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The CNN Quiz Show: Famous Americans. Aired 7-8p ET

Aired December 13, 2015 - 19:00   ET


[18:59:42] POPPY HARLOW, CNN ANCHOR: The number tonight is 1,237. That is how many delegates a Republican candidate needs to become officially the party's presidential nominee. With such a crowded GOP field, party leaders have discussed the possibility of a brokered convention -- something we have not seen in decades.

Either way it is a long road to 1,237.

Up next THE CNN QUIZ SHOW: Famous Americans. I'm Poppy Harlow. Have a great week.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: What was Martin Luther King Jr.'s name at birth? You think you know the answer? Find out tonight in THE CNN QUIZ SHOW: Famous Americans edition.

Hi there. Welcome to THE CNN QUIZ SHOW: Famous Americans edition. I'm Anderson Cooper.

Tonight we're going to be testing our CNN hosts' knowledge of famous Americans. Three teams face off against each other answering trivia questions about everyone from historic figures to celebrities, American icons to notorious criminals.

At stake a total cash prize of $40,000 to be divided between the charities of their choice, and you can play along at home on Twitter, too, using the #cnnquiz.

Now time to meet the teams. Take a look. Come on up. All right.

Team number one -- we'll see for how long -- host of "CNN TONIGHT", Don Lemon and host of "@THIS HOUR" Kate Bolduan on this quiz show. Welcome.

DON LEMON, "CNN TONIGHT": Yes, yes, yes, yes. How are you?

COOPER: Good, good, good.

Just so you know on this quiz show everyone is playing for charities founded or inspired by famous Americans in keeping with our themes. Which charity are you playing for?

LEMON: We're playing for the Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation group. Thank you very much. Thank you very much -- the famous activist, choreographer, dancer -- Alvin Ailey, of course it was started by that. Great foundation. KATE BOLDUAN, "@THIS HOUR": And the foundation educates and inspires

hundreds of thousands of people every year through dance performance.

COOPER: Excellent. Cool.

All right. Team number two, host of "THE UNITED CHANGE OF America" premiering on CNN in 2016, comedian W. Kamau Bell; and host of "INSIDE MAN" which will back with a new season next year, Morgan Spurlock. Welcome -- nice to have you guys. Playing for the first time.

W. KAMAU BELL, "UNITED CHANGE OF AMERICA": Yes. Team personality. Team personality.


COOPER: You're team personality. All right. Do you know a lot of famous Americans? Do you feel confident?

BELL: Both of them.

COOPER: Excellent. Which charity are you playing for?

BELL: We're playing for the Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health founded by one of the greatest tennis players of all time -- Arthur Ashe.

COOPER: Excellent. All right.

And team number three, host of HLN's "MORNING EXPRESS" Robin Meade and the host of "@THIS HOUR" and "EARLY START" John Berman. Which charity are you guys playing for?

ROBIN MEADE, HLN, "MORNING EXPRESS": We're going to do Farm Aid. It's in its 30th year. Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp and Neil Young started to help the family farmer and it's still going strong.

JOHN BERMAN, "@THIS HOUR": And she's a little country. And I'm a little rock 'n' roll.

COOPER: You're a little rock 'n' roll?

MEADE: You know, he's from Boston.

COOPER: Yes. I think you're more than a little rock 'n' roll -- John Berman.

BERMAN: Thank you very much.

COOPER: When I think of rock 'n' roll, I think of you.

The winning team gets $20,000 for their charity. He's the only other person who is as white as I am here. As uptight, I should say, as I am. The other two teams get $10,000 each.

Let's get started. The first game is called Buzz. All right. Here's how it works. Questions in this round are worth ten points each. The first player to buzz in gets to answer. Players can buzz in before the question is completed but if you answer incorrectly your team is locked out from ever guessing again. No consulting with your teammate, so if you buzz in you have to answer it. Everyone, ready?


COOPER: All right. Let's play.

What is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birth name?

BELL: Michael.

COOPER: That is correct.


COOPER: In five generations what family has produced a state Supreme Court justice, two governors, a senator, a railroad industrialist, oil executive and a CIA director? The Addams Family -- Morgan.


COOPER: That is correct -- the Bush family.

BELL: Team personality.

COOPER: Who was the first woman inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame? A, Diana Ross; B, Carole King; C, Tina Turner; D, Aretha Franklin. Don?

LEMON: Aretha Franklin.

COOPER: That is correct.

A piece of fabric and wood from the Wright Brothers flyer was brought along for what other aviation milestone? A, the first concord flight; b, the first nonstop flight across the Atlantic; c, the first flight to break the sound barrier; d, the first lunar landing? Don.


COOPER: That is correct -- the first lunar landing.

In 1927 to produce rubber, Henry Ford attempted to establish a new Utopian settlement in the Brazilian jungle called what? A, Michigan South; B, Fordlandia; C, Rubber City; D, Tiretopia. Don?


COOPER: That is correct -- Fordlandia.

In 1831, Robert E. Lee married the great granddaughter of which first lady? COOPER: John.

BERMAN: Martha Washington.

COOPER: That is correct.

Native American legend Geronimo was the leader of what American- Indian -- John?

BERMAN: Apache.

COOPER: That is correct.

The families of founder Sam and Bud are still the majority stakeholders in which company? Robin.

[193504] MEADE: Wal-Mart.

COOPER: That is correct.

Which American satirist wrote the humorist piece "Etiquette for the After Life" just before he died in Connecticut in 1910? John.

BERMAN: Mark Twain.

COOPER: That is correct.

What movie with 12 in the title did Brad Pitt not appear in? Morgan -- a little quick there. Let's see.

SPURLOCK: I don't know.

COOPER: What movie with 12 in title did Brad Pitt not --

LEMON: "12 Angry Men".

COOPER: Well yes, he did not appear in that. That is true.

All right. What is not a Donald Trump branded product that he sold at one point in time? A, a board game; B, vodka; C, steaks; D, a hair brush? Kate.


COOPER: Incorrect.


BELL: A hair brush?

COOPER: That is correct.

Jim Thorpe has been called the most versatile athlete in American history. In which sport did he not compete either at the collegiate, professional or Olympic levels? A, basketball; b, hockey; c, racquetball; d, ballroom dancing. Don. LEMON: Ballroom dancing.

COOPER: That is incorrect.


BELL: Racquetball.

COOPER: That is correct. Nicely done.

What musician played in the last "Late Night" with David Letterman episode as well as the last "Daily Show" with Jon Stewart episode? Kamau.

BELL: Fu Fighters?

COOPER: That is incorrect.

A, Dave Grohl; b, Bob Dylan; c, Eddie Vedder; d, Bruce Springsteen. Robin.


COOPER: That is correct -- Bruce Springsteen.

Who allegedly began growing a beard shortly after receiving the original advice --

BERMAN: Abraham Lincoln?

COOPER: That is correct.

What did Bob Dylan do on July 25, 1965 that drew boos and jeers from the crowd? John.

BERMAN: He went electric.

COOPER: Yes. He played electric guitar at the Newport Folk Festival.

When asked about a particular quote in 1996 what former World War II D-Day Navy seaman told the "New York Times" that's one of the things "That I've said that I've never said." J.D. Salinger, Earl Warren, Yogi Berra, Rocky Marciano? John.

BERMAN: Yogi Berra?

COOPER: That is correct.

What Lakota Native American chief and holy man fought General Custer? John.

BERMAN: Sitting Bull.

COOPER: That is correct.

In 1872 Victoria Wood Hall was nominated by the Equal Rights Party as their presidential candidate. Which former slave and "North Star" publisher was the VP pick? A, William Green; b, Frederick Douglass; c, Harriet Tubman; d -- Kamau

COOPER: That is correct.

BELL: I have the same hair.

COOPER: Jim Henson made the very first Kermit out of his mother's coat and what? A, kitchen sponges; b, plastic bags; c, a ping-pong ball; d, slippers. Morgan.

SPURLOCK: Ping-pong ball.

COOPER: That is correct.

Last question. As the legend goes Pocahontas became the go- between between the Powhatan and English settlers after saving the life of whom? Robin.

MEADE: John Smith.

COOPER: That is correct -- nicely done. Very well played. That is it for round one. Let's take a look at the scores. John and Kate in third place with 40; Kamau and Morgan in second place with 60; and Robin and John in the lead with 100 points. Nicely done.

All right. When we come back the players face off in head-to-head battle and the point values double. Stay tuned.


COOPER: Hey there. Welcome back to THE CNN QUIZ SHOW: Famous Americans edition.

Let's take a look at the players' scores, where they stand right now. Don and Kate in third place with 40 points; Kamau and Morgan in second with 60 points; Robin and John with 100 points.

Our next game is face-off. Two players from opposing teams face off against each other. They'll be asked three questions. The first player to hit the bell gets the first shot at answering. The correct answers are worth 20 points each.

We drew names out of a hat. First up: Kate versus Robin.

Go ahead, ladies.

BOLDUAN: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

LEMON: Anderson, look at those shoes. My gosh.

MEADE: No, don't be.

COOPER: Yikes. You have spikes on your shoes.

LEMON: And she's got nubs on hers. BOLDUAN: That doesn't make me sound very --

COOPER: I don't know what that means.

LEMON: Spikes versus nubs.

BOLDUAN: All right. And on that note --

COOPER: All right. Your category is magicians.

BOLDUAN: Excellent.

COOPER: Yes, I know you're big fans of magic.


COOPER: The world of illusion.

BOLDUAN: Every day to put this together.

COOPER: All right. Just three questions, your hands behind the back.

Number one. Harry Houdini died on Halloween October 31, 1926. Despite the myth what was the real cause of death? A --

BOLDUAN: His appendix exploding.

COOPER: Ok. That is correct. Appendix and peritonitis.

BOLDUAN: It's peritonitis -- exactly. That's why I got it.

COOPER: Ok. In one of the earliest gigs working together Zigfried and Roy were fired from a cruise ship for doing what? A, making the -- the mind reels -- making the ship captain's daughter disappear; b, smuggling a cheetah aboard in a laundry bag; c, accidentally setting fire to a stage; or d, a terrible ventriloquist act?

MEADE: Wow. I'm going to guess, I guess. Three, I mean setting the stage on fire.

COOPER: That is incorrect. Making the ship captain's daughter disappear, smuggling a cheetah aboard in a laundry bag, a terrible ventriloquist act?

BOLDUAN: Cheetah.

COOPER: That is correct.

MEADE: Excellent. Good job.

COOPER: Which of the following was not an act performed by David Blaine? A, contained in a shark tank for 88 hours; b, frozen in a block of ice for 63 hours; c, stood on 100-foot pillar for 35 hours; or d, shackled to a gyroscope for 52 hours?

BOLDUAN: A. COOPER: That is correct. He was not contained in a shark tank. So

-- all right.

MEADE: Good job, Kate.

COOPER: So, all right. You have three correct answers. You got them all correct.

BOLDUAN: You sound so surprised.

COOPER: No, very nicely done -- 20 points for each answer. You can head back to the podium. Thank you.

Next up Don versus Morgan. Guys -- come on down.

BOLDUAN: Bring it.

BELL: Bring it.

SPURLOCK: Me and Don?


LEMON: I thought it was somebody else.

BELL: I should be paying attention.

COOPER: Oddly it's spikes versus nubs again.

[1915] LEMON: And you aren't looking at my shoes.

COOPER: All your questions will be about chefs. You're a big foodie?

LEMON: Really? I am a foodie but this guy does a food thing. I mean come on -- McDonald's --

SPURLOCK: We all eat cheese.

Chefs -- he did say chefs.

COOPER: Hands behind your back. All right, which of the following is not a show on the online TV network run by Paula Deen? A, "What Did Paula Deen Just Put in My Mouth"; b, "Deen There Done That"; c, "Deen, Deen, the Cooking Machine"; d, "Working out with Coach Carter".

SPURLOCK: "What Did Paula Deen Just Put in My Mouth"?

COOPER: You are incorrect.

LEMON: Can I hear the others?

COOPER: Yes. B, "Deen There Done That"; "Deen, Deen, the Cooking Machine", "Working out with Coach Carter".

LEMON: "Deen There Done That".

COOPER: That is incorrect. "Deen, Deen the Cooking Machine". "What Did Paula Deen Just Put in My Mouth" is one of my favorite shows.

LEMON: Really?

SPURLOCK: And one of my favorite hobbies.

COOPER: No, never seen it.


COOPER: In 1999 Anthony Bourdain published an article in the "New Yorker" called "Don't Eat before Reading This" which eventually was turned into a best-selling book called --

SPURLOCK: "Kitchen Confidential".

COOPER: That is correct.

BELL: Team number two.

COOPER: What chef worked during World War II for the CIA predecessor the OSS before going on to write two books on mastering French cooking? A, Wolfgang Puck; b, Julia Child --

LEMON: Julia Child.

COOPER: That is correct. Very nicely done. Don, you got one point; Morgan you got one point -- 20 points each. You're going to head back. Nicely done.

MEADE: You can do it -- make up for me.

COOPER: Finally -- Kamau and John. Come on down.

SPURLOCK: Let's go, team two. Team two.

MEADE: Come on, John.

BELL: Team two, team two, team two.

MEADE: Come on -- John. Make up for me.

COOPER: All right. Your category is defendants.

BELL: Come on. Magicians and chefs, leading the lamb to the slaughter with the champion of all time.

BERMAN: Just because I've had some legal issues.

COOPER: Right -- exactly.

All right. Just three questions. Which murder defendant who was eventually cleared of murder charges wrote the memoir "Waiting to Be Heard"? A, Amanda Knox; b, Amy Fisher --

BERMAN: Amanda Knox.

COOPER: That is correct.

MEADE: Good job.

COOPER: Renowned music producer Phil Spector is serving a 19 year to life sentence for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson. During his first trial he was represented by the wife of what famed forensic pathologist? A, Cyril Wecht; b, Henry Lee; c, William Bass; d, Michael Baden? Kamau?

BELL: c.

COOPER: Incorrect.

Cyril Wecht; Henry Lee; or d, Michael Baden.

BERMAN: Sorry -- you said c --

COOPER: A, Cyril Wecht; b, Henry Lee; D, Michael Baden.


COOPER: Cyril Wecht -- that is incorrect. It's Michael Baden.

BELL: Yey, we're both wrong. Yey, we're both wrong. I don't know nothing.

COOPER: Final one -- which doctor accused of murder had famed lawyer F. Lee Bailey as his defense counsel? A, Richard Kimble; b, Robert Norlander; c, Conrad Murray; d, Sam Shepard? Kamau.

BELL: Conrad Murray.

COOPER: That is incorrect. Conrad Murray was Michael Jackson's doctor.

BELL: I know. I just heard of him before.

COOPER: A, Richard Kimble; b, Robert Norlander; d, Sam Shepard, or Conrad Murray if you want to guess that.

BERMAN: No, b.

COOPER: Robert Norlander -- that is incorrect.

BELL: We're both wrong. We're both wrong.

COOPER: All right. John -- you only got one right. 20 points for John. You guys can head back to your podiums. Head back to your podium. Let's take a look.

Kamau and Morgan are in third place right now. And tied for first place: Robin and John; and Don and Kate. You guys are tied for first.

Coming up next, we're going to take a look. How well do these teams actually work together? We'll find out when the pressure is amped up with the guessing game. Stay tuned.


COOPER: Welcome back to CNN quiz show. Three teams are competing to win money for their favorite charities. You can play along on Twitter with #CNNquiz.

Let's check out where the teams stand so far. It's a close game right now. Kamau and Morgan have 80 points; they're in third place. Don and Kate with 120 are tied for the lead with Robin and John also with 120. Nicely done.

All right. It is now time to play picture this. Here's how it works. Teammates have to work together, one person giving clues, the other guessing. A famous American will pop up on the screen. The clue giver has to get their teammate to correctly guess who it is. They can't use any part of the name, no initials, no rhymes with. One minute to guess as many as possible. Correct answers are worth 30 points.

The winner usually goes first but we have a tie. We drew names out of a hat. I have yet to actually see the hat but I'm told we did. Don and Kate, you are going first. Come on down.

LEMON: Right here. Right here.

COOPER: All right. Your category is notable women. Notable women.

LEMON: That's broad.

BOLDUAN: Right here.

LEMON: I was going to say something else but that's ok. Not about you.

BOLDUAN: Thank you.

COOPER: 60 seconds on the clock. Ready, go.

LEMON: Vanderbilt.

BOLDUAN: Gloria Vanderbilt.

LEMON: No, but is a feminist.

COOPER: You said the name. You said her name, Gloria.

LEMON: I said Vanderbilt.

COOPER: Oh sorry.

BOLDUAN: I said it.

LEMON: I don't know -- I had no idea. Go ahead.

BOLDUAN: Just pass then. LEMON: Pass. Bus -- back of the bus. Get to the back of the bus.

BOLDUAN: Harriet Tubman. No, Rosa Parks.

LEMON: Yes. Astronaut.

BOLDUAN: Astronaut -- John Glenn.

LEMON: No. Field -- first name

BOLDUAN: Sally Field. Sally Field. Sally Ride.

LEMON: Yes, correct. Married to the President Teddy.

BOLDUAN: Teddy Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt.

LEMON: Yes, correct.

First Supreme Court justice.

BOLDUAN: Sandra Day O'Connor.

LEMON: Correct. Tennis star --

BOLDUAN: Billie Jean King.

LEMON: No. Now.

BOLDUAN: Serena Williams.

LEMON: Right.

COOPER: So you got five correct. Because they made a mistake in buzzing we're going to give you the one point, that's six correct. Each point is worth 30 points.

LEMON: Tell your mom I said thank you.

COOPER: All right.

BOLDUAN: Thank you.

[19:25:02] COOPER: All right. Robin and John, you are in second place. It's your turn. Come on down.

MEADE: They're in first. You.

COOPER: All right. Your category is entrepreneurs.

MEADE: Oh, God.

COOPER: Entrepreneurs. 60 seconds on the clock. Ready, go.

MEADE: Computer.

BERMAN: Bill Gates. MEADE: Microsoft --

COOPER: Correct.

MEADE: Yes. Mickey mouse.

BERMAN: Walt Disney.


COOPER: Correct.

MEADE: Playboy.

BERMAN: Hugh Hefner.


COOPER: Correct.

MEADE: She cooked and then she went to jail. Insider trading.


MEADE: Yes, yes. Pass.

BERMAN: Yes, pass. I know this. Go ahead.

MEADE: Ok. He started our network.

BERMAN: Ted Turner.


COOPER: Correct.

MEADE: He made the car and it was in Michigan --

BERMAN: Henry Ford.


COOPER: Correct.

MEADE: He made Facebook.

BERMAN: Mark Zuckerberg.


COOPER: Correct.

MEADE: And he made Amazon.

BERMAN: Jeff Bezos.


COOPER: Correct.

MEADE: And Walmart.

BERMAN: Sam Walton.


COOPER: Correct.

MEADE: And oh, crap, pass. Makeup --

BERMAN: Estee Lauder.


COOPER: Correct.

MEADE: Ok. So he has an investment company named after him --

BERMAN: Charles Schwab.


COOPER: That is correct.

MEADE: He's Kodak.

BERMAN: George Eastman.


COOPER: That is correct.


COOPER: All right. So you got 11 correct. Very nicely done. Each is worth 30 points.

BERMAN: Martha Stewart -- of course.

BELL: Well done, guys.

COOPER: All right. Finally Kamau and Morgan. Come on down. You guys started the round in last place. Let's see how you do.

BELL: Third place. Third place. Team participation. Team participation.

Team orange slices.

COOPER: All right.

Your category is political figures.

SPURLOCK: All right.

COOPER: Political figures.

BELL: I'm going to do the Robin dance.


BELL: There's a lot of body there.

COOPER: Work it.

This is just like moderating the Democratic debate. The same thing happens.

COOPER: You should have seen Lincoln Chafee working the box before.

All right. Category: political figures. 60 seconds on the clock. Ready, go.

BELL: Wanted to be president from the clan in Hyannis Port. Was a senator.

SPURLOCK: George Bush.

BELL: Hyannis Port, longtime senator. Pass.


BELL: Alaska lady crazy. Crazy lady.

SPURLOCK: She's crazy lady.

BELL: Pass. Pass. Pass.

Black lady married to the President.

SPURLOCK: Michelle Obama.

BELL: Thank you.

Shot a guy in the face. The guy apologized to him.

SPURLOCK: Dick Cheney.

BELL: Pass. You're not going to know that. Wanted to be president real bad, 47 percent. They tried to run again this year, Republican.


BELL: 47 percent

SPURLOCK: 47 percent.

BELL: Pass. Pass.

Ran against Barack Obama the first time. SPURLOCK: Time, time. Wow. Wow.

BELL: Please.


BELL: You killed it.

SPURLOCK: Can I get some water please.

COOPER: Wow, wow.

SPURLOCK: I went zero. My brain checked out. My brain totally checked out.

MEADE: You know what. It was all the dancing.

COOPER: Now that things are calm. Hyannis Port.

SPURLOCK: Kennedy. Yes, Ted Kennedy.

COOPER: Yes. Ted Kennedy. Very good. Alaska.

SPURLOCK: Palin -- Sarah Palin.

COOPER: Of course. The other one you passed on was another from the clan in Hyannis Port.

SPURLOCK: Another Kennedy.

BOLDUAN: Robert Kennedy.

SPURLOCK: Robert Kennedy.

COOPER: The 47 percent was ran for president the last time around, lost, was a Republican.

BELL: Mormon.

MEADE: Put the dog on the roof.

COOPER: Massachusetts.

BELL: He doesn't know.

SPURLOCK: Romney. Romney.

COOPER: And then another one he passed on was a woman, former secretary of state, wears a lot of broaches. Wears a lot of broaches -- that's her thing.

BELL: Under Clinton.

SPURLOCK: Madeleine Albright.

COOPER: Yes. SPURLOCK: You should have given me the broaches.

[19:30:00] BELL: I'm the dumb one. I'm the dumb one. I'm the dumb one.

SPURLOCK: Not today.

BELL: Not today.

MEADE: Dance, dance.

COOPER: For all of that you got two correct

BELL: Yes.

COOPER: Thirty points each. Nicely done. Take a look at the updated scores.

COOPER: Kamau and Morgan are in last place with 140. Don and Kate, have 300. And in the lead Robin and John with 450 points.

Ahead, rapid fire round worth big points. Anyone can take the lead. Stay right there.


COOPER: Welcome back to the CNN QUIZ SHOW: Famous Americans Edition. Three teams of CNN hosts competing to win a total of $40,000 for their favourite charities. In third place the dancing queens Kamau and Morgan.

UNIDENTIFED MALE: I'm just going to sit back here the rest of the game. Any random person, any one can take the spot.

COOPER: You can still come back. They are playing for the Arthur Ashe Institute of Urban Health. They got 140 points. In second place, Don and Kate playing for the Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation. They have 300 points.

LEMON: We should have more points.

COOPER: You should have more points.

LEMON: We got hosed.

COOPER: Leading the pack Robin and John playing for Farm Aid. They got 450 points.


Each team with a set (INAUDIBLE) of four people. When I say the facts, the players take turns saying which of the four people that fact applies to. Each team will have one minute to get as many correct as possible and each answer will be worth 40 points so they could put a lot of points on the board. Let's see how the players do with this challenge. Let's take a look. Let's go.

All right. Kamau and Morgan since you're in third place, we'll start with you. You get first crack at this. Your set is male entertainers. The entertainers are Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope. Do you feel confident?

SPURLOCK: Not really.

BELL: I don't know, man. I don't know.

COOPER: All right. Sixty seconds on the clock. Ready, go.

Kamau, he had a pet chimpanzee named Scatter, with a predilection for lifting up women's skirts.

BELL: Got to be Elvis Presley.

COOPER: That is correct. Morgan, although he never received prison time he was arrested seven times --

SPURLOCK: Johnny Cash.

COOPER: That is correct. Kamau, for a brief time he was an amateur boxer with the name Packy East.

BELL: Frank Sinatra.

COOPER: That is incorrect. Bob Hope.

Morgan, in 2002, a lock of his hair was sold at auction for $115,000.

SPURLOCK: Elvis Presley.

COOPER: Correct. Kamau, he paid $55,000 for the Potomac, FDR's former presidential yacht.

BELL: Bob Hope.

COOPER: Incorrect. Elvis Presley.

Morgan, he published a novel based on the life of the apostle Paul.

SPURLOCK: Frank Sinatra.

COOPER: Incorrect. Johnny Cash.

Kamau, he almost died at birth and had scars on his face from a forceps delivery.

BELL: Bob Hope.

COOPER: Incorrect, Sinatra.

COOPER: Morgan, before launching his career he worked at a machinist shop and he was also a truck driver. SPURLOCK: Bob Hope.

COOPER: Incorrect. Elvis Presley.

Kamau, he was born in England and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.

BELL: Bob Hope.

COOPER: That is correct.

There you go. Morgan, he spent a night in a Texas jail after attempting to smuggle hundreds of prescription pills across --

SPURLOCK: Elvis Presley.

COOPER: Incorrect. Johnny Cash.

It could have been Presley.

Four correct answers -- those are worth 40 points each. So.

All right. Don and Kate, you are up now. Your set is four female entertainers. Let's take a look.


LEMON: Robin Meade.

COOPER: Lucille Ball, Judy Garland, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe. This is basically a game end --


LEMON: They did that on purpose?

COOPER: Sixty seconds on the clock. Ready.

Don, she studied the prestigious Alvin Alley American Dance Theater in New York City.

LEMON: Madonna.

COOPER: That is correct.

Kate, in 2010 "The New York Times" published and offered some praise for her stuffing recipe?

BOLDUAN: Lucille Ball.

COOPER: Marilyn Monroe.

Don, after dropping out of high school she moved to New York City to attend drama school.

LEMON: Marilyn Monroe.

COOPER: Incorrect. Lucille Ball.

Kate, she tried to commit suicide several times. She was married five times.

BOLDUAN: Marilyn Monroe.

COOPER: Incorrect. Judy Garland.

Don, before becoming famous she modeled under the name Diane Belmont.

LEMON: That's Lucille Ball.

COOPER: That is correct. Kate, throughout here childhood and occasionally as an adult, she struggled with having a stutter.

BOLDUAN: Marilyn Monroe.

COOPER: That is correct.

Don, she starred in the movie "Shadows" and "Fog" and the "Next Best Thing."

LEMON: That's Lucille Ball.

COOPER: Incorrect. Madonna. Kate, reportedly her ex-husband's drinking and cheating problems led to the end of their 20-year marriage.

BOLDUAN: Judy Garland.

COOPER: Incorrect. Lucille Ball.

Don, at the age of 47, she died in her home from an --

LEMON: Judy Garland.

COOPER: That is correct.

Kate, she converted to Judaism for her third husband?

BOLDUAN: Mmadonna.

COOPER: Incorrect. Marilyn Monroe. Wow.

All right. You got four correct answers.

It seemed like more. But four correct answers.

BOLDUAN: Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you, everyone. COOPER: Worth 40 points each.

All right. Robin and John. Your set is four assassins. All right?

Take a look at the assassins, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wilkes Booth, Sirhan Sirhan and Jack Ruby.

All right. You know a lot about assassins?

Steven Sondheim.


COOPER: Yes. Sixty seconds on the clock. Robin, after the shooting he said "let me explain. I can explain. I did it for ..."

MEADE: Sirhan Sirhan.

COOPER: That is correct. John, according to investigators he reportedly had a bad temper and went to beat a man with brass knuckles.

BERMAN: Jack Ruby.

COOPER: That is correct.

Robin, he attended the inauguration of the man he eventually killed.

MEADE: John Wilkes Booth.

COOPER: That is correct. John, because of truancy as a teen he was sent to New York City's youth house for psychiatric evaluation.

BERMAN: Jack Ruby.

COOPER: Incorrect, Oswald. Robin, because of truancy at a young age he was sent to the Institute of Juvenile Research and underwent psychiatric evaluation.

MEADE: Lee Harvey Oswald?


John, at the time of his capture, he was engaged to the daughter of a senator from New Hampshire.

BERMAN: John Wilkes Booth.

COOPER: That is correct.

Robin, later in life while undergoing hypnosis he claimed a woman used mind control to manipulate him into firing his weapon.

MEADE: Jack Ruby.

COOPER: Incorrect. Sirhan.

John, he once tried to convince his wife to join a plot to hijack a plane to get to Cuba.

BERMAN: Lee Harvey Oswald.

COOPER: Robin, initially, this assassin plan to kidnap his victims to ransom him in exchange for -- MEADE: John Wilkes Booth.

COOPER: That is correct.


John, among odd jobs over his life, he was a sitting -- all right. Are you finished? He was a singing waiter, ticket scalper and a novelty item and newspaper salesman.

BERMAN: Jack Ruby.

COOPER: That is correct.

All right. So you got seven correct, worth 40 points each.

Take a look at where things stand. Kamau and Morgan in third place with 300. Don and Kate with 460. Robin and John, a commanding lead with 730.

Coming up, the magic wall for a match game worth very big points. Stay right there.


COOPER: Welcome back to CNN QUIZ SHOW, Famous Americans Edition. The players are competing for a total of $40,000. That will be divided among the charities they have chosen, only two more rounds left. There are big point. The tables could turn fast. So here is where we stand. Kamau and Morgan are in third place with 300 points.

BELL: What?

COOPER: Don and Kate are in second with 460 and in first, Robin and John with 730 points.

BELL: When did that happen?

COOPER: Our next game is a match game, each team will have one minute to try to complete a match game. The team who makes the most matches in the shortest amount of time wins 300 points. Second place earns 200 points. Third place gets 100. Let's bring our first team down to the magic wall to get started. Robin and Jjohn, you're in the lead. You guys go first.

BOLDUAN: Don't do so great.

COOPER: Let's take a look at your categories. Good times, a Better Mousetrap, Burn Baby Burn.

MEADE: Which one would you like?

BERMAN: I have no idea.

MEADE: You like Walt Disney a lot.

BERMAN: Whatever you want.

MEADE: I don't know.

COOPER: This is not the game but you need to decide. American time line --


COOPER: This is match the year to the historic American event. Here are the events, George Washington --

MEADE: I am so sorry I picked this.


COOPER: Nat Turner's rebellion, Samuel Adams organizes the Boston Tea Party, General Sherman takes Atlanta, Thomas Jefferson overseas --

MEADE: Are you kidding me? We're going to put 60 seconds on the clock. Here are the years. Begin.

BERMAN: The Tea Party was before the revolution.


BERMAN: Then George Washington's inauguration, right?

MEADE: OK. the first president. So rebellion.

BERMAN: I think it was '31.

MEADE: All right. So you know this is during the war. At the end of the war, close to it.

BERMAN: And then this right down here, get ready to hit it.

COOPER: All right. Walk over there.

MEADE: Did you get it?

COOPER: You feel can confident?

BERMAN: We did it.

MEADE: Oh, my gosh.

COOPER: Let's take a look.

You did it.


COOPER: Remember --


BERMAN: Makes me a lot smarter.

COOPER: Remember, this isn't just getting it all right but how quickly you did it. You did this in 18 seconds.

MEADE: You are incredible.

COOPER: That is the time to beat if you get it all right.

Very nicely done.

MEADE: OK. Good job.

COOPER: Head back.

Don and Kate, you guys are up next. Come on down.

LEMON: It's never what you think it is.

BOLDUAN: I know but mousetrap -- burn baby burn. Did anybody burn a bunch of stuff down?

LEMON: Let's do it. It's up to you.

BOLDUNA: Burn baby burn.

Like our careers right now.

COOPER: The category is activists. You have to match the activist to the movement they are best known for. Take a look at the various movements.

Civil rights, Native American, abolitionist, gay rights, women's movement. Sixty seconds on the clock. Here are the names. Ready, go.

LEMON: Gay rights. Ruby Bridges, Civil rights.

BOLDUAN: Where is it? There you go.

LEMON: Bella (INAUDIBLE) is women's movement.


Garrison is abolitionist.



COOPER: Wow. Nicely done.


COOPER: Let's take a look. You got them all right. So the question is --

BOLDUAN: Oh, my gosh!

LEMON: Oh, thank god.

COOPER: No worries.

The time to beat was 18 seconds. You got them all right just as Robin and John did. You did it in -- you did it in 13 seconds. You take the lead. Very nicely done. Well done. You can head back.

Kamau and morgan. Come on down.



SPURLOCK: Team brain freeze ready to go.

BELL: I was really hoping good times was all about Jimmy Walker but I guess not.

COOPER: A better mousetrap as you might have guess is all about inventors. You have to match the inventor to their invention. Take a look at the various inventions.

BELL: Oh my gosh.

COOPER: Single wire telegraph.

BELL: You take care of it, man.

COOPER: Semi automatic, shotgun, air conditioning system, windshield wipers.

Sixty seconds on the clock.

Pass, pass.

SPURLOCK: And here we go.

Eli Whitney, the cotton gyn.

(INAUDIBLE) telegraph.

Browning was the shotgun.

BELL: Oh, yes.

SPURLOCK: Anderson, I'm going with windshield wipers. Change this back. Time.

COOPER: All right. Back over there.

SPURLOCK: I don't know what happened.

COOPER: Do you guys feel pretty confident?

BELL: No, not really.

COOPER: Morgan, how do you feel?

SPURLOCK: No, I screwed up, Mary (INAUDIBLE) I think we got three.

COOPER: Let's take a look.

BELL: I think somebody over there is like, no!

Air conditioner.

But how fast did we do it wrong?

COOPER: If you had gotten them all right you would have won because it's 12 seconds. Twelve seconds, you had three right in 12 seconds. Nicely done.


SPURLOCK: I screwed that up. I knew I did that wrong.

COOPER: Don and Kate got five right in 13 seconds. Don and Kate, you win this round. Very nicely done. They get 300 points bringing up your score to 760 points. Robin and John, you got five right in 18 seconds putting you in second place. 200 points, you're at 930 points. Kamau and Morgan, you're in third place. You got 100 points so your score is now 400.

All right. Still, when we come back, our final, final round during the break they're going to decide how much to wager on one last question. It all comes down to this. Stay tuned.



COOPER: Welcome back to CNN QUIZ SHOW: Famous Americans Edition.

This is it. It's the final round. $40,000 on the line for three very worthy foundations. The Alvin Alley Dance Foundation, the Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health and Farm Aid.

First place is going to get $20,000 for their charity. Second and third place will each get $10,000. Everybody walks away with something for their charity. Let's take a look at the scores.

Kamau and Morgan, in a -- put up a valiant effort. You're in third place.

BELL: We're not in fourth place.

COOPER: Not in fourth place.

SPURLOCK: Podium, podium.

COOPER: Don and Kate, second place with 760. BOLDUAN: That's right.

COOPER: Within striking distance of Robin and John who have 930. It's going to all come down to our last game, the big bet.

Each team is going to get to choose from a group of four iconic Americans. I'm going to ask a question that relates to that person. During the break, the teams decided how much they want to wager. If they answer the question correctly, obviously, they earn the points they bet. If they get it wrong, they lose those points. =

You're going to have 15 seconds to come up with the answer. This time they can consult with each other. It's any one's game now. Let's get going and let's take a look.

Kamau and Morgan, in third place, you get to go first. Your options. Let's take a look on the board, your options are Steve Jobs, Beyonce, Howard Stern and Jacqueline Kennedy. Which one do you want to choose?

SPUROCK: Beyonce?

Let's go Beyonce.

BELL: All the single ladies.

COOPER: OK. Listen in.


BEYONCE, SINGER: I've kind of broken barriers and I don't think people think about my race. I think they -- they look at me as an entertainer and a musician and I'm very happy that that's changing because I think that's how I look at people and that's how I look at my friends. It is not about color and race and I'm just happy that that's changing.



COOPER: In 2009 in the Video Music Awards, Kanye West stormed the stage interrupting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech saying that Beyonce had one of the greatest music videos of all time and according to "Rolling Stones" that black and white video sparked the "first ubiquitous dance craze that the internet age." What is the video?

BELL: My gosh, really?

BOLDUAN: Seriously.


BELL: Aah!

COOPER: Do you want to dance it out.

BELL: Yes. Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh. All the single ladies. All the single ladies. Put your hands up.

COOPER: Very nice. Very nicely done. Very nicely done. That is correct. "Single ladies, put a ring on it" how much did you wager?

SPURLOCL: 399 and a rematch.

COOPER: Very nice. 799. Well done. Well played.

Don and Kate, you're in second, the remaining choices available are Steve Jobs, Howard Stern, Jackie Kennedy.

LEMON: All right. You want to go -- your choice.

BOLDUAN: Steve Jobs.

COOPER: Steve Jobs. All right. Listen in.


STEVE JOBS, APPLE FOUNDER: Sometimes life's going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don't lose faith. I'm convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did. You got to find what you love and that is as true for work as it is for your lovers.

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work and the only way to do great work is to love what you do.


COOPER: That was Steve Jobs speaking about his life, career and lessons learned at the Stanford commencement in 2005. Jobs once told a reporter that one of the two or three most important things he had done in his job was experimenting with which drug?

BOLDUAN: OK. Let's list the number of drugs that he could have done. Experimenting with pot.

COOPER: Jobs once told a reporter that one of the most two or three important things he had done in his life was experimenting with drug?

Times up. What's your answer?


COOPER: That is correct. LSD.

Take a look at how much you wagered. 759. Up to 1519.

It all comes down to Robin and John.

Robin and john, which category? You have Howard Stern or Jackie Kennedy.

MEADE: I'm going to defer to the -- how many times champion?

BERMAN: I don't know. This is tough. Jackie Kennedy, though.

COOPER: You're going to go for Jackie Kennedy.

Let's listen in.


JACKIE KENNEDY, FORMER FIRST LADY: It just seemed to me such a shame when we came here to find hardly anything of the past in the house. Hardly anything before 1902. I know when we went to Colombia, the presidential palace there, has all the history of that country in it. Bolivia, every piece of every furniture in it has some link with the past. I thought the White House should be like that.


COOPER: That was Jaclyn Kennedy speaking about her restoration work in the White House. She was a champion of historic preservations throughout her life. In 1975 Jacqueline Onassis led a campaign that successfully saved which New York City transportation hub and landmark?

MEADE: OK. Do you have any idea? You're thinking.

BERMAN: Well, once -- Penn Station got knocked down, in '75. I don't think that was a hub, landmark.

The only -- it's grand -- only landmark -- it's grand --

COOPER: Your time is up.

BERMAN: I think it's a family thing for you. Is it Grand Central Terminal.

COOPER: That is correct. That is correct.

Take a look how much you wagered. 650 points. Nicely done. Takes you to 1580 and you win. You guys are in the lead. You guys win $20,000 for Farm Aid.

Congratulations. No losers here. Don and Kate won $10,000 for the Alvin Alley Dance Foundation. And Kamau and Morgan, they have won $10,000 for Arthur Ashe Institute of Urban Health.

You guys all played really well. Thank you. It's a lot of fun.

Thanks to all the players. I want to thank everybody here in the studio, the audience and thank you for watching. Good night.