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End of Five Hour Standoff in Abortion Clinic in Colorado; History of Violence against Abortion Facilities and Doctors; Search for Explosives Continues in Colorado Springs. Aired 8-9p ET

Aired November 27, 2015 - 20:00   ET



[20:00:13] ANNOUNCER: This is CNN breaking news.

BRIANNA KEILAR, CNN HOST: Bloodshed and horror this evening in Colorado Springs. I'm Brianna Keilar in Washington with breaking news.

A gunman who opened fire inside of a Planned Parenthood facility and then battled police for hours has been captured alive. And officials are now saying two people are dead. That is just in now to CNN.

At least 11 people including five officers have been wounded, but officials say they still don't have a final count of victims. They are trying to ascertain if there are more people inside of the building and they have barely begun to process what is a huge crime scene that may include explosive devices.

Nearby shops, businesses, even a hospital there were put on lockdown. Many people who were hiding throughout this ordeal for hours as gunshots rang out.

Our correspondents, analysts and guests have full coverage of the fast-moving story. Let's get now the latest from CNN's Brian Todd.

What are you learning, Brian?

BRIAN TODD, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Brianna, at this hour police are carefully processing this scene at the Planned Parenthood facility. They are looking for additional possible casualties inside, not clear how many, if any, there are. But as Brianna just said, the Colorado attorney general has just tweeted out that two people were killed inside the building. At the same time comb through the scene. They got to look for explosives. Police say the suspect brought items into the building with him at the start of a very tense few hours.


TODD (voice-over): The first calls came in at midday, a man with a long gun had entered the Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs and opened fire. He repeatedly engaged police with gunfire injuring officers on the scene.

AARON GARDINER, WITNESS: When I heard the lone shot ring out, which I had suspected was a high-powered rifle of some sort due to the loudness of it in the snow and everything.

TODD: The standoff played out for more than five hours. The surrounding area put on lockdown. During that time, police say they didn't know the suspect's name and had difficulty making contact with him. They were concerned he brought in explosive devices. Then a dramatic announcement from the Colorado Springs police.

LT. CATHERINE BUCKLEY, COLORADO SPRINGS POLICE: And the officers were able to shout to the suspect and make communication with him and at that point, they were able to get him to surrender.

TODD: A man was seen in handcuffs, it's not clear if he was the suspect. The main security threat tonight.

BUCKLEY: The individual brought some items into him, into the building with him and that we have to work with our EOD units, our explosive ordinance units.

TODD: Police say the suspect brought the items in bags and something was left in the front of the building.


TODD: City officials in Colorado Springs say this is now what they call a huge crime scene. They don't know exactly how many victims there are, as we have been reporting. They are combing through the building. The police spokeswoman says it will take hours, possibly several days to process the scene, Brianna. And as we know now, at least two people dead according to the Colorado attorney general.

KEILAR: Yes. That just in to CNN. Brian Todd, thank you so much.

We want to get now to CNN national correspondent Kyung Lah. She has been working this story for us all afternoon into the evening. What is the latest that you are hearing, Kyung?

KYUNG LAH, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, the difficult part of the investigation now begins because they first need to ID the suspect and then figure out what his motivations are. That is the part that will be just as important as sweeping the building and clearing that trying to make sure everyone stays safe, but now they need to know why? Why did this happen? Why did he go in there with that long gun and terrorize this community?

Let's remind everybody, this is a black Friday. A lot of people were in this shopping district. Not only were there patients and medical staff inside Planned Parenthood. There are about a dozen businesses around it. We spent much of the day talking to many of those people, whether customers or employees. Some of them heard from ten to 20 shots. They at some points didn't know where the gunfire was coming from but police knew. They knew that there was an unpredictable gunman with that long gun engaging officers. We don't know if police ever fired anything but we know he fired on them. And then that turning point that Brian was just talking about where they were able to convince him to surrender. The law enforcement now has to figure out what was going on inside this man's mind, Brianna? KEILAR: All right, Kyung Lah for us on this story. Thank you.

I want to turn now to CNN justice correspondent Pamela Brown. She has been focused on the federal response here.

And Pamela, we know that President Obama has been briefed. Give us the rundown here on all of the agencies that have been involved.

PAMELA BROWN, CNN JUSTICE CORRESPONDENT: Well, it was a huge response. Federal agents flooded that area where the crime scene is from the FBI SWAT teams and evidence response teams to ATF, the entire office went to respond to that scene including the special agent in charge, which is something you don't always see in these cases. And they were there to provide backup and support in case the teams that were in the building, the SWAT teams from the local police fatigued and they needed extra help.

But also, Brianna, we are learning more details about what happened inside of that building, of that Planned Parenthood building when the gunman was in there. According to the scanner traffic, the gunman was walking through the hallways and officers were able to keep an eye on him and track his movement through remote video feeds from security cameras inside the building.

Also, according to this, there were people hiding in a safe room in the building. A room where you have to have a certain ID to gain access. So there was a safe room that the SWAT team were trying to get access in to rescue the people inside. But at one point it was such a tedious situation because the gunman was near the safe room. And so, they were trying to decide whether to shoot or not because the concern was he would hurt others.

And also, there was one point, Brianna, where they were trying to rescue a victim and the gunman was 40 feet away from the victim and they were also in the moment trying to make tough decisions on what to do. And so, really brings you into the intense crisis scenario that was playing out there.

And after these five hours, Brianna, as we know, the gunman surrendered, which is something that surprised some law enforcement officials that I have been speaking to, that after all of this, after the gunman brings in what the scanner trap it says an AK-47 including these other items, shoots at officers, shoots at civilians, injures people. But after all of this and also a propane tank we are hearing and other items that they are investigating, after all of this, Brianna, he ten surrenders. The question now is why? Why did this happen? And the investigation in the building still very active. As I said, they are looking at the items going from room to room looking to see if there any other victims, anyone they miss. It is still very active at this hour, Brianna.

[20:05:58] KEILAR: Pamela Brown, thanks so much.

I want to bring in now CNN legal analyst and criminal defense attorney Joey Jackson. We have CNN law enforcement analyst Cedric Alexander as well with us. Joey, to you first, this process now turns into obviously an

investigation. This will turn into a legal case. We are trying to actually pin down some of the information about how many victims actually passed away. We understand actually just a moment, I'm hearing the attorney general is saying there is a tragic loss of life. We have not confirmed the moment at this point. So we are looking to get the detail.

But at this point, what is the next step, Joey?

JOEY JACKSON, HLN LEGAL ANALYST: You know, this is what will happen. And certainly our collective hearts break for that community, for the two that we believe to be dead at this point and everyone injured and everyone who was in harm's way.

But now the prosecutor has a job to do and it is particularly where there is a loss of life, the prosecutor has a decision in terms of how it's going to be prosecuted. You do have the option in Colorado for the death penalty. However, I should hasten to add as the prosecution moves forward, that only one person in 40 years has been executed there. And you might recall the Aurora Colorado shooter, the movie theater, Holmes, killed 12 and 70 injured and he didn't get the death penalty.

And so, the issue is going to be, you know, prosecuting it, getting all the investigative materials together. You certainly heard from Pamela Brown the nature of the agencies that were involves and the federal law enforcement, with the FBI, the ATF, the local authorities. And so, there will be a coordinated effort to term the motivation of the shooter.

Did the shooter act alone? Was this something that was pre-plotted and planned? Is there a trail that can give us some clues or insight into the state of mind? Were there any mental health or other issues involved? So the prosecutor moving forward is certainly going to want to identify those issues so that he can bring them forth in front of a jury before getting there, though. Certainly we will see a grand jury convened. And at that point, the prosecutor will identify the specific charges as to set the victims and then of course will come up with the charges and he'll have his day in court. And we will all learn what his motivations are, why he did this today allegedly and exactly what happened.

KEILAR: All right. Thank you so much Joey Jackson for that.

I want to get more now with Vicki Cowens, I believe, it is Vicki Coward, the CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.


KEILAR: Great. Thank you for joining me and I know we read your statement earlier on the air. Can you tell us at this point do you know how many civilians, whether that be patients or whether that be staff inside the clinic were injured or killed in the attack? COWENS: We don't have knowledge who has been injured and killed. We

do know all of our staff, we believe, are accounted for. We are still reaching out to confirm individual, how they are. I believe no one of our staff was severely injured. I also believe at this time that none of our patients were injured in this event.

[20:10:09] KEILAR: So you believe that none of your patients were injured, none of your staff were injured?

COWENS: That is my understanding at this time. But as I said, we are literally going down the list of names to verify. As you know, it's been an awfully chaotic afternoon. We have our security director on site with the Colorado Springs police in their control center and she was working closely with them. We are now trying to get verification that everybody is OK from our staff and from our patients.

KEILAR: What is unclear at this point, Vicki, but obviously, a lot of people are speculating about is the motive that this shooter possessed to go in with a long gun and really hold siege to the clinic. You hinted in your statement earlier saying that you felt that extremist in America were creating a poisonous environment that feeds domestic terrorism in this country. Do you believe that this clinic was targeted? And is there something that leads you to believe that?

COWENS: We have no reason to believe that this center was targeted for anything at all. And what I want to stress is Planned Parenthood across the nation and in particularly Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains has an excellent safety record. We saw today great, great cooperation from the local law enforcement. And I know several different agencies involved with that and they were taking great care.

We are very pleased that our own security systems were operating at topnotch. Our staff were able to monitor our internal cameras and actually assist the local law enforcement folks to understand what was happening inside the center as it was happening. These were live feeds. And I want to particularly note our staff and managers all did exactly the right thing. They got in the safe room. They were able to hunker down and some got out early throughout the afternoon but those that didn't were in a safe spot and making sure that our patients were as well. So I think we operated very well today to maintain and see that excellent safety record we have.

KEILAR: It really is amazing that they were able to hunker down. And if what you believe to be true, that no patients, no staff were killed in this. They were able to remain safe like that. But I wonder, obviously, this attacker was able to get inside of the clinic. Is that something that you are going to be looking at when you consider changes to security?

COWENS: Yes, absolutely. We have -- as I said, we have cameras. We can see where he came in and how. We will have to figure out exactly how he broke the perimeter. We have to seal in place to keep an armed person from just walking into the facility. But we don't know exactly yet how he did obtain an entrance to the location. Again, the way it happened once he was in, we are reassured that our systems were working to keep our people safe. KEILAR: And I hear you stressing the safety record. It makes me

wonder, are you worried that some people who would consider using the services that Planned Parenthood provides, that they might be discouraged to do so in the aftermath of this.

COWENS: I'm not particularly worried about that. People know and trust Planned Parenthood and they know we put their interest first. We advocate for them and care for them. We were there today providing well woman exams, doing, you know, the important breast checks and cancer screening, life-saving work that we do every day. And we will be doing that again tomorrow. We won't have that facility open tomorrow, but the rest of our operations will be operating carefully, but being there for our patients.

KEILAR: Vicki, do you have any sense of who this suspect might be?

COWENS: I do not. I do not know who he is. I haven't heard a name yet. And as I said, we did not receive any threats in advance. We don't know what his motivation is. So can't really speculate as to whether we were the specific target. So we will just have to, like everybody, wait and see how the investigations roll out.

KEILAR: All right. Vicki, thank you so much. Vicki Cowens, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. Really appreciate it.

And I do want to bring in Art Roderick now.

I saw you sort of nodding your head as she was detailing that she actually doesn't think any of the staff or any of the patients were among the casualties. But it sounds like there was a loss of life and so we're trying to pin down the details on that.

[20:15:06] ARTHUR RODERICK, FORMER ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, U.S. MARSHALS OFFICE: Right. I think it's interesting that as we know over the past 20 years, the Planned Parenthood facilities have been targeted at different times. And I recall when I was a marshal, we actually went out and did some security assessments at different clinics that had received threats. So I think it is very good forward planning of Planned Parenthood to go ahead and build safe houses in some of these clinics which obviously saved some lives here. If it wasn't for the safe house, I'm sure we would have had a few more fatalities inside the facility.

KEILAR: But he managed to get in, right?

RODERICK: Yes. He managed to get in, correct.

KEILAR: So that obviously is - that sort of supposed to be the first line of defense is right, normally, I know you are probably familiar with some security measures, supposed to be a secure entrance, especially to Planned Parenthood facilities that provide abortion services because they are controversial. So something happened there. And I'm sure that is really what officials are going to be looking at.

RODERICK: Absolutely. I'm sure there will be threat assessments done on the facility itself. They will be looking at this individual's social network, social media stuff to find out if he had threatened the facility or if there is anything of that sort. But yes, that does seem odd that the first line of defense he was able to breach what looks like fairly easily.

KEILAR: Yes. And they will look at that.

All right, Art, standing by with the rest of the panel of law enforcement and security experts.

I do just want to reset to you what has happened here in the last hour. This suspect surrendered himself to police. He was actually taken into custody unharmed. We do know from Colorado officials that there has been what is described as a tragic loss of life.

Planned Parenthood saying that they don't believe that any of their staff or patients are among the casualties. They believe that they are accounted for. But at this point police are dealing with an active crime scene. This shooter they say brought in a number of objects, items that are possibly explosive devices. Obviously this means that when officials clearing that building, which they are doing as we speak, they have to do so very carefully. And there is still information coming out about that.

We are going to get some more information. We will be right back with that for you.


[20:20:38] KEILAR: We're following breaking news now.

The Colorado attorney general has just tweeted that there was quote "a tragic loss of life" in the shooting at the Planned Parenthood clinic there in Colorado Springs. The gunman is in custody tonight after a five-hour standoff with police. And we are told that at least five officers were injured and at least 11 people were taken to hospitals.

At this moment, as we speak, police are sweeping that building for more possible victims, for hostages, for explosives because this suspect did bring in a number of items. And there is certainly a concern these could be explosive devices.

I want to get the latest now on this breaking news from Colorado Springs. "Denver Post" reporter Jesse Paul is there on the ground.

Jesse, first off, just give us a sense of how this in the last hour came to at least a partial resolution with this gunman surrendering to police.

JESSE PAUL, REPORTER, THE DENVER POST: Well, we don't know quite all the details. Mayor John Suthers, he came out and said basically he was in the command post and seen officers using some kind of camera device in order to locate the suspect, a gunman inside of the Planned Parenthood office. And from there, they were able to go in and actually get him. But in terms of, you know, the details of how that interaction actually played out, we don't know those. KEILAR: Are you hearing any more information who this suspect might


PAUL: No, absolutely not. I mean, police have said all throughout today that they didn't even know 100 percent who the person was. He has been in custody probably for an hour now, but we haven't heard from them any more details on exactly who this guy was.

KEILAR: So tell us about the scene - hold on. I just want to interrupt this interview just for a moment, Jesse. We are getting some new information that one Colorado Springs officer has died in this shooting. This is the Colorado fraternal order of police that has tweeted that one of these officers shot today during the active shooter incident in Colorado Springs has died. So we heard from Planned Parenthood that they believe their staff, they believe their patients had been safe. And so now we know what the Colorado attorney general meant by a loss of life there.

If we can go back to Jessie Paul, "Denver Post" reporter there on the ground.

I expect, Jesse, with you being there talking to law enforcement, this was obviously a concern when you have five officers who were injured. Certainly there must have been a sense that maybe one of them could have perished.

PAUL: I mean, it's been a pretty awful afternoon. I mean, this spanned out for five hours. I want to caution that the Colorado attorney general's office has not independently verified that that officer died. And as far as we know, the Colorado fraternal order of police is also going off other media reports. "The Denver Post," we have not independent verified that as of yet.

But you know, certainly, this is over 100 officers here today. Lots of SWAT officers from all over this region. It was kind of an amazing show of force. And, you know, if that news is true, it's certainly awful.

KEILAR: OK. So that's interesting that you're cautioning there. That the fraternal order of police, this is maybe something that certainly needs to be confirmed. The Colorado attorney general's office had it first tweeted that there were two killed. That tweet was deleted. And then a tweet was sent out that there was a tragic loss of life. Do you know anything about that? Are they perhaps waiting to inform next of kin?

PAUL: You know, honestly, I'm not 100 percent sure. I have been trying to reach out to the hospital and to the police here. They have not confirmed any deaths on scene. They said that all afternoon. You know, certainly this lasted for several hours. They don't know as of about 30 minutes ago, they didn't know exactly how many people are still in the building, if there were still people in the building. You know, this is remained fluid as it has since 11:30 a.m. when the first reports of (INAUDIBLE) came through.

KEILAR: All right, Jesse, thanks so much for the information. Do stand by for us. We would like to check in with you later.

Now, when this shooting broke out, these shops and these businesses in this area, this was near really a large sort of strip mall area with a grocery store and number of restaurants. And all these shops and businesses were put on lockdown.

Brigitte Wolf works near the Planned Parenthood clinic. She works in a Japanese restaurant there.

Brigitte, we spoke earlier today. Last we had spoken, you said there was a SWAT team that had come in and was sort of taking position near some large windows that you have there in the restaurant that had a view of the Planned Parenthood clinic. Tell us about what you saw from that point on until this sort of came to a resolution in the last hour.

[20:25:21] BRIGITTE WOLF, WITNESS (on the phone): They had come to our business knocking on our door to let them in and told us to hide where there were no windows available. And then they had drawn out their guns because they said the shooter was active at that point. But then a few moments later, they put down their guns and they were just making sure that everybody in our place was all right and then we just have been there since.

KEILAR: Are you still there? Where are you now?

WOLF: They actually finally moved us into the grocery store. They won't let any of us leave with our vehicles tonight.


WOLF: And they are asking us to call our family members to come pick us up.

KEILAR: Now, have they told you why that is? Obviously, they are concerned there is danger or that perhaps the suspect maybe would have left something in the parking lot? Is the concern? Did they tell you?

WOLF: They didn't tell us that, but we did witness police dogs sniffing the vehicles and that's all I -- that's all I saw and they didn't let us know anything else.

KEILAR: So were you away from the windows? Were you able to see the suspect when he was taken into custody?


KEILAR: Give us a sense, Bridgette, of what this is like in your community. You worked at this restaurant for two decades. And I know you must know a lot of people there in town who come and frequent this area. They just go about their day, grocery shopping. What does this mean to have something like this happen so close to where you work?

WOLF: You know, I was born and raised in Colorado Springs and nothing like this has ever happened. You know, unfortunately, there are other events that happened but nothing like this.

KEILAR: Yes, certainly just shakes the community.

All right. Bridget, thanks so much for talking to us throughout the day. We certainly do appreciate it.

We are going to have much more ahead on this breaking news out of Colorado Springs where this shooter is now in custody.

You're watching CNN's breaking news.


KEILAR: We have breaking news. The end of a five-hour armed standoff in a "Planned Parenthood" clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. And the gunman is now in custody tonight and the police association has tweeted that one officer was killed. We do know at least 11 people were taken to hospitals. We were told that initially five of those injured were police officers. I want to get now with our CNN national correspondent Kyung Lah. She's been covering this story from the very beginning. Kyung, what's the latest that you're hearing?

KYUNG LAH, CNN CORRESPONDENT: That this is not an over situation, if you think of it as it being completely over, it is not. Because as you've been talking about, Brianna, law enforcement has a couple of things on their hands. First, they've got to go sweep through the building. They have to make sure that those bags that he brought in, that the suspect brought in, what is inside those bags, and they need to approach very, very carefully. So, all of that has to take place inside the building. They need to see if there's anyone left inside who may be hiding because in these sorts of situations there usually are a few people who simply are too afraid to come out. So, that's something that law enforcement has to do in the immediate -- right now. Now they have to figure out what was happening inside this man's mind. Why did he go there? Why today? Today is Black Friday. There are a lot of people there. A lot of people saw this happen. There were ten to 20 shots fired according to one witness we heard and they need to understand was this man motivated by something? And that's where the investigation really picks up from this point. So, far from being completely over, law enforcement plans on having a very busy night, Brianna.

KEILAR: Yeah, that's right. And that's why some of these numbers on the casualties are still difficult to pin down at this point. Kyung Lah, thank you so much. As Kyung mentioned so, there is still a lot of concern about possible explosive devices. The gunman may have brought with him. I want to bring in Anthony May now. He is a retired ATF explosives enforcement officer and he's joining us now on the phone. Anthony, you know, with your expertise, you have officials who are going through this building and they are trying to see if any of these items that this man brought in if they are explosive devices. How long does it take to go through a building, or just give us a sense of the process of going through and inspecting these items and disabling them if need be?

ANTHONY MAY, RETIRED ATF EXPLOSIVES ENFORCEMENT OFFICER: Good evening, Brianna. As your previous person said there, this situation is long from being over. The - even though the suspect is in custody, now we've got to go through and see each bag that he may have brought if he brought any bags, what were in those bags. Now, understand that this was a long, drawn out situation and the bags he did bring back, he probably get a lot of ammo, but their concern is explosive devices, as in that area they saw with the Colorado shooter, the movie shooter and all these other things, that explosive devices are a potential. They are going to be trying to locate his car to see what may have been brought in his car. And then they are also going to be obtaining search warrants to go to his residence and see what he may have there. So this is long from being over.

KEILAR: How dangerous is this work, whether it's going through the Planned Parenthood clinic or it's going to his home. What really are these officials dealing with on a danger level?

MAY: Well, it's moderately dangerous. I mean you don't know what is going through this guy's mind, like in the movie shooter. He had his apartment booby trapped and knew that law enforcement would be going there, and he had it booby trapped, so they had to go work through that situation. And trust me, the law enforcement officers, the bomb technicians, they are all going to be thinking this same line.


Now it's -- the situation is pretty much in control and they can have all the time in the world to safely go through this, because it's quite frankly, it's their own safety right now that they are concerned about. And they are going to have to clear this. They are going to have to clear every bag. They are going to have to clear his home. They are going to have to clear his car.

KEILAR: All right. Great insight there. Anthony May is a retired ATF explosives enforcement officer. Thank you.

We're going to continue to bring you the very latest on this Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs. We'll have more after a break.


KEILAR: We have breaking news, a police association has tweeted that one officer was killed in that five-hour armed standoff in a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The gunman is in custody tonight and right now as we speak, police are sweeping this building for possible victims and anyone who may be hiding out still, possibly explosives. That's something certainly since this suspect brought in some items. Which is what officials have told us. The FBI, the ATF, they have agents who are sent to the scene of this shootout. And I want to get more now from CNN justice correspondent Pamela Brown. This could really be a lengthy investigation. What are you hearing, Pamela?


PAMELA BROWN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It could take hours. It is a very large crime scene, Brianna and right now they are still going room to room, as you point out trying to see if there were any explosive devices. In fact, just looking at the communications between the SWAT team members inside that building, while this shooting was taking place, they thought that gunman did have an IED, possibly. In fact, if you look at the communications, that is one reason why they said we have to go in and take him out now, he could possibly have an IED. We heard the spokesperson for the police department there talking about a possible propane tank. The question is was he going to use that as an explosive device. So, that is just one item we've heard about. We know he brought a bag in with other items, apparently.

So, they are having to go in, secure the scene, possibly bring in the bomb squad and make sure that it's safe and also, as you point out, look for other victims and we're learning more about what was going on inside that building with officers tracking the movements of that gunman, able to see where he was from video feeds, from security cameras in the building. At one point, Brianna, the video feed stopped working and they said, you know, we've lost eyes on him. We no longer know where this gunman is. You can imagine how frightening that is, knowing how many people were inside the building - staff and patients, other people inside that building. And also, some of them went into a safe room, Brianna, we've learned, a room that is designated for these types of crisis situations, active shooter situations, so some of them were huddled in that room. And it was a very intense situation when the SWAT team members were trying to get there help rescue some of these victims, but also worried about the gunman and perhaps tipping him off or causing more exchange of gunfire. So really just so many tense moments in that five hours of this standoff was taking place. And thankfully, though, he was, you know, he peacefully surrendered and hopefully police will be able to interview him, Brianna, and get more of an idea of what motivated him. Was he specifically targeting Planned Parenthood? We don't know the answer to that yet, and we also don't know his I.D. But as you pointed out earlier, we have learned the sad news that one officer was killed during this standoff, 11 injured, Brianna?

KEILAR: All right, Pamela Brown, thanks so much for that. I want to bring back now CNN law enforcement analyst Art Roderick. He is the former assistant director of the U.S. Marshalls office. We also have CNN legal analyst and criminal defense attorney Joey Jackson. We have CNN law enforcement analyst Cedric Alexander and CNN intelligence and security analyst Bob Baer. He is a former CIA operative. Joey, I want to go to you first on this. Because we certainly are expecting charges to be brought forth against the suspect. We're really waiting to figure out who he is and also some sort of inkling of why he did this. What is next in this case?

JOEY JACKSON, CNN CORRESPONDENT: You know, interestingly enough, what Pamela Brown was mentioning in terms of will he talk? And that's really an open question because what is next, of course, is the prosecution and any prosecution is going to be dependent upon the specific facts and the facts we are getting now, are awful, miserable in terms of the loss of life. So you certainly can see, how it will develop into a murder prosecution and multiple murders, I hope it's no more in terms of the victims getting better, but what will happen is, of course, will be mirandized. You have the right to remain silent, et cetera, et cetera. Will he talk is an open question.

Certainly, possible that he'll lawyer up and in that regard it's possible that he won't say anything at all. But even in the absence of him talking about what specifically motivated him, there will be clues that investigators will find. Of course, there will be that social media trail, whether it's e-mail, whether it's text, whether it's Facebook, whatever. They will certainly find clues as to what were the motivating factors behind this. Now, we also know that the prosecutor will work very closely with the multiple law enforcement agencies involved to piece together the facts and present the case to the grand jury because ultimately that grand jury, Brianna, will determine what the specific charges will be that he'll face and I think we can also look to in terms of any potential defenses here, you know, anything predicated, what was his mental health like, not that that would carry the day, this is the person who allegedly did this, but I think you want to know what his mindset was, what his state of mind was. That's all going to be relevant as the case moves forward and ultimately gets to a jury if there is not any type of plea deal, you know, by that time, but we're getting way ahead of ourselves in terms of that.

KEILAR: All right. Well, we certainly want to know where the direction goes. What's interesting to export the option there with you, Joey. Cedric, I do want to ask you, were you surprised that the gunman surrendered?



ALEXANDER: And, you know, there was no further incident of loss of life.


Let me say this first. My heart and prayers goes out to that police officer and the civilians and those injured who lost their lives tonight. And certain, my hats off to the courageousness of all the men and women involved there in law enforcement in Colorado. But, you know, in a situation like this, you really never know Brianna, how it's going to end. It certainly doesn't appear that way initially when police was engaged in a gunfight with this subject and it certainly looked like it would have gone the distance and he would have had to have been neutralized. However, he decided to surrender and I think there is going to be a lot that's going to be gained from him being alive as to what initiated this with him, who else may or may not have been involved. It's going to be interesting to see when search warrants have done both of his residents and - that he may, that might, he may own is to make some determination as to what kind of evidence is going to be gathered from those residences.


ALEXANDER: So, -- so it's very fortunate that no other life, loss of life was lost tonight. KEILAR: Yeah, we're still waiting to pin down details on that. Cedric, Art, Joey, Bob, stay with me here. You're watching CNN breaking news. We're keeping a very close eye on these developments out of Colorado Springs. We'll have more breaking news, live coverage after a short break.



KEILAR: Breaking news, the end of a five-hour armed standoff in a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The gunman is in custody tonight and the police association has tweeted that one officer was killed. We do know that at least 11 people were taken to hospitals, and this siege and shootout was centered around this Planned Parenthood facility. It's certainly not the first time that organization has been attacked. CNN's Brian Todd has a closer look at this, Brian?

BRIAN TODD, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Brianna, these types of incidents go back decades. Now, this Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs does perform abortions according to its website at this hour. We do not know if this was a targeting of the Planned Parenthood office in Colorado Springs, targeting because of the services it provides or not. Whether it was a domestic incident or not. Now, if it was a targeting of Planned Parenthood, it would, in fact, be the latest in a string of attacks on abortion providing facilities or doctors who work with them. The most recent fatal attack was about six and a half years ago. This man, Dr. George Tiller shot and killed inside his church in Wichita, Kansas, on May 31st, 2009. Dr. Tiller was director of a women's services clinic that performed late term abortions. An antiabortion extremist Scott Roder was convicted of Tiller's murder, and he is serving a life sentence.

In October 1998 Dr. Barnett Slepian (ph), this gentleman here who worked in an abortion providing clinic in Buffalo, New York, shot through the window of his kitchen with a high-powered rifle. An anti- abortion activist James Cop was convicted of second-degree murder in that case and he is now in prison. There have also been bombings of abortion clinics in the United States. January 1998, an off-duty police officer working as a security guard in abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, he was killed when that clinic was bombed. Eric Rudolph, the man who had bombed the Atlanta Park in 1996 was convicted in the Birmingham clinic bombing. Rudolph also confessed to bombing an abortion clinic near Atlanta in January 1997.

There are disturbing numbers tonight, Brianna on violence against abortion providers since 1977. Take a look at this chart. According to the National Abortion Federation, eight murders of abortion providers in the United States between 1977 and last year. 17 attempted murders that group says. The federation says there have been 42 incidents where abortion providers have been targeted in bombings and 182 cases of arson directed at these facilities where the people providing abortions. And, of course, been tens of thousands of cases of harassment, hate mail, harassing calls and bomb threats, Brianna. A long history here. KEILAR: Certainly is. Brian Todd, thanks so much.

We're just getting word, I should tell you, that there is going to be a news conference at the top of the hour. So just here in several minutes. These have been running pretty much on time, maybe a few minutes late. We're going to certainly be monitoring that when it starts. Right now officers were inside of this Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs. They are going room to room and they are looking for any devices that the gunman might have left behind. We'll have more of this breaking news coverage after a break.



KEILAR: We have breaking news, we're standing by right now for a news conference with law enforcement in Colorado Springs where a standoff with a gunman in a Planned Parenthood clinic has ended and a police association is tweeting that one officer was killed during this five- hour armed standoff. The gunman is in custody tonight as we mentioned and right now police it's not over for them. They are sweeping the building for possible victims and also for explosives. Because the shooter, we understand, brought items into this clinic, a number of them. I want to bring back now CNN law enforcement analyst Art Roderick, former assistant director of the U.S. Marshalls Office. We also have CNN law enforcement analyst Cedric Alexander and CNN intelligence and security analyst Bob Baer. He is a former CIA operative.

You know, it's so - I don't know, I think it's really surprising, Bob, and I wonder what you think that this ended the way it did with this gunman surrendering.

ROBERT BAER, CNN SECURITY ANALYST: I think it's a bit strange. He intended to take a lot of people with him if in fact he brought explosives, take down the building. In fact, he brought propane tanks is disturbing and what disturbs me most is he assaulted police officers. He was ready for them almost ready to ambush them, which tells me we are dealing with a particularly dangerous psychotic here. Whether it was politically motivated or not, we are going to have to wait to see. But you have to wonder.

KEILAR: You certainly have to wonder. Were you surprised, Art?

RODERICK: Well, when we heard that one individual that worked at the Japanese restaurant talk about the SWAT team getting ready to set up, I thought.

KEILAR: Inside that restaurant looking at the Planned Parenthood.

RODERICK: Through the glass and I think, I thought at that point this is going to be the individuals that are going to take out, you know, the individual there in the Planned Parenthood facility. It didn't happen. He gave up. He might have a statement he might want to make at this point. So, hopefully he's going to be talking to law enforcement letting them know what his motivation was for this particular horrible scenario.

KEILAR: What did you think? Real quick, Cedric, final word before we wrap up here. Were you pretty surprised here?

ALEXANDER: Well, here again, yes, I was surprised. I expected him to shoot it out all the way to the end, but fortunately, he gave up and went without further incident here tonight. So that's a good thing.

KEILAR: Yeah, I know, it certainly is a good thing and Art, I also wonder just really quickly before we go, the way this actually -- pardon me, I'm being told that I have to wrap up and I'm out of time. Art, thank you so much. Bob Baer, Cedric Alexander, thanks so much to all of you. CNN's live coverage of the shooting at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood continues now with Miguel Marquez.


MIGUEL MARQUEZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Good evening. I'm Miguel Marquez sitting in for Anderson. We are about to learn more about the deadly shooting and standoff at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Local officials expected to talk to reporters any moment now.