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New Year's Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin. Aired 9-10p ET

Aired December 31, 2015 - 21:00   ET


[21:00:02] ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: We are just seconds away now from the fireworks display in Rio.

Let's go there live, actually. Let's just try to take the sound of the fireworks. Let's listen in.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Happy New Year. I love the ship to sea.

GRIFFIN: I love the happy (INAUDIBLE).

COOPER: They are a little bit off on the time.

GRIFFIN: I just heard someone yell Happy New Year.

COOPER: All right. Here we go. Listen in.



COOPER: Amazing scene. As Richard said it's been a tough year for many Brazilians, the economy, political crisis, but on this night, there is a lot of joy in Rio and a lot of people looking forward to the Olympics that are coming ahead.

GRIFFIN: Don't forget the economy.

COOPER: I'm just explaining -


GRIFFIN: (INAUDIBLE) they're getting so close to you that I know you are a little uncomfortable.

COOPER: Any human contact I'm uncomfortable with, as you know.

GRIFFIN: The first "CNN Heroes" made you meet Sharon Stone with no proximity.

COOPER: That's because I love her. She's wonderful and so sweet.


COOPER: No, she was so sweet to come out and do it. Here's the mike.

GRIFFIN: Oh, I have a mike. Hi.

COOPER: No jacket yet, but a mike.

GRIFFIN: I don't even have a microphone in my ear. I don't even know what's happening. I'm free-styling.

COOPER: Let's check in wi Randi Kaye who is down in Memphis, Tennesse, where they are waiting to ring in the New Year as we leave Rio.

We'll check in with Richard in just a little.

Randy, what's the scene there in Memphis?

RANDI KAYE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hey, there, Anderson and Kathy. We are in B.B. Kings here on Beale Street in Memphis. It's pretty, pretty loud, so I'll give you an idea of what is going on here, though.

This bar is jammed. It's pretty cold outside. We're expecting about 50,000 people outside on Beale Street. So we came in to B.B. Kings while people are gathering outside. They drop a big guitar at midnight. It's like -- the guitar is like 10 feet tall. So we're going to be hanging around waiting for that.

But let me give you an idea on what's going on here at B.B. Kings. We got the band going on stage. So that's pretty fun. Everybody is hanging out. The dance floor is crowded. We got a couple folks just hanging out, taking in the scene. Now you actually grew up here in Memphis, right?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Thank you so much for being here. We're so happy to have you, showing Memphis in a good way.

KAYE: What do you think is so unique about New Years in Memphis?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, Memphis is about music so you put a party like New Year's Eve together and the city that knows how to party with Memphis. And it's the best party ever.

KAYE: And B.B. Kings is a pretty hot spot to do it, right.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So many talented artists have come through here to perform on the stage.

KAYE: And what about you? What do you like about Memphis for New Years?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's so lively and awesome and fun. Fun everywhere.

KAYE: It sure is. As I said, we're going to be sort of bar hopping throughout the night, you guys. We're going to make our way down Beale Street. We're going to talk to some of the folks here at the bars like these folks.

You folks right here, you came all the way from Chicago.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, Chicago, Illinois. Hi, Memphis.

KAYE: I'm digging this hat. This hat is awesome.


KAYE: Why Memphis when you came all the way from Chicago?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Because we knew Beale Street would be going on for New Year's Eve.

KAYE: Well, that's pretty good. Where did you get the hat? Did you bring the hat with you?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No. Actually, I got it across the street.

KAYE: Nice. What do you think of the band, sir? How's it going?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I love them. They are great.

KAYE: Are you, guys, going to watch the guitar drop?


KAYE: Are you going to watch the guitar drop at midnight?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh yes. We're going to watch it go up.

KAYE: Have you seen it before?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, first time.

KAYE: All right. So that's the scene here at B.B. Kings. Pretty cool crowd. And we're going to make our way down Beale Street. We got a few surprises for you tonight, both of you, Anderson and Kathy. We're going to bring those to you as the band gets started. We're going to go hit the stage.

COOPER: All right. Randi Kaye, thanks very much in Memphis, Tennessee, where they are getting ready to ring in the New Year.

As you can see, we have correspondents all throughout the country, all through the world. We shall see --


GRIFFIN: I have my microphone on and everything.

COOPER: You finally got your microphone.

GRIFFIN: I'm very excited.

COOPER: You got a shirt on. GRIFFIN: Yes.

COOPER: We are back.

GRIFFIN: But I won't be dressed for long because I'm very proud of the ice bucket challenge that I did this year.


GRIFFIN: First of all, we have to do shutouts because every year people come up to me like it's nothing and go, uhm, can you say "hi" to me on New Years.

COOPER: As if you can like --

GRIFFIN: And I was like no, no, we're doing a broadcast.

COOPER: Yes, right.

GRIFFIN: But I did agree to a few. So I have a romper room mirror and I'm going to say hello to Aubrey Plaza...



GRIFFIN: ...from Parks and Rec --


GRIFFIN: Yes. Well, hello to Aubrey Plaza. And now we're going to show my ice bucket challenge because -- oh, also, hello from Suze Orman. Suze Orman and Kathy. And may -


[21:05:06] COOPER: So let's see your ice bucket challenge.

GRIFFIN: But Suze made the challenge that I do the ice bucket challenge naked. Roll it.


GRIFFIN: Hey, everybody. OK, Suze Orman, I decided to take you up on the ALS ice bucket challenge and do it naked. I don't really know why you wanted me to be naked for this. Anything for the crowd and I'm going to keep my shoes on. I'm sorry, but I'm a classy lady. So I insist on keeping my shoes on. I'm naked. I also invited two friends who also challenged me, from the Backstreet Boys, A.J. McLean.

A.J. MCLEAN, SINGER: Hello, beautiful.


From "Parks and Recreation," Aubrey Plaza.

AUBREY PLAZA, ACTRESS: Hey, what's up?

GRIFFIN: All right. So you douche bags also nominated me so go ahead and do it.

MCLEAN: Ready? One, two, three.

GRIFFIN: What are you doing that for?

I did it.


COOPER: All right. All right.


GRIFFIN: You know what?

Now I issue a challenge to A.J. McLean for the Kathy Griffin pool challenge.


COOPER: OK. OK. We're good with that.

GRIFFIN: That's A.J. McLean from the Backstreet Boys.

COOPER: I know. Yes, I know.

GRIFFIN: I love them.

COOPER: So when are these?

GRIFFIN: That was shown on ABC, by the way, which is like more of a family channel than this.

COOPER: Oh, yes?

GRIFFIN: The point is what just happened is totally appropriate and I can't help it if I help the globe.

COOPER: So we are live in Times Square here. Things are well underway. If you heard earlier, there are folks who have been here for hours --

GRIFFIN: None of them speak English.

COOPER: Yes. There weren't a lot of people -- a lot of people come from all over the world for this.

GRIFFIN: Mostly Asia. You just spit on me. Mostly Asia.

COOPER: Sorry.

GRIFFIN: Say sorry. Are you spitting in disgust. You cannot believe I showed the ice bucket challenge. COOPER: Yes, I'm a little -- there are a lot of things already that I can't believe. I'm already making notes.

GRIFFIN: What? You obviously punked me by not putting on a microphone that works because you didn't want me to hear anything.

COOPER: Oh, that's not true at all.

GRIFFIN: All right, fine.

COOPER: That's not true.

GRIFFIN: All right. Let's show a picture that --


GRIFFIN: We have a picture of myself with Kris Jenner, and I know you're a big fan. Sean Penn, Selma Blair, who plays Kris Jenner in the up coming "O.J. Simpson."

All right, so we're going to throw it up there, but --


COOPER: Yes. Good luck on that. This is live television.

GRIFFIN: Oh, sorry. I thought it was like throw it on the screen. So, first of all, Sean Penn is nuts.

COOPER: I like Sean Penn very much. He's done amazing work in Haiti.

GRIFFIN: He's crazy.

COOPER: I think he's a great guy.

GRIFFIN: But he's an amazing actor who is nuts. And so I saw him at -- you can see me just about to go in for the kill. As you know, I love to do.

COOPER: He looks like he doesn't want to talk to you.

GRIFFIN: No, he doesn't. And so Kris Jenner dared me to go talk to him because his hair looks ridiculous. And I said --

COOPER: I think, Sean -- I think Sean Penn looks amazing.

GRIFFIN: I think he could kill a man, but anyway, he -- oh, God, don't see me Sean, I'm kidding. It's under the umbrella of satire.

COOPER: Sean Penn looks amazing. He's a played actor and he's got amazing work at hand.

GRIFFIN: He has two Academy Awards and he's amazing. His hair was a wreck. He was introducing Melinda Gates, and I went up to him and I said excuse me, Mrs. Bosniak (ph) and I grabbed Penn and he said "oh, no," which to me means "hi," and then I said what's wrong. COOPER: Is that what happen when you say "hi" to a lot of people? They say, "Oh, no."

GRIFFIN: I swear. Sean Penn, he went, "Oh, no." And I go Sean, what's with your hair.

And he goes, "What do you mean?"

I go, "Give it a shake or something. You're a movie star. Where's your gel."

COOPER: He looks amazing. I saw him in his last film that I -- he's rocking it.

GRIFFIN: He is amazing and rocking it. But, you know, I'm just -- and so Kris Jenner dared me to take him to our table and then he was scared because it was a table full of women -- Lena Dunham. And we all kind of gave him a little guff as my mother would say. And then when he introduced Melinda Gates, he said, I know I'm in a room full of women when Kathy Griffin comes up and says my hair looks like S-H.


GRIFFIN: Yes. So I got a little shout out.

COOPER: You got a shout out from Sean Penn.

GRIFFIN: Which I figured Sean's way of saying I appreciate you work.

COOPER: You kind of get those kinds of shout outs quite regularly.

GRIFFIN: You mean, where I twist them as compliment.


GRIFFIN: Yes. Then we'll talk about Demi Lovato later.

COOPER: Let's talk about -- let's check in with Poppy Harlow who is down in the crowd.

GRIFFIN: Oh, God, get her some water.

COOPER: Poppy, how are you doing? How is the crowd tonight?



HARLOW: Just for you, I have these two NYPD guys. Come on over, guys. Come on over, guys. Come over, come over, because they are just worried about me, Kathy.

GRIFFIN: I'm worried, Pop.

HARLOW: They're just making sure I can stand up, but seriously, Kathy, where were we guys, right here. How good did Kathy look without much on?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Fabulous. Fabulous.

HARLOW: Beyond, right?

GRIFFIN: See, Poppy, is in my corner.

HARLOW: So -- but here is the thing, Kathy. So I have to be down here with them pregnant. I tried on five -- five jackets.

GRIFFIN: I know. It's wrong.

HARLOW: Five jackets. This is only one that zipped and you're going to take your clothes off? That's how we're going to start tonight? That sounds great.

GRIFFIN: Well, I encourage you to do it. And, by the way, if you were Kim Kardashian West, it would be like a very stretchy...

HARLOW: You're right.

GRIFFIN: ...A very met gala and then Kanye would be with you telling people, I'm God, I'm God.

HARLOW: This is true. This is true. OK. I'm sorry, I don't have my clothes off like Kathy. We all know she looks bananas amazing. You got the selfie stick ready.


HARLOW: You've been here for years. (INAUDIBLE), why did you come?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: To spend time with my friends who were coming out here.

HARLOW: All right. What about you?



[21:10:07] HARLOW: What made you crazy enough to come here four years in a row, because you cannot go to the bathroom when you're in the pen, first of all. I know you've been here for ten hours.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That's an endurance game. You set yourself up early in the day to make sure that you don't got to go later on.

HARLOW: It's an endurance game.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Right. Right. Absolutely. Absolutely.

(CROSSTALK) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What inspired me to come is I bring in the federal years with my friends. I figured why not bring the young member batch of Americans here. So why not?

HARLOW: OK, there you go. Can we get the selfie stick?


HARLOW: And as we -- OK, how do we -- all right. Can we do this? Because I know Kathy, they didn't have it ready for you. When they have it --


GRIFFIN: Poppy, Poppy, are you crowning? Are you crowning, Poppy?

COOPER: Can I just say I --


GRIFFIN: Are you crowning?

HARLOW: You know, I think that's for later hours when we have that discussion.

COOPER: Yes, please.

GRIFFIN: What? I think it will be amazing.

COOPER: I'm not a big fan of a selfie stick. I think selfie sticks --


GRIFFIN: Poppy Harlow is doing the --



COOPER: Poppy is one of the hardest working people in news and we're so lucky to have her tonight.

HARLOW: Thank you, Anderson. Thank you, Anderson. Thank you, Anderson.

GRIFFIN: She's blowing you off.

HARLOW: Wait, Kathy, two things...

GRIFFIN: How are you, Poppy?

HARLOW: One, I'm great. I'm not as beautifully dressed as you were earlier, however, two things I'm supposed to tell you my first name which is Katharine Julia Harlow. There you go.

GRIFFIN: Of course. I told you.


HARLOW: Second thing I'm supposed to ask these ladies and gentlemen is we have a bunch of social questions on Twitter #CNNNYE. The first question, obviously is, "Is Kathy Griffin hotter with or without her shirt on?"

COOPER: That was a question from Twitter?

Look, you have an amazing body.


GRIFFIN: Obviously, without. I'm not wearing a shirt.




COOPER: Yes, thank you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She looks good both ways, but I think that -- I think she looks --


GRIFFIN: Thank you very much.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No chaffering over here.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She doesn't need to take off her clothes to look hot.

GRIFFIN: No chaffering.

HARLOW: Chaffering.

COOPER: I don't know. Is there a thing? Do the kids call it that?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I can just appreciate a diva when she walks by.


HARLOW: All right, guys.

COOPER: Poppy, we're going to check in with you a little bit. Talk to more people there...

GRIFFIN: Poppy, deep breaths, deep breaths. COOPER: ...down in the crowds.

The fireworks are still going on in Rio de Janeiro, where Richard Quest is. We're going to show them to you. It's already 2016.

GRIFFIN: You guys are really pushing the Rio. (INAUDIBLE)

COOPER: I love Rio.

GRIFFIN: Clearly.

COOPER: We're going to take a short break. Tweet us your New Years Eve pictures.

GRIFFIN: We are trending.


GRIFFIN: Gosh, we're really trending.

COOPER: What do you mean we're shrinking?

GRIFFIN: Trending. Not shrinking.

COOPER: Trending. OK. I don't know what that means that we're trending.

We sent Richard Quest to Rio de Janeiro partly because of what happened last year


COOPER: Which was an entirely different type of fireworks. Let's take a look.



GRIFFIN: Why are you shouting at me? What have I ever done to you?

COOPER: Is that -- what is that?

RICHARD QUEST, CNN CORRESPONDENT: She's supposed to touch it first.

COOPER: OK. All right.

GRIFFIN: Oh, my turn.

COOPER: That's like a metal vest.

GRIFFIN: It's beating. It's beating. It's probably been gently beaded. Uh, oh.

I'm not afraid Questy. Questy brings the heat.


COOPER: We have musical performances tonight.

GRIFFIN: We have Adele singing her smash hit, "Hello".

COOPER: Jesse J is performing.

GRIFFIN: Jesses J is going to perform and she might say hi.

COOPER: We're going to bring you her performance. And then she's going to stop by afterwards to say hi.

GRIFFIN: It could be very exciting.

COOPER: Very excited.

GRIFFIN: She's amazing.

COOPER: My friend Gus Kenworthy is going to stop by, won the Silver Medal.

GRIFFIN: Yes, let's talk about this.

COOPER: Let's talk about it?

GRIFFIN: So you have an openly gay hot steer coming to talk to you. What's going on?

COOPER: I'm glad. It's his first time in Times Square.

GRIFFIN: Should I get a cigarette in your room? I mean, what's going on?

COOPER: We have that room in the Marriot Marquis with the sign on the door.

GRIFFIN: At least I knew the name of the hotel.

So, you, guys, we have Jessie J who has of course many hits. And then we have like a hot steer.

COOPER: Jessie J is performing her hit song "Bang Bang".

GRIFFIN: Well, that was the other two. The other Bang Bang is not here. Ariana and Nicki aren't here.




GRIFFIN: Oh, it's one bang, but she's enough bang.

COOPER: No, she's amazing. And she's going to stop by right after the performance to talk to us. So we got a lot going on. GRIFFIN: Yes.

COOPER: Deep breaths.

GRIFFIN: I want to show the picture of you and me and Sharon Stone because you won't admit how uncomfortable you were.

Oh, you know what Sharon Stone told me?

COOPER: I wasn't uncomfortable at all. Sharon Stone is lovely. She's incredibly committed to a lot of causes and really smart.

GRIFFIN: Very smart.


COOPER: And she's raised a ton of money for --


GRIFFIN: (INAUDIBLE), they never slept together, but they each regret not sleeping together when they had the chance.

COOPER: Too much information.

GRIFFIN: Look, I don't know what you do at Award shows, but I go table to table like find out what's going on with everybody.

COOPER: All right. We're going to take a short break. We'll be back live from Times Square. Stick around.

GRIFFIN: With more stories about Sharon Stone and Chris.


[21:18:30] COOPER: And welcome back. We are live in Times Square.

GRIFFIN: I know you like when I surprise you.


GRIFFIN: So I actually printed out two actual texts that you sent me.


GRIFFIN: And I'd like you to read them, cold read them without even any notice at all.

COOPER: By the way, Jessie J is going to be performing her hit song "Bang Bang." We're going to take that live. You're going to be hearing that live in about two minutes and then she's going to come but I'll --

GRIFFIN: OK. So one time Anderson texted me this.

COOPER: Did I really text this? GRIFFIN: Yes.

COOPER: Dreamt last night you and I were on a flat bed train car going cross country inviting hobos to join us. I was laughing so much in the dream it woke me up. Yes, I'm in Baghdad.


GRIFFIN: OK, let's just -- America and Norway, lets break this down. Dreamt last night, you and I were on a flat bed train, which your family probably originated, car going cross country inviting hobos. You can't say hobos.

COOPER: I don't know. You probably can't anymore.

GRIFFIN: Did you mean, indigenous people?

COOPER: I was -- I just probably woken up and I was still probably half dreaming.

GRIFFIN: Hobos to join us. I was laughing so much in the dream, I woke up. And, yes, I'm in Baghdad.

That -- here, that gets a slow clap. All right. And this one, another one that I got late in the night on my phone and don't even deny it because you know you wrote this.


Go on.

COOPER: I didn't really send this, right?

GRIFFIN: Yes, you did.

COOPER: I must have taken an Ambien.

I just broke up on the red eye and my mouth tastes like stinky cheese.


[21:20:05] GRIFFIN: Love Anderson. Let's break those down. Let's get inside your mind. We're going to have Jessie J and I'm going to ask her about this.

COOPER: Jessie J is about to perform her hit song "Bang Bang." She's going to join us shortly after that.

Let's go to her live, unscathed, right here in Times Square.

GRIFFIN: She's a real deal, Jessie J.


COOPER: Jessie J performing live here in Times Square. She's going to be joining -- (CROSSTALK)

GRIFFIN: She is amazing and that wasn't lip syncing.

COOPER: She was great.

GRIFFIN: I know.


GRIFFIN: I love her and I've seen her sing that song live. And I've been to certain concerts where not everyone sings live and she does. I'll name names. We'll get to Taylor Swift in a minute.

Oh, am I in a mission to try to kind of --

COOPER: I love Taylor Swift.

GRIFFIN: Oh, I know you do and I've made fun of her.

COOPER: You do. You shouldn't. She's hard working. She's doing good things.

GRIFFIN: Yes, but she has nothing to shake off.


GRIFFIN: She has nothing to shake off.

COOPER: I like that song.

GRIFFIN: Well, you also have nothing to shake off. Of course, you're like the Taylor Swift of newsmen. Now I -- but I think she's a secret feminist and so I'm going to try to win her over and yet see if she let me make fun of her.

COOPER: I'm like --

GRIFFIN: Do you like the cat eyeliner?


GRIFFIN: Do you like that cat eyeliner and the whole thing?

COOPER: I like the whole thing. Whatever she's doing, I think she should keep doing it.

GRIFFIN: Are you the guy at the gym who is on the treadmill listening to Taylor Swift?

COOPER: No. I'm listening to -- we talk about this last year. I like that -- you know, the --

GRIFFIN: Oh, grandma. You know what, this is where it gets awkward. Who do you like? The CEDM? Are interested -- did you see when Lisa Ling did an episode on EDM? Lisa Ling said she used to do Ecstasy on her show.


GRIFFIN: Lisa Ling is wild. She's a wild one.

COOPER: I didn't hear that.

GRIFFIN: She did a show on EDM.

COOPER: Right. Electric Dance Music.

GRIFFIN: Yes. Well, duh.


GRIFFIN: And she said she used to do Ecstasy sometimes. Did you ever do Ecstasy with Lisa Ling?


GRIFFIN: What about morphine? Zoloft?

COOPER: Lisa and I go back -- a long way back.

GRIFFIN: Way back.

COOPER: We used to work at Channel 1 together.

GRIFFIN: I know.

[21:25:05] COOPER: Let's check in with Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin. They are standing by.

GRIFFIN: Ask if they have done Ecstasy.

COOPER: No. Let's not -- they are at a Tipitinas, which is a great place in New Orleans.

Guys, how are you doing?

DON LEMON, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I'm doing great. I'm going -- Kathy. I'm going to blackmail you.


BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Do you want to know me? Oh, perfect!


LEMON: Kathy tried to molest me, Anderson, in the green room.


GRIFFIN: That is so inappropriate.


LEMON: She has my balls --

GRIFFIN: I standby at all.

LEMON: And I have to say, Kathy, I have to say, nice rack. I didn't know you had all of that.

GRIFFIN: Thank you.

LEMON: Going on up there. I applaud you for that.

BALDWIN: Let's go this way. (INAUDIBLE)

COOPER: Wow. What is in that cup?

BALDWIN: New Orleans survivors, there is your beer. There is your beer.

LEMON: Beer.

BALDWIN: So, you guys, happy almost New Years.

GRIFFIN: Are they drunk?

BALDWIN: From New Orleans, talk to me -- oh, Kathy, is like -- Kathy Griffin is like, are you all drunk? Not yet.


BALDWIN: We're so excited because Galactic. Talk about Galactic and this awesome band that's playing tonight.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: New Years in New Orleans means two things -- funk music until the break of dawn and it's almost Mardi Gras. So you guys should stay.

BALDWIN: We will stay. Are you kidding me? We are staying. We're staying for Galactic.

LEMON: I can't hear -- of course, we are. I can't hear a word that you're saying, but I got to -- let's go over here. Walk this way.

So, Kathy, Anderson, I need you guys to vote. Let's go over here.

Here we go. So we've got something going on the Internet under CNNNYE, whether or not...

GRIFFIN: I see you walking --

LEMON: ...Brooke and I should end upright here. What do you think? Should we do it?

BALDWIN: The water is warmer.

LEMON: Should we get in the -- COOPER: No, definitely not.

BALDWIN: I think Don is --


COOPER: Absolutely not.

LEMON: Don't get it. Come on, Anderson.

COOPER: I'm with you, Brooke.

LEMON: Kathy is half naked on television.

BALDWIN: It's not all. It's not all.

COOPER: She's not wet. There is no wetness.

BALDWIN: You want me to?


BALDWIN: Do you want me to?



LEMON: She was just in a pool naked. She was spread eagle.

COOPER: Well, I need to see that.


BALDWIN: And you're looking good, sister.

GRIFFIN: Helping the world.

BALDWIN: Thank you.

GRIFFIN: You know, because we can't use the restroom for so long, I told Anderson, I would be catheterized.

COOPER: OK. You know what --



LEMON: It's like -- what is it like three hours away from New Years, oh my gosh.


COOPER: Yes. LEMON: People ask, who is having a better time, you guys or us. We have beer and crawfish so I think we're, you know -- we may have one upped you.

GRIFFIN: Oh come on, we have humiliation and degradation.

COOPER: We do have a lot of humiliation, mostly on this side.

GRIFFIN: I love it.

COOPER: Mostly on this side now.


Don, Brooke, thank you guys. We'll check in with you in a little bit. I love New Orleans and it's so great to see the city.

GRIFFIN: It is your city.

COOPER: It is so great to see the city doing so well and so many amazing restaurants open.

GRIFFIN: Jessie J is coming. I'm getting excited.

COOPER: Jessie J.?

GRIFFIN: Yes. She's coming.

COOPER: Oh, she's coming. Do we have a mike for her? Go, let's get her.

GRIFFIN: Should she get in the middle? All right.

COOPER: Let's welcome her. Hey, come on up.

JESSIE J, SINGER: Hi, oh my gosh.

COOPER: Do you want to hold the mike.

JESSIE J: I'm so glad to see you, beautiful.

COOPER: Hey, you were awesome. I'm Anderson. So nice to meet you.

GRIFFIN: You stand in the middle.

COOPER: You were amazing tonight.

JESSIE J: Thank you so much. That was so much fun.

GRIFFIN: But you really sang.

JESSIE J: I tried.

GRIFFIN: Did you know, I call out the lip sinkers and you really sing.

JESSIE J: You know, I never, never ever lip sync in my life.

GRIFFIN: I thought that about you. I saw you at (INAUDIBLE) for the first time.


GRIFFIN: I was like, who is this girl that is blowing the roof off the world. That's Jessie J.

JESSIE J: Thank you.

COOPER: And you've been a writer. I mean, you've been a write for a long time.

JESSIE J: Yes. My first song I ever gave to someone was in the U.S.A. for Miley Cyrus. So that was a good start.

COOPER: I love your hair, by the way. I should have my hair like that.

JESSIE J: You're an inspiration.

COOPER: I wish I could be as cool as you.

GRIFFIN: Anderson, tell her what you told me before.


COOPER: No, I'm looking like Karl Lagerfeld these days.

GRIFFIN: No, he thinks he looks like Miley Cyrus now. He said someone told him in an airport he looks like Miley Cyrus.

JESSIE J: I get called Miley Cyrus, don't worry. You know, it's OK to be someone else. Thank you.

COOPER: Yes. And, also, I like your tattoo in the back. I want a tattoo, but I've been talking about it for 20 years.

JESSIE J: Me and my dad and my mom just went and got the same tattoo. My dad is nearly 60 and he's like dreamed to get one.

GRIFFIN: I would happily get one, the three of us together live.

Let's see it. Tweet your answers.


COOPER: What's it like performing, I mean, in the middle of this crowd?

JESSIE J: It's a real pressure, but a really beautiful moment. There are so many -- everyone around the world celebrates this moment.

COOPER: So you saw the pressure tonight, make it good for everyone. GRIFFIN: But your version of "Bang Bang" was so good with the acoustic and you're doing the rap and everything. You did all, Jessie J.

JESSIE J: Yes. It's different without the girls, but it's fun and everyone was singing along. Sorry.

COOPER: Where do you live?


GRIFFIN: Did you almost knock Anderson off the platform?

COOPER: It's all right.


GRIFFIN: Get out of here.

JESSIE J: Sorry, I thought he was --

COOPER: Where did you live?


COOPER: Do you live in England?

JESSIE J: I move around. I'm between here, London, L.A. and --

COOPER: Nice, fantastic.

JESSIE J: Yes. Yes.

COOPER: All right.

GRIFFIN: Are you afraid that he's following you because like, he goes where do you live? And you like, oh, everywhere. I can't tell you right now.


COOPER: I know. I wish.

GRIFFIN: Do you want a picture?


GRIFFIN: OK, where's the phone?

COOPER: I don't want to make people watch us take a picture. Let's take a break, and we'll do it during the break.

GRIFFIN: We'll do it during the break.

JESSIE J: All right.

COOPER: Thank you so much. We want to wish you the --

JESSIE J: Thank you, thank you.

COOPER: Oh wait, I also got to ask you, you're singing Imagine tonight.

JESSIE J: Yes I am.

COOPER: That is --

JESSIE J: I'm singing Imagine, I feel like it's such a moment. The lyrics, I feel like more than ever this year, with so many things that happened across the world, the world needs to come together, so I feel like it's going to be a real moment.

COOPER: I got to say, and I told Kathy the first time we did this together, it's the most amazing moment in Times Square at the stroke of midnight when Imagine is sung. Normally it's recorded, so to have you actually sing it, it's going to be amazing.

JESSIE: Yeah, I was like I will sing it live, thanks.


COOPER: That is awesome.

JESSIE J: I won't do it if I don't.

COOPER: Well, congratulations. We wish you nothing but the best. I'm so happy foryou're your success.


GRIFFIN: And I'll get your picture in the commercial I promise.

COOPER: All right, we're going to take a quick break. A lore more from Times Square in just a moment.


COOPER: And that is the scene in Auckland, New Zealand, where it is already 2016. That is high on my bucket list of going to New Zealand. Never been there, yeah.

GRIFFIN: I've never been to New Zealand either.

COOPER: We'll go together.

GRIFFIN: I played the Sydney Opera House on my Like a Boss tour, go to

COOPER: Have you really?

GRIFFIN: I played 70 cities this year, yes.

COOPER: You played 70 shows. That's incredible. GRIFFIN: And we actually have a map of all the places I went because

we're going to talk to the real America tonight, all right? Not just New York and L.A. So we're going to talk about every city I've been to.

COOPER: All right, so we're about two and a half hours from midnight here in Times Square. We got a lot of fun stuff ahead. If you were watching last year, you might remember Randi Kaye had kind of a wild ride. We're going to show that to you in a second, but before we do, I want to play a little quiz.

GRIFFIN: You're going to quiz me?

COOPER: Yes, we're going to quiz you. The quiz is called --

GRIFFIN: I went to junior college.

COOPER: The quiz is called Randi Kaye or Randy Quaid.


COOPER: Randi Kaye or Randy Quaid. I think we even have a graphic for this. There it is, Randi Kaye or Randy Quaid. This quiz you can play along at home, please no wagering, as David Letterman used to say. Number one, who is estranged from actor Dennis Quaid because of past drama, Randi Kaye or Randy Quaid?

GRIFFIN: Randy Quaid.

COOPER: That's wrong.

GRIFFIN: No way.

COOPER: Randi Kaye. It's a sore subject. He broke her heart. She doesn't like to talk about it. We're going to have to move on.

GRIFFIN: I will have to talk about it. Dennis Quaid, how dare you?

COOPER: Number two, who said they were on the run from a murderous group of accountants and lawyers from the Hollywood Star Whackers, Randi Kaye or Randy Quaid?

GRIFFIN: Randy Quaid for sure.

COOPER: Again, Randi Kaye.

GRIFFIN: Wait, are you saying that Randi Kaye lost her mind and she's like a crazy person?

COOPER: It's on the card. I'm saying what's on the card.

GRIFFIN: OK, it's on the card is not the law of the land (inaudible) those are not Robert's (ph) rules of order. (ph)

COOPER: Number three, who fled to Canada amid accusations of burglary and skipping out on a hotel bill, Randi Kaye or Randy Quaid? GRIFFIN: I can't believe you are defaming Randi Kaye.

COOPER: That was Randy Quaid, you're right. That one was Randy Quaid.

GRIFFIN: You are making these up.

COOPER: You got one.

GRIFFIN: My texts from you are real. Who said bill (ph)?

COOPER: We only have two more. Who once got stoned on camera in Colorado, and may or may not be stoned right now, Randi Kaye or Randy Quaid?

GRIFFIN: Randi Kaye for sure. I watched it.

COOPER: Randi Kaye.

GRIFFIN: Sanjay (ph) is not above it, either. Sanjay (ph) will get high on the air as well.

COOPER: The last question, who made a quasi-sex tape, possibly in a Canadian motel room, maybe I should say allegedly, with someone wearing a Rupert Murdoch mask.

GRIFFIN: Randi Kaye. That's Randi Kaye. Randi Kaye is dying to jump over to Fox (inaudible) sex tape. Wolf Blitzer will do anything, he is wild.

COOPER: I can't attest to this -- the accuracy of this. It's just what was on my card.

GRIFFIN: I slept with Wolf last night.

COOPER: That's not true.

GRIFFIN: Yes I did. I slept with Wolf Blitzer last night.

COOPER: Randi Kaye -- no, he was probably at a basketball game --

GRIFFIN: I slept with him at a basketball game.

COOPER: -- because he loves the Wizards.

GRIFFIN: Wolf and I got it on at a Wizards --

COOPER: I think they're a basketball team.

GRIFFIN: At a Wizards game (inaudible).

COOPER: Randi got quite a wild ride ringing in 2015 on a cruise ship. If you were watching last year, you may remember --

GRIFFIN: I'm actually going to play a cruise ship in Cozumel, Mexico, go to COOPER: Let's take a look at Randi last year on the cruise ship.


COOPER: This is Randi Kaye talking -- doing a standup about -- I guess on this cruise ship they have something called a bionic bartender. Let's just take a look at the beginning

GRIFFIN: OK, so really, I'm supposed to just talk about what, current events, or how your day was, and that's clearly Randi reenacting, you know, last night --

COOPER: I don't know.

RANDI KAYE, CNN ANCHOR: Somewhere in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of the Bahamas -- oh, and they do have champagne. So this is tequila? Champagne? Oh my goodness. [Cheers]


COOPER: Randi, where are you?

KAYE: I got caught in a mosh pit. We have a surprise. Look at this, special cake, it has 36 eggs and it's a rum cake.

COOPER: Randy, that's -- Randi, how are you doing here? Are you -- what are you doing?

GRIFFIN: What are you saying?

KAYE: We're doing pretty well.

COOPER: How are you?

KAYE: We have -- a lot of people are drinking this big giant bottle of champagne here. This is what goes on, on the cruise ship. Would you guys take this off my hands?

COOPER: Randi, I love that you're pointing the mic at the champagne as if you're going to interview it.

KAYE: I don't know -- I don't know. It's crazy here.


COOPER: That was Randi Kaye last year in 2015. Randi is in a Memphis bar on Beale Street.

GRIFFIN: You don't know this.


GRIFFIN: Demi Lovato is behind us, and some of her fans have threatened to kill me.

COOPER: Oh really? GRIFFIN: So I am in danger right now, because the singer Demi, Debbie, whatever her name is Lovato, some of the tweets her fans sent me are as follows.

COOPER: Randi has been drinking this entire time. Randi --

GRIFFIN: I know she's drinking, but some of her fans have tweeted @kathygriffin --

COOPER: Take a breath, Randi.

GRIFFIN: I will burn your house down C-word.

COOPER: OK, all right.

KAYE: Are you talking to me?

COOPER: Randi, how is it going?

GRIFFIN: I'm in danger.

KAYE: I'm sorry.

COOPER: Randi, good lord. How many straws are in that drink?

KAYE: I know. You can't -- you can't take me anywhere, right? This is -- I told you we're doing a little bar hop around Beale Street. We are at Silky O'Sullivan's now, and this drink is called a diver (ph), and you can see why, it's got like what, like 12 different kinds of alcohol?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yeah, 12. Yeah, just 12.

KAYE: You know what's in it?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We do not, I did not sell it.

GRIFFIN: Is Demi trying to attack me?

KAYE: But you're all brave enough to drink this, right? You're --

F: Oh definitely.

KAYE: How many of these have you guys had?

F: This is our second.

KAYE: You're able to count that many. It tastes pretty good, it tastes like fruit punch.

F: It really does. Yeah, it's kind of sweet, but it's not too sweet. We're thinking like champagne maybe in it, that's all we kind of distinguished so far.

KAYE: So we have something that goes great with the diver (ph) here tonight. We have a little special treat for you, Anderson and Kathy. We have really special homemade barbecue sauce. Check this out, do you see this right here? That's a Hunk o' Hunk o' Burnin' Sauce, that's Kathy (inaudible) -

COOPER: Wow, that's cool.

GRIFFIN: That's nice.

KAYE: Isn't that nice?

COOPER: That's cool.

GRIFFIN: Thank you so much.

KAYE: And then wait, oh, wait, Kathy you're --

GRIFFIN: Are you still live? Yeah, I'm still live?

KAYE: And here, look at --

COOPER: Don't drink it. Don't drink it, Randi.

KAYE: Look at that one, Kathy's Bodacious Boobie-Q (ph) sauce. That's special.

GRIFFIN: If only I had a shirt on.

KAYE: That's really special.


GRIFFIN: Extremely.

COOPER: That's cool.

KAYE: All right --

COOPER: Don't drink that, Randi. I'm just saying, don't put a straw in it. Don't drink it.

KAYE: We did. We put a little bit of alcohol in all of those, but here is the winner right here.

COOPER: That's nice.

KAYE: All-Time Low barbecue sauce. Who is that guy in the bunny suit?

COOPER: Oh, that's Jason. Can I --

KAYE: All right, so --

COOPER: That is my -- that probably was my all-time low first --

GRIFFIN: And why is it called All-Time Low?

COOPER: Because that was at my all-time low. For those that don't know, I --

KAYE: We're doing a taste test.

COOPER: Yes, go ahead.

KAYE: A little bit of All-Time Low, here, yeah, and I told you we put a little bit -- just a little bit of alcohol in here, because it makes it more fun, right?


KAYE: All right, try this one. So what is it for you guys


GRIFFIN: Randi's drunk. They're doing something like from the Food Network.

COOPER: This is off the rails from 8 o'clock.

F: Very hot.

KAYE: Who likes -- who likes the --

GRIFFIN: I'm going to say Randy Quaid.

F: It's very good.

KAYE: They love Anderson in the bunny suit and the -- and the Bodacious -- Boobadacious (ph) one.

COOPER: Well bring that back to New York for us. I'd love to have that.

GRIFFIN: That's right.

COOPER: Yeah, bring that back to New York. Randi, we'll check in with you shortly if you are still standing and I hope you are.

KAYE: All right --

COOPER: By the way, Randi, I was in Colorado just a couple days ago, and I thought of Randi because there was -- there was lots of recreational marijuana stores.

GRIFFIN: Well when I think of pot, I think Randi Kaye.

COOPER: Because she did that whole report, where she --

GRIFFIN: I'll say.

COOPER: But she was in there all day long. We actually have that. Let's play that. This was Randi -- she spent all day doing live shots in a --

GRIFFIN: And getting high. COOPER: -- in a marijuana store. Let's watch.


COOPER: Randi, did you say those joints were like smoking cannons, as big as small cannons?

KAYE: They are so big. When she -- when Barbara whipped it out to light it up, nobody wanted to light it. Everybody was afraid to touch it because it was so big. Nobody had seen such a big joint before. So -- but Barbara at 72 had no problem just lighting it up and getting everybody involved, and they had a great time.

COOPER: How much longer are you going to be there for, Randi? Are you moving there, or?

KAYE: I think I need to come home. I think I need to come home.

COOPER: I think you do.

KAYE: I'm coming home tomorrow.

COOPER: You need to come back to the East Coast.


GRIFFIN: Is that common for the other anchors to just say take me home, like it's The Wizard of Oz?


GRIFFIN: She was like I need to come home, Anderson, come get me, send the jet.

COOPER: Well I think she had been absorbing a lot of, you know, medicinal, or --

GRIFFIN: Well I don't judge.

COOPER: -- or recreational --

GRIFFIN: All right, so you don't know what just happened, all right. I just almost died.

COOPER: Has --

GRIFFIN: Singer Demi Lovato was behind me and her fans --

COOPER: Who seems lovely.

GRIFFIN: OK. Here we go. So her fans are called a fan army, and they're called Lovatics, and I know they're 12 and don't know who I am, but they tweet me things like this, @kathygriffin I will burn your house down C-word, @kathygriffin don't talk S-word about my Demi or else us Lovatics will kill you in your sleep, and then @kathygriffin I hope you commit suicide which I know isn't supposed to be funny. COOPER: Well I'm sure she doesn't agree with that.

GRIFFIN: No, and then I actually have a picture of Demi herself that she threw up on her own Twitter, she has 30 million followers, and I --

COOPER: She has 30 million followers?



GRIFFIN: But there's a picture

COOPER: That's like Wolf Blitzer numbers.

GRIFFIN: -- that Demi took where I was in the background without my knowledge, and she's making this -- yeah, so that didn't help when Demi then tweeted that.

COOPER: Well have you said nasty things about her?

GRIFFIN: I've made loving jokes about her.


GRIFFIN: But I mean --

COOPER: Your friend Gloria Estefan, have you seen her lately?

GRIFFIN: I -- Gloria Estefan loves you, and so we were stuck at an airport one time, it was your birthday, and this happened. Roll the tape.


GRIFFIN: Happy birthday, Anderson Cooper.

GLORIA ESTEFAN, SINGER: Feliz cumpleanos, Anderson.

GRIFFIN: (singing) Happy birthday to you - you're supposed to sing.

ESTEFAN: I'm supposed to sing in Spanish.


ESTEFAN: It's going to be too confusing.

GRIFFIN: No, our people love it. (Inaudible).

ESTEFAN: Mine has -- mine has a different melody.

GRIFFIN: I can't sing.

ESTEFAN: You can sing, but mine has a different melody. I'm sorry.

GRIFFIN: It does?

ESTEFAN: Yes. We're having a slumber party at the airport.

GRIFFIN: All right, sorry. (singing) Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Anderson, happy birthday to you.

ESTEFAN (singing) Felicidades, Anderson, en tu dia, que lo pases con sana alegria, muchos anos de paz y armonia, felicidad, felicidad, felicidad.


COOPER: Why are you in a blanket at an airport?

GRIFFIN: Glo and I are good friends, and we were stuck in an airport for a long time --

COOPER: But where did you get a blanket?

GRIFFIN: -- so we started making videos.

COOPER: Where did you get a blanket?

GRIFFIN: We were cuddling.


GRIFFIN: That's how she rolls.

COOPER: Do they sell that at Hudson News now?

GRIFFIN: When you're with Gloria Estefan you go like this, Arriba! And then people bring it.

COOPER: And they put blankets?

GRIFFIN: Yes. You know, they have that hip play, On Your Feet.

COOPER: Oh I know. She got a huge hit play here in New York.

GRIFFIN: I know.

COOPER: I want to see it.

GRIFFIN: She's also real deal. No, you know though, I have a crush on a CNN personality other than yourself.

COOPER: You have a crush on David Gergen and I know this because Kathy sends me -- if I'm on television with David Gergen, Kathy will send me texts to say to David Gergen.

GRIFFIN: Salacious.

COOPER: They were salacious texts, yes.

GRIFFIN: So I have one and this is an actual screen shot of one I texted David during one of the debates, and I'm in the blue and David's response is black. You guy have a screen shot of it. Can you read it, please?

COOPER: He said, where are you, I miss you, baby. Kathy, real CNN star Griffin, whoah, great to hear from you Kathy, long time. You and I would light up Vegas tonight. Wow.

GRIFFIN: Sorry Mrs. Gergen. There is a new Gergen in town.

COOPER: Wow. Have you ever actually met David Gergen?

GRIFFIN: Yes, he came to see me in Boston on my tour, go to He came to see me in Boston, and it was funny because one of the New Kids On The Block was there, and I kept trying to explain to David who that was, and to the New Did who David was. And they did not --


GRIFFIN: Yes, NKOTB, of course. Well I'm BSB for life, but I still love NKOTB.

COOPER: BSB? Oh, Back Street Boys, OK, sorry. It took me a second.

GRIFFIN: How could you? Now who -- now David Gergen, as you know, I've been seeing --

COOPER: You know who I met? I met Mark Wahlberg's brother, who --

GRIFFIN: You've been to Wahlberger's.

COOPER: I have been to Wahlberger's, and his brother, Donnie, is the loveliest guy, such a nice guy --

GRIFFIN: He's adorable.

COOPER: I met their mom. She's lovely. It's a great family

GRIFFIN: I have a picture of him on a screen saver on my phone.



COOPER: Donnie Wahlberg, really cool guy.

GRIFFIN: Yeah, he is.

COOPER: Very nice guy, yes.

GRIFFIN: Who is your hall pass?

COOPER: Who is my hall pass?


COOPER: I don't know what that means.

GRIFFIN: Yeah, you do.

COOPER: I don't know what that means. I'm going to play dumb on that one.

GRIFFIN: Tell me who you think Anderson's hall pass is. So you're seeing someone.

COOPER: Yes, I am.

GRIFFIN: But obviously, there is like a hall pass. Like my boyfriend knows that if something were to happen with David Gergen, my boyfriend, for one night, looks the other way. So he's what I call my hall pass. Who is yours? It's not still Taylor Lautner.


GRIFFIN: Taylor Lautner.

COOPER: Taylor Lautner.

GRIFFIN: From Twilight. Oh, you are (inaudible) --

COOPER: I'm sorry.

GRIFFIN: -- you just forgot him, you dumped him like he's garbage.

COOPER: What are you talking about?

GRIFFIN: Who is your hall pass?

COOPER: I don't know.

GRIFFIN: I mean that poor Taylor Lautner is -- I'm sorry, Taylor Lautner, and all the other vampires. Who is it? Is it Chris Pratt?

COOPER: I'll have to -- I'll have to think.

GRIFFIN: Is Chris Pratt your hall pass? Mine is Charles Osgood.

COOPER: Charles Osgood.

GRIFFIN: Oh my god, yummy, he's so hot.

COOPER: OK, I can see that, yeah.

GRIFFIN: I can barely take my hands off myself.

COOPER: OK, I'm seeing a type here for you.

GRIFFIN: Oh, absolutely, but I don't want to threaten Gergen, or any Back Street Boy obviously. You have to have a hall pass.

COOPER: I don't know.

GRIFFIN: Tweet who you think Anderson's hall pass is.

COOPER: All right, we'll tweet that and we'll see.

GRIFFIN: OK, it will be interesting.

COOPER: We actually have the results, I think --

GRIFFIN: Is it like someone from The Walking Dead? I feel like you would be into that.

COOPER: I met one of the guys from The Walking Dead.

GRIFFIN: Not Norman Reedus.

COOPER: Yes, I met Norman Reedus. I liked him.

GRIFFIN: Freaky.

COOPER: What do you mean freaky? What do you mean freaky? He seems like a totally normal guy.

GRIFFIN: He looks like a freak. He looks like he hasn't taken a shower since he's been dead.

COOPER: First of all he's not (inaudible).

GRIFFIN: He's just walking dead, but you know what I'm saying. Are you and Norman Reedus -- somebody do a meme. I mean, I can just so see you with someone from The Walking Dead, be like have you met my new boyfriend? What's up? He walks and he's dead, right? And then I'm the weird one. Because that's what you guys don't get, America. This guy would date someone from The Walking Dead, even though he's dead. He would probably let -- you would probably let him chew you, chew you to death.

COOPER: You know as a kid who I had a -- was my first huge, huge crush?


COOPER: Robbie Benson from One on One.

GRIFFIN: Hello, Robbie Benson.

COOPER: Oh my god, when I saw One on One, I didn't even know what was going on I was so -- I bought the cast album.

GRIFFIN: Yes, and those blue eyes are dreamy.

COOPER: Oh my god.

GRIFFIN: And all the TV movies of the week?

COOPER: Well you know, well then he was on the other movie, was it Ice Castles? Yeah, Ice Castles. Yeah.

GRIFFIN: Yes, he was so sensitive.


GRIFFIN: Yeah. All right, he could still be your hall pass.

COOPER: I don't know.

GRIFFIN: But I really want to see what tweets come in.

COOPER: OK, we have apparently results of our poll, is Kathy hot with or without her shirt on? I didn't know we actually were doing this poll. I thought this --

GRIFFIN: I'm sorry, I just got a new death threat from a Lovatic. I swear to God, they just gave this to me, @kathygriffin you are asking for death threats again you ugly B-word.

COOPER: All right. That's not nice.

GRIFFIN: @iheartdemi. I just want to make fun of a singer now and again. Nobody should die here. Oh, Demi.

COOPER: So we're going to take a quick break, we're going to come back. We got a lot more from Times Square. Two hours-- no, how about not. Let's not.

GRIFFIN: Someone said @kathygriffin go die you count.


GRIFFIN: Go die you count?

COOPER: We're going to take a short break, and we are going to --

GRIFFIN: Wait a minute.

COOPER: OK, you want me to do this poll? Is Kathy hot with or without her shirt on?

GRIFFIN: We already did that one.

COOPER: No, the poll actually came in --


COOPER: And let's see.

GRIFFIN: Did it go my way?

COOPER: With shirt on, 83%.

GRIFFIN: Ouch. All right, I can take a hint.

COOPER: But that's not saying you're not hot. It's just saying --

GRIFFIN: No, that means I should be clothe marked (ph). COOPER: No, it's just saying a little mystery, there's nothing wrong with a little mystery.

GRIFFIN: All right, that's no mystery to me, and you know that. It's what you see is less than what you get. That's my motto.

COOPER: We're going to take a short break. When we come back, more New Year's Eve celebrations around America, and around the world. Coming back from here in Times Square, let's take a look at the view from the gorgeous Marriott Marquis Hotel. We'll be right back with celebrations in just a moment.

GRIFFIN: What kind of deal do you guys have with the Marriott Marquis? I mean --


COOPER: And welcome back. What a scene here in Times Square, hundreds of thousands of people crammed in here, very excited, counting down, 9.54 PM here on the East Coast.

GRIFFIN: I'm very proud of this. Remember when I sent you this?

COOPER: Yes, this was two kids who, for Halloween, dressed up as us.

GRIFFIN: That's right, and they came to see me on the road, and I invited them --

COOPER: You invited them to your show. That's nice.

GRIFFIN: Yes, that's right. And so we want to give you a shout out, thank you for dressing as Kathy and Anderson.

COOPER: That's right, and they even have the sign that I once had, no nudity.

GRIFFIN: Which is so inappropriate, I would never --

COOPER: It's like I clearly could have used again this year, clearly could have used that. And look, she's flogging (ph) your book.

GRIFFIN: Yeah, that's right. Go

COOPER: Probably all night long she was talking about what --

GRIFFIN: I made her, I made her.

COOPER: -- shows she was performing.

GRIFFIN: All right. Are we going to Gary Cuthbert (ph), or do you want my picture?

COOPER: Oh, there's more pictures.

GRIFFIN: All right look, this is an amazing photo. So Kristin Chenoweth, our mutual friend -- am I shouting? COOPER: Yeah, you're shouting I think.

GRIFFIN: I still -- all right, every year they yell at me, sorry. All right, so --

COOPER: It's only -- I tell you why I noticed it, because now I'm hearing you for the first time, so I haven't heard a word you said, so no matter what you've said that like -- offensive to me, I've just been smiling.

GRIFFIN: Oh perfect, because I was trying to tell you a lot of -

COOPER: No, this picture.

GRIFFIN: What this picture is -- what's funny is I lost my voice a few day ago, and I had to get a cortisone shot in my butt. So as part of it (ph) now I'm shouting.


GRIFFIN: Yes. OK, do you want to see it?


GRIFFIN: Oh, Anyway, so went to see a great play, but you have to guess who this is. So this is Kathy Griffin, Kristin Chenoweth, and this is a mutual friend of ours who's in a play. He's kind of shy, but he got that big cupping like with Altro (ph). It is Matthew Broderick.

COOPER: Is it really? He is a great guy.

GRIFFIN: He's a great guy, and I kept asking him to take the picture, and he said no, you're going show it on New Year's. And I said no, I won't. Next, we have another picture of Kathy Griffin and Kristin Chenoweth. Now will you tell the audience what it is like for you when you come over to my house?

COOPER: What it's like for you -- for me?

GRIFFIN: What it's like for me.

COOPER: I haven't been.

GRIFFIN: OK. So this is where we get real, all right, and I don't have to shout. Anderson has never been to my house.

COOPER: That is true.

GRIFFIN: I have been to his house, I've been to his office, I've been to his summer house, I've met him on the street.

COOPER: You hang out with my mom more than you hang out with me.

GRIFFIN: I hang out with your mom, who's a gem. I've been inside his head. He's never come to my house -- COOPER: You've been inside my head?

GRIFFIN: Oh, I know all the mess, the pinwheel, I know all that mess going on in there. And just know that right now, in his head is a smaller Anderson curled up in a ball, smaller Anderson going la, la, la, because he knows if he comes to my house we're going to do a bikini shoot, and he's wearing my bikini. All right, so this is me and someone named Lady Freaking Gaga.


GRIFFIN: How about that?



COOPER: I did a story on her for Six Minutes. She was so much fun, she was fun to hang out with.

GRIFFIN: This is the game where I would wait to see when you would one-up me. So I can't even have my moment where I say I met --

COOPER: You were hanging out with her socially. I just did a story, I reported on her, so I'm not --


COOPER: You win, sure.


COOPER: You win.

GRIFFIN: Oh, it's the small victories. So we went to see the amazing tour with Tony Bennett.

COOPER: Oh cool.

GRIFFIN: And then Lady Gaga actually gave me a box of organic eggs.

COOPER: Really? What, she was just carrying around organic eggs?

GRIFFIN: Is this a problem for you? She's not crazy.

COOPER: No. Well that's cool, I guess. Were they boiled or --

GRIFFIN: She said that they were organic, and from her organic yard.

COOPER: Okay. Cool.

GRIFFIN: I don't -- I was so excited, I never thought to --

COOPER: Remember when she arrived in that big egg?

GRIFFIN: I was there -- COOPER: Were you?

GRIFFIN: At the Grammy's.

COOPER: Oh, was that the Grammy's?

GRIFFIN: I have a Grammy, (inaudible).

COOPER: I know you do.

GRIFFIN: Anyway, she came in the egg, and I thought they were kidding. And (inaudible) Ryan Seacrest, who could not name three Republican candidates. Seriously, he said Hillary Clinton.

COOPER: I don't believe that.

GRIFFIN: Oh Ryan. Anyway --

COOPER: Now who's this? Oh, this is a -- sorry, this is a -- this is a One Direction person. Harry Styles, right?

GRIFFIN: Well that was really close.

COOPER: I pulled that one --

GRIFFIN: I was going to joke --

COOPER: I pulled that one -- I pulled that one out of my hat.

GRIFFIN: I was going to say you. You pulled it out of your --

COOPER: Hat. I'm not wearing a hat.


COOPER: I don't know. I said hat.

GRIFFIN: All right, so --

COOPER: That's Harry Styles, right?

GRIFFIN: This is Harry Styles. I have had an incident -- were you going to say the A-word? You were going to say I pulled it out of my --

COOPER: No, I said you, because --

GRIFFIN: It's cool. Why are you doing that? It's cool.

COOPER: I was miming relief that I figured out who -- I don't know.

GRIFFIN: All right, name the whole band.

COOPER: One --

GRIFFIN: Their names. COOPER: Mordechai?

GRIFFIN: Mordechai? OK, I'm sorry, didn't mean to shout. There's no Mordechai. I'm sorry One D fans. By the way, it's @andersoncooper, if you're a One Direction fan.

COOPER: OK, do you remember when the Jonas brothers played here? We've been -- we've been doing this show so long.

GRIFFIN: I'm not even talking to Joe Jonas. We're in a fight, just so you know, if you care.

COOPER: You know, when the Jonas brothers played here, you threw something at them --


COOPER: And what did you used to call their first names? Do you remember?

GRIFFIN: I'm sure I called them Joe, Joe, and Joe, or Frank, Frank, and Frank.

COOPER: No, it was like Schmeckle, and, I --

GRIFFIN: Schmeckle, Heckle, and Jekyll?

COOPER: No. Anyway, I watched Nick Jonas on the show Kingdom. It is such a good show. Mark Consuelos is on it, my buddy. Such a good show, and I've met Nick Jonas a couple times, and every time, can I show you Nick Jonas does?

GRIFFIN: Yeah. We'll get back to Harry Styles, (inaudible).

COOPER: OK, Nick Jonas does this. First of all, it's one of those like --

GRIFFIN: Oh, a bro hug?

COOPER: And then this, like that.


COOPER: Which is so deeply unsatisfying for me.

GRIFFIN: OK, let me just break this down. Let me translate, because I speak Anderson Cooper, I'm bilingual. What this means is when the Jonas brothers were the Joni (ph), and they were like opening for Miley, he did not care at all.

COOPER: I didn't know anything about --

GRIFFIN: But when Nick bulked up and did that one Instagram picture, all of a sudden Anderson's like have you seen Nick Jonas lately? I love him, he's an amazing -- he's such a paparaddi (ph), he's better than Andrea Bocelli. He is the greatest singer ever. Please get me him. I need some face time. He's my hall pass, my hall pass, trust me.

COOPER: He's a very sweet (ph) guy.

GRIFFIN: He doesn't care about Joe, he doesn't care about (inaudible).

COOPER: I want to welcome everybody, it is the top of the hour, 10 o'clock here in the --