for years.

PINSKY: Well, to be fair. Yes, I mean applaud him an all, but he -- whatever the circumstances are that help him contain his impulses, most

people can`t contain their sexual impulses.

MARSHALL: Most people cannot.

PINSKY: And certainly not pedophiles that have been sexually abused. They`re sometimes very compulsive with all this.

MARSHALL: Well, and plus, Dr. Drew, one of the things we haven`t talked tonight about is something called interpersonal offending. That`s when the

pedophile doesn`t have sex with a child, fondle, penetrate the child, but they exploit the child emotionally for their own purposes. And we see this

among clergy, school teachers, across all populations where maybe they don`t cross that line physically, but psychologically they abuse.

PINSKY: Yes, sir.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So I don`t see what the issue is, that there`s no one advocating -- if there`s no one, you know, bringing this up as, you know,

as an issue. If there`s no one helping these people who are admitting that they have a problem, then there`s got to be something -- either we do

something or no one does anything.

PINSKY: Well, no. So, here`s the -- we haven`t frame the problem maybe. You`re looking at me like he asked the right question.

GOETZ: I think he did. I think he exactly asked the right question. And we should respond.

PINSKY: Somebody`s got to do something.

GOETZ: Someone has to do something. And just to say like don`t get together, don`t, don`t even talk about, don`t talk. By not talking about

it doesn`t make it go away. We need to address the problem.

PINSKY: So, and I think that`s why people may be misinterpreting what Beth and I are saying. We`re saying, yes, it`s good to talk about it. Yes,

psycho-social support is good, but that it`s unregulated and unmonitored concerns us that something can spiral easily out of control and may ill

serve people that it`s tried to help. Yes, something needs to be done. That`s why we`re doing a show on it today. We want to raise awareness

about this. It`s an exceedingly common problem. Childhood sexual abuse is -- I mean it`s just -- what percentage of patients do you see that have

this history? In mine it was very high.

MARSHALL: I would say one in four (inaudible).

PINSKY: In mine it was more like 60, 70 percent. There are drug addict populations. And so it`s a very common problem. And we moved through a

period where it was almost an epidemic and we`re finally talking about it as something that needs to be addressed. And guys like this are out there

and we need to know what to do with them. Please go to professional. My bottom line is please see a professional before you hurt somebody. Because

I know it doesn`t seem like it`s going to be that harmful. It will be. You will hurt somebody. Do not act on these impulses, get help. There may

not be a way of changing your orientation, but there are ways of helping.

Next up, women are sharing their abortion experiences on Twitter. And it`s not sitting well with some people. Some people on my panel even perhaps.

Back after this.




AMELIA BONOW, WRITER, ACTIVIST, AND CO-CREATOR OF SHOUTYOURABORTION: The campaign to defund Planned Parenthood relies on the assumption that

abortion is to be whispered about. #ShoutYourAbortion.

Hi, guys, like a year ago I had an abortion at the Planned Parenthood on Madison Avenue. And I remember this experience with a nearly inexpressible

level of gratitude. I have a good heart and having an abortion made me happy in a totally unqualified way. Why wouldn`t I be happy that I was not

forced to become a mother?

PINSKY: Shout Your Abortion is now trending on Twitter. It was started by two writers after the House of Representatives voted to suspend federal

funding for Planned Parenthood. These women hope to encourage others to share their positive abortion stories. Not everyone naturally is happy

with this campaign.

I`m back with AnnaElise, Rolanda, Ryan, Areva, and Bethany. And joining me on Scope -- on Skype is the co-creator of the hashtag, Amerlio Bo -- Amelia

Bonow. Amelia, welcome, thanks for joining us. So tell us what motivated this. What inspired it for you?

BONOW: Well, as you said, Dr. Drew, in the wake of the United States House of Representatives choosing to defund Planned Parenthood, me and many of my

female friends were just horrified and we didn`t know how to respond.

PINSKY: Amelia, I`m going to interrupt, if you don`t mine. We`re having really significant technical issues with you, so we`re going to throw it

back into the area here.

SORBA: First and foremost, the House voted to defund Planned Parenthood because Planned Parenthood was doing disgusting things with babies` body

parts. I mean they were selling fetuses.

PINSKY: All right, what`s the second thing?

SORBA: You could hear the crackling and the crushing of the skulls of babies. And the second thing is is that, under Obamacare, your women`s

health is available any place, any time. Under Obamacare. So what`s the point for Planned Parenthood to exist anymore? Obama made that irrelevant.

We no longer need Planned Parenthood with Obamacare.


MARTIN: What does that have to do with this campaign? What she did was take to the Internet to raise an issue, form a protest, which is an

incredibly powerful thing to do, so that women could voice their opinion about what the House of Representatives did, to show the House of

Representatives that women have the right, under the Constitution and under Roe v. Wade, to have legal abortions. So bravo to her and to all...

SORBA: The, the House isn`t taking away their right to anything. And it`s not a right, in my view.

MARTIN: Ryan, Ryan, wait. Ryan, I wasn`t done.

SORBA: But the House is just taking that money from Planned Parenthood.

MARTIN: Bravo to her and all the women that use the hashtag to shout out abortions.

PINSKY: Rolanda?

WATTS: I think it`s a brilliant campaign, and I`m so happy to see young women saying this is my body, this is my choice, and lifting their voices.

I, I applaud them, and I also think this is a new way to bring that voice into the political arena as well.

PINSKY: Generally women have been under attack for a long time, right?

WATTS: And it`s a stigma. To have an abortion has been a stigma, something that we don`t even tell our friends about. But one in three

American women will experience an abortion.

PINSKY: AnnaElise, opinion? Complex?

GOETZ: You know, I think, it, it`s definitely complex, but I think this isn`t necessarily celebrating abortions. What I think it is is celebrating

the impact to have the choice, and have -- and have the right to choose.

PINSKY: So it`s about women`s rights.

GOETZ: And how it impacted their lives.


GOETZ: I don`t think -- and the opponents have taken it and looked at it like they`re celebrating an abortion. I don`t think that`s what this

campaign is about. Instead of talking about I made this choice, and this is the positive impact it had on my life.

PINSKY: Bethany, but speaking of conflating, I think people get confused about the ability to have a choice.


PINSKY: .and the difficult and sometimes unpleasant reality of having to have an abortion.

MARSHALL: Well, it`s true and actually -- I hate to say it, but I agreed with the conservative person on the panel here in one regard, that on some

of those tapes the doctors showed a very callous disregard for life.

SORBA: Absolutely.

MARSHALL: But that is different from what these women are doing. They are destigmatizing abortion by opening their medical records. Drew, you know

because you`re a physician, what it means when someone opens their medical record. They, they open it maybe for a lawsuit, or because they have a

child custody evaluation. These people are going online, facing public criticism and potential humiliation for a debate.

WATTS (??): That`s right.

PINSKY: Very courageous

MARSHALL: (Soon)(ph) destigmatized. If we don`t talk about something, it never gets destigmatized.

PINSKY: Very courageous. I totally agree. Yes, ma`am.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m definitely pro-choice and I agree with many different things, but something about the hashtag that sparks something in

me. I`m sorry, I`m getting a little nervous. I apologize. I, I think that it`s courageous for the women to talk about and destigmatize getting

an abortion because there`s a lot of preconceived notions. But in my perhaps utopian (thought)(ph), I think it would be amazing if pro --

conservatives, pro-lifers, pro-choicers could look at the hashtags and see what happened, why the women got the abortion, and help them. Because one,

one thing that I really want to get off my chest is that you`re a pro-life and you save the baby, and then the baby`s born and you do nothing for

them. You yell at them for going on food stamps. You don`t -- you say, oh, you can put it up for adoption. Have you seen our foster care system?

PINSKY: Yeh, it`s a disaster.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There`s no room for babies.

PINSKY: Again, people having unwanted kids, screwed up people having screwed up kids, that`s at the core of all of our social problems. But,

listen, contraception works, everybody, why can`t we just -- why can we really get good at that? What`s the matter with (inaudible).

SORBA: This, this girl -- their hashtag is callous in and of itself, their stated goal is to, is to fight back against the House for defunding Planned

Parenthood for the things that they did. Why weren`t they doing this before that happened? Why weren`t they -- why aren`t they doing this in

relation to some other issue? Her explicit stated goal is to fight back against the defunding of Planned Parenthood.

PINSKY: No, no, no, no, she said that it motivated them, inspired them, to go and remind people about women`s rights. And I will say, I will say, for

-- got to go to commercial -- is that I, I was there when we, we were working for Planned Parenthood to create an environment where young women

could feel safe and, and have care that they felt was sort of geared to their age group, and was -- was confidential. They didn`t -- wouldn`t --

adolescents, young adults, did not go to the traditional healthcare system. It was not about abortion ever. In fact, many of the places didn`t offer

abortion. Each one is independently operated. They are a franchise. They are not run from above. And so of the two percent of services, its

abortion. The rest is women`s health issues, and that`s what they`re trying to support is women`s empowerment, and I`m all for that. It bleeds

into the abortion issue unfortunately though.

Later on I have a Halloween costume that is making waves. It`s a Donald Trump -- there it is. Donald Trump costume for women I guess. Back after


GOETZ: When you`re talking Planned Parenthood, what you`re really doing is taking away the right and access of women to gain lawful.

WATTS: If you could have a baby, your, your thoughts might be different.


UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Let me say one more time and make it perfectly clear for everybody, Planned Parenthood in Minnesota does not have a fetal tissue

donation program today, and we never have.

PINSKY: They are all independently operated. That was a spokesperson from Planned Parenthood addressing some secretly-recorded videos that allegedly

show the sales of fetal body parts. Those videos led to an outcry to ultimately having the federal government votes towards defending --

defunding Planned Parenthood, and now women are taking to Twitter. They`ve been motivated to defend women`s issues, women`s rights to an abortion,

women`s rights to their body, women`s rights to healthcare. The hashtag is ShoutOut (sic)Your Abortion.

Back with AnnaElise, Rolanda, Ryan, Areva, Bethany, and Amelia. Also joining me is Alison Howard from the Alliance Defending Freedom. And Alins

-- Alison, I beg your pardon, what do you think of this hashtag?


discussion, you know. Hundreds of thousands of women took to Twitter today to shout their abortion. And I think I need to just correct a couple

things that were said in the last statement, the last segment. When we talk about defunding Planned Parenthood, which happened here in Washington,

D.C., that conversation is happening nationally. We`re talking about defunding Planned Parenthood only of the tax payer dollars they`re

receiving. They receive over $1.5 million of taxpayer funds every day. And so for those who support the hashtag, that`s a good thing. For those

who are really concerned about other things that Planned Parenthood is doing, that is a very, very concerning number.


That $1.5 million a day is going to this organization. So, you know a lot of women who are shouting about abortion, there`s a lot of people left out

of that conversation. And I`m not talking about the hundreds of thousands of babies who, by the way, are not able to sound in because of their

experience with abortion, I`m talking about the young girls that were taken to Planned Parenthood by their perpetrators and who wish Planned Parenthood

had shout their abuse, but instead, I`ve just seen a recent report, covered up that sexual abuse. And I`m talking about taxpayers shouting about the

fact that Planned Parenthood has been caught in serious (inaudible).


PINSKY: If somebody, if somebody was duplicitous in covering up sexual abuse, they will go to prison. Am I wrong, AnneElise?

HOWARD: Well, they should have.

PINSKY: Hold on, hang on. That, that will go to prison.

GOETZ: That`s a big statement that just came (inaudible). If you know that`s actually happening, please step forward and do something about it.

PINSKY: By the way, if you know something, you yourself have some information that would lead to evidence to that effect and you do not

report it, you are duplicitous. And you are part of the crime. So I suggest, if there`s somebody, one incident on some Planned Parenthood, on

some outlying part of the country where that happened, I hope you`ll prosecute that person. But that does not represent the treatment on

Planned Parenthood (inaudible) by any means. Areva, help me with that.

MARTIN: To make that statement is so inflammatory, to suggest that people, perpetrators, sexual abusers, are taking women to Planned Parenthood for

abortions, that`s ridiculous. It`s a ridiculous statement and thank you, Dr. Drew, for calling her out on it and telling her that, if that is

happening, report it to the police, report to the District Attorney, do something about it. Don`t come on a television show and make an

inflammatory statement like that. Protect the women. If you really care about these women, then step up to the plate and make sure these men that

are doing this are being prosecuted. But this is not what this discussion is about. This is about denying women an opportunity to have an abortion.

HOWARD: If I may, if I may, this is happening in Alabama right now.

PINSKY: Then we have -- wait, then we have to stop the show right now. I`ve got to go.

MARTIN: Call the District Attorney in Alabama and make sure these men are being prosecuted.

PINSKY: Right now. We have to call the District Attorney immediately. There are, there are multiple licensed professionals in this room that have

an obligation to pull this through, if indeed that`s happening. Period. So, if that`s happening, let`s take care of that. That`s a separate issue

entirely, right?

SORBA: Dr. Drew, I would like to start by thanking David Daleiden and Troy Newman for performing undercover videos on Planned Parenthood, and I`d like

to thank Lila Rose for a decade of showing that Planned Parenthood has been covering up statutory rape. James O`Keefe and Lila Rose went into Planned

Parenthood offices. Lila posed as a 13-year-old girl with a 30-year-old boyfriend, and Planned Parenthood coached her on how to cover up the

abortion. And I want to thank James O`Keefe for pulling that out. And that`s why, because it`s a decade-long history of Planned Parenthood doing

illegal things that harm girls and babies and their losing their money.

WATTS: But Planned Parenthood does so much than these.

SORBA: Yeh, like these founded by Margaret Sanger, the eugenics person who wanted to exterminate African Americans.

WATTS: .the abortion. It`s all about women`s health. It`s all about our having a right to choose for ourselves. It`s about HIV.

SORBA: Margaret Sanger said that people are human weeds, that we need to exterminate the unfit, and by way of Planned Parenthood we can enact the

Negro Project, in which we can exterminate blacks. This is.

PINSKY: Listen, no, no. It doesn`t -- it`s an unfortunate. No, no, listen, that`s an unfortunate piece of history. He`s actually -- let`s not

deny the facts. That is a fact, but that does not necessary reflect the organization part (inaudible).

GOETZ: The organization.

PINSKY: .the organization is standing for. Obviously, I thought about that today.

MARSHALL: Ryan`s right, but he`s pointing to an individual.

SORBA: No, no, no, no, no.

MARSHALL: He`s not pointing to the whole.

PINSKY: All right, Amelia, you wanted to make a comment, go ahead.

BONOW: Yeh, Dr. Drew, I want to respond to Ryan and AnnaElise. First of all, I`m not even going to respond to the allegations you just made against

Planned Parenthood because they are factually inaccurate, ludicrous pieces of anti-choice propaganda. And, Ryan, I want to say to you, if you were

really pro-life, you would support all of the preventative healthcare measures that Planned Parenthood makes every day in the lives of many,

many, many American women.

PINSKY: Do you have any issues? Do you have an issue with.?

SORBA: Yeh, this is such fraud.

PINSKY: No, hang on, do you have any issue with the contraception or (inaudible)?

BONOW: I`m sorry, I was not done.

SORBA: Personally, I`m, I`m against it. But I mean, listen, this isn`t about that. This is about Planned Parenthood getting funding and James and

Lila highlighted a decade worth of Planned Parenthood hiding statutory rape allegations.

PINSKY: OK, stop, stop. You keep saying that.

GOETZ: It`s not about them (inaudible).

PINSKY: Then let`s go call the

GOETZ: It`s not about them getting funding.

SORBA: Well then we should call. I have.

GOETZ: It`s about, it`s about women telling their stories about how they made a choice and it impacted them positively. That`s what it`s about.

That is what it`s about.

SORBA: They got Obamacare now.

GOETZ: No, but, no, but, when.

SORBA: They`ve got Obamacare.

GOETZ: .you`re attacking Planned Parenthood, when you`re attacking Planned Parenthood what you`re really doing is taking away the right and access of

women to gain lawful and safe abortions.

SORBA: They have access through Obamacare.

WATTS: You should have a baby. Your, your thoughts might be different.

SORBA: I can`t have a baby.

WATTS: There`d be abortion clinics everywhere if men could have babies.

PINSKY: Please go ahead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yeh, I, I, I wholeheartedly support what these women have done. They`re opening a door for half of the population on the planet

are women.

PINSKY: More than half.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And it`s important women have an opportunity to express how they are affected by this issue. And I don`t think as a man that any

man anywhere, whether they`re, you know, represented in government, whomever they are, I don`t think men have really anything to say about it.

SORBA: Because nine men decided in the Rowe versus Wade case.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s a woman`s issue.

SORBA: Can you tell me how many men decided Rowe versus Wade?

PINSKY: Nine, you just said it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don`t know, I don`t know.

SORBA: Nine, nine men decided. So the reason we have abortion is because of men, most notably black men are Republican.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But they weren`t, they weren`t clamping down on a woman` civil autonomy over her own body.

SORBA: Oh, you said men aren`t allowed to talk about it.

PINSKY: (inaudible) finish this off.

SORBA: Roe v. Wade.

MARTIN: You keep talking about the statutory rape. We heard that from the other guest on the show. If there`s statutory rape going on, please deal

with that and don`t conflate the issue of statutory rape and a woman`s choice for reproductive health and to be able to choose a legal abortion in

this country. Deal with the rapist, but don`t deny women this.

PINSKY: And I want to just put a coat on that which is -- and a hashtag -- which is, if there`s somebody misbehaving in the healthcare system

anywhere, get them prosecuted. That`s a whole separate issue. You have -- and by the way, if you know of something, that includes our commentators

here tonight, you have an obligation to report it, to see it through.

Next up, it may be this year`s weirdest Halloween costume. Donald Trump with a bit of a twist. Back after this.


PINSKY: Time for the Click Fix when my guests tell me what their streaming on their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds. And today we even have a

Donald Trump inspired Click Fix. Rolanda, you`re first.

WATTS: Can you believe it? Donald Trump doesn`t go away. Thirty-eight days until Halloween and, ladies, we get a chance to be Trump this

Halloween. Donna T. Rumpshaker costume. It comes complete with a white shirt, a red tie, blue blazer, and some little booty shorts. You can have

it all for $69.95. When you knock on the door, you can go give me your candy or you`ll have hell to pay. Badada boom.

PINSKY: Does the hat say Make America Great?

WATTS: The hat says Make America Great. It does not come with the outfit. That`s sold separately, as well as the toupee. You`re on your own with the

toupee...But all of that, $69.95.

PINSKY: What is it, even the Donald Trump costume for women has to go sexy Donald Trump. But what.?

WATTS: Absolutely.

GOETZ: Every Halloween costume has to go sexy. Why? Who said that? I don`t know. Ryan, you`re next.

SORBA: All right. YouTubers have been uploading an episode of "Sesame Street" that spoofs "The Apprentice" and features a character named Donald


PINSKY: Oh, no.

WATTS: No, more Trump.


DONALD GRUMP, GARBAGE GROUCH: I`m Donald Grump and I have more trash than all of you. So, nah-nah-nah-na-nah-na. I`m looking for an apprentice.


GRUMP: A help-a.


GRUMP: I got so much trash, I need somebody to help me sort it. First thing I want to say is, (ama grocer)(ph), Swampy?


GRUMP: Scram, you`re fired.

SWAMPY: Fired? What does that mean?

GRUMP: That means you don`t gets to be my help-a.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Wait a minute, wait a minute. You can`t fire them, they haven`t done anything.

GRUMP: I just did. (whistles) Taxi.


PINSKY: There you go. He didn`t call them stupid or ugly, but.

SORBA: That Sesame Street clip is from 2005, and a decade later it`s going viral and racking up thousands of views every single day.

PINSKY: AnnaElise, what do you got?

GOETZ: OK, so I`ve got a video that`s going viral, viral. It features Carli Fiorina and she`s polling number two, behind Trump. Keeping with the

Trump discussion here.

PINSKY: She is now?

GOETZ: She`s the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard and now a prime target of Donald Trump. And she`s had to navigate a lot of sexism throughout her

career. So she created a video where she turns the table on men in the workplace. Watch this.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Maybe we could restructure?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Here`s an idea. How about we restructure?

FIORINA: Yes, great idea, Joanna.


FIORINA (TO MALE): So how do you manage the work-life balance?


FIORINA (TO MALE): You like to bake. How about you handle the cake for Gina`s birthday?


FIORINA (TO MALE): Is work less of a priority for you now?


FIORINA (TO MALE): Does your wife help with the kids?


FIORINA (TO MALE): Wow, are you going to eat all that yourself?


PINSKY: OK, AnnaElise, I, I love the (inaudible), but I am just saying next time get Amy Schumer to help you with these things. I think it would

have been funnier.

GOETZ: Politicians have a hard time delivering that line. It happens every cycle season, right?

PINSKY: It`s a good idea. Again, get somebody in there to help you out with this. All right. We`re going to be right back after this.



DONALD TRUMP: Ricardo Sanchez, known as "El Mandril" on his Spanish drive- time radio show in Los Angeles has taken to calling Donald J. Trump "El hombre del peluquin." In other words, the man of the toupee. This is on

the front page of the New York Times. I don`t wear a toupee. It`s my hair.


PINSKY: All right, time for my Click Fix. We`re staying with Trump and politics. He needs a segment all his own.


First there was the meme that went viral comparing his hair to the silk in a corn husk. There`s that.

Then there was the Trump your Cat trend. We all remember that

And at a recent rally, Trump set the record straight when a Spanish radio host called him The Man of the Toupee. Take a look at this.

TRUMP: I don`t wear a toupee. It`s my hair. I swear. Come here, come here. You have to do an inspection here. This, this is getting crazy.

This is crazy. Just real quick. We don`t want to mess it up too much `cause I do use hair spray, that I do. Come, come. Is it mine? Look.


TRUMP: It is. Say it, please.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, I believe it is.

TRUMP: Thank you.



PINSKY: We got -- we need another -- I need another experiment. I need one of you to go in there and pull his hair.


WATTS: (inaudible) and it would have been down his back.

PINSKY: All right. Thank you, panel. Reminding we`re on Snapchat, you can join us there at Dr. -- well, drdrewhln is our Snapchat, and you can

watch us any time if you DVR us. Thank you all for watching. Thank you, panelists. Thank you, audience. And we will see you next time.