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ANDERSON COOPER, HOST: And welcome back. We are just one hour away from the stroke of midnight here in New York Times Square.

KATHY GRIFFIN: I just got fired.

COOPER: No you didn't. You did not just get fired.

GRIFFIN: The head of the network, Jeff Zucker, just came up here and he fired me.

COOPER: He was very lovely, he was very sweet.

GRIFFIN: Guys this has been really fun but I have just been let go officially. I've got to go to the we channel.

GOOPER: The excitement here is building -- you say that every year - you say that every year.

GRIFFIN: Did he fire me or not?


GRIFFIN: He fired me. There he is. He wants to come on camera.

COOPER: Every year - every year --

GRIFFIN: He is dying to come on camera and apologize to me and kiss me.

COOPER: Every year you say you have been fired and every year you are here.

GRIFFIN: I just got fired by that guy.

COOPER: You did not get fired.

All right, in just about an hour. The famous ball is going to drop. This is the highlight for you, it's all about that moment when the ball drops. GRIFFIN: You're supposed to be farther away.

COOPER: No, I'm not, I'm embracing it, I'm embracing you in a circle of love. I'm embracing you're in a circle of love.

There it is, the ball weighs more than 11,000 pounds, covered with more than -- this is your favorite part where I'm reading out all about the ball.

GRIFFIN: All the facts and figures, yes.

COOPER: It's more than 2600 crystals Waterford crystals. The first ball drop. Do you know when it happene4d?

GRIFFIN: You realize you're pushing me a little bit. You are trying to actually push me into the crowd and this is the year you might just do it. Because we were talking about snapped and you snapped. What do you love about the (inaudible) Do you identify with it? You do, right?

COOPER: I just wanted to -

GRIFFIN: It's like if I carry a -

COOPER: It is, there's something interesting about it. So what is --

GRIFFIN: This is a picture of -- Anderson and I both travel a lot. And sometimes he'll go to the same hotel I'm in. He knows I'm there. I text him many times and then he goes oh just got this. So I tracked him down like dog the bounty hunter in the hall and said let's come to my room because they made pastries with our pictures.

COOPER: By the way your room was like a suite. Your room was -

GRIFFIN: Oh I know, you can't believe this one.

COOPER: I can never believe it but whenever I go to your room it's always amazing.

GRIFFIN: I don't have rooms I stay in penthouses.

Anyway it was really cute that they did that and it is when I was part of the Mark Twain prize to give to the great Eddie Murphy.

COOPER: And the hotel was full of like --

GRIFFIN: Chris Rock.

COOPER: Chris Rock.

GRIFFIN: Dave Chappelle.

COOPER: Dave Chappelle was there.

GRIFFIN: The great Tracy Morgan.

COOPER: Right and I had a great moment when I walked into the hotel and the guy, the concierge desk said Anderson, Dave Chappelle would like you to call him. I was like --

GRIFFIN: Which is always great because Dave is a genius. Like a legit genius.

COOPER: Oh I mean and I mean --

GRIFFIN: You're a huge fan.

COOPER: I'm a huge fan, and also I had done interviews with him. And I guess (inaudible) and he heard I was there. So I call -- I got his room number, I called up to the room, he could not have been nicer. He used the funniest - he's just a great guy.

GRIFFIN: He is awesome. So I went to Dave's room in my pjs and then he goes, I think Eddie's room is next door. But Eddie is kind of like enigmatic right, and so I said let's just drop in on him.

Oh, you guys are both freaks. I didn't know we were being honest. OK, thank god, as long as I got canned it doesn't matter.

So Eddie Murphy and Anderson Cooper are both like freaky dudes, like they have a lot like of skeletons.

COOPER: What? That's so not true.

GRIFFIN: It's stuff you can't bring up. But when you're alone it's all on the carpet. So I thought, I've dealt with Anderson, I can deal with Eddie Murphy. So I (inaudible) in my PJs and then Eddie Murphy goes you're one of those crazy eccentric people and then I said Hi, L.L. Cool J., where's your (Kangol)? Cos he's dress in like L.L. Cool J., here in this photo.

And we took a picture and then his mom said, girl I love you you just say anything I'm afraid to say and we all got on famously.

COOPER: Great.

GRIFFIN: And I invited Anderson to come out with all of us but you didn't come out with us that night.

COOPER: Well first of all I was doing --

GRIFFIN: You were hiding from Dave Chappelle.

COOPER: I was doing a show with Andy Cohen and Dave Chappelle said he was going to come to my show.

GRIFFIN: No, Dave Chappelle kept going, he was getting high and Dave was getting high going Kathy, we've got to go see that show with Andy Cohen where they sit on chairs and talk about housewives, that's got to be some weird SH.


And then I go, David you don't know anything about the housewives. He goes I know, it's going to be like watching two crazy puppets, one who does the news and one who talks about housewives. It was the funniest conversation.

COOPER: Well that's because he was saying to me on the phone I want to come I was like --

GRIFFIN: But I had to say David, we are presenting the Mark Twain prize to Eddie Murphy you can't just not go.

COOPER: I was bummed, I was very hoping he was going to show up, that would have been cool.

GRIFFIN: Dave's wife and I were helping him get dressed, we were like Dave you've got to get dressed.

COOPER: Luckily though we have shows in Oakland, Seattle and San Francisco, coming up on January 15th, 16th and 17th.

GRIFFIN: Eddie Murphy, I was proud to be a part of the evening. You're a legend and you're. Oh and then we were talking about vine comics. It was really funny to watch the great Eddie Murphy be like you can't be a comedian on vine. Sorry, I know viners are going to be mad at (inaudible) but it's true, it's the whole thing.

COOPER: Why can't you be a comedian on vine.

GRIFFIN: Because when you are talking to someone like Eddie Murphy who has crossed every boundary, you can't explain to him how people are famous for doing something for seven seconds. Like you've got to really be like a movie star, or do amazing stand up like he does.

COOPER: I mean to be a comedian you really have to go and do stand up. And I mean it's years and years and years on the road.

GRIFFIN: Sorry, but that's the truth. You know, anyone can make a funny seven-second video, that's fine. But like to say to Eddie Murphy like oh, no, no, you should be a vine comedian was a very bizarre conversation.

COOPER: We have less than an hour to go now. 53 minutes before the drop of the ball.

GRIFFIN: Here's a picture of Hillary Swank trying to be pleasant when I don't really - I don't think she's a fan. But look at how gracious she is being.

COOPER: She is being very gracious here.

GRIFFIN: I love her but you know --

COOPER: And I've actually once sat at a table with her and she could not have been funnier and nicer.

GRIFFIN: No, Swank is awesome. But you know I've made fun of her.

COOPER: Well, you shouldn't do that.

GRIFFIN: A little, just a hair. COOPER: You shouldn't do that.

GRIFFIN: And so I did a dog benefit for her. And so she had to be nice. But I love that picture because it really -- it's really -- speaks to what our relationship is, which is many celebrities just kind of go ha ha ha when will she leave or they'll say it leave - they'll say when will it leave. And I'm it. It doesn't matter, I just got fired.

COOPER: You are totally making that up.

GRIFFIN: Hi, it's me and Ozzie Osbourne. How about that?

COOPER: Oh that's good.

GRIFFIN: Oh, I'll shout out to Sharon and Ozzie.

COOPER: Is this all from this year? Like you had a pretty - I mean --

GRIFFIN: Yes, this (inaudible) of the year, this is my year in review. I wish I could have gotten Tom Foreman to host it but he wasn't available. So I got to introduce Ozzie on stage for an event and he had a bunch -- he had a pyramid of 5-hour energy drinks. And I said can we take a picture and he just went amazing. And we took this picture and he had just yelled the word amazing. So I love Ozzie and Sharon. And I'm in their mafia.

COOPER: I like Sharon Osbourne so much.

GRIFFIN: Were you going to talk about Sharon Stone?

COOPER: No, I said I like Sharon Stone.

GRIFFIN: You are afraid of her.


GRIFFIN: Sharon Osbourne is also a force to be reckoned with, don't get me wrong.

COOPER: She's great.

GRIFFIN: All right, in a cage match who do you choose?

COOPER: What are you talking about?

GRIFFIN: A cage match between Sharon Stone or Sharon Osbourne?

COOPER: There wouldn't be such a match 'cause they're both charming and wonderful.

GRIFFIN: All right, I'm just asking a simple twitter question @cnnnye#.

COOPER: Who in a cage match between you and me? Who would you -

GRIFFIN: Oh god, you're dead in the water.

Anyway, here I am with Barry Manilow. Now Barry Manilow told me and I said this to Ryan Seacrest last night at dinner where I picked up the tab that --

COOPER: Did you make him come to your hotel? Is that true?

GRIFFIN: I made him come to my hotel, yes.

COOPER: I was stuck in the airport which is why -

GRIFFIN: Oh, he had a date.

COOPER: That's nice that he had a date.


COOPER: I was stuck in the airport which is why I couldn't attend.

GRIFFIN: I'm just saying his date had a name that maybe wasn't her birth name.

COOPER: I don't know what that means.

GRIFFIN: Just saying for the right price. Anyway my point is, -- my point is here I am with Barry Manilow. And I was at a music event where Jennifer Hudson and (inaudible) were singing and then he said to me what's an (Iggy)?

COOPER: Do you spend all your -- every night are you staying like meeting up with celebrities? It seems like you are hanging out with celebrities all the time.

GRIFFIN: I know a moment. And Barry, by the way, who owns about half the state of California he and Suzanne Somers split it. And said Jennifer Hudson and Iggy Azalea came on.

COOPER: Wait he and Suzanne Somers split the state of California?

GRIFFIN: Yes, they have sick money. Like thigh master and I write the songs, that's it. And so Iggy Azalea came on and Barry doesn't know what that is and he says what's an Iggy? And I said she's a very famous rap artist. And he goes is that the talk singing? And then I said yes, it's the talk singing and he goes get the jet and I called his pilot. That's my Barry Manilow story, I love him.

COOPER: I like that.

GRIFFIN: Get the jet.

COOPER: Let's check in with -

GRIFFIN: I don't like the talk singing. I write the songs. He talks like that, he talks like a soprano. Barry.

COOPER: Let's check back in with Poppy Harlow who is down in the - GRIFFIN: Poppy Harlow's crowning. Her water has broken.

POPPY HARLOW, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Kathy, you have traumatized my husband. He is texting me asking what crowning is. I do not want to go home tonight, Kathy. Thank you for that.

GRIFFIN: Congratulations on the twins, Poppy.

HARLOW: On another note with an amazing crowd here. We've got Brooklyn, we've got Elliot, we've got the couple from Charlotte. Kathy you have been talking about hall passes all night. So no one has asked who is your hall pass would be, Kathy. They have some ideas.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Definitely. Donald Trump.


HARLOW: Kathy? Kathy, can you hear us?

GRIFFIN: I think they actually turned off my mike for that answer. But the answer -- they thought my hall pass was Donald Trump, although I once was in a golf cart with Donald Trump, and Liza Minnelli, I'll tell them in the next block.

COOPER: Wow, that's quite a - that's quite a combo.

GRIFFIN: That's a great story but he's not my hall pass.

HARLOW: That's not her hall pass by the way, keep trying. OK, here is the -- here's the twitter question this hour, I was going to say what should Kathy do to Anderson at midnight. But the actual twitter question is should Kathy kiss Anderson at midnight #cnnnye. What do you think Brooklyn? Absolutely a -

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's a no brainer.

GRIFFIN: You give me the cheek, though.


HARLOW: Absolutely. With lots of tongue.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Lots of tongue, that's a little x-rated.


HARLOW: And Anderson, for you, Elliot is a huge fan of the ridiculist and he has a present for you this new year's eve.

(ELLIOT): All right, here we go, let me try.

HARLOW: A little impression.

[laughter .

(ELLIOT) HARLOW: That's you that's you giggling.

COOPER: That's good.

HARLOW: Pretty and spot on, right?

GRIFFIN: Bizarre, he can't stop.

HARLOW: That's pretty spot on, right. And finally two of you guys when the clock strikes midnight - you've been a little - you're complaining a little bit, you've been out here since 1: 00 p.m. So what happens, what makes it worth it at midnight?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, seriously, for us this is like we are married 31 years just two weeks ago and this was so worth to try and come to do this. So it really is all worth it for us.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It will be the kiss at midnight.

HARLOW: It will be the kiss at midnight.


HARLOW: No hall passes - no hall passes. All right, guys --

GRIFFIN: I don't believe it.

HARLOW: Back to you.

COOPER: That's great. 31 years.

GRIFFIN: Congratulations Poppy on the triplets. Poppy Harlow had triplets tonight. Yes. That's the way we like it.

COOPER: I think that's so cool 31 years and they have always wanted to come here and they did it.

GRIFFIN: Would you like 31 years with Nick Jonas? Or would it be old news in 31 seconds?

COOPER: I'll be old news.

GRIFFIN: I love that they can't even come up with a hall pass for you. I came up with like 50 - like 50. Anyone from teen wolf. Like the guy, Ian Summer or Lander Holder but you probably --

COOPER: I haven't seen Teen Wolf but --

GRIFFIN: Oh yes, that's what I want to ask you. OK, so whenever Anderson and I hang out he always tells me what T.V. she he's been watching and they're always like this weird obscure shows that no- one's ever heard of. And then he goes, what, you haven't seen that? (Seth) please grace us with what television shows you've seen every episode from like Thailand -

COOPER: No, no I told you I had been watching Kingdom which I'm obsessed with. Making of a Murderer I just started watching.

GRIFFIN: Yes, that was great. I watched that. But you can't talk about that because (inaudible).

COOPER: The Returned is this French show -

GRIFFIN: OK, here we go. The Returned, this French show. See that's his like alpha dog. What do you mean - I was like

COOPER: No, it's like a sci-fi -

GRIFFIN: I didn't go to Yale, I didn't go to Dalton. I was raised in the streets, the mean streets of Oak Park, Illinois. So no, I don't know - I don't watch French television.

COOPER: I don't watch -- it's on - it's on Sundance and Apple T.V. You know.

GRIFFIN: Oh did you say Sunday?

COOPER: Sundance.

GRIFFIN: Oh I thought you meant like you're such a sinner you're not allowed to watch anything on the lord's day. Because I know you've converted.

COOPER: To what?

GRIFFIN: To Fundamentalist Christian.

COOPER: I don't know -

GRIFFIN: And you are campaigning for Ted Cruz for President, right here, an official endorsement.

COOPER: No, that's not true.

GRIFFIN: You love the Trump campaign?

COOPER: Every year you do this - every year you say I'm voting for a particular candidate.

GRIFFIN: I think you and President - I think you and President (inaudible) are going to have a great tour. You, (inaudible) and Andy Cohen, that's (inaudible)

COOPER: No, you wanted to give a shout out to

GRIFFIN: Josh Groban --

COOPER: To Josh Groban, Lily Tomlin -

GRIFFIN: Lily Tomlin, there's an email even.


GRIFFIN: Yes, so -

COOPER: That's cool -

GRIFFIN: Lily Tomlin, hello.

COOPER: Sherri (inaudible), Olivia Munn

GRIFFIN: Olivia Munn

COOPER: Suze Orman.

GRIFFIN: Suze Orman yes,

COOPER: Stephanopoulos?

GRIFFIN: Sherry Lansing. Hi Sherry, and Billy.

COOPER: Stephanopoulos has got to be watching -

GRIFFIN: Oh, George Stephanopoulos.

COOPER: He's got to be watching -

GRIFFIN: OK, so wait, this is real, last time I did GMA, I was talking to George through the friends of his wife, Ali, who you know, and you know George, he's like this one, a real stiff. So I said to George you know you've never gotten me.

COOPER: I can hear you.

GRIFFIN: Oh, I forgot you were here, sorry.

And so I said can I have your wife's e-mail and by mistake he e-mailed me. So later, like four hours later I get an e-mail from George Stephanopoulos that says hey there. And you know I don't roll like that, I'm an honest person.

So I write back to George, you know I'm seeing someone. And then he writes back I meant to have my wife email. Like he literally screwed up. So now, George, please, please tweet George Stephanopoulos, every three days I send him an e-mail and he hits me back every time because he's afraid.

And so I was doing a show at Carnegie Hall and his wife was there, I tell the story, and Elli stood up and she went you're tearing our marriage apart and it got a huge applause. So I texted -- I e-mailed Stephanopoulos today and I just said its New Year's, I have plans, and he just writes back like lol, because he doesn't want to like go too far with me because he knows I'm going to say it here.

COOPER: We're going to have much more ahead.


GRIFFIN: Are you jealous of him, like is he one of your competitors you hate? COOPER: No not at all.

GRIFFIN: Because I feel like you hate other news guys.

COOPER: Why would I hate anybody?

GRIFFIN: Why would he hate George Stephanopoulos guys, I feel (inaudible) really interesting twitter poll. I mean he's stiff, don't get me wrong, he's not (inaudible) who'd listen to (inaudible) because he is a nut bag. But -- and Mary Madeleine he loves.

COOPER: I love -- I went to dinner with them in New Orleans.

GRIFFIN: See what I'm saying. But Stephanopoulos doesn't get the time of day. It's a mystery.

COOPER: It's not true.

I have hung out with George and Alley. So there you go.

GRIFFIN: What have you done?

COOPER: I don't know, we've hung out and we've had lunch.

GRIFFIN: It sounds like a lie. That sounds like a total fabrication.

COOPER: At mutual friend's houses.

GRIFFIN: I want an email George from you.

COOPER: Anyway. Randi Kaye is in Memphis, we're going to join her -

GRIFFIN: Randi Kaye if she's even standing she gets a prize.

COOPER: She's been on a pub crawl.

GRIFFIN: She is in like a yogurt land of booze.

COOPER: That's right, we've got 44 minutes or so until the new year. It's going to be great ringing in the new year.

GRIFFIN: Did you forget what we were doing?

COOPER: I did. I forgot --

GRIFFIN: We're going to be - we're here - it's going to come to me. Miss America.

COOPER: Jessie J singing -- is going to be singing.

GRIFFIN: Ryan Seacrest has a cologne I think.

Jessie J already was already here.

COOPER: They're also celebrating in New Orleans when we come back. A lot more ahead. Stay around. GRIFFIN: It's New Year's Eve at CNN.





UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Right now a special Shout out to Mr. Anderson Cooper and Ms Kathy Griffin Lee.

COOPER: No that wasn't Kathy Griffin on the pole.

That's was some of the backup dancers for (inaudible).


GRIFFIN: By the way my niece Clare wants me to hook her up with him. And I'm all for it. I think it's a great idea. I would like to see her on a pole in a nice (inaudible) jumpsuit.

COOPER: Yes, you know it's a problem when you want to show a musical act on television and you can't actually .

You know it's a probable when you want to show a musical act on television and you can't actually show the musical act.

Yeah. That was quite a moment - that was quite a moment.

GRIFFIN: Cash money for life for the birdman fight. I mean that was when the show used to book guests. We had Ga-Ga one year. We had (inaudible).

COOPER: Did we have Ga-Ga one hear?


COOPER: Oh we did early on.

GRIFFIN: Yes, we did Ga-Ga played the piano.

COOPER: We did Ga-Ga like before she was really huge.

GRIFFIN: Before she was Ga-Ga.

COOPER: Yes, no, I totally remember but. But that was funny when he was like Kathy Lee.

GRIFFIN: The last time I ran into him. I (inaudible) he was doing a chorus and he was all covered in tattoos (inaudible) and he goes oh now I'm scared and that gave me a little pride, a little joy, thank you very much.

COOPER: So one of my favorite things this past year because we've been talking about our favorite things is Nancy Grace's cooking show. Have you seen Nancy Grace's cooking show?

GRIFFIN: I love all things Nancy Grace. You know she is a former prosecutor. I just want to remind everybody, and the twins David and Lucy.

COOPER: Well of course. And Nancy Grace comes by my room and leaves little messages on my door.

GRIFFIN: Oh my gosh.

COOPER: She's great. She's so nice to me.

GRIFFIN: Are they inspirational?

COOPER: Of course they are, always. So she's got an online cooking show and it's the only cooking show that begins with an irritated host basically just listing a bunch grievances. Have you seen this? I can't believe you -

GRIFFIN: No but I'm interested.

COOPER: All right, this is a clip of Nancy Grace's online cooking show. This this her teriyaki chicken episode.

GRIFFIN: You better not be making fun of her.

COOPER: I'm not, I'm not making fun of her at all. Let's watch.


NANCY GRACE: If you see that cabinet behind me? It is full of recipe books that various people have given me over the years. And I've tried them be. But if I look in a recipe book and I see a long prep I just move to the next recipe. I don't have time between working and trying to write murder mysteries and trying to raise the twins I don't have time to do that. Yes, I know, it's premixed. There was a time I minced garlic. You have twins and get a job and let me see you mincing garlic, all right? This recipe calls for a generous amount of pepper but I've had very bad experiences with the twins and pepper to the point one of them threw up. I don't want to reenact that crime scene at dinner time so no pepper. Normally I shred lawyers. Today it's chicken.


COOPER: I love it.

GRIFFIN: She's chopping up Mark Geragos. She can't stand him.

COOPER: How great is that? I love anything Nancy Grace does.

GRIFFIN:I love all things Nancy.

COOPER: Anything she does.

GRIFFIN: And she is someone that really should have a show where you just watch her reading the phone book or talking about garlic.

COOPER: I mean -- I would watch that cooking show.

GRIFFIN: You clearly do.

COOPER: Yes I do.

GRIFFIN: What is the weirdest thing that has happened to you and Nancy in an elevator. ?

COOPER: I don't think --

GRIFFIN: She was wearing boxer shorts.

COOPER: Was she?



GRIFFIN: You said she leaned into you and she said I'm wearing man's underwear.

COOPER: No, I don't remember that. I don't know where -

GRIFFIN: Was that for not for on camera?

COOPER: I don't know.

GRIFFIN: Sorry. That's totally cool. You know I think --

COOPER: I don't know what you're talking about.

GRIFFIN: Oh is this the part where we have private conversations and you go do not mention it live. And I go OK.

COOPER: Well, we are live.

GRIFFIN: But why was she wearing boxer shorts in an elevator and why did she tell you?

COOPER: We weren't in an elevator and she wasn't wearing boxer shorts. I don't know --

GRIFFIN: Is she your hall pass tell me.

COOPER: Yes. She would be my hall pass.

GRIFFIN: Finally, we have an answer. Nancy Grace is everybody's hall pass.

COOPER: Yes. That would be - that would be a first.

GRIFFIN: Give me a picture. I'm thinking of the people who are watching us in the background in a bar they are going to want to see an entertaining picture of any kind. COOPER: OK, well, ok.

GRIFFIN: There's a scramble. Oh great. Here's a picture of me and former speaks of the house Nancy Pelosi. What happened was I was at a party and she was at a table with singer Lana Delray and Lana Delray got upset with me and Nancy Pelosi had to mediate the fight.


GRIFFIN: Nancy Pelosi had to step in and say Lana dear, she's just a comedian, she doesn't mean -

COOPER: Why was Lana Delray angry at you? Because it seems like there's a long list.

GRIFFIN: There is. And the Lana Delray fans --

COOPER: I don't any --

GRIFFIN: They'd tweet me things like Talk "s" about Lana and get hit "B" you should know what's coming for you.

COOPER: Now you discourage me. Why do you even read this stuff?

GRIFFIN: Just like you do.

COOPER: No I -- I stopped reading this stuff.

GRIFFIN: I believe they showed a flash back clip from last year where we openly discussed how you read your twitter and cry and then you started laughing so hard. Because the truth makes you laugh as well as hurts.

Anyway here I am with the former speaker of the house.

COOPER: I have a ball - I have a ball.

GRIFFIN: By the way when you do like your angry tweet back to people and you like think you're putting them in their place --

COOPER: Which I haven't really done much anymore, yes.

GRIFFIN: Oh, I've noticed you've backed off.

COOPER: Yes you know I have. I'm just not reading the stuff.

GRIFFIN: So, do you block people?

COOPER: No. I don't block people.

GRIFFIN: I don't believe that for a second.

COOPER: I mean I think maybe in my entire history I have probably blocked a handful of people.

GRIFFIN: Who, can you name them? COOPER: Well I mean like - who -

GRIFFIN: What did they say?

COOPER: Well they were like severely crazy stalker.

GRIFFIN: Super hateful.

COOPER: No they were just like legitimately -

GRIFFIN: OK, oh, what about the guy - I forgot - I just remember. OK, so this year I started getting some tweets that were borderline like scary death threats and they cc'd (inaudible). So I actually got scared in the middle of the day, I wrote to him and I was like hey I don't mean to both you but this woman is actually kind of scaring me. And this man here, my compassionate loving friend goes I looked up her profile, she owns a bakery, back off.

COOPER: No I didn't say back off.

GRIFFIN: Haven't you ever seen (inaudible)? Bakers can kill. But I really I thought he would be like I'm going to get the CNN security team on it Kathy and make sure you're safe. I care about you. He's like she owns a bakery, back off. I've got to get back to Nick Jonas, I have a hall pass.

That's how I recall it.

COOPER: Yes, that's not quite what I said.

GRIFFIN: Here's Goldie Hawn doing (inaudible) makeup.



COOPER: I love - I mean I -

GRIFFIN: Everybody loves Goldie Hawn.

COOPER: Yes, everybody loves -

GRIFFIN: OK, good.

COOPER: -- and her daughter --

GRIFFIN: And Kate Hudson is incredible and has the banging bod. And so Goldie had me hosting a charity event and so I made her do my makeup.

COOPER: In that (inaudible) have you ever watched


GRIFFIN: I love "Almost Famous." Yes.

COOPER: Oh my god, so good. GRIFFIN: Also shouldn't there with a First Wives' Club reunion movie? Let get the gals together, Goldie shout out.

COOPER: Let's get the gals together. Let's check in with Randi Kaye who is on (inaudible) street again.

GRIFFIN: Yes. Is she upright? I mean I don't care. It's your show.

COOPER: Let's see if Randi Kaye is up - Randi how are you holding up there in Memphis on your bar hop?

GRIFFIN: Literally holding up.

RANDI KAYE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I'm still bar hopping the bars have actually kicked me outside. I'm now outside the Hard Rock Cafe --

GRIFFIN: Oh, Randi. Randi, you got --

KAYE: Check it out.

COOPER: Randi what do you - Randi what do you have to do to get kicked out of a bar --

GRIFFIN: In New Orleans. In Memphis - in Memphis.

KAYE: I think I - I think I -

GRIFFIN: What do you have to do?

KAYE: I think I had one too many -- I had one too many skittles, that drink that I made, bad idea. Really bad.

GRIFFIN: Ah, skittles. Great.

KAYE: So I'm now outside.

COOPER: I imagine Randi like throwing skittles at people.

GRIFFIN: You are a real beast mode.

COOPER: You get out of here.

KAYE: No-body is letting me in.

GRIFFIN: Get me a glass of skittles on the skittles.

KAYE: Word has spread, don't let her in the bar.


GRIFFIN: I really thought she was so drunk she would be like word to your mother.

COOPER: Go ahead Randi, sorry go ahead, you're outside on Beal Street.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) KAYE: I'm outside on Beal street with about 50,000 other people who also can't get into the bars and we are waiting for the guitar drop. We have a shot of the guitar. Now you guys have the ball in Times Square. But here on Beal Street they drop a giant guitar. So take a look at it. It's about ten feet high it weighs 80 pounds. It's a Gibson. It's made of fiberglass and it's pretty cool. So they drop that at mid night here. So we're all getting ready for that. And I have a couple of folks with me who are getting ready. You guys go now -- happy new year. Did you guys got kicked out of the bars too like I did?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No, we got here around what 9:00 and we walked up and down. But when we heard the lights and music we had to migrate up here.

KAYE: So It's just me, I guess. So you're all decked out. Did she dress you or did you dress her?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think it was a team effort - - it was a team effort. I had to - I had to get him on the glasses, though. He was kind of wary. But I was like no, we can't go into 2016 without out. But the hat, all him - all him.

KAYE: Do those work, the whistles, do they work?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, yeah. The whistle oh they definitely work.

KAYE: All right, here he goes.

Okay. That's awesome. So you live here in Memphis and you're here visiting?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Actually, I'm here visiting. This is my fiance. Yes. I'm here visiting from Illinois. Yes, yes.

KAYE: You didn't want to live him alone on New Year's?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No. I have to get my new year's kiss. Right? Yes?

KAYE: Do you want to practice? Drumline -- there you go.

KAYE: All right, they're going - they're going to practice. I'm going to go find another bar to get into in the meantime.


COOPER: Randi's like I'm out of here.


COOPER: All right Randi.

We'll - you know next year Randi you should go to Colorado for New Year's Eve.

GRIFFIN: OK, first of all I like how the wife is acting like I've got to keep an eye on him like he's such a catch. I mean Seriously?

COOPER: I like that they were totally committed to it.

GRIFFIN: (inaudible) They migrated here which is a little controversial.

COOPER: I like that they were -- they were committed to New Year's Eve fully.

GRIFFIN: He didn't even want to kiss her and they're married.

COOPER: Well not on camera. I can understand that.

GRIFFIN: Oh of course you can understand it. There is only one Nick Jonas as far as you are concerned.

All right, back to quizzes. I love doing these. All right. What do you - oh yes, this is not even a quiz. What do you make about the whole Blake/Miranda/Gwen thing. Like what do you think is going on with that? You probably know them.

COOPER: You mean on the housewives?

GRIFFIN: Blake Shelton --

COOPER: Oh yes, I don't -

GRIFFIN: Miranda Lambert, Gwen Stefani.

COOPER: Yes, I don't know anything about that.

GRIFFIN: Whose team are you picking?

COOPER: I don't know I honestly -

GRIFFIN: Team Gwen or Miranda?

COOPER: I don't know I don't know anything about it.

GRIFFIN: I hear he drinks and can't be trusted. He's got a wandering eye, that's what I hear. I think (inaudible) that's what I think. And I like Miranda she's a spitfire, I've met her.


COOPER: Does anybody know what she is talking about?

GRIFFIN: What about Ben and Jen reunited or just a fraud.

COOPER: I don't know what you're talking about.

GRIFFIN: You don't know who Ben and Jen are?

COOPER: Yes I sort of do.

GRIFFIN: Just take a guess. OK, you probably know them. COOPER: But's it's none of our business. I don't want to talk about it.

GRIFFIN: It's none of our business?

COOPER: Yes, it's none of our business.

GRIFFIN: It's our business to care.

COOPER: No it's not.

GRIFFIN: We watch -


COOPER: I wish them nothing but the best.

GRIFFIN: All right. And what are you going to wear to this year's Met Gala.

COOPER: I don't - I work on the night of the Met Gala.

GRIFFIN: And will you commit to taking me as your date? Autumn Winter is a huge fan of mine, huge fan. Who are you wearing tonight? Ralph?

COOPER: I'm wearing Ralph Lauren and J. Crew.

GRIFFIN: Did ralph come -- mommy I would like Ralph to dress me personally.

COOPER: You know I used to work for Ralph when I was a kid.

GRIFFIN: And we have a winner. Because I knew he couldn't go the whole broadcast without saying I used to work for Ralph, and he means a model. He wasn't like getting the coffee. He was a model. And then what were you saying about Ralph's ranch? Where you and Oprah go?

COOPER: I don't know I've never been But I was in - I was in Telluride and driving down the road somebody said oh that's Ralph Lauren's ranch.

GRIFFIN: Did you wave to ralph?

COOPER: No, I mean he wasn't there but it looked beautiful. It looked very nice. It's a beautiful place, Telluride. Never been before. Have you ever been?

GRIFFIN: Why are you now like the (inaudible) for Telluride. Of course I've played Telluride. I've been everywhere, yes, Aspen, Telluride.

COOPER: Smokey Robinson - I went over to see a nurse, and Smokey Robinson was sitting at the table next to us.

GRIFFIN: That man has a great sense of humor, take that Taylor Swift. Is Smokey Robinson your hall pass? Why not?

COOPER: Let's take -- I want to check in with Don and --

GRIFFIN: I'm afraid to check in with anyone frankly. Because everyone is drunk. Poppy Harlow had quadruplets and I worry about her safety. Alright see you have to care about the world people. I'm sorry.

COOPER: Let's check in with Don.

GRIFFIN: Oh I hope they're wet and in a Jacuzzi with that guy in sequins.

COOPER: (Inaudible) This thing is going off the rail.

GRIFFIN: Oh I know because they're like dunking people now.

COOPER: People are dunking, there is water involved.

GRIFFIN: Don is willing to -

COOPER: There's alcohol involved.

GRIFFIN: He's talking about shrinking. Don likes to talk about -

COOPER: I don't think this is happening over on Seacrest.


COOPER: All right, Don, Brooke, how is it going there?


DON LEMON: We are not drunk. Well Brooke is not drunk.

BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: One of us. (inaudible) we haven't had a drop.

LEMON: We are actually sitting on top of the bar. Check out the crowd.

BALDWIN : Check the crowd out .

LEMON: The professor is playing. Later --

BALDWIN: Here in New Orleans - this is the nutty professor.

LEMON: Galactic will be playing later.

BALDWIN: Galactic is coming up. We are super stoked about that. They're going to be bringing in the New Year.

LEMON: Here's how we get people to take their clothes off.

Who wants beads?

There we go.

So Kathy, show me some --


COOPER: America would be blinded by the light.

GRIFFIN: You are very pale.

COOPER: I am - I'm pale, I'm like an albino. I'm like a newt.

LEMON: Hey Anderson, have you been there? (Inaudible)

COOPER: It's been a while. But yes, it's an amazing new place. All right, all right. We'll check back in with you guys shortly. 26 minutes until the stroke of midnight.


GRIFFIN: I know, this is a moment -


GRIFFIN: -- When you trust me.

COOPER: This has never worked out well for me.

GRIFFIN: No. All right, take off your glasses. People, if you're watching at home, this is the moment you want to put on the DVR, I would hide them. I would move the mike a little bit. All right, I'm going to ask you to put two spoons on your eyes and it's going to take five seconds. No one will be harmed. I can't move here. All right, so you put them on your eyes like this. Yes. You're going to just love me even more after this. All right. Everybody we're going to do a countdown. And here we go. In case you thought you were too pale ladies and gentlemen, Anderson Cooper has been spray tanned. We're live from Rio - we are live from Rio in the hot sun. Anderson Cooper -- has been spray tanned. You look -- you have the - you know if you hadn't said you were pale. Like literally he just said I look like an albino. Did you not think I was going to have a can --

COOPER: Is that the spray tan.

GRIFFIN: Yes, you could be on Dancing with the Stars.

COOPER: That's what spray tan is. Wow.

GRIFFIN: Do you want a wet one?

COOPER: Yes, can I, please?

GRIFFIN: All right, I'll get you a wet one.


GRIFFIN: All right, now I want to see the reaction when you see yourself in the monitor.

COOPER: Do you do spray tanning? Do people actually - do people actually use this product? GRIFFIN: Wet ones. OK, people.

Just knowing that your entire identity is in your looks is what makes this moment so perfect. Because now you've got like a little weird brown hair and you've got a little bit of a goatee that you didn't plan on.

COOPER: I like that - I like that for all your planning, no one seems to have planned with the wet wipe.

GRIFFIN: I know, where are they?

COOPER: So do you use spray tan?

GRIFFIN: Yes, but not that much.

It's actually not technically for your face.

COOPER: What's it for?

GRIFFIN: Like your legs and stuff.

OK, please do a freeze frame of that. Because the spoons alone was really weird. And I know in his like real life he's into that kind of crazy stuff. But just the face and I don't want to say paler. I'm going to say a certain - all right, get him a mirror, get this man a mirror, they're all on their phone, everyone's tweeting up here. They're like, got the shot. Got the shot.

COOPER: All right, have we got a commercial break? Let's get a commercial break? We'll take a quick break.

GRIFFIN: You look like George Hamilton.

COOPER: We'll be right back.

GRIFFIN: Your dream has finally come true.

COOPER: My dream has come true. More from Times Square. 23 minutes until the stroke of midnight.







COOPER: Wow look, an amazing shot.

GRIFFIN: I really want to see it from that shot. COOPER: That is an amazing, amazing shot of Times Square over the Marriott marquis.

GRIFFIN: (inaudible).

COOPER: I don't know if we do have it still. I'm trying to still clean myself up here. I've always been curious about.


COOPER: I once went to a spay tan thing when I was to have my daytime show.

GRIFFIN: I was afraid it would get in your eyes.

COOPER But I -- I think that was kind of a lot all at once.


COOPER: Anyway. 19 minutes to go before the stroke of midnight. It is really getting down to it here. We are just minutes away.

GRIFFIN: We are on the air, right?

COOPER: Yes, we are on the air, we are back.

GRIFFIN: Anyway, I was just wondering if the spray tan got in his eyes.


GRIFFIN: Because your eyes are blue steel. I mean even on SNL you talked about your eyes being your fortune.

Last time (inaudible) you said I hurt your moneymaker. And this year I had to protect the eyes no matter what.


GRIFFIN: If only the world could see what you see through those eyes. I know what's in there, the dark, dark secret.

COOPER: Yes, it is -- I can't believe it's already almost 2016.

GRIFFIN: I can't believe they are not showing a still shot of you with spray tan on your face.

COOPER: That's fine, we don't need to see -

GRIFFIN: I think it's going to humanize you.

COOPER: They're working on it - it takes time to turn these things around.

GRIFFIN: It took me four seconds.

COOPER: They've been drinking.

GRIFFIN: Well I hope Randi Kaye is not running the booth.

COOPER: What is your - what's your New Years' resolution?

GRIFFIN: Oh, my resolution is to not take guff from anybody and to stand up for myself and not to not be afraid even though I work in a man's field to stand up for myself more.

COOPER: But isn't that your --

GRIFFIN: Oh now, I'm just like -- my act -- but in my real life I like lose battles every day.

COOPER: Really?

GRIFFIN: This year - that's right, I'm going to try to be treated better and only stand for being treated better.


COOPER: OK, that's good.

GRIFFIN: I know you didn't expect that at all.

COOPER: I think that's great.

GRIFFIN: I know, sorry he caught me off guard. It's like a woman - it's a chick thing.

COOPER: Oh I think everybody feels that way.

GRIFFIN: But when you're a female standup comic who is 55 it's a whole other ball game. So ladies keep at it. It might be harder for us but keep at it.

COOPER: That's nice.

GRIFFIN: How about that?

COOPER: There you go.

GRIFFIN: I don't know why I'm posing like that.

COOPER: Well you look -

GRIFFIN: It's like I'm uncovering a spray tan.

All right, do you want to tell them what I just did to Seacrest?

COOPER: She got - she got Seacrest's attention. He was on the stage behind us during the commercial break and she gave him a very particular wave.

(END VIDEO CLIP) GRIFFIN: You can't even say I flipped him off? It was awesome because Seacrest is like a robot, right? And you know what I'm talking about. And so to get him to see anything outside of his own tunnel vision is almost impossible. So I kept (inaudible) until finally he looked up and he gave a loving look to Anderson and looked at me like oh my gosh, thank god she (inaudible) dinner last night, so I finally got him.


COOPER: And, yeah. You know I'm still am not quite clear. Is he really having a fragrance or not? No he's not.

GRIFFIN: OK, he actually isn't. But I was thinking that if you actually want to have a fragrance I've been working on names for yours.


GRIFFIN: All right, here we go. Sorry.


GRIFFIN: So one of them was you should hold this. A new fragrance, Giggles by Anderson Cooper.

COOPER: All right, I like that. Giggles.

GRIFFIN: I was thinking Affluenza. You kind of have that. Are you afraid to go there?

COOPER: I don't know what you're talking about.

GRIFFIN: I mean you're not supposed to laugh at a defense. But Affluenza

COOPER: Well it was ridiculous. Of course

GRIFFIN: But you laughed at it. I don't -


GRIFFIN: Did you and your mom ever consider going on like a spree of some kind? Like just running away to Mexico, you and your mom?


GRIFFIN: You and Gloria Vanderbilt.

COOPER: No I haven't.

GRIFFIN: What is it like to live with Affluenza, Anderson? The tortures of Affluenza.

COOPER: What else?

GRIFFIN: Are these things as a newsman you can't joke about?

COOPER: No I mean, I think it's a ridiculous defense.

GRIFFIN: All right, another name for your fragrance could be golden boy, glow, which I tried to make happen.


GRIFFIN: Cover boy, simply pale or just Hampton.

COOPER: I like simply pale.

GRIFFIN: Simply pale you were not a few minutes ago. You are back to being simply pale. But darn it for one moment.


COOPER: That's true. That is true. So not only are they about to ring in the New Year here.

GRIFFIN: Are we going to go to Hershey, Pennsylvania where I have a nearly sold out show coming up?

COOPER: 15 minutes until the stroke of midnight here in New York. Let's check in with Gary Tuchman and Lindsey Tuchman in Hershey, Pennsylvania. They are actually not dropping the Hershey kiss they're raising it up, right?



GARY TUCHMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: That's right Anderson and Kathy, they called it the sweetest place on earth, Hershey, Pennsylvania. If you have seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, that's what Hershey, Pennsylvania is like.


TUCHMAN: Yes, without the umpa lumpa. This is a chocolate town formed 120 years ago. There is an amusement park behind us and there are thousands of people here in the streets listening to right now --

L. TUCHMAN: Olivia Holt. She's a Disney Channel star, and people are rocking out right now. They're loving it.

TUCHMAN: They love her, she's rocking out the last 15 minutes of the year. But this is what they are here for. We are right next door and lucky enough to be here. The Hershey kiss. This is one of Hershey's major products. (inaudible) but this is 300 pounds, 7 feet tall and full of?

L. TUCHMAN: It's steel wrapped in aluminum like a regular kiss but sealed.

TUCHMAN: That's what we're talking -- it is really seven feet tall. L. TUCHMAN: Oh boy, oh boy.

TUCKMAN: It will be raised. It's not dropped like the ball in Times Square, it's raised to the top of this building to signify the beginning of the New Year. And all these people here -- all excited because they all eat a lot of candy.

GRIFFIN: That could be dangerous.


TUCHMAN: So Happy New Year, Anderson, and Kathy.

It doesn't have to be Hersey, it can be anything, but eat candy.


COOPER: All right, Gary, Lindsey we'll check in with you, we'll watch the Hersey's Kiss raised after they drop the ball here.

GRIFFIN: Yes, and I want to say thanks to CNN for providing all this really expensive confetti that is really from Carrie Underwood. That is fantastic.

Now let's

COOPER: We've got less than 15 minutes until midnight here in New York.

GRIFFIN: Oh, are you going to act like that segment didn't happen?

COOPER: Yes I am.

GRIFFIN: OK, good.

COOPER: We're just going to move it along.

GRIFFIN: OK, you guys -

COOPER: We're just going to move it along.

GRIFFIN: OK, you guys what happened was we got no sound with Gary Tuchman -

COOPER: No I got sound, I heard it -

GRIFFIN: So Anderson acted like he knew what they were saying or cared. So I felt like an inside window of what he does every night which is a lot of this "OK then." All right, that's true. But he didn't know a word they said. He saw Gary Tuchman climbing on a Hersey Kiss.

COOPER: No, no no.

GRIFFIN: And I said call a paramedic. And he's like I don't listen to Gary Tuchman anyway. COOPER: I actually do have sound -

GRIFFIN: Who do you get along with at CNN -

COOPER: They cut off your sound.

GRIFFIN: Anybody?

COOPER: They cut off your sound a long time ago. We're going to take a short break. Because we don't want to have any more - we don't obviously want to have any breaks as we get close to midnight.

GRIFFIN: Of course not.

COOPER: One more break and we'll be right back.







COOPER: And welcome back, we are just a little bit under nine minutes.

GRIFFIN: We have accomplished it a lot.


COOPER: We have - really? We have?

GRIFFIN: Yes, we both flipped off Ryan Seacrest.

COOPER: Well, I didn't, but you did.

GRIFFIN: Oh, I flipped him off twice. I spray tanned you.

COOPER: Stray tanned me, that's a first, yes. You overspray tanned me I think.

GRIFFIN: I overspray tanned you (inaudible) thought I may have blinded you temporarily. But I also just want -- just for fun because we have a lot of people tweeting.

COOPER: Oh, that's my face there. That's a nice face shot.

GRIFFIN: Oh see.

COOPER: It looks like you are macing me.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) GRIFFIN: I know, it does. This is just a picture that a fan tweeted me.


GRIFFIN: And I just wanted to know you thoughts.

COOPER: I don't -- I don't have any thoughts about it.

GRIFFIN: I do -- I have a lot of thoughts.

COOPER: Yes, I bet you have.


GRIFFIN: I just like to picture him in his hallway and getting his buddy to take the picture and send it to me.

COOPER: Oh, you think he had a buddy do that? You don't think he set up the camera.

GRIFFIN: (inaudible)

COOPER: All right, that's fine.

GRIFFIN: But I just want to shout out to my fans. This is my fan base.

COOPER: That's your fan base, all right.

GRIFFIN: And I thank you very much.

COOPER: And that's good.

We are just under eight minutes away. I think we are going to take another short break and that way we will be live all the way through the New Year.

GRIFFIN: (inaudible) Poppy Harlow's baby.

COOPER: Jessie J -

GRIFFIN: Jessie J is going to sing imagine.

COOPER: Jessie J is going to sing imagine.

GRIFFIN: You are hanging on by a song and a prayer here. Hanging on by a thread.

COOPER: We hope you stay here to ring in the new year.

GRIFFIN: Midnight is coming.

COOPER: Wherever you are in the United States -

GRIFFIN: Ball drop.

COOPER: Or around the world. Whether you are with friends or whether you are at your home alone.

GRIFFIN: Again with the Marriott marquis. I mean you guys are getting some kind of a kick back from the Marriott marquis.

COOPER: No, we are not. We are happy that you are with us. We're going to take a short break and then we will bring you live all the way through the New Year.

GRIFFIN: It's really live. Can you tell?






COOPER: Hey, welcome back. Five minutes from the stroke of midnight here.

GRIFFIN: I know, it's very exciting.

COOPER: Ringing in 2016. We are obviously going to bring it to you all live. And in -- we're going to actually stop talking at some point so we can hear Jessie J singing Imagine.

GRIFFIN: That's right, which I will allow. Normally I whine about that -

COOPER: I know -

GRIFFIN: But she is amazing, so we'll do it.

COOPER: Yes, so we want you to experience really the incredible magic of being here in Times Square as the minutes approach the new year. So all of that is going to come to you.

GRIFFIN: And here is a picture of me and Miley Cyrus.

COOPER: Oh look, 75% of people say that I should kiss you. And of course I will kiss you at the stroke of midnight.

GRIFFIN: Yes, but not the cheek.

COOPER: Well, we'll see.

GRIFFIN: Oh my gosh, that was the poll. It wasn't the we'll see poll.

COOPER: The poll didn't specify.

GRIFFIN: The poll meant open mouth once and for all slow motion spray tan.

Anyway. Miley Cyrus have kind of made up. Because I used to make fun of her but now she's cool.


GRIFFIN: And she said to me, so the whole time you've just been making jokes about me, we did a rock of the vote campaign together. And I go yes, I've just been making jokes. And then she went OK, we're cool. And that's all I ask of Taylor Swift.

So Miley, thank you for putting you on the gram with you. You like Miley, yes?

COOPER: I do. I like her. I did an (inaudible) event -- -

GRIFFIN: She's a really singer. Like she really sings.

COOPER: I think she - you know she's got her own thing going on, I think it's really cool.

GRIFFIN: Yes, she's very unique and does her own thing.

COOPER: Jessie J singing imagine, let's listen in.


GRIFFIN: All right, and then the big kiss, you've been waiting for, Anderson Cooper.



COOPER: And it has begun. One minute left in 2015. 50 seconds right now. Let's just watch and listen for this --

GRIFFIN: Just watch and listen, Really?

COOPER: Yes, let's watch and listen.

GRIFFIN: Interesting because there was a poll where people wanted us to do more than --

COOPER: Well we'll certainly kiss at the stroke of midnight. We will - we will satisfy what people want. But let's listen in to the sights and sounds of Times Square.

GRIFFIN: By the way, shout out to Jessie J.

COOPER: Amazing.

GRIFFIN: Killing it.

COOPER: And happy new year, everybody. Have a great 2016.

GRIFFIN: And Happy New Year everybody have a great year.